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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  October 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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coming but somehow the first snow always catches us by surprise. for skiers and snow borders, it is exciting. for drivers, it is a headache. you are looking at i70 in the mountains. there is definitely some snow. >> in denver we saw a wintery mix. not really snow, more like rain and cooler temperatures. becky ditchfield is here to talk about that. what's it going to be like for the rest of today? >> we'll warm up a little where we are now. you might see a few more light showers. most of the rain from this morning is done. let's take a live look towards denver. there are some of the light showers i was talking about. you can see most of them are well east of the students i but we still have a couple lines up along i25. we'll continue to see this off and on through today.
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greeley, 45 fort collins, 30s and 40s in the mountains. we are going to make our way to the lower to middle 50s today. that's it. we'll see a little bit of sunshine with some spotty showers and warming up to 53 by 2:00, 54 at 3:00. we'll stay at about 54 at 4:00. after today, a bigger warm up is in store after we see temperatures below freezing tonight. freeze warnings go into effect tonight. >> oh, thank you. we like the rain a little bit here. other parts of the country stat florida as a potentially catastrophic hurricane matthew approaches. the storm is really inching closer to the u.s. it's already done so much damage in the caribbean and bahamas. >> it strengthened to a category 4 within the last couple hours with maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour.
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mainland threatening to bring destruction along the atlantic coastline of the sunshine state. >> sarah is in one of the many cities facing the storm today, daytona beach. >> reporter: boarding up, stocking up, moving out. millions race to get out of the way as hurricane matthew inches closer and closer to the u.s. >> time is running out. don't take a chance. >> re: through south carolina. >> if you have not evacuated, gas stations are getting ready to close. your pharmacies are getting ready to close. everything is going to leave. >> reporter: along georgia's coast too. >> we have seen a lot of the watches or warnings and nothing has really hit in a while. there may be complacency. >> if you need to evacuate and haven't, evacuate. the storm will kill you. >> reporter: in florida more
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national guard stand at the ready while swift water rescue teams prepare across the region. hurricane matthew has battered the bahamas after leaving a trail of destruction through haiti where the death toll is expected to climb. the strength is strength -- storm is strengthened to a category 4 as it nears the florida peninsula. the strongest storm to threaten the state in more than a decade. >> these catastrophic levels wipe out well buhomes and destroy neighborhoods. >> reporter: millions bracing for a catastrophic impact as matthew churns in the atlantic. >> thanks so much. conditions are expected to deteriorate over the next hours. it looks like the worse part will pass through daytona late tonight into tomorrow afternoon. >> we hope the best for the people there.
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evacuating. this is news victims of the beulah fire have been waiting to hear. some of them can return home. it was a c dot excavator that was the cause of the fire. flames have burned more than 5000 acres including eight buildings. several homes are threatened and wind is still a concern. about 300 firefighters are staying on the fire lines to cu boulder is offering counseling on campus today. investigators say the man was a recently discharged marine in his early 20s. he first threatened a person in the parking lot of a champion. police found a man in a stairwell and shot and killed him when he refused to drop a weapon. keep your eyes peeled for these rvs. a group of people stole them.
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a total of nearly $2 million. surveillance video shows the theft, the crooks just driving the rvs off the lot. if you have seen them or know anything, call frederick police at (720)382-5700. >> united nationsen via for syria wants them out of aleppo. he is urging syrian and russian governments campaign against rebel held areas. he says thousands will be killed by the end of the year and the city could be destroyed forever. hillary clinton will be popping up on more tvs. this ad is twice as long as her others, a full minute. clinton has been doing a lot of talking about her priorities as president instead of primarily attacking donald trump. the ad will air in several
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one of them. a political odd couple of 2016, donald trump and house speaker paul ryan will be together again. they'll be at the wisconsin fall fest. ryan and trump will join governor scott walker at the event saturday in the battleground state. ryan was slow to endorse trump to say the least and the top congressional republican has been critical of trump on a range of issues like banning muslims ands trump's tax returns. yet the two will be coming togeth wisconsin. big changes to the new jersey transit system. from now on when a train pulls into the hoboken station a conductor must join the engineer. this is a week after the commuter train crashed into a terminal. a woman was killed and more than 100 injured. the same rule will be in effect at atlantic city station. the engineer in last week's crash was alone. he said the train was going 10 miles an hour but witnesses say it was going at a much higher
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the river north district in denver, you may notice increased activity. this is part of a planned active shooter drill with rtd and transportation security administration. the drill is today. it is meant to help shape security policies in the area. the drill is happening around 41 41st and fox street as part of a soon to be opened g line train route. don't be alarmed if you are out there and you see something. just a drill. >> that's kraft beer lovers, the next three days is kind of like your christmas. we will take you inside the great american beer festival. >> will the winter like weather continue for much longer?
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it's a chilly rainy afternoon in the 9 backyard. we are really depending on sunshine to get highs even into the 50s this afternoon. that will happen, but it will just take a couple hours. here is a live look at downtown denver where the rain is falling. we've go goodness but it is definitely chilly. 46 at dia, 45 greeley. the warm spot is in the middle 60s but we are in the 30s and 40s in mountain areas. we have light rain and the current temperature outside 9 news is 42 degrees. most of the showers are along i76 into the eastern plains but we've got this one sliver of
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re alst from love land to the denver metro area. we are even seeing thunder in the southwest side of the city and across the continental divide, 7 or 8000 feet, is where we are seeing snow. snow reports are coming in in the one to four inch range along continental divide stretching through breckinridge. i saw a report at 6:00 this morning with two and a half inches of rain. we have a dip in over colorado. it quickly pushes to the east which will allow our temperatures to warm up throughout the rest of the week and into the using. showers will be spotty for the remainder of the day. that is 5:00 this evening. after that, we will clear your skies. we've got a calm forecast in store for tonight, a cold forecast tonight and also into tomorrow with some sunshine. 55 is our high today, 54 agreey, upper 40s and low 50s in northeast colorado.
