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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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at the other end of the gun. why police say the california officer opened fire. a man accused of hitting and killing a state patrol cadet argues... troopers were the ones in the wrong. the punishment the driver could soon face. and- no homes for miles.. but more than one fire station. why the airport is in crew. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- we're holding on to the early fall warmth for a little while longer. two separate
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denver- and zero arrests. police are investigating this morning... and
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the first shooting happened along federal boulevard- near yale and vassar at about 8 p-m. denver police say the two shooting victims at that location are expected to survive. no suspect information has been released. the second shooting happened after 9 p-m... on the 26 hundred block of east 46th avenue. that's near the purina plant and i- 70. a man went to the hospital in critical condition. the suspect ran away- and has not been found. we could find out as soon as today... whether the man accused of hitting and killing a colorado state patrol cadet... will spend the rest of his life in prison. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live at the boulder county courthouse... where the jury's deliberations will resume in just a couple of hours. the teenager accused of severely beating a 71 year old woman who was trying to help him out...
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who was trying to help him out... is about to find out his possible punishment. police arrested 16 year old jeffrey collins last week... after days of searching. they say he attacked the woman after she tried to give him and his friends a ride and a place to stay. they were hitch hiking. the woman had a severe head injury and other fractures and cuts. after the attack- collins' friends say
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collins could face attempted first degree murder and first degree assault of an at- risk adult charges. a homeless shelter in boulder says- if anyone wants a bed they have to sign up early. the daily camera reports- the boulder shelter for the homeless is starting a new pre-registration system. people wanting beds will sign up for a lottery either in person or by phone. the shelter used to accept walk-ups... but now, people will be assigned beds by noon every day. last winter the program where people would find out by seven p-m if they had a spot. but- that's pretty late on a cold winter night. the shelter has about 100 beds available on any given night. colorado will have to repay millions of dollars in medicaid funding... because of reported abuse at a center for people with disabilities. the facility is in pueblo. the denver post reports- federal investigators uncovered several instances of abuse before november 20-15.
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burned with a blow dryer to raise her body temperature. several other residents reported scratches on their skin... which staffers said were from "paranormal activity." state regulators are monitoring the center and staff members have been retrained. this week- one of three legacy high school football coaches injured in a bus crash- will make it back to the field. head coach wayne voorhees was on the bus that crashed at d-i-a earlier this month. 15 students were also injured- and the bus driver died. coach kyle rider is still recovering at home... and coach matt kroupa is still in the hospital. voorhees is expected to speak to the media today- before practice at three. new this morning- another african american man is dead... killed by police. this time... in california. police in the san diego suburb el cajon are calling for calm... as they investigate tuesday night's shooting. police say an officer shot the man- after seeing him pull an object
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the department released this picture- showing the man who appears to have both hands on the object as he pointed it. it's unclear whether that object was actually a gun... the man died later in the hospital. police haven't released the man's name. we do know, his sister called police saying her brother was acting strangely and was not himself. the sister posted a facebook live after the shooting... as of this morning, the video has been viewed more than 34-thousand times. a fire in california has claimed two homes. the "loma fire" started monday afternoon near santa clara. the fire is about ten percent contained right now... 300 more homes are in danger.
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fast- even without the help of wind. you can see some of the efforts from the air to get the fire under control. the cause of the wildfire is under investigation. so far- so good in iowa... a complex network of temporary flood walls has protected thousands of homes from flooding in cedar rapids. iowa's second largest city put up nearly ten miles of barriers and berms to hold back the cedar river. the river crested tuesday- hitting the second highest level ever on record. schools will stay closed again today... city officials don't plan to let evacuees return for a few more days as the water goes down. the city could return to normal as soon as this weekend. so much expansion
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calls for more everyday heros... we'll explain why the area is getting a second fire station. plus- politics and football faced off in a head to head matchup... and the underdog won. who was watching what- on a very busy monday night. and why denver stands out among
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airport keeps growing. so much so, they need another fire station to keep up with calls and demand. fire station 35 will open in november. you'll see the building under construction as you drive towards the's at 75th and jackson gap street. it's the only fire station at the airport that's not on the secured airfield. the new station will serve the entire airport, but their priority will be pena boulevard, the final approach, the service cargo areas and all the other new infrastructure coming to that corridor. thio snow cat for snow emergencies on pena during those heavy storms, and it'll be staffed with 5 firefighters 24/7. it'll also increase response times in that area. 9news reporter colleen ferreira will have more on the station coming up at 6am. also at the the end of next week, you will have more parking options. they are opening up another parking garage with 18 hundred spaces. it opens on the east side of the terminal. with the opening of this garage, the airport will have 44 thousand public
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there are also 6 free electric charging stations. the garage is a 45 million dollar project. the money did not come from taxpayers, but from a capital improvement program. the airport uses the revenue it collects from things like concessions, rental cars and parking fees to reinvest in its infrastructure.
