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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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. >> this is 9 news. we begin this morning with breaking news. westbound i-70 is officially closed at quebec. because of a motorcycle accident and the backups are growing rapidly. we are looking at the long line of headlights moving through westbound from the 225 corridor right into stapleton northfield area. the closure involves a motorcycle accident that took place in the 5:00 hour this morning. not only is i-70 busy but areas of northfield as folks exit the highway in search of turn it routes. a lot of the traffic those are folks across northfield drive leading up to quebec. unfortunately that closure starts right at quebec. let's come out to the ground
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build. flashing lights visible at some points here. and for the alternate route, here's what i would suggest. we are getting very busy north of i-70. use the southbound lanes of havana to link up with the westbound mlk junior boulevard. then mlk to northbound colorado. this will be a huge delay. that. try and avoid that area if you can. right now police are investigating a shooting in lakewood near center avenue and cody street. police say that a neighbor tried to stop someone from breaking into a car. that neighbor got shot and then the suspect ran away. police say the car didn't belong to the victim. we'll bring you more information as we get it. we are trying to sort it all out. good morning, everybody, a
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for you. meteorologist becky ditchfield is in the 9 news backyard. should be warm and dry over the next fewdays. >> this morning we have mostly cloudy skies. i apologize you're not seeing me because i wore a blue dress, there's a blue wall out here in the 9 backyard. that would be awkward. he'd see the map across my outfight today. mostly cloudy skies out today. upper 70s. cooler than yesterday, plus we have a chance for rain, that will show up about 5:00, 6:00 this afternoon. 55 right now in denver. it is 54 up around fort lupton. evergreen you're at 50. 50 also for idaho springs and estes park sitting at 53. showers are out there. most of which are in our northern mountains. they will continue to push east. another wave that moves into the denver metro area at about
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in isolated showers. until then, more sunshine out at about 8:00. then at 58 degrees. 65 by 10 a.m. . >> just -- it was horrific, explosion of concrete dust, electrical wires. a horrible scene on thursday morning. moha and one person, a mother was killed. the engineer of a commuter train in new jersey that plowed into the train decision is out of the hospital this morning and is talking with investigators, colleen ferreria is keeping track of the latest developments. they hope the engineer can help them figure out what went wrong. >> that engineer cooperating with investigators right now. he's worked for new jersey transit for 29 years the union roster shows he start as an engineer about 18 years ago.
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this was caused by equipment failure or something else. investigators just confirmed this morning they have pulled one of the black box recorders from the back of the train. this black box contains the information on the train's speed and braking at the time of the crash. right now they say it still isn't safe for investigators to get the second recorder from the engineer's compartment because of the collapsed roof and the possibility of asbestos in more than 100,000 people use new jersey transit to commute every day. the new jersey portion will stay closed today. a lot of questions surrounding positive train control, that technology that can slow down a train and bring it to a stop, i'll look into that coming up at 6:30. >> thanks a lot, colleen. 6:04 now. pretty bold to rob a bank that was already robbed earlier
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that's what happened to the compass bank just east of colorado boulevard and colfax. we sure feel for the employees, nerve-racking. >> yeah, it has to be nerve- racking. your bank robbed a on tuesday and two days later coming back. that's what happened here. let's talk about what happened thursday. around 4:00 when about this. basically they said two guys came into the bank, they had hoods on, made really quick work of it and got away with some cash. police are not saying how much cash. we don't know what types of weapons they used. we do know the men ran away and they got away. police still have not found them. that's despite the fact that more than three hours they shut down this area and set up a perimeter and really went into an aggressive search. shutting down streets, blocking
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and letting people know, we patient, with we are looking for them. here's the thing, that robbery on tuesday police say is similar to the robbery that happened on thursday. so it's quite possible we might be dealing with the same two guys who robbed this bank twice in one week. pretty gutsy. police say they really want to catch someone who would do something like this. >> thanks so much. a youth pastor convicted of be sentenced today. they convicted christopher hutchins. he met his victim was working at south fellowship church in littleton. . 6 after 6:00 right now. 8 days after no sign of david cook, the pitkin county sheriff's office will suspend its search.
