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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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good morning... and what a beautiful day it will be with temps in the eighties again. the pieces here. down to our the alternates and show you these delays that are building up pretty quickly. we have slowdowns here on the two lower cameras. this is our southbound 25 crash at 84th avenue. backups squeezed into the two right lanes. slowdowns have extended to thornton parkway. huge slowdowns. you can use washington or huron as alternate routes. the other highway accident is westbound i-70 slowdown that leads up to havana, peoria and central park. here are the backups not quite
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be soon enough. a quick look at the maps shows southbound speeds onychite 25 -- on i-25 is a 20 minute drive from e-470 and out to the east a 35 minute commute between 225 and i-25. and gary and cory, that is all squeezed in just between 225 and peoria. >> avoid that area. thank you much for that. good morning. what a beautiful day it will be with temps in the 80s once again. marty is in the back we're fine if this weather lasts forever. >> would that it could. but it would get dry if we did that. we will get balance later in the week. for now we enjoy the sunshine. this is the divide near ridgeway in southwestern colorado. tremendous amount of color there. thanks to our friend don lewis for providing that. it has been dry here the last couple of days. we have a pretty slow-moving storm system in the gulf of california that wants to spin appropriate few showers boo western colorado today. they are going to have to wait until very late in the
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the center of that storm to get anything going. so it is sunny yet again today. and cory, as you said, i think we will top 80. just barely top 80 during the day. no rain across the state. we have a few very light showers in arizona and in new mexico this morning. and those will start to move toward colorado by late in the day. but even at the dinner hour, we're not really anticipating much happening in southwestern colorado. it will be after that when we begin to see really light showers on the western slope. to actually show something in western colorado for some light showers. but they won't be very impressive. >> all right. marty, thank you. two shootings, three victims this morning. denver police are searching for the suspect or suspects after the late-night shootings. the first happened on south federal near yale and vassar at 8:00 p.m. two people were shot that are expected to survive. police are trying to gather information on whoever pulled the trigger. the second happened on the
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than an hour later. a man was shot on east 46th avenue near the purina plant. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. again, there is no suspect information at this time. two minutes after 6:00 right now. it has been a case that we have been following very closely for more than a year and today, a little bit of closure in this case anyway. a jury is expected to deliver its verdict in a trial of christopher gebers. he's the man accused of hitting and killing a state cadet and injuries a trooper. tarhonda thomas is live in boulder county this morning with an update on what's going to happen today. good morning, tarhonda. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday we saw that jury deliberate for three hours inside this courthouse. today, they will return at 9:00 to continue deliberating the fate of 28-year-old christopher gebers. he's charged with first degree murder and 15 other counts in the death of a state trooper
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thyfault. he was hit in may of last year while investigating an accident. so was his colleague trooper clinton rushing. rushing survived that crash. but thyfault did not. now here is how the crash happened. investigators say that the defendant, gebers, was fleeing from police another state patrol officer who was trying to pull him over for his headlights. they say he was high on meth and he intended to sell drugs when he started that chase. then he came upon the scene with cadhy rushing and that is when he hit them according to investigators. the defense for christopher gebers, they have an interesting defense in this case. they told the jury that he should not be held accountable for this because the trooper who was originally pursuing him should have seen that it was so dangerous that he should have stopped the chase. so in essence they are blaming the trooper who originally started that pursuit trying to pull over gebers when he fled. so we will see if that defense sticks. but we do know the jury at
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three hours yesterday and they will return today. core question, they could reach a verdict. if they do, we will let you know. >> this trial has moved so quickly. tarhonda, thank you. wells county investigators think a 15-year-old student is behind an online threat about a shooting on halloween. greeley police say it was posted on facebook and suggested a school shooting involving clowns at franklin middle school in north ridge high school. investigators say none of the threats were credible. the wells county d. a. says clown threats are no laughing matter and anyone caught making threats d crime. it is back to the practice field today for legacy high school head football coach wayne voorhees. he was on the bus that crashed at d.i.a. earlier this month. two other coaches, matt kroupa and kyle rider and 15 football players were hurt. the bus driver was killed. coaches voorhees and rider spent two days in the hospital. rider is recovering at home. coach kroupa is still in the hospital. 5 after 6:00. a federal report has uncovered abuse at a center for people
