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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 27, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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it was the dead of july ? ? and we were skippin stones in the failing light i smelled the fire place ? ? although we were miles away we were infinite ? ? there was no time in those days ? ? and all we knew
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this is 9news. it was expected to be the most watched presidential debate in over 30 years, possibly the biggest electronic event of media. after the handshake and the gloves came off the exchanges began both political and personal. >> i know you live in your own reality. >> you're telling the enemy everything you're going to do. no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> i feel by the end of this evening i'm going to be black lives mattered for everything
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everything that's ever happened. >> why not. when she releases her 33,000 e- mails that have been deleted, as soon as she releases them, i will release my tax return. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> on job creation much of the debate focused on trade deals. both went after the other's tax policies which led clinton plan to cut taxes on the wealthy. >> my tax cut is the biggest since ronald reagan. it will create tremendous numbers of new jobs, but you are going to regulate these businesses out of existence. >> as i said trumped up trickle down. trickle down did not work. it got us into the mess we were in in 2008 and '09, slashing taxes on the wealthy hasn't
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>> lester holt asked trump why he refused to release his tax returns while being audited since the irs says he can legally do so. he also brought up what he said clinton is hiding. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that's for sure. >> and if i had to do it over again, i would obviously listen by. >> that was more than a mistake. that was done purposely. >> so you've got to ask yourself why won't he release his tax returns and i think there may be a couple of reasons. first maybe he's not as rich as he says he is. second, maybe he's not as charitable as he claims to be. >> i have a great company. i have a tremendous income and the reason i say that is not in a bragadocious way.
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country had somebody running it that has an idea about money. >> when clinton suggested he didn't pay his taxes, trump said that makes him smart. during the debate trump called for widening the use for the controversial police tactic stop and frisk where officers stop and question a pedestrian and pat them down for weapons. a judge declared it unconstitutional in new york. trump defended his stance on the issue tonight. >> the argument is it's a form of racial profiling. >> the argument is that we people that shouldn't have them. when you have 4,000 people killed in chicago by guns from the beginning of the presidency of barack obama, his hometown, you have to have stop and frisk. >> fact checking is a major component of this debate. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman has been working with a team of researchers tonight. there was more than a little back and forth over whether trump supported the invasion of iraq in the george w. bush administration.
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open tonight. trump tried to revise his own history on this issue. trump did express support for the invasion in an interview with howard stern months before the war. trump downplayed and modified what he said then. >> i did an interview with howard stern very likely first time anyone asked me that. i said very lightly i, maybe, who knows. >> that is false. trump is each racing the part of his answer -- is erasing the part of his expressed affirmative support. trump's exact words were yeah, i guess so which is a version of yes. trump is right it was a soft way of answering, but he's trying to gloss over he answered firm actively. trump also said in this debate -- answered affirmatively. trump also inside this debate
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hannity. it appears trump was conflicted about the invasion before it happened. another point hillary clinton tried to build from the birther story to paint trump as having a history of hostility toward black people. >> donald started his career back in 1973 being sued by the justice department for racial discrimination because he would not rent apartments in one of his developments to af which trump provided. he was president of the trump firm when this lawsuit was brought. what trump said is also true and important context that this lawsuit was brought against a bunch of companies. it was a nationwide suit and the trump company settled its part with no admission of wrongdoing. trump was pressed about his history with the birther movement and again tried to bolster his debunked argument that he successfully finished what hillary clinton started.
