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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 27, 2016 4:00pm-4:51pm MDT

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registering to vote today say the debate played a big role in getting that done. >> are you guys registered to vote? >> hello. are you registered to vote? >> it is a real-life civics lesson at civic center plaza. >> in the middle of the rose of food trucks, looking to people at their lunch break as being potential voters. part of registration day. a concerted effort across the country to get everyone eligible and registered before election day. >> i am ready. i'm excited. >> julie thompson watched the presidential debate last night. >> and when she came upon the voter registration booth, opportunity knocks. >> and moved back to denver in may actually. i have not gotten this done yet.
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booth here. it is a high-stakes election. last night really brought it on. >> for michael alan, it was a question of making sure he would get his ballot when they are mailed out october 17. >> i was watching the debates last night. thinking about this important election. i wanted to make sure my stuff is up today. >> denver elections officials said they saw a surge in voter registration. and they say, not just because it is a presidential election year. >> we also s because facebook and other social media platforms -- caused a spike in voter registration. we're expecting a high turnout for the election. >> an election during a time when so many just want to be heard. >> 9news news. >> colorado is first in the nation when it comes to the percentage of eligible voters that are registered to vote.
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if you have not registered to vote yet, we put up some links on to help you get it done. and 42 days, united states will elect a new president. if you are still undecided, here are some dates. the vice presidential debate. they will debate for the first time next tuesday. one week from today, in virginia. then hillary clinton and donald trump will debate again october 9 in st. louis. the final debate, october 19 las vegas. a mother has been arrested for her son's death nearly a year after the 26-year- old was killed. the costilla county sheriff's office have been investigating the death of corey carpenter since last october. 69-year-old carroll carol carpenter was arrested for first-degree murder murder. officials are holding carpenter without bond because the county -- at the county facility.
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denver police are trying to find a couple of guys that robbed a u.s. thing friday morning. police say they were armed with handguns, wearing hoodies and gloves. they left the car which police picked up. if you have information, call crime stoppers. you may be eligible for a reward of up to $2000. a dark day for community. ten years ago today, seven girls were taken hostage by a gunman. this was at platte canyon high school. building and eventually released all the two of the girls. sixteen-year-old emily keyes was killed. just as we take time to reflect of lives taken too soon at other terrible events in colorado and around the world, we want to remember emily today. the family mission is to educate schools on safety and emergency response.
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parade from columbine to platte canyon high school. this year, just reflection. we want to make sure everybody takes a moment to remember emily keyes. warm and dry across the metro area this afternoon. we're in the nine backyard. expecting it to stay that way most of the week. sounds good to me. >> this is the place to be. temperatures in the low 80s. nothing but sunshine this afternoon. here and -- in denver and acrosshe here in fort collins, kids running around. a spectacular afternoon. maybe you are getting out of work early. that guy is enjoying the sunshine as well. you can see nothing but clear skies. he is soaking it in. temperatures now in the low 80s. fort collins in the 80s.
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the wind has not been a problem for us this afternoon. it has been comfortable. and pleasant. in the foothills, and occasional 15-20 mile-per-hour gusts. that will be about it. you can see on the doppler, not a lot going on. it has been so quiet. high-pressure building across the entire west. we have a storm system across the great lakes. minneapolis and chicago getting in on some of the rain. another very weak disturbance across parts of the desert southwest. up arizona. non- around here. we're talking about the next couple of days feeling a little bit more like summertime. with all of this sunshine. looking ahead to the weekend, cooler temperatures. also a better shot at possibly seeing some storms too. and watching these temperatures warm up. september has been extremely dry for a lot of us across the fund range and eastern colorado. we're watching that.
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>> we like what we're seeing rain now. we don't care if it is boring for you guys. >> just living in the moment. >> i will join you too. >> thank you, danielle. as the saying goes, kids are often seen, not heard. that is not the case at a city council meeting in charlotte. the country reacting to a little girl that had something to say. this meeting since protests broke out after police shot and killed keith scott last week. >> we are black people. we should not have to feel like this. we should not have to protest. we do this because we need to and have rights.
