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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  October 6, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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people across several states are scrambling to evacuate this morning as hurricane matthew approaches. the damage done so far......and where the storm's headed next. cu's campus hoping for a quiet day today after a chc was responded to it all coming up. then-- honoring our heroes. the ceremonies happening this week still to come. good morning. happy friday eve. corey, gary and cheryl with you this morning. meteorologist marty coniglio is also joining us. marty- a rainy commute for some this morning. we are tracking hurricane matthew, this morning... looking at where it's been... and where it's headed next. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with more. tarhonda-- the place that has received the brunt of this hurricane... is a country that could scarcely handle more hardship. yes, cheryl: haiti. so many people in that country are still recovering from the earthquake six years ago. the united nations says-- hurricane matthew has created the worst humanitarian crisis since that earthquake. dramatic images-- coming out of that country. people trying to cross fast-moving floodwaters. it's the only way out of their small town... after the bridge was washed away. at least 14 peoploave have been killed. the deaacross haiti is expected to rise. the storm destroyed homes... and crops. damage is so bad-- haiti has postponed its presidential
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last night. for a moment-- as it crossed the caribbean-- hurricane matthew turned into a "category five" storm." ====== it's expected to be a "category four" storm-- when it hits florida. there are evacuation orders from florida-- to the carolinas... the governor of florida is warning people to evacuate-- before the storm hits. people in florida are bracing themselves-- boarding up windows... filling up gas tanks.. and getting out of town. a "state of emergency" has been declared in that state... and in georgia, north carolina and south carolina. they could get the "worst" of the storm, in florida-- late tonight... through tomorrow afternoon. the head of csu's tropical meteorology
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is "unusual". phil klotzch has been watching the storm closely. he says hurricanes that hit this late in the season tend to hit the west coast of florida. a major hurricane hasn't hit the u-s mainland since 2005. klotzbach says there are a few reasons no major storms have hit the u-s in more than a decade. klotzbach says when you get storms in the caribbean late in the season, the caribbean is very warm. which can create intense storms. he says october 20th is usually when hurricane activity , he says, slows down dramatically. students at c-u bolder will return to much calmer campus this morning after man with knife that was shaped like a sword was shot and killed
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was described as a machete. 9wants to know learned that the man is believed to to be a marine in his early 20's who was recently discharged from the service. police say he first threatened a parson in the parking lot of the champions center...near the football field... before following them inside. police confronted the man in a stairwell and shot him when he refused to drop the weapon. we don't know yet if the man was a student. campus will be back open as normal today... and the champions center will be open for its normal business hours as well. following the shooting-- two more alerts went out about a potential threat on the cu campus -- after numerous 911 calls about gunshots being fired. that led hundreds of students to flee the university memorial center. but - those reports were false. that didn't stop rumors from spreading though... thing like a box of ammo being found... that the school's emergency message system had been hacked--were floating around.
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night and addressing the rumors. the university memorial center will be back open as normal today too outgoing president obama has the highest approval rating of his entire second term. the latest cnn o-r-c poll shows him with 55 percent approval. the two people hoping to take his job- are working hard to get that kind of support. democratic candidate hillary clinton is taking today off the campaign trail. she's preparing agai.. sunday's presidential debate. it will be in a town hall format... so the audience will get to ask half of the questions. you can watch the debate over on channel 20 sunday at seven... sunday night football will be here on channel 9. hillary clinton campaign says now is the time to secure a win in november. a data collection team came to that conclusion by poring over turnout patterns in states where people are already voting early. they then use those numbers to figure out how
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candidate donald trump likely has. the team says it hopes to have a solid sample of early voting patterns by the third weeks of october. this time around- donald trump plans to do li more preparing for the presidential debate. last time- he was very vocal about his decision not to prepare beyond having a casual conversation with advisers. clinton mentioned during the debat taht she prepared for the debate adn for being president today- trump plans to hold a rally in a town hall format in prepatration for sunday. ay get ready. trump says he is also planning at least one debate prep session between now and sunday. new jersey governor chris christie and the g- o-p chairman plan to help. the united nations security council is one step closer to naming the next u-n secretary-general. the clear favorite with support of the council is portugal's former prime minister... antonio guterres .