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interview with clinton's 2008 campaign manager patti doyle. >> you can check it out and if you look at cnn this past week, patti doyle was on wolf blitzer saying that this happened. >> not exactly. this is misleading. what patti doyle said on cnn was neither the campaign nor hillary clinton herself started the birther movement, but she did confirm that a volunteer coordinator did forward e-mail that promoted the birther conspiracy. hillary made the decision to let that person go immediately. the pivotal word here is forward. if the person forwarded this early birther conspiracy e- mail, they inherently are not the original author which does not support the case donald trump is trying to make on the stage which he doubled down on saying clinton started this and he finished it by pressuring president obama to put out his
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explanation as to why he continued the birther theory this year while saying he laid it to rest in 2011. you can find a lot more right now on >> thank you, brandon. our political experiments kelly mayer and ian selvari join us at 9:00 and now this debate will influence the next one and how lester holt did as tonight's moderator. who won tonight as far as the undecided voter? >> hillary clinton had a very strong night. i think that is the thing that we've got from really both sides on this, put if winning the first debate made you a president, then mitt romney would be our president now because he clearly won the first debate against obama and the polls are tightening in
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debates to go. >> i think the polls were tightening in colorado. i think secretary clinton put on a command performance this evening. as she said, she's prepared for the debate and prepared to be president. it was clear donald trump didn't do his homework. he has no specifics. he has no plan. secretary clinton laid out her plans very specifically. she has the experience and know- how. i think she'll make a terrific commander in chief and i donald trump showed how terrifically unprepared he is to do the job. >> what should he do for debates two and three? >> i felt he rose to the bait a little too much with hillary clinton, but i do think he played out some important differences between the two of them, particularly when we're talking about economics and tax policy. i think that he really needs to articulate why tax cuts and why wealth creation is better for the people of the entire
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but for very different reasons. i think donald trump showed america exactly who he was tonight. >> a lot of the analysis will be regarding lester holt. >> we need to make moderating great again. it's an ultimate failure twice in a row. i saw a #todaylauerthebar because it was not a great performance running over him. >> i think the candidate need to be allowed to interact. this wasn't the republican primary deal bates with a stage of tiff -- debates with a stage of 15 people. allowing them to have a dialogue i think is important and something the american people deserve. on the converse i do wish that holt had had a stronger hand but not so much as we've seen in previous years.
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collectibles decades from now could be the ticket handed to students who won a lottery to attend the debate. hillary clinton's name is misspelled with one l. a hofstra university spokesman said the tickets were printed last minute as tickets for the actual tickets to the event. the police department in lawrence, kansas, had a message for its community before the debate tweeting we realize politics can make emotions run high, but being mad at a debate is no reason to call 999. we are not sure what prompted that message but wonder if it will show up later in a story about 1 believable reasons people call 911. the vice presidential candidates meet next at long would university in farmville, virginia, and the second debate
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9th at st. louis university. all but three people injured in a misshooting in texas have gone home from the hospital. the man in a black porsche began shooting at people during the morning rush near a shopping center. one person was critically hurt. doctors say they will survive. nine people were wounded. police were fired upon and they fired back killing the gu. attorney living in the neighborhood who had issues with his law firm. >> one of them is a 45 semiautomatic handgun. the other is a 45 >> i automatic tommy -- semiautomatic tommy gun and also at the scene was 2,600 rounds of live ammunition. >> some outlets are giving a
