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tv   Today  NBC  October 6, 2016 7:00am-9:56am MDT

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>> going over to channel 20 more fun with dry ice. we'll see good morning, breaking news, hurricane matthew powering up. now, expect it to land in florida tonight as a powerful category 4. >> this is no joke. all of the models show this hitting a big part of t if you're in the strike zone and your officials tell you to get out, get out. >> full, live coverage as matthew bears down on the bahamas and makes its way toward the u.s. >> candid kaine. hillary clinton's running mate acknowledges he may have been too aggressive. >> i got dinged for interrupting too much. >> as donald trump pats himself on the back for his running mate's performance.
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credit. >> after facing a tough crowd in a first grade classroom. >> just ahead, mike pence joins us live. trouble on the tarmac. a southwest plane evacuated after a passenger's samsung phone catches fire. >> that smoke is just billowing out of my clothes and my pocket. >> the phone wasn't one of the recalled devices. it was brand ne faulty? >> and a super hero send off. an emotional tribute to the 6-year-old boy killed in the elementary school shooting in south carolina. the celebration of his life that brought an entire town together today, thursday, october 6th,
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good morning, everybody, welcome to "today." it is a thursday morning. we've been watching matthew for days and now it seems the very path we feared it would be on is the path it is taking. >> the breaking news on matthew is not good news because the storm is now intensifying this morning as it inches towards the united states. >> now, millions in florida and georgia and south carolina have been told to evacuate and thest could spell double trouble for the region. we have all of this covered but let's start with al in i know the forecasts are coming fast and furious now. >> they really are now and this could be the worst case scenario. you can see matthew is a category 3 but we expect it to start to intensify as the forward motion begins. here is what we're looking for. it is a close call. the snow storm center by late tonight, early tomorrow morning will be 15 miles off shore. if that shifts a little bit to the west, those 140 miles an
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coastline for hours. it will continue through saturday morning up to jacksonville as a category 2 storm, again, pounding the coastline, sunday morning, it makes a turn out into the atlantic but then as we move into monday, it starts to create what we could see, a loop. there is another storm system throughout that could keep this close to shore. so, this is just about as bad a scenario as you can see. we have hurricane warnings from the ha . . georgia. 11 million people under hurricane warning. 2 million under hurricane watches the impact aerkz the bahamas this morning, 10 to 18 foot storm surges. southern florida starting late tonight, wind gusts, 60 to 95 miles an hour. rain fall, three to seven, with storm surges. a 6 to 9 foot storm surge as you get into northern florida. wind gusts of 100 miles an hour. we move into friday evening.
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carolinas down to georgia. wind gusts of 80 miles per hour. 15 inches of rain. the storm surge is another big problem we have to worry about. ahead of high tide, one to three feet. from miami to ft. lauderdale. three to five feet west palm beach to ft. pierce. we move up the coast to melbourne to savannah, georgia. six to nine feet. then you look at the carolina coast, three to five feet. and the rainfall amounts we're talking anywhere from five to seven inches. but between savannah and ten inches or more. and the problem is there's going to be just catastrophic possibilities of power outages, of storm surge, of flooding. and it's going to be going on the this thing does get caught up too a loop we will be talking about this into next week. >> the worst case scenario at the moment now. thanks very much. matthew is hammering the
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you know, the northern edge of this hurricane is just pounding the island. the wind and the rain is incredible. we're protected up here but let me give you a look at what's going on down there. the wind and rain is so strong it is blowing sideways. the trees are bent. another concern out here is this storm surge as al mentioned. we could get swells up to 15 feet. that could wipe out most of the homes on this island. residents have boarded up the homes. many have evacuated. there are still about 3,000 the airport is closed so everybody who is here now, they are stuck. and they have to wait out this storm. some tourists from a nearby hotel very evacuated from their rooms. they had to sleep on the floor in the ballroom. now, we were out there just a short while ago looking around and there's already a lot of damage. trees have been ripped from the ground. roads are flooded. and i'm assume that the worst is still to come because the hurricane is not quite over us. matt and savannah.
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impact here in the u.s. this morning the evacuations are ramping up across the south. millions preparing for what may be a direct hit. nbc national correspondent is down in west palm this morning. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. this is usually a very busy block with foot traffic and also local restaurants. but today a much different scene. businesses here have been boarded up. so have homes in the neighborhood. we're just a block from the beach. this could be the area of impact. this morning floridians are brace for hurricane matthew. racing to get out of the way. >> i'm hoping it doesn't hit us because it's a mess. >> reporter: nearly 2 million people along the coast from florida to georgia to the carolinas warned to leave while they can. the massive slow-moving monster could be catastrophic. >> it could mean a difference between life and death. >> reporter: with some mandatory evacuations under way, roads are
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bare. more members of the national guard activated to keep order while swift water rescue teams are being deployed across the region. nearly 1600 flights canceled. trains and cruise ships suspending service in south florida. the arrington family one of many packing their lives into a car. >> pictures and entertainment for the kids. that's really it. the rest is j just hoping that it all pans out. >> reporter: for several days matthew pounding the caribbean, including swaths of haiti which were decimated. not just washing away bridges but lives and communities, too. the death toll certain to climb. >> board her up and fly. >> reporter: this morning matthew is poised to strike again, moving closer to florida
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away. businesses near the coast have already shut down. places like this gas station may not reopen for several days. they are bracing for the impact of this storm. it is still unclear just how devastating it will be. but folks say they will be ready for hurricane matthew when it rolls ashore. back to you guys. >> all right, miguel, thank you. by the way, we will follow matthew all morning long. a storm chaser is in the thick of the storm as it is bearing down in the bahamas right now. let us turn now campaign trail and the state of the race with just 33 days to go. donald trump and hillary clinton are sparring over this week's vice presidential debate. trump using words like incredible to describe mike pence's performance while clinton said tim kaine did a great job making pence bob and weave. >> new poll has the race tightening in the key swing state of ohio. showing up two points, 44-42%. >> and as you might expect,
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night's second presidential debate. clinton will spend the next few days off the campaign trail to get ready but she did show up in a fund-raiser in washington last night. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has the latest from the trail. peter, good morning to you. >> matt and savannah, good morning. donald trump is facing major pressure coming up to improve on his performance in that first debate. this weekend's debate is a town hall style format even and today the campaign has added a town hall style eventn a dry run, practice of sorts. there is a source close to the campaign tells me the scrimmage for this weekend's big game. just days after his high stakes rematch with hillary clinton donald trump is touting his running mate's performance in tuesday's contentious clash. >> didn't mike pence do a great job? >> reporter: sources close to trump disputing reports that privately he was upset about being upstaged by pence. in nevada publicly heaping
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pence. >> i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called choice. >> reporter: just blocks from the white house star-studded fund-raiser hillary clinton accusing pence of being unable to defend trump. >> i think that tells you everything you need to know about who's qualified and president, even mike pence doesn't think donald trump is. >> reporter: still, despite a thumbs up from his kaine concedes he was too agress sg ive. >> the key part of the debate, i felt like i was going after donald trump and mike pence was kind of going after trump with me. >> reporter: ahead of the debate s
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>> she likes answering questions from individual citizens. >> with clinton pulling ahead in recent polls, both candidates are emphasizing early voting. eight states already accepting ballots. clinton's top surrogates fanning out across key battle grounds including bill clinton in ohio. trump previewing a likely line of attack. meanwhile, in an interview on portrayal on saturday night live. >> let's do this. >> she was amazing. i wish i could do the jumps and flips and somersaults. i've been working on it. >> the next debate. >> the next debate. why not? >> cartwheels. >> new this morning, "the today show" is getting an exclusive first look at donald trump's new ad that will be airing beginning today nationally and in key backgrounds. senior strategist within the trump campaign tells me it bucket waits a point they hope
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campaign focusing on more specifics and the consumer benefit of trump's policies. at 8:00, we'll show you hillary clinton's new ad that is now airing. back to you. >> all right, peter alexander, thank you very much. governor pence will join us live in our next half hour. >> national security agency has another embarrassing theft case on its hands. a maryland man who worked as a contractor for the nsa has been charged with stealing highly classified information. prosecutors say harold martin the third stored the materia his home and in his car. the fbi arrested martin in august after agents say he admitted taking government secrets. he was employed by the same firm where nsa leaker edward snowden was a contractor. martin's attorney said he never betrayed to depray his country. we want to tell you about urgent allegations launched by the faa after a cell phone seemed to catch fire on a
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the owner says it was a new replacement model of the galaxy note 7 he got after the last phone was part of the worldwide recall. tom costello is live on that story. good morning. >> reporter: there is great relief that this plane, that this incident happened while the plane was on the ground and not on the air but the question this morning, do the replacement galaxy note 7's also pose a serious risk? >> this is the phone that southwest airlines flight 994 on wednesday. >> smoke in the cabin on the ramp at the gate, terminal ramp. >> it all started when brian green tried powering down his galaxy note 7 before the plane ever left the gate. >> just placed the phone in my pocket and within a few seconds, i heard a pop similar to a ziploc bag popping open. i looked around to see what was going on and i had smoke billowing out of my clothes and pocket. >> green said his pocket was even singed.
