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tv   Today  NBC  September 30, 2016 7:00am-9:54am MDT

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>> take care, bye, bye. ? good morning. was it avoidable? federal investigators combing through the wreckage of that deadly train crash in new jersey. the engineer released from the hospital overnight set to be interviewed today. was it human error or mechanical problem? we'll talk t doubling down. donald trump on a twitter tirade this morning attacking hillary clinton for her support of former miss universe alicia machado as a major american newspaper that has never taken sides before tells its readers don't vote for trump. intensifying. hurricane matthew strengthens to a category 2 overnight. will it impact the u.s. next week? al is tracking it.
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a fan taunts members of the european team at the ryder cup over a missed putt. so they turn the table and bring him out to give it a try. then this happens. how the heckler became the hero today, friday, september 30th, 2016. from nbc news, this is savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this friday morning. we should say "today" show with matt lauer and savannah guthrie and johnson. he made the putt at the ryder cup. >> imagine the pressure.
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and a huge crowd and he already said, i could make that putt. >> by the way, not an easy putt. more on that in a second. later out to the golf course to watch members of team usa as they tee off. our top story. overnight developments on the investigation into the new jersey train accident that killed one woman and injured more than 100 others. we'll talk to the vice chairman in a moment, but first nbc tom costello is >> hey, matt, good morning. investigators have recovered the black box from the locomotive of the train and the outward facing cameras from the cab where the engineer sits. but people who ride this train every single day says it feels like the engineer never applied the brakes. piecing through the twisted and broken remains of new jersey transit train 1614 ntsb investigators are focusing on
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cameras and its black box. >> we hope to get information such as speed and braking. >> reporter: this surveillance video captured the train 40 minutes before the accident. the question this morning was there some sort of mechanical break down or was the engineer distracted or incapacitated? they hope to interview tommy gallagher, injured in the crash and released from the hospital late thursday after cooperating with local police. senior officials b preliminary review has found no red flags in his background, no infractions, medical episodes or criminal history. his father telling wnbc his son has worked for new jersey transit since he was 19. >> we're very anxious and we're very upset about this whole matter. >> reporter: we do know new jersey transit does not have the automated braking system known as positive train control. a former ntsb board member said
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difference. >> it would not have had this accident. the technology was on this railline. >> i just heard these horrifying, terrible screams. >> reporter: the packed commuter train screamed into the hoboken train station at the height of the rush hour. >> it didn't slow down. >> reporter: it slammed through a barrier knocking out barriers part of the 107-year-old building's roof violently collapsing. underneath, people trapped in the rubble. mangled metal and first responders triaged victims on the platform. five months pregnant alexis was in the first car. she said part of the station's ceiling fell on her head. >> i thought we were going to die. >> reporter: one person was killed. she was standing on the platform when the train pulled in and was hit by falling debris. her child was in day care, her husband rushing home from a
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front of the train. there was nothing the first responders could do for her. >> reporter: the train should have a working alert system requires the engineer to tap a button every 20 to 30 seconds and if he doesn't, the train begins to automatically slow. was that working and was it working in the final stretch into the train station? some of the questions they still need to get answered. back to you. >> tom costello, thanks. for more on this investigation we're joined by the national safety board bella. good morning. good to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> obviously, it is a priority to speak to the train's engineer. do you expect to have that formal interview today and how do you talk to him at all even in a more casual setting? has he given you any indication of what happened? >> we have not spoken to him yet. we hope to today.
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anyone involved in an accident and do that to get as much information and accurate information as we can. >> what about his devices? his phone and any other digital devices that might have been in that compartment with him. have they been confiscated to find out if he was texting or something like that. >> if there are any mobile devices or electronic devices, we will be getting those. we are currently making sure possible. as you are aware, the canopy did collapse on top of the train. the front three passenger cars including the controlling car where the engineer was like ly sitting, then those places, we can't access them right now. the only place we've been able to access is the locomotive which is at the rare, which is where we were able to get the recorder. >> when do you expect to access the key pieces of evidence such
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>> the pieces of the canopy are being removed today. so, we hope to access it later today. >> and you said something a second ago, doctor, that i think is really important. you guys are methodical in this. you want to make sure you dot all the is and cross all the ts. any eyewitness accounts that you have been made aware of. anecdotally do you believe the brakes were ever applied or warning a horn being that. because i think there's a lot of speculation, and that's what we're here to get rid of. we want to make sure we get all of the facts, and we're going to be interviewing anyone. we also ask people who may have information to let us know. we'll also be reviewing also be reviewing of the video recordings that are available. any of the security footage that's available. so, all of that along with
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get the most factual information. but, you're right. i think there is a lot of speculation. we don't want to get into that. we want to make sure we only give you the most accurate information. >> we know it's a busy morning and appreciate your time, ma'am. thank you. >> thank you. overnight, president obama and former president clinton join fellow leaders from all around the world at the funeral of former israeli prime minister shimon kelly is in jerusalem for that. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. that ceremony is now over, but security still very tight here in jerusalem with president barack obama and leaders from every corner of the globe here to pay their respects to shimon peres, a man who fought for peace for decades. on a hilltop in jerusalem, president, prime ministers and even a prince saying good-bye to
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>> the statesmanship built an unbreakable bond with the united states of america and so many other countries. >> reporter: 19 delegations from 70 countries. a sign of his impact across the globe. >> shimon lived a life of purpose. he soared to incredible heights. >> reporter: the former israeli president and prime minister celebrated as a statesman and a peacemaker. peres held secret to this hand shake on the white house lawn between enemies. israeli prime minister and palestinian leader yasser arafat. a handshake prompted by then president bill clinton. >> he knew exactly what he was doing and being overly optimistic. he knew exactly what he was doing with his dream. >> reporter: 50,000 israelis filed past his casket thursday.
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funeral palestinian president mahmoud abbas. a gesture of good will shaking hands with israeli lead urban netanyahu. peres was 93 when he died. remembered as a fighter, a father and a friend. peres was laid to rest next to his partner in peace former israeli prime minister. he spent nearly his entire adult life in service to his country. matt and in public service. guys? >> an extraordinary man. kelly, thank you very much. closer to home overnight, hurricane matthew grew even stronger. forecasters are keeping a close eye on its potential path and that, of course, includes al who is down in raleigh, north carolina, this morning. hey, al, good morning. >> we're here to celebrate a blue grass festival and get to that in a little bit. let's get the latest on matthew. it is quickly strengthening and right now threatening a lot of
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as it does, this is the latest from the national hurricane center. category 2 storm. 130 miles north, northwest and 100 mile per hour winds and moving west at 14 miles per hour. here's what the path looks like currently. we expect to see this strengthen to a category 3 by monday morning on top of jamaica. right now by the current track. and then as we move during the day monday, it makes its way over eastern cuba and by tuesday, it is out in the atlantic over the central 1 100-mile-per-hour winds. here's the latest from the european and the american models. they slow it down a little bit. at least the european model slows it down a little bit and brings it it further to the south and east. the u.s. model brings it a little further north and to the west, closer to florida. so, the models are still, there's no divergence. there is divergence here and we'll have to continue to track this. all eyes have to keep an eye on it. but, again, we don't know
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go once it gets out into the atlantic. guys, we're watching this very closely. >> like to call it hurricane matt. >> al, thank you. by the way, a busy day of campaigning in the race for the white house. just 39 days left until the election. hillary clinton heads to florida for two events today while donald trump is holding a rally in michigan. that's his fifth visit there since his nomination. >> former republican presidential candidate jeb bush is suggesting he may not vote at all this fall. he's not comfortable supporting either party's nominee and then said this. >> everybody didn't vote, that would be a pretty powerful political statement, wouldn't it? >> for the first time ever, "usa today" is taking sides in a presidential race. the paper's editorial board is urging its readers not to vote for donald trump. deeming him unfit for the presidency. but they stopped short of endorsing hillary clinton.
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what about this "usa today" thing. again, bad news for donald trump, but they said there was no consensus to endorse hillary clinton either. so, it's a mixed bag. >> it is. what's amazing here, matt, is it's more of the collection of first time. first time "usa today" has ever done this. we have the arizona republic, the "dallas morning news" first time they ever endorsed a democrat instead of the republican. there is this collective. the americel the ceo is for trump. you have all these people that are collectively saying you cannot support trump. what's amazing is how little impact all of this is having. not as if he's collapsing right now. >> not particularly for the core trump voters. >> i don't think this has moved anybody. now, what does it do to the middle of the road voter or the republican that isn't comfortable with trump, we don't know yet. >> you mentioned republicans not
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privas recently said to all the candidates, get on board. you have to get on board now. what do you make of what jeb bush said. suggesting that maybe the way to go is not to vote at all. >> not to vote. he said, look, i'll vote for marco rubio still and do my civic duty, but i may skip the presidential race. i thought that was a remarkable statement that a member of, basically, the first family of republican politics says don't vote for a president. >> we have to talk about what' morning. donald trump was up early. the first tweet of a series of tweets that started at 3:20 a.m. and started tweeting about alicia machado that hillary clinton brought up in the first debate making allegations against her. suggesting that she's got a past. >> yeah. >> what do you make of this that he is continuing to tweet about it. is there a message to that? does it demonstrate that his
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>> on the day that "usa today" calls him unfit for the presidency he wakes up at 3:00 in the morning and starts attacking a civilian again when he gets into a bad place and he is in a bad place right now. there is clear ly, the campaign staff is not happy with them and he's not happy they leaked stories. there a if you ever read sources, it means everything is -- >> 3:20 a.m. tweets. >> he is an unhappy man. when he is, he lashes out and right now the person to lash out is machado. >> chuck, thank you very much. the latest on the race this sunday -- >> october surprise. >> why? >> finally october. >> you're shocked october came. >> it was good. >> that's what we call "meet the press" humor.
