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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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name calling? bickering? this is, after all, the country they will inherit. what about those who have the ability to vote but won't do it? maybe it will sway them to register and actually vote. >> i am steve staeger in for kyle clark, this is next. natives love to point out there are a lot of transplants here, that number has grown especially over the last 4 years, you can imagine some want to vote and those who don't, should. it is voter registration day and we are getting a lot of questions from transpl a they don't have a colorado id yet. >> if you don't have a colorado drivers license yet, there are several ways to register, the easiest is probably to download the paper form. it asks for your drivers license but it says if you don't have one, you can provide the last 4 dujts of your-- digits of your social security you can affirm you don't have one and the county will still register you to vote. >> first time cad voters
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any id to register, even if in person, but you will need to sendane copy of some-- send in a copy of some form, like a copy of your passport . did you get all that? here is a simpler way, get a colorado drivers license, you are supposed to do it within 30 days of moving here anyway, secretary of state's office told us they are getting hundred of calls about voting and registration, we will put some answers to frequently asked questions on understand the way debates should work and how good debates work, so watching that unravel was just kind of, almost irritating in a way. >> that is daniel, a junior at the denver center for international studies, he is 1 of the millions of kids under 18 who watched the debate last night and you can see, even he gets it. by the way, he is taking a class on argument, which is what he saw a lot of last night. we will continue with our conversation with daniel and
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and let them grade the candidates. we shouldn't rush to try to figure out the long-term impact of last night's debate. consider how the rocky mountain news reported it on the first television debate. john f. kennedy debated richard nixon in 68, called a draw, history called that debate for kennedy, in large part because he appeared polished and confident. nixon struggled, sweaty, out of place. the post played it the same reporting on that with smiles. we will stop nerding out in a minute about the debate, but first, eleanor roosevelt wrote to jfk after the first debate with a letter written on this day in 1960. the 2-page letter has a letter head that says mrs. franklin d. roosevelt with a new york city address. in the letter eleanor says it was a milestone for tv and a good way to campaign, but she
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sounds like a next viewer e mail. the social media campaign lectioncollection, is where libraries are sharing all of this cool campaign history stuff until election day. the hoover presidential library reminded us campaigning in motion pictures preceded the nixon/kennedy debate. campaign on wheels giving a solid idea for our next roadtrip series on next. clownvise been in the news a enough as it. but that is nothing compared to the hoax that is around in greeley last night and led to a big investigation, a hoax that the disricate attorney there is not joking about-- district attorney there is not joking about. >> an irrational fear of clowns, i learned the word and i struggled with it much of my childhood, maybe i still do a bit today. lot have it, an irrational fear is a lot different than a rational fear, which surfaced in northern colorado monday because
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like wildfire. the post threatened a shooting on halloween night, which in turn, blew up into an idea that clowns would be going into greeley schools to carry out shootings. weld county district attorney, michael rourke says there is nothing funny about de. investigators believe a 15-year-old student is responsible for the rumors. anyone caught making up this type of threat could be charged with interference with staff, faculty, or students of educational institution. that sounds serious, and it to an 18-month sentence in jail. and the weld county district attorney's office said if you are caught making up this type of threat, they will see who is laughing. >> back to that phobia, in case you were wondering, an estimated 5-12% of americans have the phobia of clowns, i am not going to try to pronounce. our psychologist, dr. max, says
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basically the closer a non-human gets to a human, looks like a human, but failing to be perfectly human, the more freaked out they get. complex psychological thing, but creepy. if you watched this show for the last month or so you have seen our obsession with giant vegetables, someone set another state record for a giant pumpkin, our interest in that made us inadvertently notice something else. weigh-in at jered's nursery was a bis of a disa-- bit of a disappoint, not because of the giant that set the state record, it was more of what wasn't there. >> i got a text saying he had a work load that just wouldn't let him let us borrow a crane for our giant pumpkin. the giant pumpkin drop is a tradition at jered's.
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>> reporter: they do it almost every year. >> unfortunately the last time that he wasn't able to help us out was the year of the flood, which was 2013. >> they needed cranes then but for a much different reason, this seems more positive, the company that provides them actually has a waiting list. business is booming. same story from others. >> to the point where it is silly, the amount of business that is out there. >> rocky wilson helps manage the fleet for rms, one of the largest providers in denver, they supply the giant cranes, bigger than the ones to drop a gourd. there is a big waiting list for both. >> i feel sorry for the poor guy that wants to build a deck and put a hot tub in, being able to get concrete and pour that, very hard to do. >> the cranes are all tied up, which, while frustrating to that dude who want as hot tub, is actually good news for the economy. the staff at jered's agrees growth is good.