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as the toxic smelling smoke began filling the nearby rows. >> i did see the cloud of smoke and somebody yell it is the phone, the phone caught on fire. >> it was brown, electronic smoke. the brown, green, gray, real ugly stuff. >> it was last month that samsung issued the worldwide recall offering replacements for all note 7's. >> we apologize, especially to those who were personally affected by this. >> reporter: with roughly 100 reports of its own strict orders for passenger planes. >> please, be sure that you turn that galaxy 7 off completely and please do not attempt to charge it at any time during the flight. >> brian green says his phone was replacement for his original note 7 he turned in as part of the recall. incates it should be good. samsung tells nbc news, until we're able to retrieve the device, we can't confirm that
7:15 am
consumer product safety commission is launching an urgent investigation. >> we're fully committed to getting answers as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the cpsc is reminding customers you can turn in your galaxy note 7 for a full refund. you don't just have to get a new one, you can get a refund. the faa is concerned about the fire danger and guys, consider this, this burned so hot it burned all the way through the carpet on this down to the depth of the plane. they took the plane out of service yesterday. >> lucky this happened on the ground, tom, thank you very much. now to a tribute to the 6-year-old little boy who was killed in the elementary school in south carolina. family and friends saying goodbye to jacob hall with a super hero themed funeral. janet shamlian has more. good morning. >> reporter: it was an effort to
7:16 am
the school opened for the first time since the shooting. in south carolina's darkest days, there was light. the funeral of 6-year-old jacob hall became a costume celebration of a boy who his mom says dreamed of helping others as a super hero. >> why do you suggest everybody come in costume. >> i know there would be jacob's class mates, friends from all over t >> reporter: and still, they came. super man, wonder woman, ninja turtles and avengers. a third of the town. the k-9 unit dressed the dogs, even a batmobile. >> i can't help but feel he has been riding in the batmobile with me for the longest time today. >> reporter: the small casket in church, a grim reminder of a staggering loss. >> i don't want to let him go.
7:17 am
this is the worst pain i've ever felt in my whole entire life. >> reporter: and after such joy, his mom renee recording him on the first day of school. >> i'm going to be in first grade. >> good job and your teacher's name? >>. [ inaudible ] >> good job. >> that teacher was shot protecting jacob, she is okay. a 14-year-old now faces charges including two counts of murder for allegedly first killing his own father, then jacob. >> we' today. >> also something gained in townville. the power of a child to join a shattered community. maybe jacob hall was a super hero after all. >> i'm surprised it is not raining outside from his tears of joy. >> reporter: jacob hall leaves a big legacy for a small town. still, this will be a very difficult day here at townville elementary school and for the entire community. matt and savannah, back to you.
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the whole community, janet. let's turn over to al again and get another look at the forecast. >> other than what we're talking about down in florida, getting ready to happen. we're looking at beautiful weather from new england, through the ohio river valley into the gulf coast. next half hour, we'll be looking at this enhanced risk of severe storms in the mid mississippi river valley. santa ana winds setting up. high fire danger in southern california. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30
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>> we've got m >> we have more on hurricane matthew coming up in the next half hour. >> want a happy family? why there could be more to staying home for vacation than you think. >> what is behind the creepy clown sightings leading to panic, arrest, bans on costumes. we'll have a closer look at an odd phenomenon. first, this is "today" on nbc. t
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coming up on channel 20. >> here's a look at what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 7:00 a.m. it's been more than a decade since the u.s. has seen a storm this big. now the countdown to hurricane matthew is underway and millions could be affected. cleaning up after the 2013 floods is expensive.
7:27 am
stepping aside while the feds look into how the town of lions is spending its federal recovery money. let's check weather and traffic with tracey anthony and -- >> lots of brake lights because there is an accident. so these accidents are on major roadways and they have been blocking lanes so causing major delays, i-25 almost completely in the red north southbound. i-225 several accidents and also on santa fe numerous accidents, one right after another so with all that rain, marty, you got to slow down a little bit today. >> i know, and it's been so long since anyone has driven in rain around here, especially rain like this. we will continue to see it around here during the course of the morning this morning with rain over the area, decreasing as we go through the afternoon. the showers have been really heavy here over the front range over the last couple of hours and, yes, we have had snow in
7:28 am
fallen and it's going to start tapering off here in the next couple of hours so the focus now is going to be this rain moving through the eastern plains. it's slacked off a little bit in northern colorado. we are anticipating slight rebound in the rain later in the day but really impressive rain anticipated here in the quarter inch to 1/2" rainfall amounts for us during the course of the day today.
7:30 am
we're back now, 7:30 on a thursday morning. it is the 6th of october, 2016. the surf starting to get pretty rough around palm beach, florida. this is in the general area where al says we can start expect landfall, if it does that, for hurricane matthew. >> in a few hours it may look very, very different there. hurricane matthew getting stronger by the moment, warnings and watches issued along the florida coast. in the meantime, we are getting a better look at the destruction matthew has already caused in haiti, including widespread flooding and mudslides. overnight the death toll there rose to at least ten.
7:31 am
we'll get the latest from al in a moment and also talk to a storm chaser who is being hit by the storm in the bahamas right now. in politics, donald trump taking a new approach to prepare for the next presidential debate. it is a town hall format, so today trump will practice by holding a town hall event in new hampshire, according to aides. hillary clinton, meanwhile, is preparing as she did last time with aides in washington. on "today's" campaign moment, kids say the darnedest things. political edition. listened to what happened on wednesday whenal vegas. >> i'm nervous. i'm nervous. i'm nervous. see i told you. >> can't make that stuff up. that little boy was obviously nervous. the video proving yet again kids have zero filter. >> they do not. let's get more now on hurricane matthew, it is on a
7:32 am
across the area. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we have kind of took a little bit of shelter here. as you can see, we were standing out, pieces of the roof of our hotel started flying off so we had to kind of back up a little bit. but major hurricane matthew is making its way toward nassau rather quickly now, continuing to strengthen. last night when we went to bed it was around 960 millibars. i bie millibars in seven hours. waves are starting to crank up pretty big behind us. pieces of roof here are coming off. we have a restaurant right behind where our room is. there goes roof right there. pieces of the roof are flying off of that. so as we continue to go through the morning hours here on nassau, at least for the next eight hours or so, i'm thinking that we are going to deal with some major hurricane conditions that are going to continue to get worse and not get better. >> brett adair, stay safe. thank you very much.
7:33 am
this over in our hurricane center. hey, al. >> guys, here's a point i want to make. this doesn't necessarily even have to make landfall to cause real damage. in fact, it is forecast to just stay offshore and that's going to be the problem. by tonight we start to see tropical force winds from miami up to west palm beach. then we move in to early tomorrow morning. the eye could get onshore, but even if it doesn't, you can see this area in white. these are hurricane-fords beach. we move in to friday night. we're now up around jacksonville. again, right on shore. we are talking about hurricane-force winds. the center of the eye is about 45 miles wide. all right? i should say, it's 25 miles wide. the hurricane-force winds extend out about 45 miles. again, as we move into saturday morning, you've got some those winds from savannah into charleston, all the way up into
7:34 am
midsection of the country. we've got an enhanced area of severe weather from des moines down to wichita. hail, wind, possibility of tornadoes. and we are looking at rainfall amounts anywhere from three to five inches in parts of kansas on in to parts of missouri. that's what's going on >> for the latest on matthew and your forecast, head to the weather channel on cable. >> good advice, al. now to a, frankly, bizarre
7:35 am
really have communities across the country on edge. nbc's joe fryar has the latest on it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. those creepy clowns are making headlines from coast to coast now, in some cases there are actual clown sightings. in many other places, just hoaxes. either way, police are paying attention and making arrests. with halloween still a few weeks away, the creepy clown craze is causing quite a square. >> our children shouldn't be terrified. stay away from our >> reporter: michigan police are investigating after he says he was scratched by a clown wielding a butter knife. >> he grabbed my wrist. then he used the other hand, too. he dragged the knife from my arm slowly. >> reporter: in new jersey, officers say men wearing these masks drove around town scaring other drivers. in new york state, photos of an armed clown made the rounds on social media. police say it was a teenager
7:36 am
the country are rving online threats from people posing as clowns. so far police have not considered most of the threats credible, but many schools are boosting security. >> we deployed our resources, we've added out the threat, we called fbi, joint terrorism task force. we take the threat seriously. >> reporter: no one in laughing in new haven, connecticut where students banned students from b wearing clown costumes or masks this halloween season. scary sightings prompted neighbors to call 911. >> a clown last seen wearing a red nose and all white clothing asking kids if they want ice cream. >> reporter: police departments are working to calm fears. so is author steven king, the man who wrote the horror novel "it" and created the character, penny wise the clown. king tweeted, hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria. most of 'em are good, chief up
7:37 am
professional clowns. >> mostly i feel bad for the kids that have to deal with being scared of these, you know, mentally ill people. it is annoying to us as real clowns. it makes us sad that we even have to address this. >> police across the country have been tracking down and arresting teens who are making online threats against schools. they've also arrested some of those who are dressing up as clowns and scaring people in person. in fact, one man in kentucky was charged not only with disorderly in public which is a city ordinance. matt and savannah? >> joe, thank you. really not funny. just ahead, we'll turn back to politics with a live interview with the republican vice presidential candidate, mike pebs. pence. >> we're going to get the i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really?
