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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 30, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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we just heard people screaming in the first car. they were trapped. >> chaos after a train slams new jersey,what we're learning about the deadly accident. >> a father makes it his journey to honor his son and first responders in two mountain counties. >> we'd much rather be called out for nothing than not called at all. >> they get false alarms, but experts stress say something if you see something. >> venting on social media, there's evidence it could be a good thing. >> the chase has gone on more
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the crash is next. scientists are super excited. 9news starts now. twice this week robbers struck a bank on one of the busiest stretches of colfax avenue. the robberies happened at the compass bank east of colfax and california boulevard. two men held up the bank -- and colorado boulevard. two men held up the bank this afternoon while wearing hooded cl the same branch was hit on tuesday as with. the robberies are similar. no other information has been released. there is no suspect description. this man is wanted for a bank robbery today in jeffco. deputies say he slipped a note to a teller at key bank on chat field avenue off wadsworth boulevard near the reservoir. he was armed and wanted to make a withdrawal the note said. the suspect is in his mid 20s,
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muscular build. no weapon was seen. if you recognize the suspect, you can leave an anonymous tip with crime stoppers, 720-913- stop. the ntsb said its investigation of the train crash in new jersey will proceed when that scene is considered safe. passengers report the new jersey transit train never slowed as it entered hoboken station, crashed through a barrier, jumped the track and slammed into a wall. a 34-ye crash standing on the platform at the time. more than 100 others were injured. the ntsb checklist of potential causes to examine includes mechanical issues, signal problems, track issues or human error. >> we can currently access the locomotive at the end of this train and we'll be pulling the event recorder this evening. from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and braking. we also know the train had
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we also will be recovering both of those. >> the train's engineer survived the crash and the ntsb plans to interview him now that he's out of the hospital. the 6-year-old boy shot in the leg at a south carolina school remains in critical condition. police say a 14-year-old boy shot jacob hall, shot another student and teacher at townville elementary yesterday afternoon. investigators say the shooter killed his father at their home before making his way to the school. he was home schooled. it's not clear if he had building. the other injured student and teacher have been released from the hospital. a middle school counselor in tennessee prevented a similar situation from happening at her school. yesterday morning a 14-year-old boy came to sycamore middle school and went to the office of counselor molly hudgens. the sheriff's office said the boy vented about his abuse of teachers and showed her a gun
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ammo. she talked with the boy while secretly sending messages for help from his cell phone. >> that she was ms. hudgens and he was going to kill a police officer and not students. he came to herm because he indicated she would be the -- to her because he indicated she would be the only one who could talk him out of it. the boy was arrested without incident. hutchens has been teaching at middle school since 1999 and joined the counseling department in 2006. a minnesotfa trying to figure out what happened to two sisters found dead while on vacation. one of them was living in denver. authorities found annie corky and her sister robin dead in their hotel villa off the coast of africa last week. local police say a plum investigation did not show sign -- a preliminary investigation did not show signs of violence or immigration. an autopsy is expected this week. a man accused of threatening john elway claiming to be a 20% owner of the broncos was arrested at the
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cordell robinson entered an unlocked media room in the building 7 a.m. monday morning. he went into the lobby where a security guard told him to leave because he was on private property. robinson refused and he told the officer he would get him and elway. he was arrested for criminal trespassing. you hear law enforcement say if you see something, say something. becoming anything major, but that does not mean those investigations are not important. that's what the bomb squad told our noel brennan. >> reporter: when the bomb squad robots roll in -- >> suspicious chemicals, suspicious devices. >> reporter: -- our cameras usually stay back. >> they notice a strange object on the back of the truck. >> reporter: like they did yesterday morning in
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was trying to deliver parts to the national guard station on the revere parkway. >> reporter: sergeant brad zabrowski. >> i'm currently bomb squad commander for the arapahoe county sheriff's office. >> reporter: -- has handled 13 years of suspicious device calls. >> in a year we handle between 100 to 150 calls. >> reporter: yesterday was a false alarm. two weeks ag the passenger dropoff area at dia, another false alarm. at the federal center in july the jefferson county bomb squad blew up a suspicious backpack shredding the harmless paper inside. >> you try not to get complacent and treat everything as being serious. >> reporter: every once in a while it is serious. >> we do run into pipe bombs quite often. >> reporter: in april an explosion from a pipe bomb
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apart a mailbox in arvada. >> we do run into things that turn out to be a hazard. >> reporter: hazard or harmless? bomb squads and their robots will roll out just the same. so you may not realize it, but bomb squads in colorado keep pretty busy. douglas county's bomb squad has been called out 24 times this year. some of those were for suspicious devices, others just hoaxes, other times simply helping out team. recently they had to dispose of a world war ii era grenade which they safely did so. >> not a hoax or suspicious device, but innocentless a job for the -- but nonetheless a job for the bomb squad. after eight days with no sign of david cook the pitkin county sheriff's office is suspending the search for him near aspen. the 49-year-old has been missing since last tuesday. planes have flown the area, crews on the ground searching and no luck.
