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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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finally get some answers today... on the mental state of a man accused of losing control while using marijuana... and killing his wife. protests spread for the second night in california... we'll show you what the man police shot and killed was really carrying. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- there are some wrinkles moving into our weather system today.
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protesters gathered for a second night in el cajon, california... after a police officer in the san diego suburb shot and killed an african american man. this crowd marched... and shouted "no justice, no peace." police say 38 year old alfred olango was not holding a gun at the time of the encounter... he had a four inch long electronic smoking device. the police chief says olango pulled it out of his pocket and held it in a "shooting stance"
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from the man's sister. she said her brother was behaving erratically and was not acting himself. one of the officers tried to shock him with a stun gun... the other shot and killed him. in the past two weeks- three separate police shootings have sparked protests, violence and a lot of tension between community members and police. today- denver leaders plant to meet- and discuss what we could do better. 9news reporter vida urbonas is live in denver this morning ahead of the justice forum. vida- the u-s deputy attorney general plans to be there. will be in denver today ... for the community law enforcement forum. this meeting comes in the wake of the recent tragedies in baton rouge, louisiana .. dallas, texas .. and falcon heights, minnesota.. and others. there is still a lot of unrest all across the country .. protesters gathered for a second night last night in el cajon, california after tuesday's fatal officer involved shooting. a crowd of protesters angry over the shooting death of the unarmed black man marched down streets near the site of the shooting "no justice, no peace." we have seen protests in charlotte, north carolina.. after police released bodycam and dash cam video showing the fatal police shooting of keith scott. and in tulsa oklahoma .. hundreds of protesters have also takent ot the streets to show their support for terence crutcher and his family. crutcher was shot and killed by tulsa officer betty shelby on september 16th after his car was stopped in the middle of a roadway. today's meeting is a second in a series of justice forums .. it's part of the justice department's commitment to building stronger relationships between law enforcement and the communities they protect. attorney general loretta e. lynch
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nt and state and llly examine police-eek solutions ttment etional justice forus around the countray's forum will entro san justreet .. and t 9. a teenageg, after
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his father and then opened fire at a south carolina elementary school. the school shooting happened on the playground wednesday afternoon. one boy is still in critical condition... a teacher and another student are out of the hospital. police say the teens grandparents found his father's the teen called his grandparents.. but they say he was so upset they couldn't understand him. about a minute after that call- a teacher called 9-1-1 at townville elementary. police are not releasing the shooter's name or age. the man accused of killing his wife while she was on the phone with 9-1- 1... will face a judge today. = richard kirk is accused of having a psychological break after eating a marijuana edible in 20-14. during the 9-1-1 call- kris kirk told
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husband hadn't acted that way in 15 years of marriage. today- we'll hear more about the evaluation of kirk's mental state at the time of the shooting. earlier this year- kirk's family filed a lawsuit against the companies that made the marijuana edibles... saying they didn't warn about the candy's potency and possible side effects. the candy maker says it is following the law and will fight the lawsuit. the veterans administration waited until the last moment, to hand over documents related to the hospitals budget to congress. da last chance for the veterans affairs department to turn over the documents. congressman mike coffman says- they barely made the deadline...handing over a disc just before five p-m eastern time. the hospital in aurora is projected to cost nearly $1.7 billion-- triple the original budget. the va conducted an internal investigation but had until now denied requests from coffman and other members of the veterans committee to see detailed results.