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ing performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe. we're back now at 7:42. we've got donald trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence. morning in gettysburg, pennsylvania on the wake of this week's vice presidential's debate. so the pundits have had a couple of days now, or 36 hours, who digest your performance in the vice presidential debate. so has your running mate, donald trump, who seems to be saying, you did a great job, and he wants to take some of the credit for that because it shows he had great judgment in selecting you. isn't that a little bit like
7:43 am
yards for a touchdown, then saying did you see that handoff? >> well, first, before i respond to great question, great reference, too, matt, thanks. let me say our haurts and our prayers are very much with the people of florida and haiti as the hurricane matthew approaches. i hope every american is keeping our neighbors to the south in their prayers and in their hearts and we certainly people to support relief efforts that will likely be challenged in the days ahead. but with regard to that, i have to tell you, i got some people think that i won the debate the other night. i leave that to the pundits. but i honestly do believe that donald trump did win debate. it was donald trump's vision that i was describing. it was donald trump's message to make america great again and for me to be able to be there at that table share that vision
7:44 am
as americans was a great honor for me. >> governor, you are getting a lot of credit for your performance at this debate but a lot of people have noticed you spent time denying things that trump said that he did, in fact, say. as one paper put it, it's a clinton attack ad waiting to happen and, sure enough, take a look. >> let's start with not praising vladimir putin as a great leader. donald trump and mike pence have said he's a great leader. and donald trump has -- >> you know -- >> putin's has been a strong leader in russia. >> vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in this country. >> more nations should get nuclear weapons. try to defend that. >> he never said that. >> wouldn't you rather in a certain sense have joo ja pan have nuclear weapons? >> saudi arabia? >> absolutely. >> governor pence, that ad goes on for more than a minute with a bunch of kron tra dictions. i guess the question is, even though it worked in the moment, was at this time wrong approach
7:45 am
going to come right back to bite you the next day? >> well, i don't think so at all, savannah. the mischaracterizations and the way tim kaine and hillary clinton continue to take donald trump's statements out of context, it was something i just wasn't going to tolerate during the debate. >> those are direct quotes. >> donald trump as i have observe owe-- tim kaine said thi had said that vladimir putin was a better lead >> i corrected him. >> you said stronger leader. >> i said stronger. and, savannah, there's a difference. he was wrong, i was right. what i was observing is quite frankly that the russian reset has been a disasterous failure for hillary clinton. she said it was her number one priority when she was secretary of state. and now since the russian reset, we've seen vladimir putin exercise -- exercise the kind of strength on the world stage
7:46 am
invasion in ukraine and the -- now the humanitarian crisis in syria being driven by russian aggression, relationship that they have with iran. i do think -- i do think observing the small and bullying leader of russia has been stronger on the world stage for his country than hillary clinton and barack obama is just simply a statement of fact and saying that we have to change -- >> governor, on a couple of occasions tim kaine gave you a comments that donald trump has made over the course of the last year and asked you to defend them. instead of defending them you either said he really didn't say those things or you changed the subject to hillary clinton. do you find it hard -- can you say to us today that you cannot defend some of the things that donald trump has said about women and mexican immigrants and john mccain and the federal judge of mexican heritage? >> well, it's the greatest honor
7:47 am
shoulder with donald trump. what i think most americans saw was that after tim kaine ran through a rapid obviously memorized litany of personal insults, then he said that donald trump and i were running the insult-driven campaign. >> yeah. but in all due respect, governor, you just did it again. >> i told him i'd be happy to go line by line, let him saying that donald trump said something about all trump was talking about the whole issue of criminal aliens in the country. he conveniently omitted that donald trump has said that even many of the people that come in to this country illegally are good people. he left that out. but look, this campaign has been focused on the issues of most importance to the american people. i want to give the moderator a lot of cred it in that debate. you all have a tough job out there and you all do it well. i thought elaine did a good job keeping the debate focused on
7:48 am
national security, getting this economy moving again, and so to be honest with you, i'm incredibly proud to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with donald trump. we'll take on all those things. but i will point out to you that when i pointed out that hillary clinton had called half of donald trump and my supporters a basket of deplorables, tim kaine didn't say a word about that or defend that either. >> he actually did. he said that she had apologized for that statement. >> i thought it was a campaign is better for it. >> short question, governor pence. do you think that donald trump is a role model for children? >> i, frankly, think hillary clinton and donald trump have many admirable qualities that young people can look up to today. i think donald trump is a strong leader. he fights for what he believes in. he's man who we learned 20 years ago went through a very
7:49 am
and the smarts to marshal a real comeback. it is the kind of comeback he can lead for america. and i want to recognize hillary clinton as the first woman to be a major party nominee in american history. so there are aspects of these people -- you know, nobody's perfect. i can only think of one person in human history that's perfect. but i think there is qualities in both of these people that young people can admire. >> to be continued. >> we got to let it go there, unfortunately. governor pence, thankor appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> thank you. good to be with you. coming up, hurricane matthew matthew gaining strength on a path towards florida. what millions need to do right what millions need to do right [vacuum sound]
7:50 am
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coming up on channel 20. >> i'm gary shapiro. here's what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. today. a storm like hurricane matthew has not hit florida shores in a long time. we will tell you why one csu researcher says it's not only a dangerous storm but a unique one. back to class at c.u. boulder today, one day after a man with a knife was shot by police and that caused all kinds of rumors to fly around campus. we will talk about it. and this weekend it is all
7:57 am
festival starts in colorado today but some colorado beer companies say they would rather not be there. let's check the weather and the traffic now with tracey and marty. >> good morning. i think the rain has a lot to do with all of these accidents we are experiencing across the metro area. they started early. we do have a new accident on i- 25 southbound and yale. you can see the police officers there off to the left shoulder but still going to have to go around and it's definitely going to cause some further delays here along your in so plan extra time as you're heading out. we are in the red north and southbound, so very slow speeds, some areas dropping down into the teens and even the single digits, and marty like we were talking about, it is the rain and now it's starting to pool as you can see here, that's the blue areas where we can't rule out ponding on the roadways so that is leading to more and more accidents. >> it's been raining very heavily around here. it's going to start tapering off in the next couple of hours. snow in the mountains already slowing down, it will be following suit here in the
7:58 am
we will move most of the action up into the wyoming border area and up into northeastern colorado during the day today. rain very impressive around here, quarter of an inch to half an inch in many locations, could go an inch or more farther to our north and east. we will be clearing here by around noon today but it's still going to be quite cool here today with temperatures only in the 50s, with socked-in conditions over the northeastern plains and the rain, it will stay in the 40s, so we have this morning rain, we clear slowly this mid-50s today. tomorrow morning freezing temperatures anticipated throughout the front range. please plan ahead for that if
7:59 am
8:00 am
evacuate coming up, hurricane matthew gains strength overnight battering the bamz hamas as it marches closer to the u.s. nearly 2 million now evacuating. we h lineup stopping by 1a. ashton kutcher, seth meyers and judge judy. ? never gonna give you up never gonna let you down ? >> and a very special performance by '80s superstar rick astley "today," thursday, october 6th, 2016. ?
8:01 am
>> from hofstra, mississippi! ? night fever night fever ? >> hello, wisconsin! >> happy birthday to us! woo! >> she may have fallen and gotten back up, but it didn't stop us from coming to the "today" show! thursday, it is october 6th. we got a whole bunch of white coats out on our plaza. because we are celebrating the pharmacists. they are here in force and we are so glad that they're here. carson saw all the white jackets quickly and he thought
8:02 am
>> physician assistant, karate class, same thing. >> listen to that music. that's the beegees right there. that's "night fever." that's your throwback thursday. >> by the way, barry gibb is going to be here next week. i didn't even know that. >> but since it is throwback thursday, we have rick astley. right here in the studio. i love rick astley! the soundtrack. sounds incredible. he has new music out. >> by the way, he doesn't age. >> he looks great. we're all going to rick roll. let's start this half-hour with your "news at 8." we begin with hurricane matthew. i'm tammy leitner in nasa saw, bahamas, where the hurricane has made landfall. strong winds out here. we are seeing power lines down, trees down, complete roads are
8:03 am
hurricane matthew roared into the bahamas with a fury not seen here in more than 80 years. winds whipping at over 120 miles an hour, taking down trees, power lines, and homes. all airports closed, clleaving hundreds of tourists stranded in paradise. guests at one luxury hotel evacuated from their rooms and forced to sleep on disposable . couple -- >> we're here for our honeymoon. >> now you guys are literally trapped in this hotel. >> yeah. >> stuck on this island. >> but we will make do. >> reporter: the biggest concern, not just this wind and rain, but a storm surge that could bring swells up to 15 feet washing across this island. the hurricane already leaving a deadly trail of destruction further south. in haiti, at least 19 dead and
8:04 am
worst humanitarian crisis since the earthquake of 2010. one town still waiting on life-saving aid after the only bridge linking the north to the south collapsed. and in cuba, dozens of homes destroyed on the eastern coast. residents there still picking up the pieces. now the monster hurricane heads north. nearly 2 million people urged to evacuate in florida, georgia and the carolinas with the nationa >> >> reporter: brace for landfall and preparing for the worst. you are looking at a live picture of what winds at more than 100 miles an hour look like. now, every 20 or 30 minutes we are hearing loud explosions. we're assuming those are transformers. we lost power just a short while ago. it's unclear how much of the rest of the island still has power at this point.
