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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  October 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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right now... denver police officers are investigating a homicide... it happened around 1 a-m in the 27- hundred block of larimer street... we know 1 person is dead...another is in critical condition. police have not released many details... or any suspect information. we'll bring you more updates as good morning- happy monday! corey, gary and marty here with you...?o?w what a gorgeous weekend we had.
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presidential debate is in the books. sunday night - donald trump and hillary clinton faced off in what some are calling the nastiest presidential debate in history. this one - a town hall style debate in st louis, missouri - questions. c-n-n's anderson cooper and a-b-c's martha raddatz were the moderators. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with more. tarhonda both candidates made a number of claims. there were several heated exchanges.. including tense moments over hillary clinton's email scandal... and tapes revealing donald trump's lewd comments about women. both nominees also covered energy, taxes, job creation
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tarhonda thomas is here to take a closer look at what was true...what wasn't, and what needed some clarification. yes, from accusing the other of being "hateful"... hillary clinton's level of involvment in the yes, from accusing the other of being "hateful"... hillary clinton's level of involvment in the attack in benghazi. ...and donald trump's crude comments about women. nothing was off- limits. ...including-- of course-- hillary clinton's emails. donald trump flatly said that-- if he were president-- hillary clinton would be in jail over those emails. trump said that ambassador chris stevens-- who died in the 20-12 benghazi attack-- sent 600 emails to clinton-- asking for increased security. our fact-checkers found... that's needs context... saying emails reveal that the topic of security was being discussed back and forth. clinton says there's no evidence that classified information got in found-- that also needs context. the f-b-i says there's no evidence her server was hacked... but it would have been possible to hack it. trump also admitted to not paying federal taxes for a number of years. and he was forced to acknowledge the "elephant in the room"-- the 2005 recording of him making lewd comments about women. donald trump also
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audience who accused former president bill clinton of sexual misconduct... and hillary clinton of mistreating them. this mroning-- both sides are claiming victory in the debate. ' corey? donald trump continued to defend comments recorded during a 2005 soap opera cameo... when moderator anderson cooper asked trump if he unders w trump said - he was embarrassed and not proud of it...but it was all just - quote "locker room talk." he went on to talk about isis and foreign policy - saying there were bigger things to worry about. and this show host billy bush is indefinitely suspended from the show.. for his part in the tape scandal. bush was working for access hollywood at the time... he was doing a story with donald trump when he can be heard egging the future nominee on during the crude
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saying he was younger and less mature at the time.. hillary clinton - also faced some tough questions after wikileaks released transcribed excerpts of what was beleived to be some of her paid speeches. she has refused to release them, but this information came from hacked e-mails. during the debate - clinton was asked about a part of one speech to a group when she said private and public positions on certain issues - are needed. the comments were a reference to president lincoln - when he said he had to use certain arguments in private to convince lawmakers who disagreed with him, especially about slavery. trump has said - if elected - he would hire a "special prosecutor" - to look into her private positions, and said in his administration she would be in jail. tim kaine...and musician dave matthews are
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the demoratic v-p nominee - will host a rally-slash- concert with dave matthews - where the two plan to highlight economic issues... and also remind people - to make sure they're registered and ready to head to the polls. it all starts at 1-30 this afternoon - at the national western complex in denver. have the chance to hear from some of colorado's local candidates... the jewish community relations council is hosting a public forum tonight.. it's hosted by our friend kyle dyer. among the invited guests, senate nd glenn. and congressman mike coffman and his challenger morgan carroll... there will be a meet and greet with the candidates - and then a forum where candidates will take questions. it starts tonight at 6 - and the elaine wolf theatre in denver. and tomorrow - 9news will be hosting a debate between the state's senate candidates. democratic incumbent michael bennet and republican challenger darryl glenn - will debate live on 9news on october 11th. political reporter brandon rittiman and kyle clark will moderate. it starts and 7 - it
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com. police in aurora - are looking for a man who may have abducted a woman over the weekend... investigators say christopher rimpson - attacked the woman on saturday afternoon... they say he dragged her into a gold, 19-94 g-m-c suburban with colorado plates. it happened on sable boulevard - off east 6th avenue. police believe the victim is 34 year old britteny fields. if you have any information- you're asked to call 9-1-1. the macu killing 2 police officers in palm springs, california - will be charged sometime tomorrow.. sunday morning - officers jose gilbert vega -- and lesley zerebny - were killed while answering a call about a family dispute. a man they had been speaking with - pulled out a gun and opened fire. a third officer was wounded - and is expected to survive. 63 year old vega - had 35 years on the force - and was a few months away from retirement. 27-year old zerebny
