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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  October 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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applauds the city council for making indigenous people day. >> i would like to abollish his day. he doesn't deserve a holiday in colorado. >> reporter: americans of the italian american community sate move is unfair. >> the fact that it's on the same day does make it worse >> reporter: dr. rita is president of the columbus day parade commit sneechlt it disregards the italian and european communities. and their feelings about celebrating this federal holiday. >> reporter: a member of the son of italy organization. she believes the option of lawsuits will be explored. >> this is a national holiday just like the 4th of july or labor day, moorld, whatever -- memorial day, whatever. there's no reason for anything to be different for columbus day as it is for any other holiday. >> it's about the culture, and the people. reporter unrest is about the name and his
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switch columbus day and change it to italian american day. >> reporter: this fight is not over. >> we're going to ahead and plan our parade starting the day after just like last year. >> both the columbus day parade and the four directions all nations march take place on saturday, and both sides plan to be peaceful. a fire in southern colorado is currently growing in every direction. that is t from crews fighting the fire southwest of pueblo. as of this afternoon, the sheriff says it's burned 4,800 acres. it's made it hard for crews to get a handle on the flames. more than 700 homes have been evacuated, about 1,900 people. seven homes have been destroyed in the beulah
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this week. that doesn't mean we're surprised or prepared for the roads. snow in the high country closed i-70 at georgetown and silverthorne this morning. there were several report was wrecks and spinouts, and everything has sense reopened. >> back open but a sign of things to come. most of the snow gone from the roads this arch. we have sunshine in the metro area. if you've been outside at all today, it's beautiful out there. let's check becky. >> freeze warnings in effect for denver tonight, yp, i said -- up, i said it! i don't think we'll get to 32 degrees but we will be done a few degrees of that low. and that make farris very chilly night around the denver metro! you certainly notice the cooler it.s out there today -- temperatures out there today. it's also been a bit gusty out there today. no red flag warnings in effect for the denver metro area. they are in place down to our south where
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butch we're still expecting a little more snow to fall over the fwhoern and central mountains -- northern and central mountains. wind gusts have been the main story through the foothills and through denver, through colorado springs. gusts up to 30 miles per hour. through the foothill, north of blackhawk. around broomfield, 26 mile per hour gusts. colorado springs gusts relaxed a little bit. 17 miles cheyenne, wyoming, seeing 43 miles per hour. the roofs remain in place till 7:00 pm, covering those areas just near colorado springs through pueblo. 30 mile per hour gusts and relative humid low at 10% contributes to the fire danger. 60 degrees right now in denver! 64 at dia.
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fall. we'll be at 60 at 6:00 pm, 58 at 7:00. and 55 by 8:00. we're keeping a very close eye on hurricane matthew. matthew, the eye of that hurricane coming onshore, very far eastern side of cuba. you can actually see some of the high waves and winds that they're experiencing through haiti and through cuba even itself. this is a dangerous category 4 storm expected to maintain its strength as crossings over cuba. those hurricane-force wind, 74 miles per hour to about 140 mile per hour sustained winds go out 35 miles, 40 miles from the center of the storm. tropical storm force winds. 39 miles per hour to about 73 mile per hour winds gout 175 miles from the center of the storm. then you've got storm surge which all across that southern coast of cuba, we're expecting to see it be 7
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and then we're also looking at a lot of heavy rain. we're expecting 4-5 inches of rain. far eastern cuba, it's going to be 9-12 inches of rain that they're anticipating. is that storm going to -- to head up, make a track through the bahamace, and get close to the -- bahamas, and close to the east coast. hurricane winds to part was florida, and it may make its way onshore as a major hurricane friday into the coast of south carolina where they have already issued evacuations for folks. i talked to a friend of mine a bit ago. she lives in charleston, just outside the