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a grassfire shut down the southbound lanes of u.s. 85 in brighton this afternoon a while. sky 9 flew over the wildfire and saw firefighters using a bit of ingenuity and resources at their disposal. they turned on the sprinklers at a nearby cemetery and pointed them at the fire. after a few hours police were able to reopen all the lanes of the highway. a moon in our spewing light into space. >> honors more than six decades overdue and a surprise for a local veteran. >> the calendar says fall and so do the leaves. however, you may want those coffee drinks iced when you see forecast. >> and the home run that made him cry night just have the
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9news will host a debate between democratic incumbent michael bennet and his republican challenger and moderated by 9news political reporter brandon rittiman and 9news anchor kyle clark. it starts at 7:00 on channel 20
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on four years ago the first presidential debate between barack obama and mitt romney took place on the campus of du. in addition to what happened inside the arena, reporters outside remember very well what happened that evening. it was a welcome to our state only colorado could provide, bright sunshine and near 80 degrees as everyone converged on campus. when the debate started, a front started moving in. temperatures dropped to the enough win to tear down the signs hung on the arena. when the debate ended, temperatures were in the upper 40s and by midnight it was nearly freezing, a 45-degree drop in temperatures. it's what we call forecasting fun. i'm chief meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9news backyard. it is lovely out here tonight, a beautiful day. when you have a few like this, sometimes is it makes it easier
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morning. if this isn't out your window, you don't have too far to go to see the beautiful red, orange and yellow in the trees. we were about 10 degrees warmer today, denver's high 76, 80 in southeastern colorado. we'll see that number tomorrow in denver. the average is 74. i think we're done with 90ss for the month. the winter outlook is now out and into the december and as though el nino won't set up. many states could experience a milder winter with above average temperatures, colorado included. stay tuned. looks like a chilly one in the northeast, 50 five degrees at the airport, wind south -- 50
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weekend south. we're running -- wind south. we're running about a 1/2 inch below average in precip. we're tracking a low in the midwest and a few little thundershowers popping along a frontal boundary that extends into texas. the heavy rain shield is starting to drop south. we'll see some of that moisture move into southern colorado but really in the form of cloud california, the big weather story in the midwest with this upper level low sitting and spinning. with high pressure anchored over the great basin and storm track to the north, we have high pressure shaping up. tomorrow 82 in the city, cool air following the trough through minneapolis and chicago and the heat is starting to build to the west and south. no frost advisory posted tonight, chilly this morning, lows in the 30s.
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plains. we have some warm readings in southeastern colorado, above average for the front range and eastern plains, comfortable in the high country with almost 80 for grand junction. good travel weather across the city and i-70 into the high country if that's where you're headed tomorrow. we'll look for foothill temperatures between 65 and and70 degrees. tomorrow sunrise at 6:50 someone. kids may need a 6:51. kids may need a light jacket. temperatures marginally cooler wednesday. a stronger front comes through friday with a bigger chance for showers and 70s into the weekendful cooler and unsettled with 60s in the extended period the first few days of october. the weather starts to look a little interesting, but no snow
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now is the time to plan your fall foliage outing. how about a picture like this to get you inspired to go? a little orange and red and if you like to ski or snowboard, it won't be long before we are up there enjoying that wonderful high country snow. >> thanks, kathy. one of the most remarkable recent discoveries in our solar but on one of its moons. the hubble space telescope has found mysterious mysterious fountains of water. the ocean is believed to be one of the most promising spots where life beyond earth might be found. scientists are interested in the fountains because spacecraft from earth might be
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without drilling to reach uropa's surface. tonight there was recognition received long overdue. 9news reporter victoria sanchez was there. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a casual family dinner. >> what in the hell is going on? >> reporter: or at least that's what his daughter told family from all over the country made the trim to colorado for his special ceremony who is already getting a much deserved recognition. >> very surprised, yeah. i can't tell you how weak i am in the knees. >> reporter: he was just 17 years old when he joined the air force. >> oh, my god!
