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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 28, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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? i will not be denied my destiny ? ? i was born to kill i was made to slay unafraid to spill blood on the land ? ? when you command i will whoa ? ? born to kill when you command i will ?
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after a crash injured players and co leader back from the sidelines. >> police say they know the reason why a man dashed across i-25 and ended his life and shut down traffic for hours. >> a fire is burning close to a busy highway and a golf course. >> why wait for the great american beer festival? some of the biggest events in town this week happened before the convention even begins. >> the man behind tesla and spacex has a new plan to get humans to mars.
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developing stories in denver tonight where two people were shot on federal boulevard not far from sports authority field at mile high. both people are expected to survive. no details on the shooter or shooters who have not been caught. police are also investigating a second separate shooting on the 2600 block of east 46th avenue in denver and i-70. a male victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. in this case two officers have not found the shooter. wells fargo's ceo is giving up 41 million in stock and other awards as the bank tries to deal with the fallout from a scandal over its sales practices. another wells fargo executive is also giving up 19 million in stock awards and both are
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million to settle allegations its employees opened millions of accounts without customers' permission to reach sales targets. the man killed running across i25 causing a major shutdown for hours friday was a shoplifting suspect. thornton police say 27-year-old gabriel danysh ran from a nearby home depot. employees did not chase him but watched as he ran toward i-25. he got onto the interstate near 104th avenue and was lane. he told about $300 worth of tools police say. legacy high school coach wayne voorhees returns to the football field this week. two other coaches, matt kroupa and kyle ryder and 15 football players were hurt. the bus driver kari chopper was killed. the team had just returned from california. the coaches voorhees and ryder
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hospital. a couple grassfires burned a couple acres in lakewood today, one of them threatening homewood golf course. the fires burned near kipling and simms. the golf course was evacuated as a precaution. investigators spent the evening trying to pinpoint the cause of the fires. these grassfires point out how dry it is and has been. these gorgeous fall days and nights come with a price. we have not seen measurable range on the front rain coming up kathy will have a forecast that includes more fall-like temperatures and look at chances for some showers. reports from israel say nobel peace prize winner and former israeli president shimon peres has died. he served from 2007 till 2014. he had a political career spanning eight decades.
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nobel peace prize among yassir arafat. two weeks ago he suffered a major stroke. he was 93. tonight president obama called peres the essence of israel itself. rarely is there an event that makes the nfl an insignificant second fiddle. although when the future of the country is on the line, that can happen and if did. nielsen said an -- and it it. nielsen said an estimated 84 million -- and it did. nielsen said an estimated 84 million people watched the debate last night. millions more streamed the debate online. the falcons/saints game last night was not exactly a far
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we do love our football here in colorado, though. outside of new orleans in atlanta the top area watching the game last night, you got it, denver. at least for sling subscribers the game gave the debate a contest for a while. trends from sling showed more users watching the pregame show than the beginning of the debate. it didn't take long for people to flip. once the debate was over people switched back quickly to see the falcons win 45-32. weld county behind an online threat about a shooting on halloween. greeley police say it was posted on facebook and suggested a school shooting involving clowns at franklin middle school and north ridge high. investigators say none of the claims was credible. weld county d.a. sent out a statement telling parents to talk to their kids about the seriousness of these kinds of threats. he said the county will not tolerate people who terrorize the community and will charge them with a crime if his office
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bacteria from raw milk has made a dozen people sick in colorado in el paso or pueblo counties. the bacteria is a strain that can only be killed through pasteurizization. those who drank it got the milk through a cow sharing program at a farm called largo vista ranch. health officials have contacted everyone who received milk from that farm. what will he think of next? the head of spacex elon musk an a colony on mars. today the company debuted the video showing its new mars rocket and spacecraft designed to take humans to the red planet, part of musk's goal of making humanity a multi- planetary species. he said the ships could fit 100 people and launch every two years or so when earth and mars are closest together. >> i suspect that you'd see mars transit times as little as 30 days in the more distant future.
