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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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say they feel valued at work, less than half of women do, versus 54% of men. >> understand that the challenges that women may face are different than the challenges men may face. >> reporter: one of the potential solutions for gender disparity is to make mentor ship programs a formal part of the workplace. >> it's a human resource department, or other system in an organization, if they can he who might want mentors and men who might want to be mentors, and might want to expands the diversity in an organization, we just know how to stability that relationship. so having a hr department, or something else sort of in charge of helping to get that relationship going. >> earth report makes a similar recommendation that mentor ship programs could help women in the workplace, as they continue
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study on results are in for two sisters found dead while on vacation in africa. one of them, anne korkki wag leaf -- was living in denver. they found anne and her sister, 42-year-old robin dead in their hotel villa on the coast of africa in seychelles islands. local police say they don't see aggression." the autopsy report says robin died accuse pulmonary edema he deem is swelling, accumulation of fluid in the body that can be caused by several things from altitude sickness to an aspirin other dose. doctors say on their own, the causes of death don't reveal a lot about how they died.
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this in trauma when the chest wall is injured. if there's a blood clot in the lungs, called a pulmonary embolism, and we think of different exposures. so whether it be from different times of medication, drugs or toxins. >> toxicology report is pending. dr. woodward ys it can happen when people are active in cold r. talking to investigators. anne was a member of the figure skating team, denver synchronous at the. the team released a statement saying she was a beautiful skater with a bright smile, infectious laugh, and absolute love for life. a neighbor trying to stop an attempted car thief was shot in lakewood. they are looking for a suspect or suspects. this happened west of belmar near center and cody. police have not released the
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the person shot is expected to be okay. clouds out from today. we -- there today. we could see some rain tonight. how is the weekend going to look? >> i think it's going to be warmer! we will have small her chances for storms in the city, but let's get through friday. over all, i think the forecast is looking pretty nice. the temperatures right now, i mean, just look at the numbers. we're in the 70s right now. so this is typical for this high is 72. 70s in the, temperatures in the front range are in the low to mid-70s along i-25, and closer to the foot hills, temperature in the 50s and 60s, and that's where we have more clouds, the darker clouds, dumping rain in, and even some snow on top of the high mountain peaks. take a look at ridge way, it looks gorgeous. with all the clouds, kind of covering the san juans. the showers that we have around
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of weld county earlier today, that's why you had a few more clouds, and right now, we have those showers in the foothills, trying to roll off and move into the front range, that's the reason why we're going to keep a chance for showers here in the city, at lee through about 7:00 p.m. the wider view of what's happening in colorado and the storm developing along the southwest flow, mainly scattered in the high country. none are severe, and we don't expect any severe weather, but the lightning strikes, those are the ones you have careful with. we had the lightning strike counter up to 54 just in the past half hour. so there you see, the risk for any is severe weather is low, but the four corners is benefiting from the rainfall in the next 24 hours. the view over the city, mix of clouds and sun, but we could see the clouds increase with the chance for showers around town, close to about 7:00 p.m. so something that might impact you if you're going to cheer on your favorite high school football team.
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better chance for rain, will be falling near the foothills. now, this evening, the rockies are taking on the brewers. it's happening at 6:10, and there will be a chance for showers as we hang on to the clouds. might want to take the poncho and sweater as well, as the temperatures, through the end of the game will be in the low 60, but the payoff comes at the end. it thatthey will have some fireworks could go on. 51 is the overnight low. showers early in the evening, skies mostly cloudy, not quite freezing yet. temperatures will be in the 50s, and 40s in the foothills. light showers tonight, we'll have warmer temperatures this weekend, and brace yourself for next week. we're going to see a big cool- down. temperatures possibly in the 60s. the sunset happening around
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getting shorter and shorter. >> we've been feeling that every day! >> feels pretty nice, we'll take it. >> it's that time of year where the season kind of fight each other. >> more from you letter! -- later, thank you. this is a live look over at monaco and kentucky where we think there's a water main broken. >> sure looks like it, because i know there wasn't any in looks like traffic is still going through. we did some google searching, you know, there are businesses, licker liquor tore, hobby -- store, hobby lobby. there's a lot of water in the middle of street, so go slow. >> we will continue to make calls on that, and pass on any information. in south carolina, the 14- year-old accused of killing his father and shooting three
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>> murder and three counts of attempted murder. he is being charged at a juvenile. one of the reasons you're not hearing his name. they say he killed his father before going to the school. two students were hurt, with a teacher. a 6-year-old is in critical condition. the boy was being home schooled after he brought a machete to the it's not whether he had a connection to the school. crews in new jersey have tried to stabilize the hoboken station where a train crashed yesterday morning. it slammed into and hurdled over the bum betters at the end of the tracks. seriously damaging the in telling tritt of the -- integrity of the old building. more than 100 people are hurt. one won is dead.
