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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MDT

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you might not know his name, but chances are you've seen him around town. >> the out pouring of love has been unbelievable. my husband has touched so many people's lives. >> tonight denver comes tonight to help earth man. >> i'm really sad. locker rooms of baseball clubs throughout the country. marlins teammates talk about how they're dealing with the loss of pitcher jonathan gonzalez. thousands dress in pink to race for the cure in denver. >> the photography is his saving grace. >> the hobby gives an autistic child to express himself to the world. 9 news starts now. anyone with a passing
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arnold palmer, and the announcement that palmer died came this evening. he was golf's first superstar in the age of television, he helped define the sport and made it available to everyone. he won 62 titles on the pga tour including four masters wins and the 1960 us open at cherry hills country club. the number one hole was the start of the biggest comeback in that event's history, he drove the hole and won after being done 7 stke three. off the course he was a philanthropist, and in 2004 he accepted the presidential medal of freedom. jack nicklaus said i was shocked to learn i lost a great friend and golf lost a great friend. he was always a fighter. tiger woods tweeted thank you for your friendship, council and a lot of laughs.
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without you or anyone more important than the king. arnold palmer was 87 years old. it's also been a very hard day for baseball. members of miami marlins overcome with emotion over the loss of 24-year-old pitcher jonathan who died overnight in a boating accident. there was no were evidence of -- no evidence of drugs. the only thing on the pitchers mound today after the canceled marlins game was a cap. his teammates tried to find the words to remember their friend. >> deep in our hearts there's a lot of pain, and in some way we have to overcome that, but
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that it's hard to explain. >> when i, um, think about jose it's going to be thinking of that little kid. i see such a little boy in him when in the >> at dodgers stadium his jersey hung in the dug out. they played their 4th game against the rockies today. their players were also emotional. >> watching him flourish and become the player he was was awesome. he might have rubbed people the wrong way because he was better than everyone and he knew it, and he'll be sadly hissed. >> my family -- missed.
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because he meant a lot to the cuban community. he brought out the cuban side of the game. >> the marlins return to the field tomorrow night for a home game against the new york mets. >. people across colorado know him as earth man. if you've been to a concert no denver or a rockies or broncos game you may have seen him selling a beer or two, but earth man needs help. he didn't ask for it but he's getting it from friends and fans. we spoke to him today. >> yes, and hundreds showed up today to offer words of encouragement, and he said he never expected so many people to help him through what are expected to be some difficult days ahead. >> it's very good to see you. >> reporter: if happiness was measured by friend. >> i love that shirt. >> reporter: denver's earth man would be sitting on top of the world. >> can you do me a favor and take a picture of us with our
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likely holding a beer in his hands. >> i'm stunned. i didn't know i had that many fans. i knew i was liked, but not that well-liked. >> reporter: on this day, friends have come to wish him the best in his fight against stage 4 brain cancer. >> that point our life completely changed. >> reporter: the diagnosis came 26 days ago. >> i've been told that if he doesn't do anything treatment that i may not have him after christmas. >> real name is brent doden seemed to just. change overnight. for nearly 30 years earth man has been that guy with the cool hat who loves selling beer at red rocks concerts and broncos and rockies games. >> it's great to hear him holler no sissy sipping! >> reporter: the 60-year-old says he just loves making people happy. >> if you don't use me now you'll thirst for me later. >> beer drinking [ laughter ]
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and watching them drink beer. that you didn't sell them [ laughter ] >> that i didn't sell them. >> that's not fair. >> not fair at all [ laughter ] >> reporter: cancer is never fair, but still earth man is fighting. >> ultimately we'd like to it shrink it. >> reporter: at times of uncertainty you need friends like these the most in it's amazing ho he touched and now they want to touch him back. >> i had no idea. >> earth man's wife tells us he'll scheduled to start chemo and radiation this week. one of the family's goals so to get him to a widespread panic concert because he loves music so much. if you'd like to reach the family and help, we have that information on our 9 news facebook page, but just amazing to see the out pouring of love and support. >> and they're staying positive.
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through this difficult time. >> all right, thank you. >. charlotte's mayor has lifted the curfew put in place after several days of violent protests over the killing of a black man by police. today demonstrators gathered outside the panthers stadium before the game in a peaceful protest and chanted no justice, no peace. there have been demonstrations every day since keith scott was ll we can peacefully protest. we have proven that we're nothing but a peaceful protest. >> one person was arrested outside the stadium for carrying a concealed weapon. officers say scott had a gun and pointed it at officers before he was shot. video released by the police shows him holding something, but it's not visible. an independent investigation is underway by the north carolina state bureau of investigations.