8:05 am
thank you. >> we turn now back to politics. the presidential candidates getting ready for their next debate on sunday and sparring over their running mate's face-off this week. nbc's kristen welker has the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail again today, getting ready for round two with donald trump. trump is also getting down to business after getting criticized for not being prepared enough for the first debate. tonight he will hold a town hall event in new hampshire, a dry run of sorts for the now just three days away. hillary clinton getting into fight mode at a star-studded fund-raiser in washington. >> i'm looking forward to our next debate. i thought the first one went pretty well. >> reporter: clinton also praised her running mate tim kaine for his debate performance against pence. kaine was criticized for frequently interrupting. >> you are trump --
8:06 am
mike pence to defend what donald trump has said and done, pence just bobbed and weaved. >> reporter: mike pence this morning on "today." >> i do leave that donald trump did win the debate. it was donald trump's vision i was describing it was donald trump's message to make america great again. >> reporter: in reno last night donald trump answering. >> didn't mike pence do a great job? >> reporter: but trump mocked the people who mispronounced the name nevada. but then got it wrong himself. >> nevada, ne-va-da. when i came out here i said nobody says it the other way. has to be nevada. >> reporter: trump signalling this sunday he plans to take aim at obamacare after earlier this week bill clinton seemed to sharply criticize the president's signature piece of legislation. >> it's a craziest thing in the world. >> reporter: trump wednesday
8:07 am
whoa, did he blow it. can you imagine when he walked home to that beautiful home in westchester and he said, hi, hillary, how was your day? oh, did he suffer. >> reporter: bill clinton has repeatedly tried to walk back his remark. >> i strongly supported that bill and it's given more than 20 million people more insurance. but there are problems with it. >> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton tried to lighten things up during "extra." asked about all lech baldwin's impression of trump. >> perfect. so i can't wait to see what else they're going to do. i don't know who is going to show up at my next debate sunday night. >> reporter: now, this morning secretary clinton is out with a new ad touting the work she says she's done for children and families, an attempt to showcase her positive policy goals before the fireworks go up again sunday night. matt, savannah?
8:08 am
this morning in battle blood testing company theronos will close the centers. the news was revealed in a public letter to shareholders by elizabeth holmes. therons will cut 340 employee, more than 40% overall workforce. the move comes just?b? months ar investigative reports by the "wall street journal" that questioned whether the company's technology really worked. and affordable blood test that claimed to diagne therons disputed the journal's claims. a federal investigation is under way. the company denies any wrong doing. here's an unusual way to get your teammate open on the basketball court. look at this. los angeles clippers jamal crawford lost his sneaker during preseason game last night. so fellow player scooped it up and tossed it around the court but it hit joseph right in the
8:09 am
it and laughed it up. >> you need double knots. >> double knots. up next, should up next, should stores be open on holidays like thanksgiving? the major mall than taking an unexpected stand on that
8:10 am
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i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. we are back now. 8:13 with what is "trending" today. maybe we should say, who is "trending" today. ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> means the world that you would have me here this early. thank you so much because this is the hour i want to be here. not on later hours. >> we're going to make it all about you in a second.
8:14 am
some things that are "trending." the nation's largest mall, bucking a trend and taking a stand. over the last few years we've seen a lot of malls opening earlier and earlier on thanksgiving day not wanting to wait until black friday. but now the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota says it will remain closed on thanksgiving. >> yes! >> the mall has been open on that holiday since 2012. this year executives say they want to allow workers time off with their families. what a novel idea, right? and the mall w in the morning on black friday. what are you looking at me for? >> i'm just looking at you. >> you agree with the stand? >> i do. the last two years of our show we've actually done our show on thanksgiving and we realized the same thing. live on thanksgiving. now we're going to do it on wednesday and let our people go home, too. >> all right, seth! >> i feel like there were like 10 to 12 people who were really excited no the to have an excuse not to go.
8:15 am
holidays, spending time with the family. a lot of people like to go away for thanksgiving and christmas. but actually, a new study says if you really want to keep everybody happy, skip the trip, stay home. researchers say that visiting new places and interacting with new people can actually leave families stressed and exhausted. bottom line, long live the staycation. >> especially if you live somewhere like hawaii. really works well. >> or jamaica. there's no stress in talking to the lovely people of thing about vacations is you relax in looking forward to them. >> that was "trending." >> was it? i like that science more than this science. i do agree once you actually go on vacations they are terrible. but i agree they are nice to look forward to. >> sometimes when you do the staycation, people does their own thing. you don't really have the family -- >> you get together for dinners and lunches and things like that.
8:16 am
>> i do. i love studies. studies give you a joke every night. >> here's your new study. something we see and hear just about every day. you guys know anyone who has a big yawn? some people yawn like -- other people like bryant gumbel -- all right? so, guess what, do you have a big yawn or a little yawn? >> i think i have a pretty big yawn. >> i think i do, too. >> mine's big unless i am talking to somebody. >> i have a huge scientists have found that people who have big yawns also have big brains. experts say there is a good scientific reason for it. long yawns bring a rush of blood to the brain delivering oxygen and allowing our big brains to cool off. >> that's a study! >> cool. we are really smart. if you slept the night before you wouldn't be yawning. >> we are so happy today.
8:17 am
pop music icon. he's found some unexpected success online. carson knows all about it. >> beyond him being a legend here and in the studio, rick astley's become a bit of an in internet phenomenon called the rick roll. you build up someone's expectations and send them a link. you send this link instead. it is ait and switch. it's become such an online ns the is an urban dictionary entry for it. 245 million views on youtube and counting. rick is here and he is going to perform in our next hour the classic. he's got some new music. people of the irnternet, you're welcome! >> you're taking the show on the road. >> first time we're leaving. we're going to be in washington, d.c. next week monday through
8:18 am
>> you have good guests. >> we have vice president biden, dr. jill biden, senator al franken who used to be in comedy, you guys. kevin hart. so it will be a good week. lena dunham. strong. very strong. >> time for "popstart!." carson created "popstart!." >> i had nothing to do with this. it is not my gem. first to lady gaga giving us an early preview of what to expect show. last night gaga kicked off a dive bar tour she's on. in nashville debuting three new songs including this one. ? >> that's cool. >> i like it. >> little country, little rock 'n' roll. sounded pretty good for gaga. that's a nice dive bar, too, by the way.
8:19 am
ann." here's a look at the first trailer from the new movie "jackie." >> for one brief, shining moment, it was camelot. ? >> there won't be another camelot. not another camelot. >> come on, does that look great or what? "jackie" hits theaters december 2nd. >> that looks really well written. >> we know the person who wrote that. >> we do. happens to be our boss on the
8:20 am
>> seth, thank you. your show airs weeknights, 12:35, 11:35 central time right here on nbc. check out seth every night. >> thank you. you guys are on every day, too. i feel like i want to let people know that as well. check out the "today" show, airing this time every day. >> all you have to do is say take a little nap. >> mr. roker? we've been talking about matthew. news is not great. it is still a category 3 storm, 215 miles southeast of west palm beach, florida. 125-mile-per-hour winds, moving northwest at 12 miles per hour. so it is a close call. friday, 2:00 a.m., 145-mile-per-hour winds, a category 4. the storm center's within 15 miles of the shoreline. you move west a little bit and it could be catastrophic. saturday morning, 110-mile-per-hour winds along
8:21 am
by the time we get to sunday morning, it is a category 1 storm. then kind of loops around monday on in to tuesday, it is down just off again the florida coastline. again, we will continue to watch this as the day wears on. that's what's going on aro >> and that's your latest weather. check us out every day, sirius xm channel 108. >> al, thank you very much.
8:22 am
no-nonsense style presiding over her tv court. her wildly popular show just started its 21st season. judge judy, good morning. nice to see you. your hoe is now old enough to drink. congratulations. that's fantastic. >> thank you. i get to the bar first. >> over the time period that you've been on the air, a lot of other judge shows have come and gone. why do you think not only have you stayed in the game, but stayed number about yourself. that's very hard, as you know. but i think that the people appreciate the message and the messenger. you know, it's not show busy without a little bit of a show and i don't find that very difficult to do. i take my job to provide justice and a fair playing field seriously. i think people know that. and i think the message of responsibility resonates. >> i think it's you. i'll say nice things about you. >> i'm ready.
