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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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seriously injured. >> more than 12,000 pounds of marijuana seized in drug raids in southern colorado. >> your death serves as a reminder of evil's existence. >> the family of a fallen state trooper faces the killer in court. >> a story of survival at sea may not be all that it is. and a deer caught in the headlights seeks >> the head football coach at legacy high school returns to the sidelines after he was hurt in a bus crash. the driver died and more than a dozen football players an coaches were hurt. wayne voorhees talked to
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he was severely hurt and is now returning to coach his team. he was so glad to be back out with the boys this afternoon. >> a good defensive day. >> reporter: if there was anyone who could inspire or teach a kid how to be tough, it could be coach wayne voorhees. he was with the team on his bus when it crashed september 11. the bus driver was killed. 15 players were hurt several coaches including coach voorhees. >> i was in my seat length wise. i don't know what i was doing. i didn't have my headphones or anything on. we were just getting back on the road. getting going. probably getting ready to tell my parents i landed. >> reporter: the next thing he remember is waking up in the hospital. >> i had three facial fractures. one up top here. one basically right this this area here. in the lower eye right in that area there.
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though, seeing his players again. >> you are a little checked up. and the biggest thing is getting back to them. and, seeing how they are doing. and more specifically, you know, as they got over that hump the first week or two. they have been through a lot. our staff has been through a lot. and, i'm happy that they did as well as they did. >> reporter: legacy's lightning is a tough bunch with a tough coach ready to hit the field again. one other coach is still in the it for the game friday night. but he is not sure if he will actually be on the sidelines or in the press box. adele, what happened is really bringing this team together. and the community says it is encouraging to see the progress the whole team is making. >> it is good to see him back. thanks vicente arenas. an off duty volunteer firefighter risked his life to stop a teenager who opened fire at a south carolina elementary school today.
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elementary. deputies say the shooter never entered the building. he was on on the playground. he is in custody now. investigators say before he opened fire at the school, he shot and killed his father and called his grandmother. >> he was crying and upset. they couldn't understand what was going on. so, they went to his home and they go into the house, they find their son has been shot. and, their grandson is not there. >> investigators say the suspect was they don't know if he had any connection to any students at the elementary school. the teacher and one of the students have been released from the hospital. the second student is out of surgery. protests erupted outside of san diego tonight. they continue at this hour. police in el cajon, california shot and killed an unarmed black man there. officers responded to a call of a man acting erratically.
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pockets. then he pulled something out and took a shooting stance according to police. that is when police shot him. turns out, he pulled a vape pen out of his pocket. cell phone video of the shooting was collected from a witness. >> i saw a man who was distraught, a man who was acting in ways that looked like he was in great pain. and i saw him get gunned down and killed and it broke my heart. i'm begging that el cajon say is safe for our citizens. safe for our children. and, that everybody be patient and calm. >> and so far, things have remained peaceful in san diego tonight. video of the shooting has not been released to the public. the two officers involved are on administrative leave. this afternoon, a jury found the man accused of hitting a colorado state patrol cadet with his car and killing him last year guilty of first
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finish his cadet training. he was given full trooper designation after his death. his mother and members of the colorado state patrol spoke after the verdict was read. here is noel brennan. >> i am going to ask everyone in the courtroom to remain silent while i read the verdicts. >> reporter: the verdicts red to christopher gebers this afternoon will carry a life sentence. >> i want you to know and remember trooper tailor thyfault. >> reporter: for the life he took in may of the life of taylor thyfault, a 21-year-old training for a career with the colorado state patrol. christopher gebers was fleeing from police when his car hit thyfault and trooper clinton rushing near longmont. >> taylor thyfault spent most of his life valuing the lives of those around him. he was 21 years old when he died but he packed a lot into the life. >> reporter: his mother could finally embrace justice for her
