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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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donald trump faced off for the first time in person... and the fight made we're doing our own fact checking... and taking a closer look at some of the most memorable moments you might have missed. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- sunshine
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it was one of the biggest television events we've seen
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more than one hundred-million people were expected to watch last night's presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with more. tarhonda-- the candidates covered quite a few issues. they sure did. from race... to the economy... to isis... to hillary clinton's emails... and donald trump's tax returns. nothing was out- of-bounds. but-- as our fact checkers found out... not everything each candidate said was true. let's take a couple of those on, right now. starting with donald trump's claim that hillary clinton's campaign manager originally pushed the "birther" rumors-- that president obama was born in kenya. our fact-checkers across the country found an interivew with that manager-- who says a person who worked with the campaign in iowa in 2007 forwarded an email on it... and was let go. the campaign didn't perpetuate the rumors. what about hillary clinton's claim, last night, saying donald trump said preganancy was an inconvenence? our "fact checkers" found the staement was true-- but needed context. donald trump said
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"wonderful"-- endquote-- but an inconvenience for businesses. he recently unveiled a plan to provide six weeks of paid maternity leave for mothers. and-- what about trump saying hillary clinton doesn't have the "look or the stamina" to be president? that was just a "snippet." we've got so much more to show you througout the morning... including a heated exchange over trump's tax returns... and hillary clinton's emails. we'll talk more about that-- in our
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the first presidential debate had some substance... and a lot of fireworks. some of the most memorable moments weren't so much about the facts... as the back and forth. that was trump and clinton debating one of the most popu twitter... the economy. clinton accused trump of not having fair business practices. trump said he was following the rules. then they both argued over economic policy from the last clinton era.. in the 90s. both candidates also fought over the facts- when it came to foreign policy.
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mentions, likes and shares than clinton... but it's unclear whether those were positive or negative reactions. on twitter- trump also pulled in a bigger share of the social conversation. after the debate- both candidates had the chance to put their own spin on how they thought they did. donald trump blamed mic problems for any trouble he might have had. that's not the first time trump has suggested outside forces have conspired against him... he has already warned his supporters- if he loses in november it's because he thinks the election is "rigged." he said something similar after losing the caucus in colorado. clinton took a more neutral
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supporters after the debate... she said she's already moving forward on the campaign trail and looking forward to the next two debates. debates can have a big impact on the outcome of the election.. especially when there's no incumbent candidate and the contest is close... like this one. the opening debate he k first elections. and michael dukakis and al gore both lost after poor debate performances. the vice presidential candidates will debate next. on tuesday, october 4th: mike pence and tim kaine will face off at longwood university in farmville, virginia. the second presidential debate - takes place october 9th - at washington university in saint louis. the university of nevada in las vegas will host clinton and trump's final debate - october 19th. 9news will host a state level debate...
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democratic incumbent michael bennet and republican challenger, darryl glenn - will debate live on 9news on october 11th. it's an hour - moderated by political reporter brandon rittiman -- and 9news anchor kyle clark. it starts at 7 - and can be seen on channel 20 and on 9news dot com. you might have already seen people around in city parks and public places... trying to get everyone registered to vote for either candidate. today is national voter registration day. and on college campuses across our state.... there will be a push to register young voters. new era colorado is holding events on the auraria campus and c-u boulder... they're be there from ten this morning until three this afternoon. right now... arapahoe county law enforcement is looking for an 88 year old woman they think could be in danger. 88-year-old helen roup was last seen last night at a phillips 66 gas station in deer trail. someone at the gas station says she appeared confused and disoriented... and had to be to be
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home to centennial. she drives a dark blue toyota camry with co license plate 136-jlo. if you see her--please call the number on your screen. colorado's largest gold mine is opening to the public. the colorado springs gazette reports- the cripple creek victor gold mining company is opening the pit for viewing today. the pit is 35 hundred feet wide and nearly 600 feet deep. it's still an active guests will have to stay a safe distance away. a high ranking air force officer about to face court martial on rape accusations- was found dead in his colorado springs home. police officers responded to a report of a suicide over the weekend.. and found colonel eugene caughey's body. the colonel served at schriever air force base. he was accused of raping a woman in late 20-14 or early 20-15. we was also charged with adultery, indecent filming or