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the brake box. now they would like to speak to the operator. >> we have not spoken to him yet, we hope to. we're making that request, and we have a very methodical way we speak to anyone involved in an accident, and we will be do that to get as much information, and as accurate information as we can. >> the operator has spoken to police. investigators told nbc they found no red flags in his past, no infractions, no medical issues, no criminal history. this the shows the devastating violence. it was shot by civil defense workers searching through the rubble of a building after a bombing. a rescue pulled out an infant and got her to the hospital. crews say she's about a month old. syrian government forces and rebels battled a week until russian backed offensive by the seen army to take the entire city. yesterday, u.s. secretary of state john kerry said discussions don't make sense when seen and russian war
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areas of lepo. u.s. has been trying to secure a ceasefire in syria. dignitaries from around the the world came together to remember perez. he served a major stroke at the age of 93. immigrant from poland, peres would become one of israel's founding father. he has been called the warrior for peace, more familiar with leading to the oslo carried. benjamin netanyahu spoke and praised the late president. >> the people of israel deeply appreciate the honor you have shown peres, and the state to which he dedicated his life. he lived a life of purpose.
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heights. he was a great man of israel, he was a great man of the world. >> president obama said this week perres never stopped dreaming or working. players at the riders cup paid honor to arnold palmer. palmer was a non-playing the american team won that year over the team from great britain and ireland. palmer played 32 patches in the ryder cup during his career, winning 22 of them. homeland security says says hackers have targeted the voter registration systems of more than 20 states in reaps months. last month, the fbi put out a
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security. hackers targeted systems in illinois and arizona. they are looking at russian go hackers. homeland security says it's tough to hack because they are not connected to the internet. >> it's important now for state officials to vulnerabilities in their system. the most sophisticated, devastating cyber attacks occur because of an act of spear fishing. somebody opened up a bad e- mail. >> two democratic senators are asking the u.s. the election commission to step in. federal law requires mail-in registrations to be postmarked 30 days before the election,
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sunday. charles schumer says all states should allow post marks by tuesday. the senators say some states are violating fed law. in colorado, even though it's a good idea to register, you are legally able to show up in person, registan and on election day. it is human nature to like to be recognized, and that means more when it's a better education for young people. 9news journalist reports on how that applies to one high school in denver. >> reporter: who are this high school senior, courtney well son. >> if they doesn't -- wilson. >> if they don't have the power. >> reporter: learning about
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core values. >> being responsible for yourself, and helping others, students, that might be struggling. >> reporter: at the denver school of science and technology, helping out can lead to big things. >> becapuse everyone here is here to help you, and the main goal is to get into college. >> reporter: for many of these students, they will be the first in the families to go to college. common goal shared by everyone here. >> our students and staff and families work hard extremely dedicated to academics and to the school. >> reporter: all that work has paid off. it was the only high school in the state of colorado named a national blue ribbon school by the u.s. department of education, an award that was given to almost 300 schos nationwide that had success closing the achievement gap. >> it's becodn't be more proud to be recognized. >> reporter: a recognition that translates into a sense of
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with the student ?tg3ckand >>? pass on to other class men so they can succeed. >> we are e way for them. if we set a high example, they'll want to get a higher example. >> setting an example for being responsible, and recognized for it. >> kids have somebody to say, like, hey, this is a good school. >> reporter: making every blue ribbon day. >> congratulations. about 70% of the students at dsft green valley ranch qualified for free or reduced lunch. the school is so new, it's just had two graduating classes so far, but 100% of graduates were accepted into 4 year colleges and universities. >> they're doing something right. >> not a bad thing to be able to say.
