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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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not adjust sports icon but an american icon from helping to bring golf into people's living rooms to the famous drink that bears his name today we remember the life of arnold palmar. and the presidential hours until the debate. we'll have a preview. right now looking for a missing teenager and her baby. 15-year old toliver left her foster home sunday with our 4-month old. her son needs medication. the 15-year old left her foster home on sunday.
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she had a black shift on pink sweat pants and he was in light blew pajamas, if you know anything about their whereabouts you're asked to call police. >> he needs that medication. good morning. happy monday. despite the temperatures being s a gorgeous weekend in the metro area. the temperatures will ramp back up. >> yeah it's going to be warm around here. you still have some time to head up to the un days off this week could be a good time to go to the central mountains. dave master's with that image still some green in there. so we're not quite at peak. very cold readings over northeastern colorado from the greeley area wrapping around into albert county. we have temperatures in the 30s, up a
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the 40s, we have areas of frost especially anybody living down close to the rivers and streams here. fort collins, greeley north and east frost advisory until 9 a.m. if you left plants out last night they'll be a little frost on them this morning. warm air is going to dominate us through the week. we don't see showers until late this week as temperatures move into the 70s by lunchtime today we finish in the mid and make it very quickly in this dry late september air. up with sky 9 and making their way around town and heading through what's been a pretty clear start over the mousetrap at i-25 and i-70 all directions are flowing smoothly there. we're going to start things off by checking out the
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we're off to a great beginning t to the airport with a 6-minute stretch and no major issues across our green map a few exceptions we're starting to see some light slow downs but overall i give this one 2 thumbs up. >> if you do that's what it is. >> yep. they've had a lot to say about each other but they've never said it to each other until tonight. for the first the stage for a debate. political experts say their performances could sway some of the voters. we have a preview. some states are leaning one wayr . >> yeah, they are. now, to win you need to have 270 votes neither has that but looking at this map clinton is closer if
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likely votes on this side donald trump with 165. >> that's a big number. >> there's still a toss up. a usa today map shows clinton with 263 and donald trump with 191, only 84 toss-up votes. if so many are a toss-up every look for topics that include the economy and immigration. it begins at 7:00 tonight. the political experts say there are certain things each needs to do to be successful in this debate. we'll talk about that coming up in our next half. we'll give you a chance hopefully to tell us whether tonight's debate will affect your vote. goen our facebook page and let us know
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this will be extensive. >> so it's so important how they play that interaction and who's more aggressive who's less aggressive all those things matter because voters are looking at every single thing to see who they'll vote for. one of the 3 men police say broke into the wrong house in golden and attacked the homeowner will be in a jefferson county courtroom today. williams will be arraigned. police say he forced their way into a home looking for cash and drugs. they were in a wrong house. williams and the homeowner got into a fight and stabbed each other both survived. williams faces multiple charges including attempted murder. a man accused of luring teenage girls on social media then black mailing them and assaulting them is set to be in court today. investigators say meyer had at least one with
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an underage girl. he is charge in several jurisdictions including denver. the evans police department believes there are more victims not only in colorado but across the country. as he gets set to make his first court appearance today we're learning more about the washington state man accused of a deadly rampage instead a mall over the weekend. of walking into the mall with an armed rifle. he's had a string -- right now the protesters in charlotte north carolina were pretty peaceful on sunday so the city lifted its curfew. this weekend's protests looked and felt much different from all that violence we saw for 2 days last week. protesters have
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killed 43 scott last tuesday. fires, clashes with police even a deadly shooting happened when they turned violent tuesday and wednesday. the community wanted police to release the body cam footage of the shootings they did that over the weekend in both the clips you really can't tell if he's holding a gun or not. police say they did -- he did have a gun in his hand and found it at the scene. a march started early with people protesting outside the stadium where the panthers played their game. sunday's game was declared an extraordinary event giving officers more leeway to search people in and around the stadium. officers did find a loaded gun in one man's bag they took that away inside the stadium newton wore a shirt which featured a quote from mlk.