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and the 14-year-old suspect in that shooting at an elementary school in south carolina set to appear in court this morning as we learn more about recent trouble in his life. nbc gabe gutierrez on the story again for us. hi, gabe, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. this is where that 14-year-old suspect is scheduled to be in court later today. police say he shot and killed his own father before heading to that nearby elementary school and opening fire. according to a source close to his family, for years he had been bullied. this morning's prayers for 6-year-old jacob now on life support. >> took a little boy -- >> reporter: his family said he lost 75% of his blood and suffered a major brain injury. his older brother at one point overcome with grief. >> nobody in this world deserves nothing like that to happen. >> reporter: investigators are now looking into whether the accused 14-year-old shooter may have been bullied.
7:17 am
tells nbc news he was being homeschooled after he brought a machete and a hatchet to his middle school earlier this year. his mother says our entire family is absolutely shocked and saddened by the senseless actions of our son. >> we experienced a very devastating and life-changing event. >> reporter: fire chief billy mcadams and volunteer firefighter jamie brock rushed to the elementary. mcadams tended to the three wounded. >> no one mother or father ever wants to hear the words shooter and school. >> reporter: allison buchanan's s the third grader says he knew this was no practice drill. >> they tell us to get in the bathrooms which never happened in a drill so we started thinking it was real. we heard gunshots outside. >> reporter: the reunion with her son overwhelming.
7:18 am
out of the bus window and he waved like this. and i don't have words. just relief. >> reporter: according to a source close to his family. the mother of the accused gunman visited him in jail late thursday. she said it was overwhelming telling him i am very angry at what happened and i don't understand it, but you're my son. savannah? >> really difficult times gabe gutierrez, thank you. in other news this morning, the comet chasing rosetta has reached its final resting place on the space rock it has been studying. rosetta crash landed this morning on the icy surface of comment 67p. ending its ten-year mission. the spacecraft traveled 4 billion miles in the past decade. rosetta has given scientists a trove of information to help shed new light on the beginnings of the solar system. experts say it is arguably the
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attempted by the european space agency. >> pretty cool. let's go back down to al in north carolina. let's get the rest of his forecast. hey, al. >> hey, guys. other parts of the state here in north carolina, a massive flooding going on. there's been flooding here in the raleigh area and also fayetteville, north carolina. they are declaring a state of emergency. massive flooding, dams bursting. a real big problem and, finally, the water is residing. but we are let's show you what's happening around the rest of the country, as well. we are looking for heavy showers in the northeast and the great lakes. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. out west, gorgeous weather. monsoon moisture through the southwest. we'll get to your local forecast
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one huge event and one location. summer selloff going on now. visit your local camping world and that is your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you so much. coming up, a special rossen report in the wake of the crash in new jersey.
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sit on a train, and how you would escape in an emergency? and a family searching for answers after the mysterious deaths of two sisters on a dream vacation. autopsy results released just this morning, as their brother is speaking out. but first, this is "today" on
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good morning, i'm cheryl preheim. here's a look at what's happening on channel 20. investigators have the black box -- 100 people were hurt and a mom on the platform was killed.
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hospital and federal agents asked to talk to him. a medical warrior is teaming up with the group that saw her through difficult times. we'll show the story of one of our 9news kare honoraries. but first weather and traffic with amelia and becky. >> we have a lot to go through. let's check with sky 9 over the i-70 drive towards central park where 70 westbound closed and motorcycle accident with serious injuries took place in the 5:00 hour. you can see all the alternates are packed in and our cdot cameras shows the delays which extends to 225 and -- it's a 30-minute drive. alternates are a possibility. you can take colorado. becky, we know these are the busiest intersections in the city even
7:28 am
while. >> several hours. >> what a mess. at least the weather is cooperating for the most part. cloudy skies over fort collins and here in denver. we're seeing a few sprinkles in the denver-metro area, although it's light it's not showing up on the radar screen. most of the rain that we see will come late this afternoon and this evening. i'm talking 5:00, 6:00 tonight. the highs will climb to 77 here in town. 75 for greeley and 76 around fort
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? when doves cry ? we're back now at 7:30. it's friday morning, the 30th of september, 2016. we have prince playing because we have something special next week. minnesota, and will give us a first-ever look inside the late icon's paisley park estate. and also speak exclusively to his sister. tyka nelson. that is next wednesday, only on "today." let's start this half with our with the look at the headlines. the engineer in the deadly train crash is out of the hospital, cooperating with investigators. they will formally interview him today, trying to figure out why
7:31 am
it pulled into the hoboken station. one woman on the platform died. hundreds injured. we'll have the investigation coming up. two men arrested overnight. a protest over a police shooting in el cajon, california, turned violent for the third straight night. police say demonstrators blocked traffic, some fought with drivers. officers had to use pepper spray to break up the crowd. on the campaign trail, hillary clinton and donald trump trading new jabs. clinton seizing on a report that in the 1990s, trump's company business with cuba. >> it shows he puts his personal and business interests ahead of the laws and the values and the policies of the united states of america. >> the clintons are the sordid past. we will be the very bright and clean future. >> trump is on the trail in michigan today, already tweeting this morning, slamming clinton for bringing up former ms. universe, alicia machado during
7:32 am
clinton holds events in florida today. we turn to the deadly transit train crash in new jersey. tom costello covering the investigation, just getting started. hi, tom. good morning. >> hi, savannah. one big question is going to be yet again, why is it that a major commuter rail line in this country does not have positive train control. it does not have it on the new jersey transit system. that's an automatic braking system. the ntsb has been calling on it for 40 years for various commuter train lines to put the system in place and yet we have seen multiple accidents in the past ten years in which train systems did not have the ptc in place and people died as a result. chatsworth, california, more than 20 people die. same thing in philadelphia. eight people die. four people died in the bronx several years ago. this train came barreling into hoboken station, apparently did not slow down, according to witnesses, as it approached the
7:33 am
about the alerter system, the dead man alerter system? it literally requires the engineer to tap a button every 20 to 30 seconds and if he doesn't, it should automatically slow down. was that system working? as the train approached hoboken station, or was it disengaged here? and was this engineer distracted or did he have a medical emergency that may have incapacitated him? an awful lot of questions. the engineer, as you mentioned, is out of the hospital. he is 48 years old, tommy gallagher, a veteran of new jersey transit. the ntsb hoping to talk to him today, also hoping to get the black box from the front of the train today, the front of the cab, where he sits, as well as outward-facing cameras. back to you. >> a lot of work to do on this. tom costello, thank you. >> a lot of people sitting at home this morning, thinking, would i know what to do in an emergency like that crash? today, national investigative correspondent, jeff rossen, is on a train in raleigh, north carolina, to try to show you. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. and we are sitting in a locomotive.
