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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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gary, cheryl and it's going to be a beautiful day and a nice weekend ahead. we start the morning int he 50's and in the 70's by lunchtime. there is a small chance of rain tonight after teh sun goes down. the day ahead could bring some answers in the investigation into the terrible train crash in new jersey. a woman on the platform died, and more than 100 are hurt. witnesses say - the commuter train did not look like it was slowing down. the train did so much damage that federal agents
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today. it will help them determine why the train didn't slow down. thursday morning - the commuter train sped into a hoboken station...slamming into - and going over the bumpers at the end of the track. 34-year-old fabiola de kroon was standing on the platform when the train hit. she was killed when the impact caused the terminal's canopy to collapse. the engineer on that train was injured... but investigators say he's been released from the hospital - and is cooperating with the investigation. the n-t-s-b says - they expect to be on site - for the next seven to ten days. today - tulsa police officer betty
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arraignment on first degree manslaughter charges. shelby shot and killed 40-year-old terrence crutcher - an unarmed black man - two weeks ago. dashcam and aerial footage of the shooting show crutcher walking away from shelby with his hands in the air. shelby's lawyers say - she fired when he reached into his car's window. but police say - crutcher did not have a gun on him - or in his car. and in sou of shooting three people at an elementary school- will face a judge in juvenile court. on wednesday - police say the 14- year-old shot and killed his father before driving to the school - and firing during recess. one teacher and two students were hit... one of those students - just six years old - is in critical condition. a volunteer firefighters was one of the first people on the scene...and is being called a hero for taking the shooter down. for a third night,
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tuesday's fatal officer involved shooting. protesters marched near the site of the shooting - shouting "no justice, no peace." on tuesday - police shot and killed alfred olango - a ugandan refugee. they say he was acting erratically - and pointed an object at officers while in a "shooting stance." that object - turned out to be a vaper cigarette. now - el cajon's mayor and police chief are defending their decision to only show a single frame of cellphone video from the incident... the frame shows the "shooting stance." olango's family wants the entire video released - saying the image was "cherry picked" to fit the police narrative. israel's former president -- is being laid to rest this morning. shimon peres died on wednesday.. today - a military honor guard took his casket from parliament in israel's national cemetery. peres was israel's
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the nobel peace prize laureate worked in government for 60 years... peres died two weeks after suffering a stroke... he was 93. a long list of big names went to honor the late leader... president obama and former president bill clinton both delivered eulogies. members of england's royal family, and leaders from around the world - also made an appearance. the u-s supreme court will hear a highlands ranch family's case... after they claimed the douglas county school district didn't provide an adequate public education for their son who has autism. the family pulled their son from summit view elementary after fourth grade... to put him in a private school. they want the douglas county school district to pay them back for the private school education. the supreme court could change standards for how schools everywhere provide services for students with
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twice this week....robbers struck a bank on one of the busiest stretches of colfax avenue. the robberies happened at the compass bank just east of colfax and colorado boulevard. thursday afternoong - two men held up the bank while wearing hooded clothing, then ran away. police shut down streets nearby and searched for hours - but came up empty handed. the same compass branch was also hit on tuesday... investigators say the robberwe dpd has not released any other information - and police don't have a description of any suspects. in jeffreson county - this man is wanted for a bank robbery... deputies say he slipped a note to a teller at the key bank on chatfield avenue. that's just off wadsworth near the reservoir. the note said he was armed and wanted to make a withdrawal. deputies say the suspect is in his mid-20s - five foot six - weighing aproximately 180 pounds.
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build." no weapon was seen during the robbery. if you recognize the suspect - you can leave an anonymous tip with crime stoppers. that number - is 720-913-stop. you could get a reward, you don't have to give your name. after eight days of no results - the pitkin county sheriff's office is suspending the search for david cook. the 49-year-old from new mexico has been missing since last tuesday. that's when he was supposed to return from his hike at the aspen. planes have flown the area... and crews searched the ground. cook is a marine - and was prepared for the climb. officials say if they get any new leads - they'll look again. a plea deal has spared one boulder man a lot of jail time. kelley wiggins struck a deal with prosecutors that will have him avoiding first- degree murder and attempted murder charges. he pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide, vehicular
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it killed his 21- year-old passenger alexus valentin. four other people--including a 1-year-old child--were hurt. wiggins girlfriend at the time was in the car.... she says that when wiggins found out valentin had died.... he said "good"--and that she "needed to be eliminated." on the campaign trail - both candidates are getting more and more personal.. and our partners sa here's nbc's edward lawrence. libertarian candidate gary
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second gaff this month... when he could not name his favorite world leader - living or dead. johnson later tweeted - attempting to make fun of himself - saying he still could not come up with anyone. both vice
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so they can prepare for their first debate republican mike pence is taking the weekend off. he's been doing mock debates with wisconsin governor scott walker. and democrat tim kaine will spend time preparing on saturday... the vice presidential debate is next tuesday - and you can watch it right here on 9news. donald trump knows colorado is a crucial state.. so he's coming back - for another visit. trump will hold two different events in colorado next week. he'll be in pueblo center. and later in the day, trump will be at the budweiser events center in loveland. earlier this month - the republican nominee made his second trip to colorado springs. today we want to follow up on a very cool story we told you about earlier this week. it was about a special car that allows sam schmidt, a parapalegic - to drive. sam says now that he knows it works, one of the first things he wants to do - is go through the drive thru at in n out burger.
