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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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a decision in that case. out of bed and back on the field, a legacy high school football coach returning to his players and his game after a deadly school bus crash. good morning, everyone. gary and cory with you on this tuesday morning. marty joins us, too. he went for a bike ride yesterday. what a spectacular day. >> phenomenal. wonderful conditions again today. it is a bit windy right now in and near the foothills at the base of the foothills. actually, i think that will slow down once we get the sunup atmosphere a little bit. temperatures on the mild side. relative to the last few days with low-to-mid 50s around here. we see temperatures already in the 60s in boulder. we will be in the 60s, pretty consistently around the metro area by the end of the rush hour. 70s, 80s here today. with 60s and 70s in the foothills. everybody with sunshine here on the front range. it is dry across the state. there are a few extremely light showers wandering their way
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working up towards the four corners. by 5:00, 6:00 tonight, they will just barely be moving over the border. after sunset, we will begin to see a few more light showers drifting into western colorado and the central mountains. so we will see some showers overnight. they are not going to be particularly heavy. but it is going to signal a change in western colorado. and that moisture out west will slowly make its way our way in the form of a few clouds tomorrow. small chances for rain on friday. and a couple of showerar take a look at this view. this is 225 right around mississippi. both sides of the highway commute are so far so good. but as we get out to our maps we have a lot happening. right along our i-70 corridor. two separate accidents have just taken place within the last about five minutes or so. and the delays here are going to grow very quickly. already a 12 minute drive from 225 over towards i-25 in the westbound direction. that is up from our typical commute of just about 8 or 9
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20s. average speeds across that stretch, 42 miles per hour. where did the two crashes set? westbound the first is at central park and further east another near pe or you -- peoria. both of these happened in the westbound direction. slowdowns are inevitable coming in from 225. amelia thank you. a familiar story in a new location. the police chief in california is asking for calm after one of his officers shot and killed an african man. the latest happened tuesday night in the san diego suburb. police responded to a call from a woman saying her brother was acting erratically and wasn't himself. when officers arrived they say he pointed an object at them and took what officers call a shooting stance. the chief says one officer tried to subdue the man with a stun gun before another officer fired several times. an employee at a nearby drive- thru voluntarily shared this picture of the encounter with investigators. it clearly shows the man with both hands on an object, facing down police.
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object was a gun. protesters gathered at the scene of the shooting telling police black lives matter and hands up, don't shoot. this 16-year-old is accused of brutally beating a 71-year- old woman. today he will find out the charges against him. police arrested 16 caroled jeffrey collins last week. they say he attacked a woman after she offered him and two or teens a ride and a place to stay. the woman is still recovering from a severe head injury. we're expecting collins to face c attempted first degree murder and first degree assault of an at-risk adult. denver police are working on two separate shooting cases this morning that happened 11 miles apart. the first happened about 8:00 tuesday night on federal boulevard near yale and vassar in southwest denver. two people were shot. they are expected to survive. right now police are still trying to get information on who pulled the trigger. the second happened to the north. near the purina plant on i-70 after 9:00 p.m.
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the suspect ran away. it has been almost a year since a son with disabilities died in blanca, colorado. now investigators think they know who murdered him. his mother. carroll carpenter is facing first degree murder charge in her son's death. investigators say 27-year-old cory carpenter was core. one of three legacy high school football coaches injured in a bus crash is going to be returning to the field today. wayne voorhees was seriously injured along with coach matt kroupa and coach kyle rider along with 15 other students. the bus driver was killed in the crash. it happened at d.i.a. she was picking up the team after they played football in california earlier this month. coach voorhees is going to return to practice this afternoon. coach rider is still recovering at home. coach kroupa is still in the
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dry conditions persist over colorado. frankly over quite a bit of country. especially from colorado to the north and west around here. we actually have some moderate drought reported from the north side of metro denver right up along i-25 into the berthed area. things are very, very dry. current wildfire situation over 331,000 acres burning. much of that in california. we continue to have active fires across the state, fire at over 38,000 acres. we're not getting a lot of smoke out of that fire and i want is 75% contained. firefighters do expect that to be out sometime next month. if you're out working on the job today, it is a cool start. but you know what, you will be sweating by the end of the day in direct sunshine with temperatures near 80. it is going to be pretty toasty out there. it is 5:35. democratic nominee hillary
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republican endorsement. virginia senator john warner is crossing party lines. he plans to appear with current virginia senator and vice president presidential nominee tim kaine. warner served five terms in the senate and is known for having strong national security credentials. republican presidential candidate donald trump says he's pleased with his performance at the presidential debate monday night. he also said that he was holding back against hillary clinton. trump thinks he won the debate. he says he could have been tougher against didn't want to embarrass her. at first, his first campaign stop, i should say, since the debate, trump said he represents change that clinton would not bring to the government. after the debate, donald trump and the republican party did win on fundraising. the gop raised some $18 million following the debate. trump says that is the biggest one-day haul in his entire campaign. his campaign is planning a major investment in advertising now through election day. today, clinton will reach