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exciting and it can't feel cramped or boring. the crew compartment is set up so that you can do zero g games, float around. if you like movies, electropulse, cabins, a restaurant. it will be like really fun to go. you'll have a great time. >> more like terrifying. musk hopes to get the passenger to around $200,000. he said it would take years to create a self-sustaining colony on the planet, but he said jobs would be plentiful there, no surprise when you're trying to start a new colony. for sorority sisters, the day they usher in new members could be the most memorable of their college careers, but as 9news reporter dan grossman shows us today's bid day was extra special for one csu student in particular. >> i'm excited. >> they've, two, one. [ cheering and applause ]
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mountains. >> i don't know. i don't really want to go. >> reporter: on this day not getting the sorority they had hoped for would be the largest most girls here faced. >> you don't have to do anything you don't want to. >> reporter: children are there to lean on as she knows how to keep their mountains in perspective. >> i'm 19. why am i sick with leukemia? >> reporter: ri got the call from her doctor that both her grandfather and uncle have already fought. >> it was very shocking. i thought i was invincible like we all do. >> reporter: she spent 37 days in the hospital. nearly half of them were dedicated to chemo. >> i was dropping weight like that. i couldn't keep anything down. i couldn't eat anything. i was never hungry. >> reporter: as treatments pressed on a good sense of humor told the outside world i can get through this. her sorority sisters gave her
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pledge class all piled into my little tiny room in the hospital. it was a lot of fun. i'm pretty sure we annoyed a lot of the nurses. >> reporter: not long after most of the women left one returned and sat on the edge of camille's hospital bed. >> jenna sat down on the bed with me. they were all leaving. she sat down next to me and was like i will move mountains for part of this community and i wasn't going to get forgotten. >> reporter: forgotten as those same sisters began to work on their notes, they also welcomed back the most resilient for the first time. mountain don't seem all that hard to move when you have an entire sisterhood helping you
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door songs and doing really weird rituals and whatnot. i would literally do anything for any single one of them. they are my people. >> reporter: dan grossman, 9news. >> what a semester they have to look forward to. camille is currently in remission and going through her second to last round of chemo. she hopes to be all clear by the end of the semester. we are following the shootings of three people in denver tonight. two were shot aton along federal boulevard. we want to clarify the scene is along south federal near vail and yassir. police say both shooting victims in that shooting are expected to survive. a man in myself says it is no secret he dislikes police is thanking an officer who did something extraordinary. mark ross says he just learned in the middle of the night that his 15-year-old sister had been killed in a crash.
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got pulled over in ohio for speeding. the officer who stopped him was officer david robinson. ross had a petty warrant for his arrest, but the county that issued it wasn't going to drive that far to pick him up. that's when ross broke down and told the officer he was trying to get to detroit to be with his mom. he posted what happened on his facebook page. it read he offered to bring me 100 miles further to detroit because they towed the don't like cops, but i'm truly grateful for this guy. he gave me hope. this story has been picked up by news organizations around the world. if you brew beer, next week is the equivalent some say of the super bowl. if you simply drink beer, it's still exciting. the great american beer festival kicks off thursday through saturday. like the craft beer industry, the festival has grown year after year. it takes a lot of preparation for businesses that want to
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stopped by a local brewery and restaurant to see how they're getting ready for next week. >> reporter: inside strange craft beer company -- >> i can't find my other purple. >> reporter: jules hoekstra -- >> i'm looking for my purple. there it is. >> reporter: -- is taking care of the last minute stuff decorating beer boards ahead of next week's great american beer festival. >> i've been planning jbf events probably the last two to >> reporter: more than 700 brewers just like jules have been planning. for the convention center doors to open, for 60,000 people to file in for beer after beer to pour. >> we have so many people coming into town from out of town, i mean this is one of the most renown festivals. >> reporter: you can call it a festival, but there are more fitting words. >> chaos.