7:34 am
get to see, where the engineer sits and operates the train. so many questions as tom costello was just reporting, about what happened in new jersey. was it mechanical error? could it have been human error? and tom mentioned that dead man's alert system. i want to show you exactly how that works. every 20 to 30 seconds, the engineer has to move a control. move the throttle, hit the brake, this button here, called the alarm reset, or hit this, called the dead man's pedal, you probably heard about it before. they have to hit it. if they don't, ite the engineer. he may be dead. he may have had a medical emergency. and isn't alert. and so the train automatically stops. but sometimes it is just too late. this morning, we want to answer all of your questions, the safest place to sit in the train so what to do if there is a crash, how to get out alive. in this latest accident, chaos. >> loud shrieks, people just screaming for their lives. >> reporter: passengers
7:35 am
>> we just heard people screaming in the first car, they were trapped. they couldn't get out. >> reporter: so would you know how to get out in a crash? to show us how to survive, we're here with paul worley from the department of transportation. and i have always wanted on a commuter train like this, where is the safest place to sit? is it the middle of the train, the middle cars, is it the front car, the back car, where? >> you want to be in the middle of the train. it's the least likely set of either end, because if there is a crash, that's where the engineer is, and that does the damage. so you want to be in the middle of the train. >> just look at these crashes. in 2008, a commuter train in california colliding with a freight train, killing 25 people. 22 of them sitting in the first car. and last year, another train hitting an suv in new york. killing five on board. all sitting in the first car. some experts say you should also sit facing backwards. if the train stops short or
7:36 am
your seat. instead of thrown forward. after a crash, you want to get out of that train, asap. paul, you were saying the crew is trained for this. they will give you instructions over the loud speaker. you want to follow those. the best way out may be the window. exactly. this is an emergency window, held in by a rubber strip. you want to pull on the handles and pull it all the way down. pull it all the way down and lift -- lift the window out. >> no, pull and set it down. >> reporter: this is really heavy. >> right. it's safety glass. >> reporter: and then you want to get out. >> right. >> reporter: by the way, this is an eight or nine-foot drop down. so even when you get the glass out and you're about to climb out the window, it's a long way down, you've still got to be careful. but if you can get to the door, turns out there is a way to pop them open manually. safety experts in philadelphia showing us how. >> every train in the country has emergency signs. and if you see the sign, you can open the main door of the train
7:37 am
conductor or engineer are too busy or chaotic to open the door, you can open it yourself. >> absolutely. >> reporter: can i try? >> yes. >> reporter: lift and pull open and push this red handle down. and the door is released. you can see it pops the door open about an inch and i can open it the rest of the way. the emergency tips we all need when tragedy strikes. the key is to think about this before you get on the train this morning for your morning crash. guys, you want to commit this to memory. if the worst happens, you have committed it and trained your brain. >> thank you. let us turn back to al in raleigh this morning with a check of our weather. hey, al. >> that's right. got a great bluegrass festival. we want to talk about the flooding that's been going on and the rain that's been going on in the northeast and the mid atlantic states. and we need it. finally, it's dried out here in
7:38 am
look at the northeast, coastal wind gusts to 40 to 45 mile an hour. minor coastal flooding. as this pushes up and in, we are looking at showers and thunderstorms. heavy rainfall shifts to the north. flooded roads, rivers. so we're going to be watching this very closely. and over the weekend, it shifts up into new england, and around the great lakes. rainfall amounts, heaviest, going to be focused right around the northeast and new england, with rainfall amounts anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. the country. here's what's happening in your
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and that's your latest weather. best night of the week. are you all ready for some football? that's right! it's sunday night football night in america! the chiefs coming into heinz field. will they be able to catch up with the steelers? you like that? see what i did there? it's going to be partly cloud, mild, for a big one, 64 de on sunday night, football night, in america! >> woo! this sunday night football weather is brought to you by verizon. >> i watch every live local game on your phone with nfl mobile only on verizon. >> hey, al, before you go away? >> al, are you there? >> yes. i'm here. i'm here. >> who is standing behind you? what does she have, a mop or a broom?
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with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. 7:45. we're back on a friday morning with some of the investigation into a mysterious death of two sisters from minnesota during a dream vacation. >> this morning speaking out for the first time. autopsy reports have just been released, as well. janet is following the story this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. those results are just in and they reveal that both sisters died from fluid in the lungs. that can develop in a number of ways, including from exposure to drugs and toxins. now, toxicology reports will reveal more when they come back in. meanwhile, more than a week now
7:46 am
still have little information from official sources. this morning, the mystery deepens on a remote tropical island in the indian ocean. among the most luxurious vacation spots on earth. but for two sisters who grew up in minnesota, the trip was paradise lost. they were found dead in their $1,800 a night villa last week. the workers said the women had to be helped to their room the previous night after a day of drinking. chris, telling nbc news, the family is devastated. everyone is in shock and we're just looking for answers. he also told us his mother and brother are now there to press officials for information because, he says, we've been told very little. 37-year-old annie worked for jpmorgan chase in denver and was on a figure skating team there. and the 42-year-old trader in chicago were self-described best
7:47 am
month starting with an african safari and then moving to the island staying at the exclusive mile luxury resort and spa. annie posted this photo from the private pool of her hillside villa writing it's indescribable, seriously. local police report the women were found in the same bed with no signs of violence or trauma. calling them seasoned world travelers their brother says they knew how to take care of themselves. the sisters were two days from returning to their vacation and there is no tametable for when that will happen. back to you. coming up next, carson has my favorite story of the day. my new hero, david johnson at the ryder cup. he'll explain that.
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7:52 am
>> you did a great job at the top of the show. you said from heckler to hero. that's the story we have. the ryder cup begins today, but the action at hazelton, the golf course in minnesota, well under way. you have golf greats from the european team, practicing their putting on thursday and kept missing this particular putt. they couldn't help but notice, there was a heckler in the crowd. he said he could easily sink it. so stenson pulls him on to the course and gets him a raises the stakes and puts down a $100 bill right there. sure enough, david johnson of north dakota, bangs it, the crowd goes nuts, an instant legend. chants of usa broke out. rory mcilroy shared this video on his twitter. immediately went viral. johnson collected his cash, and even got this $100 bill signed by the golfers. and here's what he had to say about the experience. >> i haven't fully realized what
7:53 am
cool experience. i closed my eyes, swallowed my puke, hit the putt and it happened to go in. so that was cool. >> usa! the ryder cup kicks off today. you can catch it through the weekend on nbc. >> one of the greatest events
7:54 am
mmm... i can't believe it's so delicious. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste.
7:55 am
people say, let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." ust pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado.
7:56 am
hi, everyone. i'm gary shapiro with this 9 news update. a string of bank robberies have police searching for suspects. it's expected to be a blowo. the other team admits it, sort of. coach kubiak says don't take anything for granted. we're going to talk about the upcoming game in tampa bay.
7:57 am
enjoy? chili. we're going to let you know aboe stations putting out their best chili for a best cause. let's check weather and traffic with amelia and beck. >> our drive on i-70 has been a mess. the highway remains closed westbound at quebec and the actual crash is at quebec. the closures has been extended to central park. havana and colfax and mlk -- 225 and e-470 might be better options. you can see the flashing lights where the crash took place. becky, 1 person has been taken to the hospital with serious injuries and another factor i want to key you into, the plain -- the a-line is experiencing 10 to 15-minute delays because of a crossing arm issues so those using it to get to the airport are dealing with extra time. it's better than
7:58 am
backups. >> right. >> thanks for that amelia. that's a lot to keep track of. at least the weather isn't too terrible. cloudy skies and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we've seen a couple of sprinkles around the denver-metro area and we're going to see -- 75 around greeley. 76 under fort collins. southeast colorado will hit thel being said, 5:00, 6:00 this evening, we have a chance of rain in time for the rockies game. it will linger --
7:59 am
8:00 am
? it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, search for clues. >> the train felt like it never stopped. it didn't slow down. >> investigators on the scene of that deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. this morning, new questions being raised about safety systems on our rails across the nation. ? then, stealing the show. >> how is that? >> prince george and princess charlotte make a rare and yet adorable public appearance at a children's party as the royal road trip to north america wraps up. and politics and punch lines. >> donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, uh, you're all losers? >> they don't have my talent, my
8:01 am
>> a sneak peek at the new season of "snl" as the cast gets set to skewer both candidates, today, friday, september 30th, 2016. ? >> happy birthday to our mom. love you! >> celebrating our one-week anniversary on the plaza! >> good morning to our friends in louisiana! >> three generations to see the "today" show! >> minnesota loves the "today" show! woo! we're back now, 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 30th day of september, 2016. i've got to tell you something. even though the weather is not
8:02 am
drizzling heavily, we've got a great crowd. >> a great crowd. >> really good. >> with one really cute baby in this little "today" show onesie. that was super cute. we're so excited, because we have a live performance coming up from country singer brett eldredge in our next half hour. >> nice guy. good to have brett here. and another announcement about a great concert, back on the scene now, a new record out, kings of leon here rockin' the plaza two weeks from today, october 14th. special fan passes, visit the website, >> it's going to be great. a lot to get to, but first let's start with the top stories of the morning. here is your news at 8:00. >> we begin with a train crash here in hoboken, new jersey. good morning, i'm tom costello in hoboken. federal investigators today will look at that video on the cameras, on the outward-facing side of the train. trying to get a sense of what happened. also, the black box data. they want to look at the speed at the time of the crash and whether brakes were ever
8:03 am
only man who right now really knows what happened. this morning, federal safety and rail investigators are once again looking for clues in the twisted remains of a commuter train. witnesses say hoboken-bound train 1614 never seemed to slow down. >> the trains normally pull in there, 2, 3 miles per hour an hour by the time they get to the resting spot where people depart. he came at a high rate of speed, went through the bumper block, took the ceiling out. >> reporter: responding firefighters immediately declared a mass casualty incident. >> i have heavy structural damage, people trapped on the train. major casualty. >> reporter: more than 100 people injured, some tossed around on the cars like toys. others on the platform buried under a collapsed ceiling, concrete and glass. >> and we just heard people screaming in the first car. they were trapped, couldn't get out.
8:04 am
bittar de kroon. earlier in the morning, she left her child at a daycare. >> i went right to her daughter, to be honest with you. and i just hugged her, and i was just, you know -- hoping everything was going to be okay. >> reporter: we're told the engineer, 48-year-old tommy gallagher, cooperated with police before being released from a local hospital. investigators want to know, was there some sort of a mechanical failure, or was the engineer distracted or incapacitated? earlier on "today," the ntsb investigation is just getting started. >> we want to make sure we get all of the facts, and we're going to be interviewing anyone. we also ask people who may have information to let us know. >> reporter: the hoboken accident is the latest fatal commuter train crash on a rail line without the automated braking system called positive train control. 2008, 25 dead in chatsworth, california. 2013, four dead in the bronx. 2015, eight dead outside philadelphia.