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the neck down after a terrible crash... he's the first licensed driver - who uses head movements and breathing - to control his modified corvette. safety is still a huge priority... schmidt has to have a passenger with him everytime he drives. but we're pretty sure now that he's back behind the wheel, he'll enjoy that trip to in n out. almost a foot of rain in north carolina... almost a foot of rain in north carolina... but so far - the most important thing - is that everyone there is staying safe. more on that - and a
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heavy rain quickly
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north carolina. some people even had to be rescued from their homes. according to forecasters... some areas got as much as 10 inches of rain. even with the flooding, and rescues... so far no injuries have been reported. even more rain is expected this week. a lot of us probably take our
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but if you're "car clueless"...don't're probably not alone.
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y24qmy yvpy change a tire" all you want... but actually doing it - is another story. a new survey shows - nearly 60 percent of people - say they aren't completely confident in their ability to change a flat tire. at least a few people said they could probably figure it out.. but 22 percent - said they would be completely
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might be time to refresh some of that knowledge.. if frontier is your airline of choice, you can now skip the long lines at security - with t-s-a precheck. for months - frontier was one of the only major airlines that did not participate in precheck. it's the system that allows passengers to not only skip the long security lines... but also avoid taking off belts and shoes. frontier had been working to make its software compatible with the tsa. and the airline says that process is now complete. tsa precheck costs 85 dollars for five years of membership. you can apply in person at a few locations - including dia.
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airport - lots of folks lash out on social media. but a new study shows-- it actually works. "conver-social" - a software firm - works with airlines to track social media interaction by carriers. it says companies are watching - and often responding to what you put on social media. for example - southwest airlines has a team tracking twitter, facebook and other online sites 24-7. the teams help airlines by rebooking customers or just still - experts say to think before you tweet - because calmer requests or complaints - often get quicker responses. next time you're driving along highway 91...take a moment to reflect. what one man is doing - to make sure local heroes are never forgotten. plus - a new
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really isn't
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the signs on highway 91 - the fallen hero's highway. the man who made that dedication his mission - has one more task to accomplish. 9news reporter
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motorcycle ride down that highway every memorial day weekend. brad will lead next year's ride - just as
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the north have some pretty awesome views to boast about.. but for some reason - people are passing up the tetons...and choosing traffic instead. people around the world are somehow fascinated by this camera - focused on the "busiest intersection in wyoming." nobody knows why... but viewers love it - and usually give a running commentary - especially if a red truck goes by. so - the people of jackson hole decided to entertain the viewers... offering up a nc marriage proposal. but the audience - was just fine with watching a normal day go by.. well... traffic and tourists... apparently that's all it takes - to captivate an entire group of faithful
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talk about putting it's the number one pick in the 2015 draft... versus the 250th pick. jameis winston and trevor siemian will square off this sunday in tampa. and oh as a starter in his career.... and he'll look to build on an impressive performance last sunday... where he threw for more than 300 yards and four touchdowns. the bucs are one- and-two and have struggled on defense so far this year.... giving up more than 35 points in each of their last two games. kill of will be at
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at ikea, we believe that everything - ld work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after.
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curious... it's dark and early ...and pretty quiet in jackson hole.. but here's a live look at the intersection. if you want to check it out yourself - you can find it on youtube.. or drive about 8 hours northwest...and check it out yourself.. we'll be right back.
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days. we'll have a live report from the bank.. that had some really bad luck this week. federal investigators still can't even get federal investigators still can't even get cl but they should start to get some questions answered today - as commuters find a different route today. and- broomfield started with beer. this week in 9neighborhoods, we're going to tour the area that started small...but boomed later on.


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