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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:26pm MDT

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crash this morning on parker road near mississippi avenue. the victim was thrown from the car. investigators are looking into the possibility that the person was not wearing a seatbelt. if that turns out to be the case case. c.d.o.t. says this would be the 148th person to die this year while unbuckled. the colorado department of transportation is launching a new campaign to get people to put on their seatbelt. ew joins us from the 9news parking lot. this campaign is a little different. >> reporter: it is. this campaign focusehow people who are not buckled actually pose a danger to other people in the car, in addition to themselves. despite years of campaigns and slogans like ""click it or ticket"", the number has gone down this year compared year. and then for c.d.o.t. says 22%, or one out of every five? people do not buckle up i
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in 2002 still lingers for christie. >> absolutely, it took me a few years to be able to be in the car and be relaxed. >> her car and her body were crushed. she was riding in the back. she was buckled and. >> the passenger sitting next to me was not wearing his seatbe?nlt. and when they got hit on the driver side -- and he is on the passende >> the white bandage showed a broken face. >> the person 160 pounds, which equates to
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it?z?seatbelt usage in color is declining. >> fewer peoare using seatbelts. in denver, c.d.o.t. says, only 70% of people buckle up. >> the idea of not wearing my seatbelt while in any trafwe kn primary ?r?z >> 14 years later, the pain still lingers it. >> i still -- even when people do ?zquestionable gs, ?2v ?si tu th?)?e prob?4 buckfqling up still exists. >> when it is all preventable, it is just ridiculous to make any other choice other than the safe one. >> the national average for
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is closer to 84%. c.d.o.t. says, in states where police are allowed to pull people over just for seatbelt violations, those numbers go up. >> it is still a secondary lot -- what they call a secondary law. twenty-four states have the primary offense. and over and over, it has failed the legislature in colorado. >> that is right. and a lot of people say it is up to the driver. does save lives. thank you so much. police say a man who was hit and killed on i-25 last friday was a suspected shoplifter. investigators say the 27-year- old -- gabriel danish, was hit by several vehicles in the hov lanes on friday. a worker at home depot suspected him of shoplifting. the home depot is located across the city line. police say gabriel danish
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miscellaneous tools but was not being chased by home depot employees. the incident shutdown northbound lanes of i-25 in the area for more than three hours. investigators think a 15- year-old student is behind an online threat about a shooting on halloween. clearly police say ?u threatening facebo suggested t shooting, involving clouds, involves franklin middle school. investigators say none of the claims were credible. and the da is urging parents to
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an?i@d 175 pounds. he has brown hair and green eyes eyes. denver police are looking for two men who robbed friday morning. a robbery happened at the west bank on colorado boulevard near 50th avenue just before 11:00 surveillance pictures show both of them wearing hoodies and gloves. one of them had a white mask. both were armed with handguns. police say thee this vehicle. they do not know ho away after that. if you think you mi?.ght gnhave any information, you could be eligible for a $20 r with crime stoppers. /ttrail today. donaum how they did last night in front of 81 miviewers. some highlights, clinton put trump on the defensive about his tax returns. he made his point calling her and ineffective long time insider.
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>> that makes me smart. >> if not paying taxes make him smart, what does that make the rest of us? >> let me ask you this -- you have been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? >> a couple of other big moment last night. donald trump said that clinton does not have the stamina to be the president of the united states. also in the last few minutes of the today, clinton recounted how trump treated a woman in a beauty pageant years ago. the attacks continue today. >> s called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> when she hit me at the end with the women, i was going to hit her with her husband's woman woman. >> the vice presidential candidates will debate next on tuesday, october 4. and mike pence and tim kaine will face- off in virginia. the second presidential debate will take place october 9 at washington university in st. louis. last night's presidential debate came on the eve of
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voter day. people came out to register to vote. we'rewe are joined now with more on this effort. >> the presidential race of course is getting a lot of attention. and election officials say because of that, they are seeing a surge in voter registration. today the denver elections commission was at civic center park as part of national voter registration day. they say not only are people signing up because ?9tfm.fof presidential election year bu like facebook have been encouraging people to do so. they did the last week. about 13,000 people in colorado registered lthursday and friday. colorado ranks first in the nation when it comes to the percentage of eligible voters that are registered to vote. that is 87%. some of those registering to vote today say last night's debate prompted them to get it done. >> there has never been an election where i voted -- where i felt like the contract
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stark or that the stakes were so high in terms of internationally and domestically. >> are you registered to vote? >> are you all registered to vote? >> we are in a crossroads right now. we have to do something. to have the right leader and 6thright people is so important right now. >> election day of course is november 8. but the ??ballots will be mailed out to colorado voters on october 17. if you are still not registered to vote, we put links on, to get you should get started as soon as possible. >> sounds good. thank you. don't forget on october 11, 9news will also be hosting a colorado senate candidate. ?5mont michael bennet and their oakland will debate on 9news on october 11. it is one hour. it starts at 7:00 on channel 20
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josi fernandez. the star pitcher was killed in c nthe team invited fans to gath motorcade. bananasfernandez and two other c messages. local bar fwas concerned that fernandez was there ?y?mbefore the wildlife nser?nvation iscit this morning az7fter a report o a ell ?"of
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the firefighter wh city. . >> it is not right [ crying ] >> her words to city councilmembers in charlotte. gas mileage in cars could
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charlotte police say nine more people are facing charges in connection with protests over the shooting death of a black man by police officers last? week. there have been 80 arrests since the death of keith scott. police shot and killed him september 20 after they say he refused repeated orders to drop a gun. police warned people
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illegal. the family and advocacy groups are calling for the release of all of the video of the incident. the department has some in their possession. a city council meeting last night, dozens of people showed up to speak including one little girl. >> we shouldn't have to feel like this. we should not have to protest because you all are treating us wrong. we need to have rights. [ >> [ applause ] >> go ahead. let her talk. go ahead. >> i have been born and raised in charlotte. i have never felt this way
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mayor of charlotte and the police chief and some city councilmembers to resign. car gas mileage will be dropping but not for the reason you may think. highway gas mileage estimates for about a third of all new vehicl?res sold in the u.s. wil fall by 1 mile per gallon. that is because of a change in the way the government calculates the number of the window stickers. thisbecause the vehicles being loaded up with more options such as heated seats that use electricity and create drive on engines. the epa says it is due to running the air conditioner more than in years past, both of which cut into mileage. during years of hardship and poverty, it could have a negative effect on the brain. researchers from the university of miami analyze and come data from 3400 young adults who lived in poverty. they reported when they had a hard time paying for basic needs such as food and heat. after 25 years, they took tests to see if the economic struggles had any effect on the brain. those who had experienced
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they aged prematurely. autumn day. but last. trrs by the end
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first weekend of october. the widoes show thaty year.
