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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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. welcome to "9 news at noon ." a driver led officers on a wild
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was smoking a cigarette and throwing trash out of the window. it came to an end when a man got out of a stolen toyota and began waving what looked like a windshield wiper at officers. this happened on the major overpass. he climbed and looked like he was going to jump at times that officer snuck up pulled him back on the road so he could not jump. it was dramatic as this unfolded. police continuing to investigate a shooting spree. police say the car is stocked with weapons. the man opened fire on passing cars at a shopping center. nine were wounded. police killed the gunman. authorities say he was a lawyer who lived in the neighborhood
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firm. bomb squad officers were examining his apartment. as to whether or not he said anything before the shooting to help us understand his motive -- >> it's my understanding he did not. he just began firing at officers. >> one person is in critical condition, another in serious condition. the fbi is helping with this investigation. he is accused of breaking into a families home and stabbing a father. today he made his first appearance in court. cawi forced their way into a home in may looking for drugs and cash. they had the wrong house. two middle schoolteachers and their kids lived in the house. williams and the homeowner got in a fight. they stabbed each other. the homeowner was seriously hurt. williams is in court today facing multiple charges including attempted murder. we had a cool start to the morning to remind you, hey, it's
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in the 70s. let's talk to marty about this. that warm up will be welcome. we'll get use to the cooler weather. >> we absolutely should. especially evenings and mornings. we have the steep curve where it warms up during the day and cools down at night. clear conditions at 9 news over the mile high city. nice view going for you here. live on fort collins, it's also range. still have snow on the continental divide in shaded areas and above 11500 feet. current readings in the 70s now in many spots. what a big rebounded we've had from temperatures in the 30s and 40s earlier in the day today. dry weather is going to continue the next several days with temperaturer air pattern that wants to take the storms and shift to our north and south. we're going to have limited
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days. look for sunshine around here during the afternoon. clear sky this is evening. temperatures do bottom out quickly dropping down close to 60 degrees by the end of prime time. it warms up the next few days. it will be dry. however we do have rain in the forecast. >> rain is on the way. my grass needs it. it's getting brown. we want nice, green grass. you know what, want to talk politics ? >> always. isn't that what we do. two id too each other. that's changing because donald trump and hillary clinton are face to face for the first time. each candidate has an agenda. trump's plan is challenge her foundation, iraq, benghazi, e-mail. clinton's strategy involves challenging trump on business deals and praise of russian president vladimir putin. hillary clinton is not taking this debate lightly.
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the part of trump. trump is taking a laid back approach preparing for his debate talking to friends like former fox news ceo roger ales, chris christie and rudy giuliani. there's word he'll reveal more about plans to fight isis. >> he'll get his view how to defeat the enemy without telling isis specific mri what it's going to be. >> we don't want a double standard where donald most improved award and hillary clinton gets judged on fine points of policy. >> everyone wants to know if umwiol his temper. his peop he will not come out swinging but will defend himself if necessary. hillary clinton recognizes she has w to do. she's going to get the first question in the 90 minute debate at 7:00 on nbc. they say 100 million could be
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arrested 35 people in a sexting, one of the men accused will be in court today. police say he made arrangements i have to buy a 7-year-old for sex. officers arrested him back head in the area where influx of tourists were in the area. police did lots of sting operations that week. they're on a mission to stop sex trafficking and exploitn. a fatal shooting yesterday in the 16100 block. police are investigating the shooting as a homicide. investigators have not named a victim or said the motive. it's a delicate balance. police in charlotte, north carolina are trying to let determine tray stores state peace by -- 4 demonstrators to
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keeping the peace. they arrested four people for standing in the street. protestors were told they could stand on sidewalks or walk in the street. 70 have been arrested since tuesday when police shot and killed keith scott after confrontation. his death sparked the protests. guess what, two of america's top zip codes for top real estate markets are here in colorado according to a 80233 and north glenn was named number three in the country. 80196 colorado springs ranked number four. why is north glenn so hot? based on time it takes properties to sell and how frequently homes are viewed in each good zip code. there's a lot of good homes. some super markets are relaxing guidelines in the check out lane.
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kroger is one of the chains to ease up on that restriction. super markets aim to increase how much people buy. placing a limit on number of items in the express lanes can decrease the store's revenue. consumers buy less to meet express lane restrictions. next time yaw visit kinding oh king supers, the person behind you can't get mad if you have 16 items instead of 15. even put 17 in you might be pushing it. is it time to get rid of middle school? could happen. studies show kids might be happier if we did. music to our year -- our ears. one dose cures for ear infections. fresh snow for the weekend. see it there over the divide?
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. over the weekend, colors down there really taking off getting close to peak in that part of the state. of course larry james going up over trail ridge after it reopened. they had to temporarily close it over the weekend. inclement weather, limited visibility and snow. near silver thorn, combination of fall color and early fall snow in that area as well. here in the backyard, looking at near 70 already in downtown denver. we're warming up fast. it's clear across the state. the front that came through and drop had the snow is now moving through the midwest all the way to ohio. stormy with rain and thunderstorms that will continue on toward the east coast. today we don't have clouds really, not even any clouds in store for us today. relatively calm. very dry. clear blue skies.
