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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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thanks for joining us for 9 news at noon. our top story donald trump and hillary clinton are back on the campaign trail today. the 2 clashed on everything from job creations to race relations and birther. the
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now, trump raised one of clinton's biggest weaknesses last night her use of a private email server as secretary of state that was his response when clinton asked trump yes won't release his tax returns. >> he doesn't want all of you watching to know that he's paid nothing or taxes. >> when she releases her 33,000 will release my tax returns. >> i made a mistake using a private email. >> that's for sure. >> and if i had to do it over again i would obviously do it differently. but i'm not going to make any excuses. >> so 90 minutes of this back and forth. the pair of them clashed again and again. they're back on their own campaigns today. donald trump is in florida, clinton is in north carolina.
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the presidential candidates will have their first debate on october 4th in virginia then clinton and trump square off again in on october 9th, their final debate is october 19th in las vegas. there are plenty places where you can register to vote. what some may wonder is how do i know if i'm already registered. we have volunteers here to help you. they can help registered and if you're not they can get you registered. call right now, the number is on your screen. waiting for your call there. let's take a live look over denver. it is so pretty outside right now. 69 degrees and blue bird skies. you know we're seeing cooler mornings but still a nice warm up by the afternoons. let's talk about it. the best of both worlds.
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>> oh my goodness, sweaters, everything. >> then you're shedding it about 3, 4:00. 3, 4:00 it should be fantastic and once again nothing but sunshine around here. tough to find any clouds. such a gorgeous beginning to our tuesday. temperatures already in the mid-70s here in denver, little bit warmer along the eastern plains. 60s south, 70 in grand junction. the winds haven't been that bad. 15 miles per hour mainly in the foothills, just going on on doppler. it has been quiet and i want to give you a view of what's going on across the country. a very weak disturbance across the southwest.
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them rain showers and a few across the eastern seaboard for us what you see is what you get and it is once again going to be picture perfect. i do have an update on some of the tropics a couple of storms out there and been talking about fire danger. you can see colorado pretty much low to moderate statewide but out to the west it has been one of those years, one of the those seasons high to very high potentially in some spots extreme high fire danger and i to my mom in southern california yesterday 102, just 5 miles away from the ocean. >> oh my goodness. >> and today is going to be another one with the winds picking up, we're going to see a lot of fires sparking up and we already have. >> you can see where people are so concerned. right now crews are focussing on this fire, it has destroyed one home. it's threatening hundreds of others that's why evacuation orders are
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fast last night. it burned 500 acres and still going. now, look at this on your screen. we know it's hard to see but denver police hope you recognize something about these guys. they're the money who robbed the u.s. bank on colorado boulevard friday morning. both had often hoodies and gloves. they drove away but ditched their car. police got that but not the robbers. they're still on the loose. if you could help catch them you could get a reward of up to $2,000, call police have identified the man who died a horrible death on the interstate last week. they say he was a suspected shoplifters. the man was identified as ganish. he was hit by several vehicles. police say he ran on too the interstate after a worker at home depot suspected him of shoplifting. it shut down both lanes on i-25 for more than 3 hours.
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of parents panicked today. they're afraid someone will attack a school in greeley and the scare started on facebook. police say there was a post that threatened a shooting on halloween night. it said clowns would carry out shootings at 2 greeley schools that post went viral causing people to call police and schools to increase security. the case is still under investigation but police think they have pinned this down to a 15-year old student. now, a similar threat o sheridan high school this morning. that school was under a brief lockout. it has since been lifted and classes are back to normal. the justice department is giving several local law enforcement agencies more money for police body cameras. they'll get more than $200,000. the agency is giving out $20 million total to more than 100 law enforcement agencies
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former commercial center has been contested since rebels captured several neighborhoods in 2012. over the past week they have endured the worst aerial onslaught since the start of the war. more than 200 people have been killed. you're looking at drone footage right now showing extensive damage. since the break down of a cease fire in syria last week that's when this drone was able to get in. this is what is left behind. and this is what's left behind after inside of a house containing a possible drug lab. it was in the bronx, a 17-year veteran of the new york city fire department and father of 3 was killed. the mayor says michael faye was the chief. he was hit by debris when the house collapsed. crews rushed him to the hospital but he decide. authorities were responding to a report of a gas leak when the house exploded. that happened shortly after firefighters discovered the possible drug
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candidates on isis? our 9 news political experts will join me
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all right. it's days like today that we just have to soak in the sunshine while we're not scraping the windshield off don't have to shovel the driveway. truly from the western slope all the way out to the eastern plains it's just one of those days. no clouds out there, nothing but sunshine warm
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to get out and about. hop on that mountain bike or maybe go for a quick hike up there in boulder the flat iron is looking fantastic. greeley downtown denver about 75, similar setup along the i-76 corridor 60s up in in the mountain and foothills, check out some of the leaves now is the time. winds out of the west about 5 miles an hour. here our temperatures still sitting feels fantastic. no coats needed. you certainly are going to want to keep the glasses close by. low 80s in grand junction. across the entire country look at that the heat is on out to the west 95 degrees in la. it has been a scorcher out there some cooler temperatures