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minneapolis and chicago. outsid friday. and with all of the precipitation and energy around colorado into the midwest, that is where we will find the coolest air tomorrow. back into the low 80s for denver. close to 90 in the southern plains states. the heat starting to build across the southwest. tonight, temperatures cool again. forty-seven in greeley. and high temperatures tomorrow warming a bit. mid-80s and southeastern colorado. with that weak dry front coming through, highs close to what we enjoyed today. maybe a degree or two cooler
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front. a good day in and out of the high country. mid-60s for evergreen. in the denver metro tonight, fair skies. wind is low. just under 50 degrees. the sun will be up at 6:52 a.m. tomorrow. and other quick warm up. afternoon highs, above average. both wednesday and thursday. fridays coming up until the end of the week. not a lot of moisture coming in with the fight a cool front. but temperatures will trend down a bit. se monday. i don't have a lot of water coming with the next system. so not much in the way of rain or snow for the state. and this is the time of year that we start to look for the first snowfall. so it can decorate some of the higher peaks like in steamboat springs. and highlight that wonderful photography. i just don't think you can go wrong no matter how poor of a photographer you all -- art -- i don't you can take a bad picture.
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>> talk to you later. coming up in sports, one of the most emotional home runs to be ever hit in baseball. with the broncos are
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weekend with matching humidity. but the broncos plan to really bring the heat. denver has won eight games in a row dating back to last season, mostly with a wonderful suffocating defense. the buccaneers will be trying to crack the code this week and
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the broncos since mid-december. >> i hope they are. it is hard to find. it is hard to find the crack in the defense. we pride ourselves on that. we do extra. we need to get in the meeting room and talk about mistakes. that is the next level. if you want to >> for those of you frustrated with the choices for president of the united states, we have a suggestion. >> it does not take long to brush those teeth. there are only two of them. this week, the prep rally ends with an improbable catch. we take the time to list them
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?[ music ] ? ?. >> kicking off in overtime. getting a loose ball in front. and giving them a 3-2 victory over the champs. to the end zone. getting the kickoff. 85 yards the other way. putting six on the board. number three. a one-point game with only two seconds left in the first half. the quarterback has a hail mary to the end zone. then landing right into the hands of weber. and makes this even more impressive. middleton takes want to right
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and then in the park home run. >> and this goes back to the green mountains football game. late in the fourth, dylan jacob -- making a ridiculous one- handed catch in the end zone for the rams. >> now it is your turn. go to, to vote for your favorite play. >> the rockies in san francisco to begin the final road series of the season. florida dee gordon hit the saddest home run of all time last night. dee gordon honored late teammate josi fernandez by imitating his batting stance, for one pitch. and then dee gordon goes over to his more natural side of the box, belted his first home run of the season and cried his way all around the bases. dee gordon was so overcome with emotion that he barely made it back to the dugout. but still finished with four hits. and led the marlins to a 7-3
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you all don't believe in god, you might as well start. i never hit a ball that far. for that to happen today -- we have some help. i don't have kids. that is the best moment of my life to hit a home run for him. >> that reminded me so much of august six, 1979. the only thing i can't can think of that compares to it -- when the yankees catcher died in a plane crash -- plane crash. following bobby mercer delivered the eulogy. and then bobby mercer hit a game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth to beat the orioles. a very similar scene. where he got a hit. he was the hero. and was overcome with emotion crying on the field. >> and a whole dugout too last night. >> that game was torture -- but it had to be done. and it had a happy ending at least for a few minutes. >> there you go. a check of the weather. >> more summerlike temperatures for the first full
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it will feel more like the season on friday and saturday. moderately cool. seasonal highs we're looking at there. and a chance of a few light showers around the area. but no signs of the first


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