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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:25pm MDT

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when zdv?the train crashed, it threw debris that hit her. more than 100 people went to the hospital. 20 are still there, all in stable condition. the engineer who went to the hospital this morning has been released. the ntsb says he is cooperating with investigators. >> just a haze of kind of smoke and then everything was dusty and dirty and, you know, people started crying. a few started screaming. >> we didn't see anything because the lights went out and
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felt. everyone was thrown to the other side. >> investigators are having trouble sshe train because of the new. donald trump and hillary clinton both expressed their best wishes to the victims of the train crash. clinton said she was sending her thoughts and prayers to the
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today he's in new hampshire. donald trump will be in colorado next week holding a rally at budweiser event center 6:00 monday. doors open at 3:00. tickets are on his website. libertarian candidate gary johnson said he was having an aleppo moment last night when he struggled to name a single foreign leader during an msnbc town hall. last night host chris matthews punwc)shed the idal candidate during the event to push rite foreign leader. after a long sigh johnson said he was having an aleppo moment referring to his recent morning gap what is aleppo in a question how he woconf in syria landed on vicente fox who served as mexican president from 2000 to 2006. mike coffman is trying to
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painting her as a sleazy lawyer. we put the ad to a truth test. >> the ad points out democrat morgan carroll is both a state
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the same draft of that bill in committee. carroll said that version did violating discrimination laws. as a rock matter, it is easier to -- practical matter, it is easier to sue, but the bill didn't sges to allow to sue for more kinds of
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with your truth test i'm brandon rittiman. >> as you probably already know, but it's worth saying the news department does not control what ads run on channel 9. tv stations are not allowed to censor or turn down ads from candidates or their campaigns. 9news will host tween colorado' candidates. democratic incumbent michael bennet and republican challenger darryl glenn will debate live on 9news for an hour moderated by brandon rittiman and kyle clark at 7:00 seen on channel 20 and a beauty school shutdown is leaving students upset, some
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the ab said the organization does not have the the business. officials said the school hasn't done any wrongdoing, but their efforts to stay open ?ewa unsuccessful and blame what they call the negative focus in school. coming up on next we'll hear
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court documents revealed kirk consumed a marijuana edible before shooting his wife with their three boys inside the home according to court defe to argue marijuana caused kirk to have delerium and mental hea came back from the pueblo state
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ave that just ahead. >> thanks. i looking for or applying ?for y job? an important resource that won't cost a thing. >> it's already time to get a
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are you in the market for a job? volunteers from the department of labor and employment and from local workforce centers are answering calls right now for jobline 9. they can answer questions about how to apply
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call 303-698-0999 until 5:30. it might seem early. however, we're being told now is the time to get a flu shot. manufacturers have already distributed millions of doses of the vaccine to doctors' offices and pharmacies across the country. many are concerned some parents might not get kids vaccinated this year because the nasal spray is not available. 85 children died last year from the flu and its complications. doctor says recommend everyone over the the vaccine. >> this year's flu vaccine matches what is predicted to occur this year. whether that happens, only time will tell. we do know flu shots work. >> last year about 45% of americans got the flu vaccine which was fewer than years before. doctors say pregnant women should definitely get a flu shot because of possible complications if they get sick. superheros have a pretty full schedule fighting evil.
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look a lot like the members of the aurora police department s.w.a.t. team. they paid a visit to children hospital colorado this morning. they rappeled down the western facing windows on floors 6 through 9 much to the delight of patients and their families. a few showed off for the kids rappeling upside down. >> the whole goal was to brighten children's day that are stuck here in the hospital. one way we could do is that we practice which is rappeling. >> so batman, spider-man, ironman, captain america were all among the heros who stopped by today. it was a good opportunity for the s.w.a.t. team to practice rappeling and the important part, they made it a very special day for all the young patients there. >> men and women who wear different uniforms, pretty cool stuff. kathy has a forecast that
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we have been just spoiled in the metro area in terms of the weather, gorgeous temperatures. things are about to change, though. >> spoil us some more, kathy. come on. >> i wish i had that power. >> try harder. >> at least i'm not predicting cold and snow. >> this is true.
