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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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it's finally time the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. we've got a preview. >> the man police say stabbed a it was a pretty good day. >> it was. >> whenever the fans are heading for the exits with 5 minutes to go in the game. >> all is well that ends well. >> good morning, everybody. a chilly start to our day. we're going to see the sun today and that will warm us up. >> it sure is. it's quite cool out here we're in the 40s but just down the hill on the plains solidly in the 30s a lot of folks will wake up to frost over
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hold in the mid-40s just above that level in most of metro denver to get some frost but i'd say anywhere along e 470, c 470 and east and south we could see some frost. dry conditions for us this morning during the afternoon and through the day tomorrow as well with rain trapped down to the south in arizona and new mexico we have dry, warm weather for you today. te to 35 degrees in fact over the northeastern plains the one -- the daily temperature spread is going to be about 40 degrees because we'll if from the 30s into the 70s late in the day. it gets even warmer in the middle of the week hovering near 80, i expect it to be dry through thursday. we're waking up on a monday start to what started out fairly busy but some crashes cleared
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let's help plan out your monday commute as we head into today you'll want to grab the shades because no clouds out there which means a lot of sun glare. you do want to start prepping for winter, maybe get that car ready just starting plan ahead and you can get your updates on the go with the 9 news app, a great way to plan your commute. 225 an easy start, great conditions and across our map plenty of green to work with here from highlands ranch all the way up to federal heights off to a nice beginning. so it is the first time that hillary clinton and donald trump are going to share a stage. >> the debate begins at 7:00 but we don't have to wait for tonight for them to start battling. they have already started. >> what are they sparring over already.
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throwing jabs over who will be in the audience. apparently both have ideas about bringing controversial guests to distract the opponent. clinton as invite cuban to sit in the front row. of course trump fired back tweeting that he may sit jennifer flowers next to cuban. trump education campaign insisting he did not invite her to let's talk by the real issues. tonight's debate will center around security, we'll likely see topics like jobs, economy, immigration and foreign policy. they probably want to escape their individual are controversies though. clinton will be the first person to answer questions the debate begins at 7 tonight right here on nbc.
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performance could sway your vote? people already wondering if trump will keep his cool in tonight's debate. it's anybody's guess since they've never gone head to head. >> some of the analysts have said what each of them need to do is that keeping their cool is part of the equation. >> some say clinton needs to ramp it up and donald trump needs to pull it back. we'll see if both of them can make those adjustments. they both have loyal to them no matter what. >> 90 minutes is a lot of time. >> and if nothing else hopefully we'll get a better idea of where they stand on policy issues >> right. >> that's been kind of lost on the whole -- >> that's true. >> all right. >> thank you much. right now the man accused of stabbing a man after break nothing a home in golden looking for drugs and cash is expected in court today. jessica he's
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team that he's sorry. >> reporter: that's right. so today the oldest of the had people involved in this robbery gone wrong is set to be arraigned that the set to happen around 8:00 this morning. and today we're hoping to get a better idea of how prosecutors are planning to move forward. williams is facing many charges including murder. this case has shocked investigators and the community in golden as well. li of his friends planned a robbery to break into a home that they thought had drugs and money but turns out they broke into the wrong home. they came face-to-face with the homeowners a man and woman who are middle school teachers and their 2 small children. investigators say that the father did what he could to protect his family he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed williams.
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interview about a week later some others were shocked to hear williams'ses's response to this. >> i'm so tired. i would give anything even my life if i could take it back. >> reporter: so in addition to the 2 other teenagers who were also involved in this crime according to police won't be a part of today's proceedings which again are set to happen at 8:00 this morning. and williams went onto apologize to the homeowner that he hurt, also said he's really sorry that there had to be 2 small children home at the time of this robbery gone wrong and while he may be expressing remorse it certainly will be something this family deals with for years to come. >> that is for sure.
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his life a sheriffs detective is awake. he is alert and communicating with his family. the detective is eating and breathing on his own right now and the sheriffs office never would have imagined that he'd be doing so well less than a month after the shooting. he was shot by a 40 years old. he was driving his rv through a field in parker. he was shot and killed after the suspect turned his gun toward a hospital complex nearby. her neighbor stepped in and for you to back to save her life. the sheriffs office says the neighbors intervened when a man started stab ago woman in her home sunday morning. they've not told us her name. deputies say she was stabbed several times.
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garden tools. some families and commutes are getting worried because glazers that they count on for drinking water are shrinking. the low snow fall in recent years is stopping the glazeders from re are meant initialling during the winter months now, scientists are going tose all this is happening. around here today we have these really cool temperatures going on for the front range and in northeastern colorado, a lot of folks down in the mid-30s here this morning out over the plains frost advisory until 9:00 tonight. for us with the sun coming out yes it's going to start in a very cool fashion
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the low to middle 70s by late in the day today. so for the evening you're looking at clear conditions sun going down shortly after 6:00 tonight and temperatures dropping back into the 60ss just as quickly. all right. the broncos are bringing home a win against the bengals. siemian threw a number of touchdown it was of a slow start. siemian through a party of second quarter touchdown passes. that brought denver to a 2 point lead at half time trailing by 1 in the 4th siemian fired a pass bringing the broncos back up top. nicely done just kind of moving into the end zone. >> touchdown that made me able
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sure. >> keeping it interesting for us until the end of the game describe hey is your teenager getting enough exercise?
