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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  October 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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c1 in justice, no peace. a clear message on donald trump's latest hoe fell. the engineer is drawing a black on what happened on the new jersey transit train crash. >> i'm sorry. i have a family emergency. >> kim kardashian was robbed at
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>> kanye west just stopping the show abruptly. >> good morning, everyone we will talk about that. belen is in for marty. >> reporter: the temperatures looking nice, but we have to dig in more to see what is there. the stronger winds today could cause problems for folks. a live view over the city, and it's calm own the fron and sunrise does not happen until 6:59. in the high country, booms, yeah, thunderstorms, we have it mixed in for the overnight hours. we will see the scattered storms develop in the mountains because of the storm system moving. there could be problems for ago
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watch in effect for southern wyoming. high winds here in the metro area will be increasing fire danger, gusts up to 40 miles an hour for much of eastern colorado. winds are stronger up to 25 miles an hour. this morning, for the kids, i think they are okay for a sweater. shorts are okay for school. temperatures upper 70s, low 80s, and mainly dry, but it will be windy. folks, the forecast is cooler tomorrow. i will talk about it tracy anthony is in for amelia. green lights across the denver metro area. that's good news to report. no major accidents so far. through the rest of the day, grab your sunglasses as you head out. like belen was saying, this
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up. for the high-profile vehicle,s, there could be issues this afternoon. penny boulevard still at posted speeds, and the line around security, 10-15 minutes. if you're flying this morning e the waice vwin montdold trump is back in colorado today. one stop in pueblo and the other in >> reporter: good morning. he will be here at 6:00 tonight and the doors open at 3:00. before he comes here, he will be far down south in pueblo. he will speak there at 3:00. floors opening at noon. a packed schedule for donald trump, and he could use momentum from the crowd after a rough weekend. the new york times alleging he
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years. saying that because he poked a big deduction, forms his campaign says the new york times got illegally. he lost $961 million, and that would have legally made him not have to pay taxes for 18 years. his campaign has not said if he has avoided paying taxes for 18 years, and another thing over the weekend, firing at trump for a 3:00 a.m. twitter rant in which he is taking about the former miss universe who is in support of mrs. clinton. she said she was treated unfairly because of her weight and race. donald trump said the contestant didn't live up to her responsibilities, and she has a seedy past. now speaking of the past, remember the apprentice on nbc?
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and contestants of the show are levying allegations against trump that he did inappropriate things l it be speaking to women inappropriately, making gestures, and those types of sexist allegations, and trump's campaign says the former employees and disgruntle thed, and they disagree with everything in the report. a controversial weekend and the trump campaign is hoping to gain supporte also in pueblo with two campaign stops in colorado. >> thank you for that. someone did vandalize donald trump's new hotel in washington, dc. police are looking for whoever spray painted the words black lives matter, no justice, and peace. it was canceled out with a red circle over it. his hotel will open this month. libertarian candidate, gary johnson is reminding people
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election. johnson is in colorado today at cu south denver in parker, and jessica oh was there, and he is drawing support from both sides? >> reporter: that's what he is hoping to do, and that has been his role in the election so far, with both candidates, and with so many people being undecided about both candidates. the former new mexico governor will be here about 7:00 foe tubing about the issues like the war on drugs. there's a few things that make him more popular than the majority of other battleground states. he's been very popular for being pro marijuana, and colorado is where the libertarian party was found in the '70s. there's 35,000 registered libertarian voters in colorado, and gary johnson is polling
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of the battleground states with 13%. iowa has him at 9%. clinton or donald trump. >> this is the most controversial campaign in modern history, and 92 million americans who were eligible to vote 4 years ago didn't cast a ballot, and now organizations are trying harder than ever to get people to the poll get out the vo efforts starting earlier than previous elections. the supreme court justices