8:05 am
>> safety delayed is safety denied. when we don't implement positive train control, we're going to continue to see events year after year, that result in fatalities and injuries. >> reporter: at the moment, only about a quarter of the nation's commuter rail line systems have positive train control system. congress has given them until 2018 to get it done. but many safety advocates insist they're really dragging their heels on this one. matt, back to you. >> tom costello, thanks very much. world leaders, friends, today at the funeral of former israeli minister shimon peres. president obama eulogized the laureate before hundreds of dignitaries. former president bill clinton remembered him as one of the nation's biggest dreamers. the funeral brought a rare handshake between israeli prime
8:06 am
shimon died wednesday, two weeks after suffering a massive stroke. he was 93 years old. new developments overnight in the case of a connecticut woman missing at sea. police searched the home of 54-year-old linda carmen late thursday night and removed several items. her 22-year-old son, nathan, was rescued off the coast of rhode island more than a week after the two of them went fishing, but no sign of his mother. nathan is also a person of interest, according to police, three years ago. nathan carmen denies harming either his mother or his grandfather. coming up, we're going to talk about your e-mail inbox, and why you are obsessed with checking it so often. >> why are you looking at me when you read that? and "saturday night live's" influence on politics. how snl is gearing up. but first, inside a royal play date, as prince george and princess charlotte step out with their parents. hoda loves this story. >> look at that. >> right after this.
8:07 am
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8:12 am
? that music can only mean one thing. a headline making appearance by prince george and princess charlotte. on the royal family's canadian tour, matt. >> have you heard they're in north america? keir simmons is in victoria. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey there, guys. good morning. a fun day with a serious purpose for the royals. the queen is the head of state here in canada, and she wants her great grandchildren to sustain that relationship by starting it early. for the military families invited, a new dimension on parenting pressure. your children go to a party, where there's a chance they might make friends with a prince and princess.
8:13 am
rare moments in front of the cameras for william and kate's children. off you go says mummy. the young princess heads straight for the balloons. william lifting his grown son on to a pony. dad, like the queen, loves horses. the 3-year-old future king, not so sure. >> give it a stroke first. give it a stroke. there you go. >> reporter: his little sister sitting on a good-natured dog. the duke and duchess, just another mom and dad. say these parents. >> a little tired. the kids playing bubbles and trying to put them in their mouths and laughing that all kids put everything in their mouths. >> reporter: chris jackson, the royal photographer, was there. >> my favorite when prince george starts grabbing the bubble gun and started shooting
8:14 am
moments. mother and daughter dancing. the whole family together. wow, says kate. george jumping with excitement and being the older brother, he got the balloon. but charlotte given another by a little girl. what do you say, william asks? >> thank you, his daughter appears to respond. royal manners in the making. >> she had a flower made, and she give it to princess charlotte. >> reporter: did you get to play with charlotte? yes? you don't rememb a week in canada coming to a close. kate's style, with endless fascination this time, unusually, wearing many outfits by high-end designers. but her children getting all of the attention. aside from what kate is wearing, folks online identifying what her son and daughter were wearing. they think that charlotte was
8:15 am
so even the royals hand down clothes between older and younger children. but imagine taking your children to that party, guys. you know, go and speak to that little prince and princess. i don't want to, daddy. just do it! >> i want the photo op! keir simmons, thank you. what else is trending today. >> you ready for this one? this is a real act of sportsmanship. back in june, the cleveland cavaliers won their first nba championship in nearly 50 years. the win brings not only a lot of pride to the city and players, but the players also get a fancy championship ring. cool bling. however, owner of the cavs, dan gilbert, wants to celebrate one step further. gilbert is fronting the money to outfit all 1,000 employees at the quicken loan arena with a championship ring. we're talking about seat ushers, vendors, janitors, security
8:16 am
and he's doing it because you can't put a price tag on loyalty to your employees. that is awesome. and they say he's a great guy all the way around. even beyond that. that gesture. >> i love that story. >> you see some baseball you'll hear about certain staff members getting a ring. but that many -- people selling food, that's a class act. >> i love that. i think we're all guilty of this. constantly and let's say obsessively check your e-mail all of the time? >> yes. >> a little bit. not obsessive, but often. exactly. guess what? behavioral psychologists have explained this now. they use a term called random rewards. and they actually liken it to playing a slot machine where you pull that lever over and over again and every once in a while it pays off, because let's face it, most of our e-mail is junk and stuff we don't want to read but the thought and hope you're going to get something good. >> one morsel. >> do you ever notice when you
8:17 am
>> the dinosaur version, you get your mail at home and you thumb through the bills and the junk and there is that one hand-written note, and you go, ooh, something i really care about. >> makes sense why we are all constantly -- >> i don't even check my phone when i wake up. i wait 15 minutes, coffee, nothing. because once you open your eyes and start -- >> yeah. >> you know how your day immediately goes like that? 15 minutes in the morning. >> good idea. >> you've been on my twitter feed, apparently. chew on this for a second. a burger chain in australia offering the meal of a lifetime, literally. cafe 51 is offering free but burgers for life, if, carson, you're willing to tattoo an image of one of their burgers on yourself. sounds crazy, but some people have done it. in order to get the reward. the burger tattoo has to be life-size. not a skimpy burger tattoo will pass the test. which poses the question, would anyone here be willing to tattoo anything on themselves to get that item free for life?
8:18 am
>> i don't know, like a budweiser can somewhere on my calf. >> free for life? >> sure. why not just print the words bmw on your arm? >> that's why -- >> what would yours be? >> i don't know. first of all, i don't think i would do it. but something expensive. like prada shoes or something. >> this is very telling about each of us. >> i know. what would you do? >> i would definitely do -- >> wine bottle? >> a blow dryer and a round brush. can you imagine if we got blowouts for free? >> >> hairdresser on there, too. >> i would do it for that. >> what would you do? >> #girls. >> bmw, something like that. >> pop start? >> yes. >> lady gaga has officially been announced as the next super bowl halftime show. there were rumors earlier this month that the singer already signed a deal. gaga took to twitter confirming
8:19 am
saying it's not an illusion, reference to her new song. always the pr in mind. the rumors are true. it will be gaga's second year in a row performing at the super bowl. last year she did sing the national anthem. and "red" magazine, nicole kidman, the decision to marry cruise when she was 23 years old, saying i was so young. i look back now and i'm like, what. two kids by the time i was 27. i had been married for four years but that's what i wanted. kidman celebrated her tenth anniversary with keith urban and says their relationship is stronger than ever. there you go. >> very nice couple too. >> great people. thank you very much. let's send it back down to raleigh for a check of the weather with al. today's weather is brought to you by deepwater horizon, starring mark wahlberg, now playing in theaters everywhere. and we are in downtown raleigh. great group of folks here. it's the fourth annual live open bluegrass festival. we'll be talking about that
8:20 am
hear bluegrass music. in the meantime, let's look at your weekend, and we have also got the latest on matthew. this just in from the hurricane center, category 2 storm. 520 miles east-southeast of kingston, jamaica, 125-mile-an-hour winds, moving west-southwest at 14. path of the storm brings it across jamaica sometime early saturday morning as a category 3 storm. i should say monday morning. this should be a very dangerous storm for jamaica, continues across cuba. d bahamas by wednesday. european model and u.s. model differ from the final point there of the national hurricane center. so we're just going to have to continue to watch this. that's what's going on around
8:21 am
and that's your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. anticipation already running high for tomorrow's season premier of "saturday night live." when the show announced that alec baldwin w stratosphere. will it actually have an impact on the election? hoda has been looking at that. >> people popping the popcorn all right. alec baldwin has hosted the show more than anyone, 16 times. now he's taking on the role of the republican candidate at one of the most pivotal points in the race. a short promotional video was all it took. fans of "saturday night live" are fired up to see alec baldwin
8:22 am
mckinnon's hillary clinton. >> i don't have a mean bone in my body. just ask anyone, except those close to me. >> the campaign has already given plenty of fodder to the late night show that has spent decades during politics into punch lines. skewering anyone seeking the highest office in the land. it all started with chevy chase playing the role of gerald ford. >> wait. from nixon, carter and reagan. and obama. >> both the clinton campaign and the trump campaign are definitely going to be watching on saturday night to see how their candidates are portrayed. they may not have any say in how they come off, but they certainly care. >> snl impersonations, iconic. george h.w. bush helped form perception of the president. ? not gonna do it ?
8:23 am
president's waistline as bill clinton. >> are you going to finish these fries? >> the portrayal of george w. bush could be summed up in one word. >>strategery. >> pointed political satire reached a new level when snl brought tina fey to play sarah palin. >> and i can see russia from my house. >> some say it helped define palin's image. >> we are not ricky in there. >> what diva achieved was to take questions about sarah palin's readiness, her gaps in her knowledge or some of the things she said in her early days as a vp normal knee and turn them into water cooler conversations. >> though palin herself joined in on the fun with fey and baldwin. >> live from are new york, it's saturday night!
8:24 am
appear on snl. >> keep 'em coming. >> hillary clinton serving up drinks as a bartender. >> donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like, uh, you're all losers. >> and last november, donald trump hosted the show. >> they don't have my talent, my money or especially my good looks. >> now with fewer than 40 days left until election day, the question is, what impact will baldwins have on the trump a darker character, not one you can sort of laugh at but something you laugh at with a bit of unease, for some younger voters, that could push them away from him. >> it will all play out live from new york, an saturday night. >> and as most people probably know, baldwin says he is no trump fan but guarantee a lot of people will be tuning in. >> what will the debates be if snl didn't do their take on it?