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>> go ahead. let her talk. >> i was born and raised in charlotte. i have not felt this way until now. i can't stand how we are treated. >> some are asking for the city's mayor and police chief to resign. charlotte police have arrested more than 80 people since investigating. police say keith scott had a gun and refused to drop it before an officer opened fire last week. keith scott's family says a video was inconclusive. the family and advocacy groups say the department only released three minutes of footage. a media coalition has also asked for more footage. the fbi director says he is committed to building a comprehensive database tracking police use of deadly force. he addressed several national
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threats. even with shootings here at home, he says an international terror group still tops the list of the threats actually facing the homeland. >> the efforts and the ability of the so-called islamic state to inspire, and enable, sometimes direct those in the united states to engage in acts of violence, that remains at the center of the fbi's challenge in confronting those threats and finding those needles in the haystack. figuring out how to disrupt them before they do harm -- that is at the center of the fbi's life, 24/7. >> james comey says that al- qaida is still a threat to the u.s. with group's -- with groups in africa and the middle east. there are people traveling from the u.s. to syria to join the
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month. an explosion that killed a 17 year veteran of the new york city fire department. also injured nine other fired up -- firefighters. police are looking into the possibility of a marijuana grow house. the house and surrounding buildings had to be evacuated. the firefighter dialed -- died while directing operations from the street. he was struck by falling debris. this afternoon, the senate blocked a spending bill. most democrats and at least 10 republicans voted to block it. the bill includes funding to fight the spread of the zika virus. democrats say they also wanted to include money to help flint, michigan deal with lead tainted water. republicans are promising to address the issue after the election in a separate water bill. the bill also includes $500 million to help louisiana after
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day higher. traders were encouraged by a survey that showed consumer confidence at a high. the dow rose 133 points. the nasdaq gained 48. that sketch -- not such good news for commuters. highway gas mileage estimates -- one third of all new vehicles sold in the u.s. are expected to fall by 1 mile per gallon. it is because of change in the way the government calc stickers. mark -- largely because of more options like heated seats. the epa says it is also due to drivers driving faster and running air conditioning more than in years past. this could impact your dinner plans. tyson foods is voluntarily recalling more than 102,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. the company says it has received reports that plastic was found in some of the chicken nuggets.
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of chicken nuggets were sold at costco stores nationwide. the company says they are recalling out of an abundance of caution even though they only received a small number of reports of plastic. no injuries reported. if you did purchase that chicken come you can throw it out or return it to the store where you bought it. about 150 people were not wearing seat belt in traffic crashes this year in colorado. the d.o.t. is trying to drive a message home. they hope they are drawing triangles on the sidewalk. it says, be a survivor. but colette. they estimate that 625,000 people do not wear seatbelts. coming up, we're taking a closer look at the numbers and the crashes were people did not buckle up. >> so scary. you can prevent dying by wearing your seatbelt. and so many people don't.
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frequently is -- tries to relay this message. >> it is also shocking about so many young people. >> this is a generation of people that grew up in car seats seats. >> there was a day when we did not have car seats. >> it's like what, you don't put on a seatbelt? kids in norway can now pick their gender. also ahead, we know what the candidates think of each
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gender. a 10-year-old lives in a ?small town in western norway. she was born a boy. but shed -- she said she never felt like one. now she will get a letter saying she can be a girl. she is one of nine children taking advantage of a new law that allows norwegians as young as six to self identify as male
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trans -- passport. >> what is important about this law is that it recognizes that your gender is a matter of identity. and it is up to you now -- the individual, to declare what gender you are. and that is a huge improvement on what we had previously which was a terrible law. now we have gone from zero, to 100. one of only four countries >> errors -- lawmakers could not legally transition until there was a reflective period. they decided against it. science says the first baby has been born from a technique that combined dna from three people. it involves removing some of the mother's dna and leading edge leaving the disease causing dna behind. the healthy dna was put into a donor which was fertilized. as a result, the baby inherited
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egg donor. scientists say they plan to make a full presentation about it next month. the baby was born five months ago to parents from jordan. going through years of hardship and party -- poverty could have a negative effect on the brain. researchers from the university of miami analyzed from ese participants. they reported whether they had difficult -- difficulty paying for basics. after 25 years, those individuals underwent testing to see if economic struggles had any effect on their brain. those who experienced hardship for longer periods of time were more likely to have worse cognitive function and premature aging. psychologists have been analyzing the first presidential debate mainly over the candidate's temperament. hillary clinton and donald trump went head, to head on
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issues of the election. which one came across more presidential? >> temperament, the top trend ofhecebook doldrump sai>> ibette does. there is no question t much ?i?
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uniformly praising what they called his restraint. >> i was going to say something extremely rough to hillary, to her family. and they said to myself, i n't do it. i just can't do it. it is inappropriate. it is not nice. >> the candidates holding off on certain topics. >> like bill clinton's past affairs. >> i'm glad i did not mention
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appropriate. >> did either candidate in your view look presidential? >> i think they each looked presidential to their own supporters in the course of that. i think what both candidates tried to do was to appeal to the base voters. if this was a debate, it was supposed to persuade people in the middle to come to either side -- i doubt if it accomplished that. >> by the way, last night's debate was the most-watched presidential debate in history. an eat viewers. >> and there is more to come. >> a couple more. she had 21 under her belt advancing in denver. >> why one colorado ballet dancer says it is time to
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h8?21 seasons denver. colorado ballet principal dancer maria mosina says she plans to retire at the end of the 2016/2017 season. she was born in moscow and graduated from the ballet academy in russia. after touring the world, she came to denver in 1995. and she is joining us now. and because anastasiya understands russian -- you both came to the united states
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>> yes. we're both from moscow, which is unusual to be from moscow and denver. when i grew up, going there occasionally -- it is a big deal. for those folks that don't know what this theater is about -- >> for russians, the most beautiful and most important theater in the world. they have the company, and orchestra. it is a big deal for me that i started my career over there. >> it is like the pinnacle. we are so fortunate that you came here. that is wonderful. one of the things we want to talk about is your career. but there is your daughter. how old is your daughter? >> she will be nine on this sunday. >> nine years old. does she loved to dance? >> of course.