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degrees in most locations around metro denver, fort collins, greeley, 306s -- 60s and 07s in the 07 -- 70s in the foothills. wonderful conditions, clear skies here. may see one or two showers try to start up in the san juans tomorrow. it would be very small in scope. not much rain with that i'll watch that tro 70s in the front range, north eastern plains and south eastern colorado. 60ss60s and 70s in the mountains. this dry air clears down. it warms up fast. high of 77. warm afternoon, very little wind for you during the day. because we're going to have just enough of a south wind to keep things mixed up around here,
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lows. tomorrow 82 downtown. stay near 380 wednesday and thursday. i -- near 80 wednesday and thursday. i mentioned possibility of showers in western colorado that starts come coming up tomorrow into thursday. then friday and saturday small chances for rain. looks like an even better chance on sunday. more details in a few minutes in
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. experimental antibiotic gel might treat ear infections. researchers at boston children's hospital have been testing the gel in lab animals. it's a single application gel that would need to be squirted into the air once. kids with ear infections are
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this could deliver a full dose in just one dose. more research needs to be done before it goes on the market. monday means back to work for a lot of us. if you're dreaming of a vacation, now may be the time to use up vacation days. what are you saving them for? this time of year is full of travel deals. big family vacations are rare as kids are back to school. vacations are not filled. airlines, hotels, discounts. holiday price will be here before you know it. take advantage while deals are low now. >> consumer complaints about flying are up 34% compared to last year. what pet peeves do people have about flying? here's that and best way to avoid those conveniences. >> with airlines packing in more
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it's not an option to after void the middle seat. now selecting even a regular economy seat in advance can cost you. airlines can often release the seats they haven't sold or cancelled. keep trying then and you may score a decent seat. check out seat for most airline seating plans the including size, lim you're in a cramped seat or your flight is over four hours, get up frequently and stretch your arms and feet. >> another mishap to avoid is missing your connecting flight. consumer reports suggesting allowing two hours between domestic and four hours if traveling overseas. sitting in the front can save you 15 minutes when deplaning.
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seat. avoid booking the last flight of the day a. void major airports with the who's on time departure performances. you have rights if bumped involuntarily from a flight and delayed. you may be entitled to up to $650 if the flight is domestic and $1,300 if international. that's according to the department of transportation regulations. >> the consumer report latest survey suggests the top blue, southwest, and virgin america. congratulations if your next flight is with one of them. hopefully it will be good and on time. this watch can tell you when
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. we just love to track our
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now there's a device that tracks our ability to get pregnant. here's nbc joline. wearable tech is on the wrist of 40 million americans. now it's entering the bedroom to help women get pregnant. ava most likely to get pregnant. >> we're so use to technology everywhere around us. call a cab when you want. track your steps. really, we really want to apply all this in a meaningful area. women's health is a meaningful area. >> ava infrastructures nine physiological factors including body temperature and pulse. in a recent study, doctors monitored 41 women and say they
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fertile days with nearly 90 accuracy. >> she's an early user of the device and companion app. she and her husband hope to have a little one soon. >> it makes me feel empowered and in control of this process. >> 20% of women in the united states now have their first child after the age of 35. of those couples having children later, one-third problems. popular apps track ovulation. another device called know win uses a saliva test to track fertile days. some doctors say it could put more pressure on couples. >> whether or not you're using an app or some sort of technology, when you're trying to conceive, you're obsessed. whether you want to empower yourself with knowledge of your
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>> ava is still new. results are limited. >> ava lets a woman know the next few days are going to be most fertile days. compared to other apps or women using urinary ovulation kits, it may not contribute an advantage side from the fact it's non invasive. >> i believe kind ofun process. i think that's really good for the woman and also good for the couple. so hopefully it happens soon. >> love you. >> fingers crossed. >> yeah, fingers crossed. >> that was joline connect reporting. this ava technology band runs about $200. is it time to get rid of middle school? that's a valid question. middle school we know can be a
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now. kids in sixth and seventh grades are happier if they do to a school that's k through eighth grade. they like being among the top dogs in 6-8th grades instead stuck at the bottom in 6th and 7th. bottom dogs have a higher rate of bullying and lower rate of safety and belonging. we'll see. well what did the first few days oct
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. you know the song "the wind beneither my wings ." that's what you are. you're the wind beneath the team's wings and beneath my wing. >> legendary sports caster ben skullly took a final bow sunday
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after 67 years with the organization. skullly and his wife sandra got a standing ovation from players and fans. it followed the dodgers final regular season home game. they sent him off in proper fashion. a walk off home run against the rockies. too bad we had to be on the receiving end of that happy for him. he's amazing. >> he really is. great luck next phase of his life for us today, going to around here. we had amazing images come in. we have great weather to go out and view them. this is san juan skyway. beautiful down there at this time. james donor going up over the road which is reopened. in summit county, a mixture of color and fresh snow last couple days. been a good looking few days around here.
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dropping into the 60s very quickly during the evening. then into next week we go. looks like the best chance of rain is sunday. cools off middle of next week. >> look at that, 60s. thank you for joining us. be sure to joinous friends for
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gen aniston confronted about brangelina's divorce. >> we've got the video now on "extra."jen aniston confronted t brangelina's divorce. >> we've got the video now on "extra." cameras. >> want to comment on brad and angie's divorce? >> brad as he lawyers up. how the child abuse allegations could hurt his case as we learn what really happened between brad and maddux. >> and trump has supported mrs. clinton for a long long time.


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