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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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>> golf legend arnold palmer made history here in colorado. we talked with someone who saw the tribe next on 9news. >> this is 9news. you can't choose your tragedy, but you can choose your response to it. >> towards that come from a heart that has experienced life's worst and shared with the world. the father of emily keys says them often. tomorrow wl the platte high school shooting. today the woman who tried to save emily talked with 9wants to know reporter anastasiya bolton. she's a hostage negotiator who says this is the only case she's ever lost. plan. >> when i first start -- lost. >> when i first started on the street, i remember my training officer saying to me there just something about the way that you handle people and the way that you talk. so i became a negotiator a little over 15 years ago and i've been an officer in arvada
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>> reporter: stacy's job is a chess game, a game with the highest stakes, someone's life. >> the majority of people that we deal with are people that have made bad decisions, a series of bad choices or mistakes and find themselves in a position they really didn't want to be in, but here we all are and then there's you. -- and then there's evil. >> reporter: evil came to platte canyon high sc september 27th, 2006. he took several students hostage. it was stacy's job to figure out what he wanted. >> the most important part of negotiations is the listening piece. >> reporter: but the shooter never said a word. one of the hostages, emily keys did. >> she was so strong and to be 16 years old and to just show the strength and tenacity that she did, that has always been a
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that situation, i have no excuse. >> reporter: this is the one time stacy wasn't able to connect, help, change the outcome. she's been successful every incident before and since. >> all but one, all but one. it really changed my life and i make sure that it changed it for the positive. so there are things that i didn't think that i was going to do. i didn't think i was going to be a mom. i didn't think that i would day in such a positive way of that happen, but it really has and i credit the keys family with allowing us to do that. >> reporter: stacy teaches with emily's dad who made school security his life's work. >> i was one of the last people to speak with her and i'll always have that, but like i said, we can't choose what happened, but we can choose how we think about it and how we respond to it and so to know
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caring voice and a peaceful voice gives me some solace. that she wasn't alone and i hope that she knew there were a lot of people there for her trying to save her. >> that was anastasiya bolton reporting. john michael keys and his i love you guys foundation travel the country of ta about school safety. i love you guys was the last text message emily sent. overall violent crime is up across the united states. the fbi reported today violent crime has increased 4% since last year. murder is up 12.8%. guns were used in sense 1.5% -- in 71.5% of the country's murders. however, property crime is down. the fbi director called for
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enforcement saying accurate and complete information will help us all learn where we have problems and how to get better. it will be the second straight night without a curfew in charlotte, new york, tonight. anger and tensions are still high over police shooting and killing keith scott. 11 people were arrested yet during protests. some protesters are calling for the mayor and police chief to resign. police maintain scott had a gun and refused to the charlotte city council meets for the first time since the shooting tonight. the man who shot and wounded nine people this morning in south west houston was a lawyer who was having issues with his law firm. police say when they found the suspect, he began shooting at them. police fired back killing the man. he has not been identified yet. the shooting happened at a strip mall the same neighborhood where the suspect lived. only two of the injured are still in the hospital tonight, one critically injured.
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the scene. the suspect in the washington mall shooting has confessed. according to court documents, arcan cetin said he did bring the rifle into macy's and shot all five victims. cetin was arrested saturday night following the shootings at the cascade mall north of seattle. he's charged with five counts of premeditated mu held on bond. his stepdad says he has mental health issues. the 2016 first presidential debate starts at 7:00 on channel 9. all the high could attract more than 100 million -- hype could attract more than 100 million viewers had. hillary clinton and donald trump face off at hofstra university in new york. according to today's nbc news surveymonkey poll, clinton is up nationally by five points. that same poll has clinton and
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florida and trump ahead of clinton in ohio, iowa and north carolina. clinton has practiced quick answers with no lectures and her aides say she'll call trump dangerous. he has practiced less and both candidates are hoping for no big stumbles. both know while history shows you cannot win the white house with any particular debate, you can lose it. 9wants mountain pbs will work together to fact check all three upcoming presidential debates. 9wants to know and brandon will be live tweeting throughout tonight and break it down for us on 9news at 9:00 and 10:00. 9news will host a debate between the two colorado senate candidates, democratic incumbent michael bennet and republican challenger darryl glenn will debate for an hour
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seen on channel 20 and on we're also hosting voter line 9 today. volunteers are here from the secretary of state's office to answer any questions about registering to vote, election logistics or any questions you plight have about the upcoming election -- plight have about the upcoming' -- might have about the upcoming election. the number is 303-698-0999 until 5:30 tonight. one of the oldest poorest churches in vandalized over the weekend. around 4:00 saturday afternoon a man went up onto the altar of the sacred heart church and started throwing things through the windows. the man destroyed a statue in the church for about 100 years, the lady of guadalupe. volunteers estimate there's tens of thousands of dollars 200of damage. volunteers at the church filed -- 200of dan. volunteers at the church filed a police report and say they
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until he started to vandalize the altar. a volunteer came face to face with the suspect but got away. the sacred heart church was established in 1879. golf lost its greatest ambassador this weekend. arnold palmer died yesterday evening at age 87. palmer was known as the king of golf, not only for what he did for the sport but also for what he did at cherry hills country club in 1960. here's 9news reporter dan grossman. ?[ music ] ? >> reporter: history has a special way of remembering its contributors. >> mr. faller is synonymous with the club as -- palmer is synonymous with the club as the club is with him. >> reporter: june 18th, 1960. >> many people considered it the greatest championship ever.
