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tv   9 News Sunday Morning  NBC  September 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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this is 9 news. in rocky mountain national park after this heavy snow. don't worry but not closed for the season. police arrest the man who carried out the washington state mall shooting and learning more about the lives taken. youngest reporters interview. a famous ballerina and one of many stories that had you talking. a beautiful morning to run for the cause and race for the cure kicks off this morning and we are live. live look first at the drive in i-25 and arapahoe looking good and not too much traffic to tell you about. we begin with the morning or cu boulder students following
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police say it happened on 17th and university north of macky auditorium. the victim said a man put his arm around her and pushed her to the ground. she fought him off and called police. let from rocky mountain national park and summer is all done. pretty obvious from this view. rocky mountain national park sent us this video and you can see 10,000 feet. snowy weather shutdown trail ridge road and rainbow curve on the east side of the past on saturday but the road isn't officially closed for the season so still time to get up to trail ridge. >> it may seem like summer is done but temperatures in the metro area with sunshine can feel different. >> very nice and even out there next few days warming up and melting all the snow on the pavement.
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imagery coming through facebook, twitter and the your take section on look at the images we are seeing. the colors in central and southern colorado have been fantastic contrast right now and this is near steamboat springs and really fantastic weekend to get out and about. we have the snowy conditions and for all the rain, it's move south and east today rain or thunderstorms expected in the state today. we will have severe weather around milwaukee and chicago during the day. as we move through the afternoon we move into the upper 60s with sunshine. if you are in direct sun it feels good but in the shade you might feel chilly. tomorrow starting off in the 40s and ending up in the 70s so a pretty quick rebound from the brief cooldown we have around here and by the middle of the week we are back in the low 80s which is seven or 8 degrees
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>> we will check in later. we will see cooler temperatures today and this morning hundreds of people are getting ready -- ready to walk i for one of the biggest breast cancer fundraising events. >> at the pepsi center we find gary shapiro this morning. it's a chilly start but should warm up soon out there.>> reporter: as marty said, it's crisp. it's a crisp morning. carry joins me in these she's the ceo of the susan g coleman race for the cure.>> were expecting 115,000 people today and extremely excited about bringing the people here to celebrate and working towards a common goal. it's pretty fabulous. >> absolutely. raising money for breast cancer, the cool thing is most of the money stays in colorado
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>> it does. 75% stays locally and 25% goes nationally for research efforts. last year we were able because of these efforts invest $1 million into the community locally. so $460,000 for national research funding. >> reporter: this is the 24th next year and next year a quarter of a century for the race for the cure in denver. are we making progress? >> absolutely. we are saving lives in investing and partnering with our co organizations. diagnose and get treatment early, help people getting screen so we are making an impact. every bit counts. >> reporter: you said you were looking forward to this because this is your first race for the cure in denver. what do you expect today? >> so many great things. i'm excited to see this and to
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lots of booths to visit. there are local vendors here today and something for everyone this year. >> reporter: thank you and best of luck to you. race for the cure and the race/walk starts at 8:00 and people are already lining up. it's such a great race and a great event. for one purpose and that is to fight breast cancer. we will be back with you in a little bit. 7:05 on sunday morning. a 16-year-old girl who survived cancer one of the five people shot and killed at a mall in washington state friday. investigators trying to figure out the motive behind the attack at the cascade mall in burlington. the 20 our man hard and did with the arrest of arcan cetin
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originally from turkey. an officer spotted him in his hometown it added the gunman didn't say anything and seemed to zombielike.>> we both jumped out with guns and he froze and we directed him to drop it and he complied and stood still. >> according to investigators there's no immediate evidence showing the rampage was terror related. to work at the macy's where the shootings accords but has not worked there several months and lives in another country. more protests overnight in the streets of charlotte. police released body and dash cam video that show the moment surrounding the death of keith scott. protester call for release of the videos every day since the shooting. the video has not been released in its entirety but the police chief said it includes all the relevant images.>> there is no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand, you see something in the hand and
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>> in addition to the videos police release photos of marijuana, a holster and gone that investigators say was loaded. lab tests found his fingerprints and dna on the weapon. the police chief insisted the officers acted appropriately and won't face charges. a separate independent investigation is underway by the north carolina state bureau of investigations. hundreds of people packed a funeral for terence crutcher in oklahoma last night. he was shot and killed by a police officer on september 60. they are urging people to remember his life and not death which was captured on camera and betty shelby has been charged with manslaughter and told investigators she thought he was someone high on pcp. police need help finding a man with dementia. he was traveling with his wife from california to ottawa and
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where he became disoriented. his wife flagged down a police officer and he was checked out in cleared by paramedics. a short time after they left he drove away leaving his wife. police are not sure where he went but could be headed east toward their original destination in iowa. is in a beige cadillac with iowa plates and if you see him call police. after drinking raw milk and southern colorado. the outbreak of infections is linked to milk supplied by a ranch in pueblo county. the symptoms are typical of a fever but the infection can be deadly. they say babies and pregnant women are most at risk. the milk was applied to members of the herd-share program and selling raw milk is illegal and colorado but herd-share programs are the exception. it could be the most watch presidential debate ever.
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trump plans to do debate prep with chris christie and rudy giuliani and in an interview with fox news he had to that taking on a different tone than the republican primary debates were use nicknames for his opponents. they were names that start with many supporters and he said if clinton is respectful on the debate stage he will be too despite his recent jabs at bill clinton's past marital indiscretions on strategies and trump is visible on the campaign trail and eight say clinton is doing mock interviews ahead of monday. a new poll from the washington post shows clinton and trump virtually tied. clinton has a slight lead and hasn't gained much but aides say that will change after the debate. she's lined up or stops in north carolina and iowa next week. you can watch the debate tomorrow right here on 9news at 7:00 and nbc's lester holt will moderate. 7:09 and you may need a
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because if you are in the sun you will be warm but if not you will be chilly. >> people at race for the cure will have their blood pumping to keep them warm and it will warm up as the day goes on. you might be able to put the jackets away early in the week.
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welcome back and a live
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sky but the sun peeking through. let's check in with marty coniglio in the backyard. let's hope the sunshine continues and a nice day for it. >> it will and what i am seeing his clouds moving to the east and more and more sun as we go through the day. very exciting and early part of the week, friday night and saturday morning snow in the area. doing some mountain biking and great color and some of the fresh snow that we have seen. when you look west today you see on the continental divide. this might be my favorite picture of the weekend. unbelievable conditions near lake city and the colors are fantastic. blue sky in the distance and quite a bit of snow as s earlier around this area. malaria has settled into eastern colorado and warming up with afternoon sunshine. cold front that caused it creating stormy conditions in the midwest. fair weather clouds this morning and then by 11:00 or noon clearing out and spending the afternoon and evening with clear conditions.