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something from your -- may have not, north metro fire rescue is looking for the owner of a loss ring. >> it was found in the bottom of a firefighter's boot. they were collects money for the fill -- collecting money for the fill boot over labor day at the northglenn -- firefighters are unsure if this is a generous donation, or some bad accident. so they say sometimes people just take the contents of their cup hold and the ring may have been mixed in with loose change t looks like an engagement or wedding ring. the district is keeping it secure, and they just want the owner to come forward, describe it, and claim it. >> well, we're helping go ahead the word out. maybe somebody just meant -- or like i'm divorced. you can use it. >> if it was a donation and
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call them. >> yeah. that would make them feel better. remembering passwords might be a thing of the past. two students are saying -- >> one of new york city's most famous restaurants is going to
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riders have to be evacuated from two roads 59 university orlando. the fire department says passengers were evacuated -- there haven't been any reports of injuries. universal said the power outage affected nearly all. universal studios. that will make subaru is recalling almost 600,000 the cars, because windshield wiper molt terse can over heat -- mosts can overheat and catch fire. subaru says parts in the wiper motor cover can interfere with one another, and that's a problem if snow or ice blocks the wiper arm from stopping in the proper position.
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dealers will replace the part at no cost. the schedule isn't finished yet. dow rose 164 points, almost 165, s & p up 17, and the nasdaq up just shy of 43. when we think of wine, we think of california. how about michigan? farmers say they're getting a big boost from last year's, couple of years due to cold harvest so far is looking just really great, and growers are bouncing back. some are picking now, thanks to the warm summer temperatures. others are waiting longer, and keeping the fruit on the fines to get a sweeter grape. the harvest is to last through next month. >> this year, it's huge. i mean we're just picking the pinnot, and it looks like it's going to be as big as our
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but that's just the pinot. >> the ph, we look at acidity. one the wine makers see they met the requirements, we start picking. >> pick away! one grower says he hopes to harvest at least 25 tons of grapes in the next few weeks. now is the time to head to the carnegie city. the owner has announced that today, they decided they're going to close. not today, but they're closing. >> the announcement is today. the store will make you hungry. it has been open since 1937, known for gigantic pastrami sandwiches. closing the flagship location on december 31, so it's not going to reach 80,. the owner told employees she's
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the brand and selling products for wholesale distribution. they will still have locations at madison square gardens, las vegas, and queens. it's not going away, going away -- it looks so good right now. you have a good one -- >> oh, we have more show. >> there through when it comes to detecting breast cancer. we will see if a blood test is something too good to be true. >> and scorpions? they're helping surgeons save
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there could be some ground breaking help for women with the risk of getting breast cancer. researchers in have been working on in ways to detect and monitor breast cancer. we are joined by a breast surgeon from sky ridge. they say a blood test could be available? >> eventually. 10, yeardown e line. we could have a blood test. what the research in stwere loo there a certain type of protein
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cells, or cancer cells that we can detect in the flood. if we doo -- blood. if we do, it could be this person could get breast cancer or other cancers, and potentially treat them early before it gets to a late stage. it would be great if we could detect something before it's visible on mammogram or exam. >> and this could be potentially for all cancers. it might be something like a protein or something that your body is making than others? >> exactly. because cancer cells, when release proteins in the blood. we would use that data to, say someone has cancer or eventually going to develop the clinical evident cancer, we could treat it early. not all proteins are that specific. a lot are not unique to cancer, but core in all our cells. if we can hone in on certain things that are different in
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detect it early with a blood test as opposed to imaging studies. >> i've heard it said, the cancer is in your body, and takes like years for it to eventually develop into a tumor that's detectable. >> exactly. if you start with a cancer cell, it's not detectable. with the currents imaging, we cannot find it. if it doubled and forms two cells, that takes months, years, it takes that time to get big enough. then four, then eight, then 16. it takes time before we can detect it. hopefully, it can happen earlier. >> this would be a game changer for the way you treat cancer. you could tell people, we can treat this, and this is moving on quickly. >> it's a step by step process. if we can detect it early, then
