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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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law enforcement in arapahoe county are looking for this woman. 88-year-old helen roup was last seen last night at a phillips 66 gas station in deer trail. someone at the gas station says she appeared confused and disoriented... and had to be given directions on how to centennial. she drives a dark blue toyota camry with colorado license plate 136- jlo. if you see her--please call the number on your screen. good morning... thanks for joining us on 9 news at 4-30.. gary and corey here with you today.. and marty has our first look at the weather -- looks
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one down...two to go... the first presidential debate wrapped up in new york monday night... and both nominees had a lot to say... donald trump and hillary clinton took the stage... and spent 90 minutes on everything from trade to racial tenstion, terrorism and foreign policy. both campaigns are looking to attract undecided voters... and this morning - both are back campaigning in
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is in florida. both candidates - made a lot of claims last night. our team here at 9 news, and other journalists around the country, worked with researchers - to fact check some of the biggest claims. by and large, they all found donald trump made the most false or partly false claims. for instance, there was a good chunk of back and forth over whether trump supported the invasion of iraq during the george w. bush administration. our fact checkers found that he was vague - but trump did express support in an interview with radio shock jock howard stern months before the war... something he tried to downplay last night. this is false-- trump is erasing the part of his answer where he expressed affirmative support. when asked if he supported the invasion-- trump's exacts word were "yeah, i guess so." trump also said he
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fox news host sean hannity. at best -- it appears trump has conflicting answers on this issue. at another point in the debate-- hillary clinton tried to build from the birther story - attempting to paint trump as having a history of hostility toward african americans.. this charge by hillary clinton needs context...which trump provided on stage. it is true he was president of the trump firm when the department of justice brought this lawsuit. but what trump said on stage is also true... the suit was brought against other companies - and was actually a nationwide law suit. the trump company settled with no admitssion of
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you can find more fact-checking on our website - 9 news dot com. and later this morning - tarhonda thomas will take a closer look at a few other claims from each nominee. after the main event.. both candidates offered up their own thoughts on how it went.. trump says - his mic wasn't working properly..but was generally happy with his performance. and clinton met with supporters immediately after - saying she's ready for november. of course, there is no official winner in a debate... but political experts say - every move - and every impression counts. our 9 news experts thought hillary had a strong performance - but a single debate does not guarantee anything they also said trump did not have many specifics - and probably needs to
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both our experts will be in for an in- depth look -- around 6-45 this morning. the vice presidential candidates will debate next. on tuesday, october 4th - mike pence and tim kaine will face off at longwood university in farmville, virginia. and the second presidential debate - will be on october 9th - at washington university in saint louis. the university of nevada in las vegas will host clinton and trump's final debate. that's scheduled for october 19th. and back here in colorado's 9news will host a debate between the two u.s. senate candidates. democratic incumbent michael bennet and republican challenger darryl glenn - will debate live on 9news on october 11th. political reporter brandon rittiman and 9news anchor kyle clark will moderate the hour-long debate. it starts and 7 - on channel 20 and 9news dot com - live from the history colorado center in denver. as the campaign heads into its final months... there's a big push
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registerd to vote for either candidate.. today is national voter registration day. college campuses across colorado are taking part.... new era colorado is holding events on the auraria campus and c-u boulder... they're be there from ten this morning until three this afternoon. monday morning during our show, we told you about a mass shooting in houston that injured 9 people... this morning...six are home...and three are still in the hospital. the suspect was shot and killed. now - police are searching his condo.. the manager of that complex says - the suspect was an angry person. police say a man in a black porsche started shooting at people during the morning rush hour. one person was critically injured - but doctors expect the victim to survive. the gunman - who has not been indentifed - fired at police... they fired back - killing him. police say - he was an attorney who had issues with his law firm. they believe he acted alone - and
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the suspect accused of killing five people at a washington state mall - has been charged with five counts of first degree murder. 20 year old arcan cetin is suspected of opening fire in a department store cosmetic section last friday... 24 hours later - police arrested him as he walked down the street. and monday night - hundreds gathered just steps away from the mall - for a candlelight vigil honoring the victims. today - people in tulsa are planning to march in memory of terrence crutcher - the man shot by police ago. reverend al sharpton and the national action network are holding the march. they say - marchers will protest against african american stereotypes - including the phrase "bad dude" - which was used by an officer in a police helicopter the night crutcher was killed. the officer who shot him - betty shelby - has since been charged with manslaughter. a high ranking air force officer was set to face a court martial on rape