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any neighborhood and find, you know, 1-2 cranes. >> they hope for a free day next year so the crowd doesn't have to miss out on this again. >> don't want to miss out on that. the company we talked to had to increase crane inventory 7 times to keep up with demand and they say they see demand keeping up. better hope you got a bunch of cranes. hey, may i make a recommendation? this is towards something that isn't ours but is awesome. our partners at the denver business journal have been working hard on a story called crane watch. the idea is to help real estate developers and ceo's keep up to date with construction projects around denver. the map is absolutely helpful for people like you and me just curious. they are plotting major projects on an interactive map so people know what is going on. by major, we mean projects worth more than $10 million.
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from counties around the metro area to figure information about each of the areas under construction, 7 counties are included in this, adams, arapahoe, boulder, broomfield, denver, douglas, and jefferson counties. there is a link to the crane watch on the next facebook page, that is also where you can make a recommendation for our next recommendation. remember that video we showed you of the long lines at denver's court house last week? all because of the broken glass shut down main entrance there. that entrance, enter-ans, is still closed. the wheels of maintenance grien as slowly as the wheels of justice, crews are working on repairing the glass, the natural border of the really cool staircase in front of the court house, they aren't sure how long it will take to fix, you will have to use the side intrngs and get there early-- entrance, and get there early, good advice anyway. we wanted to share good news, legacy high school head
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the bad school bus crash, we will hear from him tomorrow when he is? bac at practice. coach rider is still recovering, he has been released from the hospital but not cleared to go back to work. coach matt is still in the hospital. you thought pundits were tough critics. >> needs to be growth and improvement for both. >> the students can't even vote and they have it all figured out. the beer that is really going to bum a few stoners out. probably sidelined our quarterback, if kyle doesn't get back, chances are i screw
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a beautiful summer-like day in fall. i am meteorologist kathy sabine outside, we are looking at a beautiful evening, sun getting ready to go down, winds are
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i-25. no major traffic issues. high at 83, way above average but no where in record territory, i think we are done with the 90's for the year, moisture southern colorado in the southwest, the high pressure will keep the storm track to the north. even with a weak dry front coming through tomorrow, lots of sunshine and temperatures above average for one more time. we may actually see a little bit of shower activity west of the continental divide, about this time tomorrow night. denver, the front range, and eastern plains, including tonight. clear, cool, 49 in the city. tomorrow the sun is up before 7:00 in the morning and we look for highs above average again. the front coming in high, more of a wind shift than anything else. temperatures above average, a stronger front moving through, light cooling trend, mid 70s friday and saturday with a slightly better chance of showers, moisture is limited into the weekend. head for the hills, it is beautiful in the colorado high country. everything you need to know about fall, you know the fall
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i can't believe, steve, it is almost october. >> i know. fall. love it. thanks, kathy. hey, high schoolers, we found a way to skip class, legit. you will get about $11 an hour to do it, you need to sign up to be a student judge on election day. they are looking for 16 or 17-year-olds, it requires a day of training ahead of time, another day to get out of school. you can do it any time, or in any counties in colorado. be sure to get permission from your school ahead of time. apply and we will put the information on the next page on maybe we found the perfect candidates for that job. those students who are learning about argument in the denver classroom, they watched the big show last night, through a different lens than we might have. then they spoke through the lens of photo journalist, mike grady. >> reporter: arguing is a crucial part of the passages class at the denver center for international studies. >> students are crafting
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right now to prepare a college-level argument essay. >> reporter: a class fulls of students-- full of students like sierra. >> i am focusing on israel and palestine conflict. >> reporter: and daniel. >> i am researching non-verbal communication strategies. >> reporter: they know what make as good argument. >> piecing together strands of acceptable and knowledgeable evidence. >> your facts are accurate and what you are bringing to the table and providing and eling other people is-- telling other people is going to stth >> reporter: the skills they learn from the teacher is useful outside the classroom. >> especially with these debates we just experienced recently. >> reporter: many of these young verbal warriors watched clinton and trump square off in the first debate last night. they noticed some short comings from trump. >> very broad and unspecific di, not accurately based. >> reporter: most say clinton was more prepared. >> hillary clinton went into the debate knowing what to expect
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to say in advance, she knew had points she wanted to touch on. >> i would say she got a b + and donald trump, probably a b but expectations were lower. >> reporter: however, if students needed help on an assignment, they would turn to one candidate. >> hillary would be the safer bet, in my argument. >> lady hillary clinton, for me. >> reporter: for next, i am kim christiansen. >> smof the candidates didn't didn't like mr. gafshy's grades, they have 2 chances at it. beer snob stoners are watching this one from afar. >> takes nothing like weed, honestly, it tastes like an ipa. >> why there probably won't be a new category at gabf. prison seems like a good time to catch up on reading. your selection may be slip. a sign so confusing, we might have to turn to aerosmith
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we don't always care about the national fill-in-the-blank days but one national thing did catch our attention, national band book week which started sunday, the american library association adds booked to the
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texas prison system is getting attention. according to human rights defense center, the texas prison system expanded the banned book list to 15,000 books. here at home, colorado's department of corrections says it does not have a banned book list, doc evaluates books coming into prison on one at a time basis. good luck getting the following in, "prison smuggling," and "digging tunnels." next question, what are the gun rules on national forest land? 9 news photo journalist, chris hansen wanted to know because he found a live round in his cam fire this morning in wyoming. yes, we occasionally let photographer s take time off too. his experience made us think, what about colorado? what are rules on live ammunition? is it legal to carry a firearm in colorado national forest?