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tuesday. planes have flown o over the area, so far no luck. cook is a marine, they say he was prepared for the hike. search leaders say if they get any new leads at all, they will start looking again. the u.s. supreme court will hear a highlands ranch family's case after they claim the douglas county school district did not provide an adequate education for their son who has a tim. they pulled thso grade and put him in a private school and want douglas county school district to pay them back for the private school education. the u.s. supreme court could change standards for how schools everywhere provide services for students with disabilities. in the justices likely will not hear the case until next year. leaders from western colorado are heading to oregon next week to push a project that would carry natural gas from colorado to the pacific rim. the grand junction daily
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includes a pipeline from the peonce basin to oregon. they have ruled against a similar proposal. we are watching the tropics because we do have a hurricane that could become a major storm as it approaches cuba over the next couple of days. take a look at hurricane matthew. matthew right now a category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds at it's moving west-southwest at 14 miles per hour and approaching cuba monday and into tuesday. it will lose some strength as it cross s over cuba and it will wiped up on the atlantic side of florida. florida may in fact see at least some -- something from matthew, a category 2 storm on wednesday with 100 miles per hour winds. they'll be watching out for the
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well. we'll be keeping track of this. >> thank you much. college students taking part in a protest in tennessee where horrified when a guy walked up in this outfit. we'll tell you how they and the school are responding. >> he came to her because he indicated she would be the only one to talk him out of it. >> talking him out of it she
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. >> welcome back. a teenager accused of -- welcome back. i'll take it from here. a live view from sky 9 over the breaking traffic news where i-
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quebec. a motorcycle accident that according to police we do have some serious injuries involved here across the highway drive. that's why they have all traffic blocked off. right now cars being turned around and led to exit the highway. so two separate wrecks right there in the immediate area. let's come ground level to the c-dot cameras. they've been moving this one around to show the flashing quickly. not quite back to 225 yet. as they do, i'll have the camera in the bottom right that will show us the delays onto i- 70. as your alternate route, rather than heading north through stapleton and the northfield area, i would take the southbound lanes of havana down to mlk and use it westbound to colorado boulevard northbound leading to the highway.
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the mousetrap. eastbounders really starting to back up leading up to 270. folks are tweeting me saying they have to get to the airport. i 70 will be really tough. >> mostly cloudy skies out there. no rain eyet. 5:00, 6:00 this afternoon and into this evening to see the showers. mostly cloudy skies over fort collins and the c.s.u. campus. temperatures there about 56. further out on our eastern plains, little cooler in th we have 40s and 50s this morning all the way through the northern and central mountains. speaking of, that's where the rain is, showers have been light but steadily falling across the northern mountains this morning. these will continue to diminish. they'll weaken and another wave pushes in later this afternoon and crosses i-25. the system that brought the showers to most mountain areas yesterday has shifted east a bit. that's why locations here in denver and fort collins and greeley will see a better
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you can see heavy showers out to the west and some isolated showers here in denver. they quickly push east of i-25, then die, leaving with us mostly cloudy skies in and around the city. the three the rest of the evening and tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning we will see a small chance for isolated showers and temperature-wise pretty similar to today. high of 77 today. 75 up around greeley. 76 for fort collins. 70s and 80s for the eastern plains, 60s and 70 mountains. winds today out of the northeast at 5 to 10 milesser hare. tonight we drop to 51, evening showers come to an end. winds out of the southwest. we'll keep you in the 70s and 80s saturday and sunday with isolated showers on the way. tuesday, that's when we have a big temperature drop. highs, gary, only in the 60s with another slight chance for isolated showers. >> start feeling like fall on tuesday. >> thank you much.