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single-digit wind speeds with temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. in direct sunlight comfortable and in the shade borderline chilly. 40s, 50s and 60s in the mountains. a few fair weather clouds and finish with clear conditions over much of the state. no rain or snow anywhere in colorado today. 50s and 60s in the mountain valleys and 1:30 you get close to the warmth and cooler this morning with temperatures in the 60s and 70s for the east and in the western valley. for us today 68 and calling it mostly sunny because the clouds we have now will steadily drift off to the east and stayaway keeping us clear tonight and dropping into the low 40s. tomorrow we start a warm-up and the next two or three days we go from the 70s into the 80s for the middle of the week. a weak system out of the desert southwest brings us a chance for showers thursday.
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if you are already planning next weekend, actually looks really nice around here with 70s to near 80 degrees and another slight chance for thundershowers during the day sunday. no snow in our future and i know we have been talking about snow in the mountains but it is not out of the question to have snow down here at this time of year. i have seen it. >> it's true. it can happen but hard to believe considering wednesdays 10 -- wednesdays temperature in th broke major barriers and ballet. >> our youngest reporter got a chance to interview the dancer and you don't want to miss this interview from ruby dee and the
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shocking crime this weekend beating an elderly woman who gave him a ride in place to stay.>> others are supporting the views of a teacher too young to define dress codes but adorable so we let her stay anyway. >> a 16-year-old boy arrested accused of brutally beating a 71-year-old woman who offered him and his two friends a ride. it takes a special kind another says this is why so many people are willing to offer help. so sad she was kind enough to help and this kid did that to her. lots of positive thoughts to this woman. >> several of my students are
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them could come across this kind of hate is unbelievable to me. >> up next we share the thoughts of a teacher in denver who wrote to 9news after seeing a hateful bumper sticker on a truck. it is disheartening to see all the hatred pouring out of people during this election year. as difficult as it is it is important to rise above it. we need to teach children that hate is destructive and unnecessary.>> i want to be a ballerina. >> it is amazing. it's amazing to sit across from another round ballerina. >> so many of you enjoyed the report from daughter ruby and as an expiring ballerina she interviewed misty copeland. two thoughts. i loved this interview. i am a mama of a beautiful biracial woman who was a brown ballerina as a child and ballet was a true gift that gave my daughter a sense of posture, courage and dignity. as an adult i wish misty had been around when she was a
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and ms. ruby was so adorable. such a well spoken young lady. misty copeland is beautiful inside and out. an amazing ballerina. thank you for your comments and remember that 9 listens.>> so sweet and right after they finished the interview ruby gave misty a big hug like they knew each other for years. >> she's adorable and great interview. we welcome your comments at or you can call us or send us a message on facebook. >> enough to beat the oregon ducks in eugene plus history played out on the field and one player through more than 300 yards and ran for another 100 and we are
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> colorado's opponent or uniforms last night but buffaloes had the last laugh. oregon charge out with green jerseys and white pants and orange socks and shoes just like real ducks but it was colorado freshman quarterback steven montez who was all he was cracked up to be. made his first career start and became the first player in cu history to throw for more than 300 yards and run for 100 in the same game. he tossed three touchdown passes including one caught
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to give the buffaloes the lead with two minutes left. the ducks had a chance to steal it at the end but witherspoon intercepted a pass in the end zone to clinch it and see you wins the conference opener 41- 38 and the head coach let's the tears flow. >> i learned a life lesson today. what is our goal? off and on the field, it's just one game! it's just one game! everyone have fun. >> colorado state quarterback was nearly decapitated. the rams were beaten by the golden gophers and collin hill must be the toughest dude on the planet because after getting hit so hard his helmet landed 10 yards away and most of us would have crawled into bed with our mommies after that. he remained in the game and through a late touchdown pass which gave colorado state a
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kind of guy you want on your team. >> he took a shot today. he took a really physical shot but he didn't flinch. he jumped up and got his helmet. he's a tough kid and then athletic kid for a taller guy. this will be a great teaching tool for him, and everybody. a lot of time to look at the quarterback but we have to d >> buckles in cincinnati for today's game in the bengals and rod mackey prussing watches too much television in the 1970s. >> thank you when we are standing in front of the wk rp in cincinnati and looking for loni anderson but has not found her. >> as god is my witness i thought turkeys could fly. >> as long as were talking about cincinnati let's talk
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and when you look at the schedule this is a tough one. they go in this like carolina as an underdog and first-time perk quarterback river -- trevor siemian. >> it's his first road game and i was going to pick the angles until burfict is suspended for one more day. he is the one player in the league who can play on this denver defense. he's a hard hitter and a playmaker. he has ali hope the denver defense is a too offended but he is a heck of a player in the broncos don't have to worry about him in this game. the broncos have a chance to run the ball and the bengals are 32nd in the league in defending the run. i think the broncos have a chance. >> and earlier kickoff and earlier for game day live in
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north bank of the ohio river including brandon stokely's miracle deflection in the 2009 season opener and the 87 yard touchdown with 11 seconds remaining is the longest game- winning play in scrimmage in the final minutes in nfl history. >> vince scully calling night at dodger stadium and otherwise the rockies game was worthless. everyone in attendance received a commemorative coin honoring the retire broadcaster but the performance was less value. a run scored and the lose 14-1. >> the rapids and white caps played it to withdraw and colorado successfully executed a fake penalty kick and snuck in and scored. the rapids and the caps finish 3-3. >> we will play drews lose. : number 1, an 18-year-old freshman who dropped back to pass in the second quarter of
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hit them gophers defense is an tai'yon devers. and clue number 3 somehow he absorbed the
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this is 9 news. after downed power lines sparked a four acre fire in evergreen and despite cooler temperatures a wildfire danger remains. investigators aren't sure what caused an explosion in budapest and if it was deliberate or an accident. it hurt two police officers. severe weather for most of the midwest and forecasters keeping a close eye on iowa with flooding so dangerous hundreds evacuate.