8:25 am
morning. can't wait to see it. >> by the way, you can see what happens when snl returns tomorrow night, 11:30, 10:30 central. she told him what it was like to be in a sketch last year with the real hillary clinton. >>en what's it like to do hillary clinton with hillary clinton this close to you? >> it's -- well, i felt a sense of sisterhood. i don't know. she felt that. i hope she did. i had so much fun. she just came in, and read the sketch and, like -- got all with the comedic beats. and i was like, oh, my gosh, she's going to be funnier than me. this is embarrassing. >> you can see a lot more of willie's interview with kate mckinnon on sunday, "today." just ahead, good music, good eats, a live performance from country star brett he will driven and the only snacks you'll neat to watch football or golf this weekend. first, your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, i'm cheryl preheim. here's what's happening on channel :00 good morning, i'm cheryl preheim. here's what's happening on channel 20 for our news 8:00 a.m. a bank robbed twice. are you having -- we have
8:27 am
the top 25 restaurants in denver according to 5280 magazine. career paths are coming into focus in north glen. how learn beginning the eyes and other science projects have students eyeing engineering. and licorice and marshmallows are -- becky, amelia, progress on the morning. >> the highway has final >> yes. >> it has been closed since 5:00 a.m. it was at quebec and central park. 25 minutes -- and we're starting to see 270 loosen up. side streets getting better. earlier, we had the ramp from westbound 70 to monaco closed as well. that's back open and here's a live look, becky, it looks like a typical friday morning. thank goodness and what we know so far about the injuries is 1 person who was on the motorcycle had serious injuries so we're waiting to
8:28 am
good news out on the roads this morning. a lot of clouds so no sun glare and sprinkles around the denver-metro area. right now we're seeing temperatures in the 50s. we'll warmup to 77 today. 75 around greeley. 76 in fort collins. 80s for southeast colorado. we have a much better chance for rain showing up 5:00, 6:00 tonight. just at the start of the rockies and brewers game. so keep that in mind. a chance for rain will go evening. we'll drop to 51 with cloudy skies taking over. i have left the chance for isolated showers in the forecast saturday and sunday. but the chance is very small. we'll climb into the upper 70s and low 80s both days of your weekend. 83 for monday and windy before a system drops our highs into the
8:29 am
8:30 am
? usa! usa! usa! 2016. that's actually not our plaza crowd we're looking at. that's the crowd at the hazelton golf course in minnesota. this is an epic event. >> you wonder why carson and i can't wait to watch this. this is just as it's starting and already the crowds are going
8:31 am
>> fans going at it with the american fans at hazelton in minnesota, where the contingent is strong. >> a lot of european fans. led by dustin johnson and jordan spieth and phil mickelson, tiger woods an assistant captain. going on all weekend long. catch it live on the golf channel right now and on nbc throughout the weekend. >> i have to say, it doesn't look like golf. that's not were doing right there. coming up, you guys, you're going to love him. country music sensation and a hottie, brett eldridge is here, and we're going to talk to him about the hit song he's going to sing today. and willie's amazing wife, cristina geist is here with a new book and help for parents struggling to tuck in little ones with bedtime advice, and tells us about her awesome new book that helps parents in the late wee hours of the morning and night. >> very, very cool.
8:32 am
a special football theme that everybody can agree on, no matter who you're rooting for during sunday night's big game. >> cannot wait. and calling anyone who wants to update a room at home, maybe you just had a baby, you need to turn that office into a nursery or empty nester, you want a man cave, i don't know -- want a man cave, hoda? go to, send us a picture of the room and we may just show up and redo and now back down to al for a check of the weather. >> we are in downtown raleigh, the fourth annual wide-open bluegrass music festival. these guys, big winners last night. jerry douglas and the earls of lester. 13-time grammy winners. 14-time. they picked one up while we were talking. unbelievable. let her rip, boys!
8:33 am
. let's show you your forecast, starting off with sunday. we are looking at wet weather along the northeast coast. we expect to see wet weather around the great lakes, rain in the pacific northwest. and some showers in the plains. sunday, sunday! we're looking at more rain in new england, where we need it. we're looking at wet weather through the western plains. northern california, right on in the coast of oregon, way up into the northern mississippi river valley. let's hear a little more of the
8:34 am
? get that weather any time you need it any time on the weather channel. ? >> love it! you can't be in a bad mood and listen to bluegrass. guys, back to you. >> it speaks to me, al. love it so much. thank you. have fun. and now to expecting today. and a struggle all parents face. how do we get our little ones to turn off all of that adorable energy when it is time to go to sleep. the new children's book,
8:35 am
about quieting your toddler. and the author, cristina geist, brand strategist and entrepreneur, wife to wylie. christine and willie, good morning. >> hi, savannah. >> first of all, this is fabulous, i have read it. so perfect for getting your kid excited about going to bed and calms them down. >> it's a little counterintuitive. what i found in our generation, a lot kids two years apart, which means the second baby comes along and you're concerned about the newborn and their bedtime routine. you forget, though, that in todayler hood, people don't want to buy a second crib so we're moving toddlers into beds maybe a little early. >> you're describing my life right now. >> and those toddlers wander around your house in the middle of the night. >> so this is how to take that energy and your character is really cute and you kind of give
8:36 am
to get the baby -- little boy excited about going to bed. explain. >> yeah, yeah. so it's this age-old technique called progressive muscle relaxation that i actually ironically learned in a health and wellness class in high school and i never forget it in my life to release tension and stress in my body. so with our kids, i was having a hard time getting them settled to bed and our books are about putting other things the moon to sleep but not the kid's body. >> so dale goes into a toddler bed. you have these figures that appear in the middle of the night, like out of a stephen king horror film. you open your eyes and they're just standing in front of you or there is just a silhouette in the doorway. they get up and wander from these beds. our son george, i got up 4:00, 4:5 in the morning, go out there, he's sitting on the floor
8:37 am
nuggets. so i put him back into the big boy bed. >> naked, right? >> yeah, a little bit naked. >> apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> so i put him back in the bed with the nuggets, so cristina wakes up to a kid covered in nuggets and grease. so that's the wandering that happens. >> i love this, because your character, buddy, kind of powers down each of his limbs. super cute. i heard you came with some advice for me. >> we did. >> that i need, badly. >> we have some tips. we just- husband were here to help talk through it? >> that might be helpful. >> it would be easier if mike were here. >> oh, my god! oh, my gosh! hi, husband! you really surprised me! he was telling me, i can't get out of the house this morning. it's all crazy. and -- hi, sweetie! >> we tried to get vale to come, but she is booked for another morning. she wouldn't do it. >> young lady. >> we're so excited for you
8:38 am
>> we try to do everything like the guys. >> give your face to facery favorite tip. first of all, we're not parenting experts. we do happen to be parents. and so our first bit of advice might be controversial. all bets are off at bedtime. we covered that. >> yes. >> secondly, i think sharing is a little bit overrated. when you have a 2-year-old in the house and a baby shows up and she has to share her parent life with this new baby, i think it's okay for some things to still be vale's. >> that's good, because she likes to say "mine" all of the time. >> i think that's okay. i honestly think that's all right. and then she can learn that some things belong to baby, right? and you can teach her to ask baby for a turn before she steals his teddy bear. >> oh-oh, okay. >> or his toy. >> i like that. >> yeah. the next one is don't overthink it, right? willie can speak to this one with lucy and when george was born. >> yeah, i think that you have
8:39 am
huge moment and loucy or vale's life. we have to buy a gift for lucy. lucy doesn't care about anyone but herself. let's be honest. >> and now she does. >> age 2. and vale will be the same way. so just let her have her thing and don't let her overthink. >> the first time she meets the baby. >> she knows there is something going on. we're trying to make her comfortable with it. and she senses it. >> oh, my gosh. >> right. same, and grownups follow her around, which is all she wants as a 2-year-old, she's going to be fine. >> okay. we're out of time, but i have to say, how did this transform into this awesome segment for us, when i have to say, this is a great book. cristina geist is the author. "buddy's bedtime battery." run out and get it. it's really fun. and more from them, including a read-along feature. faces you'll know from "today." check it out. real crowd pleasers if you're having friends over to watch football this weekend.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
back now with today food. the kansas city chiefs and the pittsburgh steelers, our friend and celebrity chef, sunny anderson has come up with favorites to celebrate both cities. you've got the outfit on, you're i like that. >> i'm a giants fan, but repping for the steelers and chiefs today. >> we're making rib sandwiches. where do we start? >> home of alex smith. we're going to make slow cooker barbecue ribs sandwiches. very simple to do. baby back ribs. garlic powder, a little bit of mustard, put that into the bowl and make the rub for me. a little brown sugar, salt,
8:43 am
we save half of this rub, and we're going to make the barbecue sauce out of it, okay? >> all right. so we take some of that and put it right on the baby backs. >> right into the slow cooker. you're going to do that on low. or high. that's the cool thing about a slow cooker. >> what goes in first? >> two beers, baby. whatever beers you like. put them in there, your rub rib goes in. >> trick to the slow pcooker, don't peek. >> the connective tissue comes apart, that's what the steam is about. big in kansas city, the molasses flavor. add half of that rub. >> that's great. >> cook it down, stir it. the ribs come out of the slow cooker, you're going to brush them with the sauce. you're going to put them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15, 20 minutes. >> when they come out, that means it's going to fall right off the bone. >> yes, sirrery. >> take it and put it on good old white bread? >> anywhere in the south, they don't have a piece of white
8:44 am
you like that. easy as 1, 2, 3. it is one cup of vinegar, two cups of peppers. >> i don't want to short-change pittsburgh. talk about the ingredients for per owingy pizza. >> miller, congratulations on your retirement. we'll show you how to caramelize onions. get them into your slow cooker, olive oil, salt and pepper, turn it on high or low, stir it around every hour or so. good to go. i a cup of heavy cream -- >> we've guys downstairs tasting this. >> i hope you guys like it. i'm representing pizza today, per rowingy pizza for pittsburgh. heavy cream and one clove of garlic. add in some spinach. >> okay. cream that up. >> creams up. >> these are cool. these are like predone crusts. >> well, actually, we predid that here.
