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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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bank. >> all right. tarhonda, thanks much. the douglas county case is going all the way to the supreme court. we'll tell you how it could change school in a lot of kids with disabilities. she is cute, she's little, but she's getting all the biggest star interviews. the tough questions our sweet reporter ruby dee has for tyra. >> gauche, got to love that. >> nothing better on a friday. >> i just tweeted our becky. we had a little kind of mess-up in scheduling today. somebody always gets the early call. becky got the early call. >> i'm a late sleeper. >> you know, i -- i apologize if i'm at a loss for words at times this morning. i'll probably get some coffee in just a second. >> we understand that. >> at least it's a nice day. so far this morning we have
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continue with those, we have a better chance for rain showing up later this afternoon. yesterday was a little bit on the warm side. we officially hit 87 degrees. we will be 10 degrees cooler than that this afternoon. 56 around arizona, 53 for greeley. 55 up in fort collins. foothills, you got lower to middle 50s to start you off this morning. the rain is in northern colorado across the northern drive. we'll give it to 5:00, 6:00 for the rain to return. for the next several hours as you're headed out the door, we are expecting to see partly to mostly cloudy skies. upper 60s by 8:00, 9:00. sun might become more of a problem for the late end of the drive. be prepared for that. let's see how things are looking on the road this morning.
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morning commute. c-470 similar to the rest of the week. currently live vye views, very giants dark and calm. u.s. 57 as you head through broomfield, nice easy start overall. castle rock, castle pines and colorado springs clear as well. the drive time hovering right around an hour. speaking of hovering, sky 9 should take off at 6:00 a.m. this morning. in the meantime, we have drive times. maps. we are still looking at solid green across town. oh, shoot, spoke too soon. i'll go check this out and be back in a few. >> poor guy, that one accident right there. okay, thanks. one bank, two robberies, the search is on this morning. the same compass bank on colfax got robbed twice in one week. they say the robberies do look similar. tarhonda thomas live from the bank right now.
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or what. >> reporter: doesn't seem like bad luck if they say the robberies are similar. quite a statement from police. they are not going too much into detail about how the robbery was committed. we usually see that because they have to protect the investigation. imagine being a teller in the bank and coming back an thursday and it happens again. that's exactly what went down at this bank. it was around 4:00, when we got the word this bank near colorado and colfax. just to the east. and that is where this happened yesterday afternoon. now police say two men came in, they had on hoods, they robbed the bank and made out really, really quickly and ran away. they just actually happened to get away on foot. no getaway car that we know of. police basically say these guys ran away, they set up a perimeter around this neighborhood. when they did, they searched
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telling people, hey, just be patient, we are looking for two suspects, they still did not find them. so as you can imagine, the police, thing bank they really want to catch these guys, especially since the robberies are so similar to the ones that happened on tuesday. they are still on the hunt for these robbers. . >> are all right, thanks for the update. jefferson county deputies looking for this man for another bank robbery. they say bank on chatfield avenue. the note said he was armed and wanted to make a withdrawal. no weapon was visible. they believe he was in his mid- 20s, 180 pounds. the u.s. supreme court will hear a case from a family from highlands ranch. they claim the douglas county school district did not provide an adequate education for their son who has autism. they pulled their son after iv
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they want the douglas county school system to pay them back for the private education. it could change standards for how schools everywhere provide service for students with disabilities. the pitkin county sheriff's office is calling off the search for this missing climber. after eightdays of hoping to find him or a clue, 45-year-old david cook disappeared in cook is a marine, he was prepared for his hike, search leaders say if they get any new information they will start looking again. better safe than exploded. that's the message from arapahoe county bomb squad after another false alarm. part of the parkway was closed off as the bomb squad investigated a suspicious package. this was in centennial this
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alarm. arapahoe county bomb squad says it responds to calls like this all the time. bomb squad in colorado keep pretty busy overall, douglas county's bomb squad has been called out 24 times this year already. some of the calls were for suspicious devices, others were hoaxes or coms to help out the s.w.a.t. team. a couple weeks ago a suspicious item shut down a the passenger dropoff both were families alarms. now the arapahoe county bomb squad is telling people it's better for you to make the call if you have any questions than ignore it and let somebody possibly get hurt. showers we have been talking about tax, will be increasing today, we actually have a pretty good chance for it in the denver metro area, for most of the afternoon that rain will hang out to the west. over the foothills and across
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mountains. once wet get into late this afternoon and evening, then we'll see the showers move east of i-25 here through denver, down around colorado springs and possibly up through fort collins and greeley. heavy rain will be much more possible to the west over our foothills. it will be light showers, very isolated here around the denver metro area and over with by about 9:00, 10:00 tonight. the weekend looks to be more of the same, mild temperatures in store, big cool-off comes investigators are going to have to wait a little bit longer before they can get into parts of the crashed train station in hoboken, new new jersey. unstable debris is keeping them away from them getting to the station. 100 people were injured in that collision. . >> it was just it was an explosion of concrete dust, electrical wires.