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hampshire. she is planning a campaign stop there with former rival bernie sanders. the next presidential debate is october 9. it is 5:37 right now. the man accused of hitting and killing a state patrol cadet and injuring a trooper could soon find out what he's -- could soon find out his fate, i should say. his defense was that the state troopers did not follow their own protocol when think tried to pull him over. kind of an ua 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas at the boulder courthouse this morning. a complicated case it sounds like. >> reporter: it is a complicated case. in the middle of it all, a lot of emotion. a lot of people remember last spring when cadet taylor tephow was killed in this incident. this was something that really caught so many headlines just because it was such an extreme accident and such a sad case. it happened in may of last year. the person accused is 28-year-
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charged with 16 counts including first degree murder with extreme indifference in the death of cadet taylor tephow. what police say, and investigators say is that state troops were attempting to pull over -- troopers were attempting to pull over geibers. but he fled and drove away. that is when the chase began. now, his lawyer is saying that authorities should have used their own protocol in determining that the chase may have been continue. so they should have concluded the chase, stopped it if they thought it was going to get that dangerous. so in essence, they are saying it is not the defendant's fault that it is law enforcement's fault for beginning and continuing that pursuit. now, this is something that jurors are going to have to decide on. they deliberated for three hours yesterday in this case. geibers is accused of hitting
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injuring rushing and killing tephow because they were investigating an accident that the defendant drove up on as he was fleeing police. like we mentioned the jurors deliberated three hoursiest yesterday. -- hours yesterday. be careful what you search for online. we're always saying that but we will tell you which celebrity google searches could put your computer at risk. and next week, denver
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it is 5:41 right now. he was called israel's warrior of peace. this morning that nation is mourning the loss of former prime minister shamon perez. he died after having a stroke two weeks ago. he was aread a nobel peace prize for forging a deal between the israelis and the palistinians. his funeral is scheduled for friday. among those who will be there,
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obama are expected to attend. he was 93 years old. 170 years after the mexican- american war, remains of american troops will come home to the u.s. today. a ceremony will be held at dover will air force base in delaware. the war lasted from 18 foyer 6 to 1847. this led the u.s. to add territory that with become arizona, classify and colorado. and colorado. death can cause a lost loved ones money. some phone utility and cable companies can charge an early termination fee when a customer dies. but not in new york. governor andrew cuomo calls these fees heartless and inappropriate. so he signed a bill into law that will stop companies in new york from charging early termination fees when somebody pass away. providers that violate the
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charged thousands of dollars under the new law. >> stunning that any company would think to do that. around here we have gorgeous views over the area. this is highway 33 west of red stone through central colorado. just phenomenal views with the fresh snow and the colorado fall colors going in that part of our state. sunshine for us today, we jump up into the lower 80s, yet again. might be a degree or two cooler than yesterday. i don't think you will probably notice the here. weeds in the moderate category. trees and grasses kind of taking it easy for the season it looks like. okay. getting outside. we have a major problem developing out to the east side. this is our i-70 corridor moving through westbound between 225 and i-25. travel times are increasing quickly. the reason is we have got this backup forming right behind two separate accident. the first, the exit of central park and the second crash is between peoria and havana.
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average speeds are in the lower 30s and it is a 16 minute delay heading through. we will track this for you but unfortunately, i would say colfax is your only easy alternate. anywhere else heading to the north gets complicated. if you are comfort, that, definitely try to avoid that highway drive. we have major road work going on. the right lane is closed on speer from auraria and speer off of i-25. >> busy early morning it seems like. >> thank you, amelia. up a lost money. john stumpf is for fitting $41 million in stock -- forfeiting 41 $41 million in stock and other awards. customers were charged extra fees for accounts opened without their permission. wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million to settle the accusations and hundreds of employees were fired. if you want to protect your
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googling celebrities or at least avoid googling some of them anyway. intel security released its list as it does every year of the most dangerous celebrities to search online. at the top of the list comedian amy schumer followed by justin beiber and nbc's carson daly. searches for those names will most likely take to you sites this infected by viruses and lw i feel like kardashian would be one. >> they get a lot of searches. that is where the phishing people are going. beware. it is a vacation exaggeration that went too far. we will tell you why one
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a 24-year-old marlins player had a baby on the way and a bright future. today family will say their final farewells to jose fernandez. a funeral possession will leave marlins park shortly before 2:00 this afternoon. fernandez died early sunday morning in a deadly boating accident in miami. two other people on the boat also died. planners in tokyo want to scale back a 2020 olympics. tokyo's governor created a committee to look how they are budgeting for the games. tokyo could save money by using
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and canoeing. they also want to cut down the number of spectators seats around the volleyball courts. the full recommendations will come out tomorrow. the goal is to cut costs and make sure the venues will still be used after the games are over. a little lie at work about an epic vacation turned into a real problem for one man. a city in japan through a party when one of its employees won a big video game competition in france. except he didn't actually win. the 23-year-old worked in a city tourism office and he said he went to th week to play a fighting video game. several newspapers featured him for the championship but yesterday, he confessed that he lied about it all. now his bosses are considering disciplinary measures. >> that is a bad idea, marty. it will always come out. >> you can't get away with that! come on, folks. around here today, we have lovely weather going on with sunshine over the state. once it comes up, of course. clear conditions now. we are seeing a few clouds in the four corners.
