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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> all right, everybody. you have made it to wines day wednesday, october 5th, and that is -- ? up, up, up, all night long ? >> kelly clarkson right in our kitchen with us. >> kelly, a bad girl on seth last night. >> i know. >> you were so bad. >> was she? >> i love him. >> he loves you. everybody loves you. what we love about you, though, you just say it, you don't give a rip. >> i love that part of you. >> no filter.
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we're excited. >> endearing and rare. it's nice. >> she's got this great children's book that is such fun. >> yeah. named after her little -- we love her name. river rose. >> she's all of that, too. >> she is. >> and now a new little one and we're going to talk about that. also with us, emmy winner ted danson. find out why he's in a good place the discovered by shawn mendes, his name, james t.w., performing in front of sold-out crowds. elvis duran howard about him and you are going to fall in live with this british kid. the artist of the monchtth. >> we're going to start out with something new. start with the best of diets. good intentions. viewers confess, actually from
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will be fun. >> i like that. >> i likey. >> and would you like -- >> i need 'em, hoda. >> here we go. >> some people come into our lives, footprints on our hearts, and we're never the same. >> that can be good or bad. [ laughter ] >> depending on the size of their foot. >> yeah. big feet leave big prints. >> that, of course, our favorite philosopher, anon. so -- >> breaking news. program. >> but rarely. >> it did, hot off the presses. tori spelling, has revealed, to "people" magazine that he is expecting baby number five. >> what? >> kelly, number five. >> we have four. so -- nope. >> no, no, no. oven's closed. >> it's closed. >> things have been removed. [ laughter ] >> things have been removed. >> not doing it. >> well, that frees you up. doesn't it. >> nope.
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good girl. all righty. other kids, liam, 9, stella, 8 and -- >> tory always wants add big family. nothing is perfect. so madly in love with dean and believes this child is a blessing. dean's reaction was a little different than tori's. >> just reached this milestone, of all the kids. finally in school, and now they're basically starting all over again. you know, you get them out of the diapers, get them i >> every husband says that. >> my husband would say that. we're not finished? >> we're exhausted! >> but, anyway, congrats to them. >> yes. that's the october 17th issue. hits stands on friday. "people" magazine. >> all right. so this was really great. on fallon last night, everyone knows, the guy behind the hit "hamilton." jimmy wanted to give him a big challenge. challenged him to freestyle rap with three names. >> three different words.
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potter. >> i mean, how in the world? >> he said, now, go. this is what he did. ? once again i'm a very tricky spot i'm going to win the emmy like mr. robot, huh and i could go for days and days but though i lost plenty to eat in this corn maze ? ? oh, yeah, going above and beyond a serious black i got my magic wand and oh, yes there is nothing can you do to harm us and, yo, belly yarma ? >> i thought he was supposed to say harry potter. he just did harry potter. >> he acted that out. have you seen "hamilton"? >> yes. completely changed. so amazing. >> hosting "snl" this weekend. >> this saturday. >> you think you're the only busy person in the world? >> no. i know a lot of moms. >> exactly. big news for country fans. haven't seen this happen in a while.
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everything to make a big announcement. >> we wanted all y'all to be around here because we wanted to say something to you that, well, we haven't said. and haven't done in a while and you're going to take it away, mama. >> all right. okay. so we are going back on the road on tour. [ cheers and applause ] we -- are going to go from side to side, south to north, all the way around the globe. >> looks like -- >> a world tour? >> yes. >> oh, wow. >> sorry to see she's just let herself go. >> really has gone to pot. [ laughter ] >> right? >> yeah. and here in person you want to punch her, because she's nice, too. >> i know. >> really? >> can you at least be rude? >> like you'll probably run into her before we do, so punch her for us, please. >> and he, too, just really -- really fallen apart. >> the most beautiful couple ever. >> yeah.
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their last tour grossed more than $100 million. it was the highest grossing country tour of all-time. these guys have been married 19 years and got two kids in college. one in high school and it's going to start on october the 24th. by the way, they sing so beautifully together. >> yeah. and it's just so sexy together. >> hot. >> and they are going to be -- advisers on the "voice" starting october 24th. that's night. >> okay. >> just talking about kelly clarkson. >> uh-h >> okay. >> nailed it. >> well, she was bribed by ellen, a really good bribe. ellen offered her 10 grand towards her favorite charity if she confessed to something she has never ever told anyone. >> that's a tough one. >> so kelly revealed something about a date she was on. take a look. >> i'm a good person! [ laughter ] >> i'm almost afraid to tell you this, because i'm -- i'm a horrible human. this is a horrible human story.