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never seemed to slow down. train's engineer is now out of the hospital and cooperating with investigators, it is not clear whether human error a mechanical problem caused that accident. protestors gathered for a third night in el cajone, california, to speak for a man who can no longer speak for himself. they are ang rear air white police officer shot and killed an unarmed african-american man this week. police say the refugee named alfred pointed an object at them while in a shooting assistance. it was an e-cigarette. police released this picture immediately after the shooting showing the man pointing at what turned out to be the e-cigarette at officers. his family says the picture was cherry picked from cell phone
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be released. they are defending their release to release only that picture. he said the rest of the video does, quote, not shed any more light on the incident. tarhonda thomas might need to watch out. her youngest daughter after her job maybe. i think they work great together. they landed another interview. we hear this member gets paid in baby clothes. >> of course she does. an unusual quarterback matchup this weekend. the number one draft pick
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y24qmy yvpy welcome back, breaking news to talk about here along i vii between 225 and i-25 in the westbound direction. you need to anticipate huge delays.
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leading up on the westbound approach. over highway 36 on their way to the scene. this is described as a motorcycle crash. the backups will be absolutely huge. as we take a look to the east side, we do have a closure moving through the westbound. the backups go to about -- i'm going to grab backups to about havana. with that in mind, we'll help you get around it all morning. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. we are anticipating to see pretty big weather issues especially over parts of the tropics. this is hurricane matthew, matthew right now a category category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds of 100 miles an
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hurricane as it approached cuba. topping out at 120 miles an hour on monday. loses some ovist strength strength as it crosses over cuba. the atlantic side, not the gulf. on wednesday, still a pretty powerful storm with winds about 100 miles an hour. anybody vacationing in the area really needs to take note of that. >> absolutely. no vacation at all. >> i love this, we are it ruby dee and me. you told us you couldn't get enough of her interview with misty copeland last week. she's become by popular demand to take with tyra banks. >> it's me, ruby dee and today i'll have an interview with tyra banks and she's a supermodel and she walks like
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tyra. >> yeah. where is tyra? i think she is eating something. >> ruby, she thought tyra was busy pasta. do you think that's a possibility. >> pasta. >> that's upside down. it's hard to wait sometimes. tyra. tyra! . >> well, hello! how are you? >> good. >> can i shake your hand. do it lefthand. that's a new thing. >> how is it being a supermodel. >> how is it being a supermodel? well, i used to be a supermodel that was on magazine covers all the time and walking runways and living in europe and new york and traveling the world and working so hard. you can be a kid supermodel,
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>> how many businesses do you have? >> right now my main focus is on the one that is my heart and soul, tyra beauty. we have thousands of people across the country that work with the makeup. i have somebody here. do you want to meet her? >> come on in. >> you play with makeup? >> we do with. we play with makeup all day. >> all y see my eyes, how green they are. >> can people be pretty and smart as far as well, i'm looking at somebody that's pretty and smart. >> you want to smize. >> are you doing it right now? i got to teach you to smize because that is so wrong. convince me to give you a room full of candy with those eyes. that is the magic of the smize.
