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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:21pm MDT

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the hospital. they will play overland hospital on friday. ?z hiary tw;
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parking spaces available at dia. trucks caught on independence pass could get slapped with a $1,500 fine. while it might seem that would make them steer clear, it is apparently not n. if you have ever driven that road, you would have to wonder who would ever want to drive the pass in a big truck. 9news mountain news room matt renoux found by next spring, picken county and cdot could make sure no trucks ever set a tire on the pass. >> reporter: when it comes to
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see the beauty. >> reporter: bryan pettit's feelings go in two directions. one love it is beauty of the drive. >> independence pass is one of the draws. >> reporter: the other sees it as a growing burden on resources. >> from the public works perspective, it is problematic. >> reporter: just take the drive and you will ?7??xwsee in places it is so narrow, two normal sized cars barely fit so
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the most beautiful. >> really nice.
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lines open until 5:30. you can get answers two days before free legal resource day which is friday. congress voted to override president obama's veto. for the first time in his administration. the bill would allow families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue saudi arabia if the country is found to be liable for supporting the attack. the vote came as president obama warned it could u.s. troops and te the :?senate voted 97-1. saudi arabia opposes the measure. the 9/11 congressional report found there is no ed that the saudi government funded or assisted al-qaeda. 15 of the 19 terrorists involved were saudi. the former israeli president shimon peres has died. he was 93 years old. some called him the face of
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he was born in poland and served alongside israel's founding fathers. he helped build the military program. he led secret talks with the palestinians and in the signs of the 1993 oslo peace agreement. hewas awarded the nobel peace prize for his efforts. a woman in cleveland, ohio got a campaign phone call like no other. patricia ackerman got the call from a man ?his name
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in there at these guys are >>inthese calls. prince william and kat got some time away from their kids as they headed to canada. they visited white house canada. it is said to have the cleanest air in the world. earlier tuesday, the couple picked grapes, tried food. where wiiam's parents visited during a tour of canada 30 years ago. tomorrow, they continue their visit and they are set to visit victoria, british columbia. home depot is defenning itself over one of its halloween deaf nations. the scary peeper creeper imitates the head of a peeping tom looking through a window. a mother in canada says it makes light of a serious crime. after hearing the complaint, home depot apologized saying it
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they say they pulled the item ?u beuse of different complats sayi the face resembled a well phone serial creeper. it is still available in the u.s. and online. at this point. >> it is creepy. >> it is. i wouldn't want that in my window. we will have another warm day tomorrow. but it will feel warm on friday. >> kathy sabine tells us the chances for rain and a cooldown
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>> all right, second time we are wearing a sweater this week kathy. i haven't gott any grief for it today. >> that is because the air- conditioning is on overdrive in the studio. in fall and we do this again onmore day tomorrow. e weather will not be the culprit tonight. traffic is just fine on 25 going both directions in and ar thinking daylight savings time comes to an end before long. not until november 6. sunday, november 6, it comes to an and we set the clocks back one hour so we will gain an hour of sleep. in the high country, snow
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foilage in the foreground. denver at 81. thavis 73. nowhere near record territory. i think we are done with the 90s . we are 81 at the airport. calm winds in the backyard. outside the studio, 81 downtown. a lot to show you on the radar, that will be changing. but there is moisture headed our way from the southwest, elsewhere, low pressure area on the move outside of chicago and cincinnati. best chance for showers will be there. but some moisture may actually make it into southwest colorado tomorrow. we will see an increase in high cloud cover here in denver in the afternoon, but another mild dry day is expected. there is cool air lurking to the north. wanted to bring you up to date on the tropics. we have a new storm, tropical storm matthew that might be a factor in the mainland u.s. it is out there. and it is gaining strength. so something we will track for you. we have cool air pushing
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at 80 again. 94 phoenix. high of 80 in the los angeles area. notice, how we have fair skies. and most of the day tomorrow, but late in the afternoon, high clouds will be moving in. and some of the clouds will contain rain for ridgeway and durango and grand junction. denver is dry until friday, friday evening we have a 20% chance of showers. our best chance for much needed precipitation. cool lows in the 30s for the mountains tonight. 40s , 50s , for lower elevations. high temperatures tomorrow will be comfortable out west. and warm, if not toasty in southeast colorado. headed into thursday afternoon. 72 in bailey and 69 will be your high in grand lake. in denver, beautiful fall evening. fair skies. light winds low at 50 which is where we start you off tomorrow morning. we will see an increase in high cloud cover. another dry day. one more day. and we start the cooling trend. only isolated showers anticipated friday, saturday, sunday. best chance of rain, actually friday night. 20% chance we will get that
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and, for the first few days of october, a cooling trend. highs in the lower 60s by tuesday and wednesday of next week. so you are going to feel that. and how about that glorious high country color? oh my goodness. my favorite time of the year. keep the pictures coming. julie with that great shot. and bill sending in this one. drew is in next with sports.