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i was like, whatever, i went out. didn't bother me, but he proceeded to talk about his height for a solid hour. i was good an hour. i went to the bathroom and i left. i'd never done it ever -- like after that, and i will say i was on a really bad date like a decade late ar and i stuck it o, with wine. >> a lot of wine. >> you know what we call pulling a hoda. that's what hoda does. not anymore. >> you stick it out. when are you? >> i leave situations that feel dull or under -- yeah, underwhelming. >> on a daily basis and even during the show she does it. >> it was bad! y'all. no one was there. you can't judge me. i judge me. it was horrible. >> did you call a girlfriend? >> i had to call a girlfriend to
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i went to a gas station. i phoned a friend. i was like, help, s.o.s.! >> you talk about it -- >> kind of shallow. >> entire time, oh, when i try to reach for something -- [ laughter ] i was like -- i'm done. we're done. like, okay. you're smart, fine. you're a smurf. fine, i'm a smurf. it's fine. >> by the way, we're not judging. not here. the other three how you get major judgment. fourth hour, none at all. >> you're if you, your mom, thinks she dresses just right or needs a little help in the fashion department we want to show her how to wear the newest trends of any age. go to include a photo, how your mom needs help and tell us where you live i. love hearing about things on the show, while doing it. >> and the parts, the deadline is today. >> anyway -- >> you have no time. >> from the very first "american
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>> kelly clarkson is the best. shares about a special project right after this. >> and ? it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween.
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? oh, yeah ? she's one of the biggest music stars in the world. her voice as beautiful as she is. kelly clarkson. achievements in the music industry, jaw dropping, two academy of country music awards, 12 billboard awards and more than 20 million worldwide. >> i'm amazing. >> you are amazing. >> i didn't know all of that stats. >> on top of all that, a mom two of little ones and kelly is adding third to her impressive resume with a new children's book titled "river rose and the magical lullaby." >> sounds more magical when you both say it. >> i know. right. >> so soothing. >> so obviously, she's the inspiration. >> yes. >> for this. >> yeah. >> and how it came about, homage to your little dog that passed away.
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honestly, i did it for her. i'm a dork mom and i wrote these little stories for her because we were traveling everywhere and all of the sudden people were like, you should make them into a book. that is her. tude for days. yeah. but, yeah. she loves it, and -- >> ah! >> look at picture! >> wait a minute. who's that? >> that's my face. >> there you are. >> does she know that she's in it? does she understand that river rose -- >> she doesn't quite get gets that it's river and i keep telling her. slowly getting it. doesn't care. gets to the animals. we have to get to the party animal with the zoo. we read that over and over. >> she's a little impatient like someone -- >> it's her dad. actually we're both impatient. totally, if that's going to happen. cool about the book a comfortable little lull abye. >> it does. i actually wrote it for the
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>> it's prettier -- oh -- ? if i ever could find someone as kind as dear ? >> oh, i love it. love it. >> julie andrews for my daughter. rocking her to sleep, sing something soft and sweet. what else? magical mode of transportation? so she has little balloons and the lullaby takes her to the zoo in this book. >> i think -- >> so this one, in other words -- >> so -- g. everybody knows you can sing, as far as i know. >> well -- >> except for -- >> apparently not. >> one person who changed kind of the course of this album coming out. right? >> yeah. i was planning on doing this anyway. my first time to choose a label this time around. after 14 years i got to date a little, see who was into what i was into. atlantic records and i hit it off right off the bat. yeah. after the inauguration. this is definitely the part that
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fence. i love country, too. so anyway, i ran into steve harvey at the inaugural ball with my husband and he literally was like, wait, wait. he was like -- i did not know you could sing. and i was like -- what? that's what i was doing 14 years. he goes, no, no, no. i like your music. i think you're great. i just -- why aren't you making a record like that? how you sang the inaugural, ng i guess i sang it more soulful than he's ever heard and it was, like, thank you? but -- i do. i've never made a record i don't feel like that is my full potential, as a singer. and that's my thing. so -- we've already began recording it. it's -- >> steve knows he was the one who -- >> i ran in to him. didn't know. so sorry.