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the denver post is reporting that allegations include sexual and physical abuse. staff members blamed it on paranormal activity. the report says the abuse happened in november of 2015 but as recently as april. federal investigators found serious incidents there were still occurring. this morning, the alcohol and police chief is asking the community to stay calm after angry butt peaceful protests at -- but peaceful protests country. a police officer shot an african man outside a strip mall in san diego suburb. the man later died. police haven't identified the man. they say he drew an object from his pocket and pointed it at the officers while taking a quote, shooting stance. one officer used a taser. a second officer used his gun. the chief says witness video voluntarily given to the officer shows the man did not have his hands in the air. in a still picture from the video released by police, the
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something at an officer. chief jeff davis didn't say what the object was but did acknowledge it was not a weapon. protesters showed up after the shooting. chief davis is asking for patience. >> now is the time -- now is a time to allow the investigation to shed light on this event. we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law. >> the man's sister posted a facebook live video after the shooting which is now been viewed more than 34,000 called police, saying her brother was not acting like himself. world leaders are expressing their condolences this morning after did death of former israeli president shamon perez. he is 93 years old. he suffered a stroke two weeks ago. president obama called perez the sense of israel -- essence of israel itself. >> we were privileged to have been part of his private family.
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entire nation of israel and the global community, mourn this great loss. we share this pain together. >> perez was a nobel peace prize winner whose political customer spanned nearly 70 years. -- political career spanned nearly 70 years. funeral arrangements will be made today. eastbound lanes of i-70 at the eisenhower tunnels are open now. crews were trying to ni before winter. they will be closed again from 8:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning. traffic will be detoured over loveland pass and then back on to i-70. so if you're heading up to the high country, keep that in mind. and of course in mountain areas you have a lot of interesting neighbors in grand county happens to be a moose and calf hanging around chris shantas place in grant county. looks like they are relaxing there in the grass. for us this morning, clear conditions through the day
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mid 60s by mid morning. low 80s early in the afternoon. it is windy at the base of the foothills. especially for northwest arvada, lafayette, and -- boulder. i expect that wind to die down later in the day. for the next freed three days, a few -- three days a few clouds over the horizon. a small chance for a shower friday evening and again saturday afternoon. >> what is that? >> clouds? >> we haven't had them in happening in arizona but kind of looked like it. >> stunning video shows the raw power when high winds and a little dust create the perfect mix. good morning, denver international airport is getting a brand new fire station and that means faster response times for some parts of the airport out here. at 6:15 i will have a preview
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welcome back. 6:12. we have to talk i-25 and i-70. major delays here forming on the north end coming in southbound along i-25. all leading up to this crash here at 84th avenue. the express lane is blocked. the two left lanes are essentially tied up. police are protecting here -- got the fire crews as well as the cars that everybody squeezed into the two right lanes has now stacked up with ongoing backups past thornton parkway. i expect to see these slowdowns to 120th in the next few minutes. with that in mind, washington, huron good alternates. i say it all the time but i promise you it will help you get around these types of slowdowns. speeds in the 20s and 30s leading up to the crash. 34 minute drive just for e-470. just popped into the red which means we are now officially in the 20s for those average speeds. across your i-70 drive, we're
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drive times. they have dropped from 40 minutes right along that westbound stretch, 225 over to i-25 down to 12 minutes. so it looks like the crashes in havana, peoria and central park are about to clear out of there. but the long line of red going to take a while to work itself out. what a way to start the day. clear conditions around here this morning. we're tracking a storm down south. it is really easy to track because it is barely moving at all. just now working over the mexico-arizona border. we have a few clouds drifting in ahead of it. should work into the four corners late in the day. by late tonight we will start to see a few showers move into central colorado. summit county perhaps even berthed pass and over to grand county. a few light rain showers. going to be after -- way after sunset before that would happen. so the daylight completely clear for you here today. 70s, low eats at lower elevations. 60s -- low 80s at lower elevations.