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it's fantastic. >> reporter: and his staff have also been planning for week long gabf chaos for months. they'll be ready for business to double as beer lovers with big appetites take up the tables. >> seven pigs, i believe, later this week in preparation for next week. that's not to mention duck and lamb. >> reporter: euclid hall is scamming back on the big -- scaling back on the big events this year. >> this year we'll do fewer and be open for the masses, throw a party every night. >> reporter: now is time for the last minute prep work. next week the frenzy, chaos of gabf is here. >> i hope to survive. >> reporter: so some 60,000 tickets for the great american beer festival all sold out in just over an hour this year. that is actually faster than last year, about 10 minutes
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worries. we have a list on of things you can do beer related next week. adele, we have some other options for you if you can't make it. >> did you get your tickets? >> i didn't. i was too slow this year, but there might be tickets available still on the secondary markets. if you check some of those sites, you could actually probably still find some. a school bus becomes a deer stand. the family who came up with the idea and their crazy cr other inventions. >> get ready for a black moon this week, a welcome nonsight for stargazers. >> too much fruit attracting hungry bears in boulder, now there's an idea to protect animals and help a lot of people, too. >> and the power of a major typhoon, more on that plus the forecast at home. >> we'll show you something pretty cool that will make you realize just how far trevor
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this time of year bears are looking for anything they request to fatten up for the -- they can to fatten up for the long winter sleep. boulder is offering to keep people safe by offering to pick any fruit hanging low or on the ground that's temptation to the bears. there's a group dedicated to harvesting and distributing surplus urban fruit in boulder. all the extra fruit goes to people in need. in wisconsi hunting is to remain stealthy. jesse coffman got a 72 passenger school bus on top of an old gas station fuel tank. originally jesse's father had a small camper up there. jesse decided to improve that idea. he used a bulldozer to build a ramp to get that thing up there. the first attempt didn't go so well. he tried again and created the deer stand now known and seen
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>> it's really a good way to spend an afternoon up there. >> that's what deer hunting is about more than anything, spending time with your family. >> and a fun family it is. they also have a 120-foot slip and slide and turned a military surplus fuel bladder into a human launch pad. that bus has been up there for three years now. since the photo made its way online, hunters planning their next trip have been asking to try it out. >> those kids never say i'm bored. there are super moons, blue moons, blood moons and fingernail moons in some parts. this friday we have a black moon. you can't see it, thus the name. blue moons and black moons are similar in a way. blue moons are the second full moon in a month. black moons are the second new moon in a month. it only happens about once every three years or so. stargazers love black moons. with no reflection from our natural satellite there's less light and you can see more of
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>> adele, that will be interesting. friday a cool front comes in and cloud cover may be a factor for whatever you may or may not be able to see of that moon, spectacular sight anyway, something to think about. while we enjoy a calm quiet weather picture here, in taiwan typhoon maggie wreaking havoc tonight. scaffolding was blown from a high rise building under tr strong winds and rain came to the island today. they're still recovering today. a large amount of that scaffolding plunged from the roof of the building. bystanders screaming running for cover. these strong winds and the heavy flooding rainfall continue tonight in that area. in our corner of the world a completely different weather story, calm, quiet beautiful evening. that bodes well for your
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in the morning, 60s by 9:00 tomorrow. beautiful conditions up in the high country, how about a rainbow and fall foliage, great shot from day in smith in ridgeway. our high today in denver 83, almost 90 in southeastern colorado, 68 in leadville, 80 in grand junction. average is mid-70s. we'll be above average probably the next two days ahead of that cool front sliding in friday. 65 at the airport, wind southeast at 3, calm winds not much on the radar tonight. we'll look south and west at the satellite and radar composite. area of low pressure is cut off from the a man flow starting to move bring -- main flow starting to move bringing limited moisture. a secondary flow moving through minneapolis and chicago is bringing showers to that area that may impact travel in the northeast tomorrow, dry for the central plains. some of the moisture across the southwest may make it into southern colorado tomorrow.