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shooting two students and a teacher at a school playground will be in court today. the 14-year-old will be in juvenile court. investigators looking into whether the teen may have been bullied. police say he killed his father and went to the elementary school and just started shooting as kids were heading outside for recess. the teacher and one student are home from the hospital. the one hit, a 6-year-old boy still in critical condition. jacob hall's family says they are hanging a middle school guidance counselor in tennessee is being called a houro after she prevented a school shooting. a 14-year-old student walked into the school, went straight to the counselor, molly hug kins office and started venting about issues he was having with teachers. she talked to him for about 45
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text messages for help on her cell phone. she finally gave up the -- he finally gave up the gun to her and was arrested bei the school's resource officer. >> mrs. hudgins saved the lives of many people and should be recognized. >> the student is in custody and will be expelled from school. 6:16. today the tulsa police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man plans to plead night guil betty shelby shot and killed 40- year-old terrence crutcher two weeks acing. crutcher seen in this video walking away with his hands up at the time of the shooting. shelby's attorney says she fired as he started reaching into his car's window. a third straight night of protests over the man shot
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police used pepper spray balls to break up the crowd. the group was protesting the fatal police shooting of a refugee named alfred olongo. he was holding an e-cigarette. police say he was in a shooting stance so they thought he at a gun. police arrested this east tennessee state university freshman after he showed up to ac gorilla mask. people were deeply offended and some say they were also scared some when it's directly in front of your face, for me it was a sense of is this really happening. >> the student wearing that mask is charged with the civil rights intimidation charge now. the school released a statement saying they are outraged by his actions.
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you're an artist, you hope your work will be get noticed by a lot of people. this artwork was. it is in germany, people not
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. prime president obama was at the funeral of he died following a stroke. the president and president bill clinton were among those that delivered eulogies. watch as a young girl is pulled from the rubble. it's amateur video and showing rescue crew digging to get the little girl. he was alert and responding and taken to the hospital. a series of air strikes this week have destroyed buildings
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are becoming a daily occurrence. a new art installation is causing outrage in ber behind this morning because it features a moving image of hitler laughing. it's projected onto buildings. drivers passing by have actually called the police about it. displays of nazi imagery are forbidden in germany. because it's art, it's protected by an exemption, that allows those images in artistic works. it's troubling and upsetting to a lot of people. they want it taken down. >> you can understand that. despite his career being over, peyton manning is all about football. >> you have a place that has a passion for sports. football is something different. >> we'll tell you what brought the future hall of famer all the way to china.
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>> we are looking from 9/11 to the closure of i-70 leading up to quebec. we are hearing the closure could be backed up to central park boulevard. right there in stapleton. as of right now, we do so far there are serious injuries involved. it was a motorcycle and car involved in the crash at least. now the highway is shut down. the alternate as we come out to the c-dot cameras, you can see the backups building very quickly. not seeing yet, but we eventually will. out across the alternates, keep in mind the northern side of i- 70 through stapleton is very busy. i would suggest southbound havana down to mlk and northbound along colorado to get back up on highway drive. we have a better chance for rain showing up in the forecast today. that may impact the rockies game. they face the brewers tonight at 6:10. first pitch in the low 70s and
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area as well. it is fan appreciation night. we will see some fireworks. looks like the rain showers might be over with by the time the fireworks go off.
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and me. why not? the newest and smallest reporter at 9 news with some very big celebrity interviews. >> last week you told us you couldn't get enough of ruby dee, this week it's supermodel tyra banks. tyra was in town working with her makeup company, tyra beauty. before she got down to business, she sat down with ruby dee. banks has started teach a class at stanford university in the spring. she had a greatance to ruby's question about whether people can be pretty and smart. >> you're pretty and you're smart. bought pretty don't get you nowhere honey. you can do your face and have your tie over, looking all good, but if you don't have something behind that, pretty is kind of boring.