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officer. banning b-b guns... why one town wants to ban toys.. to improve real gun safety. and- 91 years young and ready for something big and new. what inspired this grandmother to
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right now... denver police officers investigated this area off at colorado and quitman... after someone said shots were fired. we've seen officers gathering evidence... and putting orange evidence markers on the ground. they're also lifting fingerprints off a big screen t-v outside a home there. we have calls into denver police a crew there gathering more information for you right now. blood centers are being more careful about the blood donations they take. they're starting to test for the zika virus. it's an order from the fda... protecting people on the receiving end. the zika virus can be transmitted in blood for up to 30 days. that means people deferred from donating, because of travel to a zika affected area can probably donate again under the new directive. states have until mid-november to comply with this directive from the f-d-a. more kids gave the new version of the
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ever... but we won't know how they did for a few more months. nearly one and a half million students took the test nationally between march and june this year. but, their scores have not been released. the new test focuses on real- world vocabulary and classroom learning started in march. the college board isn't releasing average score results for the new sat until next fall when it has a full year of data. colorado's department of education also decided to switch from the mandatory a-c-t to the s-a- t this year... after 15 years of testing on the old system. owning real firearms is protected by the second amendment. owning fake ones- isn't. officials in salisbury, maryland are considering banning toys and b-b guns that look like real firearms. they're trying to stop shootings like the one that happened in cleveland, ohio. officers shot and killed tamir rice- when they thought the 12 year old pulled a gun. it was just a toy gun. his death sparked
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gazebo where the shooting happened has been preserved and put on exhibit. the miami marlins hit the field again... still grieving the death of their star pitcher jose fernandez. to honor him, the team is retiring his number 16 jersey. fernandez died sunday in a boating accident. a makeshift memorial was already growing in front of the miami stadium... as fans paid their respects to the former national league rookie of the year and 2 time all star. 35 hundred pounds of awesome. new this morning... the story of a grandmother who had one thing left on her bucket list- trucking. but first, lets check in with marty and amelia.
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it's expected to hit the island this afternoon. taiwan's weather bureau reports winds up to 100 miles per hour in the storm... more have been evacuated. you can see the wind already whipping plants and flags. this is the second typhoon to target taiwan in about ten days. almost every person in the world is affected by excessive air pollution. the world health organization says more than nine out of ten people in the world live in areas with excessive pollution. the hardest hit areas are in southeast asia, eastern mediterranean and western pacific regions.
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lung cancer. who knew it was a sport? the wingsuit flying world cup finals entered its second day monday.... with no small dishes of high-flying stunts. the french team ended the day, winning the champion... with a half-second lead. china hosted the event... pilots race head to head, to get through an aerial course with the fastest time. let's check in with marty. hamilton is hitting
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which lucky city will get the first look at the hit musical.. and when you can see it here in
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old to try something new.. in honor of an old love. louise spencer lives in minnesota... and she recently decided to become a truck driver. the great grandmother says... her late husband drove 18 wheelers... and now all she wants to do is drive around tons of
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louise spencer recently got the chance to drive her truck- on a closed course. she even got an official certificate as an honorary truck driver... just six months after beating breast cancer. now she says- she wishes she could take the 35 thousand p truck home with her. the hottest- and most expensive- ticket on broadway is going national today. the rap-musical hamilton is officially hitting the road. the show preview starts in chicago today. the musical already won 11 tony awards for its uniquie portrayal of the founding father alexander hamilton. the touring musical has its own cast and will visit 12 cities over the next
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denver at the buell theater in the 20-17 20-18 season. donald trump got a new hashtag... and hillary clinton did a little shimmy. in the next half hour.. why the the real winner of the debate was social media. facts of fighting...
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well, donald i know you live in your own reality but that is not the facts. >> the first debate was all about fireworks. >> totally out of control i said there's a person with a temperament that's got a problem. >> donald trump and hillary
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the first time but some of their most memorable moments were online. >> want to get onto defeating isis. >> at least i have a plan. >> plus we're fact checking the claims both candidates made whose claims holdup the morning after. >> good morning. thanks for >> this is one of those days that you love to be able to do some outdoor work especially painting outside it is a little bit dry and the paint dries kind of fast but no worries about rain at least not here on the front range today. clear skies. we're going to keep that througy as temperatures rapidly move into the 60s and 70s this morning topping out in the low 80s during the afternoon, very little wind.


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