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pictures of fall leaves? how about painting your own landscape? will show you how. a week of rivalries in high school sports and taylor temby breaks them down in the prep rally. first it's almost 7:30 on sunday morning and let's get to marty coniglio who were break down the room based day forecast and what we can expect the rest of the day. >> it's going to be very nice. i saw gary out there at the starting line. it's chilly and temperatures in the 40s and a clouds over us now. they will shift to the east during the morning and ending up with sunny skies all afternoon. a bigger system moved through friday night and saturday and left snow on the ground. great imagery from all the 9news viewers and users. this from judy shepard and we have fresh fall colors and fresh know on top of that. in the central mountains of colorado near crested butte north of gunnison we have green there. i think you can get another five or six days before we see
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. as long as we can keep the leaves on the trees. yesterday and today looking at temperatures in the 60s around here and a really fine looking day around the metro area. mid-level clouds scooting out during the morning temperatures in the upper 60s. very little wind here and very much warmer in cincinnati. the broncos will be sweating it out today and in the 80s in cincinnati. we will keep an eye on that one.>> race for the cure begins in 30 minutes. >> that's happening at the pepsi center were kim christiansen is this morning. a great day for a race. a little chilly but we will see sunshine soon.>> reporter: it's a great day, ryan and jessica and i just meant the air again family. is a sheila who is an 11 year
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and i don't know if she will say anything because she is four years old. you out of the blue were young with no family history? >> right. might grandfather had it on my dads side and my aunt but nothing on your mother side and i tested negative for the gene. cancer doesn't have an age. >> reporter: you went through some tough treatment and afterwords little miracle. >> yes. i was diagnosed in 2005 and had her in 2012. the procedure i had is when they take your stomach muscle and tunnel it up to your breast to create a new breast and then reconstruction afterwords. it was pretty invasive. i felt like i was a guinea pig for a little bit because they didn't know how having a pregnancy after that procedure was.
7:33 am
>> reporter: what is your message? this is what i love about survivors. they say it's not just about me. what is your message to everyone else? >> that's a good question. there are so many people affected by it that to me it doesn't have an age. every knows somebody. i am walking with my family today. they supported me since the first day and that's my blessing, my family. lean on your family for support.>> reporter: what tim says, her husband says you love pink. >> i love pink! everything i own is pink. license plates, shoes, anything we find to support my family and wife, we do. >> reporter: you love her. that's why. what a nice family and so nice to talk to you guys! you have your bronco blanket on now and you are all good. smile and wave at me.
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you. 11 years and keep on going. that's the whole point is you can mark 10 years, five years, two years and on the back of their shirts they wrote a great want talking about everyone that battle the disease and how it doesn't change. for those we have lost as well. we are here to celebrate life. we don't get enough adult birthdays in our world, ryan for the cure and join us. >> thanks for sharing the story. 7:34 on sunday. we know what caused the hideaway fire in evergreen yesterday. officials say a downed power line burned four acres and these are images from evergreen fire and rescue. they say strong woods brought down a high-voltage power line of the winds were so strong
7:35 am
few hours to put it out. residents were placed on standby for evacuations and no one was hurt. from fire to floods in the midwest and several counties in iowa declared disaster areas. volunteers busy trying to control the damage after days of heavy rain and the cedar river it predicted to crest in independence today and homes, businesses andpa ago. 500 people showed up to help sandbag. in cedar rapids they are asking people to stay home of possible to allow emergency crews to do this tough job. n-word lose this morning in hungary two police officers patrolling budapest hurt and an explosion and investigators not sure what caused it. it did not set off fires of police looking for witnesses hoping to get a better picture of what happened. there are reports it could have been a gas leak that they can't say for sure now. they are investigating whether
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today and will meet with syrian refugees in vancouver. william and his wife kate brought their children long for their eight-day visit in western canada. they arrived to a big crowd of an official welcome ceremony of the british columbia legislature. they will attend 30 events including a meeting with aboriginal communities. if you love fall days you will love our forecast. >> looking sweet and we check
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welcome back everyone. 7:38 on sunday morning and let's check in with meteorologist marty coniglio. clear sky behind you and interesting that while fire danger remains high and colorado the temperatures in winds are dying down. >> and fresh snow but as you know we get dry conditions throughout the year and that fuels the area. we are continually seeing clearer and clearer conditions and the mid-level clouds moving over is now will continue to
7:39 am
looking at the midwest, thunderstorms an issue for them today while here in the weather center were focusing on the change of season. dana smith with a phenomenal image from san juan near lake city and fresh snow on the trees. quite a bit of snow at treeline above 11,000 feet. at keystone, we see a moose and a baby walking around. this was shot during the snow yesterday morning in keystone. cool air settled in and relatively speaking, we were in the 80s last week. thunderstorms in the midwest but not a factor for us at all during the day. we continually get more clear during the morning and then for the afternoon we think it starts getting breezy as it did
7:40 am
temperatures in the 60s the low 70s feel good if you are out in the sun today. 50s and 60s in the mountains and foothills. mid-level clouds early this morning clearing out this afternoon. enjoy the sun and 70s west and 60s and 70s in the east. for our mountain friends, 50s and 60s will do it for your daytime highs today. for a sunshine and lightening and 68 downtown the high and 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. tonight clear and calm dropping in the lower 40s lows and then we start warming back up again. tomorrow mid 70s. joe staley tuesday and wednesday with low 80s daytime highs. small chance for showers thursday. smaller on friday. next weekend we don't get especially cool but have a chance for rain or thundershowers coming up again on sunday afternoon. looking at the next week it looks great around here.