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empty seat. the justices have a full docket with cases related to race, religion, and immigration issues some including a douglas county couple who says their school district didn't do enough for their son with autism. the ntsb says the engineer in the new jersey tran crash last week does not remember it. thomas galer waking up on the floor of the cab. he remembers checking the speedometer just before the crash. he was running 6 minutes late, going 10 miles an hour. investigators are having a tough time piecing together what was happening. the data recorder was not working at the time of the crash. more than 100 others were injured when it slammed into the train terminal. a 14-year-old girl says she was almost kidnapped in jefferson county, and detectives are trying to figure
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a man tried to force her into his suv as she walked to her school bus stop near sheraton and i-70 on friday morning. she ran, and the school bus driver reported the incident. the sheriff's office released a sketch of the man, hispanic, 5'3", mid-sized silver suv that was muddy and didn't have license plates. anyone with information should ca about two men who stole a car plates 878stg. colorado plates. it was near the kennedy golf course in aurora. if you see them, don't approach and just call 911. police in evergreen were woken up by an earthquake early sunday morning it happened
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miles southwest of evergrown. 3miles beneath the surface. a few dozen reports from people who felt it including one person far north in golden. >> that's strange. you don't want that in evergreen. >> no. people in southern california are on earthquake alert. the warning from the governor's office from emergency services says there's an increased possibility of a major quake through tomorrow it comes after a series the san andrea fault. it's estimated the probability of a quake 7.0 or higher is 1 in 100. california beat us to the first big snow of the season. when we say big snow, that's relative. it was a dusting of snow. it covered the sierra's highest elevations. some people were really excited
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donner summit. >> it's amazing. >> lifts are idle at the resort, but it's an amazing sign that ski season is around the corner. >> we had our first snow with the winter weather advisory in effect for the northern mountains, and today initiation snow possible is above timber line, and no winter weather advisories in effect, but strong winds could cause problems for the travelers in the mountains. in the mountains today, 60s, down low, and highs today upper 70s, and low 80 ever. a front is moving through colorado today, and that is going to drop our temperatures tonight, and in the high country, 20s and 30s. 41 will be our overnight low, and in the high country a freeze watch will go into effect tonight through tuesday morning. the overnight lows in the 20s and 30s, and that meanings this could cause problems it to crops and irrigation systems, and if you have pets out there, make sure you bring them inside
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possible. >> belen, thank you. scary moments for kim kardashian in france. she is shaken up after being held at gunpoint inside of her paris hotel. her rep says two masked gunmen dressed like police officers stormed her room. they tied her up, locked her in the bathroom, and escaped on bikes. according to a local news source, several millions in jewelry was stolen. kanye west was performing and abruptly ended his snow heard about it kim kardashian was not hurt. i heard upwards of $7 million in jewelry stolen. that's a lot of valuable things to be traveling with. >> how scary! that's kind of crazy. are you flying out
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in your money news this monday morning, grand junction
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laid off because of major budget cuts. employees have until october 17th to accept the voluntary separation agreements, and after that, the city is going to know how much money it will save. in total the city has 635 full- time employees, and the city is facing a $2 million short fall in the general fund. are right around the corner, s and if you are using dia or another busy airport it may be time to consider a different option. ahead of the holidays, has the ten worst airports to use during that time period, and topping the list, o'hare international airport, and followed by hartsville, dia, and dallas forth worth. we have an accident on i-76 westbound, and i-25, and belen, that's blocking the left lane.
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for when the lane will be cleared. expect slow-and-go traffic for the next several minutes. as far as the forecast goes, i have been talking about the strong winds increasing during the day because of the frontal system pushing if from the west. currently a few gusts from the west at 30 miles an hour. the winds will ramp up as the day goes on. let's go through the wind gust forecast. the high country through lunchtime, we could see gusts at 40 miles an the western slope, wind advisory in effect because of the strong winds, and the same goes for southern wyoming and the the high wind watch will be in effect through cheyenne. that's where i-25 and i-85 intersect.