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she calls themselves relatively lucky, 10 miles outside of where they're telling everybody to evacuate. but she's preparing to be hunkered down for several tie days. >> governors in florida and south carolina prep for the worst. tim kaine and mike pence will can't in virginia. polls indicate they're among the leeflt known vice -- least known vice presidential candidates in recent elections. 38% didn't know enough about kaine to form an opinion or were completely nufrp. 49% -- neutral. 49% said the same thing about pence. for pence, his task will be to defend or explain much of what donald trump has said in recent weeks and days. for kaine, his task will be to make up for what his nominee lacks. kaine is seen as ernest, trustable and likeable, unlike hillary clinton comprehend they
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our political analysts will join us for their take tonight. federal investigators estimate the train that crashed into a new jersey rail terminal last week was going about 20 to 30 miles per hour, based on the extent of damage caused by the crash. the speed limit is 10 miles per hour. investigators found a data recorder, video recorder, and the engineer's cellphone from the front part of the train. they sent it lab. one woman of killed, more than 100 others were injured. today a police officer in georgia told a jury a father was combative with officers after they found his son dead. justin harris intentionally killed his 22-month-old son by leaving him in his car parked outside his workplace for several hours in june of 2014. the case got national attention after prosecutors accused harsz of leaving the boy there -- harris was leaving the boy there because he was unhappy in his
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scene and initially refused to get off when at this timing another officer to shut up. harris insisted he had to call his wife because she's going to daycare and he one be there. attorneys for harris say the death was an accident. people in flint, michigan, have a new public health scare. the health director says an infectious bacterial disease is going around. it can cause stomach problems and is high fever. records show there are over 100 it spreads when people don't wash their hands. nine public officials have been charged in flint's water crisis. for 18 months, residents unknowingly consumed improperly treat trooetded water tainted with high amounts of lead. the water is now safe to drirng. last week -- drink. last week the senate passed a spending bill that includes money for flint to help with that crisis. a memorial for arnold
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he won 62 titles on the pga tour, including four green jackets with the master, two victories at theidish open, and is one u.s. open championship. in the 1960 u.s. open, palmer hit a birdo the first tee and final round at country club. a plaque commemorates it. the festival is taking a stand against bullying. they are taking the taming of the shrew to schools with the intent to talk about violence prevention. the goal is to empower students when they see bullying happening around them. it's heading to reach more than 6,000 students. it also partners with safe to tell, the anonymous threat-gathering system created after the shooting at columbine.
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smart phone breath liezers may low -- breathalyzers may lower the risk for duis. 200 people were selected in the denver area to use mobile breath liezers for -- breathalyzers for the summer. 84% of participants agreed that owning a smart phone breathalyzer lowered their risk for driving under the influence you weren't seeing things. snow started to fall this morning in the mountains! it even shut down part of i-70 which is means residents of the metro area really need to get ready for the season! wrap your brain around it, it's coming, people! and for those folks that are new to the
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you are, vooshthd sanchez got victoria sanchez got some questions and answers about colorado winters are all about. >> i've never been through an actual winter were >> reporter: that was me last year. >> still need a pair of goggles >> reporter: after some much-needed guidance and a few snow storms under my belt i made it through. more people are calling colorado home. and with snow already falling in the mountains, winter worries are starting to pop up. we have some common questions from colorado nubes. >> i'm from griswold, and the last place i lived was albuquerque. >> milwaukee, wisconsin. >> austin, texas. >> reporter: and answers from our 9news expert. >> i'm jonathan gonzalez, and i've lived in denver for two years. >> i've listened in colorado for three years.
