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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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judge today. what we're expecting to learn inside that courtroom. right now... araphoe county is asking for everyone's help... looking for a missing teenager, and her baby. 15-year-old jasmine toliver left her foster home sunday with her four month old son. her son needs medication for seizures. jasmine is an african american woman... five-foot- three inchal and long, dyed hair. anyone with information is asked to call the arapahoe county sheriff's office at 303-795-4711. you're waking up to a chilly morning... but warmer temps are in store. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- a warm sunny day ahead. a hundred million. 100 million people. that's how may
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watch the presidential debate tonight. about 112 million people watched superbowl 50 so, does either candidate have a chance of "winning over" viewers with their debate performance? 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is
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to be won. yes, there are. ..and they include votes in battleground states like colorado. "real clear politics" released this map of likely electoral college votes in the presidential race. you can see-- they have hillary clinton with 198.. ...and donald trump with 165. but like right here-- in the middle-- 175. that's how many electoral votes are a "toss up." right in the middle-- of those "grey states"... colorado. we're definitely a battlegr. many campaign visits and commercials, so far. more than a dozen other states are also a "toss up." the winning candidate needs 270 to become president. so-- technically-- it's still anybody's game. that's why tonight's debate matters so much. it's the first time we'll be seeing donald trump and hillary clinton on stage-- together. cheryl, what they say-- tonight-- could make some of these states
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the suspected washington mall shooter dodged police for more than 20 hours... and today... he'll go before a judge. police say... arcan cetin killed five people inside a seattle suburban mall... now, they want to know why he did it. the 20 year old was arrested late saturday night as he walked down the street in oak harbor, washington. he has a criminal record, including three assault charges... and had a court order banning him from having guns. police say he stole three guns from a family member to use in the shooting. four women and a man were killed inside the macy's store at the mall. the fbi says no evidence points to terrorism. protests over the death of keith scott in charlotte were mostly peaceful over the weekend. the city-wide curfew was lifted days after it was
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curfew lifted... there is still increased security across the city. sunday, protestors started a march outside the panters' stadium. during the game... police were given more leeway to search fans in and around the stadium. about a hundred or so protesters continued demonstrations at the game under the watchful eye of a line of police. pr answers, and change, as the investigation into keith scott's death continues. months after an attack on police in dallas, the police department is facing a new crisis. its pension fund is running out, and a number of officers have announced unexpected retirements, including the police chief.. the dallas police department is negotiating with city hall to recruit more officers and pay them more. union leaders say
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poor working conditions have depleted the number of police officers in the city. 5 officers died in july's sniper attack... during a peaceful protest. today... the suspect in a stabbing and home invastion is scheduled to be in court to officially hear the charges against him. caleb williams is facing a number of charges... including attempted murder. the whole thing happened back in may. police say williams and two other people broke into the wrong house... looking for cash and drugs. williams was stabbed by the struggle... and williams stabbed the man back. in late may, 9wants to know talked with williams, who told us he was sorry... and didn't mean to hurt anyone. a man busted in a massive sex sting operation in jefferson county will appear before a judge today and will officially learn the charges against him. james anderson was one of 35 people arrested in april... during 420 week. police say anderson made arrangements with an undercover police officer... to buy a seven year old for sex. we'll be sure to
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happens today in court. families in parts of iowa are preparing for potentionally historic flooding this week. they've have already set up hundreds of sandbags guarding landmarks in cedar rapids... like the paramont theater... where volunteers helped remove hundreds of seats from inside the building. flooding in 2008 did 16-million dollars in damage there.. bridges and roads remain closed after this weekend's flooding... and many others are closing as a precaution.
