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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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happen. there is evil in this world. and we can't let that direct how we-- the rest of us treat each other and how the rest of us interact with each other. we have to go past that and help each other and be kind and we supportive of each other and then, you know, just like i and that is how you maintain strength in your life. if you allow a cowered with your gun to take that away, he robbed you twice. >> stacey said she learned the lesson from emily's dad, john michael keyes, they travel the country talking school security and what happened that day. tonight's presidential debate might just be laugh out loud funny, if not for the fact
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on it. hillary clinton's view, voters don't trust her. donald trump is nuance, you have to decide which version of trump to trust. steve staeger put that to john hickenlooper. >> reporter: which version of donald trump are we going to see tonight? >> i don't know that there are versions, i know tonight you will see a mature, serious candidate that will continue to lay out solutions that he has for the draw a clear contrast of being the agent of change that, verses hillary clinton who i think is frankly the establish status quo candidate in the race. >> i think we will see a show and donald trump is a showman and an actor that hasn't shown a lot in any regard for the truth. so, i expect he will try to stay consistent through the debate but i will bet anything that he contradicts many things he said the in past and i bet almost anything that some of what he
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>> steve will talk to base strategy, both sides, in a bit. we will fact check the 3 presidential debates, if you are into that. our politics guy, brandon rittiman and rocky mountain pbs will break down key developments at 9:00 and 10:00. it certainly seems anger animates this race. it transcends the normal kind of political anger. this season seems white hot. we have ann- need him. dr. max always brings interesting perspective to the issues. >> at work, you know, the 2 parties fight with each other. they argue either side and hopefully come to an agreement and it is for the greater good of the country. that, sometimes, spills over into personal animosity among party members. you know, you hear that in a regular election season. in this particular election, it
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and, are they going to be able to be on a stage 90 minutes and disagree and argue from different sides of the spectrum? but be respectful to one another? my guess is they will be able to do that for a while and then, i thing they will lose it. >> there is dr. max's prediction. america gets popcorn ready, viewership is expected to break records tonight, thinking 100 million people will watch. 100 million, super bowl 50, 112 million. if you have been on on people's fake lives, you might have noticed the i have registered to vote status updates, facebook pushed out reminders to user 18 and older to remind them. it worked in denver, denver elections said 2600 online registrations, compared to the same day in 2012, only 500. what power. good thing facebook is using that power for good, rather than, you know, gathering up and selling personal information, right?
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back in many elections and they travel incredible distances to insure those who fight to protect our rights can exercise theirs. a pilot program is tracking 2 dozen military ballots to the door of the service member and back again, tried out in conjunction with the postal service and department of defense. denver elections says it sent out 2800 military ballots, some as far as australia and cambodia. it is a sign, learned, you can't buy pot. >> reporter: there is so much history in manitou springs. >> my grandfather and grandmother built this place, about 1914. >> reporter: current events make this piece of history a bit misunderstood, mainly because of the unfortunate paint job. >> they say what time do you open? >> reporter: julie worden's garage looks an awful lot like a
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to put up a sign reminding folks that this is private property. act inspired by a stranger who wandered into her home one day. >> he had his papers out and id and said do you take debt cards? >> reporter: she said he was mistaken. >> he just turned around and left. >> reporter: that was the last straw. she asked a local sign maker to paint it. since it has been up, curiosity shifted from those searching for a high to those searching for a laugh. e pictures of it now, which doesn't really bug her. >> i enjoy the tourists, glad they are here, and even the weirdoes. >> reporter: the real solution would be paint it a different color. what is taking so long? >> i am not ready to change the house yet. as soon as i figure another color, i probably will repaint it. >> reporter: take your time, julie, it doesn't get much more colorado than this. >> if you see a sign that sticks
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mail or #heynext. john elway threw 300 touchdown passes in his career, none as perfect as the shade he threw over the weekend, after siemian's studly game, elway dug out a year old tweet from a fan who didn't think they should have drafted siemian. no message, like, hey, bro, i see you there. he deleted broncos are 3 and 0 to start the season, broncos insider, mike klis, is tackling the simplest of question: skill? or luck? >> a little bit of both, you need luck, no doubt about it, to be the super bowl champs from last year and also to get off of this 3 and 0 start they have had this year. all 3 of these games were going either way entering the 4th