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want to do to treat it? would you do mastectomies? if we knew? with chemotherapy, radiation or some other treatment that is less toxic woo co-treat early and -- we could treat early and prevents it from being clinically evident. so catch early, could potentially treat early with fewer side effects, which would be great for women. >> i like to emphasize, this cancer. research shows they are all connected. there's a connection somewhere. >> the theories are the same, cells undergo a transformation. they are normal cells. we make cancer cells every day, and our immune system takes
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and research going on to out. scorpioning could help kids with brain tumors, a new drug is made, or first made ewing a scorpion -- it makes cancer cells grow when injected a brain. a glowing brain tumor is easier for surgeons to remove. it keeps healthy brain tissue from being injured. surgery for any child comes
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children with a brain tumor, because the brains are still developing. they are trying out the tumor paint. >> from the moment he first walked again was amazing, the first time he said "mamma," and all those thanks are simple, it was just, it was so magnified. >> hunter who you saw there is almost 3, and recovering the product is called tumor paint blz-100. doctors say they will monitor him for any future complications from his treatment, but he looks like he's walking around great right now. >> he is so precious, and mom points out, those moments. >> there's like one species of scorpion.
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search for that?
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well, this may impact your outdoor plans. a few clouds, but then again, it's a little rain maybe? >> maybe. it's really pretty to look out.
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>> gosh, we are going to see some showers around town, some isolated. i don't think you have to cancel your outdoor plans, and this weekend, it's liking nice as well. isolated chances for showers with warmer temperatures. the big change is next week. you know, earlier i talked how the daylight is getting shorter and shorter. sunrise is happening at 6:57, sunset 6:43, that gives is about 11 hours and 47 minutes solstice, we're going to continue to see that day length get shorter and shorter, that's when the shortest day of the year, official start of winter when we have about 9 hours and 40 minutes. of course, there's still a long ways until that, and if you can get up in time to see the sunrise, it is a beautiful one. this is the one we had this morning in the metro area.
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you got up early to snap this picture. the temperatures today 72 was the high in denver. more 70s in lower elevations, and in the high country, we got into the 50s and 60s. the western slope, a high of 72. and. last date of september for 2016, so far this month, we've had almost about .3 of an inch when we should be closer to about an inch in the next several days, the chances rain will go down. tomorrow, a 20% chance for shower. dryer for monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have some rain out there now, so hopefully we can add more before the day is done. we had bands moving through weld county, in the southern foothills. most of the showers today though have been falling in the high country. scattered and pushing from the southwest, carrying a little lightning. good news, none of the storms have turned severe, and we don't expect them to turn
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temperatures are coming in at 72 as well, so nice, pleasant afternoon for you and we have the clouds around town. it feels really nice. the temperatures across colorado, 50s, 60s in the high country. you can see where the rain icon is closer to about -- also south near colorado springs, on the eastern plains, you are bone dry with temperatures in the 70s. a closer look, more low 70s along i-25 and friends to the south. if you're getting ready to go to the high and sweater. there's a chance of seeing isolated showers around town, so not everybody's going to get in on the rainy action, but there is a possibility that maybe your team could have a couple of showers when the game starts around 7:00, 69 degrees, 8:30, hang on to the clouds, 63, and through 10:00, temperatures at 58. the amount of rain that we could see through tomorrow morning will mainly be in the
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few pocketed, up to .3. temperatures will drop to 15. any showers we will have be early in the evening. the lows not quite freezing yet. 50s around town, also 40s in spots near weld county, and lower lying areas. in the foothills, and front wage mountains -- range mountains, temperatures in the 30s. this weekend will be jam packed with things to do, pumpkin harvest festival. fright fest, anything ending with fest. lakewood cider days. get more information on we want you to enjoy the weekend. we are starting a brand new month, and tomorrow we will have a high of 78, skies will be partly cloudy. once again, a better chance for showers happening in the high country. under the severe weather, we
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expecting any severe weather from the storms that do happen to develop tomorrow. here's your futurecast, taking us flew this evening, and tomorrow -- through this evening and tomorrow. there's a chance for showers around town through tonight and tomorrow morning. we're hanging on to the clouds. in the high country, there's more sunshine, but eastern plains, more clouds with a chance for maybe some patchy fog. for the afternoon, maybe you'll take the bike up. keep your e developing. and we could see isolated showers, more clouds will increase tomorrow afternoon. highs tomorrow are going to be in the upper 70s from fort collins into denver, and eastern plains in the 80s. mountains, temperatures will be in the 60s. so tomorrow, high 78, warmer than today. sunday is warmer, isolated showers, and monday, warmer than sunday.