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in the day before this will all -- slow-moving system in the gulf of california will push a few clouds into that part of colorado. we have dry conditions slated here throughout the day. this evening, may begin to see a few light showers move as far north as summit county and perhaps over berthed pass as well. but during the daylight, it its going to be just really warm and beautiful here today. 70s, 80s for our highs with 60s and 70s in the mountains. we will be very warm and dry throughout eastern colorado. some of the warmer as far as rain goes, here we are, dinnertime tonight, just starving to get a few showers through the forecast -- -- starting to get a few showers through the four corners. then after sunset, a few more rain showers in the west. the heaviest stuff will stay in utah but we will get a few pockets of rain throughout the western sections of colorado. snow is going to stay up above 11,000 feet tonight and tomorrow morning. high temperature today, 70s, 80s here and in the west with
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we do some gusty winds in and near the foothills. that will die down as the day goes on. we will continue with temperatures in the lower 80s. tonight dropping into the upper 40s with clear skies. some of the clouds come to visit tomorrow. we will get a few clouds tomorrow afternoon. still a warm day. then into the 70s for the next several days. rain chances are very small friday evening. saturday afternoon. they are slightly hire on sunday. well, -- higher on sunday. unfortunately i'm the we have two major highways tangled up with major wrecks here. we're going to start off on the top row of cameras here. talking about i-70. here is a look out at the east side. this is our backup developing behind the two westbound crashes at not only havana but also central park. westbound i-70 slow to 225. this is our tower road cam. i pulled it up to see the backups extending that far. they aren't will there yet but we will start to see the impact. here is southbound i-25 at 84th
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crash here. today no exception. we have a backup now in the far left lane. we have got flashing lights here slowing everybody down. look at that thornton parkway delay coming in from the north end. travel times are also really starting to stack up coming in from that e--470 commute. 14 minute stretch with speeds in the 20s and 30s. out to the east, 30 minutes on that drive just from 225 over to i-25. even though the crashes are all the way out towards havana and peoria and central park. at so, really, really tough, cory. we have all the details up on twitter as well. amelia, thank you. you a eyes were on the diamond at yankee stadium last night and i don't mean the one on the field.
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just a couple of days now, and denver will be turning into the beer capital of the country. organizers getting ready festival. it will bring brewers and beer enthusiasts from all over the country starting next thursday. the official events run through saturday and other beer events outside of the convention center will be going on all weekend at bars and restaurants and breweries. 60,000 people are expected to pack the convention center over the three days. 800 brewers from all over the country will compete for the awards. visitors will get to sample more than 3800 different beers.
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>> it starts a months in advance honestly. we say gabf for the first time in planning probably in march, or april. >> we have so many people coming into town from out of town. i mean, this is one of the most renowned festivals. >> yeah, some restaurants are preparing for businesses to double from the -- for business to double from the influx of beer lovers. 60,000 tickets sold out in just over an hour for some tickets are available on the secondary market on sites like stubhub. >> you have to have food to soak up the booze right? >> exactly. picking up trees to keep extra bears away. right around now, bears start looking for any food they can find. the stiff boulder is offering to pick up any fruit that might be hanging on trees or on the ground. the group community fruit rescue is dedicated to harvesting and redistributing the fruit. the fruit will go to people in need. it is a win-win.
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and people get the extra food. >> absolutely. smart idea. no headphone jack? no problem. you can make your own according to a new internet video. but be aware, a drill is not the answer to your headphone problems. this story is coming up at 6:45. >> i don't even want to know, i don't think. all right. that is it for 9 news 5:00 a.m.
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christopher gebers is accused of hitting and killing a colorado state patrol cadet... and injuring a trooper.. his lawyers argue--they weren't following protocol when they tried to pull him over. today--a jury will decide if he should go to prison. from homeless to heroes... this morning-- the new jersey men who found a pipe bomb... in a backpack... are getting a new start. we're staying updated on the
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good morning... and what a beautiful day it will be with temps in the eighties again. the pieces here. down to our the alternates and show you these delays that are building up pretty quickly. we have slowdowns here on the two lower cameras. this is our southbound 25 crash at 84th avenue. backups squeezed into the two right lanes. slowdowns have extended to thornton parkway. huge slowdowns. you can use washington or huron as alternate routes. the other highway accident is westbound i-70 slowdown that leads up to havana, peoria and central park. here are the backups not quite


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