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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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protests over racial injustice are happening in our communities. today federal and state leaders meet here in denver to try and build stronger relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. the white male. >> a shooting at an elementary school playground a teenager accused of carrying out the attack this morning investigators in south carolina are trying to figure out a motive. and a man got the zika virus from his dying father but how? it is a case that has baffled researchers and the answer may open up new possibilities in how zika is transmitted. our beautiful weather should
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the backyard. only difference today is perhaps some more clouds. >> that sounds right to me. we haven't started that way but we will finish that way and the reason we will see clouds is because we're finally starting to he see some rain in western colorado. showers are really picking up this morning especially at the grand junction area things are going from south to north so they won't rapidly move of across the state. and as that happens we will see mor modest to modest rain between now and the dinner hour and then after sunset tonight we'll get a second surge of moisture that will move into western colorado with some very good rain amounts upwards of half an inch or more in some spots and it will be snow above 11,000 feet with at least at least 2 to 3 inches of snow in the san juans and elk mountains. we're not anticipating any severe weather today that is
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in the mountains during the day today. for us sunny skies early clouds pick up late but the temperature story is pretty close to the same with 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. well, we say good morning to sky 9 up and over i-25 and 84th avenue and showing us some new action. it looks like it's on the southbound stretch of i-25, right shoulder a semi truck right up front and a police officer behind. backups still doing okay problems as we see more volume clog in from the north side. coming out to our cdot cameras a beautiful view. speeds doing really well with across your 6th avenue commute no major problems ?or 9 minutes and speeds still in the mid-60s, not much to watch out for so far this morning. >> thank you. so what makes a home
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snap. neighbors parents and police are trying to find out that answer after police say the teenager kid his dad then went to an elementary school and started shooting. one of the students says that she heard the shooter say i hate my life. >> it was a 6-year old girl a student that heard him say a this. later -- seconds later that teen began shooting now, one boy was that boy in critical condition a second boy shot in the foot and a first grade teacher shot in the shoulder. that teacher and the boy shot in the foot have been released from the hospital momentings after the shooting -- police say all of this connected at that time. the school says
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responders are hero s heros. >> now, investigators don't know if the shooter targeted any of his victims at the school or if he had any connection to the 3 at the school. school has been cancelled for the rest of the week with and a neighbor of this teen said that the shooter seemed like a really nice kid like the nicest kid. >> that is bazaar. all right. thank you. >> and e-cigarette ta man held in his hands when was shot by police in southern california on tuesday. police say they recovered a 4-inch long device. that's what the 38-year old was holding when he was shot. police say he pulled the device out are from his pocket held it with both hands and took a shooting stance towards police officers. police have released one image that shows the man in
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>> this will be investigated looked at by many sets of eyes. >> protesters gathered for a second night. >> that is what is bringing both federal and city officials together today in denver. we're live where there will be a forum today to discuss the relationships between police and local communities. >> reporter: yes the we're talking about that community law enforcement forum and as you were talking about it comes after these recent tragedies and events that unfolded it dallas, louisiana, mopping others you talked about that protest last night we have new video to show you still a lot of unrest across the country. protesters gathered for a second night last night in california after tuesday's fatal officer involved shooting a
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the shooting death of that unarmed black man marched down streets near the site saying no justice, no peace, and we've seen protest in north carolina after police released body cam and dash cam video showing the police shooting of keith scott. and in oklahoma hundreds of protesters have also taken to the streets to show their support for crutcher and his family >> today is a second in a series of forums. the attorney general was at the first registeral justice forum it was back on august 3rd in detroit. the goal for the local community leaders, they want law enforcement state and local official to say really critically examine police community issues and they're hoping that these meetings will help them come up and find solutions together. now, the department of justice expects to
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other cities in the future but this forum this morning at 28th and starts at 9:00. >> all right thank you very much for that. justice for a fallen colorado state trooper and some kind of closure for his mother. wednesday a jury found gebers guilty for the may 2015 crash k another state trooper. he was fleeing from the police when he hit the pair. he was just 21 years old he was a trooper cadet. his mother cried after hearing the verdict and had a message for her son. >> your death serves as a reminder of evil's existence but the way you lived your life
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reminder of evil's ex stings. >> he was named a trooper after. csp also promoted a sergeant who survived the crash last year. he has more surgeries planned though and hopes to return to active duty soon. >> we have only a few more days to drive the mount evans highway up there. cdot is closing it for the season on monday. it should reopen for the summer on memorial day next year that of course depends on how much snow they get. he we'll have to see the predawn glow in the sky. we're picking up a thin moon live right now. you can see it hanging right out over the denver skyline there. if you look very carefully. we will have clouds later in the day. i anticipate highs to move into the lower 80s, again today probably won't feel as hot
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seen lately. beautiful sun set and southwestern colorado now step into the foreground of the great colors from scott smith, you can see that nice contrast still some green down there while in rocky mountain national park you see some of the foreground trees beginning to look a little ragged so a little past peak in the north and hitting our stride in for a missing camper in western colorado. the 43-year old left last friday. 3 days of searching did not turn up any clues. sheriffs deputies say that the general search area spans more than 700 square miles. the search will resume if new information narrows down his whereabouts. state troopers hope new pictures will help them catch a hit an run driver.