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ruby dee's interview has gotten tens of thousands of views on facebook. i guarantee too you, it's swotter your time, it's a lot fun. >> that's tarhonda's little girl, she's 5, going on 30 fabulous. >> exactly. they are the defending super bowl champions, the broncos, right, they are un- defeated. judging by tampa bay's media
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. >> this is 9 news. drivers will be affected by a full closure of westbound i- 70 at marine layer park. a motorcycle accident has shut down the highway. serious injuries involved here and investigators, police and emergency crews are on the
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the backups are expected to grow. if you're headed to the airport this morning, even though no lanes are blocked, i want you to keep it in mind, this will central your commute. alternates for you as you come out. we have four different panels as they spin the cameras around. delays moving through leading up to the closure at central park through quebec, letting cars the impact has not spread onto 225 yet. here's your alternate to head to the south side of i-70. north side is very busy, i would use southbound havana to mlk and such a slowdown here, it will be here for a while, what we are hearing so far about the crash, one person has been taken to the hospital. >> that is such a mess and not just great ways to get around it if you're going to the
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depend on that stretch to get to work. >> gary and sheryl with you this morning. about as beautiful a week as you can ask for. becky, we are keeping our fingers crossed for this weekend. >> little rain today. 5:00, 6:00 this evening, possibly in time for the rockies game. we'll get to that in a minute. for the time being, the clouds, check out the sunrise, isn't it stunning. live look tweeted out this, use the hash technology 9wx and 9 news morning so we can check out your pictures of the beautiful sunrise too. up near longmont, 57, steamboat springs at 49. 46 currently in kremmling, cool start. showers have been up in northern colorado, not hitting denver just yet. another that will follow it. that's the one that will be
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we'll see some of the clouds break, bit more sunshine by 9:00. 62 at 9:00. at 10:00 p.m., we'll be at 64. high today a little cooler than yesterday. climbing into the 70sed in of the 80s. so cheryl, more on that for the weekend coming up. 6:32 now. one bank, two robberies, this morning police are looking at the similarities between them. 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas is the robbers were able to dodge police on this one. >> reporter: they were. you wonder how with a street like colfax, you would think traffic would stop them or someone would be able to bump into them and delay family for a while. the guys went into this bank right here on colfax just east of colorado boulevard. they went into the compass bank around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, maybe a little bit before. that is when police say they struck, they got away with cash
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this bank. this is not the first time they think these guys have hit. police say there are similarities between yesterday's bank robbery and another one that happened on tuesday of this week. that's a lot for police to say there are similarities. that could mean this could very well be the same two guys hitting this bank twice in one week. you can imagine why police want to catch them and officers tried their best yesterday. they set up a huge perimeter down intersections and roads even blocking some access to homes, they were circling the area for three hours, still they managed to get away. that's why police are still actively investigating and hoping to catch the guys soon. >> thank you much. new developments this morning in the search for answers over the deadly train crash then hoboken, new jersey.
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>> that was confirmed this morning. it should give them more clues into the train's speed and braking at the time of the crash. investigators can't get to the second black box from the engineer's compartment because of safety concerns. the engineer is cooperating with investigators. now i just saw some new information, the ntsb says they haven't spoken to him just yet. they have a protocol they have to follow before they ta someone involved in a crash like this. the engineer has worked for the new jersey transit for 29 years. they will find out if it was caused by an equipment failure there are in ca pass tated engineer. it will look at the noke knowledge the train had and whether a system designed to protect passengers would have been installed. positive train control can override the engineer,
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the ntsb has been pushing for some type of technology for 40- some years. regulators repeatedly extended the deadline. now the new deadline is 2018. over the past 20 years, ntsb says the lack of this was a contributing factor in 25 crashes, guys, including last year's amtrak train crash in philadelphia. leere killed in that crash. gary. i'm following new information coming so at 7:00 a.m. i'll have an interview with them that they just gave us in new york city. >> very good. we'll look forward to that. a boulder man struck a plea deal avoiding attempted murder and first degree murder charges for a deadly rollover. he pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and vehicular assault and child boss for a crash last summer c. they say wigins was driving about 90 miles an hour and ran off the road on
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other people were hurt. he could serve up to 36 years in prison when he is sentenced in november. today the man accused of drinking and driving over and over again will find out how much time he can serve if convicted under a new colorado law. he was arrested for drinking and driving for the 7th time last month. lakewood police say his blood alcohol content was 1 1/2 times the legal limit. wylie will face colorado's new felony dui w. for years. there's also no minimum sentence under this new law. there's a possibility he could escape jail time all together. college football and drinking go hand and hand and police know it. that's why a lot of officers will be out during this weekend's border war game between c.s.u. and wyoming. they'll we doing some extra patrol on highway 287 between laramie and fort collins.