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in the south, clouds in the four corners area this afternoon. we will begin to get rain and snowshowers and again that snow level will be above 11,000 feet. just in western colorado during the afternoon and evening. as far as rain goes, not really much doing during the day. it picks up a little more during the evening tonight. 70s, 80s, east and west. 60s and 70s, again, in the mountains. i will go 81 downtown with sunshine. keep it clear tonight. drop down into the upper 40s and then, tomorrow into e say that. but it will be fairly mild. clouds tomorrow. small rain chance friday evening. we pick it up a little bit on sunday and then wind on monday signals our next shift in the weather. thank you. 14 minutes after 6:00 right now. denver international airport is getting another new fire station. they already have four stations there on the airfield. but the new one will be outside
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for the growing community around the airport. 9 news reporter colleen ferrara is live outside construction site. this will impact all of us probably. >> reporter: it really wil because the four fire stations they have right now really focus on airfield rescues and they have to deal with everything else around the airport. having this new fire station right behind me will help this station and the crews focus on public safety. more outside of that airfield space. so ad out here. as you know it is always growing. this fire station right behind me to give you an idea, you may have seen it under construction. right off pena boulevard as you head towards the airport. 7 fifth and jackson gap street. station 35 will open in november. to start off it will have one engine, a low profile truck and reserve truck. but they have the capacity to hold four different vehicles. designed to look like an air plane hangar to keep with the feel of all the other buildings
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not tax-pair funded. the money -- tax payer-funded. the airport uses some of the revenue it collects and reinvests it into new infrastructure just like this. the station is really here to serve the entire airport. but you may notice it helping you in an emergency. >> their first in response will specifically help service south cargo, the final approach area, all of the new infrastructure that is going in along airport city. there will be times in this immediate area because -- bus they are adjacent to it. >> reporter: so, they tell me that they will also have a snow cap right behind me in this new fire station. cory you can imagine a snow cat might be very, very useful. especially on those days where it is blowing like a blizzard out here on pena boulevard. i know a lot of us have been in that situation so that snow cat could come in very hand later on this winter. >> absolutely. you can see why they need that
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there by the airport for sure. colleen, thank you. also happening at d.i.a., there will be soon some more parking options for travelers. 1800 more garage spaces will open by the end of next week. the new garage is on the east side of the terminal. the airport says the new spaces will relieve some parking pressure for passengers. >> one of the things we hear from our passengers is not only do we want more parking but a diversity of options. parking is one component of the overalen park at the airport. that is what this is designed to do but there are other options we have added over the last few years. ?ber and lyft, ride-sharing networks, also the rtd a-line to downtown. >> the garage is a $45 million project. the money does not come from tax payers. it comes from the capital improvement program. this is a great idea. no more like circling around trying to find that open space. >> right.
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thing out at the airport so -- >> right. apple pulled a bold move when it decided to get rid of the headphone jack in the latest iphone. >> but people are looking for alternatives to buying wireless head phones. an internet video has a lot of
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solid evidence now that a malaysian jet liners was shot down. the dutch national police say they intercepted communications that showed that promoscow rebels. the airliner was shot down by a missile brought in from the territory of the ration. 2 -- federation. 294 people were killed when that plane was hit and crashed. a massive typhoon has killed at least one person in china. just a day after killing four people and wounding hundreds in taiwan. typhoon maggie weakened to a tropical storm after hitting china. it is packing winds of 74 miles an hour. new video shows flooding on the streets of one city. an amazing and terrifying sight out of arizona.