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if he is confirmed, he will take over the post from ban ki-moon early next year. ?m??t funeral preparations are lyecoratedor a soldie fr froms special forces killed tuesday - by he was assigned to company b, 2nd battalion, 10th special forces group airborne. according to the base, staff sgt. thomas joined the army in 2008 and is a bronze star and purple heart recipient. he also received several army commen-dation medals, the national defense service medal and other honors. dozens of recipients of the nation's highest military honor are in the twin cities this week for the 2016 medal of honor convention. each veteran will have their name read today there are 77 living medal of honor recipients. out of the nearly 35-hundred recipients-- that amounts to
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wraps up on saturday with the patriots award gala. a local r-v dealer is asking for your help this morning-- after a group made off with nearly 2 million dollars in brand new r-vs. it was around 9-30 tuesday when the thieves snuck into transwest truck trailer r-v's lot. that's on the east side of i-25 in frederick. the general manager says they got away with 3 r- v's-- all of them brand new. they did get some surveillance video of the theft as it happened. there is a police report on file with frederick police today. if you have any information you're asked to call police. and in kentucky-- sheriff's deputies are on the lookout for whoever's stealing shrubs right out of people's yards. for some reason-- someone has been going around-- pulling them out-- roots and all. a property manager says he was targeted several times before getting the sheriff's office involved. that's when deputies told him he wasn't the only
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up at least 3 times. deputies are still reviewing surveillance video of one of the thefts to try and figure out who's behind it all. liberty island-- the home of the statue of liberty-- will have a new look soon. and later today we'll get our first chance to see that new look. the statue of liberty- ellis island foundation and the national park service will unveil plans and break ground for a new the museum is expected to cost around 70 million dollars. more than four million people visit liberty island every year. an 18 mile trek to
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much to ask for one restaurant employee. but some kind strangers decided to give this determined employee a little help anyway. we'll show you the viral act of kindness. plus- a terrible act of anger ....gets some people outraged enough to make a change. the story that a family hopes prompts an important
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this time last year. federal officials say they're estimating a more than ten percent increase in traffic deaths so far this year. they say that's part of an overall uptick in deaths over the past couple of years. they say it's partially linked to an economy... which put more people in cars and on the roads. at the same time- they say they're hoping to stop all traffic deaths in the u-s in the next 30 years. a cook in ohio has such dedication to his job that it is inspiring people across the country. kevin finley-- walks 18 miles to work at a ruby tuesday every morning-- everyday. this saturday though a local police officer stopped to give him a ride.
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impressed she posted it online. since then-- it's been shared thousands of times. this morning -- there's a go fund me page up to help kevin get a car we checked overnight-- and it's raised nearly 55 hundred dollars. just shy of the 6 thousand dollar goal. a local dealer gave 1 thousand dollars of his own money to the go fund me-- he says he'll pitch in more-- if others do too. a local ski resort
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crowds this season. the changes you can expect see and when just ahead-- but first, lets check in with marty and tracy.
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heartbreaking - maddening - but one that will hopefully will start a bigger converstation about treating people with disabilities with kindess and respect. a 10 year old boy with special needs is in a coma this morning after his family says some other kids set him on fire - on purpose. it happened in texas, in this shed. 10-year-old kayden has disabilities. his family says he was lured to the shed. then a child poured gasoline on him - another boy set him on fire. kayden's aunt says another challenge he will fight to overcome. this morning-- kayden's recoving from burns covering 20 percent of his body. police have one child in custody - charged with arson. kayden's family knows it is hard to talk about - but they are asking people to talk about kayden and
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tolerant but loving to kids who might be different than they are new runs at the eldora mountain resort could be open by the end of the year. the daily camera reports works is already underway on the expansion project. officials with the resort say trees are being cut right now to make room for three new runs. work is also being do to replace two of the lifts with one high speed one. the entire project is expected to add around 15 acres to the resort. let's check in with marty. a cat rescue
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in singapore is going viral today. authorities say this little guy jumped out of an open window on sunday and got
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that's when animal rescue was called in. it took a few tries but they were able to grab the kitten using a pole with a loop of rope on the end. the super bowl of beer is in denver today. but not all local brewers want a taste of the festival in their own backyard. inthe next half hour- why some the big brewing celebration.
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you the mountain commute problems right now... and who could get more snow later on. . now we're going to show you the mountain commute problems
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snow later today. hurricane matthew is heading toward the southeast coast. we'll show you the preparations is and evacuations happening right now. 3800 different kinds of beer in one place. we don't recommend you try them all. try a lot of them. we'll show you who's in and who's out at great american beer festival. >> that's right the convention center biggest bar on the planet starting today >> in the universe. >> good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. martie kind of rainy and dreary. >> it is. going to need the rain gear. kids need rain gear. a lot out waiting on buses in the next hour or so. we'll have damp conditions through 8:30 or 9:00 in the metro. it's wet out here now. showers down low. rain snow line 6500 to 6800 feet. rain and snow going in northern colorado as well.


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