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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  October 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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victoria? >> reporter: adele, this talk comes a couple hours after trump spoke in pueblo. voters here in northern colorado are lining up to have a seat and find a place to stand where before trump hits the stage. one of the first in line. >> real. he's like us. >> reporter: she says the hours she'll it worth it. >> i wrote him a letter the other day and said please come to northern colorado and voila, clicked on the website and there it was, northern colorado. >> reporter: valdez is retired, but some other voters played hooky to come to this rally. colorado state university student josh williams skipped his last two classes of the day. >> i wanted to see what it was all about, you know. >> reporter: to come see the presidential candidate. >> i've never been to a trump rally. i wanted to see what he had to
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deserved my vote. >> reporter: he brought another student along. for both of them it will be the first time voting in a presidential election. >> i'm here to really soak in all the energy and understand what our candidates have to say and make sure i'm well informed before i make any decisions on my own. >> reporter: as the time ticked by, the trump crowd grew and so did the excitement. >> we need change for our country. i'm tired. >> i sent him my do problem didn't get it in time to read it before here. >> reporter: but she said if he did read it, she'll be ready. >> where is dora the deplorable? i'm right here! >> reporter: there are still plenty of people in line outside trying to get inside. the speeches have already started right behind me and there are some people that have been out here for hours waiting to hear the republican presidential candidate hit the stage here in loveland. >> all right, victoria sanchez
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job, thank you. hillary clinton's running mate senator tim kaine plans to campaign in denver a week from today at a dave matthews concert to highlight clinton's economic policies. campaigning in ohio clinton talked about a new york times report donald trump had a net loss of more than $195 million in 1995. clinton said it means trump may not have paid federal income taxes for she said trump represents the same system he's going to change. >> this is trump to a t. he's taken corporate excess and made a business model out of it. he abuses his power, games the system, puts his own interests ahead of the country's. it's trump first and everyone else last. >> supporters say what trump did was completely legal. clinton says there needs to be a law that requires the nominee of the two major parties to release their tax returns.
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for president gary johnson is also in colorado to campaign. the former new mexico governor is speaking this evening on the campus of colorado university south in parker. he's doing a national tour of college campuses and other venues talking to everyone who will listen about including third-party candidates in national presidential debates. by election day the national tour will have visited 40 states. the libertarian party was founded in colorado. johnson is polling higher here than in other states. after last presidential debate at hofstra university, the next contest on the schedule is between the vice presidential candidate tomorrow at long view university in farmville, virginia. the next debate between clinton and trump is at washington university in st. louis. nbc coverage of that second presidential debate will air on channel 20 sunday night from 7:00 to 8:30. the third and final presidential debate will be at university of nevada in las
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cuba. it is the most power. atlantic storm since -- powerful a lange storm since 2007. the national hurricane center calls matthew extremely dangerous. now it looks like matthew will maintain its strength heading north. matthew will make its way to the bahamas by wednesday. it's too early to know after that whether it will head for the u.s., east coast or back out to sea. before then matthew is expe rain in parts of may it i and the begin -- haiti and dominican republic. the center of matthew is expected to be near southwestern haiti and jamaica tonight. >> reporter: here in jamaica they aren't just worried about the torrential rain and gusty wind, but also the storm surge. the waves here along the coast began pounding this island country of about 3 million several hours ago and it's been picking pup.
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fairly ominous and more clouds have been rolling in here. they expect these waves to kick up. they've asked all fisherman to leave this area. as a matter of fact, up and down the coastline here we haven't seen any boats out here, but many fishermen have not heeded the warnings. the big concern is later on tonight when these waves kick up even more as they pound the coast, they're asking for folks who live in this area to evacuate. you can see some people including the police are out here at this hour monitoring we expect it to turn much more dangerous in the hours to come. >> you will hear much more about hurricane matthew coming up on nbc nightly news. the wind was the weather news here today, not quite hurricane strength, but it was strong and a precursor of what's to come and will dramatically increase our fire danger. meteorologist kathy sabine joins us and cold for some
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mother nature it's time to winterize your yard, home and car. it is october and we do have some colder weather coming. today it was all about the wind and warmth, low 80s, gusty west to southwest winds keeping temperatures above average much of the day. humidity values have been very dry. we're still seeing high gusts over 40 miles per hour just west of town and over some of those higher passes. we're tinder dry, humidity running about 12% around limon and colorado springs. there is a cool here the next couple hours. those gusty west to southwest winds will shift out of the northwest and decreasing, a red flag warning in effect until 7:00 for elevated fire danger. the storm producing wind and snow to the west of us. heavy snow expected outside great falls where a winter storm warning is in effect, a
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of cheyenne, wyoming. denver is dry, clear skies and cloud cover for a couple hours and then it moves out. we'll see some foothill snow showers and i-70 will have a bit of snow overnight tonight and tomorrow. in the overnight period calm, dry weather conditions with less wind. we'll talk about this incoming cool front and what it means for tuesday and wednesday. a whole lot cooler the next couple days and as you mentioned, some areas could see the rain mixed with snow briefly, but it will co expecting it yet. >> we have been spoiled. see you in a bit. a 61-year-old man from greeley has been identified as the person killed saturday while climbing long's peak in rocky mountain national park. scott corliss fell about 100 feet from the mountain's most popular climbing route. corliss is a well known doctor in greeley who had climbed several 14ers in colorado. for the first time ever the -- for the first time ever the