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were inside this suv. it appears to be early 2 thousands lexus with a unique carrier mounted on the car. >> jason holden was headed east when he was hit by a vehicle trying to pass him. he lost control and fell into oncoming traffic. if you recognize that vehicle or you havenf about the crash contact state patrol. a year after he was fired a former denver sheriff department chief is suing the city accusing them of retaliation. frank gale was fired for allegedly giving preferential treatment. he is now suing the city and executive director of safety saying they
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rights and fired him because he was a union representative. police dash cam caught an unusual encounter on a new jersey roadway coming up we'll show you how a woman hit a deer with her car then the deer jumped in the car with her, but then what happened? >> and adults looking to live
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right do accused serial killer gray will be arraigned in an ohio courtroom today he pleaded not guilty last week to charges of murder and kidnaping a woman called police to tell
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found the bodies of 2 women. account zika virus be transmitted through tears or sweat that's what new research into an unusual case of the virus in utah is suggesting, a man got the virus from his sick father who had just returned from a trip to mexico. doctors say the son likely con extracted by touching his dad tears or sweat with his bare hands they say it was likely caused by father having 100,000 times a normal level of the zika virus. the report doesn't give definite answers to why the father's levels were so high or why the son con extracted the virus in a way not documented anywhere else. so video from above shows the aftermath of this landslide in china. it was horrible it had dozens of people missing. the slide triggered by the typhoon that ripped through the
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buildings pounding rain and at one point rescuers -- >> a police dash cam caught an unusual encounter in new jersey earlier this month a woman hit a deer with her suv and then the animal tried jumping into the driver's seat after she pulled over. the woman struggled with the deer for a couple seconds it was able to get out. she kicked it out and then the deer died unfortunately from his injuries. the woman is okay just a minor knee injury from that deer jumping onto her lap. around here today clear conditions over the area with clouds and showers in western colorado we continue to see a very slow moving storm system moving up out of arizona of the we'll pick up clouds out of that guy late this afternoon and this evening. we'll see some really
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11,000 feet mount evans area but nothing's going to make it down the hill. look for 70s to near 80 degrees. the rain will be most impressive just west of the colorado border with utah during the day today that's the first surge of energy we're going to have and this evening the main storm system starts to move into southwestern colorado which will increase the rain so it's really this evening and overnight to western colorado for us here in the east it's going to stay dry again today. tonight we pick up showers in the west moderate to heavy rain half inch or better in several areas and above 11,000 feet we'll see several numbers of snow i'd say at least 3 inches of snow you get even higher than that you can see 4, 5 inches of snow but that's up on the really highest peaks.
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in the west that's the influence that those clouds are going to have on their temperatures today. it won't change ours very much. tonight we'll keep high clouds over the area and i think that keeps overnight lows up a bit into the low 50s. tomorrow we can see one or 2 showers in the evening so anybody heading out and about for friday activities keep that in mind. rain chances over the weekend are very small also very small on tuesday however we're going to have of a on our temperatures after a warm dry windy monday. we're going up to sky 9 over i-25 at the 225 merge because there is a brand new southbound i-25 crash with the left side of the highway blocked only 2 lanes are getting by. it's been quiet up to this point but this is a major impact between the tech center and central corridor. let's go down to our cdot cameras.