11:16 am
evening. i was like, does no one know i can sing? i was like -- i do more than anthems. like that. >> wow. >> he has been busy. you got to forgive him. >> i get his point. i've never made an album showcases, like what i did on idol. >> who inspired you as a soulful singer? your favorite female soulful singer? >> aretha, from atlantic, which is great. and annie lennox, a huge fan of. i love everybody from rose mary clooney to reba, to bette. whitney, mariah. all the great lauryn hill i loved. >> and a new baby? it's collmplicated. >> i love my life. it's hard. worst at scale, wait. is that worth it? >> look at that one, hoda. >> ooh! >> he love each other. >> she loves holding -- loves him, unless he's in my arms. >> a little jealous.
11:17 am
they're opposite. she's full on, kind of like me, and he is so chill. like, just like, just watches. >> is it so much easier with your second child now that you've gotten the hang of everything? >> we have four total with us. 90% of the time we're home. >> 9 and 15 now. >> okay. >> but, yeah. there's four of them. so -- it's -- it's like, 99% of the time it is so fun, because it's like a big family feel. like tori was saying, i guess in the 1%, there's definitely a lot of wine and cheese talks. i'm like, help me. because any mom, especially a working mom. it's hard. you get the guilties. you're like, should i choose to do this or should i hang out with -- it's like -- it's hard. but 99% of the time it's awesome. >> most of the times the babies win. the one wearing the diapers calls all the shots. >> kelly, we live you. >> we do. >> give her a hand. shall we?
11:18 am
>> that one. >> oh, gosh. we're going to work that out one of these days. thanks, sweetie. we want you to sign the books for us. sending am i to shecky, shecky! i love you, my darling. >> oh! >> now to a rising music sensation. think you're the only one? hoping to make a great first impression as elvy duran's artist of the month. james t.w. >> about to gel schooled by the
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? ? ? and off you go, ? ? ? and off you go, ? ? ? and off you go, ? for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... it's time to meet the newest young music star, we like to call them around here -- >> all: elvis moment of the month. >> back with a soulful british singer song erer/s
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>> all: james t.w. >> debut called "first impression." >> don't you like when you talk at the same time? >> very impressive. >> james t.w. i like the sournd of that what' your last name? >> taylor watts. named after my dad. hard to get to the top of the youtube search because of that name. >> she likes the way you talk, you look like an old soul. very >> that's a complement. >> james taylor. your dad a huge fan. >> did you live that music when you were younger? >> he brainwashed me with it, too, but i loved it. pretty lucky. >> you hit the jackpot. >> you'll have plenty of time meeting james in future months, because he is totally going to hit big in america. such a beautiful back story to this song. tell them how you wrote this song. >> the song is called "when you
11:23 am
used to teach instruments for a pocket of money and i met an 11-year-old boy, his parents were getting a divorce before he knew it was going to happen. first i thought how will they explain it to him in a way he can understand and in a positive way and i wanted to have a song he could listen to do make him feel better about what was going on. >> so you're sweet, too. >> he's got it all, hodi. >> more than it all. how did you discover him? you knew shawn mde right? >> he found him. >> he really helped elevate james to the attention of people that needed to know him and now he flew across the pond to the united states to sign with island. right. >> right. >> and so he's ours now. he belongs to us. >> we're so excited. >> oh, good. good, good. >> we're going to hear you sing. right? >> we're going to go over to joy first. hoda woman. joy, take somebody's question? >> a great question.
11:24 am
during the day. after dinner all hell breaks loose and i eat my way through the kitchen. how can i stop the nighttime nibbling? i have a terrific answer. very strategic and believe it or not believes eating. stay tuned, because later in the show i'm going to tell her how to conquer this. now back to you. >> how do we stop the nibbling? >> i know it many xl. >> how? joy, it's difficult. thank you, honey. coming up, why ted danson is in a really good place these days. >> and oteri gets ready to teach us a thing or two when we play "who knew?" >> all happening after your local news. (wolf howls) (screams) ? ?
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[ cheers and applause ] it is wine day wednesday. we're ready to play our weekly game called "who knew today is world teachers' day?" celebrating on famous teachers. kath is across the street in 3 for those who answer the questions. those who don't get one of her wonderful signed cds. with me in-studio. the one, the only cheri o'thierry. got her start on "snl" with roles like the spartan cheerleader. we love those days. cheri is starring in season two of "those who can't" following the lives of three dysfunctional teachers. cheri, wait. do you play a teacher or
11:31 am
while the current principle is finishes his prison sentence. >> is it a comedy or -- >> it's a comedy. >> of course. why wouldn't it be. fun to have you back. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> and across the street to kath. >> they're married and teachers -- are you kidding me? 10 years old. from alabama. which of the following used to be a gym teacher? >> a. >> yeah. [ bell ] >> wait a minute. wait a minute, cheri o oteri? >> hugh jackman taught during a gap year before college. obviously had did not keep that shape he was in, but still gets work even heavy set. >> go back to kath. >> one of the sweetest guys in the world, too.