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and tuesday and wednesday, a better chance for rain, and more of the fall-like weather. you know, the aspens are peaking in the central mountains. here's the proof. a live view from our vail web cam, you can see just some of those patches of gold within the trees out there. guys? >> they're so pretty. look at them on the hill. >> just beautiful. >> thank you belen. think back to 6th grade, day ever. we got to look at today with chase. >> today is your day! two years. guess what? >> what? >> pictures look awesome! good. >> chase is finally cancer- free. he was diagnosed with stage 3 non-hodgkin's lymphoma, and endured painful treatment. cancer survivors know how significant the two year mark
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mom, dad there, and they all wanted to participate, along with aurora police officer jim seneca. together, they celebrated the awesome day. >> i think i'm grateful to be where i'm at now because i've made a lot of new friends over the journey and many more friends to come over the years. >> he young man, very brave, very courageous, it's chase's day, so he deserves a lot of credit, and just a great kid. >> he's a cancer survive, too, so he should be learning as much as i'm learning, and like see what's going on with me. it's kind of like a close relationship, like with a beer
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sister. you have this good bond. >> today was a huge day for chase, and our family and at one point, we didn't think we would see this day. >> chase considers his oncologist, dr. clark, his hero. the entire family is forever grateful to the care they've received at rocky mount at the hospital for children -- mountain hospital for children, and the doctor's you're cancer free! get ice cream, a big cone! >> he's just killing it in school, doing great, and he wants to get back to baseball, school, and cancer free. >> it's great to share that moment. her passion for volunteering comes from something very personal that happened more than a dozen years ago. >> she has put in hundreds of hours helping a local organization that helped her
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combs. >> reporter: she calls herself -- >> i'm a waka doodle. at 74, she has helped the foundation for more than 7 years, volunteers endless hours. >> whatever i can do for this group i'm willing to do. >> reporter: it has helped and continues to help hundreds of people every year who are physically disabled, and as you can see, with much success. >> for me to in some way is a win-win. a win for myself, a win for all the spinal cord injured patients. >> reporter: brenda's passion started many years ago. >> it was 16 years ago in march. he and three buddies were up in the mountains, and snowboarding. on the way back from snowboarding to where they were going to be staying that night, he fell asleep. >> reporter: another car was
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>> they started laying on their horn and this woke brent up, and i guess brent's eyes this big when he saw this semi coming towards hypothetical. his van -- him, he was ejected. and when he kind of came to, he turned his head, and the seat was up here, by his head. so he knew things were not good. >> reporter: brent was paralyzed from the waist down. he would need help and treatment, treatment that sometimes doesn't come easy. that's where they come in. >> i wanted to raise money for disability and wellness. >> reporter: integrate tiff therapy like acupuncture and massage has reduced pain, many resources aren't covered by insurance. >> this made a big difference, and i know it helped a lot of other people. >> reporter: resources that may
4:44 pm
people, but can aid years of life -- add years of life to them. >> anything i can do to help him prolong the trip between the utis, and round of antibiotics, i'm for it. >> reporter: and that's what keeps her going. >> for people that are looking for help, they can find it and find it here, and those people in any way. >> brenda is a living example of how integrate tiff therapy can help. >> she was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago, and she has avoided invasive treatments due to therapy. >> her son was with they are
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family. as fast as the presidential election keeps changing, some things just find a way of staying the same. >> one man in maryland can prove it, really, i mean going
4:47 pm
political race has changed, but apparently it's always the same. >> yes, you can kind of feel like, but mike can prove it, he's ben collecting presidential campaign
4:48 pm
1896. it started with a ticket to jfk jfk's inaugural ball, that tie clip, that's what you might have worn if you were a kennedy supporter. and this is what it looked like in 1896. you can see the republican ticket for president, william h taft. >> a matter the newspapers, postcards, buttons, things they could wear. as time went on bigger and bigger and bigger. >> oh, yes, they did! he says things evolved other things, like bumper stickers and signs. he pointed out this lunch bucket, talking about jobs and prosperity, in 1896. huh! aren't we talking about that now? >> some of the big glowing words of politics have been -- >> never changed. >> lots of people are really, really over it.