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arnold palmar was more than th he passed away in pittsburgh from complications from heart problems on sunday. this morning celebrities golfers even president obama are tweeting their condolences and memories of the legend. he won more than 90 tournaments including 7 majors, 4 of them were master's. he was 87 years old. fernandez had a bright
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with an incredible arm and in a few months he was going to become a new dad. he died in a boating crash this weekend, fans, family, teammates remembered him. the marlins cancelled their game sunday. he started in the major leagues in 2013 where he was named the national league rocky of the year. the boat capsized off the coast of miami beach. he was one of 3 people killed. investigators think may have been traveling too fast before it crashed. in world news more government air strikes in syria. at least 26 civilians were killed in the most recent bombings. the council failed to take action because of deep divisions between russia and the western powers including the u.s. can teenagers are not getting enough exercise and
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habits. researchers followed high school sophomores for 4 years. only 9% were getting the recommended activity every day but teens who went to a 4-year college and live on campus were a lot more active than those who did not attend school and just lived at home. studies have shown the habits set in high school will continue on into adulthood. this weekend we had a lot of folks active out and about hikind biking. grant riding his bike stopped to catch some of the fall colors and the fresh snow. got me thinking about when snow starts around here. he shared this with us through the your take section but of course you can also share with me on facebook or twitter to show me what things are doing in your area. the last 5 years our first snow has been in october or november in fact the last 2 years it has been in november. we don't see any indication of
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over northeastern colorado we finished in the mid-70s to 80 degrees in the western valleys and eastern plains 60s to almost 70 in many mountain areas. so a big hill to climb but with all the sunshine it looks like we're going to do it. hitting the roads on a monday i-225 is what i'd like you to anticipate us a get out of the house this morning but now is the time to because the volume is not going to get any easier than this. 225 around 60 miles per hour. across the maps pretty good conditions overalso liking that view. 270 also less than 10
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if you suffer from depression or know someone who does you know how be bill a third of adults are actually treated and that means millions of people living this pain. >> but big things are happening with treatment that go beyond therapy and taking antidepressants. >> reporter: hillary has suffered from depression since she was a teen. >> i can remember being a teenager and having days where i just felt so sad.
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very dark place and ended up hospitalized. >> hillary came to me almost 2 and a half years ago for worsening of depression and i say worsening of depression she was also feeling suicidal. >> she was a good candidate for a new magnet therapy. so monday through friday for six weeks she was hooked up to this for 40 minutes at a time. for a treatment called tms. practice supervisor was with her for the daily treatment. >> okay, are you ready? >> dr. reddy explains how it works. >> it's the magnetic stimulation that goes onto that part of your brain where the depression centers are located so it
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you start feeling better. it's a non-invasive technique. there's to pain really involved, no anesthesia involved. >> and for hillary she calls it a life saver. >> tms did for me what i always hoped my medications would do. i felt that a cloud was just lifted from me after treatment. >> tms is already fda approved for depression for people 21 and over by insurance even medicare. let's check the weather forecast. sound like we're in for a pretty nice week. >> it is going to be nice. warm conditions by the time we get to this afternoon and they'll stay with us all week. frost from the front range northern colorado wrapping around to albert county and over the northeastern plains this morning. a lot of folks starting the day in the 30s with the clear calm cool air on the backside of the system that moved through and brought snow
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it's really stormy in the midwest with rain and thunderstorms continuing there. for us today sunshine throughout the day temperatures will be night quite as chilly plus we'll have slightly less wind. that pushes us into the mid-70s to near 80 degrees. folks in morgan county there could be a 40-degree warm up. 60s in the gets sun a few fair weather clouds late in the day way up high. no chance for rain or snow anywhere in the state today. 70s to near 80 in the east and west with mid-60s to near 70 in mountain areas. 77 degrees, sunshine today bit of a breeze this afternoon so after a cool start we finish very strongly today. clear and cool tonight but not as cold as this morning. we'll add a good 4, 5, degrees to the overnight
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warmer during the afternoon with low 80s tomorrow, 70, it is friday and saturday we finally get a chance for a few showers around here very late in the day still going to be nice and mild though. we're getting out at 5:52 to what has turned into a pretty calm start. we started off with a couple highway accidents both of which cleared out across the mousetrap and 76. and we go to the south volume between herely colorado springs. the denver drive is doing well. both sides there of i-25 are certainly filling in. downtown and the tech center i want you to anticipate about 23 minutes for your southbound trek 13 minutes for northbound traffic and agency you leave the house this morning dry roads. we really aren't going to see a
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wash the car. right now don't go to work, don't go to school stay home,
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a $17 million housing project in the baker neighborhood is specially designed for people with
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there was a kick off event for the kick off project over the weekend. >> i mean, obviously we're not going to solve you know the housing crisis with -- you know, with 600 units so the end goal is to -- is to provide high quality accessible integrated housing for people that want to live in an integrated community that want to be part of this. >> the project is a 4-year plan into the second face that would add 60 more units too. brittain's prince william and wife arrived in vancouver. they greeted hundreds of people that gathered to welcome them shaking hands and accepted flowers. they met with some immigrants who recent the arrived. and hundreds of people took
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at a race to promote fun and finance. they choose between a 2 or 4 miles race. they ran jogged and some went at a more leisure pace. organizers call it the dogathon. get a look at your morning drive we'll check back in for a few t dark morning out there. sky 9 shine your light bright. an end to a legendary career. >> all right that's it for 9 news 5 a.m. lots more coming up
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not adjust sports icon but an american icon from helping to bring golf into people's living rooms to the famous drink that bears his name today we remember the life of arnold palmar. and the presidential hours until the debate. we'll have a preview. right now looking for a missing teenager and her baby. 15-year old toliver left her foster home sunday with our 4-month old. her son needs medication. the 15-year old left her foster home on sunday.


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