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shopping for an entire day washington is asking african americans across the country to boycott today. he posted on facebook asking every single african american to stay home as a special way to protest the recent killings. washington says if everyone stayed home today within 72 hours black lives would matter. always love to see what things are happening in y southwestern colorado some impressive snow saturday morning. snow all over the place and then of course by saturday afternoon it started melting off and by sunday afternoon most of it had melted and they had a beauty of day going. for us a cool start with temperatures in the 40s now but by the time everybody's headed home we will be in the 70s with
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>> yeah. >> the colors. the rivers are rising in iowa this morning and towns are already preparing for historic floods. >> and a man risks his life to save a deer from a swollen creek. >> i thanked god for the game of golf and what it has meant to me.
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he made the game of golf popular. the sports world lost an icon, arnold palmer passed away.
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he transcended the sport. >> eve you like his drink he died sunday afternoon in pittsburgh from complications of heart problems. long time friend and competitor said he was more than a golfer he was an icon and legend. he took the game with one level to a higher level. dodson said he wa boomed he took it from being a sleepy game to america's game and it sure it. he won 7 major championships 95 tournament victory including 4 masters. he completed his last masters in 1984, the 50th straight year he equal with find for that tournament. so how did his drink the drink half iced tea come about we'll talk about it over on channel 20.
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the sports world on sunday. fernandez died in a boating accident. members of the marlins organization wept openly. >> you just seen that little kid that you see when kids play little league or something like that, that's the joy that he played with. >> the team cancelled its game on sunday flowers are being left at the park. tributes were held for him across the league. he had just recently posted on facebook that his girlfriend was pregnant. he was 24 years old. >> you know this song the wind beneath my wings.
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you're the wings beneaths the team's wings, you're the team beneath my wings. >> los angeles sport caster scully took a final ball sunday night calling it a career after 67 years with the organize nation. they got a standing ovation after the dodgers final regular season home game. they sent too clinching the nl west. around here today frosty start for parts of the front range. cold front that came through and started it all continues to dump rain in the midwest. clear conditions here this morning lunchtime and this afternoon and evening. no worries about clouds wind really won't be much of an issue for us either. similar to yesterday i think the strongest you'll see
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only. 70s for our daytime highs. huge huge warp up for us.?? 50s and 60s in the foothill. across colorado dry conditions just about everywhere with clear skies until very late this afternoon. we'll get a few fair weather clouds no chance for rain or snow anywhere in the state. 60s, 70s in the west. we'll bounce up into the 60s and 70s in downtown 77 degrees, sunshine will warm us. so after a cool start an extremely warm afternoon. tonight 48 degrees and up we go to above 80 tomorrow, near 80s the next 2 days and then a small chance for showers friday, saturday i think sunday we actually have a little bit better chance for rain in the evening. >> thank you. here we go getting out at
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it's pretty easy beginning. castle rock area just a tad bit of a slow down. out across our cameras we've seen a pretty easy start as well. this a live view of i-25. we saw some slow downs but it looks like those delays were an e ron i couldn't say slowing there. a great start is out across the board as well here. the one exception will be across our 7th and broadway with a crash just reported. that southbound stretch tends to run very busy especially as you make the approach so maybe a few extra minutes as we head out and about but other than that we're really enjoying the ride as we head into monday. >> all right thank you. north carolina isn't a place you'd expect to see buffalo roaming. >> boy, check that out.
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thousands of people gathered in minnesota over the weekend to say a proper farewell to wetterling and begin the healing process 3 decades in the making. family, friends and strangers gathered for a public memorial for the little boy. he was kidnaped in 199 when he was ri and friend. earlier this month after years and years not knowing what happened to him a 53-year old confessed to kidnaping and killing him. his mother had a message for both the crowd and her son. >> we will always carry you in our hearts and our love you for will never die. >> the man who said he took him led police to his remains as part of a plea deal in exchange for not being prosecuted for his murder.