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a reminder of evil existence. >> reporter: late last year, carole helped us get to know taylor. >> the captivating smile. he would light up a room. he would walk in, not know everybody, and everyone was drawn to him. >> reporter: she knew then he state trooper. >> he put his mind to it and nothing was going to stop him and he was going to be the top. he was going to be the best of the best. >> reporter: today, after verdicts were read, a mother vowed. >> we will live fiercely as he watches over us. thank you. >> reporter: to live by her son's example. so again, taylor thyfault was named a trooper after his death. csp promoted sergeant clinton rushing who survived the crash last year. he chose not to speak this
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surgeries planned and hopes to return to duty soon. we were talking about the story kim christiansen put together. we have that posted on >> it was such is a moving story, because it was how his mother kept her son alive for her. >> exactly. you know. and the bond between those two was so strong. >> thank you very much noel brennan. more photos have been released of a vehicle connected to a hit and run, a fatal in larimer county. troopers want to talk to the people inside this suv. it appears to lexus 300. it was around the area a bicyclist was struck and killed on september 20. jason holden was headed east on larimer county 8-e when he was hit by a vehicle trying to pass him. holden lost control and fell into oncoming traffic with he was hit by a pickup. the driver of that vehicle stayed at the scene. if you recognize that vehicle that was in the photo or have
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you are asked to call colorado state patrol. the veterans affairs department barely made a deadline to turn over documents to congress about the overbudget va hospital in aurora. a house veteran's affairs committee gave the agency until today to produce the papers. congresswoman mike cough man said they were handed over on a disc. he is unsure if the disc has everything on it the committee is looking for. the hospital is going to cost 1.7 billion. tr t the va conducted an internal investigation, but denied previous requests from the members of the veteran ice affairs committee to see detailed results. for the first time since he took office, congress rejected a veto by president obama. they voted to override his veto of legislation allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue
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despite the obama administration and top pentagon officials warning it could put top troops at risk. much of the talk this week has over who has won the debate monday. 52% of likely voters think hillary clinton won. 21% thought trump won. a majority of more than the 7,000 people polled said the debate did not change their clinton is still struggling with millennial voters. many supported bernie sanders in the primary. they are trying to pull the voter to her side to appear together in the university of new hampshire. a state sanders won. he again threw his support behind clinton saying it is imperative she is elected. clinton made stops at college campuses in pennsylvania speaking of donald trump, but not calling him by name. >> i never thought i would hear someone running for president.
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justices who would overtop marriage equality. >> first lady michelle obama hads a stairing role in a new tv ad for clinton that focuses on her efforts to help children. donald trump was less subtle about his attacks on his opponent. he openly criticized hillary clinton at an afternoon rally in iowa calling her corrupt and openly influenced by financial donors. and he mocked her for the days >> you see all the days off that hillary takes? day off. day off. day off. all those day offs. and then, she can't even make it to her car. isn't it tough? >> trump campaign announced plans for another visit to colorado. he is hosting a rally at the budweiser event center in loveland monday.
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doors open at 3:00. this is his fourth rally in the state. tickets have not been released. a story of survival at sea is a mystery and there are a lot of twists and turns to the story. 22-year-old nathan carman and his mother left. the boat started taking on water and he got into a life raft with food and water. he told investigators he didn't see his mother again. eight days after getting into the life raft, he was picked up there was never a distress call. here is where it takes a bit of a turn. someone murdered carmen's wealthy grandfather and police say he is still a person of interest in that unsolved case. he was the last person to see his grandfather alive. searchers have suspended the mission to find his mother who is now presumed dead. carmen says he did all he could to find her when it sunk. >> i motionally, i have been through a huge amount. and, my request is just to be