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wreck but as you come through you've got big time backups, delays moving through on the south side leading up to hampton are also intense here's a live look at the slow downs. we've pulled up your speeds from downtown at 20th leading into c 470 with this crash in mind you can see we're dropping into the 20s and 30s lead can up to the scene of the crash. 18 minutes is the drive time this is going 30-minute mark because right now 2 left lanes are complete blocked up. it's 18 after 6:00 randomly stopping to grab a backpack they found on the street has changed found on the street has changed the lives of 2
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is going to be in the hot seat yet again today over the scandal that has he be gulfed the bank. stump is being criticized since the banking giant was find $200 million that was the settlement over accusation that is wells fargo employees were opening secret accounts in order to meet sales goals last week the ceo apologize today customers for the more than 2 million fake accountsed that been opened in their names. theme of the american arob civil rights league event today. the family of an american soldier who was killed in battle will be recognized. the kahn's received national recognition when they spoke at the democratic national convention this is where they slammed donald trump and that sparked the feud between the couple and the gop nominee. a homeless man and his
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these men are being rewarded for their bravery. they had a night out on the town they were given the keys to the city of elizabeth new jersey police honoring them because of those 2 they were able to detonate explosives without anyone getting hurt. he's now staying in a hotel thanks to a nonprofit organization what a great ending for those 2. >> absolutely. yeah. do you ever just want to drop everything head out to country and live again? >> i think we forget to get outside and just play. >> well, you are not alone and luckily there is a way to escape more on that in a minute first let's get a check of weather and traffic. sign me up. around here we have showers tomorrow morning overnight into tomorrow morning for the mountains and west yeah we'll have snow up above 11,000 feet and late in the day a few rain showers here.
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possible for high school sports early in the evening tomorrow up and down the front range and for the rockies they start a home stand tomorrow night and finish with fireworks though so it might be worth sitting through a little bit of rain on saturday evening might see a light shower but for the rapids it's looking good by and large. not looking so good across your drive on i-25. we've got 4 difft flashing lights and huge back ups right around the southbound 25 wreck leading up to 225 the back ups are forming coming down south you can see the impact here across northbound lanes as well we've got curiosity delay across both sides the views at hampton very tough. back ups in
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for the next 11 days expect to hear a whole lot about beer. the 8th denver beer fest. >> it's a celebration of all
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great american beer festival which begins next thursday. it's the super bowl of fear fests it runs next thursday through saturday there are going to be many other beer related events happening through this week ends and next. craft brewing is a $1.7 billion industry here in colorado. >> summer camp is for the kids but when the kids are away the adults go play there's a growing trend for grown-up to say re-live the a campground that runs several locations around the u.s. serves as a way for adult to say disconnect for a little while and live like kids again it's something the camps are excited about as well. >> i'm coming to have fun and an total kid. >> this is becoming a whole other source of revenue. you know they're no longer just one season businesses. >> we love the tye die. >> these adult camps are really
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million adults across the country. the camps can run anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for a 4-day stay. >> all right. i think they're playing flip cup so it's not like a normal camp. >> it looks like a blast. all right she says that he fat shamed her he says he helped her keep a job.
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police say that he killed his wife while high on marijuana edibles but he might not go to prison for it depending on what happens in court today. the justice department is holding a community forum in denver today hoping to come up with some solutions to help the divide between law enforcement and communities across the country. she says he shamed her about
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breaking down the latest round between trump and a former miss universe. one day away from friday. >> friday eve. >> friday eve. it's going to be a dry and warm day any way on this side of the rockies could be a little bit rainy on the west slope. we're joined from the backyard. good morning. >> good morning. the construction on that new stadium is going along very well when you have days like this you can work right on into the beginning to see showers in western colorado this slow moving storm system is grinding its way through arizona and will make it this way later in the day. it's not going to rain here today and it really won't be that much cooler with 70s and low 80s for our daytime highs. we may see a few very light showers right up along the divide i'm talking up above 11,000 feet during the evening
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here on the east side but west some light showers are going to pick up especially after 5:00 this evening. fall colors picking up in southwestern colorado. scott smith showing you the variety of colors still some green in those and this image everybody who sees it is knocked out about it. ryan with that shot. they are just sitting their stride inso have some stunning images to show or anything you want to show us share them with me. all right we're getting up to sky 9 back over i-25 right over the 225 merge we have a crash blocking the 2 lanes. they are not showing any sign of slowing down yet. 2 lanes of i-25 are getting by.
