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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  October 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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this is 9news. >> good afternoon and thanks for joining us. hurricane matthew continues its destructive path along florida's east coast. crews in the south are assessing the damages left behind and millions are bracing for matthew's worst.
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right, aerials of the storm in west palm beach, florida. matthew really causing issues for travelers. 4500 flights canceled through saturday. this includes everything in and out of orlando, even walt disney world and seaworld. president obama is asking residents to take the evacuation orders seriously. >> i just want to emphasize everybody that this is still a really dangerous hurricane. >> sara rosario joins us from daytona beach. >> sunrise and no slowdown in hurricane matthew's assault on the sunshine state. >> the storm has only passed half the state so this is not over. >> the eye is expected to move dangerously close to shore as the storm marchs northward
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high tide and raising the risk of storm surge. >> we are very concerned about storm surge and the worst effects are still likely to come. >> reporter: overnight hurricane matthew battered florida, the massive storm bringing damaging winds and drenching rain. the eye remains well offshore. at times wind gusts were so strong that first responders had to get themselves to safety. power lines ripped from the poles and thousands without power. and many are riding out the storm in shelters. hundreds of pets held with their owners. and hurricane matthew is forecasted to skirt the coast of georgia and south carolina into the weekend. and offshore doesn't mean any less dangerous. >> if you're in an area that's been told to evacuate and your authorities are telling you you
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>> millions still at risk as hurricane matthew churns in the atlantic. sarah rosario. our meteorologists are tracking hurricane matthew. belen is here in the weather center. so you have a lot of tools you use to track a hurricane like that. >> the most widely known tool is radar. and this is able to show what's happening ground level so we can see where the rain is falling currently. the rain bands affecting georgia and the carolinas as the center of matthew is expected to make landfall tonight. and then we have tools able to take measurements from space. satellite shows us things that radar can't, for example, the cloud shield that covers most of florida and the mid-atlantic coast. and then a very neat but dangerous way of obtaining
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it flies into the eye wall of the hurricane, not once, but several times. and here is video of what it looks like inside the plane where you have men and women trained to fly in these very turbulent conditions. and they are gathering information like movement on the hurricane, also the pressure, what it's like right in the center of the hurricane. that establishes whether the hurricane is weakening or strengthening. a very important and that's the information that we use to be able to pass along to our viewers to tell them about where matthew is headed. >> thank you for that. here in denver it was a very cold start to the morning. but it's going to be a nice weekend. you almost feel guilty with everything going on on the east coast. >> much calmer in comparison. and now we have blue skies over the city and we'll continue with the sunny trend into the
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yesterday and tomorrow will be warmer than today. a gradual warming as we head into the weekend. really nice to enjoy. if you have friends or families in town, you want them to enjoy colorado. the highs will be in the mid- 60s today. and then the clear skies will take us into the evening and the temperatures will drop into the 30s. right now, temperatures in the 60s and 50s around town. still a little colder in the low lying areas. you travel to higher elevations and the temperatures are chillier, in the 40s and 50s. afternoon highs in the 60s. this is below where we should be. just a typical fall day. and what else is typical? football. if you're headed to any high school games this afternoon and evening, you need to bundle up. it'sgoing to be a chilly one. >> the rest of the people evacuated by a wildfire in southern colorado are going home. there's been progress in
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p.m. an excavator during routine maintenance sparked the fire. the operator was moving a stone and the fire spread quickly. hundreds were forced to evacuate. eight homes were destroyed in the fire. under an executive order from governor hickenlooper, people who lost their homes will get grants of up to $5000 emergency fund. racially motivated words are on the du wall. the wall is located outside the driscoll student center. the chancellor sent a message to the university. this speaks to the racial tensions that our nation is experiencing. this wall is not maintained by
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through 54th has reopened after a shutdown for several hours. a rollover and then a search for a driver impacted traffic throughout rush hour. police blocked off an area and searched for a man who ran from officers. he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. a passenger was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we have learned a little more about the man shot and killed at simmons from thornton. he had a sword like weapon on him. two police officers shot and killed him in the stairwell. they opened fire after he ignored commands to drop his weapon. according to a source close to the investigation, a woman was sitting in her car and he walked up and started writing references to the 10 commandments on one of the
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great tips to give you and your kitchen a lift for the your home. and it will probably lift the value of your home for sure
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>> out here in the backyard everything is quiet and we're ready for a really nice weekend in colorado. let's bring you up to speed with what's happening with matthew. still a powerful category 3
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peninsula right now. sustained winds at 115 miles per hour. into the weekend, expected to affect south carolina, north carolina, and then eventually by sunday morning, finally making its way to the waters of the atlantic and as of now, this hurricane track is indicating a turn around but as of now let's be more focused on what is two days. it's going to bring an amazing amount of rainfall, amounts ranging from 9 inches to about 12 inches for parts of south carolina and north carolina. back in colorado, we've got blue skies and some snow on top of our mountains. and the temperatures are very typical of fall right now. we have 58 degrees at dia and in the backyard, the temperatures are coming in at 54 degrees. let's check the weather with the rest of the state. in northern colorado, 45