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spacecraft they want to use is from right here in colorado. 9news reporter maya rodriguez takes us to louisville where a spacecraft built by the nevada corporation will soon help smaller countries reach space. >> reporter: it's called the dream chaser and within five years it will help some of the world's smaller nations realize their dream of getting to pace. >> dream chaser as we know it is our face utility vehicle. >> reporter: nasa already -- our space utility vehicle. >> reporter: chose this spacecraft to reload their space station. it's a spiritual successor, you will, to the old shuttle but with a number of improvements including the fact that it can land anywhere the 737 can. >> that was a very specific goal with this team with the design from the very design is to address, take all the lessons learned in the shuttle and tail the good and apply it -- take the good and apply it
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of the art technology. >> we have the ability to do other things never done before. >> reporter: that includes an unmanned mission for the united nations. the u.n.'s office of outer face affairs will help -- outer space affairs will help choose experiments from smaller nations who can't afford a space program of their own. the experiments that are selected will be conducted robotically or remotely on board the dream chaser once it reaches space. >> with the united nations the idea would be really to provide the excitement, the interest able to say what could we do in space? >> reporter: a question that sierra nevada as well as other aerospace partners in colorado home to answer. maya rodriguez, 9news. >> the u.n. space mission on board the dream chaser is set to launch in 2021 and last for two weeks. the u.n. has not selected the countries that will participate yet. >> pretty neat. a multi billion dollar deal will merge two giant retailers with stores in the denver area.
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show nearly takes out a crowd of spectators. >> that is scary. >> federal safety regulators
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a close call for spectators at a monthly coffee and car show in houston. the man hit the gas, spun out and just missed a crowd along the curb. fortunately he did not hurt anyone, just i had own car. witnesses say if it 't witnesses say if it wasn't for the curb stopping the momentum of the car, the incident could have been much worse. outdoor retail rivals cabella's and bass pro will combine in a $1.4 billion deal announced today. bass pro is paying shareholders $55.50 cash per share. the deal create uncertainty about jobs. the combined companies plan to
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unclear how many jobs might be lost. the town of sidney has about 7,000 residents. bass pro is based in springfield, missouri. u.s. safety regulators opened separate investigations of two ford models for problems similar to those that led to the recall of 3 million ford vehicles. cars could have door latches that open while vehicles are moving. the other is a sudden loss of power on assisted model years and 2010 fusion sedans. what they find could lead to an expansion of previous recalls. japanese scientist rewarded this year's nobel prize in medicine to discovers related to experiments in the 1990s on
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osumi told reporters in tokyo he hopes younger scientists find the topic interesting, enjoying the research. he was born in 1945 and is currently a professor at tokyo institute of technology. >> looking to inspire a younger generation. denver's streak of unusually warm days ends today.
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hello, welcome back. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine in the windy 9news backyard. there will be a cool front that drops temperatures into the 60s tomorrow, but it's pretty, beautiful off to the northwest and the winds will shift from the northwest about 6:00 or
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over the foothills and higher terrain. we spiked to 81 at dia's official high, 66 in grand junction and 83 in leadville. 72 at the airport, winds shifting. the front is on the way. in the 9news backyard gusty winds outside the studios73 degrees. that's the front coming through. once it's through the wind will finally let up and you'll spend the evening looking for patio furniture, small pets, garbage canal lids and all the fun things you left on your deck. gusty winds west of town and over some of the higher passes from the west to southwest shifting from the northwest as this front continues to drop to the south. low pressure area just north of us keeping the wintery weather outside our state's border for now. the threat for severe weather rapid city down to north platte, winter storm warning
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advisories for central wyoming and winter weather advisories across much of the northern rockies tonight, all part of that storm tracking north of us. the wind will shift and ease a bit. we have a nice day coming up tomorrow with a stronger front on the way for wednesday. so let's talk about matthew. what could be a catastrophic hurricane for jamaica and port- au-prince haiti, this system is still a category 4 storm with winds over 145 miles per hour moving very slowly northwest and is packing a t all the forecast models bring it very close to miami or jacksonville thursday into friday, but it may make landfall or clip the carolinas by the weekend. temperatures cool north and west of us, warm air shifting south. we are done with the 80s the rest of the week, mid-60s tuesday and wednesday. the moisture is very sparse for lower elevations. high country, we've had reports of snow on i-70. that will continue, the
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denver is dry until wednesday night, 20% chance of shower wednesday night, cold enough the rain could mix with snow thursday morning. 20s in the mountains tonight, 40s on the a plan, winds decreasing shifting out of the -- on the plains, winds decreasing shifting out of the northwest. there could be crop damage where tender vegetation and plants need protection. tale of two cities out to the west, cooler but milder across the eastern plains than in the high country tomorrow with highs 56 idaho springs. know you'll s grand late. in the denver metro area tonight windy and warm, but winds decrease after sunset out of the northwest. that will carry us through to morning. we start at 43. we'll hover in the low to mid- tomorrow. it won't be -- mid-60s tomorrow. it won't be a bad day. you'll just need a long sleeved shirt and light jacket. less wind, chance of rain and
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plans and a chance the rain may briefly mix with snow early thursday morning with overnight low temperatures around freezing. we warm up and dry out on friday. we've got sunshine and 70s heading into the weekend, beautiful fall weather pattern shaping up after wednesday and thursday. in the high country if that doesn't look like a fall scene, i don't know what does, but i am so afraid that all of this wind is taking some of these leaves down up there today, foliage in the foreground, throw in a burn and color me happy -- throw in a barn and color me happy. >> it does feel like it's time for some kind of more seasonable weather. >> it won't be a big deal. i just like mother nature saying -- it's just like mother nature saying hey. >> it's so subtle. >> sometime it's a big smack, ryan.