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welcome to the 9news prep rally. here is taylor temby. >> good morning everyone. a lot of changeup in the off- season a new conference is formed and some teams drop classification. that makes a more special when historic rivalries get to play out. jeffco rivals number 3 -ranked columbine and second quarter third down for the rebels and the quarterback called under pressure and finds receiver on the goal line and is columbine 14-0 lead. seconds remaining in the first half and looking to the end zone again. somehow wrangled away from two chatfield defenders and second touchdown of the late-night. rebels leave by three scores at the half. chatfield found firepower in
7:44 am
completion sets up the chargers first touchdown of the day. the rebels were relentless. column line wins 28-7. some people raising fist during the national anthem. we pick up in the first and scoreless. toss goes to grandview who squeezes through and finds open space and taken 57 yards for a touchdown. the wolves with the early 7-0 lead. looking to get something go taken all the way to the one- yard line. that sets up a bruins score. extra point and field goal by the wolves and 10-6 grandview at the half. second-half grandview runs away with it. here with a fake handoff and taken in an grandview gets the big win 17-6. arvada west had a pack of her homecoming game against smoky hill. second-quarter wildcats up 7-0 that smoky response with the
7:45 am
who scores to make it 7-7. about a west that the lead back to the beautiful hook up and later on fourth and goal on the line the wildcats bed their big man who scores to make it 21-7. dominant all game to help arvada west beat smoky hill 42- 20. homecoming for skyline is a host of visiting grand junction tigers and grand junction down 14-0 when the quarterback had a scen end zone making it 14-7. it into the fourth and the quarterback in for the injured her is does a touchdown pass and now 21-14 and the falcons in the final minute and junction one last chance inside the 10. down by a touchdown but the tigers fumble and it's
7:46 am
the great thing about rivalries is it's anyone's game no matter who has the better record or who's on a hot streak. kent denver faces colorado academy for a three a soccer fight. first half max finishes a penalty kick for the first score of the game. in the second half kent denver takes off on a through ball and colorado academy chases him down and gets the perfect angle and defends it and stops from going down two. and then can't and the senior finishes it off and kent denver shuts down colorado academy 2-0 is the final. >> it means a lot. we have been training hard and played hard today. it's great to get a win. >> they are a great team with a great coach and they played really hard. great to get a win and go forward with the team in the playoffs. great to play them this early
7:47 am
pomona and the panthers came ready to compete. early on hitting a changeup on littleton and drops for a point untouched. littleton too much momentum for the opponent and senior julia gets a killed in the first set and that helps the lion secure the win. littleton kept the momentum rolling in the third. a junior comes up with a floater and that gives littleton a 21- 18 lead and the lions holdout pomona and earn a 3-0 sweep. not your typical faut valor christian softball take on one another. valor pitcher off to a hot start and struck out three in the first inning and helped her team hold a 3-0 lead. in the third golden freshman mackenzie places want to brightfield and then goes. middleton makes it all the way around to beat them with an in the park home run. they trail 3- 2. fast-forward to the fifth
7:48 am
a teammate and valor remains undefeated with a 7-3 win. as always those extended highlights and interviews are posted online at visit and we will put the top plays together for the week airing on tuesday. i think that's a pretty good candidate. >> definitely. >> more coming up on 9news at 8:00. peaceful protests in north carolina for a fifth night in a row. police release new video of the deadly shooting of keith scott and why the police chief is adamant officers did the right thing. police arrest a man who carried out the washington state mall shooting and learning more about the people who died. a place that has overcome as many difficult as people who work there were forced out by the marijuana industry. why the executive director said it was a blessing in disguise. first we show you how to
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welcome to fix this presented by home advisor. the free and easy way to find the best home pros.
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there is another way to capture all of false beauty. instead of taking pictures of aspen trees why not learn to paint them? we have an expert paneer with us lisa who knows a thing or two back about painting outdoors. >> i just completed a project so i feel like i'm in good hands for this. let's get started. >> she started out with two different sets of pay. she picked up paint samples from the home improvement store. brighter colors for the leaves are done with red, yellow, and orange acrylic hate. since aspen trees are white we thought painting on wood would bring out colors more than painting on a white campus. >> this is a nice gray color and more on the white side because aspen bark is white. when i paint a tree i like to make it off-center so these trees are going out to the right which is perfect. i like to start from the bottom up because it's easier to start
7:52 am
>> once the base of the tree is finished switch to a smaller brush and start on the branches. >> if you notice the branches go up at an angle and kurt back down slowly. you can make them zig-zagged if you would like. >> after finishing with the gray colored base i switch to a white acrylic paint used to highlight the aspen bark by going in the middle of the gray. >> it doesn't have to be perfect and leave some gray on both sides. >> to create shadows mix a little bit of black acrylic paint with gray. >> i will outline everything on the left side of the tree to make a shadow. and i also like to use the
7:53 am
it's coming out and making a shadow. >> once we phyllis filling in the trees with the white paint and adding in shadows it's time for the aspen eyes. with a smaller brush get some black paint. >> you choose whatever spot you want and draw it in the shape of and night. you can do as many or as few as you want and no two lines across and the fun thing to do if you put a branch coming out from somewhere, like say the middle, draw a half circle around it. it makes it seem more realistic and more believable. >> lisa added in a pine tree to her painting using a darker green. now it's time to add in some
7:54 am
red. >> make sure they go over the bark. >> adding it in seems strange at first. >> it feels like chaos right now. >> it does feel like chaos. trust the process. believe it or not it will be mostly covered up and this will be some shadows. >> back to you. >> next th i and orange to the red. make twice as many of the medium colored leaves and cluster them around the darker color. bring on the yellow. this is the step that will make your trees glow. lisa has a way to make your yellow leaves stand out. >> i like getting the paint for the leaves because it gives the texture on the top of all of them. this is more important to do
7:55 am
for some sparkles. >> and in some specks of gold paint for variety and take a step back. if there are clusters of leaves you feel are out of place at a branch in. take another step back and admire your work. for detailed instructions on this painting, visit this. are you looking for help with your fix-it projects advisors are taking calls now to get the right pro to get
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hi, welcome back. we are beginning with breaking news. we're working to learn more about a 24-year-old miami marlins player who was killed in a boating accident early this morning >> three people on a boat when it crashed arch the coast of miami beach early this morning. fernandez is considered one of the top pitchers in the league at just 24 years old. the marlins released a statement saying they are devastated by the tragic loss. their thoughts and prayers, of course, with his family this morning. today's game against the braves has been canceled. fernandez was expecting a baby with his girlfriend. 7:58 on your sunday morning. switching gears now, runners will be out raising awareness
7:59 am
it should begin in just a couple of minutes. >> absolutely. it's happening at the pepsi center. that's where our 9 news anchors are this morning. gary, can you hear us? i know it's loud. >> reporter: there's a big crowd out here. 20,000 people out here. they are all lined up. it is truly a sea of red as it always is. race for the cure about to get under way in a couple of minutes. you know, this race, survivors i've been talking to today, some of them have been here for all 24 years of the race. some have been here for 15, 20, but it's always such an emotional time and such a great time. we call it a race but it's much more than a race. it is really an event. when they get up the road and go around that colfax overpass and form that pink ribbon, that is just -- every time i see
8:00 am
makes your heart melt. so the survivor ceremonies at 10:15. this race starts at 8. the runners should be coming in about 8:30 and here they go. i'll let you watch them. >> announcer: three, two, one! [ cheering ] >> thank you all, runners in the front, we have walkers. here we go, colorado. >> all right! >> got the arapaho high school cheerleaders. >> reporter: so you guys, this next hour. some of the walkers will be coming in in about an hour. some of the runners will be coming in in about 30 minutes. then they will head over to the pepsi center parking lot where they have an event set up. they have all kinds of displays and tents and educational examples of how to take care of your health, especially women and men's health when it comes to breast cancer. we'll send it back to you but
8:01 am
annual is under way. >> what a great start to the day. >> i love seeing it start, too. you can feel the excitement as they make their way through the campus and make that ribbon, that loop. >> i've seen all these families together in these little pockets. they create teams to support their family members and loved ones and most importantly, it's about creating awareness. >> isn't it interesting that every single person we see out there have some connection to breast cancer. leve look at this scene. a clear indication that summer is gone. rocky mountain national park sharing a video with us this morning. where you can definitely see that winter is coming above 10,000 feet. this snowy weather shut down trail ridge road on the east side and milner pass on the west side. but the road is not closed for the season. still some time to get up there.
