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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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d more than 100 injured
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thank you for joining us, at least one person is dead and more than 100 injured after a commuter train crashed directly into the station in hoboken new jersey this morning. we are hearing many people suffered injuries, many of those people critical right now. investigators trying to determine why the train crashed. the new jersey train overran the end of the line smashed into the station collapsing a the roof onto the first car. the train was not equipped with a technology that is designed to slow down speeding trains. u.s. railroads are under government orders to install this system by the end of 2018. >> reporter: a devastating scene in new jersey's hoboken train station just outside of new york city a packed commuter train slammed into the station during the morning rush hour. it
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wildly. >> the people in front of me were badly injured and we heard people screaming in the first car that they were trapped they couldn't get out. >> reporter: many were able to make it out of the train and to safety. >> i thought people would be pinned but we were able to climb over seats and get out the window. >> reporter: according to witnesses the train carrying about 250 passengers failed to slow down as it came into the terminal. >> he came in at a high rate of the ceiling out. it was just -- it was horrific. >> reporter: the station one of the busiest is used by thousands of commuters who travel back and for the daily from new jersey to new york city. rail service has been suspended as the investigation gets underway. . >> we're also learning the governor says the engineer is in
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cooperating with the investigation. guys, this story constantly developing. we always have updates on social media and here local the man police say shot his buy while she was on the phone with 911 is finally going to trial. kirk has been charged in the 2014 murder of his wife. a year into this case he changed his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. police said he had a marijuana edible the day of the shooting. his wife call taker he was acting strange. his mental evaluation came back today but that was not discussed in court. his mental state at the time of the offense has not been publically disclosed. the trial date has been set for march. if you have been waiting for the peak of fall colors to take a trip to the mountains now is the perfect time. take a look at that. here in the denver metro area sunny and warm. we're in the 9 backyard.
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will see some storms. >> already some showers far western colorado western slope near grand junction while here in denver it's totally the opposite not even a hint that it's going to rain and we're not expecting it to. high clouds covering the city. there's the rain on the radar screen all out west. it is going to be steadily moving east. mountain areas could expect scattered showers and thunderstorms tod to upper 60s, here in denver it's 73, out at dia 75. a little bit cooler for greeley 61. for the remainder of the afternoon we'll be climb nothing those low 80s, 75 by 1, 78 by 2 and low 80s by 3:00, a lot of sunshine showing up on the screen. nice dry day for the front range.
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back the chance for showers, but mild temperatures for now through the weekend. it's next week that i'm keeping my eye on. >> the blue skies never get old when you look out there. >> they really don't. love them. the collapse of the cease fire in syria which was brokered by the u.s. and russia is the latest in the series of setbacks for relations. a top department low mat says a constitutes an emotional break down. the deputy foreign minister rejected washington's call for a 7-day pause but says russia is willing to support a 48-hour truce. and 2 sisters were found dead while on vacation one of them was most recently living in denver. today the family wants answers. authorities found them dead in their hotel off the
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according to local news reports a preliminary investigation did not show signs of violence or aggression. a brother tells our sister station the family is in shock right now. they are working with the embassy and local authorities to find out what happened. investigators are searching for a motive today after a terrifying school shooting south carolina. 2 students and a teacher were shot during recess by a 14-year old gunman who is now in custody. >> we got a gun on the playground. we're going >> those moments so scary yesterday. an unarmed volunteer firefighter stepped in and tackled the shooter before he could hurt anyone else. police say it started at a home 2 miles from the school. there police say the gunman killed his father. police say he drove up to the school's parking lot near the playground got out and started shooting. the superintendent says one class was as recess. a teacher was hit in the shoulder and another student hit in the foot had been
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in critical condition after being shot in the leg. parents say this has been tough for the small community. >> she just told me they went to the bathroom. just so scared i don't even want her to go to school now. >> parents have not identified the 14-year old gunman only saying that he was home schooled. it is not clear if he had any connection to the school or any of the students there. state troopers hope some new pictures will help them they want to talk to the people inside this suv. it appears to be an early 2000 lexus. investigators say it was in the area around the time a bicyclist was struck and killed. he was headed east when he was hit by a vehicle trying to pass him. holden lost control fell into oncoming traffic that's when he was hit by a pickup truck.
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know anything about this car right here, you have information about the crash call state patrol right away. there's only a few more days guys to drive to mount evans highway. cdot closing it for the season. it should open the friday before memorial day next year. they take the closure very seriously. there is so much snow on that time. von miller started off as the best defensive player in the nfl. he's been named player of the month. hopefully he will be able to add to that total this weekend when the broncos take on the bucs on sunday. still ahead kids staying at children's hospital got a wonderful wonderful surprised to. nope they are not window washers they are super heros.