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we had the wind shift this afternoon, winds south pushing temperatures way above average. tomorrow we'll be about 10 degrees cooler and there's a good chance for rain. you can see the cloud deck out there and all the moisture beginning to feed into western colorado. that plume will eventually move over denver, not tonight, partly sunny between now and 7:00 when the sun sets, fair skies and 70s. scattered showers around ridgeway, grand junction, western slope where temperatures were a whole lot cooler in the 60s lamar and typically we see highs around 73 this time of year. i don't think we're headed into record territory any time soon. certainly some change is coming. comfortable now but dry, 80 five at dia, humidity -- 85 at dia but dry, humidity 16%, in the 9news backyard 83 degrees. if you put in the radar and
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the southwest. we do have afternoon showers along the front range tomorrow that may linger into the evening. they're bracing for heavier rain around florida. hurricane matthew, a category 1 storm forecasted to strengthen to a category 2 and will move to the mainland of the u.s. anybody with travel plans needs to be mindful of matthew. seasonal temperatures tomorrow. temperatures go even cooler all the moisture in the form of cloud cover and rain stays west of the continental divide on the i-70 corridor, but eventually some of that moisture will travel over the front range around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. we'll see a brief shower and a surge of moisture and additional showers tomorrow night. it will be a change from the past week. 45 in aspen tonight, 48 in
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colorado where high temperatures tomorrow are above average again, den and points northward are cooler, 50s and 60s for the high country and these numbers we'll see the first week of october looking a whole lot colder in the foothills, 67 idaho springs, 61 grand lake with a shower around lunchtime. tonight dry, mild, low 50, sun is up at 6:54. a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow, temperatures seasonal, cooler and a brief shower afternoon and another round tomorrow night. our best chance for now, only isolated weekend showers with highs close to 80 both days, monday looks good. a stronger storm system eshs in the 50s, a chance for showers early next week, another chance for snow in the high country tuesday to wednesday and temperatures trend upwar again. for those of us waking up thinking it's dark outside daylight saving time does not
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in october. it's november 6th. in the high country fall in full force, beautiful colors on the hillside. remember to send in your weather pictures. adele and ryan, the color is spectacular, but we're starting to see those leaves peak and the wind taking a lot of those leaves down now. >> it's just that time. >> got a week or so to catch those beautiful fall colors. we will tell you why you can now call broncos linebacker von miller mr. september. >> the greatest shot
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pharmaceuticals and banks didn't do well today and wall street. the dow fell more than 195 points. the s&p lost 20.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher.
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team's offseason workout program might be overrated. miller skipped every session and was still named american football conference defensive player of the month for september today. von led denver to a 3-0 record with an nfl high five quarterback sacks and a forced fumble. he's the first player in franchise history to win that award three times. >> it's the first month of the season. we've got a long way to go. that's the mindset that i have. that's the mindset that's been that we have. it's 100% football. we come to work we're talking about football. it's all football here and i think we really just rely on that to get us through the day. we rely on that for our success as well. something special that's going on with this team now and it's great to be a part of it. >> broncos would have preferred to play at tampa bay in december. the forecast is 91 degrees sunday, right, kathy? >> that's right, drew.
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broncos usually sizzle in the heat of the moment. >> reporter: tampa bay is a team you never see. the broncos have only played the buccaneers eight time ever and they haven't been in tampa since way back in 2004 and yet a few of the players have a special connection to that city like aqib talib. the bucs drafted him. >> i remember being on a big old billboard and come down there, see myself on a billboard, a lot of great memories going back to that sending all those home unhappy sunday? >> it's part of the game. somebody has to go home mad. >> my first game was in tampa. that was like my first on field experience, first regular season game. so i got a lot of memories from that game. >> reporter: one memory is tampa is a little toasty and humid just like it was last week in cincinnati and the broncos were still able to get it done. >> i think they have confidence that in those games like that and those grinders and it's hot
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there and make the plays at the end. this week will probably be even warmer than the last two weeks. as a matter of fact, i'm sure it will be. >> reporter: rod mackey, 9news. colorado buffaloes will come out swinging against oregon state saturday. buffs are off to a terrific start 3-1 including a fabulous upset victory last weekend over oregon. cu has been fighting to regain respectability for a decade now and finally seem to be packing a punch again. >> our guys have believe they truly can beat anybody. i think in their minds and their hearts it is a signature statement to them we really can stand toe to toe with heavyweight programs. we need to be a heavyweight again. we used to be a welterweight. i think we stepped up and the nor game we win we'll see if -- more games we win we'll see if we're a heavyweight. strange but true. henrik stinson got tired of an american heckler and challenged
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justin rose set a $100 next to the ball and then david johnson of north dakota -- that's what i'm talking about! johnson puts the money where his mouth is, strange but drew. >> i rolled my eyes, swallowed my puke, hit the putt and it happened to go in. so that was cool. >> oh, that's disgusting. >> i'm sure it's exactly how it happened. >> he had to give that end is always fun. >> he was into it. >> when are we getting our next tebow update? the baseballening is so fun. -- baseball thing is so fun. what do you think? >> tim tebow played baseball today in port st. lucie florida. >> if anything big happens, we'll hear. >> she had 30 seconds for a weather update. >> tim tebow played baseball once again today.
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think about that. beautiful weather for the weekend, highs near 80 saturday and sunday. our best chance for rain will be tomorrow. >> we need that rain, too starting to dry out.
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tonight, deadl n dih hour it.?q why didn't this train have it? what drove a 14-year-old to jj ? allegedly go on a ??? tonight the re bank scandal. the former employee who says wells fargo fired her for following orders to open fake accounts and the ceo in the hot seat again today. plan of attack. how team trump is plotti to go after hillary clinton for her husband's past 2% and flu warning. children will catch potentially deadly cases this season.64?


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