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been well prepared for his hike. if they get new lead, they may resume looking. the election is already underway in a critical battleground state. early voting began at 8 a.m. today in iowa. democratic candidate hillary clinton campaigned in des moines and urged everyone to get out and vote in a state where she is lagging behind donald trump. he paid a visit to the hawkeye state yesterday before heading to new hampshire. in 2012 about 700,000 folks in iowa voted early or by abee second rally to his colorado trip monday. he'll be at the pueblo convention center at 3 p.m., doors opening at noon. yesterday we told you the campaign was making a 6 p.m. stop in loveland at bud he wife event center. tickets are available -- and the the budweiser event center. tickets are available on donald trump's website. mike pence spent the last two days doing mock debates
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nominee tip kaine. that vice presidential debate -- tim kaine. the vice presidential debate is tuesday here on 9news. the ceo of wells fargo promised an expanded investigation into the 2 million fake accounts opened without customer knowledge. john stumpf admitted what his bank did was unethical. some in congress say it was illegal. >> using customer numbers to open credit cards behavior. it is identity theft. >> did wells fargo employees steal from 1 million to 2 million of their customers, yes or no? >> in some cases they did. >> they did. >> yes. >> i understand that reearning the trust of our customer and the american people is going to be our biggest challenge. >> seems like that went well. wells fargo has fired more than 5,300 employees and fined more
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millions of dollars of stock options. heed had onto his job. federal regulators haven't said whether they plan to refer the case to the justice department for criminal charges. next time you head to copper mountain from leadville look for fallen heroes highway. the man who made that dedication made it his mission, one he had to accomplish. 9news mountain newsroom matt renoux has his story. >> reporter: lake county public works director brad palmer is a pretty busy a special project 10 years in the making. >> work in the evenings and weekends in my garage. >> reporter: for the past year he and his wife rachel -- >> it's very important that everybody knows the names. >> reporter: -- have been working on two granite plaques for the fallen heroes highway between corner mountain and leadville. brad's even built the steel frames the plaques will sit in,
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have to do, some things you just feel you need to do. >> reporter: because the very first name carved into this plaque is his son's. >> nicholas was our son. he was killed in fallujah, iraq, december 16th, 2006. >> reporter: nicholas died 10 years ago serving in the marines. >> he wanted to make a difference. he did. >> reporter: his name now part of a memorial dedicated to mi from lake and summit county who have died in the line of duty. >> what about them guys that fight the fires? what about the drivers driving the ambulance and the paramedics that go to the scene, the guy that flies the helicopter to pick you up when you're injured? >> reporter: which is why the second name here belongs to flight for life pilot patrick mahany whose helicopter crashed in summit county. >> they'll know about patrick, also. >> reporter: thanks to a memorial to be dedicated
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the beauty of colorado while honoring the sacrifice of its bravest heroes. >> first responders, they're important to me. >> there is a motorcycle ride down the highway each memorial day weekend and brad will lead next year's ride, as he always does. if you're going to send an angry social media message to an airline that's burned you, one piece of advice to keep in mind. >> it's a crash years in the making, what scientists have learn when this spacecraft hits a comet. >> it will be slightly cooler tomorrow with a greater chance of rain heading into the weekend. kathy has the full forecast in a bit. >> reporter: and a couple
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if frontier is your airline of choice, you can skip the long line of security with tsa precheck. for months passengers
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did not participate in precheck. it's a system that allows passengers to not only skip security lines, but avoid taking off belts and shoes. frontier had been working to make sure its software was compatible with the tsa. the airline said the process is complete. the precheck costs $85 for five years of membership. you can apply in person at a few locations including dia. when stuck in the airport, some folks lash out on social media about delayed or works. a software firm works with airlines and tracks social media interaction by carriers and says companies are watching and often responding to 0 you put on social media. for example, southwest -- to what you put on social media. for example, southwest had a team tracking twitter and other social media sites 24 hours a day and keeping customers calm when they had to delay flights.