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>> his grandfather was worth $42 million and one of his heirs was his daughter, nathan's mother. more than 12,000 pounds of illegal marijuana was seized during drug raids across five counties in southern colorado. authorities say a drug ring was the target of the series of raids in five counties. warrants were served at a dozen residential pr marijuana, but the number is expected to grow. it was being grown here and shipped to texas and arkansas. several people were detained at several locations. after too much anger in the sky, airlines are looking to shake things up. to curb passenger turbulence. >> googling certain names could be bad for your computer's health. >> sunny and warm tomorrow, but the chances of rain increase as
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cooling up. >> and timmy proves he is the biggest baseball player of all
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>> a global airline group wants new international rules on how
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passengers after an increase in air rage cases. the air transport association reported 1500 more air rage incidents last year than the year before. they are nearly 11,000 cases worldwide. one for every 1200 flights. most of those are verbal altercations. one out of every ten incidents gets physical. >> aircraft are fuller than ever. the conditions that lead to an air rage incident are higher than ever. and there are fewer of us to able to deescalate the situation. >> the world's airlines are calling for a crack down and an international agreement on fines and prison time. happy national drink beer day. yes, it is a thing according to the obscure website. even the site says it doesn't know how it started but provided this. as the oktoberfest season comes
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most popular adult beverage. the colorado sheriff, his department posted this celebrating national beer day in denver. drink, don't drive. cash cam video captures a e cident after an suv accidentally hits a deer in new jersey. the woman pulled over after she hit the deer, and the deer, hurt and confused. ran into the open car door into the driver's side. in the vehicle. the womannaged to close the door. unfortunately, the deer did not survive. amy schumer and just tin bieber could give you a virus. not you, but your computer. they are two of the most dangerous celebrities to search online. dangerous, in that you are likely to end up on websites with viruses and malware. they post a list of the most
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carson daley, rhianna, miley cyrus, and selina gomez. kathy sabine is not on the list. >> just make sure to spell it right. >> don't say sabine. >> you know, you want to make sure you spell it correctly. because, sometimes you will be surprised. >> you never know where the internet will take you. >> just search 9news weather. how about that? that way you are safe. >> that is so perfect. you guys, i have a little treat for you tonight. something i'm calling weather around the globe. last night, i took you to ta megi wreaking havoc. tonight, i take you to california. it is a beautiful day in the bay area. start off with a little sunshine. then in came a dramatic scene with the fog bankrolling over the golden gate bridge. stopping traffic on that beautiful bridge over the bay area. and then ... no boat? no beach? no problem. in florida, this is what we call wake boarding cowboy
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cody were boarding through the cracker swamp. swamp as in there's probably alligators and snakes in there. i don't think he is going fast enough. but courtesy of weather nation. our partners in prime with weather here coming up with great stuff on their twitter feed. we have a beautiful quiet night in denver. i can show you what is happening around the globe. 60 degrees at the airport. winds east, southeast at 13. calm here in the backyard. and it is actually really nice outside. fair skies. light winds. and 62 in the city. taking a radar and satellite composite, there is moisture trying to move up our way. and before it gets here, we have enough sunshine that we will see highs tomorrow similar to the numbers we enjoyed today. 82 in denver. the average is 174. i think the morning will be just fine. when you step out, maybe a light jacket early on. but you won't need it late in the day. most of the moisture stays west of the continental divide as this tropical flow returns to the pacific northwest. and also, much of the southwest. it will take a couple of days
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ackerman tyty off of the foothills and into denver. mild, dry, stable layer of air, low pressure in the midwest creating some issues. the high pressure ridge starting to shift. but, i think we get one more kind of warm summer like day before that fall like change. i want to update you on the tropics. tropical storm matthew may be an issue in the lower 48 early part of next week. could be a strong storm system there. 80 in denver, sunshine tomorrow. 95 in phoenix. the cool air in minneapolis, chicago, saint ui tonight. sunny day. clouds increasing west of the continent fall divide. some of this shower may touch the ground around durango and ridgeway. beautiful day. and, some beneficial moisture coming in. but it won't be until friday night we see the potential for a little shower activity here in denver. chilly night in kremmling. 48 greeley. highs above average for eastern colorado. cool and comfortable in the high country. but good travel weather up and down the i-25 corridor and in and out of the high country.