8:45 am
all of the pop tube cookies and stuff like that or just buy it in the freezer section. this is the sauce, you add it on. we've got the per rowingy here out of the freezer section. usually they look like a ravioli. if you can't find it, use ravioli. cut them, slice them, put them on. and then just go ahead and top with the bacon, some cheese, get it in the oven, 400 degrees for a few minutes. give it a nice little stir. >> who wins the game? kansas city or pittsburgh? >> can't do that to me i'm saying? i've got to tell you -- >> pick one. >> i think kansas city is going to do it. i think they're going to do it. >> guys, thumbs up, right? >> don't hate on me, america. >> football, golf. >> a piece of white bread on it. >> look at her shoes. >> do you guys like the pizza, though? >> i love it. >> thank you. you can catch the steelers and the chiefs sunday night football, nbc's coverage begins
8:46 am
that is 7:00 eastern. up next, some live music from country star, brett eldridge on a friday morning.
8:47 am
8:48 am
? the city concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. when it comes to country no one hotter than our next guest. >> brett he eldredge, his song debuted at number one on the billboard country album charts and he's got dreamy blue eyes. >> oh! >> you're making me blush this early. come on. >> good morning. >> we are talking about how we love this song you're going to play. you want when everyone hears a song to nod their head and say this song is written
8:49 am
>> every time. i want to be the song that makes you laugh, that song that makes you cry. i want people to listen to this ask take it back to that moment they fell in love or the big moments in their life. i love to sing. this is my favorite song i've ever written, i think. >> wow. >> okay, let's go! ? ? radio and a sun dress ? ? making my world all a mess ? ? that corner of a cornfield ? ? pulled a lever lay the seat back laughing ? ? you slipping off your shoes ? ? while the dashboard speakers
8:50 am
? i want to be that song that gets you high makes you dance makes you fall ? ? that melody disappear ? ? want to be those words that fill you up ? ? roll your windows down and keeps you young ? ? makes you believe right where you belong ? ? w ? wanna be wanna be wanna be that song ? ? whoa ? i wanna stand with you in the third row window booth at a bar ? ? back pugh on a sunday pouring out your heart ? ? when the bleachers are crowded
8:51 am
? when you're sitting all alone ? ? when the rain is pouring and you need something to take you home ? ? wanna be that song that gets you high ? ? makes you dance makes you fall ? ? that melody rewinds years ? ? once disappear makes time stall ? ? wanna be those words that fill you up ? ? pull your windows down and keeps you young ? ? makes you believe you're rht ? ? but when you're searching the horizon ? when your eyes look back ? ? when you're standing in the moment every life has a sound track ? ? oh i wanna be i wanna be ?
8:52 am
you high ? ? makes you dance makes you fall ? ? that melody rewinds years once disappear makes time stall ? ? i wanna be those words that fill you up ? ? pull your windows down and keeps you young ? ? makes you believe you're right where you belong ? ? ? wanna be that song ? ? whoa ? ? when the bottle's dry ? ? when the sky is falling and you're asking yourself why ? ? ? whoa ? ? yeah ? ? i wanna be ? ? whoa i wanna be that song ? >> woo!
8:53 am
>> my favorite song you've ever written too. you were debating, did you look at me or her? >> that was for me. that was for me. >> i wish you all could be in the crowd every song. >> that can be arranged. brett eldredge's album is "illinois." >> this is "today" on nbc. >> if he doesn't take out a
8:54 am
8:55 am
one week from tomorrow, a new show premiers on nbc. we're so excited, because it features our own jenna bush hager. >> it's really cool, it's called "give" and shines a light on small charities making a huge difference every week. celebrity ambassadors from movie, v, and meet inspiring individuals working to improve their communities. jenna, this is great. >> i know, i'm so excited. blair underwood asked me to come on board this summer, right before the olympics. and i thought, wow, the t but we made it happen. and really, it's a whole show about giving back to those who give themselves every day to people. and there are some tears. >> mostly yours. >> mostly mine. i'm crying every single week, which i love. but these are people that, you know, are changing lives. and so we surprise them by giving back to them. >> i know you've been doing so much travel with this and running around.
8:56 am
these aren't charities that don't need the help. >> these are small charities making a huge impact, too. and it's so much fun. the first episode i wore a wig, which wasn't that much fun, because i walked in and they were like, jenna bush. that wig really happened. >> "give" premiers next saturday night, october 8th.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
gnome . this morning on "today's take" a peek inside their house. and tune in to win. how you can snag our friday give-away. and it's barbecue with the glue grass festival. all that and more, coming up from nbc newshis is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this friday morning, september 30th. al is down south. tamron is here. tamron, is struggling in a pair of pants. >> that's not the headline.
9:01 am
your tight pants ? >> is that a song? >> jimmy fallon. the tight pants bit. >> we'll see what al is wearing when we head to the bluegrass festival. billy likes to comment on my outfits. and i don't mind. it doesn't bother me at all. but today, ladies and gentlemen, billy bush walked into our set like thurston howell iii. >> i'm getting a lot of heat for this shirt. >> please model this for us. and i love that you are the purple on youin supporting horizon. can you show us your outfit? >> well, it's a little casual down below, but matt lauer just walked by the dressing room and said, "what time does the yacht alive"? >> beer began garden waist down and own the factory -- friday, we're so happy you're joining us, the end of the workweek for many people.
9:02 am
friday. things that make us happy on friday. >> this is a special one because the families in town -- >> so cute. >> she's the best. she is back -- back with laura in our makeup room getting her -- a little blowout. mom found out about it. my wife sydney at the apartment with my oldest daughter, josi, who sleeps later. they heard about the free blowout she got and are cram belling -- >> they're all c t people. >> because they take care of all of the guests. >> i love your haircut. ites like an hombre? >> okay. so i died it like bright red, and then it's still fading out. >> you did that in the summer, right? the beginning of the summer, died it bright red. >> like august. >> did you like the beyonce concert? >> yeah, it was fun. >> it was amazing? >> lily, i told you -- she asked me for a ticket to go see beyonce and i said how much it?
9:03 am
none made. how many days did it -- >> that wasn't your idea. it took four days. >> took four days? what was my idea? >> i love children, they say the darnest things. you should moderate a debate. it wasn't billy's idea. it was hers. and it took you four days. that's still good. >> i said you could make some money for it, right? >> you did say that. >> but the lemonade was your idea. >> lemonade for lemonade. >> a moderator -- >> i stand down. my feel-good friday. my obsession daily. but on fridays, i wake up in the morning about 4:00, and i scroll through these pictures, like a madwoman. it's an instagram account called fro babies, and there are photos and videos of babies like this. look at him! >> oh, my gosh. >> i don't know whose children they are. if you need a babysitter, call me. just filled with video and pictures. look at that. >> oh, my gosh. >> i whip my hair back and forth and my mom is running from me.