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computer outage. >> the approach is really how can we help? wait a minute. we hate to hear that. let's see what we can do to straighten this out. >> every major airline tracks and answers customers online, but some do it better than others. the study finds southwest is the among the best in north america. alaska is the fastest answering social media posts within three minutes. still experts say think before nice with your message, you tend to get a quicker response. >> put out that honey there. the annual flu shot push is on by doctors across the country. this year they're especially concerned not as many children will get vaccinated because kids can no longer use the nasal flu mist. it's been deemed ineffective this year. last year 85 children died from the flu and its complications. everyone over 6 months is
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and particularly important for at risk populations, children, the elderly and pregnant women. getting hit by a soccer ball during a match might have saved a fan's life. david nelsen naturally nielsen -- nielsen was hit in the head and taken to the doctor and determined he had a brain tumor and had not have been detected in time. the rosetta spacecraft will crash tomorrow providing a goldmine of data. for the past 12 years rosetta has been chasing the comet it's
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them now that still go on tour and they can't sing anymore. their rheumatism may prevent them from playing their instruments that well. what we want to do is with the rock star that is rosetta, put it down when it's at maximum capability. >> in the final hours of its controlled descent rosetta will be able to take close-up pictures of the comet and collected gas surface. data will help scientists better understand how the earth and other planets formed. >> is that how every business works? they wait till you're at your peak, crash you and figure it wasn't going to get any better than, that was it? >> that's as good as it's going to get. kathy, the weather is about like that right now, but we don't want to say that. it's perfect. >> when the weather is quiet, i like a feature called weather
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what's happening elsewhere. the first place we take you is the great lakes where just outside of chicago today in the lake michigan area a few thunderstorms were rumbling and rolling producing rain and not one but four separate waterspouts in that area today. no damage or injuries but quite the sight in the sky there at our partners at weather nation on the twitter feed, wonderful pictures coming in to give us a picture what's happening across the midwest which includes thunderstorms producing up to 4 in the detroit area creating big problems there. we also have a lurk we're tracking, matthew -- hurricane we're tracking, matthew. if you have vacation plans in the caribbean areas, there's wind and rain damage already in barbados. it begins to approach the mainland u.s. early next week, a category 1 storm with winds 80 miles per hour. in the 9news backyard
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64 there. light winds out of the south kept temperatures in the city milder, humidity values coming up a bit. moisture levels continue to increase with a lot of tropical moisture from the southwest. all this cloud cover has kept temperatures across western colorado cooler than average. we enjoyed 87 today in denver. a wind shift from the south pushed temperatures close to 90. temperatures above average in southeastern colorado as well and just a nice day shaping up fair skies, 55 degrees, 57 by 8:00 and almost 62 by about 9:00 in the morning. look at all this moisture feeding in from the southwest. eventually that little plume will track more northeast over the front range as high pressure starts to shift and break down. what tomorrow brings for you will be more cloud cover, a 10- degree temperature drop but a mild day with seasonal highs in the mid-70s. heat is building off to the south and west of us and all of
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western slope on i-70 will stay put until about 3:00 in the afternoon. we get a push of showers moving through denver. some of that shower activity could linger late into the night. there could be pockets of heavier rain, not expecting much snow. aspen 45 tonight, 47 the low in greeley, 52 in pueblo, high temperatures in southeastern colorado in the mid-80s. seasonal highs for denver, greeley and fort collins area and highs cooler than average decent day of travel for those headed to blackhawk, nederland and grand lake, highs low to mid-60s. in the denver metro area tonight partly cloudy, 50 degrees. the winds are starting to ease a bit. tomorrow we have a mix of clouds and sunshine, mild but a lot cooler than our high of 87, just a smidge above the average 73. heading into the weekend only isolated showers expected. so tomorrow is our best shot at beneficial precipitation until early next week for the first
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going to feel like the month with temperatures in the 50s and 60s down here, a good chance of showers and maybe some snow in the high country. now is the time to get out, take the backpack, grab the camera and get out and take those pictures because it is so beautiful in the mountains and apparently beautiful for flying tonight, a very active night over the 9news backyard. >> just getting crop dusted is all this is. >> waiting for the parachute person to come you remember that feeling on the swing set? take that, add skydiving and you get this, two men dropped on giant swings attached to two hot air balloons, then flipped off parachuted to the ground. they were trying to break the world record for the longest swing in the record. >> to have the possibility to really jump from one balloon, then swing beyond the other with the long, long rope is