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donald trump will host not one but two different rallies in colorado on monday. he's going to start down in pueblo at the convention center in the afternoon. then later in the day, trump will be in loveland at the budweiser event center in a rally at 6:00. the republican nominee has already held three different rallies in colorado, which is still a tossup state. in the 34-year history of the newspaper "usa today," the edit sides in a presidential race until now. they unanimously decided to publish an article saying donald trump is not fit to be president. the article says that he lacks the temperament, knowledge, steadiness and honesty america needs from a president. the board says the article is not an endorsement for hillary clinton, they say he is not without flaws, but says she is far less likely to threaten
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constitutional crisis in this country. >> donald trump's running mate spawned. mike pence wrote saying trump is ready to lead and the american people have then opportunity to the elect a bold rider. both candidates are taking the weekend to prepare for their first and only debate. it's next tuesday, you can watch it here on 9 news. mentioned this a little bit game, might be prepared for a little bit of rain. temperatures at game time, low 70s. rockies face the brewers on this fan appreciation night. we are expected to see some showers right around the 6:00, 7:00 hour. light rain, won't last too long. bring a paunchyo just in case. temperatures in the 60s towards the ends of the game.
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bit. >> the chili is already cooking. more than 40 fire stations from colorado and across the country are setting up their booths in larimer square as part of the 29 29th annual mda annual chili cookoff. this afternoon swing by larimer square, buy a bowl of chili. all the proceeds go to the muscular dystrophy storks. hope to beat the amount they corey rose will join us on channel 20. even one spoonful at a time is a lot. >> amelia was telling us she has to taste 120. >> bowls of chili. good luck with that, amelia. >> exactly. >> all right. music icon rick james died more
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. >> well, just a few miles north of downtown denver, freshmen in high school are studying to become biomedical engineers. the goal is for the global economy. >> i like the idea of us being able to do different things. i hear about some of the stuff we do here, and i say oh, my gosh, that's great. some people are trying to get these seeds to germinate. they would be the oldest seeds to germinate. there are things were doing, but they're supercool because
6:43 am
a more privileged school. i feel honored to be going here. >> makes me feel good about the future of the world. >> i go out and shoot these stories and the kids i meet, i feel okay about our future, i feel enthusiastic about it because these kids are motivated and love going to school. not like they love it. >> it's hands on. >> nay are not just memorizing, they are doing it and it's applicable. >> it's pr with engineers and designers, people who work in these fields. the full story coming up in the 8:00 hour. >> that is terrific. thanks, amelia. let's check the weather. becky ditchfield has the forecast. it looks so nice out there. we do have the chance for rain, not a threat for severe weather. general thunderstorms, here basically along the front range, certainly over the mountains like what we saw
6:44 am
er with already for the weekend, right? we keep a chance for isolated showers in the forecast both saturday and sunday, the chance is really small. very similar to what we are looking at today. starting off next week, look at the 83-degree high, that's going to be windy. this is all in front of a huge cool-off. we are talking highs in the 60s. we got a lot to talk about coming up. >> big changes next week as well. these backups are really tough to look at here. i-70 closed down westbound now at central park, that is after a major motorcycle accident. the person involved along with another vehicle, one person at least has been taken to the hospital with serious injuries. all traffic is being diverted westbound at central park as we come out to the c-dot camera. backups, extended to 225.