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what do i wear? >> i don't have snow boots. i don't have warm wool socks or winter socks. i don't have a hat. i don't have gloves. >> you think if i do this long enough it might start a fire? >> that's what happens when you put the california boy out there in the snow. i know you're terrified. [ laughter ] >> you need the gloves, the hand the shoes and the boots. >> as a newbie to colorado, some questions i have about the winters are how long does it stick? how fast does it accumulate? >> deep breath. we will get through colorado's winter together. and that's kind of the beauty of colorado's winter. we get snow, it's magical, that wintry white blanket is outside your front door, but then
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it's all gone. the last question is a hot topic during the cold winter months. >> i don't know anything about snow tires or chains. so i'm curious about sort. what i need to do to prepare my car. >> tires make all the difference. you may think you have a good set of tires, but until you really do have a good set, you'll realize then okay, i'm in control now and i can get to where i need to go. >> reporter: all >> okay, we've asked you on facebook what tips you have for people to experience this first colorado winter. getting good boots, forego the fashion. check on elderly people, shovel their walks for them. great idea! >> land says have snacks on
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handy. my tip, one great warm jacket, and a pair of great booklets. done. that's all you need. >> really, it is. >> it's not that bad. >> and the other big tip, guess what? thinks change here quickly, so maybe you should log onto the forecast! >> yeah, plug, plug, plug. >> just tune in. when they say snow is coming in at 4:00, you need a sweater, something underneath it, the jacketingly save your life -- >> for those moving from the mid-west, you don't do sea shades of snow like they do in the midwest where it goes from yellow to brown to green. it's gone. a special honor for the broncos and pat bowlin. >> and people who use insulin may want to check their pumps.
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many americans don't know
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candidates. >> we're joined by our political experts. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> a lot of people are saying we could be focusing on issues like the first debate or more so. >> i think there were plenty of issues discussed in the first debate. whether or not they stood out is a different issue. >> i totally agree. i think the candidates will discuss issues, both men having of states, vastly different waives governoring their states. mike pence signed the religious freedom act into law, allowing discrimination against lgbt folks. and is tim kaine did everything he could to make sure lgbt folks have the same rights when he was governor of virginia. >> i think tonight we're definitely going to see a lot more on the issues. frankly these are two candidates that
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and were probably come -- will probably come to each other very well in these arguments. on the other hand we've got tim kaine who has an absolutely 100% antisecond amendment. the question is how is he going to play in colorado where we famously recalled 2.5 senators because of that issue? plus he's trying to walk the line as a proabortion catholic. and i think that's gonna be really difficr neither is very well known i guess to the great american public. if you feel like the other two are like an choefby, maybe you have a choice between these two! >> he's gotta do something. ever since the last debate, his polls are tanking, people are fleeing the trump campaign, left, right, and center.
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argument. and i don't think he's got what it takes to turn the tide the way it's going for them right now. >> does mike pence have the chance to neutralize what donald trump has been saying over the past couple of weeks? >> i think mike pence is r has done a very good job of supporting donald trump. and in addition to that, i think tim kaine has a lot of liability. people will be watching tonight because these are two of the oldest presidential candidates we have had along with hillary's health problems that we've seen, people are looking at whether or not tim kaine could be president for them. >> two guys who do possibly want to be president in the future, and they'd be around the right age at the time. and hillary clinton's health? >> well, if we want to talk about health issues in the current sphere of the debate,
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performance. trump was sniffle and he slow and didn't seem to have too much stamina to last the entire debate. so i'm pretty confident that hillary clinton is in perfect health and she'll be a great president. >> besides these policy issues do you think they'll bring up some of those other issues? the e-mail issues, donald trump's stance on women? >> well, i think the email issue is one plague hillary clinton particularly now that we're hearing there's a potential hack of the clinton foundation. mike pence is somebody articulate a lot of those messages very well. >> mike pence has a proven record as being a complete antiabortion zealot. he signed a
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was so draconian that a federal judge overturned it because it was such a violation of row versus wade. >> the tone in general? >> it should certainly be more subdued. >> one of the better tweets that ian and i found researching for today is that it's going to be bland to bland combat. [ laughter ] >> so if you're interested in >> vanilla? [ laughter ] >> if you're interested in delving into the actual issues and talking about the differences rather than just the ad hominems that have been thrown around, this is debate for you. >> we've only got four weeks left, and the trump team needs to turn this around, and i don't think mike pence is the right marriager for that. >> i think we'll be talking to you later. [ laughter ]