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of dust blowing into phoenix. it looks like something out of a movie. this dust cloud shut down several highways as it lowered visibility to near zero. no reports of any injuries but we do have to say while it might be scary-looking, it did help create a beautiful sunset. all right. that happens a lot in arizona, i think. >> yup. from homeless to heroes, to bed rest for their heads at night. we will talk about how being in the right place at the right off the streets this morning. but first, lots of problems on the roads this morning and amelia will bring us up to date. it is one of those day, gary. southbound 25 locked one a crash at 84th avenue. but good news across i-70. we will start first with our 84th avenue drive. here is a look at your southbound crash. it is blocking the express lanes as well as the center lane traveling through southbound. we're forced into the two right lanes. because of it the southbound delays track back to about 128th. washington and huron will help
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better as you push through in the westbound direction of i-70 leading up to havana. here is the view at 225. those backups are broken down and here that is live look at 225, and mississippi. northbound slowdowns, marty, very unusual but slowing down on the approach to i-70. my goodness. around here we have a mild t to current conditions for you. everyone reporting clear skies for the most part. temperatures in the 30s. low 40s over the northeastern plains and in moin front range, especially at the base of the foothills where temperatures in the low 50s right now as the wind continues to die down in the foothills. we will see those temperatures slowly start to rise. by the late afternoon, look for the sunshine to heat you back up into the 80s. so, again, if you're working outside today, plenty of water.
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nice follow-up to a story we have been looking at for quite a while. lee parker the homeless man who found one of those peopleu pipe bombs in new jersey -- pipe bombs in new jersey is getting a crowd-funding effort started after -- he's now getting a home. getting a place to live. >> prior toe finding the bomb, parker was living on the streets.
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him off the streets just started coming in. comments poured in. thanking parker and his friend ivan white. the money raised has now gone towards setting both men up in a hotel while a local charity is work to find them a permanent home. the new jersey state legislature plans on honoring both men in a ceremony next month. more than $25,000 was raised. >> that is wonderful. so people who bought that new iphone looking for ways to listen to music after apple decided to get rid of the the answer. >> no. don't do it.
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a man accused of killing a state trooper could learn his fate today. we're live in boulder county with more. this morning, a former miss universe is striking back after her story was brought up in monday night's presidential debate. no headphone, no headphone jack, no problem. that is what a new internet video says anyway. but be warned. drills and iphones do not mix. >> don't do it. at 6:30. an african american man shot by officers in a san diego suburb has died.
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object from his pocket and pointed it in a shooting stance -- shooting stance towards two police officers. the police chief isn't say has the object was -- was but does say it was not a weapon. a still picture from the video released by police shows the man does appear to be pointing something at an officer. the man hasn't been identified yet. his sister is the one who originally called police on him saying he was acting erratically and wasn't himself. >> we will keep track of that story as we get the information on it. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. dry and warm again today metro area. marty joins us from the back yard. we do need some rain. you think we might be able to see some this weekend? >> just a little bit. not going be the a tremendous amount but it will not look like this. certainly as we get into the weekend, another -- morning with clear blue sky over the denver skyline. some of the imagery we have had over the last few days showing clear blue out to the west. this is don lewis up at the dallas divide in southwestern colorado. right now, current readings are
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mountain areas in the lower 30s today. here in the front range, we have had a bit of wind at the base of the foothills that pushed temperatures into the 60s earlier. but that wind is beginning to die down so we're settling back down into the 40s and low 50s. weather today, -- looking to be in the 50s and 60s early on. we will end up during the afternoon near 80 to 81 for a daytime high today. with sunshine across the area. so it will be quite warm and extremely but we do finally have a few changes to talk about in the planning forecast. this will be along in just a few minutes. 6:32. sky 9 is over i-70 and i-25. near park avenue. we have that southbound buildup forming near 20th. once you exit the highway, we do have some downtown construction to let you know about as we get out to the maps. in the meantime, lets look at our cdot cameras. a huge mess up to the north end. north of sky 9, we have two
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two right lanes are still getting through but the slowdowns go back to 136th. two alternate routes would be southbound washington, southbound huron. both can help you parallel i-25 to avoid the delay. right now i-70 is slowly improving after earlier westbound slowdown leading up to havana as well as central park. we had two earlier crashes that were both westbound. backups here getting better but northbound 225 still suffering because of that transition ton westbound i-70 -- on the westbound i-70. ck situation, southbound 25 coming down towards federal heights. 35 minutes from e-470. we're clear out to the east. starting to see those backups dissipate there pretty quickly. but cory right downtown here is a big one. southbound speak speer, the right lane is closed at auraria. big equipment on scene. auraria and speer, anticipate those delays.