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>> another day of solid gains on wall street. energy companies shot up and the price of crude oil. the dow is up 111 points, the s&p gained 11.
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is draw is drew soicher. >> trevor siemian got the job
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case. he was named offensive player of the week for his remarkable performance during sunday's victory over the cincinnati bengals. he became the first player ever to throw more than 300 yards and four touchdowns in his first nfl road game. >> it is a great honor, no doubt. but i think it is more of a testament to what we do as offense and a team. two guys outside obviously played really well. it is a safety blanket for me. those two guys are going to make plays and get op very comfortable with those guys and they provided tremendous leadership as well. so, helped me out. helped the whole offense out. and they are great teammates. >> this is pretty cool. siemian is the special guest tonight on broncos huddle, 6:30 on 9news. mike klis is in team headquarters. hey mike, entering this season, you said siemian was the broncos first, second, and third question marks. are all of those answered now
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fit questions? >> three starts does not a quarterback make. i think there is still going to be a question of whether he can sustain it. i was looking up, drew, nick foles in his first full season with the eagles had 19 touchdowns and no interceptions. 27 touchdowns, two interceptions on the year. and, he is now on his third team since then. and he has been a backup. >> oh, stay off of it. stay off the interset. >> there is still a long way to go. bu this gary kubiak system, if something were to happen with siemian, i think paxton lynch could do a good job. i think austin davis who signed a month ago, i have been watching him. i think he would do a good job. i think the bigger question right now is on the offensive line and tight end. because they have some minor injuries there. >> john elway deserves credit for drafting siemian, but he tried to keep brock osweiler, drafted paxton lynch, signed mark sanchez. so elway never expected this
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deserves credit for listening to gary kubiak to draft trevor siemian. siemian was discovered by kubiak, no doubt about it. he found him in the film room. north western game, winning in overtime. in the win at notre dame. that is when kubiak fell in love with him. yeah. i think there's a lot of thought that siemian would be the backup. you know, realistically would be the backup. but they had an honest and they gave siemian a chance to prove them wrong. he did prove them wrong by beating out the other guys and he is a quarterback. so, the broncos did go forward with the guy who deserved the job. >> thank you mike. hey, tim tebow's baseball career got off to a better start than babe ruth's, hank aarons, and todd heltons, he
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saw. hi fast ball, and a home run. tim finished the day one for six. but the first swing he took was a homer. pop quiz. time for the drew or false question. >> drew or false? tim tebow now has the same number of home runs that john elway had after his minor league baseball debut. drew or false? just like timmy with the mets, elway homered in his first pro baseball yankees. >> false. >> the correct answer, it has to be false right? it is ... false. >> okay. okay. >> you are all right. elway went hitless and started two for 22. but eventually figured it out and finished his only minor league season with a .316 batting average and four home runs. >> pretty impressive. >> he was a legit baseball player coming out of college.
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>> yeah. >> yeah. >> it will be fun to watch this. hey, in the weather, it is fun to watch too. we are going to say good-bye to september with summer like temperatures. hello to october with what you can't see there, so i will put up the nine day planner. >> please do. >> i have 60s in october. >> oh! >> maybe even 50s on tuesday. >> oh! for. >> nbc nightly news is next.
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y24qmy yvpy breaking news, school shooting horror, at an elementary school when a gunman opens fire on students and a teacher. tonight the suspect and alleged link to another crime scene nearby. critical voters, brand new poll shows trouble for trump with women as his beauty queen controversy deepens and clinton courts millennials with a former rival. deadly encounter, protests erupt after police kill an unarmed african-american man. why they say they thought he was aiming a weapon. mystery at sea -- a mother and a son go on a fishing trip and only he is found alive a week later. now it's revealed he is a person of interest in an unsolved murder. and air rage -- what's behind a startling rise in dangerous behavior at 30,000 feet.


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