8:02 am
getting is the fall colors but you see snow in the foreground. >> it is so neat. and later in the day, the sun gets higher and you get blue sky in there, we love to see those pictures. we have had a phenomenal weekend. started with wind. some showers and snow in mountain areas, especially friday night and saturday morning. for us, this is how things have been shaping up around here. as we take a look right now at telluride friday night. our buddy tom watkins sharing that with us. nice, big wet snowflakes there. this is summit county from bill lynnfield and as you said, jessica, look at the colors vibrant in the foreground with snow in the background. for us, we're getting clearer and clearer as the morning goes on. you can see right up into rocky mountain national park with
8:03 am
colorado. they're going to stay away through the rest of the day today. temperatures moving into the 60s and 70s at lower elevations. mostly in the 50s and 60s in the mountains. tonight, we drop back down into the 40s. a cool start to your workday tomorrow and then back to the 70s we go. this cooldown is not going to be lasting very long. so for you, running around the front range today, look for highs in the 60s to near 70 degrees. never been so see a colorado weather coaster. 8:03 on your sunday. new this morning, a warning for cu boulder students following an attempted sexual assault on campus overnight or near campus, at 17th and university. the victim told investigators that a man put his arm around her and pushed her to the ground. she fought him off and called police. a 16-year-old girl who
8:04 am
a mall in washington state on friday. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive behind the attack at the cascade mall in burlington. a 20-hour man hunt ended with the arrest of 20-year-old arjan rutin. he was an oak harbor resident. he adds that the gun man allegedly didn't seem to say anything and also like. >> we froze and we directed him and he complied. just stood still. >> right now, there is no evidence showing the shooting rampage was terror-related. police say the gunman's ex- girlfriend worked at the macy's where the shootings occurred but hadn't been there for several years and lives in another country. police released videos of the moments surrounding the
8:05 am
for the release of the videos. the video hasn't been released in its entirety but the police chief says the footage includes all the images relative to the shooting. >> there is no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand. you can see something in the hand. and that he pointed it at an officer. >> in addition to the videos, police released photos of marijuana, a holl sisterand gun. -- holster and a gun. police say a lab te scott's fingerprints on the weapon. the police chief said the officers acted appropriately. a separate independent investigation is under way by the north carolina state bureau of investigations. hundreds of people packed a funeral for terrance crutcher in oklahoma. the 40-year-old was shot and killed by a tulsa police officer on september 16th. loved ones are urging people to remember his life, not his
8:06 am
she told investigators she thought crutcher was high on pcp. byron winston was traveling with his wife from california to iowa. they stopped at a loaf and jug in eagle where he became disoriented on saturday. his wife flagged down a police officer and he was checked out by paramedics. a short time after they left, winston drove away leaving his wife at the loaf and jug. he could be headed east toward their original destination in iowa. up to 20 people got really sick from drinking raw milk in southern colorado. health officials say the outbreak of infections is linked to a milk from a ranch. health officials say babies and pregnant women are most at risk. the milk was only supplied to members of a herd share program selling raw clim is typically
8:07 am
is the exception. a nonprofit tried to raise money to find a new home. it was a time when employees thought the whole operation would shut down. the executive director says they were pushed out of their location by the marijuana industry. but he says the new era is beginning with a new location in aurora. >> we had to raise $3 million to purchase the building and it seemed like an impossible dream when we came up with >> so this ended up being a blessing in disguise. this new building is near i-225 in mississippi. it will allow bud's warehouse to triple their job training program in cooperation with another nonprofit. it could be the most watched presidential debate ever. donald trump and high country spent the weekend preparing for the showdown tomorrow night.
8:08 am
debate. in an interview with fox news, trump hinted at taking on a different tone than the republican primary debates in which he used nicknames for his opponents. names that really stuck with many of his supporters. he said if clinton is respectful on the debate stage, he will be, too. . trump and clinton have had different strategies in the week gearing up for the debate. mock debates. a new poll shows clinton and trump are virtually tied. she's lined up for stops including north carolina and iowa next week while her running mate targets other states. you can watch the debate tomorrow here on 9 news. it starts at 7:00. nbc's lester holt will moderate. the best part in the
8:09 am
vin scully is retiring and fans walked away with a collector's coin. i loved hearing vin on the air. . >> the upside is rockies fans walked away with that special coin. 8:09. you need to grab a jacket today if you're heading out because it be chilly. >> it's supposed to be a beautiful day despite the chilly start. you might be able to put the jackets away early in the we
8:10 am
8:11 am
welcome back, everyone, 8:11 on your sunday. we have been talking about the race for the cure all morning and here is that spectacular view that we love seeing so
8:12 am
to i-25. this is along the route but it makes that pink ribbon and the sea of pink we have been seeing and the hundreds of people who showed up for the race this morning. >> always love seeing the sea of pink take over the road there. very cool to see and so many specials stories to be told. >> our 9 news team has been out there all morning. we talked to people like gary about adele and kim will also be out there. we're going to stream this online for you at 10:15 in the mornin but first let's get out to marty. he's hanging out in the backyard. we can see the sun is out now so a lot of those runners probably doing just fine. >> that's right. the wise ones always dressing in layers so as you go on, you can sort of be comfortable as you go. we have cool air move into the state. it was down in the low 70s yesterday. and we had plenty of snow over the area. judy shepherd shared this with us yesterday, the snow from friday night and yesterday
8:13 am
places and above tree line at the silver ton ski area, they had enough in a few spots to make some turns. they don't anticipate opening until december. they don't make any snow at silver ton. storms are off in the midwest stretching through -- all the way from wisconsin into texas. we do anticipate some severe weather today around milwaukee and chicago, so if there are any football games there, i'm not sure if the bears are in town or not, but it could affect those games today. looking ahead througe afternoon, clear conditions for you all day. we have those mid-level clouds this morning. they're shooting off to the east as we anticipate with light wind, a lot of sun, temperatures going to feel great. in fact, we'll have single digit wind gusts this afternoon, just seems like an ideal day to me with upper 60s and low 70s. foothills and mountain areas, it's more into the 50s and low 60s for your daytime highs. so we've started with a few clouds here and there,
8:14 am
and more clear through the day with highs in the 50s and 60s in the mountains and the central mountain valleys. look for upper 60s and low 70s for the front range and northeast. slightly, just slightly warmer in southeastern colorado and in our western valleys. today, sunshine, very little wind for you around the area. i'll good 68 degrees for a high. to me that's ideal. might be a little cool for you. go ahead and stand in the sun, it will help warm you up. ni we drop back down into the lower 40s. we have several days of mild weather coming up with mid-70s for tomorrow and then into low 80s for tuesday and wednesday. we have a small chance for thundershowers returning back to the forecast on thursday. a very small chance on friday. and if you're already planning next weekend, it looks really good around here. now on sunday we may see a few rain showers over the area.