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as many as 120 million people will watch hillary clinton and donald trump debate. hofstra university is hosting, today crews put up the set and tested the equipment. heading into tomorrow a new poll shows the race tightening between the two candidates. clinton has 46 of the vote to trump's 44 percent. >> while you can't win an election in a debate, you can certainly lose one. >> both campaigns say the candidates will focus issues, which in this case are predetermined. they are america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. nbc's lester holt will moderate. the debate starts at 7:00 on channel 9. tuesday october 4th vice president candidates tim kaine and mike pence will debate in virginia. the second presidential debate take place october 9th at washington university in st. louis. the university of nevada in las
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debate which is october 19th. >. a $17 million housing project in the baker neighborhood is specially designed for people with disabilities. tonight there was a special kickoff event for the project. they'll have 60 units at first housing about a hundred residents both with and without special needs. >> obviously we're not going to solve the housing crisis with 60 or even 600 units, so the end goal quality accessible integrated housing for people that want to live in an integrated community that want to be a part of this. >> the original project is a four-year plan, and right now it's two years in. the second phase will add 60 more units. next on 9 news at 10:00. >> autism can make interacting with the world a challenge. >> he's had a lot of people looking at him in a negative way.
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>> people have commented on how his pictures allow them to see nature in a different way than they have ever before. >> meet this 10-year-old photographer in tonight's story tellers. frost advisory posted for some areas in colorado. i'll let you know how low the numbers will go. and is trevor siemian the broncos quarterback for many years to come? >> we'll try to answer that
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>. for all the parents of special needs kids, for all those times you worried about how your child might act in public or with class mates, there's a 10-year-old boy i'd like you to meet. in tonight's story tells we tagged along with morgan who see it is world in his own way
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>> reporter: for so long. >> sometimes i play soccer. >> reporter: the boy with the long hair has been that kid. >> different foods around me make me feel weird. >> reporter: that kid who can't handle a birthday party. >> who's this kid that's melting down? >> red, blue. >> reporter: that kid who couldn't interact with others at school. >> two reds. >> he's had a lot of people look at him in a negative way. >> well, i usually is it alone. >> operates a -- that he operates a little differently. >> reporter: morgan deals with autism. >> sometimes it's hard to concentrate on things. >> the only difference i see between him and the other student social security he needs the -- students is he needs the extra clarification of directions. >> reporter: out here clarity and direction are exactly what morgan and his parents are looking for. >> he's in the middle of grass
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>> you get close, then you can see that the yellow and green part of leaf. >> reporter: the 10-year-old autistic boy. >> nice leaf right here. >> reporter: he's taken up nature photography. >> what caught my attention is see that like pink barrel thing behind the flower? >> reporter: his parents believe his autism plays a role in his. other people don't notice. >> reporter: he got so good at taking pictures. >> wider shots mainly. >> reporter: he's now that kid who decided to start his own business. >> once he kind of got like hooked into this and what he could do with the camera, it's been kind of a roller coaster ride. >> this is my wall area. >> reporter: he started telling his work in a conifer store called red roof relics.
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was ready to start a business. >> reporter: loretta charged him 10 bucks for his spot on the wall. >> these are my prints. this is called island on the clouds. >> i thought it was amazing that somebody so young would even want to start something up. >> i've seen a lot of things that amaze me and i just want to share those things with others. >> reporter: 10 percent of this 10-year-old's profits go to the which supports autistic artists. >> he's one of our top sellers. >> reporter: his pictures have impacted people so much. >> all right awesome. >> got a good one? >> reporter: morgan is now that kid who's picture was selected by national geographic for display in the home of vice president joe biden. >> i was like oh my god, i can't believe it. >> i wish we could have gone to washington to see it [ laughter ] >> reporter: more importantly,
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him focus. >> the branches are in a cool formation. >> reporter: he's no longer that kid. >> >. the photography is kind of his saving grace because it, it gets people to look past all that. >> he's going to make his way, i'm not going to cry [ laughter ] >> reporter: he's that kid who wants to inspire those kids. >> try new things and explore your limits and what you to do. >> reporter: nelson garcia, 9 news. >> morgan's work is an display at the denver art museum along with other autistic artists as part of blue ribbon arts initiative through october 2nd. oh, that's such a beautiful story. nelson and chris do such a great job. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9 backyard where you can definitely tell the temperatures are dropping
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country today for those of you enjoying a tour through the mountains, perhaps you saw a rainbow for the leaves changing. 68 the best we could do in denver today, well below the seasonal average, but we kickoff a warming trend tomorrow. i think we'll get to the mid- 70s easily, but done with the 90s i think for the year. winds southeast at 11 at dia, but winds calm in the backyard at the studios. 50 not a lot to show you on the radar. here's the stats for the months. typically it's the highs in the mid-70s, but also the time we see the first snow in denver. we've seen the first snow in the high country, but here in the city we could use rain. all the rain is south and east of us following a cool front shifting off to the east. high pressure that's anchored over the great basin keeps the storm track to the north, so the flood threat will continue to increase in central texas and oklahoma.
