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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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tonight, trump's tirade. donald trump lashes out in a middle of the night rant, attacking a former beauty queen again with sex-tape allegations. now she and hillary clinton are firing back. crash cause. the ntsb begins questioning crew members in the aftermath of that train disaster, as the black box is pulled caught on camera. police release video showing a fatal officer encounter with an unarmed man. sex abuse scandal. dozens of disturbing allegations against the doctor who treated top olympic gymnasts. now the fbi is investigating. tonight one athlete tells her story. and hurricane threat. matthew strengthens to a powerful category 4 in the caribbean. some forecasts tracking it to impact the u.s.
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from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. a sleepless night for donald trump has breathed new life into a testy exchange from monday's presidential debate. one his campaign would prefer to move on from, and it's providing fresh fodder for his critics. before most americans were awake, trump w against some of his favorite targets, including the former beauty queen he's been battling with ever since hillary clinton brought her name up in the debate. nbc's hallie jackson with the story. >> reporter: intensifying tonight, the feud between donald trump and a former miss universe winner, after an early morning twitter tirade, starting at 3:20 from trump, aimed at the media and alicia machado, calling her disgusting, accusing her of having a sex tape. machado today calling the attacks cheap lies with bad intentions.
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distraction. he's not the person that can be a president of this country. that is another truth. >> reporter: trump later making light of his 3:00 a.m. tweet storm. quote, at least you know i'll be there to answer the call. but again unable to resist taking hillary clinton's bait. >> he called this woman miss piggy. >> reporter: now concern his remarks could haunt him with women voters. >> we're in an era her looks, about her sexual history. it's a misogynistic throwback to the caveman era that donald trump seems to be lingering in and wallowing all week long. >> picking fights that have nothing to do with election day its time wasted and time donald trump can't get back. >> reporter: trump's rhetoric highlighted in new video of a deposition in d.c. this summer.
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comments on mexicans and other immigrants. >> did it cause you any concern that all of these entities wanted to apparently distance themselves from you in the wake of your comments? >> i'm a big boy. i understand. >> reporter: usa today taking sides for the first time ever, asking its readers to vote against trump. >> not much of a newspaper, as far as i'm concerned. you know, i really don't know. nobody called me. all i know is, we're leading in the polls. >> reporter: only trump is not leading in new polls out today hampshire, and here in michigan at this rally. trump pointed to a bad mike at monday night's debate and now he's getting some backup from the debate commission, confirming there were audio issues that affected the sound in the debate hall. lester? >> thank you. both hillary clinton and that former miss universe are firing back after trump's attacks and clinton is also seizing on a new report any trump's alleged business ties with cuba.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton in battleground florida tonight, responding to donald trump's tweet storm about alicia machado. >> i mean, really? who gets up at 3:00 in the morning to engage in a twitter attack against a former miss universe? >> reporter: clinton clearly enjoying trump's fixation on machado, now in its fourth day. >> his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. >> reporter: clinton calling machado today speaking up. also seizing on a "newsweek" report that trump's company allegedly violated the u.s. embargo against cuba in 1998. citing documents, including this bill for more than $68,000, paid to drum up future business in havana. only months before trump promised cuban americans he'd never spent a dime in cuba while fidel castro is in charge. >> he's a killer. he's a bad guy in every respect. >> reporter: trump responding to the
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cuba. >> reporter: but just spending money to explore a business deal was illegal at the time. >> you can't go to cuba and buy a bottle of soda. you have to get a license. >> reporter: clinton also responding to her own shortcomings, criticism that she's not authentic, appearing with mary j. shortcomings, criticism she's not oug oughtentic. >> maybe not communicating clearly. >> clinton is improving in several battleground states including the must-win state of florida where a new poll has her up by 4 point and suggestion that trump violated cuban embargo could cost him votes especially with cuban americans. >> deadly police shooting this week near san diego saying
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encounter with unarmed african-american man. release comes after nights after violent protests. nbc's miguel alma gare has more. >> surveillance video captured chaotic confrantation between police and unarmed black man. tense standoff and investigators say he took a shooting stance, rapidly drawing an object from his pocket, grasping hands together before officers shot and tazed the father of two. >> this was done to correct misperception being perpetuated. >> newly released video comes after violent overnight protests in el cajon,
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object in hand was a smoking device. >> ordinary every day, everybody gone through this. >> a refugee from uganda, had a lengthy criminal history. authorities had tried to deport him twice. >> full disclosure to the public builds trust and demonstrates respect. >> tonight family is saying they're glad the video is released. shooting death sparked outrage and protest for nearly a week. >> there is late word that the ntsb has begun talking to crew members after the deadly train crash in new jersey yesterday but yet to interview
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investigators also working to download data from the black box with no success. >> reporter: tonight engineers are trying to shore up damage and contain fallen asbestos keeping investigators from the scene where the drain crashed into the terminal. hoping to interview the engineer tommy gallagher but only able to talk to other crew members. >> unfortunately engineer was injured and schedulin t interview with him. >> investigators still trying to download data from one of two black boxes that should have slowed the train. only person killed standing on the platform at the time. de kroon, just had left child in day care. >> her whole life changed. >> new jersey transit