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such a beautiful afternoon. if you have a chance get out and enjoy it. we've got cooler temperatures for tomorrow and a little bit of rain on the way not today but tomorrow afternoon. beautiful shot of the front range that's a live look. stunning, temperatures up and down i-25 in the 60s and 70s, we're at 68 in greeley, denver is at 75. we've got middle and upper 70s for most of
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here outside at 9 news lots of sunshine. we'll make our way into the 80 as little bit later today. pirate now we've got scattered showers lining the western slope. the general moment is towards the northeast wrapping around an area low pressure that sits just off to our southwest, a little too far west to bring any rain here. so those locations from system will gradually push to the east and that will increase our chances for rain slightly over the next couple of days. showers today stay mainly in the northern central and southern mountains that will continue through tonight and into tomorrow morning. we'll start off with a few high clouds tomorrow morning and our chances for rain increase through the afternoon with isolated showers and thunderstorms possible here
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cooler tomorrow with better chances for rain as well. today we reach 82, 82 for greeley. highs will climb into the upper 70s and low 80s for our eastern plains mountain areas 60s and 70s. thank you rain showers over the western slope. so denver dry day for us. clouds will be increasing but it's still going to be warm. afternoon highs reach 82, a little bit breezy from time to southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. winds will shift to the northeast tonight still breezy we'll have high clouds and it will be mild as overnight lows dip to 52. tomorrow just a bit cooler with a high of 75, still great temperature wise. we'll see a chance for evening showers isolated late day showers possible saturday and sunday. we're warmer with highs in the upper 70s, windy monday with a high of 83, and then the bottom
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looks to be pushing in, the big question is how much rain? right now it looks like a big
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welcome back. it is a bird, it's a plane it's batman and spiderman really not kidding you here. today we're seeing some of them at children's hospital
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patient and their families. behind the masks were some real super heros, members of the police department swat team. if you drove by you likely saw them in action this morning. they began at 10 a.m. down the western facing windows floors 6 through 9. you can imagine what this meant to the kids inside. >> the whole goal was to brighten children's day that are stuck here in the hospital and one way we could do that is skills that we practice which is super heros. >> i love that full costume right there. talk about heros many of little ones are fighting illness or injury and definitely braver than most of us. the arecord practice k-9 got his own vest today. you can learn more about the k-9 training 9 news at 4 p.m.
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highway. the last portion of the bike path is opening. up until now traveling the 150-mile stretch had to share the right shoulder of the interstate with cars whizzing by now, they'll be able to use the trail that repurposes old highways. cdot designed this. it's $2.4 million. it took a have a feeling it's going to get a lot of use. the pint size reporter who took colorado by storm last week now, she's back and check out who she's interviewing this time.
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welcome back. it is an
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every year infer title law tee it was the case for tyler will with son. he was wounded while serving in afghanistan. as a result he was unable to conceive naturally. they turned to ivf. at the time it was not covered by the va due to a hole in their coverage. the couple spent more than $15,000 out-of-pocket. just this week congress passed a bill with a measure that will now allow the va to provide to services wounded to -- that service to wounded veterans. coming up 9 news 4 p.m. we'll talk with the couple on their quest to becoming parents and we're exploring what this new treatment means for wounded veterans across the country . if you have been putting off getting that flu shot wait no longer, health experts say the time is now. 93 million dozes have already been deliberated. it's available across the
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small outbreaks so far but it's too early to tell whether it year 's shot is a match for the strains. last year about 45% of the population received the vaccine down slightly from the previous year. the director of the cdc says he hopes the number will go higher this year. >> a 5% increase would prevent 800,000 illnesses and nearly 10,000 hospitalizations. >> doctors recommend everyone over the age of 6 months get the october. a new study finds that the hpv vaccine may be more effective at targets types that lead to cervical cancer than experts had first expected. it can cause a precancerous condition. now, these are changes in the cells's lining that are not yet cancer are you saying but is lead to cervical cancer. about 80 million people are currently incompetent
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people. the university of new mexico study found rates among teens have dropped since the vaccine was introduced in 2007. the cdc recommends the vaccine for pre teen girls and boys ages 11 to 12. researchers say improving vaccination rates could help protect more women from cervical cancer. high blood pressure may have an impact on children's performance in school. kids with lower scores on memory processing and verbal skill tests although the differences were really small. more children with sleep issues also had hypertension which further affected their attention, memory and problem solving skills. well, when a super model comes to denver there's only one interview she really needs to do and that's with our 9 news reporter ruby d. we brought her
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tyra banks. she came to denver. she's done everything from hosto teaching a class. she told ruby she's officially r shoes as a super model. >> i'm retired, do you know what retired means? it means you don't do it any more. i don't model any more but they still call me a super model even though i don't do modelling any more. >> the interaction between them will be priceless. at 4 p.m. and for those of you who are familiar with tyra you may be wondering did she teach ruby d. sneeze. well the denver zoo has a new member and she's looking for
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take a look. how cute this, the 8-year old swung into the denver zoo today she's named irena, she came all the way from germany. visitors can see her exploring her new home. zoo keepers really hope that she would breed with her 14-year old, the two were introduced over the weekend and they gave each other a great welcome to denver. it's going to be so cute to see them together but a great day to head out to the zoo and see that, i guess. >> absolutely if you're still looking for plans this afternoon. head outside we've got plenty of sunshine. we'll be in the low 80s, tomorrow a little bit cooler and our chances for rain start to come back in. isolated showers saturday and sunday highs those days in the middle to upper 70s, warm and windy monday and i'm
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system will be coming in. i'm more confident in the temperature forecast right now than the one for rain we could see more, we could see less. we'll keep you updated. >> october is around the corner. >> this weekend. >> all right we're back at 4:00.
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new video. kim kardashian attacked in paris. >> the serial celebrity prankster strikes again, now on "extra." >> days after ambushing gigi hadid, kim kardashian gets bum rushed. the dramatic new video as her body guards take down the star's worst nightmare. >> what is wrong with you. >> nasty brawls clashing over the kids. new details, angelina escape plans as their marriage crumbled. and the flight fight why it was the final straw. ivanka trump's intervention before the debate.


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