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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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issue. women's issue as men's issues, women are less likely to show up to vote. winning them wins elections. lets talk about what hillary clinton and donald trump need to do. what is fair game in the war to win women? >> we want good economy, we want jobs, we want opportunities for our families. >> how do we make sure we are coming together instead of trying to divide ourselves in america? >> that is the last time we will hear kim and karen agree, they are sitting opposite. munson is on the right, conservative radio host, the other on the left, head of pro-choice colorado. lets have them acknowledge candidate weaknesses, not strengths. >> reporter: what would you say is donald trump's biggest challenge with female voters? >> probably stuff he said in the past, there are things i wish he would not have said. it seems at this point in time, mrs. clinton is trying to bring those to the forefront? what is hillary clinton's
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is a woman, i appreciate that. i think we need to be careful and make sure women looking at hillary clinton are looking at her record, policy proposal and approach to leading the country. >> is it fair game to bring up some of the honestly reprehensible things he said about women 10-30 years ago? >> anything is fair, this is america. anything is fair, but if you go down that road, i think we will be talking about clinton treated women, and hillary clinton enabled him to do that. >> reporter: is it fair game to bring up the way that hillary clinton dealt with the women who accused her husband of infidelity or sexual assault? >> i think dredging up personal life issues verses how you treat women in the work place and professionally, there is a big difference there. >> trump stops in colorado monday, 3:00 p.m. beb low convention-- pueblo convention
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6:00 p.m. at budweiser event center. hillary clinton's schedule doesn't include colorado and doesn't have scheduled appearances over the weekend or next monday. lets clear something up for everyone on donald trump's e mail list, the note he sent out with the subject line "i need your input before the next debate," trump means next as in subsequent, not next in the quirky show. clinton and trump have ben interviewed for next, we love to moderate, a blast, smart, funny, honest debate, the thing the race could use. the lack of standard political yard signs this season has us looking for unconventional signs, and you keep sending them. hey, trump sign in eastern colorado, highway 14 near weldona, few near brush, dana countered with this hillary sign in her yard. i get trump does well in hay
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need to step up the unconventional sign game. send us those with #heynext. a beauty school is the latest ugly reminder of the volatility of 4 profit education these days. regency beauty institute shut down without warning, 3 campuses in colorado, done. just like that. our steve staeger talked with the student who feels duped and offers this warning. >> hail, nails, skin. >> repr: future through the windows of this fort collins beauty school. >> the plan is, hopefully open my own salon, whether it is half the time, kind of running books and half the time behind the chair. >> reporter: she sees a much different future. >> i heard it was decided within the past 24 hours. >> reporter: in a matter of hours, regency shut down with no warning after students paid tuition like kensy, she paid $22,000 in full and only had 300
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was graduate, take boards, get licensed, have a baby and start working hopefully in march. now until i find another school to finish my hours, everything will be postponed. >> reporter: on the website regency was quick to say nothing shady happened. they blame the closure on among, all other things, a negative characterization of four profit education. doesn't this add to the negative characterization? four profit schools are known to shut down like this, leaving students without a paddle. >> it was well known, i knew students who went there, graduated, and became licensed. that didn't cross my mind at all. >> reporter: kensy didn't think twice before signing up for a four profit school. she says anyone considering it should give serious thought to the risk . >> regency's website says it is trying to work out teach-out agreements with other schools to let students finish. even if those work, there is a chance students could pay more
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keeping a close eye on four profit schools, just moved to shut down one of the major agencies that handles accrediting of many of those schools. >> thank you. off and on for the last 3 weeks, dmv offices across colorado have not been able to tell whether the people in line trying to get licenses were in this country legally. to use an initialism and then acronym, which we learned on a previous episode of next, the dmv uses something called save, systematic alien verification entitlement. that program allows agencies to verify immigration status. issues began mid september, the system was down 3 days and impacting nearly 500 a day in colorado. there have been issues since then, we are told it is working now. >> next time you drive from copper mountain to leadville, look for the signs on highway 91, the fallen heroes highway. the man who made that dedication his mission had one final task
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story. >> reporter: public works director brad palmer is a pretty busy guy. >> extremely. >> reporter: he still found the time for a special project, 10 years in the making. >> work in the evenings and weekends in my garage. >> reporter: for the past year, he and his wife, rachel... >> very important that everybody knows the names. >> reporter:... have been working on 2 granite plaques for the fallen hero's highway between copper mountain and leadville. brad even built the steel frames the plaques will sit in, something brad says he had to do. >> there are some things you have to do and some things, you feel you need to do. >> reporter: because the very first name carved into this plaque is his son's. >> nicholas was our son, he was killed in iraq, december 16, 2006. >> reporter: nicholas died 10 years ago serving in the marines. >> he wanted to make a