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the vice presidential candidates will debate tonight in virginia and hillary clinton and donald trump will debate again this sunday october 9th in st. louis. that will air on channel 20 from 7:00 pm to 8:30. final debate is october 19th in las vegas. and in case you were wondering, donald trump tweeted out today heel be live tweeting this debate. >> that's a a popular meal delivery
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customers with insulin pumps are being warned about ha devices. the one-touch pininsulin pump attaches to patients' bodies and injects insulin through cath terse. a hacker could force it to deliver too much insulin causing hypoglycemia. the hacker would have to be within 5 feet of the
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a popular table tennis splar among three japanese olympians targeted in a new leak by russian hackers. data was leaked online on 20 athletes from different countries. all three were granted special approval to use medications to treat illness and injuries. a lot of people use blue apron. it service. now the company is facing issues after safety violations. last year police responded to their client in the bay area for numerous times for a bomb threat and assaults. they have been fined $20,000 for improper storage of chemicals and employee training violations. they added close to 1,000 workers in two years. the
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use temp agencies and blue apron is moving in the right direction. there are some pretty drastic temperature drops across the state. back for that
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a live look at downtown today, sky9, what a gorgeous day in the metro area. a cool-down, if you stepped outside. there's already a freeze warning out for boulder county tonight. we did have some signature drop in temperatures in the last 24 hours. >> wicked wind out there! if you're in an isolated area, the sun is wonderful! >> yeah. >> getting a little chilly. i'll be okay. temperatures in the 60s today. we wound up officially with a high of 65. a lot cooler than it was yesterday. and this kind of weather will continue into tomorrow, minus some of that wind. let's take a live look outside. you can see the breezy conditions right now. over auto-9news, a couple clouds in the distance. otherwise plenty of sunshine. like i said, highs
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the average is 70. we were a little below that. if you were in a shady spot with the wind, it felt quite chill echl if you remember in the sun, it felt good fur today. the wind gusts right now, 21 miles per hour at dia. 16 mile per hour gusts around fort collins, 17 mile per hour gusts around colorado springs. good news, what i like to see considering the fire danger we've dpufts seem to be in the mountain area. 26 mile per hour gusts in leadville. let's set getyou through tonight. gusts calm down more. less wind in denver. some stronger wind gusts continuing in our foothills. but even tomorrow afternoon, that wind becomes much less as well. tomorrow evening a new system
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get into the details coming up. down to our south, red flag warnings continue until 7:00 tonight. this is gonna be from colorado springs, down through pueblo, 30 mile per hour wind gusts and low relatively humidity, and about 10% is going to contribute to the development of wildfires there through the evening. 64 degrees in the 62 for fort collins. out east the warm spot, 59 for burlington. 72 for ray, 74 for lamar. mountain areas in the 40s and 50s. we've got mostly sunny skies, a little on the cool side, 61. not bad but yes, cooler than yesterday. let's head back over to the radar picture. we're not seeing a lot going on. most of what we've seen today has been up over the mountains, early this
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those showers ended. the rain will be north of i-70. 11:30 tonight, search dry, western slope to the eastern plains, including denver. tomorrow morning, isolated rain and snow showers developing along and north of i-70. it'll be rain and snow shower activity throughout the day. then we'll include a chance for rain in our foothills. if you're here in denver, fort collins and greeley, we're dry. a few clouds in for that basket, still in for a wild day. our chance for rain will be increasing on thursday. 35 for greeley, and is 37 for fort collins. 30s and 40s on our eastern plains. 20s and 30s in the mountains, temperatures have prompted the freeze warnings and advisories.
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denver! boulder, fort collins, greeley. the temperatures here are gonna range from the mid-20s to the mid-30s -- the far eastern plain, that's the frost advisory temperature includes yuma, ray, and burlington in place through 9:00 early wednesday. wednesday afternoon after the cold start, 68 for a high, 62 for fort collins. highs in the 40s and 50s for mountain areas. eastern plains climbing to the middle to upper 70s. western slopes me it's gonna be a chilly one, 38 degrees below. breezy winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and we'll have mostly clear skies. tomorrow up to 68. look for sunshine, a couple of showers in our foothills, maybe a few high clouds later in the day. and winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. then comes thursday. thursday we're talking about highs, and just the low 50s.