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alternate for you, lighter of the two. heading north of i-70 through northfield connecting with quebec. head to the south, use havana using mlk over to colorado. the whole stretch east and westbound now is sluggish. >> could be most of the morning commute. thank you. we have seen bank robbers use some creative disguises, but i don't think we've se james before. this guy robbed a bank in indianapolis, he had system a accomplice dressed like super- fly. they can't really put out a description that matches those pictures because it didn't sound like it was a joke. >> a couple of creative robbers. >> craetteive one way to describe it. >> who knew. >> the number one draft pick in 2015 versus no. 250 draft pick.
6:46 am
square off this sunday in tampa. simian was the last draft pick. he'll look to build on the impressive performance he had last sunday in cincinnati. the bulks are 1-2. they have struggled on defense so far this year, giving up more than 35 points in each of their last two games. the bulks have already seemed to ve their weekly presser lists their record as 1-3. of course the real record is 1-2. that means they've already resigned themselves to the loss this week. >> i'm not sure the players are real happy about that typo. future hall of famer and former broncos quarterback
6:47 am
busy in retirement. he's china right now attending a quarterback clinic. he's there to promotor the fame the game of football as an ambassador for the n.f.l. he says there's great potential in china for football to grow. >> you have a place that has a passion for sports. football is something different. i think once people can learn the rules and learn that -- of the strategies and the game an cerebral part of football, once they learn that and appreciate that, i think you'll have more of an interest in the game. >> it's interesting there are already plans for china to host an n.f.l. game within the next two years, part of it is doing the education process. so we'll see. getting hit in the head by a soccer ball during a match night have actually saved one soccer fan's life. he collapsed after being hit in
6:48 am
he was taken to the hospital right away where doctors just happened to find a brain tumor. so he underwent a procedure to have it removed. without that hit, doctors say they my not have found it in time and he could have died from it. thank goodness i got hit in the head by a soccer ball. >> that's some luck. 6:48 right now. 9 neighborhoods this friday is taking you to broom followed. over the past 15 40,000 people lived there. 61,000 live there today. >> a lot to do in the city especially if you're already in the mood for halloween. colleen ferreria spent a littletime in broomfield this week and takes us to rock creek farm. >> navigating your way through the corn maze might be the perfect way to get into fall. i think it would take me a few
6:49 am
them. scott joins me. this thing is gigantic. how big is it? >> over 60 acres of corn and the mazes make up 7 miles of paths. >> how long does it take to get through them? >> close to a couple hours. >> reporter: couple hours of fun. you offer the full fall experience, you have pumpkins galore. >> over 100-acres of pumpkins, still on the vine so we have a kids area down here, farm animals, cows, goats and pigs. why hay balie. >> it's runed by my dad, sister and myself. we have been doing the pumpkin patch for 17.
