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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  October 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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i'm corey rose - here with gary, cheryl and belen. it's a little chilly this morning.. .
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next week - hillary clinton's vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be in colorado. it's the first time in a while anyone from the clinton campaign has stopped by. kaine was last here in august. he'll be at the
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monday -- appearing at a concert with dave matthews.. you can find more information - and how to get tickets - on our website 9news dot com. tonight...and tonight only... the vice presidential nominees will face off at a debate in virginia... nbc's tracie potts has a look at what we can expect.. during a visit to colorado yesterday - donald
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defend his use of taxes... saying his business knowledge will help him fix what he calls - a "broken
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to hear trump speak at loveland's budweiser events center... 8-thousand made it inside. trump repeated his claim that an ongoing audit - was keeping him from releasing his tax returns. libertarian candidate gary johnson was also in colorado yesterday... recent polls show that he does have support here in our state..about eight and a half percent. 9 news political reporter brandon rittiman spoke with johnson...who says his recent gaffs on the campaign trail - weren't a very big deal. johnson later
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the former president of mexico. during his speech - johnson called for a more open border, cuts to military spending and said that government should stay out of education issues. hillary clinton is in pennsylvania today.. she spent monday in said trump's tax plan was anything but genius. clinton also has a team of supporters
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husband bill clinton, first lady michelle obama, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are all out campaigning for her. money from a federal grant means pueblo's police department - can afford to hire some new officers. the department is getting about 875- thousand dollars from the department of justice's cops hiring program. pueblo is one of 184 law enforcement agencies across the country splitting 119-million dollars in federal grant money. the u-s attorney general says the funds are intended to create or keep more than 900 law enforcement jobs. pueblo is the only colorado city getting this funding... there is a practice today for a scenario they hope will never happen: a plane crash northern colorado regional airport today will host six different agencies; a lot of emergency vehciles and personnel. the drill starts at nine. and should last about two hours. today - a bus driver who flipped her saint vrain school bus last december... will be sentenced.
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careless driving in the crash that injured several students. thirteen other charges were dimissed... she is expected to be fined about 300 dollars, and could also face a year of probation and community service. arrest records show the teenage hitchhiker accused of beating a 71 year old woman - told police he did it. that woman reportedly offered 16 year old jeffrey collins and two others a ride and place to say. that's wheff collins tolds police - he used a stick to assault her. collins was arrested a few days later - after hitchhiking again to get away. the woman is still in the i-c-u with a serious head injury. in pueblo county....crews are working on a massive wildfire.. they say it's burning out of control... 9news repotrer tarhonda thomas has an update... tarhonda - this fire is forcing an entire town to leave their homes... yes, it is. the sheriff of pueblo county made it very clear, last night. he said "quote" -- "it
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remainder of the beulah valley tonight." "this" is what they're "up against": the beulah hill fire. as of the last update at around 10:15 last night, the flames have destroyed three- thousand acres. the fire started at around one o'clock yesterday afternoon. seven structures have been destroyed. and firefighters aren't "mincing words" about this one. they say the fire is -- quote -- "out of control." "that's" why they've evacuated the beulah valley. about a-thousand people live there. it's just south- west of pueblo. residents have "no idea" when they'll be able to return to return to. the fire is moving just that quickly. some of the evacuated residents are taking shelter at the colorado state fairgrounds in pueblo. we're working to get you new images of this fire. gary-- i'll be following this story throughout the morning. hurricane matthew is heading out of jamaica... the government there has cancelled a hurricane warning - and replaced it with a tropical storm warning.