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pornography. the family approved that deal so they could finally have some answers and give their son a proper burial. several thousand people in iowa spent the night out of their homes as flood waters have started to spill out over the rising cedar river. people send sunday trying to flood proof a theater there that was damaged in floods 8 years ago. it could be days before people are a to return home. an iowa man risked his life on sunday to save a deer that was caught up in the river. the deer was no match for the powerful current. one man tied himself to a railing. hopped into get the animal and set it free in a nearby woods. check out these pictures these are pretty wild this is buffalo roaming the streets. the zoo released the animals to
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they did go out and collect the animals back up but in the meantime there's some pictures of them roaming the neighborhoods. vegas is going to become larger than life. the newest residents that will have 90s kids booking the strip in no time. here's a quick check of the weather and traffic. >> around here over the weekend lk color. dave master's incredible beautiful color there this is up at pavilion point our buddy up there still pretty good color there. probably getting past peak here now into the tail end of the month but it's not bad at all. share with us on facebook, twitter or the your take section on for i guess today cool this morning in the 40s
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been talking with by the broncos this morning i was thinking about the upcoming game in tampa this weekend they may be dealing with thunderstorms for part of that game. it's going to be a hot one with temperatures near 90 before any storms start. sky 9 is over 225 and i-25 and checking out the views. and while we look pretty good here we're heavy just a bit to the north. take a look at that southbound5 come down from colorado boulevard. been looking out for a crash checking out the cameras i haven't spotted anything yet. this is an unusual slow-down as we head into that 6:00 hour. across the maps not too much to worry about. one quick crash across our side streets though
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i got to admit i'm excited about this back street's back. the '90s group announced that they'll be setting up in las vegas with the first shows expected in marchnd june of next year. tickets for larger than
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at plan net hollywood will go on sale october 1st, looks like i'm going to vegas next summer. >> got your tickets soon. >> everyone out there is bringing out the one liners for the bsb. >> it wasn't that long ago in the scheme of things. i shared around the world it happened at the dedication of the african american history museum in washington d.c. president bush and first lady embraced during the ceremony briefly. social media took note of it and as we said this went viral. many people applauding that moment of unity that the 2 have developed for each other.
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museum possible. >> as you can imagine a lot of memes happened after that. you probably seen them at games or concerts, he's always out there to help you find a beer if you need one but earth
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next thing you know another shot and after that bang bang bang bang. >> words like creepy, rude, those that knew him are painting a clear picture of a man accused of walk nothing a washington
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shoppers. >> 100 million people are expected to watch hillary clinton and donald trump square off in their first debate. >> and did we just witness with the coming out party foresee man? boy we had a big big game yesterday. >> made a little history too. a chilly start to the morning but temperatures are going to you know, pick back up as they do itim guess we're expect ago fairly warm week. >> it is going to be even after this cool start and in some parts of the front range including the fort collins area it wouldn't shock me if we had a few folks waking up to light frost here and there. clear conditions across the state light wind and dry air, a combination to help form frost in these early morning times and with temperatures in the mid-to
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freezing, throughout north eastern colorado we have good air conditions to form frost this morning but with sunshine coming up here shortly we will warm rapidly this afternoon into the 70s and near 80 at lower elevations with 50s and 60s in mountain locations for the next 2, 2 and a half hours still have a frost advisory, if you left something out last night a little too late to do anything about it just yet. cool start. id very late in the afternoon but comfortable between now and lunchtime especially if you're active always nice to be on the cool side if you're out working hard. 270 is the location of sky 9 checking out that ongoing building volume. south and east is where you see the brake lights actually that's the north and westbound stretch. we're seeing that back up begin off of
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until you get to i-70. we'll take a look at our 25 cdot camera. southbound corroding coming in from downing as well as colorado. you'll start to lighten up as you get down into the dtc with a pretty easy transition. side streets a couple wrecks, kentucky is the first, another just to the east of 225 at blackhawk 7th and broadway still tangled up. we have breaking news this morning polices are on scene of an active shooter situation in houston near the university of westland. this is live video from the scene right now from their helicopter in the area. our sister station does say at least one person has been loaded into an ambulance. police just tweeted out that several people were shot by the suspect are being transfer ported now to
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23478 or severity of those injuries. dpd or houston police is en route to the scene it's going to advise media in a few minutes. hopefully more information for you. working to learn more about the situation. police could not confirm the specifics about injuries but did say they are looking for that right now. we'll let you know when we learn more. neighbors cal rude, this morning we're learning about the 20-year old man killing people in a washington state mall. he makes his first court appearance today. >> this appearance this morning comes as investigators are still trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. he faces 5 counts of first degree murder. he didn't say anything when he was taken into custody and appeared say he appeared zombie like.