6:50 am
it's one stop shopping. they're open until halloween. you have plenty of time to try o out the big maze behind me. we are giving a taste of all broomfield has to offer this week. i'm colleen ferreria, 9 news. >> love that. so i looked up broomfield earlier, where did it get its name. apparently from broom corn. >> everyone says what's broom corn. >> benjamin franklin found a seed on a corn wisk. >> it's about the broom corn. i thought they made brooms there. i had no idea. a nice friday and our beautiful weather, will it continue into
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welcome back. statistics 6:53. sky 9 remains over i-70 and central parkway. because of a motorcycle the hospital with serious injuries. and the highway has been shut down for close to two hours. we are looking at the long line of delays in both directions leading up to this crash. right in the middle of stapleton. here's a look at our backup as you can see across the 225. slowdowns leading up to the wreck are absolutely solid. northbound 225 starting to become impacted as well as you
6:54 am
people say what about the rest of the commute. i am happy to say it is completely quiet outs this issue. travel typees across i-70. 26 minutes eastbound. even though we are still open on the eastbound stretch to the airport, 53 minutes for drivers heading westbound. >> okay. so bright side, it's not too bright out there. when you look at the sunrise, it is so pretty. mostly cloudy skies and beautiful pigs and purples right over the skyline. stunning views this morning. temperatures not too bad. sitting here at 358. 54 up around 50. around the eastern plains. ing in the 40s. 40s and 50s in the northern and central mountains. speaking of, that's where the rain is this morning, light showers right now falling across the northern and central
6:55 am
foothills. these will continue to die out. we will get another round that moves through. the system that brought the mountains the showers yesterday has shifted to the east. better chance for rain across the denver area today. most of the showers will be falling across the mountain areas. once you get to 5:00, 6:00, isolated showers, possibly a thunderstorm or two moving east of 225 with the heaviest rain daytime highs climbing into the middle to upper 70s today. 60s and 70s for those mountain areas, 77 here in denver today. we'll have partly sunny skies, evening showers possibly in time for the rockies game, 51 tonight. more of the same over the weekend, next week, cheryl, highs in just the 60s. lot cooler with another chance for rain. >> make those shorts last through monday.
6:56 am
it's 6:55. here's a look at some of the top stories we are following today. a neighbor was trying to stop someone from breaking into a car when they were shot. this is a live look at that area. police say the thief shot the neighbor and ran away. by the way, investigators say the car did not belong to the neighbor. they were just trying to protect someone else's vehicle. we will bring you nor information as police share it. a youth pastor convicted of sexual assang christopher hitchinson was convicted of sexual assault by a person in a position of trust. he met his victim while working. he served as a pastor at southeast christian church in parker when he was arrested. this morning the investigation into the fatal new jersey train crash continues. the woman killed on the
6:57 am
the commuter train sped into the hoboken station, witnesses say that it didn't look like it was slowing down at all. 34-year-old was standing on the platform when the train hit. she was killed. . in south carolina, a teenager accused of shooting three people at an elementary school will face a juvenile court judge today. on wednesday police say the 14- year-old shot and killed his school and opening fire. one teacher and two students were hit. this morning the 6-year-old shot in the leg is still in critical condition. the others have been released. today tulsa police officer betty shelby will be arraigned on manslaughter chargees. two weeks ago she shot and killed an unarmed black man. video from the shooting shows crutcher walking away when he was shot. shelby's lauer says she fired
6:58 am
window. police say crutcher was unarmed. highlands ranch family is going to the u.s. supreme court after they say the douglas county school district didn't provide adequate education for their son with autism. they pulled their son out and put him in private school and won the district to pay them back for that education. the justices likely won't hear the case until next year. monday will be warm and windy and then followed by some very and wednesday. you can see highs only in the 60s next week. the big question is rain. rate right now models pushing pretty far to the north. we will be keeping our eye on it. tuesday and wednesday look like they'll be the coolest days of the week. a warmup headed this way there are the weekend. >> it's been really dry out there. okay. thank you, becky. >> it is friday, that means we want to tell you
6:59 am
we are going over to channel 20. hope you can join us. enjoy this. . >> up high, down low. too slow. . >> that was too good. her name is rio and she
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>> take care, bye, bye. ? good morning. was it avoidable? federal investigators combing through the wreckage of that deadly train crash in new jersey. the engineer released from the hospital overnight set to be interviewed today. was it human error or mechanical problem? we'll talk t doubling down. donald trump on a twitter tirade this morning attacking hillary clinton for her support of former miss universe alicia machado as a major american newspaper that has never taken sides before tells its readers don't vote for trump. intensifying. hurricane matthew strengthens to a category 2 overnight. will it impact the u.s. next week? al is tracking it.


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