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welcome back. children can get angry when a child has difficulty controlling their temperan for parents. many time children act out because they are experiencing changes and don't know how to express their feeling just yet. here's more. >> what is causing it? e ere changes at home or school? often times kids have big feelings and they don't how to apeporter: doctors say i imant r parents to remember anger is a common emotion, especially in younger kids who don't get what they want.
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fact that young children have very little control over things in their life and don't have many opportunities to make decisions for themselves. parents can help out by making young children make small decisions like picking out which color shirt to wear or what vegetable they want with dinner, and parents need to keep in mind young children cannot put their wants and needs into context with the big picture. it's important to be patient. >> reporter: parents perceive kids are mad over little. while they are silly or little to us as adults they are important to the child. >> these same principles apply to teens who are dealing with situations out of their control. anger may be how they try to cope with the feelings as well. be patient and keep the lines of communication open with your teen. that's an excellent rule of thumb. >> there's a lot going on, and sometimes they don't know how to handle it.
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with belen on the windy day ahead. >> when i'm angry or grumpy, it's because i'm hungry, and my husband knows how to deal with that, but it's different for children. let's talk about snow, yes, i said it, snow. for the last 5 years, the first snowfalls have come in october and november. 2013, 2012, and 2011, the first snowfall was in october. this is a month where we see the cold fronts pacific moisture, and the about ability is out there for us to see the high country. right now, it's trying to dig into the western part of the state. the temperatures are cooler, and we have got 50s and 60s for the eastern plains. the highs are going to be above normal. upper 70s, and low 80s, and 50s
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forecastwill be the winds. increasing through 9:00. 78, dand then around 3:00, 80 degrees, gusting to 40 mileses an hour. currently a few showers and thunderstorms in the mountains, and it looks like most of the moisture will be in high country. with the ryan to colorado and the south to the san juans. this rain forecast model is giving us a chance to see a tenth of an because of what we are seeing roll through the metro area right now, and it's light rain, and mainly over weld county, and right now we have showers and thunderstorms lighting up the sky in north western colorado. a view over the city, and you can weak showers were moving earlier over the city, and right now they are over weld county. through the rest of the day. around 10:00, wet weather out west, and in the city, dry and windy. around 3:00, partly cloudy, and
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temperatures drop with the cooler air settling in, and tomorrow morning, we have sunshine. in the high country, remember a freeze watch in effect. overnight lows in the 30s and 20s, but tomorrow, it's much cooler. wednesday, 65, and another disturbance arriving wednesday into thursday, and a chance of showers and cooler temperatures. saturday looks nice at 69. tracy, how are the block the left lane this is i- 75 westbound and i-25. with that, the left lane is blocked, and traffic is moving slower to get an it. dropping speeds into the teens. we are seeing it back up farther and farther. as more drivers are out on the roadway it will cause issues. now if we look at the main drags not being impacted too dramatically yet by the drivers
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25. still green lights with speeds around 60 miles an hour, if not
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well, forget surfer dude. how about surfer dog? er if p dozens of dogs hit the waves trying to take home the title of top dog in california.
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ride. the event is hosted by the hayland woodward animal center, finding homes for 3,000 dogs and cats every year. that guy says i'm going backwards. >> i want to go back into water. >> so cute! >> we have to love that. >> we just bought our dog one of those life preservers for animals, and it's finding nemo. it it's so cute. maybe i should teach her how to do that. >> >> yeah. >> just keep swimming! no traverse simmon? no problem. the backup quarterback was thrust into action after an injury, and he looked good as well. we asked if this was a bronco controversy on their hands.
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a.m. lots, lots, lots more coming up
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three rallies, two campaigns, in one day. donald trump and gary johnson in colorado today. trump is congresswomanning off a fresh controversy about his taxes, and johnson is trying to gain ground in battleground state. a deadly superstorm with winds topping 160 miles an hour has already punished columbia, venezuela, and jamaica. we look at where matthew is headed next. no trevor? no problem. the player of the week is hurt, but the rookie quarterback steps in and leads denver on to victory.


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