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4 different views around the 225 merge flashing lights. we've got traffic moving pretty smoothly but leading up to the wreck on both approaches so much of a slow down and we're tracking the drive times from colorado from the exit at 20th we'll sea a 34-minute drive add up all the way to speeds in the 20s, once you get south back up in the 50s, quick note north end, 84th avenue minor crash slow downs go to just about the u.s. 36 split. police say he was high on edibles when he murdered his wife and today richard kirk's mental state will be front and center. a mental evaluation was order add year ago. today we should learn the results >> the hearing is in 2 hours,
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he changed his plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity last year. he was sent to the state hospital. today we could learn the results from the evaluation. he's accused of having a psychological break and shooting his wife while she was on the phone with 911 in march of 2014. while on the phone his wife said she hadn't seen him act this way of marriage. in this case the defense will have to overcome the marijuana issued based on how colorado law is written if he was under the influence at the time of the shooting it makes it difficult to show he's legally insane. >> all right we've see today. a man will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing his wife immediately following the guilty verdict the judge
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sentence. in october of last year theresa osmiss was found stabbed to death in her home. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the bus carrying local a high school football team to crash. one thing they do know it was not a mechanical issue. that crash at dia earlier this month killed the bus driver and injured 18 legacy high school football players and coaches. the denver post is reporting the are investigation is still ongoing because an autop killed chopper is still pending. investigators need to interview her husband yet too. meanwhile head coach wayne vorhees was one of the three coaches badly injured but returned to practice wednesday for the first time. he talked by the moments before the crash can and what he remembers after and what it's like to return to his team. >> you're a little choked up and the biggest thing is getting
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they're doing and more specifically as they got over that hump the first week or 2 and they've been through a lot our staff has been through a lot and i'm happy that they did as well as they did. >> his face was fractured in 3 different places and he suffered a concussion. the other coach one of the other coaches is still in the hospital. he will coach his team friday night he says he's not sure if he'll be on the sidelines or tonight blaze pizza is going to hold a fundraiser they say the money will go forward the coach's medical expenses. a major drug sweep across 5 southern colorado counties turned up more than 12,000 pounds of illegal marijuana. federal agents were targeting a drug ring in a series of raids. the pot was being grown here and then
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self people were detained. tension between communities and the police departments that serve them. it is happening in neighborhoods it is happening on the football field, it is happening all over the country. so where do we go from here? that's what top leaders from across the country will try and answer when they meet in denver today. state and federal leaders are in denver to talk about all this. >> reporter: they will meet justice forums that are being held in different cities across the country. it's part of the justice department's commitment to learn more about law enforcement and really really come up with some solutions that they can use in the communities that law enforcement deals with every day. the goal is for local leaders law enforcement officials and state officials to really examine these police and community issues. the meeting comes after unrest all across the country.
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for a second tight in california after tuesday's fatal officer involved shooting, a crowd of protesters were so angry over the shooting death of the unarmed black man. and repeatedly we've seen protests in north carolina after police released body and dash cam video showing the shooting of keith scott and in oklahoma protesters have also taken to the streets to show their support for crutcher and his family. we have also seen protests within the nfl. this has been a big discuss within the nfl. denver broncos linebacker brandon marshall took a knee during the anthem so far after multiple killings by police officers and unarmed black suspects. so they're holding this meeting
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9:00 this morning. the justice department has already held one community meeting. it was in detroit and planning many more to come in the coming months. >> it's a conversation that needs to be had for sure. congress finally has documents that could show them how the va hospital became millions of dollars over budget. they barely made the wednesday deadline to turn paperwork. now, the question is if the report has everything the committee needs to investigate. the va conducted an internal investigation but denied previous requests from members of the veterans committee to see detailed results. supporters of tougher restrictions on fracking are changing their focus now, that 2 fracking proposals aren't on the november ballot.
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signatures. organizer say they'll work to defeat another proposal that is on the ballot. colorado leaders try it again colorado leaders tried hiking up fines as a way to get big rigs off the winding road on independence pass. that didn't work out so well so now county commissioners want to spend a half million dollars to through and solve that issue because it creates all they want to implement new technology that would identify large vehicles then once spotted a sign will tell them to turn around. the county would also pay to build a roundabout to route the truck drivers back toward aspen. >> interesting solution there. dry conditions here it's already raining in western colorado in some areas any way. doppler showing pretty good rain around grand junction. pockets of rain this morning.