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>> reporter: his name, now part of a memorial dedicated to military and emergency responders from lake and summit county who have died in the line of duty. >> what about them guys that fight the fires? the ambulance? paramedics that go? the guy that flyathize helicopter to pick you up-- flies the helicopter to pick you up when injured? >> the second name belongs to flight for life pilot, pat mahaney. >> now that patrick is on they will know about patrick. >> reporter: thanks to a memorial dedicated october 7 just off highway 91, where the stone will reflect the beauty of colorado, while honoring the sacrifice of its bravest heroes. >> first responders, they are important to me. >> reporter: for next, matt renoux. >> there is a motorcycle ride down that highway each memorial day weekend, brad will lead next year's ride as he always does. may i make a
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worth your time. someone wrote an article listing the 10 worst places to live in colorado. forget that. we think you should read the rebuttal. it is called "the truth about the towns on colorado's worst places to live." the bloger, heidi writes heidi town, she defends all 10 towns. greeley, heidi points out it is home to the longest running orchestra in the rocky mountain, her argument is with a little digging, every town has interesting story in colorado. we agree. there is a link to her blog, send us your recommendations, e mail or #heynext. tonight we know whether our new approach to covering guns in america really started a different conversation, or just shook more nuts loose from the tree. the quiet colorado native who made the national museum of african american history happen. dia finally comes clean about its conspiracy theories, and the airport is playing
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we salute those who serve our community at next, colorado is looking for 3 people who will step up to serve our state on the noxious weed advisory committee. before your 30-year-old son stumbles out of your basement yelling "weed committee, all right!" you should probably hear more. noxious means harmful or as non-native aggressive invaders, no, you cannot get your neighbor from texas labeled a noxious weed, be nice. dandelions, a weed but not noxious. philip rivers, noxious, but not a weed. a noxious weed is something like leafy spurge, it pops up in the spring, sinks roots out 30 feet, pops its seeds 15 feet in all directions and soon crowds out other vegetation, basically it acts noxious. the state's noxious weed
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plants that can ruin farm land and starveinateish species, take over-- starve native species, take over your lawn. to purge the spurge and other menaces, application for the noxious weed advisory committee are due by the end of october. >> i assume your 30-year-old son shrugged back to the basement through that. you can find the application information on the facebook page. another warm, summer day in fall. i am meteorologist kathy sabine, we have clouds that will cut the temperatures tomorrow, almost 90 in the city today, way above the average of 73. there is also moisture on the way, beneficial moisture, already moving into western colorado. that stream of moisture will move northeast over the downtown area, bringing us a chance for showers tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow evening. we have isolated activity heading into the upcoming weekend. tomorrow will be our coolest day
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and that rain is welcome in the high country, except it is taking some leaves down, we had some wind to deal with as well. tonight, wind not a big player for us, partly cloudy, 50 in the city. winds west and south of town will continue to die down. tomorrow, mix of clouds and sunshine, cooler day, seasonal highs mid 70s, chance for showers in the afternoon and evening. isolated activity heading into the weekend. highs near 80. saturday, sunday, and monday. i leave you with this picture. no beach, no boat, no problem. in florida, the this is how they wake board country style. this week next has featured one of the more striking pieces of journalism i have seen in a while, chris vanderveen's piece on guns in america, all animated, no sound bytes, simply facts trying to spark a different type of conversation, i almost hesitate to ask, did it spark a different conversation? >> a little bit, we have part of the discussion that is really going back to the idea, gunerize good, guns are bad, and nothing
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discussion that is starting to brew talking about legitimate issues that people are starting-- causing people to say, i didn't know that, good point. >> so much of what people think and feel about guns is so baked into the cake, that is the only way somebody could look at your piece and say, that was so badly biased against guns or badly biased in favor of guns, people in my timeline said both, which tells me they are coming from opposite points. >> the best said i don't know if this is pro, or antigun. she was being critical of it. i said, that is the point. hope fully-- i have been accused by plenty being a liberal hack, fine, i don't care. i don't believe i am. i believe this is a discussion and fact, lets have a discussion on fact. >> tell me, what are you seeing happen or ganically wip those conversation? it is not talk with me, chris, the reporter and i will talk back to you, you want people to
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part of facebook because it encourages people to be cowards, at the same time there is a good thing, organic about facebook is that it encourages people to have a discussion, not with just chris vanderveen, but with other people around, say, hey i am going to challenge you on that. i am going to challenge you on what you are saying and it requires that person to actually have to back it up. that is the beauty of discussion, if you can back up what you are saying by somebody who is critical, you take it one step further to having a good discussion that carries a su >> all right, guns, check. what are we going to do next? do you have your next project lined up? >> i can't say. >> you totally taegs >> investigate-- totally-- >> investigate. >> if you missed chris vanderveen's animated piece, guns in america, check it out on the next facebook page. thank you, chris. >> thank you. we never would have gone digging into conspiracy theories
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quick, distract people with adorable kid. it is me, ruby.