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christopher gebers will find out whether he's headed to prison for killing a colorado cadet and killing a trooper. tarhonda thomas is live in boulder county. the jury is expected to return a verdict today? >> reporter: it would not be a surprise if they did return that verdict today because they deliberated for three hours yesterday. they will be back at 9:00 to continue deliberations today. so it is very possible that we could see a verdict today. and this of boulder county has been watching since may of 2015 when this whole thing unfolded. that is when state patrol trooper cadet taylor thyfault lost his life. he was investigating an accident with trooper clinton rushing when both of them were hit by a car. behind the wheel of that car, police say, was 28-year-old christopher gebers. they say he was high. that he was on meth. he was intending to go sell drugs and he was running away from another trooper who was in
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that freeware tried to pull him over because of his headlights and gebers fled. hearing all of that, the defense says that gebers should not be at fault because that trooper that originally chased him and pulled him over, a, had no reason to pull him over; and b, should have concluded that the chase was unsafe and should have stopped it. that is what the defense team says. we don't know if the jury is buying that. we have to wait and see if that is something they are really seriously taking into consideration. but so many people in the commy cadet taylor thyfault. they say this is something they want to see resolved. as a matter of fact the trooper who was with him, trooper clinton rushing who was injured, has been inside the courtroom every day for these proceedings. watching wraps. if he -- what happens. if he is in today he could see a verdict. we will keep our eye on this case and let you know what happens. thank you, tarhonda. 71-year-old woman gave a teenager -- this teenager and
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to stay. police say in return, 16-year- old jeffrey collins nearly beat her to death. today, he will find out the charges against him. police arrested collins last week after days of searching. he could face attempted first degree murder and first degree assault of an at-risk woman. deputies now know whose body was found in a car near fort collins. right now they need your help to find the woman's killer. larimer county deputies say the womadi glen a week before her bodies with found. they are not releasing her name at this point. her death is being investigated, though, as a homicide. and nearly a year after her disabled son died, abelian ca colorado mother iss could -- a blanca colorado mother is accused of killing him. 27-year-old cory carpenter was mall -- malnourished and weighed 90 pounds when he was
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carol carpenter opinion she was arrested 20 miles east of alamosa on monday. she is being held without bond. monday's presidential debate was an historic one. the first head-to-head shutdown between hillary clinton and -- showdown was the most watched presidential debate ever. 84 million people turned -- tuned in which topples a record that stood for 36 years. in 1980, 80.6 million people saw the only presidential debate between democratic jimmy carter and his challenger ronald reagan. that 84 million doesn't account for people streaming it online. hillary clinton will try to capitalize on her good performance on monday night as she goes after the younger vote today in new hampshire. she is going to stop by the university of new hampshire and she will be appearing with former democratic rival bernie sanders. political analysts deemed clinton the winner monday night. donald trump has stops
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performance. political experts say he has a lot of ground to make up before the next debate which by the way, is october 9. during monday night's debate, clinton went after trump saying that he has never treated women fairly. she brought up the story about a miss universe winner from 20 years ago who said that trump used to refer to her as miss piggy after she gained weight. she sat down with the today show's natalie morales. >> you have said he bullied you. he >> what. >> what were the names he called you? >> miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss eating machine. >> all to your face? >> yes, all the time. that was really normal for -- for him. in that moment. >> you can watch the full interview if you're interested on the today show right after this newscast. the government is inching closer to another shut down.