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>> she loves to dance. she loves gymnastics. she is playing piano. she is doing everything for now. >> does she fight you at any point and say, mom, that is your deal. my deal will be different? >> yes. sometimes -- she tells me -- mom i might choose other career. but that is fine with me. she needs to find her passion in life. dancing like that -- i can't imagine the thrill to feel it and the embrace of the audience. that has to be an incredible rush of adrenaline every time you dance. >> yes. i can't imagine -- 26 years dancing -- as a professional
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-- i worked with so many talented people. and i have been traveling and performing around the world. so for me, i think it is this part of my life -- will always be in my heart. >> what will you miss the most? i don't think you can replicate that adrenaline. >> actually, yes. i love to be in it is for me, more important. i will miss -- most of this. i'm planning to become a teacher. and i will go to other sites and continue to be in this process. and for me -- yes, a relief
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>> it veterans learned over your career that they should do for their kids -- for their kids to be as successful as you have been? >> you have to be able to do this -- it is hard work. and passion, i think, is very
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>> follow your dreams. >> i can't believe she says she thinks her english doesn't sound -- i love your accent it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. we love it. >> you should say something in russian for us. >> tell me something about how important the colorado ballet is -- or see the colorado ballet. >> i can [speaking russian]. >> do you want a translation? >> no. >> was that good? >> that was very good. >> [speaking russian].
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>> she is very grateful to have danced for the colorado community. >> we are so grateful to you for showing us the beay of the ballet for the [ laughter ] >> help me. middle of >> he knows better. >> best of luck on the season. expecting more wa>h?rm weather for the last ?5week of emth wind
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meteorologist danielle grant in the backyard. she gets to be outside. >> i think september has been a dreamy month. don't you? >> bingo. >> i cannot think of one bad day. >> we had a couple days with some clouds and a little bit of rain. that was it. >> it felt good. thinking about the fall. gave us a taste of it. now winding down the month. 80 degrees and sunshine. no complaints around here. it has been a fantastic day. again tomorrow. pretty much a similar story. a quick little tour.
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that is this. across the grand valley, nothing but blue. i love it. and the high country, a fantastic afternoon. very comfortable temperatures. if you have not gone out there to see some leaves, you have to get out there. the boulder camera has been spectacular. so much sunshine. maybe this afternoon or early evening, head to the park. go on a hike. mother nature bringing fantastic weather as we winding down on this tuesday afternoon. low 80s in fort out -- fort collins. in lamar, upper 60s. eightys and 70s in grand junction. beautiful from the western slope to the eastern plains. airport, plenty of sunshine. the wind has been quiet. the northeast, only 5-10 miles per hour throughout the day. in the backyard, tender -- temperatures in the low 80s. no complaints.
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around here, we need some rain. the good news is, we only have the beaver creek fire that is still burning in jackson county. across the west, a completely different story as we're watching for the wildfire smoke. across central california and into los angeles and san diego counties too. that of course will be the area looking at the worst fire danger. the most extreme fire danger. and in colorado, it has not been that bad. slow to moderate across the state. not too bad plains. with these hot dry days, everything is starting to dry up. so causing a little bit of concern out there. something to think about as we head into october. virusscan spark up at any time in colorado. -- fighters can -- fires can spark up at any time in colorado. we are doing a little better. the heat -- the dry
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days. high-pressure continuing to stay. water -- waiting on the next storm system. should be arriving in time for the weekend. we will be talking about october. we will be waiting on the cooler temperatures. as far as the rain goes, watching a system across great lakes pushing into the eastern seaboard producing clearer, quiet. fortys and 50s at the eastern plains. fortys and 50s at the high country. you won't see that much on the futurecast. tomorrow morning, sunshine. wall to wall.