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middle to upper 60s. tonight upper 20s and 30s across the front range. same for the eastern plains, teens and 20s for the mountains. the result is a freeze warning from midnight until 9:00 am friday for all locations along 25 stretching into the eastern plains. blank spots is a frost advisory until 9:00 am including yuma, ray, burlington. again, today is a chilly one. we are counting on sunshine to get us to a high it will be breezy with winds out of the north. 30 will be the low tonight. look for freezing temperatures. a freeze warning is in effect for the denver metro area. then we are to a high of 64 tomorrow, 73 saturday, 77
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welcome back. election season as we know can separate people demonstrate they are more united than divided. >> thomas jefferson high school students launched an interactive art project called unity. the project was created to visually celebrate individuals' uniqueness connected by common threads. art pieces are labeled with identifiers such as i am a student or i am a survivor. using yarn, students tie a thread to each pole with which they identify.
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yarn is formed. all those pieces raised up. the exhibit is at the school's front lawn. today is the final showing of the art display. if you get a chance to go by tj, you can definitely check it out. it's really impressive. >> very powerful move on the students' part. >> it says a lot, that we are all more connected than we think. boulder's long time irish pub is reopening saying good-bye. >> the irish pub said it would be pouring its last pint sunday. the owner said due to the rise in property taxes small businesses like theirs are forced to close. but the owners a i announced they will be reopening soon thanks to the support of the boulder community. it plans to reopen on friday. >> i am sure a lot of people will be happy to see them come back. if they thought oh, this is my
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probably tasted extra good too. >> now you can have another one to celebrate the reopening. speaking of beer, what has 800 brewers, 3800 beers, 60,000 people? think about it. the answer is the great american beer festival. >> how can we forget. brewers from all over are setting up inside the colorado convention center, just a sea of kegs on the floor. i was there this morning and it is starting to smell like beer. that's a good thing. ey 16,000 people tonight alone. last year this event and other events surrounding gabf brought about 27 million into the economy. they're expecting that and more this year. tickets sold out in 67 minutes but secondary sites still have tickets available. a huge good luck to local colorado brewers. a lot of people forget that this is a competition for the brewers participating. >> they can get a lot of fame,
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gold ribbon from this event. good luck. >> we don't want to take it for granted. a lot of people are going. remember the self lacing sneakers in back to the future ii? they are real and they are here. nike is ralphing off 89 pairs, 2016 limited edition. customers can donate $10 per entry. all the proceeds go to the michael j fox foundation for parkinson's research. fox played marty mcfly in the movie and is living with parkinsons. entry ends october 11. to enter visit would you wear those?
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>> perfect gift. get a hover board to go with it. >> and a flying car too.
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a new kind of pill is filled with more than medicine. it contains a tiny sensor that's revolutionizing patient care. one young man says it is making all the difference. >> reporter: isiah neil lot of pills. ten a day. keeping track of all that medicine is a necessity when living with a transplanted kidney. >> if you don't take them your kidney can get mad and you can die. >> reporter: isiah was born with a syndrome that kills his kidney so he takes powerful drugs to prevent his body from rejecting the transplant. he started taking 30 a day.
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lot to remember. now they have help. >> when he takes his medicine and it is absorbed, we get a text. i get one on my phone and he gets one on his ipad that says you have taken the medicine. >> reporter: his doctors get a message every time isiah takes his pills thanks to these tiny sensors added to isiah's pills each time the prescriptions are killed. >> this is cutting edge technology. >> reporter: the sensors ar transplant care for teens. >> the number one reason teens lose their transplanted organ is from medication nonadherence. >> i have seen that unfortunately too many times. he was a little bit late yesterday. >> reporter: the doctor tracks the progress from his desktop. as the pills dissolve, they send a message to a patch attached to his body. this device forwards encrypted data to the doctor.
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of medication. we were able to correct that right away. >> reporter: isiah's mother says the device means fewer visits to the hospital which helps keep her son in class. the benefits come with risks. dr. michael ruben studies medical ethics issues and has concerns. what if your insurance company can access your records? >> could they say well we have records that say you only take your blood su so we are going to put you in a higher risk category and we may charge you a higher premium. >> that's a distant concern for isiah and his m. for now this technology is helping them focus on what is most important. >> these medications are what help the kidney basically stay alive and it helps him stay alive. >> right now the dallas hospital is fronting the cost
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oh, my goodness, we have seen really funny pets but this guy takes the cake. we cannot get enough of this head banging dog. >> there he goes just rocking out. we don't know if he does this to all music or just nirvana. such a good friend. we are loving his enthusiasm. his friend looks less than amused. >> if you are like us you will it will put a smile on your face. it is rainy and gloomy. we need something to lift our spirits. if this doesn't, i don't know what will. if your dog likes to rock out like this, share it on our facebook post because we want to show everybody. >> how long do the dogs do this? >> i have had enough. i am so over him. >> i like the other dog.
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really? >> i want to see some other dogs do that. nice and rainy outside. good for a chili today. >> if you have the crock pot going, good for you. we will be warming up from here on out with 60s tomorrow and 70s for the weekend. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> her total disappearing act. is kim ditching public life after her night of terror in paris? now on "extra." kim kardashian in hiding, scared into seclusion. the w the life that made her famous. kanye reemerging today. why kim's body guard is drowning in debt and filing for bankruptcy. and the new clue just discovered in paris that can help catch the thieves. plus -- >> what hillary clinton just told me about kim's big scare. i've got a preview of her all new interview. angelina and the kids in therapy. how they're coping with the traumatic end of their parents'


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