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weekend - he was found dead in his colorado springs home. police responded to a suicide report this weekend.. and found colonel eugene caughey's body. he served at schriever air force base - and was accused of raping a woman in late 20-14 or early 20-15. he was also charged with adultery, indecent filming or photography, and conduct unbecoming of an officer. law enforcement across colorado - is getting federal funding to help start - or improve body camera programs. the denver police department, elas county sheriff's offices - are splitting 200- thousand dollars from the department of justice. it's part of a plan for body camera programs across the country.. attorney general loretta lynch says the money is necessary to help agencies promote transparency and
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a new study shows - pollution is almost everywhere... but if you live in a certain area - your everywhere... but if you live in a certain area - your health could be a bit better than
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living in places with bad air quality... according to the world health organization. now, the agency is asking leaders around the world to put in place better policies to help prevent the deaths of six-and- a-half million people. the new study looks at information gathered through satellite data, chemical models and ground measurements. air pollution can cause strokes, heart diseases and cancers. a farm life could be helpful for children's health. growing up on a farm could help
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life... according to researchers. they looked at data from more than 10- thousand people in 14 countries. as adults, farm kids were 54-percent less likely to have asthma and 57- percent less likely to have seasonal allergies than those raised in inner cities. a billionaire is criss crossing the country.. it's not donald trump... it's actually a big time investor - and he's coming to colorado.. and a tear-filled - in baseball - as the
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and wants to invest in a local startup while he's here. a-o-l cofounder steve case will be here next week - where eight colorado startups will make their case for a 100- thousand dollar investment. the featured startupser health to stem education - as well as volunteer opportunities, and sustainability efforts. each group will only have five minutes - and case says he will make his offer right on the spot. homeowners are on the move... and they're looking for more affordable options. data company "core-logic" found that homeowners are selling out of expensive markets - and moving to more affordable states. in the last 15 years - for every one person who moved to california -- two and a half
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state. but in texas and north carolina -- there are more buyers moving in - than there are sellers who want to leave. across the country - a new directive from the food and drug administration - is changing the way we test future blood donations. when someone donates blood - it already goes through about a dozen tests. now -- the fda says - there's one more to add to that list. every unit of blood - will be tested for the zika virus. experts hope it will reduce the spread of the virus - which can be transmitted in blood for up to 30 days. but - donors won't see any big changes... in fact - the test means people who traveled to a zika- affected area - would likely still be allowed to donate. donors just have to sign a consent form to have their blood tested. centers will be the most affected -
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mid-november to comply with the testing. there was no shortage of tears - or miracles - at monday's miami marlins game.. the team is mourning the loss of star pitcher jose fernandez - who died in a boating accident over the weekend. players gathered around the pitcher's mound - saying a prayer for number 16... they all wore his name and number during the game against the mets. and get this - a rare homer by teammate dee gordon.. gordon ran the bases - in tears... and was consoled by teammates. he says - it was the greatest moment of his life.
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but waiting more than 60 years for that "official" thank you -- is an even bigger one. meet the korean war vet - who was just a kid when he joined the air force.. he says - he didn't do anything special... but his family - wants to make sure his service is remembered.
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should. for a lakewood air force vet, it's been more than six decades since he fought in the korean war. monday - he received some long overdue recogn 9 news reporter victoria sanchez was there. in the past six months - more than 100 ambassador for
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months - more than 100 ambassador for peace medals were given to colorado's korean war
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at ikea, we believe that everything - from your lamp to your couch - should work as hard as you do.
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that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea. second amendment right. fake ones- are not. in the next half hour... the town that wants to ban toy guns. plus- hillary clinton shimmied... donald trump got the sniffles and lester hold disappeared. the most s moments of the first presidential debate. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover this morning. --adlib headline--
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donald trump faced off for the first time in person... and the fight made we're doing our own fact checking... and taking a closer look at some of the most memorable moments you might have missed. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- sunshine


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