8:23 am
there is some approach you take where you do walk that fine line beautifully between something that is meaningful and educational and important to people, and something that's entertaining. and it is not easy. >> well, everybody can do something well, matt. you are a great interviewer. you make -- >> thank you. >> -- the person who you interview feel comfortable and able to tell a comfortable story. that's your gift. i can't chemistry, i had to cheat my way through college in chemistry in order to survive. i barely learned french. but i do understand the human condition. and whether that was a trained thing from the family court or whether it was innate, it was just my way, my natural way of being able to earn a living. >> you say you understand the human condition. that segues beautifully into, you're also celebrating the 10th anniversary of a charity that
8:24 am
mentoring where you pair young girls with mentors. do you follow the young girls later in life and see how they're doing? >> well, this is a surprise. i don't know if i'm supposed to say this but it is hard to have a filter here. today we're celebrating our 10th anniversary. it is hard to believe that it was ten years ago that my daughter nicole and i put this together. and we have our first mentee coming back as a mentor. >> how great stl >> now that's really getting old. you're supposed to give back, if you can. you know that. that's the right thing to do. if you've been blessed, as i have been blessed. but when i was in the family court, i always noticed that the squeaky wheel got the oil. the kids who did the wrong thing got the computers, got the psychiatric help they needed, got the psychological help, got extra tutors, got extra, extra. and the kids who came from the same environment and who did the right thing got nothing. and that was really the
8:25 am
program. for women. because these young women, most are first generation going to college, need a little boost. they have the academic skills but they didn't have the rest of the stuff that they should have had to prepare themselves for the world. >> we kind of take off the subject of mentoring, you're known for your nuggets of advice. so leave me with a nugget of advice. i hate to put you on the spot but i'm going to. >> as a parent, you're supposed to figure out what your children do naturally adept at. and nurture that so that they always have a feeling of confidence, and then, as they get older, and are looking for something -- a way to make a living for the rest of their lives, they will take that thing and figure out how to make a living at what they are naturally adept at, what's been nurtured and cultivated in them as children. that's my best advice. >> that's a good piece of advice. isn't it great to do something
8:26 am
congrats, congrats, congrats. >> lovely to see i'm cheryl preheim on a rainy thursday. following the money, three years since terrible flooding in colorado, the federal government is looking at one colorado town seeing what it did with the funds for rebuilding.
8:27 am
but craft beer aficionados think of it as a three beer holiday and brings people from all over the world to celebrate it for that long weekend. we are at the convention center before thousands of others get inside the doors of the great american beer festival. plus celebrating the national park service's 100th birthday by taking pictures of every single one. we met the photographer who is starting the colorado leg of his journey now. and weather. ck that traffic the two are very connected this morning. >> yes, we are linked, aren't we? >> active day trafficwise and accidentwise a lot of that has to do with the rain in the high country it has been the snow. here's a look at i-70 and central park, still some slow spots, we have a couple of accidents across i-70 and a couple on i-25 as well so these are some major roadways, still being impacted by accidents. here's a look at i-25 headed south and northbound. we are dealing with accidents so that's causing those slow speeds and marty if you look at
8:28 am
>> it's been raining heavily. we have had rain rates of over an inch per hour. that doesn't mean you've had an inch of rain but it's been raining that heavily for short periods of time. we are seeing decreasing snow in the mountains and foothills. showers moving to the north and east as we go through the day. our skies clearing up here around lunchtime. total rain in a lot of places getting close to half an inch, an inch or more possible in the nebraska panhandle. cool today with showers over the plains, showers decreasing here with partial for your daytime high. freeze overnight tonight through friday morning and a rebound into the 60s tomorrow before an extremely, warm, dry
8:29 am
8:30 am
. we're back now, 8:30 on a thursday morning. it is the 6th day of october, 2016. we have a very big, excited crowd out on the plaza on this throwback thursday. can i take one second and say, it's also annette lauer's birthday. sweetheart, love you. happy birthday. >> happy birthday to annette.
8:31 am
what better w ter way to celebr. he's going to perform live. >> synchronized waving! also ahead, we have ashton kutcher. i'm going to talk to him about his many interests. soon to be even larger family. he's returned of his popular netflix show. a lot to get to. let's get al for a check of the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by lg the art of essence. >> guys, we're over here at this amazing display. lg signature's put it up. this is a giant like four-walled video screen. we've got cameras all around that actually show the view of 30 rock. this is the front of our building. there are cameras that are shooting that. inside is just some amazing technology that is really developing quickly that is available now. lg signature.
8:32 am
it is the size of a -- it is the size of a giant -- hold on a second. let me help you with the cable. all right. it is the size of an 18-wheeler. now you want to talk about the chef of the future? this is the kitchen of the future. look at this refrigerator. this is kind of cool. you hit it twice, it lights up. you can get into it this way to access some of your stuff, but how many times have you had groceries, your hands are full. there is a little light under here that says "door open." you hit that -- hold on just a you know what? i think our lights are kind of -- there. hold on. move the light away just a second, big boy. there you go. there -- it won't -- there -- there it is! and the light opens up. boom. that is kind of cool. look at this tv. 77 inches. how thin this thing is. oh, i want one of these!
8:33 am
storm the in the center of the country. plenty of sunshine up and down the east coast. but hurricane matthew tomorrow threatening the southeast. heavy rain ahead of it. very mild in new england. more showers and thunderstorms down through texas. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> and that is your latest weather.
8:34 am
philanthropist and dad. his next comedy comes out tomorrow. >> dude, you are not getting with number 7 john elway. you're not even getting with pay ton peyton manning. i mean maybe eli manning. >> you couldn't even get with cooper manning. >> oh, right. because if cooper manning is on tinder and he sees the rooster, he's going to swipe left. >> ashton kutcher, good morning. is this the second installment of season one or season two of "the ranch" or does it really matter? >> with netflix they just launch like ten episodes at a time in these chunks. with sitcoms, the general way that you format a season is like 22 episodes. so instead they did ten which was the first installment, then ten more which is the second installment of the first season. >> this is really fun.
8:35 am
became a sitcom. >> yeah. i mean the show is really -- it really -- i mean it is a country song. >> like the ranch hands. >> like. it is like beer and football and your dog got run over by a train. it's like that's what the show is. >> your character is named colt. you're just a guy trying to regain high school glory, which we can all relate to. >> it is a funny thing. i think there is like a growing trend across the country people go off to pursue whatever it is that they think their career is great at. they go to college and they get a degree. then they get out of college and go, wait, there's not a job for that degree. it is like kind of the realization of your nightmare, which is like you fail at the very thing that you thought you were going to be great at. now you have to move back home with your parents and like work for your hard-nosed dad and like deal with your brother. it is like all of the adult relationships of families. >> but you get a lot of laughs out of it. >> yeah. it is definitely funny. but it is also i think has a
8:36 am
bent than most sitcoms which makes it really fun to act on. >> it is also potentially a big "'70s show" reunion. >> we like to work with our friends. >> basically like i've got an idea. >> a lot of these ranches are run by immigrant labor. i think it is a hot button topic in the country right now. i think for a socially conscious sitcom that's representing a conservative point of view, i think there is probabl immigration in rural mamerica. think it is important to connect. >> i feel a connection because we both have little girls that just turned 2 and we both have babies on the way. so give me some advice. >> give you -- give me advice! all my friends are like you're going from playing zone to going to man-to-man. >> that's what everyone says. >> it's like intensely scary. >> totally scary. >> plus, like the first one -- i
8:37 am
possibly read. this one i'm like, yeah, it's coming. like you have a recognition that they're pretty durable. you're not going to break them. and so, and how am i going to run after this one and deal with -- i thought the first one was exhausting in the beginning. i'm a little terrified, to be honest. >> it is terrifyinging. people have been talking to you about how you have to get her ready for the new baby. >> yeah! there is is a whole pattern. don't be the -- like -- i'm sure my parents were holding someone when something and like and we're okay. >> i know. i know. it is so exciting though. is wyatt excited? >> she like -- she points at mila and she's like baby brother when she points to the belly. then she points to dad and she goes beer. and so i think she gets there's something in the belly. but i don't quite think that she knows that it is not going to be a plastic doll yet.
8:38 am
you guys have your halloween costumes planned out? >> like -- so we were planning to do the halloween thing. we saw like the wren from "star wars." we're like, oh, my god, that would be amazing. then we realized -- i was going to be like hans solo. we're like that's totally selfish. like those are the costumes we want to wear. she wants to be peppa pig or like princess sophia. so i don't know what we're going to do ye >> ashton kutcher, great to catch up with you. give our best to mila and wyatt and good luck with the new baby. >> i think it will all work out. >> next season of "the ranch" hits netflix tomorrow. up next, better than ever -- you should stick around for this. we are freaking out. it is happening live, studio 1a.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. how good is today? we are back at 8:41 with the moment matt has been looking forward to all week. it is a live concert by the 1980s hitmaker -- rick astley. >> here's one ear, here's another ear, here's a smile. back with his first album in 23 years. fi "never gonna give you up." rick astley. ? >> come on, america! let's boogie! ? ooh woo ? >> here we go!
8:42 am
? a full commitment's what i'm thinking of you wouldn't get this from any other guy ? ? i just want to tell you how i'm feeling ? ? i gotta make you understand ? ? never gonna give you up never gonna let you down ? ? never gonna run around and dessert you ? ? i'm never gonna make you cry never gonna say good-bye never gonna tell a lie and hurt you ? ? we've known each other for so long ? ? your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it ? ? inside we both know what's been going on ? ? we know the game and we're gonna play it ? ? and if you ask me how i'm feeling ?