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a childhood's dream. if you ever jumped off a swing, then you always imagined to go like forever. >> sure. >> yeah, yeah. >> the balloons were 5,000 feet
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from colorado's sports
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von miller is at the very beginning of a $114 million contract and night already be underpaid. miller was named american football conference defensive player of the month for september. von led denver to a 3-0 record with an nfl high five quarterback sacks and forced fumble, the first player in franchise history to win that award three time. there's a derogatory term meaning difficult or temperamental that a couple broncos players see as a compliment. of his notebook. >> reporter: we can debate whether emmanuel sanders and demaryius thomas are the league's top receiver duo. i think they are, but it's up for discussion. what can't be argued is emmanuel and d.t. are the most refreshingly candid receivers in the nfl. last week they told it like it is and said throw us the darn ball. when they both then had huge
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whispers they were just another set of diva receivers. >> sanders, denver touchdown. >> i don't mind being a diva. i am a diva. [ laughter ] >> i am a diva. i like winning ballgames and catching passes. >> reporter: when asked about thomas, sanders said d.t. is a country diva. >> i'm from the country. i drive a ford raptor, don't have nothing wrong with that. >> reporter: by definition divas are female singers who are shall demanding and getting their own way. the term has also been referred to nfl receivers, terrell owens, randy moss and chad ochocinco come to mind. with sanders and thomas, they might have some diva in them, but they are not t.o. or ochocinco types. emmanuel and d.t. are honest but not distractions, mike klis, 9news.
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valor christian beat cherry creek tonight. first there was eddie, then max, then christian, then dylan, now luke mccaffrey, you're on 9news. eagles win 42-26. final road game of the season for the rockies losing to the giants in san francisco. starting pitcher jon gray took a hard grounder off his foot. that hurt, but gray is tough, stayed in the game. roccos trail anyway 5-2 now in the 6th. still of the night comes from beijing where former broncos quarterback peyton manning is serving as an nfl ambassador and teaching chinese kids the game of football in the still of the night. has a passion for sports. football is something something. i think once people can learn
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strategies and the game planning and the mental and cerebral part of football, once they learn that and appreciate that i think they'll have more of an interest in the game. hey, very ever mentioned how much i love sports? >> he has. he really has. >> i do, now more than ever because henrik stinson of the european ryder cup got tired of some american heckler in the crowd and challenged him to take the stinking putt himself. justin rose set johnson of north dakota. [ cheering and applause ] >> that's what i'm talking about! johnson puts the money where his mouth is. i love sports! >> i closed my eyes, swallowed my puke and hit the putt that happened to go in, so that was cool. >> he probably was overeating in the crowd. he had no idea he would be chosen to make a putt like that with that kind of pressure, told you i could make that
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tonight show z24qjz zvpz
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did angelina really find photos of another woman on brad's phone? >> every rumor, every outrageous headline. we're breaking them all down now
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>> brad and angelina in top secret meetings to hammer out a divorce detail. new details on brangelina's half billion break up. did a jealous angie really comb for brad's phone? who's got the kids? and kate hudson's crush on brad revealed. >> trump's trouble with women. >> if you want to increase your numbers with women, just stop tells how fat we are. >> the don today. and the beauty queen he fat-shamed, the shocker just uncovered from his past. >> new video that brought down to fox news chief gretchen carlsson facing cameras for the first time. since the victory. >> and justin theroux just past the one year marriage mark with jen. what doesn't he want us to reveal?
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battle between matt and benn. >> let's ask tebow and see who's better friends with. >> now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey everyone. welcome to "extra" i'm mario lopez. coming up kim kardashian snapchating in a super sheer dress. just wait till >> and amanda knox on the hot seat today opening up about the new documentary about a murder case. >> but first a new report claiming angelina busted brad communicating with other women. that is just one of the sensational new headlines. jerry is on rumor control. >> her $8 million hideout under lock down. one of her attorneys under siege. >> are you working towards settlement? >> breaking down the new questions, new theory, what's


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