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sheriff depatment chief- is suing the city. captain frank gale was fired in january 2015 for allegedly giving preferential treatment to a department captain who faced criminal charges. gale says his firing was retaliation... saying some city leaders are out to get him. he says they wanted him out.. because he was a union representative who was critical of his bosses. it's still possible to find illegal marijuana in colorado... and federal agents turned up 12 thousand pounds of it in five he searchers were were targeting a laotian drug ring in a series of raids in pueblo, el paso, otero, crowley and bent counties. the pot was being grown here and shipped to texas and arkansas. so far-- no arrests had been made but several people were detained at some of the locations. a man from utah might have contracted the zika virus from his dying father's tears and sweat. researchers say- the dying man had 100 thousand times the normal level of
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the report doesn't give definite answers as to why the father's zika levels were so high or why the son contracted the virus in such an unusual way. lawmakers have finally reached a deal to fund the government- after fighting over funding to fight zika. congress passed a bill wednesday to keep the government going through december 9th. the deal includes more than a billion dollars to fund the zika battle. the budget deal was the last major to-do item before the november election. lawmakers had until midnight tomorrow to figure it out. top aides, and people close to donald trump say his debate performance earlier this week was subpar. people close to donald trump say his debate performance earlier this week was subpar. the biggest problem within trump's campaign, according to an aide, is trump's public persona. the fiery candidate that was popular in the primary isn't right for the general election. trump aides said that a strategy of winging it will not be the path forward. instead, they will
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there are two more debates before the election. hillary clinton is vowing to respond to foreign hacking the same as any other attack against the u-s. while campaigning, clinton has talked about retaliating to cyber attacks using political, economic and even military actions. for the first time, cybersecurity led the national security portion of the presidential debate... meaning the next president will shape cyber warfare policies, and responses to foregin hackers. prince's paisley
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next- why hundreds of memories and tokens were cleared.. and where people hope to see them again. plus- an honor denied 80 years ago... is about to be made right today. the long overdue olympic trip to the
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honor of the late pop star prince- are all gone. fans have been
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outside his paisley park home since his death in april. now- all that's left are some small ribbons and little trinkets. a sign there reads- help us be a good neighbor. please don't hang or place anything on or near the fence. some fans are upset by the change... others are just hoping prince's home can reopen as a museum. a final decision on whether the property can be rezoned as a museum will come in the next few days. if approved, paisley park will open for tours on october 6th. former israeli id one day after his death. peres was one of israel's last surviving founding fathers. the convoy arrived at israel's parliament... where dignitaries and the public could pay their respects ahead of tomorrow's funeral. president obama will lead the u-s delegation attending the funeral. for the first time in nearly a decade, there's a preliminary agreement to curb oil production. after six hours of
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exporting countries made the decision. it's aimed at boosting prices for their oil. the price of crude oil jumped five percent... and energy stocks had their biggest one- day gain since january. a family is caught- under a mountain of mud. we'll show you the efforts crews are making to save a family... still alive under a landslide. but first, lets check in with marty and amelia. 27 people are
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triggered a massive landslide in eastern china. you can see the giant crater filled with mud... that used to be a hillside. several buildings were destroyed. nearly one thousand rescuers are there to help with the search, rescue and cleanup... but relief work had to stop when when geologists said further disasters might occur as the rain poured down harder. trapped in their house in taiwan... after the same typhoon triggered a landslide there. the family members have been seen crying and praying inside the house... while rescue workers brought in machinery and equipment to rescue them. megi was the third typhoon to hit taiwan this month and has killed at least four people and injured more than 600. heavy rain and hail hit north carolina last night. this is a park in burlington....
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police say dozens of roads were closed due to flash flooding, and several weather related accidents were reported. marty- hopefully they get a little break today.s michael phelps gave
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but he didn't give up olympic style warmups. why he pulled out his famous moves... even though he wasn't poolside. a tokyo
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says the 20-20 olympics are they presented a new report today recommending cost cutting measures... to save about five billion dollars. they want to make cuts at venues for canoeing, swimming and volleyball. the panel proposed using other venues or renovating existing sites. for example, instead of building a new aquatics center for swimming, they can renovate an international swimming center that is located near downtown tokyo. 80 years ago- 18 champion u-s olympians didn't get
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deserved. today- president obama plans to fix that. the relatives of track and field athlete jesse owens and 17 other african american athletes who competed in the 19- 36 olympics will visit the white house today. an honor they didn't get after returning from berlin. owens won four gold medals at the games... but the most memorable moment from the competition was adolph hitler's refusal to shake owens' hand. owens was known as the buckeye bullet. he died in 19-80. might have ended his days in the olympic pool. but- he still warms up the same way... no matter what sport he plays. the 23 time olympic gold medalist put on a show in a celebrity golf tournament this week. he broke out his signature arm flap move... and then he managed to fire off a perfect shot down the middle of the fairway. despite his olympic successes, he said being on the golf course was the most nervous he's
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this morning... there's one step in your morning routine you can skip. coffee. believe us.. it will pay off if you decide to order out on this caffeine friendly holiday today.
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an end. the next steps in the case of a man accused of murdering his wife- while she called 9- 1-1. the social justice conversation is coming to denver. why community and national leaders are talking here... while hundreds protest elsewhere. and- the mystery of what caused a school bus crash at d-i-a continues. what investigators didn't cause the
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good morning. do you know what today is? friday eve! meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- today around the same temps in the metro area but with some clouds.... richard kirk is
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. google from the south to the north. spreading farther to the east later in the day. severe weather not a certain here that's well far to our south down along the mexico boarders, so in a few moments we'll be talking about how could see in the west. >> we're heading into the busy portion of our morning drive for right now the volume isn't the problem that we're concerned with here. we've got great speeds. if you are trying to get between 225 and the i-25 split we're looking at the highway cam there north of e 470, camera is blocked up but i promise everything is nice and clear.


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