11:32 am
melbourne. not australia. florida. right? okay. the 1988 show "good morning miss bliss" was canceled after one season and repackaged into what hit tv show? "the wonder years," "saved by the bell" or "beverly hills 90210." >> b.j. got it. >> "saved by the bell." >> right, cheri o'tteri. >> the cast dimond and bore hhe's. i've enjoyed the porn work in "saved by the ball." >> we're all fired. kath, back to you. >> i was sorry you had to hear that. sorry. you're from arizona? >> yes. >> okay. which rock star was once a sixth great teacher? gene simmons, mick jagger or ozzy osbourne.
11:33 am
>> yes! what? >> how is everyone getting these right? >> gene simmons, was a sixth grade teacher in spanish harlem in new york. i would have guessed ozzy osbourne because of his perfect diction. >> all right. back to kath. >> these are -- getting everything because they're smart teachers. see? uh-oh. puts you on the spot. doesn't it? she's from maryland. what's celebrity starred in a 2009 reality show about his year working as a tenth grade teacher in phad samuel l. jackson or ray liotta? >> i'm going to say a. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay. this is -- >> this is a sweep. tony danza. >> tony danza, yes, yes. he said the job was a lot hard are harder than he thought. finally understood how hard teachers work to inspire students to work hard. isn't that sweet? >> see? >> i had a nun that looked like
11:34 am
married to leone. >> back to -- last one. >> sweet lady from massachusetts. who won outstanding lead actress in a drama series at the 2015 emmy foss harry portrayal of a law professor? claire danes? carrie russell or viola davis? >> i say c. [ bell ] >> that -- wait a second. i don't know -- i guess we've had a clean sweet before, that's to >> viola davis' starring role "how to get away with murder" not to be confused with "murder she wrote." those two women are confused a lot. don't you think? >> definitely. cheri oteri. captury on the season preem marry on "those who can't" tomorrow on trutv.
11:35 am
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he is the charming, funny, talentsed, two-time emmy winner, three-time golden globe winner of the big and small screen, ted danson. >> so happy he's back at nbc. >> plays michael, take herb of the good place, get to go in the afterlife. the others don't, and surprising news from her virtual assistant. take a look. >> i've been working on my western hemisphere brunch banner. tell me what you think. that new york article is crazy. you haven't seen hamilton? hey, did you hear about stephanie? >> very well done, michael. >> hi there. >> we have a category 55 emergency doomsday crisis. >> a category 55 emergency doomsday crisis? >> uh-huh.
11:40 am
>> it's nothing. a tiny little inconvenience. my dear, could you show us to a private room where no one can see or hear us even if i yell very loudly out of fear? [ laughter ] >> such an unusual show, and we are so happy to have you here. >> me, too. thank you. i look like willy wonka with that -- bow tie. >> having fun with this. >> oh, my goodness, yeah. >> just watched the first episode this morning. you can tell. >> the concept is fun. >> it's abo fact that we, everything we do does have a ripple effect, and it puts out a little bit of good or bad and tally up the points end are offlife. >> where do you wind up? >> and don't take a religious stance on it at all. >> no. this is our comedy afterlife. >> kristen bell, so adorable. can she be anything but adorable? >> smart, bright. >> okay. just checking. >> madly in love with her children. this is what working with
11:41 am
stop filming. she pulls ot her phone and is skyping within seconds with her children. she's all about her kids and about her husband dax, and, you know, great to work with. >> you're all about your family, too. >> i am -- i mean, i am! of course i am. my wonderful mary steenburgen. >> we love her so much. >> and we're grandparents now. so -- >> stop it. >> have been for four years. >> it happens. there's a new one? >> 4 and 2. oh, man. >> she's working on cha-ching is happening. >> cha-ching is happening. yeah. and -- yeah. she's on "last man on earth" just loving it. >> with will. >> will forte. >> and kristen bell's character is so funny. winds up in the good place by accident. >> a clerical error. >> doesn't deserve to be there. >> all heck breaks loose. >> and you can't curve even if you wanted. >> a filter. that's total bullshirt. >> no matter what you try to
11:42 am
so, you can watch with your kids. no swearing! >> okay. >> is that -- what was the thing about it? look, you have a lot of -- >> mike short. >> creator of "parks & recreation." >> and -- >> a quirky take on things to begin with. >> and nbc loves him. this was really -- it's fun to be funny, but also really it's about what it means ss to good life. >> and do you have other things you're thinking about down the road? what kind of plans? >> i'm taking a lot of naps. >> yeah. >> naps are good. >> come on! >> you must nap. >> oh, nice. come on. >> nice! >> what? to look so gorgeous, you must take a lot of naps. >> i love naps. >> naps are the best. larry david is up and running again. i think some curves. >> of course you'll get in on that. >> you never know. he's a whimsical man. >> in other words, flighty,
11:43 am
know. >> whimsical. >> what is it like to be really beloved by everybody? >> really nice. >> "the good place," airs right here on nbc. some hits this year. >> sure do. are you in the mood for love? >> we have a moving performance by elvis duran's artist of the month. his name, james t.w. coming up. >> just heard there's nothing like trying something new.