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mostly rain. if we see a rain-/snow, it's in the morning. and the chance of that is pretty small. our chances for showers period thursday morning are fairly small. once we get into thursday evening, a low of 32. this system clears out. clear skies. temperatures in the low 30s, and continuing clearing on friday. we'll get up to 59 for a high saturday and sunday, back to the 70s. so it's a little taste of winter here across the state coming up up again for a next mild weekend. >> okay! [ laughter ] central america is more than 3,000 miles away, but the culture of its people can be seen here. >> as we celebrate hispanic heritage month, a closer look at the people who represent this
4:37 pm
>> reporter: davey is originally from honduras. he became the owner of this denver barbershop. he spoke with carlos about why he came to america. >> reporter: there are approximately 150,000 central americans living in colorado. many have goals of personal progress and the the american dream. >> we needed a way to unify the communities >> reporter: salvador and his colleagues make up a small denver nonprofit.
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in colorado and to educate the rest of the community about their culture. >> reporter: although central america shares language with other latin american countries, they have many differences i like pupusa. it's a thick corn tortilla stuffed with fillings like cheese and pork. >> it's perhaps not as spicy as mexican food. but we have a wide variety. >> reporter: and words that are different from the spanish i've heard. >> what is a bolado? [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's monitor food and the language -- more than
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it's their spirit of si, se puede. a common phrase that means yes, it can be done. >> reporter: the photo journalist, 9news. >> our through mid-october. >> rewatch allnies stories on a great weekend with the
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the broncos have officially reached the second highest winning percentage in all of sport, this under pat bowlen's time with the team. >> he took over in 1984. after sunday's win, the broncos took the no. 2 spot away from the lakers. they now winning percentage. second only to the san antonio spurs. >> the lakers though. >> and the patriots.
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>> rub it in. [ laughter ] this sunday the broncos will honor more than 125 cancer survivors during halftime. their salute to survivors to breast cancer. >> love that. >> wonderful, wonderful day. >> can't wait. let's check in with steve. >> we are talking about people who are freshmen in high september 11th, 2001, is entirely history to them. it didn't happen when they were alive. >> can you believe that? >> they never lived in a world without wi-fi or gps. >> right?
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>> it makes us feel like we need hip replacement surgery. [ laughter ] >> i still have my white ipod shoved in drawer! >> vione of those in my house, a sophomore who was born just barely when 911 happened. but they're already -- they wonder why i use a key to start my car, you know? [ laughter ] s you feel old. >> thanks for that. [ laughter ] >> okay, thank you. [ laughter ] you
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and now you text mom. [ laughter ] sports are a great equalizer. people can connect through something they are passionate about, any time. >> one local special olympics coach has really helped athletes achieve things that never thought were possible. >> five more m motivator. the smile of a coach beaming with pride. >> it's my sunday. >> reporter: randy gives swimming another meaning. it's a lifestyle. >> one of my favorite things
4:46 pm
always trying to make us get better. >> reporter: athletes want to swim for him. when randy first started coaching, the cherry creek special olympicsa, qualityics team had 28 swimmers. now it's at 75. >> that tears my heart out. i would take every athlete if i could. >> reporter: he's been coaching the special olympics colorado since 2012. his inspiration is his sweet daughter caitlin. sh olympics eight years ago. >> watching her swim for a few years always sitting in the bleachers, i'm not one to just sit. >> reporter: since that point, he's always been on the move. >> you guys working hard? hardly working? >> reporter: always fair, friendly to each one of his athletes. >> to watch an athlete for the first time be able to cross the pool and swim that whole length unassisted and watch them
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bowl for them. and there's no other feeling for me than that. >> reporter: randy is a spark that lights every part of this team on fire. >> they motivate me to be the best that i can be. >> reporter: to make others better. >> i didn't accomplish swimming across the pool. but i know i helped them get there. and it's a huge rush for me. they inspire me. athlete, a great coach. that's randy. >> big inspiration. >> we're always looking for medical bill charges where something is a little off. >> today we found one from a reddit user who was charge forward holding their newborn
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z23uwz z5yz
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dollar bill might me lot. but today that 40 dollar charge has gone viral - probably not a surprise in the crazy world of a $40 on a $1,600 bill may not seem like a big deal. >> but that charge has gone viral. not a surprise in the crazy world of medical billing. what the heck is going on with this? >> everybody knows medical bills cash confusing -- can be confusing, and occasionally maddening. itemized charging from bags saf line to cat scans.