9:04 am
in the morning to get going on that hair. >> absolutely. >> wow. that is wild. >> so parents submit their children curly hair of all kinds. beautiful babies of all kinds to this instagram account that is the joy of my life. >> that is your feel-good friday. now we have a producer's pick. we don't know anything about this. but our producers have their own feel-good friday. pop it up. >> let's see it. roll it. >> baby pandas. these little fellas made their on thursday. 23 of them. >> are they all from one panda mom? >> ranging from 1 month to 4 months old. >> oh, okay. >> that is one wild little litter right there. >> so cute! >> no fro babies, but they're cute. >> no fro babies. and you know what, you can always tweet us -- billy is not on twoitter, but i mind his twitter account. i love when people tweet, can you ask billy -- i mind his twitter, because i don't have
9:05 am
what makes you feel good. she's all my obsession. >> we heard that lady gaga was going to do the halftime at the super bowl. it's true. she confirmed it in a tweet. she says, it's not an illusion. the rumors are true this year. the super bowl goes gaga. do you think she's going to need a lift, someone else to feature -- to join, or can she handle it solo all the way through? >> of course she needs no one else. i wanted to bring out tony bennett just because of that she has his admiration. >> tony bennett at the halftime of the super bowl? >> super super bowl often does a generational thing. they bring out someone that the wider audience over -- 55 might -- you know, know. and then they bring out someone else. >> bring him out in chaps. >> tony bennett in chaps? you know, when al interviewed tony, he said he wanted to perform with beyonce, and beyonce and lady gaga did that
9:06 am
maybe that's when tony bennett -- but beyonce was there last year, right? well, i don't think gaga needs anyone. i think she's going to just blow it out. and it's in texas. road trip. >> she can do it for the boys and do it -- she's got all kinds of levels. >> oh, look at this picture. i was looking at this instagram. it's a picture of gaga with the nfl logo strategically placed with a cowboy hat with a guitar. >> solid. >> she's so >> so it's going to be good. >> little monsters. >> we've got to see these royal photos here. just to revel in the cuteness, prince george and princess charlotte rolling strong in canada with the children of the canadian military. a rare joint appearance, official event. look at him. playing with balloons. >> there is video -- he got on a horse. but there's a picture -- >> it's a pony. >> of charlotte running towards the balloons, like -- you know,
9:07 am
kid when they see a ba it is so adorable. >> the guy next to the balloon animal. her first word, it was reported, that charlotte's first word was "pop." >> pop? >> she looked at balloons and said "pop." and a bubble. >> so cute. i understand it, billy, as we look at your fashion choice today, that you have a little royal in you, at least as a child. >> like as if my mom -- my mom used to dress me up -- like george. >> ok >> billy or prince george? who wore it -- look at this picture. >> thanks mom. that's me charming i guess the guy that runs the buffet. >> okay, here we go. >> oh, wow. >> who wore it best? >> i think i did. >> billy -- no. prince george's legs are longer. you already have those -- >> oh, i'm stocky. >> stocky thighs that now turn into man spread. we could have predicted it then.
9:08 am
>> i've never heard anyone say that in my life. >> so check this out. this is matt and ben. they're teaming up with, of course, tom brady of -- their buddy from the new england patriots. these great charity campaigns, like ryan gosling doing one to visit the set of "blade runner." if you win, donating 10 bucks, you get to have pizza with matt damon. in order to promote it, it's a li is better pals with tom." >> let's ask t-bone, who he's better friends with. >> that's not his nickname. >> t-bone? i'm starting it. >> hey, guys. >> i think it's going to catch fire. >> you're going to name him after a steak. why not call him [ bleep ] prime rib. >> why not ask him who he pointed to after the touchdown in new orleans and looked at him, you, you're the one and gave the double wink to in the audience. >> sitting right behind his
9:09 am
matching tattoo. >> you got that tattoo four years ago. when are you going to admit he's never going to get his half? this. >> he will and when he gets it, we're going to press our arms together and it's going to be majestic and beautiful and just for us and you're going to be so jealous. >> guys. >> hey, tom! >> hey, tom. >> hey, tommy. >> what's up? >> t-bone! >> t-bone? >> i think i might submit -- i'd love to have pizza and beer with ben, tom and matt! >> what would you talk about? >> who cares? [ laughter ] >> just anything. >> see, i'm thinking, like, what do you have in common, what would you share? >> have a beer, eat a little pizza. hang out. >> i just saw a picture of tom a and gisele in porta fina. the ball thing -- >> deflategate? >> it's interesting. i want to see who wins this contest. you should submit a video. why don't we do that. >> no, i'm going to buy a bunch of tickets to see if we could
9:10 am
of noift bim, did you see matt turning this. a man bun in the back. >> that's got to be for a role. it's not like he's playing a pirate or something. i don't know. up next, the guy who let someone cut in front of him in line. it's a line to get lotto tickets. what do you think happened? >> he lets the other guy in front of him -- >> who did karma serve? after this. [ distorted voice ] progressive claims to show people their competitors' rates but what's really going on? when played backwards at 1/8th speed you can clearly hear... what could that mean? woman: tom? tom! they're just commercials. or are they? you're waking the neighbors. well, mom, maybe the neighbors need to be woke. i think it's actually "awoken." no, that doesn't even seem right. no, it's "awoken."
9:11 am
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9:13 am
back now with more of "today's take." zayn malik -- >> top five. he is the cutest. i think he made the best decision going out on his own. this is his clean-shaven face. oh -- >> oh, way better on the right! not even close. >> grow that hair back now. chia seeds, whatever you need to do. get the hair back on your chin. >> excuse me, you like him better with the beard? >> are you kidding me? an angel. >> then unshave it -- >> but see, he's got such -- such innocent little doey eyes that he gets edge with the beard. i think once you leave a boy band -- >> wrong kind of edge. >> you think he's a bad boy? >> looks creepy. on the right, clean-shaven and handsome. >> looks like a lot of other really cute model guys, like you could see him on a runway just about anywhere. on the left with the beard, it's the -- look at those lashes!
9:14 am
judgment. leonardo dicaprio. do we have leonardo dicaprio here? what about leo? clean -- that's not even close. >> clean. that's not even close. and then we picked the picture with his hair moist or something. beard. i go with the beard. because he looks like you can hang out with him with the beard -- with the tux and the clean -- he looks like he's trying to be someone he's not. >> can we agree the hat needs to come off? >> the hat is terrible. >> what about common? >> absolutely the beard. >> beard to >> i told him that. it's just the beard is better. both. i'll take both. >> i like clean-shaven on him. >> see, okay. but here's the deal-breaker for me. the deal-breaker, like i've got a choice. the hair. i don't like his hair. i don't like when you guys do your hair back like that. it looks like you're trying to be all hollywood. >> sometimes you've got to throw it in -- >> the piece de resistance. one more at home.
9:15 am
totally hot. that beard is just -- >> because he's one of my television icons, i'm going to say both. but my heart says something else. he's my -- i look up to that man, so i will just leave it as -- >> he is a legend. check this out, a new zealand guy is $1 million richer, all because of his fabulous manners. he was waiting in line for a lotto ticket, so he let this person cut in front of him so they could buy their ticket >> some pushy person -- you go right ahead. guess what? the guy then went on to win the million! so you get good karma for being polite. let the guy go, he wins the million. >> love it. >> boom. >> i love that. guys nice finish first. we always say that and you tell your kids don't give into this notion that nice guys finish last. that is proof. he's got 1 million bucks to prove it. before taxes. >> that said, on occasion, sometimes not so nice guys also
9:16 am
yesterday, an american fan, this guy david johnson is heckling some of the europeans. we don't want them to win, but we don't heckle the europeans. so what did they do? henrik stenson stops and says, come here pal. come on here with your baggy jeans and let's see you drain an 11-foot putt. there is rory mcilroy, the number one golfer in the world. >> his body language reads like -- the crowd is going wild. so dan johnson lin u drills it. into the back of the cup. usa, usa! >> i'm so mad about this video. so the guy is being mean. they challenge him, basically, to rub his nose in being a jerk. then he gets on and he gets the money. >> obnoxious americans coming out on top. >> i don't like this story. >> by the way, had he missed that putt, he would have been 30 feet past the hole.
9:17 am
>> instead -- >> al is gone, but he's not -- totally gone. >> so far away. >> >> down in raleigh, north carolina. he's got a huge crowd with him, of course, because -- >> yes, we are here for the fourth -- the fourth annual wide open bluegrass festival in raleigh, north carolina. we've got the second generation of blue -- the next generation of bluegrass. this is shadow grass. ranging in ages from 11 to 16. and man, they sound good. on together. and we want you to go to their facebook page. shadow grass. like them. we're going to hear more from them in just a little bit. we want to get you up to date on hurricane matthew. this is a powerful storm that's getting itself together right now. it's category 2, 520 miles east-southeast of kingston, jamaica. 105 miles per hour, winds west-southwest at 14 miles per hour. now the track brings it across
9:18 am
monday morning. category 3 storm. 120-mile-an-hour winds. tuesday morning across eastern cuba. then miami is within the cone of uncertainty wednesday morning. the european model and the u.s. model -- u.s. model closer to the u.s. the european model south and further away to the east. we're going to have to continue to watch this. and marine interests will have to obviously be formed. but closer to home, wet, w coast. windy and flood advisories in effect. monsoon showers through the southwest.
9:19 am
and that's your latest weather from downtown raleigh. and the fourth annual wide open bluegrass festival. and the music of shadow grass. we'll have them in just a little while. guys? >> al, you've got to give us a little hoe down t you look so hip. pan down. >> looking fresh. >> these are my chuck 2s. my chuck taylor all-star 2s, my converse 2s. and by the way, props to you. i have not seen the thurston howell iii look in a long time. >> it's hilarious. >> i guess that makes you lovie, tamron. >> that is horrible! okay, professor. thank you very much. >> one of the ascots in al's dressing room.
9:20 am
didn't show us. >> later. all right. >> he's doing it later. up next, it is the best day of the week. and you know why. it's our freebie friday. us celebrating free stuff with you. so stay tuned to find out how you can get your hands on one of our best give-aways in the
9:21 am
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t, be unstoppably you. i'll call you back. state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!! . all right. careful, chief. a little drizzly out on the
9:23 am
time for freebie friday. just great free stuff. oh, thanks. >> they come in 100 colors. >> i'm going to hold on to you. >> we'll find our winners. you go first. >> woo! okay. okay. i'll go first. i'll go first. billy bush. >> okay. hold on. hold on. >> woo! >> good luck in school. what grade are you in? >> seventh grade. >> seventh grade. are you going to do your homework on that? it's a tablet and it's a laptop. >> oh, this is awesome. >> make sure you do your homework on it. >> i'm going to talk to my winner. how are you feeling? >> good, thank you! >> are you in shock? >> a little. >> are you in school? >> no.