11:44 am
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er flavored honey halls with real honey. tough love. soft love. get the love you love. sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. earlier you got to meet elvis duran's latest artist of the month and now we get to hear him sing. >> excited about this. james t.w., youtube star performing for audiences to sold joud around the world.
11:49 am
? ? hanging around the back of the school yard ? i've been caught up who says she can't far ? you've been talking and didn't raise you up like this now did we ? there have been changes in the past things you don't know about ? when you found me ? ? they don't make sense but never the less ? you've gotta believe us ? it's all for the best ? it don't make sense the way
11:50 am
sometimes moms and dads fall out of love ? sometimes two homes are better than one ? some things you can't tell sister because she's still too young to understand ? when you love someone ? ? ? there's no one here to blame but nothing's goi with your old friend ? because your home will stay the same because you'll only be away on the weekend ? it don't make sense, but never the less ? you've got to believe us it's all for the best ? it don't make sense, it don't add up ? but we'll always love you no matter what ? sometimes moms and dads full out
11:51 am
sometimes two homes are better than one, some things you can't tell sister because she's still too young ? to understand, when you love someone ? when you love someone ? ? ? come home right after cla of the school yard ? and if we're crying on the couch don't let it freak you out it's just been so hard ? sometimes moms and dads fall out of love ? sometimes the best intentions just ain't enough ? some things you can't tell sister because she's still too
11:52 am
someone ? h hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm ? ? when you love someone ? oh, ooh-ooh, oh ? when you love someone ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ? ? when you love someone ? hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm-hmm >> awesome. >> james t.w. >> great maturity to you already. >> try to catch that video on -- online. it's just an incredible, powerful video nap was great. >> do you know anyone with kids going through a divorce, if you pop that song on it will make them feel instantly better. that was so beautiful. >> please, come back. see us, okay? >> okay? >> joy's solution to help you
11:53 am
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and we're back with joy bours diet, s.o.s. answering an important question that came from one of our viewers. >> a very popular question from candice from philly and she writes, i make perfect choices during the day, but after dinner all hell breaks loose, and i eat my way through the kitchen. nibbling. >> how? >> the best, most effective trip. i want her, candice -- rnts. >> candice. >> to pack a canned snack. anything she wants. it can be ice cream, pletzal, popcorn. here's the key. she needs to portion it just to 200 calories and save it for right before bedtime, and here's why. from a psychological standpoint, just knowing that she has something to look forward to,
11:57 am
to put a lid on all the extracurricular eating we tend to do after dinner. >> right before bed, eat your ice cream, 200 calories, nighty night. >> go to floss, brush, hit the sack. instead of consuming thousands of calleys she only consumed about 200. wake up in the morning feeling virtuous. mission accomplished. >> a question for joy, go to our website and hit the connect button. >> tomorrow a new song from
11:58 am
>> this is a deadly storm approaching our state. if matthew directly affects florida there will be destruction we have not seen in years. florida is preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. the latest on hurricane matthew. and it was their time to shine. the vice presidential debate the issues. plus a warmup for the weekend, wow. danielle grant has your forecas . 9news at noon start in two
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we begin with a breaking situation. a man with a machete is dead after getting shot by police on the c.u. boulder campus.


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