8:43 am
? never gonna give you up ? ? never gonna let you down never gonna run around and dessert you ? ? never gonna make you cry never gonna say good-bye ? ? never gonna tell a lie and hurt you ? ? know i'm never gonna give you up ? ? i'm never gonna let you down ? ? never gonna run around and desert you ? ? i'm never me you cry never gonna ? never gonna tell a lie and hurt you. >> sing the blues for me! ? ooh give you up ? ? ooh give you up ? ? never gonna give never gonna give ? ? give you up ? ? never gonna give ? ? we've known each other since 1987 ? ? your heart's been aching but
8:44 am
? inside we both know what's been going on ? ? we know the game and we're gonna play it ? ? and if you ask me how i'm feeling ? ? i'm feeling pretty good america ? ? i'm never gonna give you up i'm never gonna let you down ? ? never gonna run around and desert you ? ? never gonna make you cry never gonna say good-bye never gonna tell a lie ? no never gonna give youer in gonna let you down ? ? never gonna run around and desert you ? ? i'm never gonna make but cry i'm never gonna say good-bye never gonna tell a lie and hurt you ? ? yeah yeah ? ?
8:45 am
>> woo! >> woo-hoo! >> woo-hoo! way to go, rick astley. tell me your name. >> my name's dawn. >> what a pleasure to meet you, dawn. fantastic. >> i have no idea how i knew every word to that song. >> thank you. >> we'll be back with more music in a moment.
8:46 am
8:47 am
welcome back. rick astley's back on the music scene with a brand-new album and sound. >> he wrote, recorded and produced all of the songs on "50" right in his home studio. >> guess what? it has already climbed to number one in the uk. good morning!
8:48 am
music. one of the things we love about you, is you embrace the classics as much as we do. >> of course i do, yeah. to be honest, i quit quite young. i was 27, 28. we just had a daughter. i wanted to spend some time at home so i haven't been singing all those songs for 30 years. know what i mean? so it still feels good to do them and have fun with it. >> what do you say to the people who say "never gonna give you up" and "together forever" sound a bit like the same song. >> i i've actually sung the wrong lyric at one point. >> we've been having a bit of a dispute. i said it was the same song. kind of feels like it. >> some of it is just rehearsed. >> when you went to your computer andpened up a link somebody sent and was your video played for you? >> certainly. the way i heard about rick rolling is a friend of mine that lives in los angeles. i was on holiday actually in italy. he sent me an e-mail, he rick rolled it.
8:49 am
really well, he's one of my best friends. what are you doing. then he sent me another one and he just kept doing it. >> your new music is totally different than your old stuff that you are about to play for us new. >> they're still pop songs. just lyrically and stuff, i'm older and i have more to say. >> appropriately enough -- the song is called "keep singing." ladies and gentlemen, rick astley. ? ? when i was a boy i saw my daddy cryin' at the steering wheel ? ? and oh it made me feel so scared ? ? then there was joy from my vantage of swimming in a choir of voices ? ? and oh i knew that i'd been
8:50 am
day instead of throwing my life away ? ? i'm going to save some sunny day for throwing my life away ? ? won't keep singing praying to the heavens ? ? keep singing whoa keep singing climb until my hands are stinging ? ? i've been saving some sunny day for throwing my life ? ? throwing my ? throwing my life away ? ? yeah yeah ? ? now understand as a father
8:51 am
greatest reward ? ? with these hands i'll move a mountain build a castle to keep you safe ? on this you know you can be sure ? ? you'll be safe some sunny day safe from throwing your life away ? ? you'll be safe some sunny day from throwing your life throwing your life away ? ? keep singing whoa keep singing ? ? raise it to the your voice is ringing ? ? keep singing whoa keep singing ? ? climb up until the hands are stinging ? ? you'll be saved some sunny day from throwing your life ? ? throwing your life throwing your life away ? ?
8:52 am
? who knew -- who do you love when it all comes down to truth ? ? who do you love when it all comes back to you ? ? who do you love who do you love ? ? when you're liein' in your bed ? ? who do you love who do the love ? ? keep singing oh keep ? keep singing please keep singing whoa keep singing ? ? praise keep singing whoa keep singing ? ? you'll be saved some sunny day from throwing your life ? ? towing your life throwing your life away ? ? yeah yeah ? >> woo-hoo!
8:53 am
>> rick astley. "keep singing." the album is called "50." rick, great to have you here. back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbsz.
8:54 am
al had to leave just a little bit early today. dylan's here with wibirthdays.
8:55 am
today. happy 100th birthday to don mozer. he was featured in "golf digest" magazine after scoring back-to-back hole in ones. that's impressive. pearl messenhimer from north carolina is 100 years old. she loves drawing her own garden and eating fresh foods. like we all do. happy 103 birthday to spin crawford. love that name. this life-long felton, pennsylvania. miss frances young of north kelly, north carolina is also 100 years old. she loves watching "the price is right" and cheering on every single contestant. owen myer is celebrating 1 00 years. this retired butcher is from fenton, michigan. he is a world war ii veteran.
8:56 am
sir. roscoe humphrey is turning 100 years old. head to >> spin feldman. i like that name. that's really cool. >> it's actually so appropriate. right? >> exactly right. >> we're back after your local
8:57 am
this is 9news. hi, everyone, i'm gary shapiro with this 9news update. here is something you don't see every day. somebody stole three gigantic rvs from a dealership here in colorado. transwest truck trailer rv in frederick hopes that somebody is going to spot them. they were taken on tuesday night. they are all brand-new, worth a total of almost $2 million. here's some surveillance video of the theft showing the rvs te i should say. if you have any information, you are asked to call the frederick police department. firefighters have made a lot of progress on this wildfire burning 15 miles southwest of pueblo. the beulah hill fire is now 50% contained. it started on monday, burned eight homes and more than 5000 acres so far. crews say that homeowners are slowly being allowed to return but others are still threatened so it's going to be a while before they go home. but this wet weather we are having today should help, i
8:58 am
them quite a bit over the next day or two and then we warm back up for the weekend. the rain slowing down around here, the snow also beginning to taper off over the front range. though we will get it hanging out around the rocky mountain national park area into this afternoon. we will start to see some clearing around here. rain has been impressive, upwards of 1/2" in a few places here, gets even heavier the farther north and east you go so look for soggy day on the plains today with periods of showers, especially from late this morning through the early part of get some slow clearing around here and it will continue to be cool with highs in the mid-50s. now tonight, tomorrow morning, gary, it's going to freeze around here. so folks need to take heed of that. tomorrow we warm back up and it warms right up early next week. going to be pretty nice by
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," slow cooker sweet desserts without all the work. and the hottest fall footwear. all that >>nnouncer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. throwback thursday, october 16th, 2016. al is on a top-secret assignment. we cannot say where he is. >> mission impossible. >> but tamron is here with a piece of cake in the morning.
9:01 am
looking at that going -- you can eat just a couple bites? >> no. how many bites have you had already? >> i've had two pieces this morning. >> not a bite. two pieces. this segment is coming up. this was actually made in a slow cooker. a cheesecake made in a slow cooker. >> by a woman from mississippi, which means an extra stick of butter every time. just because. >> i don't taste butter. >> so yesterday we mentioned on our- take" facebook page and give us your submissions for your halloween costumes. we're dying to see the wild ones as we big up to something big. becky barrett. spaghetti and meet balls. >> or raggedy ann with a thing on top. a colander. >> that's tristin richt. >> she's a tornado. >> oh, that's cute. >> the face.
9:02 am
obsession with bob ross? >> because it is an easy one. >> there is a major theme going on. it is iconic. >> sarah submitted bob ross and his painting. here is bob ross in a happy tree. >> so your spouse or significant other is your easel and -- >> yeah. >> that's a good couple's costume. >> i was obsessed with bob ross when i was a kid. i was an a.d.d. kid. i told you before. it was kind of hard to -- but look how here. just like watching golf. get sucked in. talking about the little white caps that go on the top of the wave. i think we should show our kids now a little bob ross. it is better that be mozart. >> didn't they just report that bob's hair wasn't real? wasn't that the story? >> if you're telling me that was a prop. >> it was a perm. he didn't have is the natural fro. >> people do all kinds of adjustments to maximize their hair. >> i do it every day.
9:03 am
day to maximize everything. >> his hair was gorgeous. >> maybe kids should start watching bob and like the reruns of it. i talk to my nieces every day. we face time and chitchat. the 10-year-old who is the most fearless of the girls. pretty tough kid. we're talking about her day. she said, i've got something to ask you. >> what's going on? >> those creepy clowns. are they real? i said, no, they're not real! apparently at school, one girl on her window at home and she shared the story with all the kids at school. so i could tell she was trying to rationalize. she said you're in news, did you do it on the news. i said, yeah, i did the story. they're not real creepy clowns. there are people dressed in these costumes and they're pranking for whatever reason. >> but they're creepy, for sure. >> they're creepy. a couple of girls were arrested in new jersey this week.
9:04 am
i was trying to explain to her. she said, well, can they get into the house? my friend said --no, they can't get in the house. parents, just know -- i know it is all over facebook and i know people have been talking about it in the news but if your kid is not on facebook or watching the news, they don't know. but this is in school. this kid was terrified. >> the clown was such a beautiful, innocent thing. what happened to the clown? >> bozo! >> yeah. bozo. you know street from modern family. when he was a struggling actor he used to be fizbo the clown and did birthdays. but what a beautiful, fun happy clown. >> they used to show up at birthdays and make you happy. now people are driving in their suvs -- some of the costumes, you don't even want to see some of the clown masks out there. they would scare any adult. just be on the lookout.