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sides of the aisle are standing in the way. most democrats and 10 republicans voted to block the bill. they are fighting over funds to battle zika and money to help flint michigan's lead water crisis. congress has until monday to reach a deal. a boulder community group has a warning and a solution for people this morning. bears are looking for anything and everything to eat right now. that includes any fruit or berries that might be lying around your yard. the group, community food rescue is offering to go around and pick up people's loose need. people needing a bed at boulder homeless sheltered will need to sign up for one in advance. the daily camera reports the boulder shelter for the homeless is starting a new preregistration system. people will -- will need to sign up in person or by phone. the shelter used to accept walkups but now people will be assigned beds by noon every day so they know whether or not they will have a place to day. the she willer has about 100
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colorado, near colorado springs now have cleaner drinking water according to the gazette. the district's switched contaminated well water with clean water pumped from from the pueblo reservoir. the water had been tainted from chemicals used in firefighting foam at peterson air force base. the air force promised to provide $4.3 million in water filters to affected areas. marty? another dry day going for us here over the feigning. clear blue sky -- front range, clear blue sky from spor high city. we will see sunshine throughout the day today. temperatures warming into the 50s here now. we will be 70-plus by lunchtime. near 80 to 82 for most locations early this afternoon. we stay dry around here. but there that is storm system to our south, slowly and i mean very slowly, working its way up into colorado. that will bring a few clouds around the area tomorrow afternoon. small, small chance for a shower friday evening. and, again, saturday afternoon.
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to avoid spending big money on wireless headphones. but a cheap solution making the rounds on the internet has people destroying their brand new phones. >> i hate to hear that. and this wasn't your run of the mill grand slam. we will talk about the special
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welcome back. if you brew beer, the next week is the eequivalent of a -- equivalent of a super bowl. if you drink beer it is still probably the super bowl. the great american beer festival kicks off next thursday and runs through saturday. some 60,000 people expected to pack into the colorado convention center over those days. more than 800 breweries from all over the country will compete for awards. visitors will get to sample
6:44 am
been preparing for next weekend for a very long time. all 50 states will soon have a taste of something that is uniquely colorado. boy, that is for sure. dads and dudes brewery in aurora got the green light from the federal government to expand sales of its cannabis infused beer. it has been around now for about a year in colorado. and no, the beer does not make you high because there is no thc in it. the brewery hopes to begin shipments to other at nine states could follow colorado's footsteps when it comes to legalizing marijuana, by the way. in november people in five states including arizona, maine, massachusetts will vote whether to allow recreational use of pot. florida, arkansas and north dakota will decide on legalizing medical marijuana. and montana will weigh in on weather to ease restrictions on already existing medical
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dry around here and pollen levels taking a little bit of a break. weeds down in the moderate category. of course trees and grasses not doing anything in the last couple of days. drought in the eastern u.s. is actually been pretty severe in a few areas and it is really getting rough in northwestern sections of south dakota. here in colorado, we have be a normally dry conditions over the -- ab normally dry conditions over the front range. northwestern and southern colorado with moderate droughts in pars of elbert and lincoln county and right up that is why we're always talking about fire danger here lately. we continue to have over 300,000 acres burning in the west. most of that in california. and it is still active. not putting out a lot of smoke but the beaver creek fire still lit over 38,000 acres. 75% contained. we do have some wildfire smoke coming out of the hayden pass area affecting parts of central colorado. especially down around florence and canyon city.
6:46 am
this is. but something has been dropped right along the i-25 stretch. it is actually closer to colfax here. blocking -- up between the left and center lanes. pretty big mess and cars really having to slow dallas cowboy as they make the approach -- having to slow down as they make the approach up to it. we will consider this as wig of an impact as crash on that highway drive. on our cdot camera, after multiple wrecks around the slowdowns remain leading up to both of these wrecks. up to the northbound your southbound slowdowns coming in from e-470 will cost you 28 minutes. from there down towards the i- 70 split at the mousse trap and a -- mouse trap. cdot is urging everyone to continue to buckle up. 147 lives have already been lost this year. cdot has sprayed these reminders all around civic center park. sounds like a great idea.