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pink -- gathered in downtown denver sunday-- honoring, and supporting breast cancer survivors... susan g. komen colorado estimates more than 15 thousand people showed up for race for the cure.. honoring moms, daughters, sisters, husbands, wives, and grandmothers -- all who have battled breast cancer. stey was there with her husband tim and 5- year-old son, austin.. austin was five months old when she found out she had breast cancer.. > we're happy to report -- stacey is
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another baby on october 18th.. our own kim christiansen emcee'd the survivor ceremony which immediately followed the race -- susan g. komen raised nearly 500- thousand dollars at the event. just weeks after getting a drug that
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victims . . the arapahoe county sheriffs office used it - we'll tell you what happened. and ahead: saving those vacation days may be paying off for folks looking to travel this fall. why the coming weeks are considered the best time to get
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management. the organization is reorganizing... and changing its field office in grand junction from the northwest colorado district... to the southwest district. according to the b-l-m, the northwest district is too big and already has field officers. grand junction also has economic ties to oil and gas development that can be better addressed by the
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junction. deputies in arapahoe county are already making good use of their new narcan kits. narcan is a drug that can reverse the effects of opioid use - and is often used when some overdoses on heroin. on friday - deputies used the drug on a man and woman found unconscious in a vehicle. they believe both had overdosed on heroin. deputies gave them narcan - and took them to the hospital - where a spokesperson said the the narcan li s lives. eight chinese aircrafts flew over the waters between the two japanese islands. this was the first time for chinese fighter jets to go back and forth between the islands. japan set jets into the air...just in case -- but the chinese planes did not violate japan's airspace. now, japan says it will carefully monitor the actions of the chinese military. china is expanding its military exercises over the east china sea. everyone is
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in taiwan. typhoon megi is expected to hit tomorrow. the storm is already bringing heavy rain and strong winds to the country. it's expected to hit the southern part of china by wednesady morning. saving those vacation days may be paying off for folks looking to travel this fall. why the coming weeks are considered the best time to get away for a little r & r. but first, lets check in with marty and amelia. for those of you who've stashed
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discipline is about to be rewarded. here's nbc's chris clackum. some time today... we're expecting
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about home sales in the month of august. experts are expecting a late summer surge. this comes about a week after it was announced home sales being down for a second month in a row... despite mortgage rates being so low. higher home prices and not enough inventory for sale kept some would-be buyers at bay. only the northeast region saw a monthly increase in closings because there's more inventory to choose from. as summer ends - there is hope higher gas prices will end with it. prices at the pump
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weeks -- putting the national average at 2-25 per gallon. but - that's still about 10 cents cheaper than this time last year. a slight decline in oil prices - plus the end of summer - could mean prices will eventually slide back down, according to
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beloved by a lot of sports fans in denver - is in the fight of his life. he's a beer vendor they call "earthman" and now he's battling cancer. we'll show you how friends, family and fans came
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come to know him. he's one of denver's most popular beer vendors. he's known as "earthman" and he's been selling beer at games and his real name is brent doeden. and he was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor nearly a month ago. friends and fans gathered in arvada sunday afternoon to offer help and words of encouragement. he said he was surprised at how many people showed up. earthman is scheduled to start chemo and radiation this week. one of the family's
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to a widespread panic concert, because he loves music. the family has set up a gofundme account to help pay for medical and travel expenses. we've posted a link on our facebook page. ask any parent... diapers are expensive... and many families don't have enough money to buy them. this week is diaper need awareness week-- one in three families struggle with not having enough diapers. diaper need awareness week is an initiative of the national diaper bank network to get diapers to those families. there are a number help get diapers to families who need them. you can visit a diaper bank and donate a box of diapers. you can also donate online -- every dollar donated buys six diapers. we're working to get more information for you on 9news - dot-com this morning. snapchat is introducing its first consumer recording glasses. they're being called "spectacles." they can record video ten seconds at a time with a tap of a button. the video is then uploaded to the
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and will cost around 130 dollars. tonight's the first head-to-head debate between presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and donald head-to-head debate between presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and donald trump. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here today...
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the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton.
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it's finally time the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. we've got a preview. >> the man police say stabbed a it was a pretty good day. >> it was. >> whenever the fans are heading for the exits with 5 minutes to go in the game. >> all is well that ends well. >> good morning, everybody. a chilly start to our day. we're going to see the sun today and that will warm us up. >> it sure is. it's quite cool out here we're in the 40s but just down the hill on the plains solidly in the 30s a lot of folks will wake up to frost over


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