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>> we'll take subtle. coming up the broncos head coach gary kubiak is ending some speculation immediately today. >> which one of walt weiss' personal rules did he feel compelled to follow this morning? drew is next with sports. on wall street stocks finished lower led by declines in real estate companies and utilities. the dow fell 54 points, s&p
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. walt weiss has this fantastic life rule which states he only wants to be where he's wanted and in the instant weiss senses he's not wanted like today he disappears. during a meeting with rockies general manager this morning
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valuable leader and so poof. he disappeared resigning before getting fired. walt spent four years as rox skipper compiling a 437 winning percentage, lowest among any manager in franchise history. >> i think walt in his own mind made a decision and that hastened things a little bit. both parties at some point realized that, you know, they see the world a little this team and that got quickened up a bit because walt was pretty set in his mind what he wanted to do. gary kubiak cleared up the broncos quarterback situation on the opening kickoff of his news conference today. despite the fact trevor siemian got body slammed and suffered a left shoulder injury during yesterday's victory over the tampa bay buccaneers and despite the fact rookie paxton lynch performed well in his nfl debut, the first words out of kubiak's mouth ruined all the
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milk a qb debate for a while. >> trevor is it our starting quarterback and hopefully he'll be okay. really proud of paxton how he came in and played yesterday, but, you know, we feel fortunate with trevor and hopefully we'll be day to day here and get him the next week. >> like the rest of us, 9news sports 9toonist drew litton is along for the thinks if kubiak does indeed turn the keys over to paxy, he'll do so reluctantly. >> he's so talented. >> the rockies search for a new manager begins immediately. they say they will look internally first before considering external candidates. a logical candidate would be bud black, the former san diego padres manager only because he
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pitcher. they have so many pitching problems. >> and he knows the nl west so well. >> yup. and he knows the division well, too. one thing about walt weiss real quick, he was unfairly labeled a high school baseball coach when the rockies took him out of jesuit high school. he was only coaching high school baseball because he's a great dad and one of his kids was playing ball there at the time. so he regents team because had he time on his hand. he's not a high school coach. >> he's just a great dad. >> yeah. >> and he's such a great guy. any time i've ever taken any son, he's so accommodating. >> don't you love this? if he feels like he's not wanted, i'm out of here. you'll never hear him beg. >> has he hinted at anything? >> no. because he just found out he's
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he'll relax in his home south of town and when he wants to hit a baseball or play catch, he's got four boys who are very good. he wants to travel around the country and watch his kids play, all in college, some pro level now. >> we should check and see if we're wanted, too. >> you ain't lying. >> final weather? it is so windy outside, right? it's just nasty and it makes people crabby and piec sure, from people's houses, but the good news is the front responsible for the wind is coming through as we speak. the gusty southwest winds to 50 miles per hour are decreasing and shifting and they're letting up and we'll look for a low of about 43 tonight. then starts the week of change. we do have a cooler day tomorrow, low to mid-60s. you'll feel that after the high of 81 today, not a bad day. any moisture stays in the
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snow at rabbit ears pass and people slipping and sliding all over on we have a chance for showers here wednesday night, not a ton of moisture, and it may be cold enough that the rain may briefly mix with snow thursday morning, thursday morning low 32. mother nature poking you in the shoulder saying -- >> stop poking me! >> nbc nightly news is that. after that you'll see next with
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tonight, monster hurricane. matthew blasts the caribbean. the deadly category 4 storm bringing historic rain, flash floods, and potentially catastrophic wind. tonight, the growing threat it will strike the u.s. earthquake fear quakes triggering an unprecedented warning. new worries that the big one may be coming. trump's taxes. donald trump boasts he's brilliantly used tax laws to his benefit after a bombshell report alleges he may not have paid anything for nearly two decades. mystery illness. growing concerns that a virus which may cause paralysis in children is making a terrifying comeback. and $10 million heist. a celebrity robbed of jewels at gunpoint by masked men in her own home. could it have been an


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