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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 29, 2016 5:30pm-5:57pm MDT

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tonight, deadl n dih hour it.?q why didn't this train have it? what drove a 14-year-old to jj ? allegedly go on a ??? tonight the re bank scandal. the former employee who says wells fargo fired her for following orders to open fake accounts and the ceo in the hot seat again today. plan of attack. how team trump is plotti to go after hillary clinton for her husband's past 2% and flu warning. children will catch potentially deadly cases this season.64?
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from nbc world headquarters in new w ?4?vride commuter trains to work each day. height of the rush in hoboken, new jersey. a train filled with mostly manhattan-bound commuters failed to stop as it reached the end of the line, smashing into a and into the station itself. one person was killed and more than a hundred were injured. some severely hurt. the man at the controls at the time is among the survivors and may be able to answer the question of what went so terribly wrong. nbc's tom costello has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: 8:45 a.m. >> i have heavy structural damage. i have people trapped on the train. major, major casualties. >> reporter: a violent thundering crash
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through the morning rush in hoboken as new jersey transit train 1614 came screaming into the train station, jumped the end of track bumpers on platform five and tore right into the central hall. passengers on the train and on the platform, crushed under falling debris. >> we just heard people screaming in the first car. they were trapped, they couldn't get out. >> then i just heard these horrifying terrible screams coming out and shrieks. you know, loud, loud shrieks. people just screaming steel support beams and bricks came crashing down. >> we helped them out of the train. >> reporter: 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon, a local mother, was killed while standing on the platform. more than a hundred other injured. some able to walk to nearby hospitals but others transported with serious injuries. >> i thought we were going to die. i didn't think we would get out. >> reporter: 15,000 commuters go through hoboken station on their way to and from
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day. train 1614 left new york at 7:23 a.m., suffering a medical emergency? >> there's no real point as to speculating what happened. why did the train come in so fast. does not have the automatic braking sysustem known as positive train control, a system that can prevent fatal crashes. >> the ntsb has been recommending positive
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the speed limit posted to go into the train station, 10 miles per hour. obviously trains going a lot slower so why wass going in so ?%fast? zs weimpl sdon't know. ?llmentioned, positive train control. it's yet to be installed on an overwhelming majority of rail lines in this country. where 1.4 million commuters go by rail every day. as our miguel almaguer explains, critics are calling for much more to be done to protect >> reporter: lessons learned. the amtrak derailment in philadelphia last?m?& year, left eight dead 200 injured. the train traveling at speeds exceeding a miles an h= in chatsworth, california, 25 lots their lives, 135 hurt, when a commuter train slammed head on into a freight train in 2008. these, just two of the 145 rail accidents experts say could have been prevented with
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fear.ible, right in the$?? of, ross the aisle chatsworth cra deadliest in metro li ? t? ?c??middar the don't sit in t. don't
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ed?. oz6" sszoo?$l y ?
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imperative to the safety of the students, the responders that were immediately confronted and su shooter. >> reporter: this man's nephew was at a message for jamie as k. >> i'd call him god-sent hero. actions of our son. first police say the teen shot and killed his father, jeffrey osborne at the family home and then drove about two miles to the
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nbc's jo ling kent has more for us tonight. >> reporter: wells fargo employees say the pressure to cell was unbearable. >> we were led by fear and intimidation. >> reporter: juliench8j'rc a pennsylvania, once recognized by ceo john stumpf himself, but later fired for failin to meet?]?5 goals. >> with seven checking accounts and 42 product solutions for my branch a day.f should ??