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classmate said she was so frightened by him on a tailly basis. he is a legal permit resident who has been living in oak harbor north of seattle. people are saying they're recovering from the shooting but it's not going to be easy. >> at the end of the day we're going to be a stronger city because of this. >> when people come together and ar that stress. >> some more background he had been arrested once before in the county for assault, a seattle fbi agent says no evidence at this time suggests it was terror related. we're learning the stories of 4 women and one man killed this weekend eagan died saving his wife and 16-year old was a
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her doctor last week that she was feeling 100% again >> she was a really beautiful young lady. 16 years old, sophomore, she was really are sweet. she was really sweet to everybody. i just don't know how this happened. >> her parents were with her at the mall that day but didn't go into the store with her. she had she could help sport her family. people in ohio will gather and demand answers about the deadly police shooting of a 13-year old boy. they would like an independent investigation into king. he was shot after he ran from a police officer investigating a reported armed robbery. police say he pulled out a bb gun that looked like a real weapon.
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their homes overnight. it quickly grew, appeared blew up to more than 1,500 acres. it's only about 10% contained there. is no word on how it started. >> the weld county sheriffs office is thanking neighbors. they intervened when a man started stabbing a woman. deputies say she was stabbed several times at hudson. neighbors called 911 and hit the suspect to stop him. one of the 35 people caught in the sexting operation is going to court today. anderson is accused of making arrangements from an undercover officer to have sex with a
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conducted multiple operations that week to curb sex trafficking and exploitation. if you've been to a rockies game you probably seen him or knew him. hundreds gathered to help honor one of the most popular beer vendors. his name is dodin. he was diagnosed with stage 4 brain tumor nearly 30 days ago. help. he says he was shocked how many people showed up. >> i didn't know i had that many fans. i knew i was liked but not that well liked. >> he's scheduled to start radiation this week one of the family's goals is to take him tow a widespread panic concert. the family has setup a gofundme account to help pay for medicine
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to that account. such a dramatic week ends especially in southwestern colorado friday into saturday we started with snow great shot of the railroad, the trains getting ready to head back down the hill. snow over the area saturday morning in and around silverton and it starts melting off by afternoon and yesterday afternoon a gorgeous day in southern colorado still some snow up on the peaks around there. across the state and across much of the region. tomorrow we say see a few thunder showers in extreme southwestern colorado high temperatures today in the 70s so despite the cool start we have a big rebound in store for this afternoon. . live now to houston to update this breaking news we're following about a shooting that happened near a strip mall.
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they have taken down the gunman they have shot him and have him in custody. we do know that there are several victims police just using the word several. not talking by the severity of their injuries or how many have been hurt. again had is near a shopping center, a strip mall in the southwest part of the city of houston. we'll keep following this for you. all right. thank you. it's the head to head battle that the entire country hee >> on the same stage at the same
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love a monday morning when
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love this morning. we talk about the defense so often. >> because the defense is always consistently good. >> but the offense is siemian was historic. >> who are rick. he's the first rocky quarterback on the road in his game. this was a huge play 3rd and 11 from their own 45 he said before the play he told thomas we're going for gusto. he put the ball in the perfect spot. this is about 2 veteran wide receivers who said get us the ball more. they had 15 catches, 200 yards 3 touchdowns when your quarterback play that is way on the road you're defense will keep you in the game. it's hard not to get excite because they have a lot of things going well right now. >> he is a consistent guy. >> i think so. i mean, i
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i thought he was inaccurate for a lot of the first 3 quarters but 4th quarter was winning time. he we want 6 for 6, 9 for 10 in the 4th quarter. he's still going to make mistakes and make decisions where you go why did he do that but he's overcoming those are big place and yesterday no interceptions on the road. that is huge i guarantee you every week they're getting more and more confidence in their quarterback. at 7:15 why ron thinks there no way they won't win their division. and around here this morning a school start to the day. we do have frost advisories surrounding metro denver running up to fort collins. we have stayed in the 40s, end up in the
