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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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days. we'll have a live report from the bank.. that had some really bad luck this week. federal investigators still can't even get federal investigators still can't even get cl but they should start to get some questions answered today - as commuters find a different route today. and- broomfield started with beer. this week in 9neighborhoods, we're going to tour the area that started small...but boomed later on.
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the area that started small...but boomed later on.
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crashed into the terminal in hoboken new jersey train station yesterday morning. the train hopped the barriers at the end of the track and slammed right into the building. steel beams, bricks and shattered glass all fell to the ou mom died. more than 100 people on and off the train were injured. today- investigators are trying to find out as much as they can about what led up to the crash. so far- unstable debris is keeping everyone away
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train... but witnesses say it never seemed to slow down. investigators haven't ruled anything out yet... from a mechanical problem with the train... or a problem with the tracks... to human error. the train's engineer was injured- but is now out of the hospital and cooperating with investigators. we could get a little insight today into what made a teenager take the life of his father then take that gun to an elemetary school the teenager will face a juvinile judge. the teenager is due in a south carolina juvenile court this morning. two students and a teacher were injured in the school shooting this week. one 6 year ol boy is still in critical condition. the boy's name or age have not been released... a judge has not decided whether cameras will be allowed in the courtroom today. today - the tulsa police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man plans to plead not guilty to manslaughter. officer betty shelby shot and killed 40 year old
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she said she feared for her life when she pulled the trigger. but- prosecutors say she acted unreasonably. crutcher is seen in video from a helicopter walking away with his hands up at the time of the shooting. shelby's attorney says she fired as crutcher started reaching into his car's window. his death sparked protests across the country. one bank in denver- has had double its share of bad luck. for the second time in a week- bank robbers have targeted the same compass bank. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live at the bank off colfax this morning... tarhonda- police are looking for two men right now.
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accused of drinking and getting in the driver's seat of a car over and over again... will find out how much time he could serve if he's convicted. 46 year old michael wiley was arrested for drinking and driving for the 7th time last month. lakewood police say he was one and a half time the legal limit. wily will now face colorado's new felony d-u-i law. that means- this time he could go to prison for years... but ther's also no minimum sentence in the new law... so he could escape jail time altogether. a boulder man will spend a lot less time than expected in prison... after he caused a roll over crash last summer. kelley wiggins agreed to a plea deal... to avoid a first degree murder and attempted murder conviction. instead he pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and child abuse. wiggins was going 90 miles per hour at the time of the crash... he was
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the crash killed his 21 year old passenger... four other people--including a 1-year-old child--were hurt. wiggins will be sentenced in november... he could face 12 to 36 years. donald trump is expanding his campaign in colorado next
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he's starting his trip in pueblo for a rally at three at the pueblo convention center. doors for that rally open at noon. later in the day, he's stopping in loveland, at the budweiser events center. that rally starts at six. there are tickets trump's website. support for hillary clinton continues to pour in following this week's debate. quite a few newspapers have made their endorsements. even usa today is taking a stance. in a surprise move.. breaking with tradition of not picking sides... in an editorial the paper wrote quote," by all means vote, just not for donald trump." while the editorial doesn't specifically support clinton, it does spell out reasons the paper feels donald trump should not be the president. trump's running mate mike pence wrote a competing op-ed in u-s-a today, talking bout how trump is ready to lead. both vice presidential candidates are taking sone time- to get ready for next tuesday's debate.
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presidential nominee will relax at home in indiana - and prep for his one and only debate. in the past days... he's been practicing... doing mock debate with wisconsin governor scott walker. tim kaine plans to take time through saturday to prepare in raleigh, north carolina. the vice presidential debate is next tuesday - and you can see it here on 9news. this is kind of frightening. 20 states have had hacking attempts on their electio the attempts seem to target online systems... like registration databases... and not actual voting or counting machines. in illinois and arizona, online voter registration have been successfully hacked... traced back to russia. it's unclear whose poking around in the other states. a volcano so active- it's known as the "fire volcano." we'll show you why. plus- the town that boomed... after
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today. and the video so cuddly- it will be sure to get your friday started with a smile. what brought all these panda babies together.
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i-p's and even traditional rivals came together for the funeral of former israeli president shimon peres. the funeral happened just after midnight our time... around nine a-m in israel. thousands of admirers were there... and world leaders including president obama, president bill clinton and even palestinian president mahmoud abbas were at the funeral. president obama has said peres
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stopped working. president obama is the tenth u-s president to work with peres. the israeli president was known for working hard for peace in the middle east... a dream he never saw fulfilled. peres was a nobel peace price honoree... who held every major office in israel including president and prime minister. he passed away this week after having a stroke. shimon pares was 93 years old. this volcano is literally called "fire." it's the colima volcano in mexico...
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name. gas, ash and incandescent fragments shot into the air yesterday. the increased volcano activity started because of a new lava dome at the top of the volcano. the fire volcano is part of the pacific's ring of fire... there are more than three thousand volcanoes in mexico- but only 14 are considered active. the wildfire burning in northern california has now destroyed eight homes... andt hospital. fire officials say the man went to the hospital yesterday- but didn't give any details on his condition. the "loma fire" has burned about six and a half square miles.. and it's still threatening 300 homes and buildings. the fire is burning in the santa cruz mountains.. people in nearby canta clara county have
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9neighborhoods is
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broomfield this week. just northwest of denver, the city spans 34 square miles. broomfield started with beer. in 1889, adolph zang with zang brewing company, was the largest beer producer west of missouri. the city got a slow start.only 160 residents lived
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broomfield is booming. 9news reporter colleen ferreira spent some time in the city this week. >> let's check in with
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these 23 giant panda cubs made their public debut in china yesterday. go ahead. enjoy this cuddly way to end the week. they flopped around on the ground together... hang out in trees. the panda babies are all between the ages of one and four months. they are all from a breeding program at a research base. there are even ten twins in the bunch. since its establishment nearly 30 years ago, the base has bred 176 giant pandas, the world's largest artificially-bred
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ruby dee meets tyra "bee"... inthe next half hour- our cutest little reporter was such a hit... she landed another star interview. --adlib live
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. >> this is 9 news. >> one bank, one week, two robberies, we'll tell you the details about how those robbers
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bank. >> all right. tarhonda, thanks much. the douglas county case is going all the way to the supreme court. we'll tell you how it could change school in a lot of kids with disabilities. she is cute, she's little, but she's getting all the biggest star interviews. the tough questions our sweet reporter ruby dee has for tyra. >> gauche, got to love that. >> nothing better on a friday. >> i just tweeted our becky. we had a little kind of mess-up in scheduling today. somebody always gets the early call. becky got the early call. >> i'm a late sleeper. >> you know, i -- i apologize if i'm at a loss for words at times this morning. i'll probably get some coffee in just a second. >> we understand that. >> at least it's a nice day. so far this morning we have


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