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we'll see. low pressure sliding through the midwest tomorrow brings a dry front through colorado, may play with temperatures in the afternoon. i think this mild stable layer of air remains in play for our state with a smattering of showers across the southwest. storm track north of us, trough digging in through the midwest. this is where the cool pool of air will be tomorrow, 60s from st. louis to omaha, w denver, heat building south and west. there's cool air bottled up to the north here friday into saturday. coolest numbers tonight, 34 leadville, 45 salida, 47 greeley, 50s in southeastern colorado where the numbers soar tomorrow, low 80s in denver and arvada, 70s in the high country and great day for a drive into the foothills. 72 idaho springs, 70 degrees with sunshine in grand lake. tonight fair skies, quiet and
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by lunchtime. kids might need a light jacket in the morning. they'll ask for shorts in the afternoon and probably the day after. slight cooling trend, seasonal highs heading into the weekend, a few showers here and there. i wouldn't get too excited about that. we need the moisture. i do not see denver's first snowfall yet and no additional snow expected for the high country, but i've got highs in the 60s for the first few days of october. oh, my words for these pictures that you continue to send. keep sending them. i'll try to stay speechless, hard for me. drew is in next with sports.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. stumbled across a few seconds of video tonight that really makes trevor siemian's 3-0 start seem more incredible. it's fr the moment peyton manning was benched and brock osweiler was told to warm up during the game against the chiefs. look carefully at the guy osweiler is playing catch with wearing a camo sweatshirt and ball cap and a mouthful of sunflower seeds, trevor siemian, not even dressed, looks like the ball boy, third stringer and now, wow. avalanche beat the wild
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giants. san francisco belted back to back home runs in the 5th inning including buster posey's 100th career hit. roccos trail 7-1 in the 7th. a former university of colorado basketball player continues to have a lot of athletic success, but it's no longer on the court. 9news sports reporter aaron matas is challenging his limits. >> when you're running and riding, that's a very linear challenge. >> reporter: the path was >> i think just being a strength coach in boulder you're constantly dealing with endurance athletes. >> reporter: when it comes to the people erin carson trains, the proof has been on the podium. third place finisher at ironman tim o'donnell, three time world champion marinda cartwright and many, many more. >> our opportunities are great and the stories are really
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themselves. >> reporter: carson and her team package their training program so it can reach athletes worldwide. >> thus we created endurance consultants or ec fit. >> reporter: the former elite basketball player wants to prove to her clients that she still has it. >> as we navigate the decades, we want to find things that allow us to be competitive, keep us healthy, fit, strong. >> reporter: triathlon has worked for carson, so much so that she was the top american finishin the world championships this month. >> i did the best i could on this day and came sixth in my age group, justone place away from winning a trophy. that's the other thing. we aren't doing it for money. trophies are cool. >> reporter: the experience on course gives her credibility in here and this is the ream work. >> i would give up me being -- real work. >> i would give up me being on
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athletes succeed. still of the night comes from graham junction where highlands ranch senior sinking a hole in 1, wow. pierson aced the 15th hole in the still of the night. strange but drew. extremely awkward moment at the united states ryder cup team picture. viceta standing in the back row when the photographer pointed him to the other side, but when woods got there, it became clear he wasn't supposed to be in the photo at all. players only. get lost, coach. strange but drew. stranger but drewer, some fool was attempting to propose to his girl friend live on the yankee stadium scoreboard tonight when he suddenly dropped the ring. everybody in section 132 helped find it.
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and she said yes. >> oh, wow. >> stranger but drewer. >> did she wait till she saw the ring before she said yes? >> absolutely. could you imagine the grime that's got to be on that thing? >> a little mustard. >> you know she's in for an
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tomorrow's wednesday halfway through >> what she said and here's your forecast. you like today, you'll love tomorrow, looks a lot like the same, right? even the end of the week cooler, mid-70s. look at october, drew. i do have some 60s in there. did you know it's october this weekend? >> when does october saturday? >> saturday. do the hump day. come on. she does this in the newsroom. she won't do it now. >> the tonight show is next.
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tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks for watching.
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dirty bomb trump threatened to drop on the clintons. >> the insults, the interruption, the sniffles. we break down the great debate
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>> i'm very glad that i didn't mention indiscretions. >> sparks fly on the debate stage as trump and hillary fight for the presidency. >> why he bit his tongue and how he's explaining this today. >> maybe he caught the cold he's accusing her of lying about. >> be very afraid donald. be vy >> angelina's pit bulls. did her inner circle go on an anti-brad smear chain. >> and another couple calling it quits. naomi watts and liev shriber. >> and tom brady a naked oppose with gisele. and we're inside the other big
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stars. what renee just revealed to babe "babyface" and his partner. e hey everyone. with to be "extra." coming up angelinaingangelin an fatherre >> the candidated had their say. >> i want you to be very happy. >> donald i know you live in your own reality. >> that is the toughest bitch i know and you better i want to her to be president.


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