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so it is a really different start to the day than we've seen yesterday. rain is going to hang fairly close to the utah border during the day and then spread more into the mountains tonight and remember that rain slow line looks to me like about 11,000 feet we should see at least 2 to 3 inches of snow at that level. clouds in the west sunshine here in the east with plenty of storms in the western mountains today.
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michelle obama says we need an adult in the whites house
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at a rally in philadelphia the first lady attacked donald trump without ever really mentioning his name. she did bring up taxes and insulting woman and says a president can't quote pop off irrationally. hillary clinton touched on superintendent debt while speaking at the university of new hampshire. today northbound iowa she'll visit 10 cities. donald trump will come back to colorado next week he's going to host a rally in littleton on monday it's set to start at 6:00 with doors opening at 3. this is his 4th rally in colorado. details about tickets for the event have not been released. former miss universe alicia machado says donald trump was cruel and rude when she gained weight after winning the title 20 years ago. donald
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hillary clinton brought up her story in monday night's debate. she says trump human million watered her. he told fox news host wednesday night that he quote saved her job because they wanted to fire her for putting on so much weight and says he deserves thanks i helped somebody and this is what you get for helping somebody. the white house saw it coming but that doesn't make the sting any less. override of his presidency on wednesday. congress voted down his veto of a peace of 9/11 legislation. the bill allows families of victims to sue saudi arabia if that country is ever found to be involved in the plot to attack the united states. the white house had warned that legislation could put u.s.
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risk. the house followed suit with a 348 to 77 vote. a spending bill of more than one billion dollars is heading to the president's desk for his signature this morning. it helps stop a government shut down. the $1.1 billion will help fight the zika virus. the bill almost didn't pass after democrats demanded that some of the money go to the flint crisis. they finally backed down after republicans promised them that they will get funding on that later this year. it's 80 years in the making 18 champions, 1 u.s. old ian olympians will get recognition today. they'll visit the white house,
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returning. owens won 4 gold medals. owens was known as the buckeye . he died in 1980. and he did all that on cinder tracks. can you imagine how fast he would be on modern track surfaces. rain snow in the mountains tonight and tomorrow morning by tomorrow afternoon we could see a few showers around here. so during the eve headed out to watch some high school athletics you might want to take some rain gear along. same is true for the rocky's game. i wouldn't let it keep me away because anything you would get would be brief and they'll have firework at the end of the game. it's the land home stand. rapids may see a light shower s. by and large just a really pleasant night. and of
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muggy with a couple of thunderstorms. we're getting up with sky can 9 they're still over i-25 and 225 where a maiming crash is still blocking the left lane. there's debris all over the highway. 2 lanes are getting through. back ups are growing about a 40 minutes drive from 20th. let's go out to our cdot cameras not only do we have the problem here along i-25 this camera all bogging down way up to the north we've got a northbound i-25 crash causing slow downs along 25 and then the latest coming in is just to the south of sky 9 this is i-25 northbound there is a crash blocking the ramp. it's forcing a lot of folks to use dry creek. >> thank you. you can now travel to dia from glenn wood springs.
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path is now opening linking the interchange to evergreen park way. up until now cyclists traveling the 150-mile stretch had to share the right shoulder of the interstate. now, they'll be able to use the trail that repurposes old highways and fronted roads to form one really long route and includes a 120-foot bridge over the buffalo crossing. we have our fall 9 health fair this weekend and our volunteers are in this morning towe they're going to be here until 8:00 this morning. had your coffee yet? just got mine. if not there are plenty of places where you can get a free cup of coffee today. it is national coffee day. i don't know who comes up with these days but i do like them. >> this is great. >> from dunkin to mcdonalds
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day. localing you can check out flying j. >> for all of those coffee addicts out there we want to know what you're go to order is maybe it's something sweet. or something maybe simple like a home brewed cup of black coffee. tweet us, use the hashtag be on 9. my favorite is cup of coffee at home with my husband because it rarely happens. >> and a dog laying on your feet. >> that's right. it's the best coffee. >> i understand that but this is good too. >> this is second best. >> what is that?