8:15 am
all. and as you can see, temperatures moderate extremely well through the afternoon today and then through the rest of this week. a little bit of everything for everybody. thank you, marty. arapaho road is back open earlier than expected. crews were building an extra lane near yosemite street. at 8:15 on your sunday. a 35-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of hacking pippa icloud. london police aren't identifying the suspect who was arrested on suspicion of a computer misuse act. it included pictures of her sister kate with her children. the royal couple is in canada right now. today they will meet with syrian refugees in vancouver.
8:16 am
william and kate brought their children along. it was a rare appearance for a prince george and princess charlotte. they arrived to a big crowd and an official ceremony by the british columbia legislate ooufr. 8:16. so misty the dog, she is finally back in colorado and reunited with her family in pueblo. >> i love this story. you can see this emotional reunion here as the family ran up to see her. she was taken from brenda's yard five years ago but turned misty was a companion dog for her two special needs daughters. misty arrived back in pueblo after a long drive from missouri. >> by the way, that stranger who ended up getting misty drove 14 hours just to try to bring her back to colorado. so volunteerism, very sweet. so race for the cure coverage continues in just a bit. you saw them taking that loop
8:17 am
that was kind of fast. we're going to check in with
8:18 am
8:19 am
welcome back, everybody. let's take a live look outside right now at all those runners coming in at the susan g. komen race for the cure. just started about -- less than a half hour ago. these are some fast folks. coming in awareness and money to fight breast cancer. >> let's check in with kim christiansen who is at the finish line this morning. good morning, kim. >> reporter: i'm hanging out in the survivors village right now right by the survivor ceremony set up because we're going to do that later on. love, love that moment. we call out all the survivors, they come in and we go up to 25 years and then we have ones that have just been battling
8:20 am
and it's such an incredible moment to realize why we're here. why we're here, what we're celebrating. and then we usually release doves to remember all of those that aren't with us any more and that's the importance of remembering everyone. and this journey of breast cancer. one of the neat things they have in the survivors tent area is massage. who doesn't love a massage some cindy vogt is joining me with medicine hands. this is one of the things that people don't th treatment, you need this type of thing. >> you do. you really do. we are all certified in oncology massage, providing the services for the patient, understanding the dynamics of what's going on with them during treatments and just providing a lot of love for them. very safe environment. >> reporter: because i've heard people have relief from acupuncture but doctors will tell you one of the first
8:21 am
flowing, this is it. >> exactly. we provide this throughout the metro area in a lot of the different hospital facilities and the doctors prescribe it. they love it. they want us to be part of it. so, yeah we're part of their health care team. >> reporter: i bet you love doing this and you meet the neatest people. >> we love these people because they don't -- they feel like they have a safe touch when they come in and just provide that so it's great. >> reporter: you continue spreading the love through your hands. >> we love that non- pharmaceutical therapies. that's what it is. >> reporter: that's it. that's one of the exciting things, so many different therapies that have advanced over the years, really good stuff. and you know, just pink everywhere. pinks on heads, backs, pinks everywhere. we talked to a man who is wearing a pink tutu and his
8:22 am
awfulically comfortable in those leggings. >> i'm told gary also has a pair of pink tights. >> reporter: i'm telling you out. try it out. you just might feel very comfortable. >> ryan, hint hint. >> you don't know what i do behind closed doors. i have plenty of pink. >> hello. >> thanks, kim, appreciate it. kim, your cu bucks looked awesome. one player threw more than 300 yards and the same game.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
hi, everybody, colorado's opponent wore funny uniforms last night but the buffalos had the last laugh. oregon charged on the field with but it was colorado freshman quarterback steven montez, he was call he was quacked up to be. montez making his first career start. became the first player in cu history to throw for more than 300 yards and run for another 1 100 in the same game. basses, including one caught with just five fingers by brice bobo to give the buffs the lead. the ducks had a chance to steal it at the end but a pass was intercepted in the end to clinch it. cu wins 41-38 and coach mcintire let's the tears flow. >> learn a life lesson today. what is our goal? off and on the field.
8:26 am
this is just one game. boy, was that one game fun. [ all cheering ] >> colorado state's quarterback was never did he capitated. rams were beaten by the minnesota golden gophers. colin hill got hit so hard his helmet landed ten yards away, most of us would have crawled into bed with our mommies after that. he remained in the game and threw a touchdown pass which gave ra pull off an upset. they lose anyway 31-24 but hill is the kind of guy you want on your team. >> he took a shot today. he took a really, really physical shot. but he didn't flinch. he jumped up, got his helmet. >> he's going to get drilled! the ball is loose! >> he's a tough kid. he's an athletic kid for a taller guy. he'll, you know, this will be a great teaching tool for him and everybody. a lot of times we look at the quarterback but we got to do a
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
downed power lines sparked a 4 residents ready to evacuate after downed power lines struck the four-acre fire in ever green. despite the temperatures, fire remains a threat in colorado. the blast hurt two police officers. severe weather remains a forecasters keeping a close eye on iowa. flooding so dangerous, hundreds have already evacuated. as flood waters reach record levels in iowa, we are seeing compassion pouring out of the residents there. a rescue getting national attention this weekend. and more prep sports ahead. plenty of rivalries over the weekend. taylor will break all of those down. we are continuing to follow breaking news.