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under fire for not equipping trains with positive train control system. >> third largest in the world. good safety record but no accident is acceptable so we have to get to the bottom of what happened. i promise you we will. >> reporter: law makers and governor fighting over transportation budget. >> shouldn't take losing a young mom in another tragedy to get a gear. >> it says fast. >> slowing it down. >> just took over the speed sbl we saw how it works using gps trackers and transponders in the track. entire northwest corridor is equipped but not new jersey transit. also sent samples to a bab for a screening that's standard practice in all investigations and trying to gather all
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belonged to crew members to see if any in use and might have been a distraction. >> thank you. powerful hurricane is churning in the caribbean and may have parts of the u.s. in its sights. hurricane matthew is now a category 4 storm packing maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. where is it going? >> through the caribbean over the next several intensifying at twice the normal rate. winds up to 140 now and expected to weaken to category 3 before making landfall in jamaica. already hearing of long lines in gas stations in kingston
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wednesday possibly. after that a lot of question marks. american model brings it closer to north carolina by the end of next week and european model is slower, further out to sea. a lot to carolina this week s now been charged as a juvenile with murder and three counts of attempted murder. police say he shot and killed his father at his home and then drove to the school and opened f o a teacher and two young students were injured, one of those students, 6-year-old jacob hall, is on life support after being shot in the leg. overseas, president obama was among the world leaders who attended the funeral today for former israeli prime minister shimon peres. mr. obama said although peres never saw his dream of mid east peace fulfilled, he did not stop working for it. today, a handshake between israel's current prime minister and the palestinian president. although the peace process remains
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wednesday at age 93. in syria, thousands of government troops are said to be amassing around the rebel-held city of aleppo tonight. and senior u.s. officials tell nbc news, they are expecting a major government assault there. and as the bombing of aleppo and other cities continues, a dramatic rescue of a baby girl once again focuses us on the civilian lives at stake. our chief foreign correspondent richar helmets dig through the debris of a building destroyed they say by a russian attack in syria. pulling out a tiny, dust-covered baby in yellow from the rubble of a four-story building. they rush to a nearby ambulance where, with a tiny gurgle and a cry, the newborn stirs to life. it's too much, even for this hardened member of the white helmets.
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mohammed hours later. he says the baby he rescued is a girl named hamida. we saved a woman and she told us, her two daughters were still buried. we went back and found the baby, he said. over the past week, the syrian regime and its russian backers have been bombing rebel-held areas of syria relentlessly. in audio leaked to "the new york times" secretary of state john kerry appears to syrian opposition, that the u.s. isn't doing more. >> i think you're looking at three people, four people in the administration who have all argued for use of force. and i lost the argument. >> kerry acknowledging that u.s. diplomacy hasn't stopped the bombings. richard engel, nbc news. still ahead tonight, an nbc news investigation. explosive allegations of sexual abuse
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former olympian. a law enforcement source tells nbc news that the fbi is investigating, along with local authorities in michigan where the doctor has his practice. our report tonight in nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: former gymnast rachael denhollander first met dr. larry lassar after suffering a back injury. she was 15. >> he was very charismatic. he knew how to make you trust him. he was going to take care of you. >> reporter: dr. nassar practiced medicine at michigan state university, but he was famous for being usa gymncs treating the highest profile olympians. >> i was struggling between feeling like i should be grateful for seeing him, but being very confuse said because something seemed very off. >> reporter: denhollander, who first went public with "the indianapolis sexually abused her. using invasive exams for months. >> dr. nassar is a very sophisticated predator. >> reporter: attorney
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athlete, a bronze medal winner from the 2000 sydney games, who says he was abused by nassar as well. in a lawsuit filed in california, the gymnast alleges that during exams, nassar would digitally penetrate her, in order to adjust the bones in her hips. performing the procedure without gloves and/or a chaperone, and it was done for nassar's own sexual gratification. the alleged incident sometimes took place when the team was on the road, including a trip to china, outside the view of any ts manly said he now has 12 clients. >> the idea that you would put your hand in the private parts of a prepubescent child because they have a sore back is laughable and it's sexual assault. >> reporter: the lawsuit accuses usa gymnastics of ignoring warning signs, but the organization denies the accusation, saying it first became aware of a problem in the summer of 2015 and fired him. according to a statement, when usa gymnastics learned of
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reported dr. nassar to the fbi. usa gymnastics is not commenting further due to the ongoing investigation. since the initial allegations became public this month, the michigan state university police have received two dozen complaints of sexual abuse against nassar, dating back to the '90s, according to a source familiar with the investigation. as the complaints came in this month, nassar was fired from msu, he's the subject of a criminal investigation but he has not been charged with a crime. in a statement, dr. his techniques are medically accepted and appropriate. and any allegations that they were performed for any purpose other than proper medical treatment are patently false and untrue. den hollander knows she's facing a fight. >> i'm scared but if the silence ends and if justice is done and his ability to prey on women ends, every tear will be worth it.