6:47 am
the neck down 16 years ago. former indy racing league driver sam think gets to hit the road -- schmidt gets to hit the road legally. he has a license to allow him to drive on nevada roads in his specially moved corvette. -- modified corvette. it uses four cameras to monitor his head and transfer his movements to the he breathes into a tube to accelerate. do not, do not drill a hole into your iphone. apple has gotten rid of the headphone jack in the newest version of the iphone. a video is going around the internet showing someone drilling a headphone jack into a new iphone 7. the youtube video is a joke. but people are taking it seriously. >> oh man. >> it has convinced some people that you can simply drill a hole into your phone, plug in your headphones and start
6:48 am
>> just ruins your phone. don't do it. don't believe everything you see on the internet. >> i don't know what to say about that. . >> that is terrible! >> oh my goodness. okay. well, -- >> just so bizarre. anyway. yeah. >> my favorite is when you laugh. >> i just can't believe we had todo that story. >> i know. >> his idea was a great one. his execution, eh, maybe not so much. >> the mayor's propos
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is painted in the field at marlins park and today is teammates and fans will be able to honor him. the funeral procession for fernandez will begin at the ballpark this afternoon. the young standout all-star pitcher died on sunday morning in a boating crash near miami. two of his friends were also killed. a private funeral for fernandez will be held tomorrow. st. louis cardinal alameda diaz grew up with fernandez. they lived ton same street and played on the same diaz skipped monday's game to be in miami after fernandez was killed. and then something special happened when he stepped to the plate when he got back to work wednesday night. >> moss at first. high and deep toward left center field. and this one goes. that was diaz's first grand
6:52 am
the lucky fan who got the ball was tammy glock, a lifelong cardinals fan. who moments before diaz swung said out loud, hit it for jose. she gave the ball back to diaz. >> that is a good ending. people in the stands at last night's yankees game had their eyes peeled for a diamond. not the one on the field. man was in the middle of proposing to his girlfriend when he lost the ring. his fellow spectators searched around for him and they were finally able to track the guy got his ring back, got a chance to redo the proposal and got a "yes" from the bring- to-be. to add insult to injury, it all happied ton mega-tron. embarrassing. he was once one of the most famous golfers in the world. now he can't even make it into a team photo. i don't stop laughing. an awkward moment for the ryder cup. skies captain tiger woods
6:53 am
in it. he wasn't. just captain davis love iii and the rest of the players. tiger seemed to take the snub well joking around with his fellow vice captains on the sidelines. unusual situation for us today. clear conditions throughout the state now. we will see a few clouds drift into the southwest late in the day. that is due to that slow-moving storm system. still in the gulf of california. it may bring a few showers into summit county and afternoon, more into the evening. it would be very, very light and i think more ton ridge line. -- on the ridge line not so much on the valley where anybody is living. during most of the day a clear day will bring in the clouds from the mountains over the front range, very, very late this afternoon. we're looking at 70s and 80s with 60s and 70s in the mountains. so with a few clouds drifting into the four corner, southwestern part of the state and central colorado, we will see a few showers this evening.
6:54 am
will continue to see generally clear conditions and dry conditions throughout eastern colorado. we begin to see the rain pick up -- it is generally 1/10th of an inch or less. it will be snow above 11,000 feet but there is not much accumulation to be had in that limited amount of water. 70s, 80s out west and here in the east, warmer temperatures will be down south. looking at highs today in the low eats, with sunshine around the area. -- low 80s with sunshine around the area. tonight clearingou tomorrow we see a few clouds from this storm system. we won't have any chance for showers and a small one at that comes friday evening. sky 9 has moved on over to 8th and colorado where an injury crash here -- what looks to be an injury crash has taken place here at the intersection. kind of spread across the median. fire crews and police are now here tending to the vehicles and helping out the drivers. one car facing the wrong direction -- both vehicles here are really turned around. the intersection of 8th and
6:55 am
for a while. avoid it if you can. good news as we come out to our c cams and map. our earlier debris that was dropped on i-25 at colfax that was blocking essentially part of two lanes has been cleared out of there. at least we're following up with through lanes zipping by at 50 to 60 miles an hour at this point. as we look out now at our current drive at i-25 and 8 thundershower we're all clear from our earlier crash. here is the backup as you come on through towards 136th. 270 a little sluggish as vasquez and york. and as you make your way down along c470, things aren't too bad but we will see delays form between santa fe eastbound towards park meadows, especially as you inch your way towards i-25. a quick check on drivetimes north and south i-25 between downtown and the tech center, 25 minutes in both directions. cory? it is 6:55. here is a look at top stories we're following today.