8:30 am
about a 24-year-old miami marlins player who was killed in a boating accident. >> josi fernandez was one of the three people on board when it crashed off the coast of miami beach. fernandez is considered one of the top pitchers in the league at 24 years old. the marlins released a statement saying they are devastated by the tragic loss and their thoughts and prayers are with his family. today's game against the braves has been canceled. fernandez was expecting a baby with his girlfriend. we'll check in th -- marty. >> next week, we're going to see -- i should say this week. we're going to zoom right back up into the 80s. dry conditions around here today. if you were up early, you were treated to a spectacular sunrise with the clouds around the area. those have now moved off to the east. if you're thinking about moving -- heading up to the mountains or moving to the mountains, whichever you prefer, the
8:31 am
in many parts of colorado. dave masters was out near crested butte and we still have some green there. that contrast tells you we're not quite at that peak but for other sports like winter park, we are close to full color. we had fresh snow out of this system. grant martin stopped on his mountain bike and got that picture. you have all that dry grass town there, we were just talking about danger, it does remain high because there are a lot of those fuels that are extremely, extremely dry. no rain, no snow for us today. the front that came through and kicked off the rain and snow, as well as the wind, is now in the midwest. they're going to continue to see showers there through the day. for us, continuing clear skies and not much, if any, wind. this is really a nice feature of today, with single digit wind gusts expected during the
8:32 am
upper 60s to near 70 degrees. almost an ideal sunday afternoon to be out and about. 50s and 60s in the mountains. statewide, it's a similar story. we do have a few areas with clouds around. those are going to thin, thin, thin as we go through the day and clear through the afternoon. so it's sunshine with mid-70s in the west and in southeastern colorado, we'll be hovering in the upper 60s to low 70s throughout the northeast. for the mountains, late this afternoon, we'llin for us today, sunshine, very little wind. 68 the forecast high. now we drop back down into the 40s. very dry air, warms up quickly and cools off quickly. that puts us in the 70s around here for tomorrow. lower 80s. that's the warm-up we were talking about a few moments ago. the next chance for showers comes thursday with a much, much smaller chance on friday. but boy, does it stay warm. >> yep, certainly will. all right, marty, thank you.
8:33 am
with our crew at race for the cure all morning. they started right around 8:00 and within 15 minutes or so, ryan, we already saw people at the finish line. >> some fast runners out there. let's check in with gary shapiro at the finish line. quite the morning already. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. there are runners that are still leaving on this side and there are a ton of runners coming in after the 24th race th survivor. you just got done running, how was it? >> it started a little cold but once you start running, you get into the wave moment. >> reporter: talk about what it's like for survivors in this race. it's a pretty emotional time, isn't it? >> it's a pretty emotional time. you bond with so many people, friends, family, neighbors, strangers. they feel your pain and they
8:34 am
it's like one big family. we're all bonded together to fight this terrible disease. >> reporter: when you see this crowd out here, it has to make you feel good. >> it does. and it's -- it's pretty darn emotional. every year. >> reporter: sandra, thank you much. >> thank you. thank you to 9 news for all you do. we love you. >> reporter: it's our pleasure. lots of runners coming in. these guys are just -- let me grab no? okay. some people are shy. that's okay. all right. can i grab you for a minute? can i just ask you how it was out there? >> it was great. it was a beautiful morning and nice -- i like the course. best friend with me, we're visiting. >> reporter: hi, best friend! >> she's been supportive of me for 25 years. >> reporter: thanks, guys. the runners are probably going to be coming in for the mex
8:35 am
make their way over to the pepsi center. the survivor ceremony begins at 10:00. >> so much love. >> seems like a great time. >> love and support out there and so many smiles on everyone's faces. gary, thanks so much. >> reporter: my pleasure. 8:35 on your sunday. we now know what caused the hideaway fire in evergreen yesterday. fire officials say a downed power line burned about four acres. officials say strong winds brought down the winds were so strong, the fire grew very quickly. luckily it only took firefighters a few hours to put it out. residents were placed on stand by during evacuation. >> colorado, the wildfire danger period is almost the entire year. through the winter, things get very dry and there's always places that aren't covered in snow, so there can be wild land fires in december as well as july. >> excuse me, residents were not evacuated, just put on stand by.
8:36 am
midwest, several counties in iowa have already been declared disaster areas. volunteers have been busy trying to control the damage. after days of heavy rain, the cedar river is predicted to crest at 24 feet in the town of independence day. homes, businesses and parks flooded there at 16 feet several years ago. about 500 people showed up in cedar falls to help sandbag. they're asking people to stay home if possible to let emergency crews do their jobs. in hungary, two police officers patrolling downtown budapest were hurt in an explosion. investigators aren't sure what caused it. the blast did not set off anies fires. police are looking for witnesses hoping to get a better picture of what could have happened. there are reports there may have been a gas leak but that has not been confirmed. investigators are still looking into whether or not this blast was intentional.
8:37 am
the latest attacks are called some of the worst of the war. government forces have hit rebel-controlled areas with intense bombings. the u.n. said more than a million and a half people are without running water. we've been telling you about that flooding in the midwest. more trouble expected today in iowa. a man risked his life to jump into a swollen river to save a deer. >> you can see the compassion coming out of these residents even at a difficult time. the bank, then he falls in the water. recent rains had caused this river to swell and that small deer could not match the power powerful. one man tethered himself to the rail and got in the water with a life jacket, hoisted the deer out of the water and came back to big applause and eventually took the deer to a wooded area nearby. not a lot of people would be willing to risk their lives to save wildlife.
8:38 am
we'll check in with taylor
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back. we're continuing to follow breaking news. we learned that a 24-year-old miami marlins player was killed in a boating accident early this morning. there is a press conference happening right now that we' miami officials explaining exactly what happened. >> okay, sounds like we're not going to get there. but josi fernandez is a 24-year- old starting pitcher for the march clintons who was killed in the early morning boating accident. officials speaking about it right now. let's listen it. >> he he was involved in everything that he could be to give back.
8:41 am
a tragic loss. there are several people that are hurting today. and we send our condolences to everyone. coast guard responded as well as fwc, miami dade fire rescue, city of miami. upon arrival, the boat was 32- foot sea bethat was lying upside down. at this time of discovery this were three people found, go of >> as we listen to this press conference, we should note that there are at least three people who died in this boating accident. he is explaining exactly what happened and the circumstances surrounding this accident. obviously a lot of questions considering this 24-year-old lost his life. miami marlins player and several others as well. welcome to the 9 news pep rally. here's taylor temby.
