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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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make the dream yours with ikea. good morning - happy wednesday!! i'm corey rose - here with gary and marty... marty - it's a little dry, but this weather is still amazing...
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police shooting...this time in southern california.. this morning - officers are calling for calm in the town of el cajon. police say - a man was acting erratically and not listening to officers' commands... and say witness video shows he did not have his hands up... and at one point - he appeared to point something at an officer. it's important to note - police have not said what that object was. it happened tuesday afternoon around 1... tuesday night -
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chanting - demanding answers from police. the two officers involved - have been placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues. in denver...two separate shootings left three people injured... and so far this morning - there have been no arrests. the first - happened on federal boulevard - near yale and vasar. police say - two people were shot - but are expected to survive. and at least one man is in critical condition - after a second shooting along the 26- hundred block of east 46th avenue. that's near the purina plant and i- 70... the suspect and police are still searching this morning. israel's ninth president - shimon peres - has died. he was 93 years old.. peres spent 60 years in politics.. he served as president from 2007 to 20-14... peres also served as the country's ministers of finance, foreign affairs and national defense... as well as prime minister. his family says - peres had a stroke about two weeks ago - and died wednesday
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list of world leaders will go to his funeral on friday.. president obama, the clintons, pope francis, prince charles and canadian prime minister justin trudeau - will all be there to honor the former president and nobel peace prize laureate. last year... colorado governor john hickenlooper met shimon peres - and the two posed for a selfie. hickenlooper quoted the leader on facebook - saying "politics divides, science unites." that meeting was during an economic development event in israel. legacy high school's head football coach - is back on the field today. wayne vorhees was on the bus that crashed at d-i-a earlier this month. two other coaches - matt kroupa and kyle rider - and 15 football players were hurt. the bus driver - kari chopper: was killed. coaches voorhees and rider spent two days in the hospital. rider is still recovering at home. coach kroupa - is
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the media today--before the 3 p-m practice. today we could learn the fate of a man - accused of hitting and killing a colorado state patrol cadet. jury deliberations in the christopher gebers case continue today.. gebers is accused of killing cadet taylor thyfault - and injuring trooper clinton rushing - while fleeing a traffic stop in longmont. rushing and thyfault were at an unrelated crash scene when they were hit. gebers faces a number of charges - including first degree murder, first degree today - the teenager accused of severely beating a 71 year old woman will find out what charges he's facing. police say 16 year old jeffrey collins attacked the woman after she tried to give him and his friends a ride and a place to stay. she now has a severe head injury and other fractures and cuts. collins could face charges of attempted first degree murder and first degree assault of an at- risk adult. today - fans will get to say goodbye
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procession for miami marlins star jose fernandez. the 24 year old pitcher was killed in a boating accident early sunday morning. since then - baseball has been mourning the loss. today's proecssion will leave marlins park just after 2...and travel to two different churches. there will be a public viewing from 4 until midnight.. and a private funeral will be held on thursday. two days after the first presidential debate... hillary clinton is going after young voters.. and donald trump - is ready to change lawrence has more from the campaign trail.
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today...with an unlikely ally by her side... bernie sanders. and donald trump is heading to the midwest - planning campaign stops in chicago, iowa and wisconsin. it hasn't been very long at all since the debate.. but donald trump's campaign and the republican party - have raised a lot
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18 million dollars. there is a quarter fundraising deadline at the end of this month... trump's campaign is planning a major investment in political ads from now through november -- which will cost a pretty penny. hillary clinton can add two more endorsements to her list... both from unlikely sources. former virginia senator john warner is endorsing her... he's a republican - who was briefly in the senate alongside clinton. and the arizona republic newspaper is endorsing clinton as well... the first time the paper has endorsed a democratic a government shutdown is fast approaching... an impasse in the senate means it could come by the end of this week. democrats want progress on legislation to fight the zika virus and help flood-torn louisiana. they're also hoping republicans will be willing to add money to help with the water crisis in flint, michigan. if there's no vote on the flint issue -
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stopgap spending bill. republican say - flint shold be handled in a seperate meaure. today, president obama will meet with those who fight for our country. the commander in chief will be in fort lee virginia for a town hall meeting. he is expected to discuss issues like veterans, national security and foreign policy. the president will also take questions from active service members and veterans in the audience. vice president joe biden is dabbling in a new career.. for tonight at least. he will be making an appearance on special victims unit. but he won't have to do that much acting -- he's playing himself. the show will be about a case connected to the backlog of untested rape kits around the country. that's an issue biden is passionate about. he hopes this will draw attention to the white house's campaign of preventing sexual
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there are some busy bears in boulder - and all across the state. and they're hungry too.. how one group is
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this time of year -- bears are very busy. hibernation season is getting closer every day - and they're looking to fatten up for the long sleep. in boulder - people are trying to help both bears and hungry people - by offering to pick up any extra fruit that may tempt the hungry bears to called "community fruit rescue"... they'll pick up extra urban fruit growing in boulder.. and give it to people in need. a fast-moving wildfire in california is forcing people to leave their homes at a moments notice. a mandatory evacuation was ordered for those living near the loma fire in the santa cruz mountains. so far the raging flames consumed one home and six outbuildings. it's burned more than 22-hundred acres and is only 10-percent contained.