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a young 30-year-old golfer in the prime of his career steps into the tee box of the first hole of the cherry hills country club down seven strokes. >> he was seven shots behind playing with paul harney the final round. >> arnold seemed to be kind of out of the picture. >> reporter: bob warren was an 18-year-old photographer working for sports illustrated at the time. >> i was carrying the camera, so we got to be inside the ropes. >> reporte around legend and then leader ben hogan. >> the drive heard around the world. the loudness of those roars and i mean you could hear them for miles. [ crowd cheering ] >> reporter: arnold had driven the green and birdied the first hole, then the second, then the third, a streak he would continue for the first five holes. >> it's very impressive. i mean it's never been done at
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the front 9 with a score of 30 and a lead he would maintain until the last putt. >> the newscaster bob drumm finally came out the clubhouse and walked down the fairway to the 4th hole and arnold gave bob drum a look that said i told you, so i could do it. >> reporter: it that continues to live in golf lore because legends don't die unless we let them. dan grossman, 9news. >> what a moment it was. the express checkout lane at the supermarket store may have just become more crowded. supermarket complains have added the word about to their express checkout lanes. rather than stating 15 items or
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15 items, about 12 items. supermarkets say the change is aimed to increase how much consumers buy while still taking advantage of the fast lane. the new lines are in place in the capitol hill neighborhood and in the highlands and eventually the signage will be in all of its stores. >> how many times have you gotten to the checkout and start counting. >> hopefully they don't you out. halloween is more than a month away and already the most popular costume for kids 11 straight years has been bumped for the top spot. >> a driver blaming his gps for leading him into the blood. >> also one particular thrill
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firefighters in san antonio rescued a driver from the top of his car this morning after he was stranded in high water. the man tries to climb onto the firefighter's ladder but slips
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his legs splash down into the creek. the man regains his composure. they lower the ladder a bit. he's able to get on and walk back to dry land. the man told rescuers he just moved to san antonio from out of state and his gps led him straight into the flooded area. between 1 and 2 inches of rain fell in san antonio in less than an hour this morning. a flash flood watch was in effect there much of the day. boulder and cu police departments are stepping up enforcement of the city's traffic laws this week. it's part up traffic safety campaign. the campaign aims to increase awareness in boulder's crosswalk-related ordinances and promote safer streets. today through friday officers will be at intersections around the cu campus where crashes have been known to happen. if you aren't following the law, you will be fined. the worst is for drivers who don't stop for crossing pedestrians, a fine of 125 bucks and four points on your driving record.
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to ride a roller coaster. a urologist said he became intrigued by the possibility when several of his patients returned from vacation at theme parks and said they were able to pass kidney stones only after being jostled around on roller coasters. the doctor developed a model of the kidney and tested the theory. he found sitting in the rear of the coasters work best and more than 60% of patients passed stones afterwards. his study is now published in the american journal we are less than a week from the start of october. kids and parents are starting to notice the halloween decorations up for six weeks already in stores. according to the national retail federation annual costume survey prince costumes have fallen to the no. 2 spot. superheroes are the top choice with more than 3 million children planning to dress as their favorite action or superhero. most adults will be a witch or pirate and people will mostly
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pumpkin costumes. >> of course they will. it would seem like you'd see a lot of clinton and trump masks this year. >> adults for sure this year. the warm-up starts this week. kathy is tracking highs in the 80s. >> fall-like temperatures will return, when the next storm
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hi. welcome back. i'm chief meteorologist kathy sabine outside in my office in the 9news backyard, a weather woman out in the weather on a day like today is such a gift. when you wake up to a view like this, sometime it's just easier getting up on a monday morning knowing this is within driving distance here. we're so lucky to live in this beautiful state. this is a live look at the peak to peak highway camera at lilly lake. it was jammed with traffic yesterday. clearly there's still a lot of
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75 today better than mid-60s that we saw yesterday, close to 80 degrees in southeastern colorado today. we'll go warmer tomorrow, above the average of 75, not record territory. at the airport this hour it is 74, win east at 9, dry, humid -- wind east at 9, dry, humidity 18%. downtown temperature in the mid- 70s this hour and a beautiful evening to be out and about. as we look at the september stats, typically a month we see about an inch of snow in er the first snowfall here in the city. we look for about an inch of liquid precipitation, but at the official rain gauge we're running below average about 1/2 inch, so beneficial moisture is something to look forward to but not in the short term. all the tropical moisture feeding in the southwest will not make it into colorado. low pressure in the midwest is bringing cool weather to toronto and cincinnati and memphis.