9:24 am
>> well, this will help you study whatever you want then. >> thank you. >> if you're not in school. >> there you have it. >> weathering the rain out here. this is unbelievable. okay. and you know what? who has got -- who is a mom of like a 3-year-old? >> oh. 4-year-old, 5-year-old? >> 6-year-old! >> right here? >> a 6-year-old? >> i have it in inside. an extra give-away. >> oh. >> a copy of willie geist's wife, greatest children book about putting the fella to bed at night. i'm going to it bring it out, all right? >> that would be great! >> we'll get them to sign it. i know them. >> oh, that's great! >> i started it reading it on monday and i'm almost finished. >> when billy is done reading it we'll get it mailed to you. >> you have a chance too. two more inspiron laptops.
9:25 am
next, total listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. just ask listerine? users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold?. go to to join the bold percent a trip of a lifetime. (kids laughing) what's going on? shhh! gasp! you going to shut it down? this is totally going viral. i wanna go viral. going viral? get scrubbing bubbles, clean and disinfect. 20,000 views! what? oh, it looks so clean in here. hey, pal. what, you got a cough this winter? you want tough love, mentholyptus halls with big time cooling flavor. or soft love. milder flavored honey halls with real honey. tough love.
9:26 am
a good samaritan got shot trying to stop someone from breaking into a neighbor's car. it happened this morning in lakewood near center avenue and cody street. police say - one of the thieves shot the neighbor then ran away. we expect to get a description of the suspect today and
9:27 am
drinking and driving...7 times will find out how much time he could serve if he's convicted under a new colorado law. police say 46 year old michael wiley's blood alchol was one and a half times the legal limit in the most recent case. wily will now face colorado's new felony d-u-i law. that means- this time he could go to prison for years... the border war football game between c-s-u and wyoming is on saturday and police want all the football fans to be safe. they'll be doing be extra drunk driving patrol on highway 287 between laramie and fort collins... as well as o25 collins and cheyenne. becky ditchfield joins us.. a beautiful weekend ahead.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
? they are the undisputed superstar, wwe couple with millions of fans around the world. john cena and nikki bella, fierce wrestling competitors, but when nikki got a serious neck injury, requiring surgery, she was out of commission for th m little extra help. >> so what else do you do? you invite your sister. nikki'sbri and husband, to live with them. you can imagine the results of the new reality tv show has us in stitches. "total bella" and john is particular about his home. >> uptight. >> this table looks so beautiful. >> it does. >> so nice. >> i think it's so nice to dress up for each other. >> it is fun.
9:31 am
>> on you're right. >> we don't need to do that right now. >> i do. got to get on it immediately. >> oh, man, it goes on from there. >> yeah, it does. >> is uptight fair? >> i think -- i just like -- >> super clean. >> what are the psychological issues that are at the root of john's extra tidiness and sort of stricngent rules? >> i think -- i guess why we make such a great couple, i'm the exact same way. i would hate it if john was messy, i think he likes things
9:32 am
into your house and that's what all my rules upside down and all things are not the way they're supposed to be. >> but you did it for love. after the injury, you needed people -- >> aww! >> some of the rules are awese. like, there's whatmd?u?c9o?a>> . >> "downton abbey," put on your best outfits and everybody in top gear. >> private school, i was able to go
9:33 am
>> i actually loved the rules, but -- >> she's just saying that. >> she's just saying that -- >> i think it was josi not being abg;wwle to be ithe main house, because here we had -- >> the dog. of. >> josi the dog, who is like my niece. and so her not being able to be in the main house, which she does shed really bad. that was really ug why she bit john. >> wait, the dog bit you. you took it in stride, but the dog bit you. >> yeah, and -- ha s that happened by accident. dog's owners that i am taking it in stride but some people would not. >> do you other than in the
9:34 am
and -- you know, john is -- he's a big man. >> intimidating. >> but john is twice the size. and all of a sudden john has got all of these rules for him. he has to swallow a little bit of his man pride here. it must be tough for him. everybody. >> could you do it permanently? >> you know what? i don't know. >> maybe if he had, like -- >> i'm kind of outside looking in. but i don't know. your family kind of gravitates towards each other. they love each other so much. >> oh. >> it was an honor to be surrounded by that. they have their ups and downs just like every other family but
9:35 am
which bella knows their fella. you can catch the series premier of total bellas wednesday at 8:00, 7:00 central. and back in the next hour, daniel is there, bri is there. next, stepping into the political ring with one of the big stars from "madam secretary," tim daly. why he says his character is a good role model for men, much like john cena, after this. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance... eethearts gone sayonara.
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fit well.??
9:40 am
tim also snagged an emmy nomination as a doomed screen writer on the hbo series "the sopranos" and if that's not enough, he joined shonda lan on ray's anatomy" and husband of u.s. secretary of state, secretary." tim ladaly is with us. let's look at the new season where there is never a dull moment. >> probably that kid george f the chemistry class, that troll. he hacked a cheerleader's tumblr account. >> well -- are you there? henry? >> there you go. tim is with us. good to see you! >> so good to see you. >> i love this jacket. ms?] you. >> she's the most fashionable person in the world, but there
9:41 am
>> so strong, like your character. >> easy, now. >> i'm thurston howell. >> he is -- as soon as someone walks in, he's ke, that looks strong. >> >> i'll give you a phone number after.
9:42 am
9:43 am
these kids are great. shadow grass, check them out on their facebook page. that is spectacular. also spectacular, north carolina. are you eastern north carolina barbecue, western north carolina barbecue. matthew register, one of the best barbecue guys in town. we have some great southern cooking. all that and more, as we all that and more, as we continue after these messages. honey nut cheerios all that and more, as we continue after these messages.
9:44 am
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ranch. it becomes the first thing they reach for. ranch mashed potatoes. hidden valley ranch. mix it up. okay, so this morning on "today" food, bluegrass and bbq. the folks from north carolina passionate. al is also passionate about both an >> i really wanted to see him dance. he started a move and i want to see him finish. what you got, mr. roker? >> we've got a pretty good thunderstorm going on so we may have some satellite rain fade, in case we lose you. joining me now, matthew register from southern smoke barbecue from garland, north carolina, part of the glue grass festival here, one of the chefs. and i love. this you're making a speed potato hash. >> yes. sweet potatoes.
9:49 am
a north carolina pork belly and sweet potato hash. >> i love this. >> perfect. we're going to dice up these potatoes, pretty good chunks and we're going to stick this in a preheated oven on a greased service at 350. cook them until they're not quite fork-tender but almost finished. and then we dump that in with the pork -- >> spices here. >> yeah, a lot of spices. and one of the keys to this dish, that's kind of a secret that we don't tell people. >> ooh. >> the pork belly grease. coat it. >> of course. >> we've always cooked that. >> how do you not? >> and then a little bit of ginger. we're going to put a little bit of parsley in there. >> okay. >> we're going to put -- let's see. >> cinnamon? >> yeah, a little cinnamon. and then also we have a little bit of nutmeg. because we want to give it that fall flavor. we've also got a little bit of north carolina sea salt. >> oh, my gosh. >> and we're going to give this
9:50 am
three or four minutes until those potatoes get completely finished. and then we're going to serve it up. and you can -- this is a side dish, but you can make a complete meal. >> and then we've got some coleslaw. >> coleslaw, eastern north carolina barbecue. i'm an eastern north carolina guy. a little blueberry cobbler. >> what's the difference between the eastern -- >> the two sauces. in the western part of the state, we have a little bit of a tomato base. >> so that is this? >> yeah, a little bit of that. and eastern north carolina, th just vinegar, and be careful. that's -- tart. that's what we -- >> i love barbecue sauce here. east and west, very nice. all right. matthew register. >> thank you. welcome to raleigh. >> thank you, we appreciate it. and we've got more coming up with "today." but first, this is "today" on nbc. hey, guys! hit it! ?
9:52 am
9:53 am
i have the phone. we couldn't be there. formal dinner at john cena's house looks like this. >> i thought it was our christmas picture. >> are you ready for which fella knows their bella? >> yes. >> daniel versus john. >> uh-huh. >> can't wait. >> he just said you're going down. >> going to be good! >> i'm not very competitive, so -- >> well, he is. you're in trouble. what else do you have? >> brett eldredge is going to sing for us. and a lot more.
9:54 am
9:55 am
a highlands ranch
9:56 am
after they say the douglas county school district did not provide an adequate public education for their son with autism. the family pulled their son from summit view elementary after fourth grade... to put him in a private school. they want the district to pay them back for the private education. donald trump will host--not one--but two rallies in colorado on monday. he'll start in pueblo at the convention center in the afternoon. later in the day, trump will be in loveland at the budweiser events center for a rally. that'll be at six. the republican nominee has already held becky ditchfield join us... we'll see you over on channel 20 for 9news at 11 a.m., and
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