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and a lot of sunshine. at least to start. fair skies quiet and cool. denver's low 50. sun up at 6:53. tomorrow, sunshine, high clouds in the afternoon. a dry day, a warm day. 80 degrees in the city. a bit of a cooling trend. seasonal highs heading into the weekend can isolated showers friday, saturday, sunday. 20% chance we will get that rain on the ground friday night. not overly optimistic. october is here this weekend. who is ready? not me. you are going to feel it. temperatures in the 60 week. some of the models have us in the 50s on tuesday. i wasn't really ready to go there yet. and i started thinking when is daylight savings time? when does it end? it is not until sunday, november 6 we set the clocks back one hour. so put that on the calendar. seems like it is in october for some reason. we are just so grateful for the wonderful fall foilage shots coming in. jeff, peter, the snow cap peaks making for a glorious panorama.
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if we missed yours, go to the color is spectacular. there you have it. weather around the globe. >> see, there you go. and kind of sliding into fall, you can wear a sweater and sandals. >> i love that idea. >> sweater and shorts. >> she is planning her outfit for form. >> yeah. >> another sweater on the way. >> search the combos online. [ laughter ] >> just don't google kathy sabine. >> yeah. don't. >> thanks kathy sabine. it is an election year. saturday night live kicks off a new season this weekend. the question is, who will be doing the impression? this season, it will be alec baldwin taking on the role. darryl hammond had the duty last season. the announcement came with baldwin and kate mckinnon who will continue to play hillary
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> trevor siemian is so unknown, the guy who had to engrave his name probably triple checked the spelling. siemian was named the american football conference offensive player of the week for his remarkable performance over the cincinnati bengals. he became the first player to ever throw more than 300 yards and four touchdowns in his first nfl road game.
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doubt. it is more of a testament to what we did as an offense and the team. two guys outside, obviously played really well. it is a safety blanket for me. those two guys are going to make plays and get open for us. so, very comfortable with those guys. they provided tremendous leadership as well. so, helped me out. helped the whole offense out. and my great teammates. >> 9news broncos insider mike klis might better hurry up and read us >> reporter: i'm not sure drew soicher believes in fairy tales anymore. but i'm quite certain the wicked sports anchor of the west loves his cinderella stories. sports is king of cinderella and it is obvious the broncos have one in trevor siemian. in the 2015 draft, seven quarterbacks were taken. tampa bay's jameis winston was
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with pick number 250. there can't be anything better than when the unexpected hits the glass slipper. >> you have to be on those guys early. it is fun to be on the guys late that you think have the chance. to come in and play. you have to give the credit. he is the one who has done the work. >> reporter: in three of siemian's first four games he will have gone up against three number one overall pick quarterbacks. cam newton beat him. andrew luck beat him. and now, winsto the afc player of the week. that would be the broncos cinderella story, trevor siemian. mike klis, 9news. >> rockies have a great chance to snap a long road losing streak tonight. please. please hold your applause. rocks have dropped eight games in a row away from home, but the right guy is on the mound. tyler chatwick is having the best road season in franchise
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last year's total. incredible. rocks lead 2-0 now in the 8th inning. tim tebow went first an long today. tebow made his minor league baseball debut, decided to be aggressive and swing at the very first pitch he saw and that is what i'm talking about! timmy belted it over the left center field fence for a home run. he finished the day 1-6. but who cares, he is off to a be and nolan arenado and because i know you like to compare everything tim does with john elway. the yankees outfielder went hitless in his first pro baseball game. started two for 22 but figured it out and finished his only minor league season with a 316 batting average. the still of the night comes from toronto where the
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reimold robbed tulowitski and finished with a double play with tulo smiling over his shoulder in the still of the night. they should have all different emotions of each player loaded in the computer. something like that happens it can turn to shock. [ ughter ] you know. or anger. and then, they can go right back to it. pete rose. is in the news today. because, charlie hustle appealed directly to the hall of fame today he is going straight to the top now. >> what do you think his chances are? >> zero. i think that's wrong. i think he absolutely should be in the hall of fame. but, they will never overrule. >> hey, the rockies game is getting good. >> she has so leave soon. we better toss to break.
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>> if you liked today, you will
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next week, we will not like much. but i won't show it to you yet. >> looks good to me. sting is on the tonight show. we will update on 9news tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks for watching everybody. goodnight.
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