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runway. >> cross over, cross over. >> thank you. >> i am so proud of you. somewhere interview no. 2 down. up next, the presidential candidates, democrat and republican. we are putting out the request right now. . >> smize. . >> ruby would be terrific interviewing candidates. >> another moment you didn't see right there because tyra was running about 20 minutes behind which is four weeks for a child. he goes, here is she ever cog. >> that's just awesome. love that a lot. amelia joins us now. >> hey, guys, good morning, love those stories. i want more ruby on the show. just a few miles north of downtown denver, freshman in
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become biomedical careers. the goal is to prepare students for the global economy. as students walk through the front doors of northglenn stem, they read the words of da viney. i have been impressed with the urgency of doing. knowing is not enough, we must apply. being little is not enough, we must do. >> just at our school, i think it's cool to be a math and science person. >> right now we are looks like. and so we are using all of these marshmallows and twizzlers to represent the double helix and how each component goes together. >> that's after my own heart. >> i asked if i could eat some, they said i don't think you want to. >> change up the d.n.a. of everything. >> these kids are amazing. right now they are recreating a
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forensic science to determine what to place and how to solve a crime if they were working as crime scene investigators, they so far ahead of so many adults out there. they're just on the right track. we'll learn more about them at 8:00. >> all right. we'll be over on channel 20
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. >> 5:50 now.
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happening this weekend. but any c.s.u. fans planning to celebrate after the game need to make sure they have a safe ride home first. law enforcement in both colorado and wyoming will be teaming up for dui and seatbelt enforcement during saturday night's c.s.u. and wyoming game. extra patrols on the highway on highway 287 between laramie and fort collins as well as i-25 between fort collins and cheyenne. the broncos will take on tampa bay this weekend going to be an interesting quarterback matchup. winston, the quarterback for the bucs, me thumb one pick in 2015. in that same draft, trevor siemian went no. 250. this time trevor is looking to come out on top. bulks are 1-2 this season. they have struggled on defense.
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time. out to the sky 9 view, they of arrived over the full closure of westbound i-70 at quebec where a society cycle crash as closed down i7. exiting the highway at quebec because the crash is still blocking all lanes of traffic. still pretty dark out here. basically what we can see is the backup and cars turning around. when we have a full cl westbound i-70 we know the impact will be massive. 225, i-70 as we come out to the c-dot cams. you can see here the flashing lights here in the distance. traffic moving through in the opposing lanes. couple alternates planned out for you. we have tweeted these outs so you can share them with your friends. the westbound closure sits just
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southbound havana to mlk junior and colorado boulevard back to i-70 could be a good route for you. it will tack on a couple miles and also most likely some time to your morning commute. >> wow, what a mess this morning. thanks so much, amelia. at least the weather is cooperating with us so far this morning. mostly cloudy skies. looking good at c.s.u. 60 right now 54 for greeley. 40s and 50s across the mountain areas. we have middle to upel 40s on the far eastern plains. the rain is in northern colorado. situated over the northern mountains. one shower that's just to the west of the denver metro area, but not here in the city itself. we do have a better chance for rain today because that system that brought most of the showers to our mountains yesterday has shifted just enough east to carry the chance for rain right here over the
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going to show up until late this afternoon. talking 5:00, 6:00 p.m. that's when we see it move here with isolated showers through denver, fort collins, all the way to colorado springs. the showers will try to cross i- 25 and some will be successful, but they dry up very quickly and we'll be left with mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight. temperature-with his, 70s today, 70s in denver, greeley, 70s and 80s on the eastern plains. 60s and 70s for the mountains. denver 77 with the partly sunny skies, evening showers will last until 9:00. mostly cloudy tonight.
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. a big setup under way right now in downtown, larimer square. more than 40 fi across colorado and really around the country setting up their booths to compete in the 29th annual mda chilly cookoff. this afternoon swing by larimer square and buy a bowl of chilly. . corey rose will be joining us from there with a preview this morning. >> they will be judging the chilly to see which is the best.
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. >> this is 9 news. we begin this morning with breaking news. westbound i-70 is officially closed at quebec. because of a motorcycle accident and the backups are growing rapidly. we are looking at the long line of headlights moving through westbound from the 225 corridor right into stapleton northfield area. the closure involves a motorcycle accident that took place in the 5:00 hour this morning. not only is i-70 busy but areas of northfield as folks exit the highway in search of turn it routes. a lot of the traffic those are folks across northfield drive leading up to quebec. unfortunately that closure starts right at quebec. let's come out to the ground


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