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the much watched recent opening of the national museum of african american history and culture happened in no small part because of robert s. smith is in private equity, he donated $20 million to support the new museum and wants the money used to digitize videos and photos and music belonging to every-day african americans. he is not an attention speaker but has an invitation to sit with us on next when he is in denver. some number of people in colorado did something bad and will get attention on the other newscast, lets celebrate people doing good in the community,
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thank them by name. bat man, super man, captain america, iron man, they stopped by children's hospital, colorado. they may have loose connection to the acor rora police-- aurora police swat team, they rappelled down, the kids were all smiles. dia is actually a secret illuminati head quarts, they offered a new explanation of the conspiracy theory, i it, you can decide. >> kyle has made it abundantly clear that he is among what we call "the believers," right? they think something sinister is happening at the airport. you know what? we have heard it. we are supposedly a headquarters for the illuminati, secret underground bunker, aliens under baggage claim, connected to nor ad, nuth significant new. we did a little opposition research on mr. clark and discovered the conspiracies all
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people have been following his rants about patio furniture and big pumpkin for years, and, really, i think that if anything is a cover up, that is the cover up. kyle is maybe deflecting a little bit. you know, i can't name the people behind the research, that would be proprietary information, but it is credible research, it is well thought out research, and you know, much like kyle, we really dig for the truth and so that is what we are presenting here today. >> there is something big happening at dia in regards to the conspeersacies, more on that-- conspiracies, more on that tomorrow.
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she made her first appearance on next with interview with misty copeland. our young ace reporter, ruby dee has a conversation with model and business woman, tyra banks. >> hi. do you recognize me? it is me, ruby dee, and today i am going to have an interview with tyra banks. and she is a super model and she walks like this. >> >> yeah. >> where is tyra? >> that is upside down. it is hard to wait sometimes. tyra? tyra! >> well, hello. how are you? >> good. >> can people be pretty and smart? >> well i am looking at somebody that is pretty and smart. >> i can smiez. >> are you doing it right now?
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that is wrong, that is so wrong. convince me to give you a room full of candy, ruby, with those eyes, that is the magic of the smise. you are doing it. >> want to see me walk the runway? can you do it with me? >> cross over, cross over, cross over. >> thank you. i am so proud of you. interview number 2, down. up next, candidate. democrat, and the republican. putting out the request right now. >> ruby dee strikes again, i would smis aeshgs. alley-- smise. alley says thanks for the story of the beautiful memorial, you certainly did it justice. note from nick tucker, enough kyle clark already, you are not related to tom tucker?
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feeling? the answer, jackie, is better, thankful for those who kept watching, the team who kept things on the rails, especially that steve staeger guy. we will see more of him, next
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? ? shocking new revelations in the brangelina divorce battle. >> why >> this wasn't the first incident. there were many, many more. >> why angie was thinking about ending the marriage much sooner and how long have they been living separate lives. >> "e.t." first to show you janet jackson's baby bump. now we take you inside her life as an expectant mother at 50. >> plus two hot hunks and two blockbusters.
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and the new transformers. >> transformers 5, baby. >> why josh duhamel is literally painting the town red. >> this is all legal, right? now for september 29, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." brad and angelina's children spotted for the first time since their mother filed for divorce. >> and are the superstar parents close to working out custody? we have new details tonight about secret negotiations going on behind the scenes. >> today my that brad and angie's lawyers are working 24/7 to hammer out an agreement that is acceptable to both parties to give them access to the children and to avoid a media nightmare where the kids are drawn out into a long, bloody battle in the media. >> meanwhile, a source close to the pitt-jolie custody dispute tells us right now brad is leaning on his friend for support. we are told the couple's marriage started to crumble over the past six months, and we do


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