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haiti... matthew is expected to hit the southwestern part of that country later this morning. and in cuba - the navy has already evacuated 700 family members from guantanamo bay... a solider from fort carson is there - and he says - they're only prepared for a category 2 storm. matthew right now is a category 4. if you live in denver... your ideas could help shape the future of the mile high city. the census bureau puts denver in the top 50 fastest growing areas in so city leaders - are asking people what they want - in terms of transportation, parks and other city amenities. in just a few hours - the city will be ready to is ready for your feedback at community event people can also give their input online. the first "denver- right" community workshops - will be 7:30 to 9 a.m. - at the mcnichols building downtown. anyone is welcome. there will be another at new hope baptist
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that's off colorado boulevard. we have details about other workshop times - on 9news dot com. eight companies...five minutes...100- thousand dollars. those are the stakes at today's "rise of the rest"... the co-founder of a-o-l - steve case - is in denver to hear pitches from local startups... and will invest 100- thousand into one of his choosing. later this morning - we'll talk to the governor and mayor - about what this all means for local colorado businesses. today - iconic golfer arnold palmer will be honored in a public thousands of people are expected to be there. one last showing for arnie's army. it will be at saint vincent's basillica in latrobe, pennsylvania. vince gill will sing at the service - and palmer's one time "rival" - jack nicklaus - is expected to speak. arnold palmer died from heart complications last week.
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a little luck...or a
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c-u football is making history this week... but there could be
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nationally ranked in football. c-u broke the top both the coaches and a-p polls. they are 23rd in one, 21st in the other. the excitement on campus can be seen - and heard - almost everywhere. some students say - they weren't expecting it - but are ready for the rest of the season. those who have seen their fair share of football say - it's about time the football drought in boulder comes to an end. b the buff's will take on the u-s-c
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afternoon.. they've never beat u-s-c... many believe this will be the year that changes. just over a month left before the november election...and the campaign seems to be everywhere. a new study shows leaving political feelings at the door - is harder than it seems. when you go to the probably expect money in your hand - or at least in your bank account. but that convenience - is getting pretty pricey.. going to the a-t- going to the a-t- m...could end up at ikea, we believe that everything -
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that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after.
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a new report by bank-rate-dot-com found - a-t-m fees are at a record high for the tenth year in a row. using an a-t-m that's not part of your bank...comes with an average fee of 4-dollars and 57 cents. that total includes two fees customers usually see when going to random a-t-ms... the surcharge from the machine's owner - and a fee from your bank for using an out of market a-t-m. but - some good news. the report also found that overdraft fees are down... and more banksre checking accounts. you might have to wait longer to get your french fry fix... but at least you won't drive away with something completely different. a new survey found that fast food drive thrus are getting slower - but more accurate. the average drive thru time is now 226 seconds - or almost four minutes. but waiting those extra seconds means - you have a 90 percent chance of getting exactly what you ordered. no more ordering
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here - discussing politics is part of our job... but at your doctor's's probably better to stick to the weather and other niceties. a study from yale university found that some doctors find it hard to leave their political feelings at the door - and it could affect how they treat patients. political views didn't make a difference when it came to advising on depression or drug abuse... but the study found that democratic and republican doctors - had different advice for patients asking about hot- button issues like firearm safety or abortion. hitting the baseball field after work is a great way to end the day... one historic team from greeley - is taking that team bond - all the way
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displa history have until october 15th to see an exhibit on the team at adams state university in alamosa. the exhibit features old uniforms, gloves, and stories of the mostly latino and hispanic players of the greeley grays. the team was formed by members of la colonia -- an adobe home colony built by -- and for -- latino families working at the great western sugar company. gabe and jody lopez have been
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grays and the colony for nearly two decades.... and now their work is being recognized by the smithsonian. the smithsonian's project is called "latinos and baseball." the goal is to create an exhibit that could travel to latino communities across
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4:55 am could say she was asking
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for it. a 102-year-old woman was just arrested in st louis... edie simms is busy checking items off her bucket list. and "getting arrested" - was still on the list. so - some st louis metro police officers came to her senior living home - "arrested her" - handcuffs and all, put her in a patrol car - and took her for a ride. they say - they were happy to help the clown threats worried about what will happen to the happy clowns. in the next half hour- both sides of
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wildfire. we'll show you the damage the beulah hill fire is doing this morning. tonight is the vice presidential candidates one and only chance- to make a big statement in a head to head matchup. we'll show you what to expect in the national debate. and- clo are spreading in more than a dozen states... but the scary clowns aren't the only concern. what funny clowns have to say about the scare. good morning- welcome to 9news at 5. crey, cheryl and gary with you. meteorologist belen deleon joins us. belen- the temperature drop for the rest of this


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