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aut here and apologized and said the buck stops with me, then you should be fired because it stops with you. >> again, congressman, the board has that power. >> reporter: house members on both sides pressing the ceo to take more responsibility. >> did wells fargo employees steal from a million to two million other customers? -- of their customers? yes or no? >> in some cases, they did. >> reporter: no criminal charges have been filed, but wells fargo has paid a $185 million settlement. he first learned of the problem in 2013. >> we begged and pleaded with family members, with relatives, with business owners, just to open accounts so that we wouldn't lose our jobs. >> reporter: consumer advocates say what happened at wells fargo could happen anywhere. >> check your credit card statements every month. this is the type of routine personal finance maintenance that needs to be second nature. >> reporter: today the ceo announced that wells fargo is ending its aggressive sales goals on saturday,
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jo ling kent, nbc news, washington. some 20 million people under flood alerts tonight up and down the east coast. in north carolina, ten inches of rain fell in some areas. and rescuers went door to door saving people who were stranded. the threat continues into the night. they expect another three inches or more to fall all the way up to pennsylvania. the weekend is expected to be a wet one for much of the mid atlantic and the northeast. we turn now to politics, where it got trump and hillary clinton, with bill clinton now emerging as fair game in the trump playbook. then there was gary johnson, the third-party candidate and the tough time he had last night. we get more tonight from nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: hillary clinton in iowa today, bracing for an onslaught of new attacks, with the trump team signaling they're poised to raise her husband's past indiscretions. >> what's your response today? >> he can run his
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>> reporter: in the debate, trump stayed away from bill clinton's past, but nbc news has obtained a trump surrogate's talking points memo, telling them to talk about clinton's infidelities. trump today in new hampshire trying out a new attack line. >> follow the money. >> reporter: but backstage with way -- with a reporter, pressed on the strategy of dredging up the clintons' history. >> why would that reflect on hillary clinton anyway? >> well, you'll have to simple to figure that out. >> possibly in the next debate, fair game? >> we'll see what happens. we're going to see what happens. >> reporter: secretary clinton with reporters dismissing it all. >> he can say whatever he wants to say, as we well know. >> reporter: meanwhile, another challenge for clinton -- the thread from third-party candidates. the gary johnson effect. johnson's drawing support from clinton, particularly with young voters. but he's also struggled recently, faltering on foreign policy with msnbc's
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>> who is my favorite -- >> just anywhere in the country, any of the continents, name one foreign leader that you respect and look up to. anybody. name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. >> i'm giving you the whole world. >> i know, i know. >> anybody in the world you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain -- >> name anybody. >> if johnson fades and this gaffe could help that along, that's great news for hiar >> reporter: as for donald trump, who has been married three times, it's not clear his strategy of getting personal with the clintons will help him win over women voters, the very voters he needs more of, in order to win the white house. lester? >> kristen welker, thank you kristen. now to an nbc news investigation into what's being called a secret campaign to influence america's presidential race. election systems across many states have come under attack by hackers and as nbc
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mcfadden tells us, officials are pointing the finger right at russia. >> reporter: intelligence sources tell nbc news, there's no doubt the russians are trying to influence the presidential election. nbc news has examined the classified materials used by those who briefed both hillary clinton and donald trump. the secret materials indicate that u.s. intelligence has drawn direct links between the russian government and hacking activity against election. only 39 days away. according to two sources at the department of homeland security, there have been attempts to hack the election systems in at least 20 states. >> we are doing an awful lot of work through our counterintelligence investigators to understand just what mischief is russia up to in connection with our election. >> reporter: nbc news has also learned from a senior u.s. intelligence source that inside a secure briefing room this summer, admiral michael rogers, the director of the
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agency, told the congressional intelligence committee, we believe potential adversaries might be leaving cyber fingerprints on our critical infrastructure, partly to convey a message that our homeland is at risk if tensions ever escalate towards military conflict. in other words, a warning from the russians. senator diane feinstein, and congressman adam sc schiff, issued their ow the russian intelligence agencies are making a serious and concerted effort to influence the u.s. election. this effort is intended to sew doubt about the security of our election and may well be intended to influence the outcomes of the election. >> if we're even talking about russian influence in the election, that's a problem for people accepting the credibility of the results. >> reporter: but even russia's success in creating doubt is still a long way from changing the outcome of a presidential election. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. still ahead, a new
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be you? talk you to your doctor or pharmacist about me, single shot zostavax. you've got a shot against shingles. we're back now with a new warning from health officials as we stand on the brink of flu season. the cdc fears more children may get the flu because they need the vaccine shot and not the nasal spray to get the best
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talks to a mom sounding the alarm about vaccinating your kids. ? happy birthday to you ? >> reporter: for 5-year-old joseph marotta, it happened so fast. a simple case of the flu quickly sent him to the hospital. and then he got worse. >> the attending doctor came in and i looked at her and i said, i can't hold my hand up. and i said, did she -- he die? and she said, you need to come in the room with me. nks he was well loved? >> yes. >> reporter: joseph that strain is now protected by this season's shot. >> get a flu shot. >> reporter: today top officials worried about children getting vaccinated because they can no longer use the easier nasal flu mist. everyone ages six months or older needs a shot. the flu vaccine lowers your risk by 50 to 60%. >> it's particularly important for the at-risk population. those are children, pregnant patients,
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people with chronic medical conditions. >> reporter: serese marotta runs a group called families fighting flu, and getting their daughter emma vaccinated is a family event. >> we want families to understand that this can happen to you. >> reporter: an important reminder, last year, more than half of americans failed to get a flu shot, taking a potentially deadly risk. dr. john torres, nbc news, syracuse, new york. we are back in a moment with a heckler who put his money where his mouth was and shocked two golf stars. ?jake reese, ?day to feel alive?? ?jake reese, ?day to feel alive??