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clear in the east cloudy in the west showers moving in. i have these little arrow to say show you the direction of the uppe colorado this morning. by late in the day we see a few clouds around here so we won't have the perfectly clear sky. we actually saw a couple of clouds late in the evening and along the divide top of mount evans a couple of showers above 11,000 feet. 70s, 80s here most foothill locations, most of our
6:54 am
so in the west. we have light showers this morning notice how they go from south to north and this evening things pick up even more as the main core of the storm system moves into western colorado so it's really going to favor the west starting about 5, 6:00 we start to pick up the rain dramatically above 11,000 feet at least 2 to 3 inches of snow on a local basis i could see 4 or 5 inches of snow in the southwestern mountains. 70s, 850s here in the east. so very different situation from eastern colorado to the west yeah we'll get a few clouds. ?2 today, clouds hang around tonight hold us in the low 50s, slight chance for a shower tomorrow evening keep that in mind if you have friday night plans. small showers chances friday, saturday, a windy warm day
6:55 am
down coming up tuesday. sky 9 is showing us the back ups from evans right up to the crash at the exit south of hampton. look at these delays. this is highly unusual for the . but we've got a major crash and it's still blocking up 2 left lanes. we've got 4 different views up here because they are 4 different areas that we need to focus on in terms of back ups, this is i-25 northbound thet quarter of a mile. here's the view. i know have of it is blacked out but we promise it is a good indication of how sluggish it is. our north end commute this is going to be i-25 drive southbound at 104th and the back ups will be quite large. a closer look to the south side still shows further to the south the crash may be
6:56 am
what i always do take dry creek it's a good ocean to the east side sglivenlg told you it was going to get busier. here's a look at some of the top stories we're following today the man accused of killing his wife while she was on the phone with 911 will face a judge today. kirk is accused of having a psychological break down after eating had beable. during the cold she told the dispatcher her husband hadn't acted that way in their 15 years of marriage. a teenage boy is in custody this morning after police say he killed his father and then shot at students and teachers at a south carolina elementary school. the school shooting happened on the playground wednesday afternoon. one boy was shot in the leg he is still in critical condition a teacher
6:57 am
police in california had an e-cigarette in his hands when police shot him. police say the 38-year old pulled the device from his pocket held it with both hands and took a shooter's stance towards officers. police have released onellmage from that encounter it shows the man standing in that stance. good morning. i'm live at 28th. today the justice department will be holding a community forum here to the country has been facing after the issues of police violence in some communities. it is all part of the justice department's commitment to building stronger relationships between law enforcement and the communities they protect. the goal is for local community leaders along with law enforcement, state and local official to say examine the policing community issues and find some solutions together. it's at 9 this morning.
6:58 am
search for a missing camper in western colorado. the 43-year old left friday and did not return as expected on saturday. 3 days of searching didn't turn up any clues. sheriffs offices says the general search area spans more than 700 square miles. the search will resume if new information narrows down his whereabouts. and troopers want to talk to whoever was in in this suv a bicyclist was killed earlier this month. it looks like it's an early 2 thousands lexus with a unique carrier mounted on the rear. >> a year after he was fired a former sheriff department chief is suing the city. gale was fired in january 2015 for giving preferential treatment now, he's suing the city and executive
6:59 am
rights and fired him because he was a union representative who was critical of his bosses. clouds today a few rain showers tomorrow evening and really small rain chances over the weekend. honestly it's going to be a very nice week ends. the wind kicks up in a big way on monday before some cool air pops in here early next week. it's not going to stick around. the following weekend looks good as well. so any of e get done you'll have plenty of time to do it. >> you did that with a dance. why would you do that. >> i like fall chores it's fun. you clean those things up that you --. >> when are you coming over. >> all right. hey, the 9 care winner we're going to talk about is proof that you don't have to be young to be a volunteer who has tons of energy. we'll meet this lady.
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else and 90 years old. good morning. breaking overnight. the 14-year-old suspect in that terrifying elementary school shooting in south carolina questioned by police. the teenager now being linked to the murder of his own d an even bigger tragedy. >> they put their lives on the line to protect them. >> the results are in. our new post debate poll showing the majority of voters think hillary clinton won. and trump campaign telling he will prepare more for the next one. their next showdown in nine days. justice denied. a mother who accused ore former


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