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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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make the dream yours with ikea. justice, no peace" as demonstrations in southern california continue for another night. people are outraged over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police on tuesday. and this morning, we're learning more about the death of alfred olango. police say the ugandan refugee electronic cigarette before he was shot to death in el cajon. police say they recovered the device on wednesday and say olango was holding the e- ciggerette in both hands at a shooting stance. we'll have more on that story thoughtout the morning. but for now.... let's get a check of this
4:31 am we start to see those white things in the sky.. today, we're expected to get an
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south carolina boy, who was shot at school ,is doing. this after a teenaged gunman is accused of shooting his father, then going to a south carolina elementary school the shooter's grandparents are revealing details about the hours leading up to the shooting... the suspect's grandmother says the teen called her, distraught. the grandparents rushed over to the suspect's house and found the teen's father, jeffrey osborne shot to death. the grandmother got that call around 1-45 wednesday afternoon. investigators say about a minute later a teacher at townville elementary called 9-1-1 to report the shooting. 3 victims were shot. the district
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outcome could've been worse. one boy who was shot is in critical condition. a teacher and another student were treated and released from the hospital. the shooter was taken into custody. right now, no word on a motive. the shooting at an elementary school in south carolina will undoubtedly restart the control. it comes up every time something like this happens. which is why 9 wants to know investigator chris vanderveen looked into the statistics, at the heart of the debate. blaming colorado
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deadly crash- wasn't enough to get christopher gebers out of trouble. after two days of deliberation- a jury found gebers guilty of first degree murder. gebers hit and killed state patrol cadet taylor thyfault with his car in may of last year. he was also convicted of attempted murder for injuring tr gebers' attorney wanted the sentencing over and done with... but he will have to wait a while longer to find out how long he'll spend in prison. the prosecution asked for a november sentencing date- so the victims have time to prepare statements. the first degree murder charge comes with an automatic life sentence. a man accussed of killing his ex-wife, and leaving her in a burning home - will spend the rest of his life in prison without parole. a judge immediately sentenced 58 year old andrew ausmus after the jury's
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he was arrested last october on murder and arson charges. firefighters found the body of his ex-wife teresa in the garage of her burning home in strasburg. investigators say she had been stabbed several times - and the fire was intentional. the two had just recently divorced. you can now bike from dia to glenwood springs and never touch the highway. the last portion of the i-70 bike path is open... linking the genesee park parkway. up until now, cyclists traveling the 150 mile stretch had to share the right shoulder of the interstate with cars whizzing by on their way to the mountains. now, they'll be able to use the trail that repurposes old highways and frontage roads to form one long route. cdot designed the 2 point 4 million dollar section of trail, which took about a year to
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the head football at legacy high
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at legacy high school - is back on sidelines - less than a month after he was seriously injured in a bus crash at dia. the driver was killed, and 2 other coaches ane more than a dozen football players were injured in the crash. head coach wayne voorhees talked about it with 9news reporter vicente arenas. if there was anyone who could inspire -
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was with his team on this bus - when it crashed on september 11th. the bus driver was killed, 15 players were hurt along with three coaches including coach vorhees. i was just sitting in my seat kind of length wise and i don't even know what i was doing i didn't have my headphones or anything on at that point we were just getting going and getting back on the road and probably had my phjone on my hand and tell my parents that i had landed. next thing vorhees remembers - was waking up in the hospital - with 3 facial fractures - and a concussion. i have a gash on my forehead and it's taken me a little to come back both getting stitches out and all that good stuff but you know every day is getting better and better. the best moment though - seeing his players again. well your alittle choked up and the biggest thing is getting back to them and seeing how theyr're doing and more specficially as they got over that hump in the first week or two and tthey've been throug a lot. our staff been through alot and i'm happy they did as well as they did. legacy's lightning is a tough bunch... with a tough coach... ready to hit the field again.
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and vorhees says, he's ready for their game friday night, but he's not sure if he'll actually be on the sidelines or in the press box. there is a fundraiser tonight in broomfield to help with the you can find information about how you can help on 9news dot com. some athletes are nervous about playing certain sports, in fear of getting hurt. so they're turning to soccer. but a new study suggests soccer may not be the best option to prevent
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hot topic. some athletes are turning to soccer, thinking its a safer alternative than football when it comes to head injuries. but a recent study from the nationwide children's hospital in ohio revealed, the rate of reported concussions in soccer has increased dramatically. it's about 15-times more in 20-14 than back in 19-90. reporter anthony
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zachary bares is a junior at century high school and has played soccer all his life. over his time playing he has sustained a number of concussions. "i got kicked and fell backwards on the back of my head and i guess i was dizzy through out the game but i thought i was just dehydrated and not feeling very well." a concussion is caused by a hit to the head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth and hit the skull. minor brain injuries are becoming more prevalent in high school sports. "i probably deal with a concussion .. we'll say on average i deal with a concussion every single week. they're very common in sports" protocol in high school sports allows the referee to stop the game at any time and call a trainer on to look at an athlete. "i need to keep my eyes on the athlete. see if they're stumbling around, that's a red flag. see if they're dizzy, that's a red flag. if there's the out in left field look that pretty much gives me an indicator that something is going on inside of their head." zachary now wears a helmet to protect his head while he plays. "my coaches talked to me and they decided that it would be best for me to wear a helmet and its best for me because it protects you when you're playing the game." dean and zachary both say that any athletes who feel like they have a
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rates, the u-s soccer federation is prohibiting children ten and under from heading the ball. 80 years ago- 18 champion u-s olympians didn't get the honor they deserved. today- president obama plans to fix that. the relatives of track and field athlete jesse owens and 17 other african american athletes who competed in the 19- 36 olympics will visit the white house today. an honor they didn't get after returning from berlin. owens won four gold medals at the games... but the most memorable moment from the
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refusal to shake owens' hand. owens was known as the buckeye bullet. he died in 19-80. donald trump says he was taking it easy on hillary clinton during their first debate. but hillary clinton has her own agenda. we'll have the latest in the presidential race in justa few minutes. donald trump told
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debate even though he was "holding back" against hillary clinton. trump says, he didn't want to embarass her. clinton, on the other hand is putting her focus on the battleground state of iowa today. this as early voting kicks off in the state. n-b-c's edward lawrence has the latest in the race for the white house. donald trump will be in loveland on monday at the budweiser events
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budweiser events center. hillary clinton will be focusing on the east coast for most of next week. lets get a check on weather and traffic
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z24qoz zvpz getting older and your biological clock sounds more like a fire alarm these day? just know people are having babies later in life. like this 60-year- old woman in indiana. claudette cook beat all odds and gave birth to not one, but two babies on sunday. cook says her and her husband wanted to expand their family. so they turned to i-v-f treatment and used donor eggs. they named the fraternal twins
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hundreds of trinkets and memorials for the late pop icon prince- are gone. in the next half hour... why paisley park is asking people to be good neighbors... and what could be next for the iconic residence. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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three police shootings in two weeks... today the justice department is bringing the social justice conversation to denver.
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finally get some answers today... on the mental state of a man accused of losing control while using marijuana... and killing his wife. protests spread for the second night in california... we'll show you what the man police shot and killed was really carrying. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- there are some wrinkles moving into our weather system today.


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