4:51 pm
i had to pay $39.35 to hold my baby after he was born! it's been viewed millions of times online and been the subject of a lot of online anger. there's a chance for skin to skin contact after c-section. the we have been unable to verify where it came from. some suggest the mother just subtract $30 off her bill. why charge someone to baby? a few more things. it's been becoming more and more popular for hospital staff to allow their newborns after c-sections because studies show that immediate contact to be very beneficial for both. and because this isn't easy to do after surgery, it is nice to make sure this is gonna happen. that being said, the hospital is already billing thousands to keep the staff in there. we would like to hear from you. do you have something on your bill that doesn't make sense? tell us about it on facebook right now
4:52 pm
show us your bills at we've been doing this for months and it is shocking the kind ever charges that people are seeing on their bills. always ask for an itemized bill. >> can you dispute something like that? why am i being charged for this? >> there are studies out that suggest a good percentage of things on the bill mir steaks. so a little up to you. because the hospital is not gonna tell you whoops! we made a mistake on that. it's up to you sometimes. that's why you ask for the itemized bill to learn. >> what does that stand for? >> ask questions. we spend so much on medicine. you have every right to ask questions. >> when they said they had to
4:53 pm
a c-section so much it's $40 to have somebody -- >> you're trying to make sense of something that doesn't make any sense. [ laughter ] >> but you can see a hospital doing this. they do have to keep extra staff in there. and this is common for mothers want to to have that skin to skin contact right after birth, right after c-section. so it's very important. the question is should hospitals be putting in an extra line for dotted 40 bucks, and is it worth it to anger millions across the co >> at least they're angry now because they sellout online. a lot of mothers need to go out and check those bills. and it's not going to the hospital for something that is an emergency. when you're having a baby you get that bill and you're still in that early state of clearium where you're so excited that you don't even know. >> you're not getting a lot of
4:54 pm
look at your bills. >> thanks. appreciate it. >> you're not gonna charge us for this? [ laughter ] he hops, has floppy ears.
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severe geft today. skwlak is a 3-year-old rabbit -- jack is a 3-year-old rabbit. he is looking for a loving family to calm his own. and he may be timid at first but jack would thrive feeding a playful bond with a new family. his personality is friendly and curious. he is a clean pet with a full life ahead of time. he's three. they live
4:58 pm
he would make a great first pet for an older child or children who can gently love him and give him all the care and attention he deserves. he's just waiting for a forever friend. isn't he beautiful? >> we need to start that conversation. there's some wonderful viewer out there. [ laughter ]
4:59 pm
power lines in haiti. on a mission of mercy bracing for a hurricane. cause something concern that this is just the start of a very dangerous time. doctors are warning parents about a mystery virus. a young man from colorado who contracted it was paralyzed by the illness. he talks about what happened to him snow-snarled traffic this morning. temperatures dropped across the board. at least an inch of snow sticking to the ground with a lot more moisture on top of it. this storm is headed our way. >> that's right . the first front already through, dropping
5:00 pm
today. and that wind out of the north, you'll need a light sweater if you're headed out later tonight. beautiful conditions looking east over the downtown denver skyline, off to the west, a few fairweather cumulus clouds on the horizon. snowing lightly way up high, in some of the higher peaks, over rocky mountain national park, temperatures in the 30s this afternoon. 32 at dia, and monitor the winds gusty out the northwest. this is a trend we'll follow ahead of the next weather system, moisture level pretty low. humidity value about 18% in denver. elevated fire concern, down to pueblo with a red flag warning out until 7:00. severe weather east of us. all the heavy weather is north. clouds move out with clear skies and light winds. a freeze


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