9:05 am
country chitchatting about creepy clowns. >> so on halloween will you have a clown filter so you can filter them out for her? >> she wants to be a unicorn. the other wants to be raven from -- i think -- it is a tv show. she was raven. she wears like a hood. i'm getting all the costumes now. >> would you like me to come to your house as a happy clown? >> no. >> to reset the clown thing? >> this is a you didn't hear that 10-year-old's voice. it was quivering. . i said aunt tamron -- i said i will get on a plane and if there is is a clown anywhere near, aunt tamron is on the case. i comforted her. >> you don't need me. that's good because i'm not available anyway. these kids didn't see a creepy clown but they say something they had only heard about, maybe seen a few times, and that is donald trump.
9:06 am
room in las vegas and the kids had heard so much stuff and they started to freak out a little bit, especially one girl. listen to her carefully. >> nice to meet you. >> i'm nervous. i'm nervous. i'm nervous. >> see, i told you his hair wasn't orange. >> i'm nervous! i'm nervous! >> see, i told you his hair wasn't orange. >> "i told the hair is yellow. it is the rest that is very orange! >> that is -- so the hot topic before he comes -- do you think his hair's orange? i don't know. what do you think -- misses, abc, do you think his hair is orange? >> clowns aside, just imagine -- he a he a very tall, big presence with the hair that you can't forget and the whole thing. if you are a kid, you're seeing this thing for the first time. >> "this thing." this person. >> well, to a kid, it's this
9:07 am
it. it's like c-- from the perspective of a 5-year-old? >> were you nervous when you met donald trump for the first time? >> no. the only person -- i met winnie mandela and i was in a full-on breakdown sweat. >> i should be nervous for winnie but donald, i was terrified. >> why? >> because been a journalist for 25 years and i started out as a crime reporter in the middle of the night. i have yet to have an interview where -- i'm more afraid of the viewers tweeting that i ask a bad question. that is the only thing in journalism that scares me going viral because you think they didn't do the right thing. >> get off twitter. >> chrissy teigen. i follow chrissy teigen. she follows me. her account is now private
9:08 am
billy, tired of you-know-whos out there. >> funniest thing chrissy teigen ever said, i carry in my pocket a little note that says "john did it." so if i die and the police find me, john will never be able to date again. that is so twisted. and very funny. so what fall shows are you watching? entertainment weekly says it is "this is us." >> i agree. that's the only show i'm watching right now. it is amazing. we had milo on talking about it. you loved it. >> i did. i was very -- this is a great scene here. the doc helps deliver. he's not sure this is how it is going to go. this is him saying this is going to go well. they end up losing a child but what happens and who that child becomes as it all comes together
9:09 am
second date. like i'm going to watch this again. next tuesday, then i put it aside and i forget then i got to catch up on my ipad, then something else happens. >> what i do is i dvr "game of thrones," "walking dead," "narcos." i get up early saturday and i watch all my shows. i binge watch. i'm a binge watcher. i time and get it done. >> little french press coffee which i know you have on the weekends. >> my r 2 d 2 french press coffee. up next, it is one of the coolest inventions in the bond movies. this one goes back to "thunder ball." the jet pack. >> is that you in that thing? >> that's sean connery. no. this is the updated version. it's become the reality. if you want to fly one of these things, we'll tell you how right after this. ou want gary, gary, gary...
9:10 am
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9:13 am
>> you're a bond fan. like james bond. like "thunder ball" back in the '60s. the jet pack that sean connery wore? i would love to have a jet pack. it's taken them 40 years but they're finally here. jet aviation is the company in the uk. there goes sean. he rides it well. but this is what they got. you can only take it for ten minutes. it goes up to 60 miles an hour. >> that's fast! >> so if you live 11 minutes away from work and you are going to go over the river, you better hope you have a tailwind behind you. >> you could make it, right? >> you could. >> could you make it? >> in a strong wind. i don't know. i'm not the guy that says i got to do that. >> i think -- roll the tape. remind us. >> oh, no. oh, god. >> is that why? >> oh, no. oh, no! >> this is billy, ladies and gentlemen.
9:14 am
weeks ago, trying out this -- it's an air jet thing that others have been able to conquer. >> yes, they have. but i got to tell you, this is -- that is the most severe abusive i've ever been through. when you go 15 feet in the air and you land on your side and you have a life jacket? that's like landing on pavement. the life jacket doesn't help you sink into the water. it's -- >> were you bruised after?>> go that and i was like just kind of whimpering to the flight attendant. you're right. maybe that's why i am a little sensitive to it. okay. something that i would love to have in my backyard, this is the dad of all dads. we're going to put him in the category. we should start a contest, dad of the year. >> official dad of the year. >> gavin mccall's daughter, lila, is a huge fan of "american ninja warrior." so what does super dad do? show us. >> welcome to "american ninja warrior" denver city finals.
9:15 am
superstars" shirt on and she's ready to go. in three, two, one -- boop! first up is the newly redesigned quintuple steps, a new obstacle for her this year but she's making short work of it. >> look at this! >> her dad built this. in the backyard. this is -- oh, a shopping basket. that can be dangerous. contest -- it's over. >> how many dollhouse things does she have in the backyard? i've seen like six roofs in this backyard. >> he's a great announcer. he's like i don't know -- >> boom. she lands it. she lands it. >> there is a zipline waiting for her. >> the question is, is mom covering her eyes or watching at home. whoa! one hand. >> one-handed zipper. now she makes it to the swings. by the way, you tried that at
9:16 am
that's our entry. >> can you believe that? reminds me, one of my -- before "this is us" "parenthood" was on. they have their son, he has asperger's syndrome. they cut to the end of the show, they're playing pirates and behind -- this is it. they found it. look at mom. she's just like -- and if i'm not mistaken, that is the most romantic thing i think. you could tell a joke, you can be funny. but if you are playing with your children like that man did, built that thing -- >> it's true. even memories as a kid among my most fondest memories of my dad building us this little -- i had a pet chicken.
9:17 am
every easter we'd get a bunny and we'd have a chicken. my dad and his brothers, they had a bathtub and they dug it out in the backyard and made a pond. the bathtub was the foundation. i'd have a baby chicken and we'd have a little pen for my bunny rabbit because my dad and my uncle would build it. those are like those memories. i just revealed i had a chicken. now i'm never going to hear -- i had a pet chicken as a child. real quick. >> hold on. >> a lot of you are sending in your bob ross costumes. groupie. and then -- that's what she said she was. then this is nattie, '80s bob ross, paintbrush and all. they're rolling in on the twitter accounts. see, this when twitter's cute and fun. >> dylan has a look at the weather for us. >> yeah. we are focusing on hurricane matthew as this continues to be a major hurricane moving through the bahamas.
9:18 am
we are looking at west palm beach up to melbourne to see the significant effects from this storm with winds tomorrow morning perhaps up near 145 miles per hour. keep in mind, hurricane-force winds only extend about 25 to 40 miles outside of the center of this storm, so if this storm is only 15 miles offshore, we could see the entire east central coast of florida be raked with hurricane-force winds causing damage, causing coastal flooding. that storm surge, and also significant rainfall, too. it should weaken to a category 2 storm as it is just off the coast of georgia, and then it takes this weird loop all the way wrapping back around which we'll see what happens at that point. but we are looking again for as much as up to 12 to 15 inches of rain in florida and three to six-foot storm surge along with winds up near possibly 145 miles per hour. that's a look at the weather
9:19 am
and that's your latest forecast. billy and tamron? >> dylan, thank you so much. we are coming up on peak travel season which means crowded theme parks, pricey hotels and all those things we don't like. we'll reveal the secrets to saving time and hundreds of dollars on your next family getaway. state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up!
9:20 am
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9:22 am
with the holidays approaching, many of you are already in the midst of planning a get-away which canning stressful, costly. here to help you lighten your travel load by saving you time and money, the orlando operations manager at stone v.i.p.s. good morning, tara. a lot of looks at weather coming in. hurricane matthew. maybe some people have plans to go to disney or to universal in orlando. they're going to have to cancel. what do they do here? >> luckily, a parks have tickets that last at least six months or more. so definitely check the policy and the expire date on your ti ticket. then if you want a refund, be one of the first people to call because the earlier you are in doing that, the more accommodating they'll be with you. >> when do you start to, if you're planning a trip, when should you begin your research? >> nine to 12 months is the best time to start. specifically for reservations
9:23 am
>> i know. you can't just buy a ticket at the gate and show up anymore. >> 180 days for special attractions and those things? >> yeah. if there something that is a must-do for your family, i would actually recommend planning your trip in reverse. secure that reservation first. >> the thing we do around here is taking a walk. we move to an area that's very much the same as the area we were just in but it is a new part of the studio. lighting's better. >> got it. >> okay. you also talk about planning your trip in reverse >> why do you do that? >> because you don't want to have disappointment when you arrive there. you go and want a special activity, it is not going to be available all the time. don't just show up and wing it. you got to get that secured, then worry about booking your flight and hotel because you don't want any disappointment when you arrive. >> oh, my gosh. this is a life saver. you put 30 million people up here. 30 million people? how many people are planning vacations this early? >> yeah.