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and grasslands, visitors can carry a firearm, you need to insure you are following state and federal regulations. if they are not yours and you come across something that is unsafe or suspicious, don't engage, report it. >> coolest class photo ever. lets make this simple, there are both state laws and federal regulations, everyone needs to double check before carrying a gun on to national forests a if you follow the rules. some are obvious, you need to be 150 yards away from homes, camp sites, buildingings, or occupied areas, you shouldn't shoot in a cave or across a road or body of water. there is a list and who to contact if you have questions on the next page. check with the forest service in the area you plan to visit before bringing weapons on to the property. double check, good idea. beer drinkers, there is a new beer on tap that is truly
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but now it could hit liquor store shelves and victoria sanchez explains the non-so-secret ingredient. >> this is where it started, our small system. >> there are hundreds of breweries in colorado. >> this is 1 and a half barrel system. >> reporter: this one in aurora is doing thing as little differently. >> coming afrom around the world-- from around the world wanting to try cannabis infused beer. >> lets answer the question you are all asking, can you get high? >> not high and drunk, maybe just drunk. >> yeah, this is a prototype. >> reporter: this is mason, the creator and dude of dad and dude's, he waited a year for the federal green light and on his way to selling general washington's secret strags in all-- stash in all 50 states. >> everybody thought a kraurld brewery doing that makes--
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could sell it outside of colorado. we can bring the debate about cannabis and beer to the entire country. >> reporter: before getting the go ahead from the government, he needed to get past a much higher authority. >> my anti-alcohol, anti-pot mom. >> i always had a negative attitude about marijuana. >> reporter: although she is a brewery co-owner, she is not a drinker and doesn't smoke pot. >> there is no thc in would anybody put pot or thc in a beer? >> reporter: i can think of a few reasons. after explaining, her son convinced her of what some consider medical benefits of the plant that doesn't cause a high. >> i honestly don't think it is the big evil thing i always thought it was. >> reporter: if you thing the latest brew is a fad, beer drinkers say the ipa is actually pretty good. >> i have already had 2. >> reporter: for next, i am victoria sanchez.
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it canned in november and off to the states in january. a sane of the sime-- sign
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it is a sign. actually, the are 2 signs and they are confusing. which way do you go? which way should pedestrians cross over? left? right? should we flip the coin? mixed message spotted at 13th and cherokee in denver. kayla tweeted it, perhaps steven tyler would know. we want oo see your signs, tweet them or send me an e mail.
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? ? tonight, we're tracking down brad and angelina as angie turns to her inner circle. >> angie doesn't make any decisions without women with her deepest secrets, and why the custody battle is getting even bigger. what her lawyer once told "e.t." >> there is crying and there is yelling. >> then -- >> dancing surprises, big injuries and clothes coming off. "e.t." has all the backstage gossip. >> plus on the set with the new hunk of "ncis". >> wilmer valderrama's newest
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>> i will find out. >> and -- >> we are in the shower with john stamos who is stripping down with the scream queen star now? >> not just shirtless -- nude. >> now for september 27, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". when will brad and angelina come out of hiding? it has been nearly three weeks since we saw either of them in public. today we have a glimpse into angie's new world. who is in her inner circle helping the actress to navigate >> where are brad and angelina and it's been eight days since jolie filed for divorce and pitt was in croatia on september 2nd and angelina was in jordan. it's believed she is in seclusion in the beach-front rental in malibu. last night she reportedly ordered pizza for her six kids. brad and angelina has not commented on the split and justin theroux just did while doing press for his new movie


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