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pretty set in your "back to school routine"... but for some students - next year is already on their minds.. and if you're looking to do some pop culture research.. be careful... searching online for certain celebs -
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those back to school routines.. it's already time for high school seniors to be thinking about next year... especially when it comes to the world of financial aid. no matter where your student wants to go...
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start here - with the application for federal student aid - also known as fafsa. the application has some changes for the 20-17, 20-18 school year. now - you can file as early as october first. but keep in mind - parents and students will be required to report income from the 20-15 tax year. financial aid experts say - don't worry - and ask for help if the process gets too intimidating. the filing deadline isn't until june 18th... but a lot of schools have priority deadlines earlier...which could mean first dibs on any fi but a lot of schools have priority deadlines earlier...which could mean first dibs on any available money. a former indy racing league driver - is finally getting behind the wheel again... 16 years after being paralyzed from the neck down. sam schmidt is getting the united state's first driver's license for an autonomous vehicle. the license will
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his specially modified corvette on nevada roads. four cameras monitor his head movements - letting him control the car. to accelerate - he breathes in to a tube... and inhales when he wants to brake. disability advocates say it's a big step toward accessibility for anyone who wants to keep driving. next time you google a celebrity.. be careful who you search for. intel security just released their list of the "most dangerous celebrities to schumer tops the list... singer justin bieber and n-b-c's carson daly follow. instel says - searching for these three - can lead you to sites that carry viruses. rihanna, miley cyrus and selena gomez also made this year's list. alright beer fans - get ready... the great american beer fest is almost here -- and denver is working hard to prepare for all the excitement. and most college
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biggest battles yet. but one c-s-u student shows us - when life gets complicated - it's important to have
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week is the equivalent of the super bowl. the great american beer festival kicks off next thursday, october 6th - and runs through saturday. up to 60-thousand
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over those three days. more than 800 breweries from all over the country will compete for awards... and visitors will get to sample more than 38-hundred beers. many local breweries already have their special brews ready to go. and local restaurants expect business to double from an influx of beer-lovers with big appetites. businesses have been preparing for the festival for a long time. 60-thousand tickets to the great american beer festival sold out in just over an hour this year. some tickets are still available on the secondary market on sites like stub hub. for sorority sisters - the day they usher in their newest members
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years. but for one c-s-u student....this year's bid day was extra special. 9 news reporter dan grossman has the story. nats of countdown we all face our own mountains nats of screaming on ts day not getting the sorority they had hoped for would be the largest most girls here faced it made camille goodale a good shoulder to lean on as she knows how to keep their mountains in perspective it was april 29th when camille got the call from her doctor that she'd be joining a battle both her grandfather and uncle have already fought she spent 37 days in the hospital. nearly half of them were dedicated to chemo as the treatments pressed on a good sense of humor told the outside world "i can get through this." pause her sorority sisters gave her the will to believe it not long after most of the women left, one returned and sat on the edge of camille's hospital bed nats of cheering forgotten. nats of cheering as those same sisters began to welcome their newest nats of hugging they also welcomed back their most resilient r seem all that hard to move when you have an entire sisterhood helping you out dan grossman 9news.> camille is currently in remission and is going through her second to last round of chemo. she hopes to be all
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going through her second to last round of chemo. she hopes to be all
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yankees-red sox game this week... but it had nothing to do with the game - or the storied rivalry between the teams. a fan was actually proposing to his girlfriend...and dropped the ring right in the middle of the big ask. thankfully - other fans helped him track it down... and she said yes. and in case you were wondering - the home team yankees beat the red sox - six to four. these five firefighters likely won't be saving homes from destruction... their job- is to keep an eye on the airport. in the next half hour- why d-i-a is getting its second
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that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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at the other end of the gun. why police say the california officer opened fire. a man accused of hitting and killing a state patrol cadet argues... troopers were the ones in the wrong. the punishment the driver could soon face. and- no homes for miles.. but more than one fire station. why the airport is in crew. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- we're holding on to the early fall warmth for a little while longer. two separate


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