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was skill that he is able to make the tackle on adam jones on the punt return. pop the ball loose there late in the 1st quarter. that really changed the game in the 1st half, but it was also luck y if adam jones doesn't fumble there, then the bangles are up 7-3 and they have the ball at mid field. they have all the momentum. there were a couple of interceptions that were dropped by the bangles. that is luck for trevor siemian, but he also on the deep passes, that pass to jeff hireman was clutch in the 4th quarter. this is a poised team. they take advantage of their luck. they take advantage of their good fortune, not every team is able to do that. it is a little bit of both. but these are the defending super bowl champs. all in all, they are good. here with steve staeger who will take over the program the next couple days around here,
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some medication here, so, um, i twinged it there as i turned. the bad news is i am stiff and propensity to say crazy things, all the problems of the old news cast and the same at the same time. >> how is that invisible hoverboard you are riding? >> it is float, floaty, cloudy. keys are yours . don't wreck it. i will be back by the enof the week. >> sounds good. >> steve staeger, everybody, you are in very good hands. what if the reason there aren't many political yard signs is because they got huge sign? -- eaten by one huge sign? anybody that visits us will be aed by something. >> a problem by ski passes sold by winter park. want to guess what? time to change the
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welcome back, i am chief meteorologist kathy sabine here in the 9 news studio, steve is across the wall from me there, and this view was spectacular, wasn't it? what a great way to look up and look out the window and know you are a few hours from a view like that. ou seasonal. guess what? the new winter outlook is out. december through february, a milder winter is possible than last year, el nino, no signs that will be our dominant weather pattern. there is a little slice of good news for you. we could use some moisture around here and there is a little shower activity coming up from the south, it won't get here. what does that mean for you? sunshine and 80s for the next couple of days. beautiful weather as we head into this first full week of fall and then, wow, october right around the corner.
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beautiful day tomorrow. temperatures not nearly as cool. this morning the frost advisory out. we are into the 80s tomorrow and wednesday. only slightly cooler conditions at the end of the week and maybe a few light showers friday and into saturday. now it is time to get to the high country and just enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and i am wondering if steve staeger has been up to the mountains to see the wonderful color, hopefully you don't have a pain in your neck, steve. >> better believe i have, it is beautiful up there. thanks, kathy. do you have on your property for a presidential candidate? maybe local race? we haven't seen too many but there are a few big signs in colorado supporting trump. a senator sent this, one in rogen, another i-76, hill rose. send us to them with the eynext. that blings us back to the reason-- brings us back to the reason you are on your couch, 90 minutes of must-see tv that could have an audience the size
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down with shaun spiceer, the chief strategist and communication director for rnc and governor hicken loop toor go-- hickenlooper to go over the x's and o's. >> donald trump will stand up and be the guy you have seen, i think he will talk about detailed proposals and policies, and present an alternative to hillary clinton. >> what does that mean? the guy we have seen? we haveeen the off-the-cuff trump and more controlled, tied to prompter, sticking to the script. spiceer thinks we will see a mixture of both. >> if attacked he will fight back, if he believes strongly and you do see it. i think the manner and style in which he did it might be a little different. >> no big surprise, governor hickenlooper, a surrogate for hillary clinton thinks we will see a brash trump which, clinton will have to manage. >> i think she needs to laugh at him. i don't know how you fight a bully except to use their own anger and their own venom
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>> the gov thinks hillary should channel the attitude of famous debate moment. >> i can't help but think when reagan would go "there you go again." he never got angry but was relentless. >> keys to victory, they say trump has to show temperament to sit in the oval office. clinton has to hide contempt for trump and convince voters to come her way rather than scold those who don't. polls showing the race closer than it has been, the 90-commercial-free minutes, stakes couldn't be higher. colorado ski passes for free? they don't give anything away for free up there. something must have gone wrong. yep, it did. a big [ bleep ] pumpkin,
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free ski tickets, passes for free, or so mcclint talk thought, his friends and family bought a bunch online a few weeks ago, receipt showed $0, but it was a glitch, winter park sent e mails saying, sorry, just an error, nothing to see here. and they aren't going to honor the free passes. he got in touch with us and says it is unethical and it shouldn't be the skiers' problem. >> with a great opportunity, we
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but we felt like they had to honor the price given and, quite frankly, we feel violateed and i think consumers are tired of being bullied by big companies, i think we have to stand up. >> we checked with winter park and they said the error was online on the site for a few hours on the night of september 15th and they couldn't tell us how many people got those ski passes accidently for free, winter park says this was clearly a mistake and aside from a few customers, most seemed to understand the whole thing. the new signs installed on i-25 working? next viewer, john rogers wanted to know. we went to c-dot to find the answer. the signs aren't toll-related which is what we originally thought. they are actually called smart signs. c-dot says they are designed to help move traffic, they show when lanes are closed, what speeds cars are traveling at, and when there are crashes ahead. the goal is to help decrease crashes and reduce issues. they are already in use on u.s.