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in central texas tonight with a flash flood watch going into effect as the low scoots east. mild dry air invading the central plains in colorado and moisture coming up in southern california and arizona tomorrow. we have a warm dry weather pattern most of the week with the cool wet weather across the east where highs will range from 66 in chicago to 59 in minneapolis. we have 80s tomorrow. we'll stay there with the heat building off to the west. tonight around the area no frost advisory, 30s last night, lower elevations in the 40s this evening although cold in the high country. not cold across the state tomorrow, though, highs above average with mid-80s in southeastern colorado, low 80s denver out to sterling, 60s in the high country, a good travel day on i-25 and i-70. we'll look for 70 in grand lake and a high of 68 in nederland. in denver tonight fair skies,
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highs lower 80s late in the day. that warm weather trend will continue through the end of the week. we have a dry front wednesday, a strong early front thursday with more moisture, seasonal highs in the weekend. 70s is not a cool snap, but there's a better chance of showers saturday. a third system that may clip northern colorado sunday and the weather gets more interesting as we move into the first few days of october. plan the fall foliage outing, everything and weather app on a lot of viewer pictures like this one will take your breath away and maybe kick you in the pants and get you up there to enjoy the beautiful color. when you get there, send me your pictures.
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deutshe bank impacted the u.s. stock market with investors concerned about the financial health of that institution. pharmaceuticals were also
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. good thing there are four periods to every football game because if this was hockey, the broncos would be in trouble. the bronco is rallied in the 4th quarter to remain undefeated. trevor siemian threw two touchdown passes in the last seven nu opponents 45-13 this season in the final stretch. >> we're playing some good football at the right times, at the end of games finding a way to make the plays and do those type of things, so that's a good thing, try to get more balanced throughout the course of the game. >> broncos play the buccaneers in tampa this week and we're live. 9news broncos insider mike klis is at team headquarters. let's play klis and tell. siemian was supposed to be just a place holder until paxton lynch was ready, but i'm
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the starting quarterback for many years to come. >> reporter: year to come. i think trevor siemian is starting quarterback the rest of this year. going into this season after watching training camp and the preseason i thought a logical starting point for paxton lynch would be after the bye. they'll play 10 games, then the bye week. it made sense for paxton lynch to start the last six games and he'd have some experience going into the playoffs. now i shown enough to where this is his team i think the rest of this year. he's got the poise, the accuracy. he's still going to throw some picks. he's going to make mistakes. he'll lose a couple games, but i do think trevor simian has shown the rest of the team that this is his team until sometime into the playoffs until whenever they play that last game. >> wide receivers emmanuel sanders and demaryius thomas complained last week about not
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did that work? or was it a coincidence every play was designed for them? >> reporter: it did work, but for all those kids listening if you're complaining about doing too much homework, the teachers aren't going to give you less by complaining about it. i think we should put this all on a money scale. sanders and thomas both make 13 million plus. that's a little more than double what gary kubiak makes. if you make twice as much as the coach, you can complain. if you don't make as much as and play. >> klis and tell, thanks, mike. rockies had the night off and begin a three game series tomorrow at san francisco. rox did their part to make legendary los angeles dodgers announcer vin scully's fare well special. scully was saluted by each player that stepped into the batter's box. that seemed to really warm his
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throws one right down the middle. charlie culberson's walkoff homer clinches the national league west division title triggering a wild celebration which includedone final tip of the cap to scully. we are playing drew's clues. >> i love this part. >> please calm down. no. 1, he's a basketball hall of famer who spent most of career in denver. no. work after leading the nuggets to an up-- no. 2, after leading the nuggets to an upset in seattle after the 1994 playoffs, he rolled on the court celebrating with the game ball. known 3, the nuggets will retire his jersey 55 opening night this season. the answer is the cookie
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-- mutumbo and he'll join guy ron beck's no. 4 and -- byron beck's no. 4 and more. >> i know you wanted me to calm down, but that's impressive.
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tonight, this is it. donald trump and hillary clinton meeting face to face in their first presidential debate, a live 90-minute showdown between two very different candidates with everything on the line. the critical question, can the two most unpopular people ever to run for president change some minds ni over 100 million expected to tune in. who will walk away the winner in this first crucial contest? "nightly news" begins right now. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. substituting tonight and reporting from the campus of hofstra university, savannah guthrie. and good evening, i'm savannah guthrie,


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