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proof and a little embarrassing for the 83-year-old. >> i'm going to give you a spanking when you get home. yeah, that's me in my glory when i was wild and wicked. >> reporter: he spent his 18th birthday not celebrating but fighting in the war. >> init miles from the 38 parallel. >> reporter: something his daughter wants people to remember. >> i felt he should be known for what he did. he's always said he'd do it again. >> reporter: ravarti spent two decades in the air force and said by the recognition. >> that daughter of mine is something else. i don't know if i can eat now. yeah, i'll probably sleep with that. take a look at that. i never had such a beautiful thing in my life. >> more than 100 ambassador for
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>> hi, everybody. the peak of mount mutombo will be up in the rafters. nuggets will retire the no. 55 jersey of hall of famer dikembe mutombo. the broncos accomplished something totally amazing without having any intention to do so. 9news broncos insider mike klis counts to three on the pages of
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>> reporter: gary kubiak has pulled off a feat that hasn't been done since ditka's bears 30 years ago. kubiak's broncos have had three quarterbacks put together winning streaks of at least three games in the last two years. >> that's not one you want to try a lot, you know. >> reporter: first peyton manning won seven straight to start last season. manning was 39 then and playing on his last then brock osweiler comes off the bench where he had sat for 3 1/2 years and he wins his first three games and now comes trevor siemian, a seventh round draft pick who won his first three games for the broncos this year. does that say maybe we've always overrated quarterbacks a little bit in a team's success? >> it says we've played a lot of quarterbacks in the last year and a half is what that says. that's a credit to the team,
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and obviously the system you teach, but you'll do what each guy does best. you're trying to build around them and put them in the best position you possibly can. >> reporter: football fans have been gushing about bill belichick's coaching job for winning regardless of his quarterback. kubiak has done even better. he's now up there with the coaching job of ditka. how was my chicago accent, good? no? i'll work on it. mike klis, 9news. >> very natul off. extremely emotional night in miami where the marlins held a touching pregame ceremony in honor of all-star pitcher jose fernandez who was killed in a boating accident over the weekend. [ trumpet playing take me out to the ballgame ] >> all the marlins wore jerseys
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new york mets. goosebump moment, leadoff hitter dee gordon stood to the right side of the batter's box and impersonated jose's batting stance for one pitch before scooting over to his regular spot on the left and despite the fact gordon hadn't hit a single home run all season, he knocked one over the fence in honor of his friend, got to be the saddest homer in baseball history. gordon cried his way around the bases and all through the dugout as teammates him. marlins win 7-3 while feeling the deepest sense of loss. >> man, i told him boy, if you all don't believe in god, you might as well start. i ain't never hit a ball that far and for that to happen today and we had some help. i don't have kids. so that's the best moment of my life to hit a home run for him. still of the night unfortunately comes from miami
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prayer for their late teammate jose fernandez in the still of
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summer-like temperatures for the first full week of fall, not too shabby, heading into tuesday with above average highs in the low average, chance for showers the end of the we, chance, but it's there. don't freak out about the showers and say oh, it's going to be rain. >> i won't be freaking out at all. >> you're calm about everything. you're mr. calm. nothing fazes you. >> next tuesday looks like a freak-out, though. >> don't look too far into the future. enjoy the moment. jimmy's guests tonight samuel
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inside angelina's divorce hideout house. >> how she mapped out their split and what they didn't put u in the prenup that could spark a brangelina war. now on "extra." ? extra extra ? ? extra extra ?
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grand a month for this malibu bachelorette pad. how far in advance she found it before filing for divorce and why a fierce custody battle is imminent. plus new video, brad's ex, jen and husband, justin face the cameras. >> any comment on brett and angelina? the first photos from josh blolin's wedding. >> weekend of breaking couples news. blake had a run -in with his ex miranda. stars in vegas to stamos to -- president obama, oprah, will smith, taking over d.c. >> over there, oprah. >> okay, over here. our new a-list interview with emily blunt on her oscar-bound new thriller "the girl on the train." >> you're surrounded by oscar buzz. what does that feel like? in the "extra" feed taylor swift's new bangs. why she's hanging out with mick
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diaries from the set. >> just got shut down. jet black needed to finish his rest. >> now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood the entertainment capital of l.a. ? extra extra ? hey, everyone, welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up double baby news. the first look at adam levine's little girl and who else just announced they're expecting. also coming up, mario, all the stars in vegas at the first angelina's decision to file for divorce wasn't spur of the moment. jerry has new details on how it all unfolded and where angie is hiding out. >> this is the o cscar winner's multiple dollar paparazzi proof escape. "extra" inside the malibu mansion she's calling home while she maps out her split strategy. "people" magazine reporting the oscar winning actress rushed to rent this 95 grand a month home steps away from the ocean only


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