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and you just mentioned the broncos in tampa this weekend all these times are mountain times it's going to be warm and humid in tampa with temperatures near 90 degrees. they have a chance for a couple of thunderstorms during that game sunday in tampa. and again we had snow over the weekend and the broncos will be playing in 90s with humidity coming up this weekend. >> thank you. our drive this morning a little crowded pretty standard for a monday. southbound delays coming intoly colorado. 3 crashes to avoid including kentucky. just to the east side of 225 you've got a wreck at blackhawk and southbound broadway still tangled up. right now 1 thing is for sure fireworks are expected when
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take the stage. the stage is being set. >> yes, literally. here's a look at the debate stage. they were setting it up yesterday. clinton stage right, donald trump stage left. the issues will be front and center. it will touch on everything from foreign policy to jobs here in america. analysts say donald trump needs to paint himself needs to question clinton's qualification for the presidency. clinton on the other hand needs to loosen up according to experts. they say she needs to go off script to appear for relatable. >> she's got to come out of this debate first of all showing people her heart, her humor. >> if donald trump presents himself as a calm rational
6:46 am
off her game more than anything else. >> the debate will be broken up into 15-minute blocks. so the question is: will you be watching? go to our facebook page to let you know. got to be honest a lot saying they won't watch. >> they're not going to watch. >> i wonder if throughout the sway that will sway the other opinion across the country because up to 100 million people might be watching tonight. >> i feel like there's been so much drama, hopefully tonight we can get to the things that are important. >> exactly. and that will probably satisfy voters. >> all right. thank you. let's go to gary with more on tonight's debate.
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>> it is. >> we're joined to talk about the debate. been a lot of hype over this first debate but do they really make a difference when this comes down to people voting? >> historically they haven't. they have sort of confirmed trends that were going on already. but this is sort of a special debate about the first woman a celebrity, a 1 point race including in colorado. it's been a very and far more than the # 0 million for the last high. so it could move the needle. and this race is so close i think both of them want to come out of it with some momentum. >> what do you expect to happen tonight? there has been a lot of talk that the bar is going to be so low for donald trump that if he doesn't blow his cool that he'll win the debate. >> i do buy into -- [audio
6:48 am
than that. i think he has to show temperament. but this is going to be 90 minutes. he's going to have to have more than one liners and the top of the press release. he's got to get into some depth probably and he'll have some new questions he'll have to show judgment. i think both have some pretty high standards to hit he problem has been related to judgment to temperament i think his bar is pretty high also. >> yeah, lester holt has been making news. >> you saw what happened. tough out there. the fact checking is one of the difficulties because
6:49 am
that trump stretches or complete ignores the facts but that's a challenge for clinton she can't seem overly aggressive or anxious about the entire activity. so both of them have -- as somebody said she has to show her heart. she has to be balanced but yet not be rolled over by him and he's had trouble as know in his one debate he had to sort of back away. >> right. >> so this will be interesting. this is to head with him and with -- at the presidential level >> it will be interesting. get the popcorn ready. all right. 7:00 tonight. as always thank r . >> thank you. things are a bit cooler for our weekend but warming right back up for the rest of the work
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cool start to the day warm finish that's how it's going to be a beautiful morning here in metro denver with clear conditions over the area. in we've been tracking the weekend storm that cleared up near silverthorn. that's dave masters shot. dustin kind of few. broncos flag in the foreground and beautiful fall colors in the background. chilly conditions over the northeastern corner of the state this morning. stormy conditions continue in the midwest this is
6:53 am
gave us the snow in many locations. sunshine through the day today all day at most you'll see one or 2 little clouds along the horizon late this afternoon. temperatures have a big swing upward mid-70s to upper 70s this afternoon with 60s to near 70 degrees in the foothills everybody in the state is dry today with sunshine. one of those classic gorgeous september days. just about 3, 4 degrees 70s for mountain area. for us a chilly morning but a very warm afternoon. sunshine all day, 77 forecast high today. coming up tonight not quite as cool as this morning dipping below 50s. we stay calm we stay clear through the night. that's spring boards us into the low 80s tomorrow. close to 80 on