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chicago 50s and 60s, meanwhile around here across the west a huge dome of high pressure has been sitting across our area and this will be producing warm temperatures for the next couple of days but that guy out across the pacific will be moving in our direction boot weekend. tonight down to 49 mostly clear skies i'll fast forward through the future cast tonight not a lot going on tomorrow morning 7 a.m. grab the shades by the afternoon we'll be watching a few clouds difficultying that's going to be about it. planning forecast looking a little something like this a couple of days in the low 80s, i think by thursday we'll be watching a few more clouds push nothing the metro area maybe one or 2 isolated showers by friday. mid-70s and then the weekend arrives we still stay fairly mild and pretty seasonal but we will have a better shot at seeing a few showers and thunderstorms out there and in
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potentially a record breaking audience watching the debate last night but these are the 2 who we really care about. we have our political analysts. so i'm going to ask you straight out where in the information age
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who got checked with the biggest gotcha. who do you think caught trump? >> well i think you know donald trump has a pretty strained relationship with reality to begin with so there were a lot of opportunities to sort -- a sort of a target rich environment when he was interrupting throughout the debate it was very difficult to hear his points but as he was saying no while she was min she was making things up everything from his tax returns and refusal to release them so the fact that he claimed the financial disclosures were better than his returns would have been been his the first candidate in 40 years to not release the returns. so i think immediately right there it showed that he was not playing boot same rules as the rest of us. >> let's flip the script how did hillary clinton get caught. >> i think the thing that stood
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the fact that the government is in debt $20 million. clinton looked like she was calling on the media and on twitter to fact check that. and it actually ended up being true and in addition to that, it really speaks to her weakness which is that she is just a continuation of barack obama's failed policies and we have a government with some real debt problems. >> definitely one more important topic i isis trump criticizes clinton for revealing too much and clinton not enough about trump's plan. >> so i'm not so sewer that it makes a lot of sense for him to be the one and try and tease that out at the end of the day the argument is between clinton who is secretary of state and the first lady who's dealt with many, many nation at crisises.
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that proves that he's smarter than the generals and i think the american people will see right through that. >> actually i think it's interesting that the generals largely and the military are very supportive of donald trump in fact, his polling numbers with the military just absolutely is higher than anything we've ever seen number 1, and number 2, i think that we have seen what happens when you telegraph what you plan to do in terms of what happened with and the rise of isis. i mean, we're talking about a woman who is secretary of state decided that her foreign policy first move with russia was going to be give him -- was going to give putin a giant reset button. clearly she has time as the secretary of state some big issues in terms of that, and i think that he did a good job last night of talking about some
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secretary clinton and putin a reset button rather than a giant bear hug. >> i think you know, there's definitely room in the next 2 debates for donald trump to really are drive a lot of his points home. >> all right. thank you so much for your perspectives and we're
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just as women are paid less for the same positions as men they're also less likely to be promoted. men are 30% more likely than women to be promoted from entry level to manager the result is a workforce with a nearly equal number of men and women at the entry level. only 37% of managers are woman.
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. >> okay. we're going to entertain you now it's a little bit race see but all drama and fun all the time. we're talking about the cabaret. it entertains crowds nightly but also lives live in preworld war ii germany in a group that chooses to follow their hearts while the rest of the world loses their way. i'm here with one of the we're so excited to have you here. >> thank you. >> first time in denver for this production. how does it feel? >> it's exciting we'll be here in the fall for 2 weeks with just great people, and we're just so excited to, you know, show a the company's pollution. >> and denver is happy to have you here to do. >> you've been in some big productions. >> yes. >> tell me about your career.
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years to do some great things. i played really an opposite woman of the one i'm playing, she was very high end cougar type. and here i'm playing dry kind of over it kind of person so it's really really fun. >> i love that. tell us more about cabaret because it's for audiences 16 and up fun time. >> people might remember the movie. this is totally different. and it's more raw, it's more real it's more about the scene work and really listening to the iconic songs like maybe this time, but it's also extremely politically
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place in germany at a time of political upheaval. >> we could relate. definitely. did you watch the debates last ? yeah, we could relate. tomorrow is the show's 250th pee celebrate booing giving the audience a present. >> yes if you come tomorrow night you can come for 25% discount with the promo >> what are you looking forward to with the audience in denver? do we do things differently out here? >> i feel like in a place like denver are theater savy and mart. so they're going to be able to get the undertones and be able to listen and enjoy all of the singing and dancing and excitement on stage and give us
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>> there is so much happening. you are working even when we don't see you on the stage. >> well the magic of our show is there's not an orchestra hidden in the pit. we are the orchestra so all the girls and boys if we're not on stage singing and dancing we run up to the band stand to play and i play accordion and some are amazing some people play 3 or 4 instruments as well as singing and dancing. so time to go play candy crush back stage. >> we're so glad that you're giving your time and talent and love it. so excited. welcome to denver. hope you hat shows. make sure you go to the website or you can go to the link on our website opening in denver only here for a couple of weeks. so got to
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we are with watching tropical storm roslyn. 80s for the next couple of days. >> colorado back and forth. >> all right well thanks for
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inside angelina's divorce hideout house. >> how she mapped out their split and what they didn't put u in the prenup that could spark a brangelina war. now on "extra." ? extra extra ? ? extra extra ? >> angelina shelling out grand a month for this malibu bachelorette pad. how far in advance she found it before filing for divorce and why a fierce custody battle is imminent. plus new video, brad's ex, jen and husband, justin face the cameras. >> any comment on brett and angelina? the first photos from josh blolin's wedding. >> weekend of breaking couples news. blake had a run -in with his ex miranda.


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