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with showers and storms from dallas and st. louis up to chicago wrapping hander a low pressure -- around a low pressure area pulling cool air through the midwest. high pressure brings a beautiful day to colorado and the central plain states, and really a lovely pattern shaping up for this first full week of fall. cool wet weather in minneapolis, and they'll see travel delays tomorrow around chicago and new york. heat is building to the west and south. it will be seasonal here. tomorrow temperatures mid-70s, and then pushing into the mid-80, it's a clear cool night with the threat of frost, so plants or tender vegetation need to be covered. 20s up high, 30s down below. it doesn't cover downtown denver proper, but we could see see 20s and 30s from greeley, sterling and burlington with temperatures rebounding nicely tomorrow. we have mid-70s in the city.
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nederland at 65, grand lake the high is 68. city forecast tonight. clear and cool with light wind, our low back in the upper 30s where we were this morning at dia. 65 by lunchtime, 67 in the afternoon. a lot of -- 76 in the afternoon, a lot of sunshine. grab a light jacket for the morning, you won't need it in the afternoon. tuesday and wednesday into the 80s. slight cooler trend into the weekend, but i think we'll run above average for the first few days of now is the time to plan that fall foliage outing, and all the information you need is on, and this picture is so spectacular. another reason, just another reminder of how lucky we have to live here. keep the pictures coming. so vibrant in the foreground.
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>. from colorado's sports leader, here's drew soicher. >> broncos quarterback trevor siemian went into the fountain city and sprayed touchdown passes all over the football field. >> reporter: broncos beat the bengals and extended their winning streak to eight games. slow start, cincinnati scored first where jeremy hill busted off a 50-yard run setting up a short touchdown. siemian making the first road start of his career, felt right at home. >> makes the catch! denver touchdown! >> reporter: trevor threw a pair of second quarter touchdown passes to sanders, lifting denver to a two-point half time lead. then trailing by 1 in the 4th, trevor gets clever, and surprises cincinnati with a
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phillips. broncos back on top. and finally, siemian goes deep again, this time to demaryius thomas,. >> makes the catch and walks into the end zone! touchdown denver sloop. >> reporter: four touchdown pass, no interceptions, and denver hand the bengals their first home september loss in five years. 9 news sports reporter rod mackey is still at the stadium. >> reporter: this was the back in 2014 where peyton manning played one of the worst games of his nfl career throwing four interceptions as the broncos were beaten by the bengals, but four years later it's the site of siemian's best game, by far, four touchdowns to keep denver perfect. >> it's a tough place to play against a tough team, the team is tougher than the environment i think we anticipated that going in, so hats off to our
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was a good, good team win for us. >> trevor played outstanding. you know, obviously, going in, no one really knew about him, but now everyone is starting to talk about me. me and demaryius thomas said he's always calm, cool, and collected, and even in the 4th in the huddle, he came in, and took control of the huddle, seeing we're going for the gusto, so we believe in him. what a day for m, >> we had to be aggressive. we didn't run the ball at all. they took it away and did a good job, so we had to be aggressive and go set some points, so we had the big throws to jeff and dt late. >> reporter: on deck, another road game, but as siemian showed this afternoon, that doesn't bother him. >> the broncos lead the west division by one game because in
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historically bad the first two weeks forced three turnovers today, and they won 17-10. kansas city is also only a game behind the broncos improving to 2-1 today by beating the new york jets. harris caught a fumble in mid- air and returned it for a touchdown. the chiefs win 24-3, and san diego is all along in last place, the chargers beat by the ap the chargers lose. leave it to the rockies relief pitchers to provide a dramatic ending for vin scully's final home game. after 67 years and more than 9,000 games, scully is retiring, and this was really touching. each of the dodgers showed
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at him when they stepped into the batters box, and one final thrill. la trailing, down to the final out, and seager belts the home run to keep it going. >> fly high ball. it's a home run, and the dodgers have clinched the division and will celebrate on bout! it's the 165th walk off homer of scully's career followed by a the of the championship cap. vin wins 4-3. >> i'm terribly embarrassed. i was hoping the team would win the game 10-0, there had be no tension, and it -- that would be no tension and it would be a
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very, very small modest contribution on my last day. >> still of the night comes from los angeles where vin scully hung a banner saying i'll miss you, his final home game after 67 years with the dodgers in the still of the night. >> perfect ending for vin. the rockies are out of it so i'm sure they don't mind. >> -- rockies are out of it? >> yeah, sorry to ruin your day. and the bobble head of the day, denver nuggets star chauncey phillips born on this day 40
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