6:54 am
with a few clouds and light showers moving in friday appeared saturday afternoon we still stay above our average high of 74. we're checking in with sky 9. they've been around 225, 25 and now you can start to see that sun out there. clear conditions with means sun glare is going to factor into your morning commute i-25 is their current location. let's check out our cdot cams and maps as well as we get outside across the big don't have too much happening crash wise but the volume is really starting to pack in. starting to see the southbound delay form on the southbound stretch of i-25 near the mousetrap drops town to 21. 25 once he get at the elevated deck. the views to our side streets have cleared out quite a bit. clear cross southbound
6:55 am
a crash at kentucky and another east of i-225. as you get out of the house today prepare for dry conditions. clear skies throughout the day. we're going to have a nice dry start all the way towards that 5:00 mark. all right we have an update on some breaking news the active shooter situation in houston is under control. they say gunman shot several people he was then shot by police officers. our sister station there says that 6 people have been transported to the hospital. they're working to learn more about the situation now but again as these pictures show it is under control. the condition of the people shot not known right no. we will let you mow when we get more information.
6:56 am
take a look at their faces a 15-year old left her folkser home on sunday with dante. they were last seen 10:00 sunday night. a 22-year odd man accused of using social media to lure underage girls and black mailing or sexually assaulting them is due in court today. assault in several counties. police are concerned there could be more victims out there. a woman has her neighbors to thank after they stepped into save her life. the sheriffs office said a man started stabbing her. neighbors called 911 and hit the suspect with garden tools to stop him. . >> she's currently in critical condition. deputies arrested a 41-year old.
6:57 am
sub burr began seattle mall. he'll be in court today he was arrested saturday night. 4 women and one man killed in that shooting. the miami marilyns will play the mets tonight. they're mourning the loss of a friend and teammate who will not be with them. a 21-year old pitcher morning in a boating accident. teammates and coaches are overcome with emotion. he was supposed to start tonight and recently posted that he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby. arnold palmer could connect with anyone and everyone. he died sunday in pittsburgh. think of him when you watch the golf channel when you watch golf
6:58 am
the golf championship. for us today gorgeous day to be out outside no matter what you want to do. temperatures in the 70s today closer to 80 for the next 3 days, our chance for rain returns friday and a small scale and get better saturday into sunday afternoon. notice the temperatures making that slide as i can't even believe i'm saying it we head into october. >> there is goes. >> it was a love and pink to honor and support loved ones affect by the breast cancer. about 15,000 people were part of sunday's race for the sure. one in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime in colorado. sudden was about spreading awareness to that disease. stacy was joined by her 5-year odd son and husband she found out she had cancer
6:59 am
>> she's definitely a fighter. 5th degree black belt. so i already knew she was tough this puts that to shame. >> they walked to remind people to do self checks. we're happy to report she's cancer free now. after the race there was a ceremony and last week the foundation had raised over $495,000 at this event and they do events now all yea not just the race but the race is such a big part of the research that's funded right here in our community. >> yeah, wonderful event of the i was there. it's a sea of pink. it gets you every time. >> she's now expecting her second baby doing just -- like 2 weeks she was out there with the walk and everything. >> thanks to everybody that came up to us yesterday and said hi because yeah there were a lot of really cool people out there. >> it warmed your heart a little bit. i heard it was pretty chilly out there.
7:00 am
to channel 20. we'll have lots more there. take care. good morning, unprecedented event. donald trump and hillary clinton set to go head-to-head on the debate stage for the first time tonight. a record 100 million expected to tune in to what will be an epic clash of personality. can trump prove he's fit for the job? can clinton show she's trustworthy? both camps weigh in. breaking overnight, evacuations under way in the midwest as rain swollen rivers spill over their banks, thousands of homes at risk. floodwaters set to rise even higher. and remembering the king. golf icon around old palmer has died at the age of 87, a legend


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