9:24 am
so crowd levels are at an all-time high and tourism is not going anywhere. >> really. that's a good thing. >> yeah. it is a great thing. >> so if i'm going to plan a trip right now, the optimal time if i'm planning a trip right now -- or if i want to, say, have spring break, would you say now or can i wait a little bit? >> no. i would plan at least nine months ahead. yeah. the main peak seasons -- if you want to avoid the large crowds and the high peak season rates, you need to know when come actually to theme parks. >> how many people actually do that? >> not enough. and they're really frustrated when you get there. >> you are wasting a ton of money. >> yeah. it is expensive in the first place to go now. if you are going to do it, take the extra splurge and see whatever expedited entry you can purchase or arrange. get it done. >> you're awesome. tara knutson, thank you very
9:25 am
? ? you guys ever try one of these bars made over at right twix? why? our special cookie is cascaded with caramel
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9:28 am
someone wise once said, good things take time. that person probably owned a slow cooker. but it is not just for main meals or side dishes. you can also do a phenomenal dessert, we're told. farmer. last time you were here you were cooking amazing de ing dinners, said you can do desserts. >> there are tons. we have a wonderful lava cake. who doesn't love a warm lava cake? we've got our cake mix. we're going to make this super simple. mix this up. mix, mix, mix. >> this is box cake mix? >> it is.
9:29 am
going to pour it right into our slow cooker. then after that we take this wonderful jell-o pudding mix that we've made. we put our milk in there. we're going to let it sit for about two minutes. pour this right in. you are so good. >> little lumping. >> let me tell you something! she's getting better every time i come. >> thank you. >> i'm thank you. chocolate chips on top. that's like a pudding. >> exactly. put our lid on. it is one of the most fantastic things you have ever had. >> is that instant pudding or is that the pudding? >> that's instant pudding. we put a little milk in it. because it is a little sweet, we're going to cut that sweetness with a little ice cream. just kind of lightens it up.
9:30 am
unbelievable it is. this slow cooker makes it just so moist. what we have is we have steam. we are going to pour a little bit of water in the bottom of our slow cooker. and then we have a snake. look at this. what that's going to do, it is going to elevate our pan. here is all of our ingredients. put it in a food processor. we've got cream cheese, flour, a little bit of yogurt and sugar. we're going to add our eggs, process that all up unt this is a raspberry cheesecake. we're going to dollop a little bit of raspberry on top. >> what do you have in the pan already? >> those are all of those wonderful cookie crumbs that have been melted with butter and sugar. if you do it in a little bitty circle like this, then take your cheese picks, you can pull it through and a makes a new heart for your boyfriend, adam. that is just fantastic.
9:31 am
yes, you do. >> adam from the bible? what adam are you speaking of? >> she just dropped the boom right there. >> that is fantastic. now we are going to go right in here. i love you. >> right on top. absolutely fantastic. all that steam is going to make it so moist. it is going to be the best cheesecake. >> it is very good and a little >> i know where you live. >> so now we're going to make some fantastic fudge. this is something, i am telling you, every time -- or at least every other time i burn my chocolate chips because it is so easy! >> i do, too! >> you're not going to burn them in here. there is no way in the world they're not going to get it too hot so they separate. we've got a little bit of honey. now we've got some cream. we're going to mix this up.
9:32 am
it is going to be about an hour. >> that's fantastic. you can do other things. >> exactly. here we are all melted. >> it smells so good! >> exactly. then we're going to sprinkle some white chocolate chips on top. so we mix this. once it's mixed and melted, we pour it in our pan. let it sit. honey, is this not just fantastic? >> it is fantastic. >> it is just a few minutes and we've got some of b >> there you have it. we challenged her and she rose to the occasion. thank you so much, elizabeth. this is amazing! do yourself a favor! check out you will not -- people will love you. i mean seriously. so think over-the-knee boots are the only thing? we're past that.
9:33 am
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9:38 am
you have in your closet, ladies, this season, it is the ankle bootie. they're so versatile. here i paired it with a pair of jeans. these are from target. all of jeans today are under $100. a lot of women aren't sure of the length of the jeans. basically just have a touch of skin showing. that's it. that's all you need to do. >> you can roll your jeans up. don't just think that it is back to the happy days, like fonzie pants. you canct >> absolutely. so glad you mentioned that. paired here with a great moto jacket. the two-tone jeans is another trend we are seeing. this is a great weekend look. i love the western flair. >> that's another trend. those jeans, so cute. >> those are from american eagle. >> over the knee. olivia pope is in the building! >> right?
9:39 am
it is all about balance. they are so sexy on their own. really bounce it out. i paired it with a monochromatic white looking. >> i have on white right now. >> you absolutely can. a chunky knit sweater, a bag flo -- big flouncy skirt. these are by steve madden. >> i'm a big fan of the over-the-knee boot over the skinny heel. thanks so much, olivia pope! next up on our list -- >> oh, yes. holy mackerel! it is all about the embellished heel. i think we can thank dolce & gabbana and guccior this look. you can absolutely wear this to
9:40 am
fairly simple and classic. turtleneck, tweed skirt. these are from lord & taylor, $99. >> i'm not a feign of dark tights. i love these though because they're textured. >> let's leave some time for the men. >> this looks like a billy bush weekend outfit. >> here we go. these are the chelsea boot. every guy needs a chelsea boot like a woman needs an ankle booty. make sure your pants are tapered at ankle. >> some guys don't like tapered pants. >> just try it. can you lift your leg up so we can see the boot? >> they have elastic from the sides. that's how you know it is a chelsea boot. and no laces. the other tip, jeans over the top of the boot. >> chelsea boot. the must-have boot. >> next up, another guy. >> i'm a fan of this! >> me, too. i love a good sneaker.
9:41 am
they are for a more sophisticated look. get a white basic sneaker with laces. so clean and sharp. >> he's got like a fabric pant on. >> these are a jogger pant. they have an elastic waistband so they are incredibly comfortable. paired with a chunky sweater and even a tie with sneakers. >> this is perfect! love it. . thanks, models. fantastic, job, melissa. for these looks, go to i'm going to go shopping. dylan has the forecast for us. >> i'll join you shopping right after the forecast. we do have our eyes of course on hurricane matthew, still a category 3 hurricane but expected to strengthen into possible a category 4. this morning it continues to move through the bahamas. looking at a 10 to surge, up to 15 inches of rain there. as it gets closero btal beach, into tonight the outer bands of rain will start to move
9:42 am
miles per hour. rainfall totals three to seven inches and a storm surge up to around three to six feet. that could be considered life threatening. by the time we get into friday morning when the storm possibly makes its landfall, we could see wind gusts exceeding 100 miles per hour. this i >> and that's your latest forecast. billy? >> dylan, thank you very much.
9:43 am
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victory is ours! low dust fresh step with the power of febreze. under this red drape is the ultimate men's health guide contest winner. for the third year in a row "men's health" magazine will put a real hot guy on its corps. quickly take a look at the top three guys. the first ultimate men's health guy finalist is tommy tucker. two years ago, tommy received a diagnosis of inoperable stage 4 cancer in hispancreas and liver. this u.s. marine believes living with cancer is a reminder to live in the present and his
9:48 am
to help others. >> i hope to inspire other guys to get fit in mind, body and soul. >> our second finalist is j jedidiyah ballard. as if med school was not enough, he completed army ranger school, a grueling 62-day combat leadership course. >> would never do it again. pretty limited food. pretty limited sleep. you're uncomfortable through the whole way somehow. afghanistan as a battalion surgeon and in his free time as e.r. doctor volunteers at a burn camp for young victims. our third finalist, otis cooper. as a pilot, otis completed eight deployments overseas. today he has the awesome responsibility of flying some very important passengers. >> so the first lady or the r
9:49 am
>> reporter: three years ago he made a commitment to stay active. >> to realize that i saw in the mirror wasn't what my son saw. at that point i decided to make a change. not only did he lose 50 pounds but now otis is a national body building competitor. >> when i realized i could tap into something that was greater than myself i started to achieve things that i never even considered that i could achieve. >> they are three more than qualified candidates. who will be the ultimate health" guy? >> there are super heroes near us. i'm not talking about you. >> we've got four contestants. i'm in. what are the criteria? >> a super hero. >> absolutely. some people might think that the only criteria we are looking for is that you got to be able to do your laundry and your abs. i'm sure you would see from the segment, these guys probably can do that. but being the ultimate "men's health" guy means not only taking care of yourself mentally
9:50 am
of your families, friends and country. these guys are all winners on all fronts. >> thank you for your sacrifice for this country. and now? >> well said. rip it down. who's our winner? >> drum roll, please. >> it is jedidiyah! oh, my gosh! >> thanks a lot, sir. >> congratulations. guys, all of you, >> will you sign this for tamron, each one? >> jedidiyah! how do you feel? >> i feel awesome. this is unreal. >> can we bring your mom over? that's not your mom. tommy's mom. >> congratulations. >> this is not tommy's mom.
9:51 am
working so we kept his mom. >> i mean your commitment to kids. you can stand with me and look at jedidiyah. i know you want to. that's okay, you're not related. but we can stand together. come on, billy. hug up. your commitment is amazing. are you just blown away by there? >> i am absolutely blown away. when i entered this contest i had no idea. >> we will he a end with you. right back after this.
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