4:49 pm
people just don't want to hear about it. >> it's your job, it's your suwlmatter what, you love snl. it makes you laugh. the season -- >> morning after that debate, i was like all right, four days until this thing's on, and i cannot wait! snl is bringing in alec baldwin to ay and kate mckinney none will play hillary clinton. news outlets have been talking the snl showing might have some sort of sway over the election. >> really? >> that seems predictive. but they do have a way of crystallizing things about
4:50 pm
trumped a was viewed more than 8 million times. it was one of the biggest viral videos last season. >> and margo is hosting tomorrow night, robby or roby. >> i don't know. >> the musical guest is the weekend. i'm sure -- i'm sorry, yes, we have all the answers all the time. sorre different way. if you're going to interact with a member of the opposite sex, we have the words you should never say to a woman and couple to never say to a man. kim, let's run them by and your facial expression they tell us. you're so hormonal. you're big a drama queen. >> you're being hysterical.
4:51 pm
>> you want to have a good weekend, don't say that. the beg one for you is -- big one for you is man up. >> why -- >> don't every say that to this man. it means something. yeah. so -- >> you have to say what you mean -- >> maybe if you weren't such a drama queen over every cold, we wouldn't have things. >> i'll defend that one. have a good weekend! we'll remember that. important things not to say. >> it could be the next level of password security. >> students say they can send
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washington doctoral students have found a way to secure passwords. they're sending them through the here's reporter ryan takeo >> they're sending passwords through the human body. >> let's find out! ryan -- >> reporter: karen is a realtor. she uses a map to send a bluetooth signal when she wants to open a home's block -- black
4:55 pm
they're designed to transmit things as far as possible. >> reporter: transmitting through wifi or bluetooth could allow a hacker to gain access. two university of washington engineering students think their idea is more secure. instead of sending them through the air, they're going through the human body. >> lot of fingerprint sensors are actually transmitting the very, very low powered signal through your body, that with actually detecting a finishing print. >> reporter: your body send the signal to metal. in this case, it's copper tape. every yellow line on the computer screen shows -- all you have to do touch the phone, touch the lock box, and you can be sure that nobody could eavesdrop. >> reporter: they say it could work on opening smart doors, or used in medical implants. verifying your identity through
4:56 pm
>> i don't want to have to
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hey that does it for us at 4:00. >> 9news at 5:00 is next. this is 9 news. . >> host: ski season is coming up and in breckenerage police are getting ready for not only snow but a rush of fake i.d.s from people underage trying to buy marijuana. last year hundreds were taken
5:00 pm
trying to buy marijuana. last year hundreds were taken by pot shops. . >> reporter: at the breckenridge police department, the weather is looking more like winter. and soon a lot of susan's job will be dealing with hundreds and hundreds of fake ideas taken from people under 21 trying to buy pot. >> i'd say at for the winter season. >> reporter: winter is when fake i.d.s heat up with people ordering them onhine from china. >> like 50 to $100 for a couple of them. >> reporter: and when it comes to the fake i.d.'s, the quality varies. some are as shabby as it gets. while others look a little closer to the real thing. >> some of them i have a hard time telling apart.


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