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temperatures tomorrow, 82. mostly sunny skies. wind picking up out of the east at 5-50 miles per hour. this will cool us off. eightys along the eastern plains. sixtys and 70s warming it up in the high country. and that fantastic fall like weather there with the gore just -- with the gorgeous village. eightys again tomorrow. low 70s and idaho springs. northern by thursday, looking good. maybe a degree or two warmer. a couple afternoon and evening clouds pushing in as a system to the southwest starts to nudge the state. not bringing us much wet weather. by friday and saturday, the next system i showed you across the western side of the country -- that finally pulls into colorado. that will bring us a chance for a few showers. i wouldn't save we would get a big round of rain -- i would
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round of rain. temperatures cooling off. keep in mind, low 70s should be the wardrobe. >> but don't get out the snow shovel. >> don't say that. right ther
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>> for 15 years, one day a week, foan entire school ye?&t develop a steady relationship or a constant relationship with the students we work with. >> and stories and different challenges. things going on in their life. and just to listen. >> the program is through good will use career development. >> goodwill is so much more than retail stores. they literally help thousands and thousands of students every year. >> colorado, the graduation rate for urban schools is only
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that. >> bob mentors several students every year and helps them figure out life after graduation. how to apply for college, financial aid, and loans. >> we also talk about job skills too. how do you complete a resume? how do you fill out a job application. we prep them for interviews as well. >> bob was taught at a young age to give back. >> the saying is that it is always better to give than receive. i am a true believer and that. i get so much from i'm giving each day. >> he says his hours then to volunteering feel more selfish. >> i learned so much from the students. i feel like i get more from it than anything i can give them. i'm just an old bald insurance guy that sits there and listens to them talk. to be a source of encouragement for them is the main thing. >> bob is so much more than that. to prepare for that first job interview and everything else,
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>> and you need that at that meyour life, right? >> good stuff. elsa coming to denvthis? >> i got it, frozen. >> theycoming. we will talk about it.
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so if you have children near the television, be prepared for some extreme excitement. "frozen" is coming to the theater next august. >> it will be part of the denver center for the performing arts the broadway season. continuing a string of disney shows in denver. the theatre center hosted the launch of the national touring production of "the lion king", which was such a big deal. and "peter and the star catcher" as well as "the little mermaid". >> it was fabulous. >> in case you are wondering, tickets are not on sale yet. so take the kids down a notch. our producer was like, i'm
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the site for single tickets will be announced at a later date. >> she is mad at us because we have not seen it. >> she is dressing as a elsa for halloween. >> anyway, we have to find out. we will let you know the ticket information. >> absolutely. >> steve wants to go. >> we're definitely going. i don't have to go. >> it is really in -- weird news. we're in a fight with the president of the united states of america. >> he is doing it wrong. he is wrong. >> he stated that if you put ketcup on a hot dog, your i like it on my hot dogs.
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is mustered only. he is doing it wrong. and we are prepared to take > ?' th t please tell me that you put something other than just mustered on your dog. rkraut. >> sauerkraut, onions, relish -- but no ketchup. absolutely not. >> i'm with the president on that one. >> what? we are officially -- that is guys. we are signing off. take care. >> we're going to eat a bottle of ketchup.
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america. we only had to go to broadway.
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home. >> no discussion about hispanic heritage would be complete friends. >> this is a drink it in this it is >> me first? .
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agree, is a time that makes
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maybe a group of people here can do something for people there. i try to find the resources that i have your available to do something and bring it over there. sometimes -- we are christians so we pray. we pray a lot. >> my country has changed so much. at i'm far away. but i am tre. 5?i have my doesn't mean becau
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we just love each other. >> ladies, thank you so much. this was a great talk. >> we have such a grt time. great conversation with some wonderful women who are now calling colorado home. and we are happy to call them neighbors. >> no kidding. you think about how they react to things happened so far away
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so w?&"hy don't i introduce ?9?- cat in the 8.9news room. bright lights. but the shelter, she ?q?pki?ahe
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she is like, what is going on? and autumn is looking for an indoor only home. a lot of love and someone with a lot of energy to play with her. she has had all kinds of folks running around patting her and loving on her. so she just find that forever home. a little six-month-old to be -- cutie. >> they call her a teenager
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>> you are right. the golden eyes are beautiful. >> stunning, right. >> thank you. that will do it for us. we are outof time. up has gone down. so c.d.o.t. is trying something new. also this. >> a little girl speak for her generation and a community with a tearful plea ?before charlotte's city council. also ahead, last night's debate has people lining up. they want their voice to be heard in november. next on 9news.
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crash this morning on parker road near mississippi avenue. the victim was thrown from the car. investigators are looking into the possibility that the person was not wearing a seatbelt. if that turns out to be the case case. c.d.o.t. says this would be the 148th person to die this year while unbuckled. the colorado department of transportation is launching a new campaign to get people to put on their seatbelt. ew joins us from the 9news parking lot. this campaign is a little different. >> reporter: it is. this campaign focusehow people who are not buckled actually pose a danger to other people in the car, in addition to themselves. despite years of campaigns and slogans like ""click it or ticket"", the number has gone down this year compared year. and then for c.d.o.t. says 22%, or one out of every five? people do not buckle up i


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