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they are not working just yet. they are blank. the smart signs should work in the next few months. we don't quite know when being a nerd became cool, but we are glad it did. so are the folks at the railroad museum in southwest colorado. photo journalist, ann went to find what is so interesting about this part of colorado's history. >> reporter: when you to geek out about it. >> a i admit it. >> reporter: jeff freely admits. >> i am a trained geek in terms of this railroad. >> reporter: he is a train nerd. jeff loves the durango in silverton narrow railway so much, he is the cureiator of a museum dedicated to it. >> kids just go nuts over this and even big kids like me. >> reporter: everything here has
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durango. plains, trains, automobiles. >> animals, elk, bears. >> reporter: oh my, a ghost train too. >> kate was a very attractive prostitute and just to put it bluntly. >> reporter: kate's boyfriend got into a fight over her and was killed in this car. >> kate always blamed herself and about a year later she committed suicide. >> reporter: back to the lighter side of things. >> every railroad museum needs a model railroad. this is about 1200 to find. >> reporter: and some stuff for adults too. >> there is actually a little parlor with adult content. >> reporter: before you freak out, this was shot with a telephoto lens. >> probably rated r, maybe. >> reporter: everything here helps tell the railroad story. >> there are many stories. >> reporter: a story that is
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>> riding the train does cost some money but you can visit jeff in the museum for free near round. the city of aurora is looking for a poet. you know it. a poet who would write and read poems for city events, a few requirements, the person has to be at least 18, and not mean, we made that up. he or she has to be a published poet, nay are not miss-- they are stipend a year, applications due by november 28. they would start in february and hold the role until january, 2019. next, why you should
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we introduce you to a few members of the rocky mountain giant vegetable growers a few week ago, there is a largest pumpkin in colorado, 1685 and half founds, broke a record from
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the giant gourd. we did math, a pumpkin pie from scratch is 3-pound pumpkin, this award-winning pumpkin would make 562 pumpkin pies, you would have to have a big thanksgiving dinner to finish those all off. we will leave you with more honest advice from dr. max, we asked what viewer should do while they watch the debate. >> i would recommend punching yourself in the face. every time there is a lie. throw my shoe at the television. a lot of people are going to be taking shots every time there is a lie. that would be dangerous, that will lead to alcohol poisoning the first 10 minutes of the debate. honestly, the best thing to do is to read a little about both the candidates, some of their positions, there are a ton of articles, you know, the 10-most likely things that clinton is going to lie about. the 10 most likely things trump
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in your mind and see if you hear any of those things that don't sound quite right. >> don't punch yourself in the face doesn't sound nice. marilyn said steve would be a great substitute. wendy, kyle, come in here, wendy said knew you looked a bit stiff. i said i would only do the show if you wore the cone.
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move. inside the reported $12 million malibu rental. and why kids since the split. >> that could be a reason why brad has not seen the children. >> and, britney backstage inside the iheart music festival. and the grammy winner who just got engaged. >> i'm super happy. >> plus, as the royals take canada, why is mark wahlberg
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>> and you've seen them burn up the dance floor. >> now see the dancing couple tear up the racetrack at 165 miles per hour. wow. now, for september 26th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." it's been exactly one week since angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. >> angelina just keeping him from the kids or is it because of the child abuse allegations? >> so many new rumors this weekend. let's sort it all out. >> brad is in the middle of a child abuse investigation by child services in california. so that would allow in some circumstances angelina to call the shots on whether or not he can see the children. what would typically happen is, the child's case worker would be interviewing the children, asking the children about what goes on on a daily basis. they'll be asked if they've ever


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