6:56 am
colorado state patrol cadet will learn his fate today. we could get a verdict in the case of christopher gebers. he is the man accused of killing state patrol cadet taylor thyfault in may of last year. now, investigators say that gebers was fleeing from police when he hit thyfault and a state patrol officer as they were investigating another accident. gebers says that original state patrol officer should not have been chasing him in the first place. placing the blame on patrol. the jury deliberated for three hours yesterday. they will return at 9:00 this morning to continue deliberations. we will let you know if they do have a verdict as soon as we get that information in. tarhonda thank you. 6:56. a teenager accused of brutally beating a elderly woman could face charges today. jeffrey collins expected in court. the 71-year-old woman gave collins and two of his friends a ride. they were hitchhiking. she also gave them a place to stay. they say the teen then beat the
6:57 am
steal her car. her friends, his friends, reported the assault. at last check the woman was still in icu being treat. police are working to solve two separate shootings in denver. the first on south federal boulevard near yale and vassar. the two shooting victims at the location are expected to survive. no suspect information has been released. a man is in the hospital in critical condition after another shooting in denver. it happened after 9:00 wednesday night along block of east 46th avenue. that is near the purina plant and i-70. police are still searching for the suspect who ran away from the scene. a blanca colorado mother is facing charges after her disabled son was found dead only weighing 90 pounds. investigators say 27-year-old cory carpenter was malnourished when his body was found last october. he was unable to feed himself and required care from his mother carol carpenter. she faces first degree murder
6:58 am
facility in pueblo. according to the denver post people at the pueblo regional center were forced to perform sex acts or were physically injured. staffers blamed some of the practices on paranormal activity. a recent report shows the abuse happened before november, 2015, and as recently as this april. legacy high school's football team will have their head coach back on the field today. wayne voorhees was on the bus that crashed at d.i.a. earlier in two other coaches matt kroupa and kyle rider and 15 football players were hurt. the bus driver was killed. coaches voorhees and rider spent two days in the hospital. rider is still recovering at home. coach kroupa is still in the hospital. warm and dry again around here today. i don't anticipate any clouds across the area for most of the front range during the day, you will see a few thin clouds start to drift over the continental divide around sunset tonight. we will get a couple of clouds.
6:59 am
a little better saturday and even moreso on sunday. the next considerable change comes with windy conditions on monday. and then cooler for one day. a big ol' cloud on there and everything but the rain is minimal around there. i think we will have almost no effect on our fire danger because we're going to warm right back up towards the tail end of next week. >> it certainly has dried out. >> it has. >> just a couple of weeks ago, transparent star jeffrey tambor pleaded fo hollywood to hire more transgender actors. and thousand they are doing it. tonight we will talk about which modern show is living up to its name in a -- featuring a trans gender child. that is coming up on channel 20. we're also going to go over to channel 20 and amelia will have a lot more on what has been kind of a -- >> kind of a crazy day. >> been a doozy. >> got the alternates for you. >> okay. all right. thank you for joining us. if you're staying with "the today show" have a "great day." we hope you're going over to
7:00 am
we will see you then. leaders from around the world good morning. breaking news. shimon peres, israel's former prime minister, has died. leaders from around the world paying tribute to his visionary leadership and his unrelenting drive for peace in the middle east. victory laps. both claiming wins in the most-watched debate ever. >> one down, two to go. >> almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton. >> as the former miss universe who was thrust into the showdown steps forward in an interview with nbc news. >> what were the names that he called you? >> miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss eating machine.


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