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didn't trump all of t-v. but in denver... the love of the game still rules. we'll tell you why our football fans put up a fight in the t-v ratings battle
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this time- the senate is blocking a spending bill... and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are standing in the way. most democrats and at least ten republicans voted to block the bill. they're fighting over funds to battle zika... and money to help flint, michigan's lead water crisis. republican leaders want to address the flint issue after the election
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bill. the bill also includes 500 million dollars to help louisiana after last month's flooding. congress has until midnight on friday to reach a deal. president obama is bracing for a showdown with the senate today... as lawmakers consider overriding his veto. the president vetoed a bill to allow families of september 11th victims to sue saudi arabia and other countries. president obama says he has deep sympathy for the families of victims of terrorism... but the bill would interfere with foreign policy. this was president obama's 12th veto.. real threat of override. for once politics trumped football. we're getting the numbers in for who decided to watch monday night football this week... and who picked the first presidential debate. the falcons saints game had one of the lowest ratings ever monday night... the presidential debate beat the game in the ratings 46 to five. more than 81 million people watched on t-v... ad nearly three
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tweeted about it. the viewership was lower than the expected 100 million - but it was the most watched presidential debate ever. we do love our football in denver though. outside of new orleans and atlanta- where the teams are from- the top area watching the game on monday was denver. let's check in with marty.
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about to get paid... to live in a cave by himself. and- uber isn't getting much business from people in japan... why the company hopes japanese takeout will do the trick instead.
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finally found him. 22 year old nathan carman and his mother were fishing on his 31 foot aluminum boat.. when it suddenly started to sink. carman says he made it onto the life r b after seven days, a chinese freighter found him drifting in the atlantic ocean. carman is a suspect in his wealthy grandfather's 20-13 unsolved killing. trending this morning... a northern swiss town has a new employee.. a professional hermit.. the new employee will make about 24 thousand dollars a year... all he has to do is live in a secluded
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gorge. the 55 year old man will also have room and board covered... plus a paid vacation. 22 people applied for the unusual job posting. town officials say they picked their new hire because his "charismatic" personality was - quote- "the right quality for our hermit." the hermit position has existed in the town since the 15th century. uber isn't catching on in japan as a person carrying service. but it might catch on - for food delivery. uber eats services start tomorrow in tokyo. people could order anything from simple dishes... to some of the fanciest food in the city. deliver is free at first... but later on it will cost customers
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off of 150 restaurant menus. the company hopes the service will be popular for those working late in offices and at parties. who won the presidential debate.. is debatable. in the next half hour... why donald trump says he held back... and still thinks he won... and where hillary clinton is taking her post-debate energy and
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won't be enough proof... after yet another police shooting. we'll show you what protesters a picture alone won't be enough proof after yet another police shooting. we will show you what protesters and officers are debating in southern california this morning. and the man accused of hitting and killing a state patrol cadet blames troopers for the whole thing.
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a decision in that case. out of bed and back on the field, a legacy high school football coach returning to his players and his game after a deadly school bus crash. good morning, everyone. gary and cory with you on this tuesday morning. marty joins us, too. he went for a bike ride yesterday. what a spectacular day. >> phenomenal. wonderful conditions again today. it is a bit windy right now in and near the foothills at the base of the foothills. actually, i think that will slow down once we get the sunup atmosphere a little bit. temperatures on the mild side. relative to the last few days with low-to-mid 50s around here. we see temperatures already in the 60s in boulder. we will be in the 60s, pretty consistently around the metro area by the end of the rush hour. 70s, 80s here today. with 60s and 70s in the foothills. everybody with sunshine here on the front range. it is dry across the state. there are a few extremely light showers wandering their way


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