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by the end of the year, an american landmark and popular tourist destination will be no more. after 79 years, the original iconic carnegie deli in new york will serve the last of its famously overstuffed sandwiches. the owner says the long hours are finally taking a toll, so she's closing up shop after attending the funeral for former israeli prime minister today shimon peres today, president obama boarded air force one to go home and at the airport in israel, he let the man keeping him waiting know it was time to go, appearing on the the door of air force one, shouting out to the man still on the ground.
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minutes until former president bill clinton finished saying his goodbyes, finally climbing the stairs, catching his ride home. and from china tonight, a big debut in black and white. 23 pandas were introduced to the world at a research breeding facility. they're between one and four months old. as you can see, one of them had a little trouble staying with the group. when we come back, tom brokaw with some thoughts about the momentous decision before us. a daily struggl, even if you're trying your best. along with diet and exercise, rol your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ? let's groove tonight. ? ? share the spice of life. ? ? baby,? from the makers of lantus?, ? slice it right. ? toujeo? provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond, ? we're gonna groove tonight. ? proven blood sugar control all day and all night, and significant a1c reduction. toujeo? is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin
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finally tonight, some thoughts on what it has all come down to. where we are at the end of a week that began with the presidential debate that only amplified the differences and divisions we face. tom brokaw now has some thoughts on where the country has been and the challenges ahead just over fi election. >> this is ground zero in new york, the elegant memorial to the thousands of people who died on 9/11. and on that day, here in new york, the pentagon, and washington, in pennsylvania, we were all united in our sorrow, our grief, our determination, and our anger about what had happened. we were a whole country. but that didn't last. it was followed by a
5:58 pm
home, the housing crisis, the divisions in this country over the haves and the have nots, and the divisions over race. so when the primaries of this year came, many people were still very angry. they had lost faith in their country. and donald trump tapped into that anger, often with coarse and demeaning remarks for anyone who didn't agree with him. but those were now he's competing for the big prize. as for hillary clinton, her advisers still are concerned that she has not completely made the case that she is best equipped to put this country back together again and just how she would do it. so with 38 days to go, the single most important issue in this country that has not been examined is, how do you put the country back together again? who is best equipped to do that? that is the issue that will define the election of 2016 more
5:59 pm
>> tom brokaw, framing where this country stands. that's going to do it for us on this friday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and goodnight. perhaps she's a bad professor and deserved lower pay but the university of denver may soon be forced to answer and uncomfortable question -- an uncomfortable question in court, what are the chances that they all well -- are all that at their jobs and deserved lower pay. it's a national topic about -- of conversation, equal pay for
6:00 pm
>> within the sturm college of law at the university of denver , professor lucy marsh finds herself in the middle of a legal battle. >> they always try to destroy whoever is suing them and i thought i would be pretty hard to destroy. >> she's taught trust and estate courses at du since 1973. marshes this -- says the memo shows new womewe men in 2013 and that it is standard practice. >> it seems to me what we have got is a pattern of the number of law school deans that have been intentionally, knowingly violating the law. >> the federal equal employment opportunity commission got involved citing gender discrimination and the violation of the equal pay act. now marsh says the eeoc will file a federal lawsuit today against the university. ado spokesperson says the school


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