8:42 am
we saw new conferences form and some teams drop classifications. that makes it even more special when historic rivalries get to play out. battling it outo. we'll start in the 2nd quarter. 3rd down for the rebels. quarterback calm under pressure. he'll find ted mullin on the goal line. that gives columbine a 14-0 lead. seconds remaining in the first half. rival looking to again mullin somehow wrangles it away from two chatwood defenders. colton floats this one deep. the 39-yard completion would set up the chargers first touchdown of the day. the rebels were relentless. columbine wins it 28-7 your final. arvada west had a packed crowd for its homecoming game
8:43 am
quarterback hits demaryius pit man who scores to make it 7-7. arvada west got right back on a beautiful play. and then later on with fourth and goal on the line, the wildcats fed the big man, joey perez, who scores to make it 21- 7. he was dominant all game to help arvada west beat smoky hill. first half, after a foul on the penalty kick for the first score of the game. rory buck would take off but colorado academy's nate kay chasing him down. takes the perfect angle and chases the ball away. not long after, [ indiscernible ] david feldman with the finish here. kent denver shuts down colorado academy. even the wildlife wanted to
8:44 am
off to a hot start. she struck out three in the 1st inning and helped they are team hold a 3-0 lead. in the third, golden freshman mckenzie middleton places one to right field. middleton makes it all the way home to beat the run. golden now trails 3-2. fast forward to the ending, valor's hit a triple to center field while also scoring teammate katie meredith. valor remains undefeated a 7-3 final. if you missed any highlights this morning or want it see the extended highlights and interviews, they're post on 9 news online at
8:45 am
8:46 am
you see many people walking along the routes for one of the biggest fundraisers for breast cancer in the country. donald trump and high country will take the stage for possibly the biggest debate ever. >> here's this week's balance
8:47 am
good morning and welcome to "balance of power." tomorrow is arguably the most important day of the election cycle because it's going to be the first presidential debate. we've got our 9 news political experts. thanks so much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you guys looking forward to this thing or is this one of those things where you're peeking through the fingers and hoping it doesn't get too ugly. >> proy part of you is exciting, like in nascar, your just waiting for the wreck. >> there will be wrecks. i think i'm excited. you know, it's the first time the two candidates will be on stage together debating the issues at the same time. it will be a chance for the voters to see the difference between high country and her experience and donald trump and his nonsense.
8:48 am
country she goes up there and shows the american people the authentic nature of her experience. that she's able to transmit through the television screen to the american public that she is the right one for the job. she's got the experience, the temperament and got the right team to get her there. worst case scenario is she takes the bait. that trump is able to insult her and bring her down to his level and she ends up doing the gutter politics with him. >> the same for you, best and worst? >> trump has s the issues and line up the juxtaposition with high country. high country has some real problems in terms of people believing that she's not very personable, people not being able to relate to her. similarly i hope he doesn't engage too much and add homonyms. she's been going after him in terms of those questions.
8:49 am
>> it strikes me that most people probably have some impression of both of these candidates but there still is a significant portion of the electorate that is undecided. >> undecided and even switches their votes as the polls come out. hillary was up close to 14 points in colorado, that lead has been cut in half since then. there are a swath of voters out there who don't know what they're going to be voting for. >> how much do you see undecideds being swayed by debate performance? >> there is a segment of the republican party that are waiting to see if they are voting for donald trump or not. some estimates say as much as 1 in 4. i think this is an opportunity for him, in addition to that, high country is kind of the weird franken stein candidate that's compiled by the mad data scientists and the focus groups and like the political professionals and she just doesn't strike people as
8:50 am
with that. >> that's probably fair to a degree but ever since trump has hired kelly ann conway, he's attempted to go that route. be more digestible by the american public, offend less and you can see the amount of restraint it takes him to come down to that normal level. and on monday, with i think 90 full minutes of debating, i think it's going to be tough for him to hold it together. >> to ian's point, what you described is at holdout republicans are looking for. someone who is more traditional or presidential in their eyes. >> trump has done better in recent weeks with republicans and with unaffiliateds and as high country continues to lose ground, i think that this is an opportunity for him and what we're seeing the american people really want is somebody who's you a ten tick -- authentic and for all the criticism about donald trump, there is no question about his
8:51 am
>> i have a question about what does he believe today? -- >> i have a question about high country, who are -- >> how big do you think race and some of the social unrest we're having, particularly in charlotte, is going to play in this first debate? >> i think that's impossible to discount that as an important issue. and high country has had a long- standing relationship with the african american an communities of color. trump has been running around doing some kind of african american rally in front of a predominantly white audience. >> there is a lot going on in terms of terrorism and protests and frankly, this is going to be the chance for donald trump to really set himself apart from high country. who really just represents more of the same. >> all right. thank you both so much. again, the debate coming up
8:52 am
so the broncos are in cincinnati. how are they shaping up for the first game of the regular season, though? >> that's the big question against a formidable defense. game day live hosts are live in cincinnati with what we can
8:53 am
8:54 am
for the first time this year in cincinnati. game starts after -- starts at 11:00 this morning. >> lots to talk about. our game day live co-hosts are here with a preview. good morning, guys. >> good morning. cannot wait for this one. our first chance to see these guys on the road. they've taken care of business with two wins at home. now they play a cincinnati bengals who always play well on this field, especially in september, though denver did get the better of these guys last year >> it was the last big game we saw from brock osweiler. that was game 15. there was only one more game in the regular season. brock played really well. we all thought at that time that brock osweiler was going to be the quarterback for this team going into the playoffs. of course it all flipped one week later when peyton manning came off the bench and the whole crowd went wild. they got the energy, on they went. i really don't think there's a lot of history that affects
8:55 am
andy dalton is a new quarterback from last year but maybe the one stat to take away from coming into this game, gary kubiak, 6-0 in his teams against marvin lewis. kubiak is the better coach head to head. >> the last time the broncos lost to these guys was when they were on this football field. john fox on the sideline, peyton manning as the quarterback. >> he had four interceptions that day and another reason why, you know, or when i'm on this field and it's this early in the day, it reminds me of the immaculate deflection to brandon stokes. >> great call. >> it was a great call. that was an unbelievable game and shows you no matter how you analyze and dissect a game it's how a fluky game, a tipped ball, ends up making the difference. >> it's hot and humid here,
8:56 am
struggled early. game day live coming up. >> so much to talk about, guys. thanks so much. we'll talk to you guys later. we are learning more about a boating accident that killed miami marlins pitcher josi fernandez early this morning. investigators say he was one of several people killed when a boat capsized. >> officials say the boat hit a jetty before it capsized. today's game against the braves has let's get a final check of the forecast. >> let's talk about the broncos- bengals. you saw rod and mike out there all comfy out there. it's going to be warm in cincinnati. temperatures there, in the 80s in cincinnati today, so really warm day for them. partly cloudy skies up at forts fort collins. up on the continental divide,
8:57 am
up at the visitors center, rocky mountain national park, there's some of the fresh snow that's fallen and caused that temporary closure of trail ridge road. for us, the rest of the morning is looking good from noon and thereafter, we go into the upper 60s to almost 70. i think we pretty much have sunshine all the day today and we go up from here into the low 80s by tuesday. >> starting to feel like summer. what happened to fall? >> it will be back. don't worry. >> thank you, marty. >> we're going to leave yo the cure. it's such a fantastic day out there. a big thanks to gary and kim for bringing us live coverage. what a wonderful day for these survivors and their families.
8:58 am
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we near it's going to be -- know it's going to be a rowdy environment. >> a tough test. >> the stadium that hasn't been won in in the month of september in fe game this year, i am sure it will count for a lot down the road.


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