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a golden moment at the white house today, as in olympic gold. president obama welcomed team usa's olympians and paralympians to the east room, to congratulate them on their performances in rio. most of the final five were there. star gymnast simone biles getting to rub elbows with the first lady and swimming sensation katie ledecky among those getting a special shout-out from the president today. little kids at a
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royal family on their visit to canada. prince george and princess charlotte attended a children's party, complete with pony rides and lots of balloons, which charlotte couldn't get enough of. she was reportedly heard for the first time saying "pop." the children seemed fascinated in playing with the other kids, two dozen of them from military families. and tough going today at theer rory mcilroy and stenson couldn't sink a 12-foot putt. a fan shouted that he even he could make the shot. so they pulled him on the green, gave him a putter, and look at that, the fan showing the pros how it's done -- winning a hundred dollar bill, and earning the admiration of some of the world's top players. you think he's got a great story to tell? when we come back, why thousands of people just can't get enough of this scene on tv. i don't get it either, but we'll try to explain when we come
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guys with ed can... take viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas? for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. finally tonight, what has become a must-see tv phenomenon. people around the country, even the world, are watching the live feed from a camera fixed on an intersection in
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we sent harry smith to find out. >> reporter: jackson hole, gateway to the tetons and yellowstone. jaw-dropping vistas and an eyeful around every corner. but on any given day, go figure, hundreds, even thousands of people around the world are looking at this, what they say is the busiest intersection in wyoming. for reasons we won't pretend to understand, watching this camera something of a thing on youtube. with running commentary from viewers who seem especially pleased if a red truck goes by. we're guessing this might be part of the slow tv movement. on netflix, you can watch people knit for hours. a big favorite is the fire. think of it as a year-long yule log. thrilled with the new-found attention, the folks in jackson responded by performing for the camera. here's the dancing
5:58 pm
proposal. viewers at first were pleased. but then -- >> they were like, thanks for entertaining us, but give us back our boring intersection. [ laughter ] and that was very unexpected. we thought we were providing some genuine entertainment. >> reporter: and so there it is, traffic and tourists to transfix a global audience. >> are these people at work or doing this on their own time? i feel like they should do something gives new meaning to the old saying, there's nothing on tv. harry smith, nbc news, jackson, wyoming. >> almost as fun as watching paint dry. that's going to do it for us on a thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and
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attention, womens and guys who care about women, really sad, lonely men turned off their televisions. lets talk about women's issues and the female vote that will decide thisferential election. women's issues like the economy, terrorism, gun policy, immigration, what? which women issue did you expect me to name? abortion? that is way down the list.
6:00 pm
issue. women's issue as men's issues, women are less likely to show up to vote. winning them wins elections. lets talk about what hillary clinton and donald trump need to do. what is fair game in the war to win women? >> we want good economy, we want jobs, we want opportunities for our families. >> how do we make sure we are coming together instead of trying to divide ourselves in america? >> that is the last time we will hear kim and karen agree, they are sitting opposite. munson is on the right, conservative radio host, the other on the left, head of pro-choice colorado. lets have them acknowledge candidate weaknesses, not strengths. >> reporter: what would you say is donald trump's biggest challenge with female voters? >> probably stuff he said in the past, there are things i wish he would not have said. it seems at this point in time, mrs. clinton is trying to bring those to the forefront? what is hillary clinton's


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