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degree temperature readings. and 50s and 40s in the mountains. we'll hanged on the 50s in the mountains and 60 on the front range, possibility for 70s on the eastern plains. forecast is going to remain dry so nice for you if you're going to be driving on i-25, i-76, i- 70. you don't need to worry about travel issues. the skies through this evening will be clear and tomorrow mo temperatures tonight will be close to the freezing mark in the metro area. in the high country, you can bet it's going to be freezing and below that. temperatures will drop into the 20s. 30s in the lower elevation. sunday we warm into the upper 70s. and monday expected to be a mild day as well and a little breezy at 78. and then we see a cooldown on tuesday and that's when we get the next chance for showers
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welcome back. there's a candlelight vigil for five denver teens killed in a car crash in arapahoe county this weekend. family and friends will gather at the praise center church. the teens were drives on east
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and the suv rolled fire monarch. 15 giant sculptures made from garbage. they are pretty powerful. a new exhibit at the denver zoo turns trash into treasure. all the art pieces are made from ocean debris. buttons, soda cans, laundry baskets, shoes, toys, keys, all of this ocean and beaches. and we'll have more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. the zoo says what we do here can impact the ocean. >> a lot of people might not think what we do affects the ocean. but that's not always the case. we are actually landlocked but
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in the oceans comes from landlocked communities. >> the zoo wants you to touch and explore each sculpture. the exhibit is free with admission into the denver zoo. fixing up the kitchen is the best way to improve the value of your home. up next, our crew takes us through installing a new encounter top. and this changes the look of
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welcome to fix this presented by home adviser, the free and easy way to find the best home pros. ? [ music ] ? >> our series of remodeling your kitchen continues and how to install new countertops. in the past we've looked at cabinets and the next step is the countertop.
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the upper cabinets and back splash. but this part right now. this is a really simple part. take a look. >> hi, everybody. so chances are you might have some old countertops that look okay but need some updating. you can install your own granite countertops. we'll show you how to do this yourself. joining me now is j.r. little with high west, a residential remodeling specialist company. and you are going how to put on the granite countertops and save a little bit of must be. it's not that hard but there are a few things to know. >> if we're going to pick up a free made -- premade piece. this stuff is very, very heavy. we dry fit this to check it. make sure that everything is fitting well. >> talk about when you -- when you want to order something like this.
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somebody to put this in. do you take the measurements and reach out to the country. >> it may be wise to have someone do a site check for the you. >> let's talk about what we need to do now. you need your adhesive and your shims. >> shims and adhesive. we've shimmed this out and we're ready to lift it up and put the sealant around the edges and get it ready to go and set it >> explain the shimming process. >> put your level on there and check it. you want to make sure that everything is set and level. and check your width and make sure it looks good. heighten any areas that you can to make it all continuously level and check out this way on the projection and make sure its level here as well. and we'll take our adhesive,
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the perimeter and make sure it doesn't move. 3/8-inch thick. >> press this down slowly. ? [ music ] ? >> all right. so it's as simple as that. and in the future we'll show you cabinets, the back splash, everything you need to know to work on the kitchen. hiring someone to install that is really expensive. >> thanks, vida. >> we have a lot of fun stuff coming up. >> we'll show you how to make pumpkins that you don't have to carve into. >> we're doing a twist on hot chocolate. everybody loves pumpkin spice.
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it's just going to melt into your fabulous drink. >> i'm so ready for fall. >> melt into your mouth. >> it's got to melt into my belly. >> temperatures are getting a little cooler. >> tomorrow saturday 8:15 and sunday 7:50. be sure to tune in.
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>> we're going to take a live look at daytona beach. hurricane matthew keeps climbing up the coast. florida residents are continuing the evacuations. and it's hard not to think about all the past hurricanes. let's take a look at the history of the largest storms in the u.s. hurricane floyd in 19 it killed 57 people in the u.s. in 2004, hurricane charlie forced more than a million to evacuate. 50,000 were in shelters. that same year, hurricane frances left millions without power. and katrina killed a thousand people, the costliest natural disaster in u.s. history. super storm sandy was a category 3 and left 15 states
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that was the second costliest hurricane in our history. nasa plays a big role in tracking and forecasting the hurricane. >> one satellite we have has the only weather radar in space. this is data from it of hurricane matthew, category 4 strength. and the features you can see in the rain are clues to the energy transformations going on inside hurricane matt -- can give forecasters clues on how quickly a storm will intensify. great information for anyone in like the eye of the storm. belen, you know our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in florida on the east coast going through all of this. but here, blue skies and sunshine. >> and temperatures warming into the weekend. 70s, it's just right.
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on sunday, i eat nachos the whole day. and broncos take on the falcons. and kickoff at 2:05 and the temperatures in the 70s and it's going to be dry and sunny.
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