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department almost 2 years ago -- and recently returned to duty after maternity leave. she has a 4 month old daughter. matthew - is no longer a hurricane.. but people across the southeast - are still facing devastation and a long recovery... in north carolina - flood waters are expected to stick around for the next week...leaving 43 counties there - still under a state of emergency. nearly a thousand people have been rescued so far...pulled from roof tops and cars...and taken out by boats.. and across the u-s ...the storm is blamed for at least 17 deaths. and in hurricane- battered haiti this weekend... people took some time away from the damage and destruction - to go to church. more than 800 people are believed to have died in the storm. but leaders still can't get an accurate picture of how badly the country was hit.. as some communities are
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the broncos don't have much time to right the ship -
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loss of the season. but the players say they're to we'll look forward to thursday's game
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burning in summit county - completely contained. the frey gulch fire started around noon sunday just above the shooting range at the summit county landfill.. that's near keystone... so far - it's burned 22 acres and is 30 percent contained. people in the area will probably continue to see smoke for the next few days. october is fire safety month.. and this fire prevention week.. this year - the focus is on smoke alarms... the national fire protection association says - homes with working alarms - are 51 percent less likely - to have fatal fires. they say - make sure to check the date on your alarms - test them every year... and replace them every 10 years. paxton lynch is going to have togl forget about sunday... and move on from his first nfl career loss. he was sacked six times... and stripped of the ball twice. he threw a pick but it was interceppted. denver made it the end zone once...
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reached across the goal line... and made the t-d by an inch -- if that . the broncos lose a regular season game for the first time in nearly ten months... 23-16. they'll have to right the ship quickly, denver players the chargers in san diego thursday night. who knows if trevor siemian will be ready for thursday night's game against the chargers. and... who knows if coach kubiak will be ready, either. news conference... kubiak left the stadium in an ambulance. the team says he had flu-like symptoms. kubiak had a health episode in 2013... in which he collapsed on the field at hafltime. he was the texans' head coach at the time... and basically had a mini-stroke. if kubiak can't coach thursday night's game... the team would be expected to select
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coordinator wade phillips as interim ad coach. holiday shopping...means holiday jobs. if you're looking - grab your resume and best interview outfit.. because companies are ready to hire. "battery-gate" continues to plague samsung... they just can't get their phones to stop exploding... so for now...the company sats they'll stop making
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mo galaxy note sevens... they've temporarily halted production of the phone -after multiple replacement devices caught fire.. last month - the tech giant had to recall about 2 and a half million of the original phones...after reports of extreme overheating...and even some explosions. it's been called "battery gate" samsung faces a damaged reputation and low sales.. on sunday - they released ast customers who are worried about their replacements...can exchange it for a different samsung
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day weekend... this holiday - isn't exactly a haven for de still has some ways to save... the national fallen firefighters memorial in
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name on its walls this morning. john whelan's name was added sunday morning. he fell through a skylight - while
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died from his injuries several weeks later. yesterday his name was read - along with more than 100 other fallen firefighters - at a ceremony held by the national fallen firefighters foundation. whelan served denver fire for 15 years. he left behind a son and wife. the winner of the nobel peace prize says he'll donate his winnings to victims of his country's conflict. colombian president juan manuel santos says he'll be giving away 925-thousand dollar santos made the announcement yesterday during a visit with his family and top officials to a town in western colombia hard hit by the half-century conflict. santos was awarded the nobel peace prize on friday. the nobel peace prize will be awarded on december tenth in
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debate.. in favor of some kinder ones... an audience member asked both nominees - to name something positive or something they respected - about the other. both spent about a minute with their answers - with clinton giving the trump family her respect... and trump saying - he respected clinton's fighting spirit.
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reacting to last night's heated debate. coming up, we'll have much more on the debate. inlcuding claims each candidate made - and whether they are true or not. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover this morning.
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second presidential debate. both hillary clinton and donald trump hurled attacks at the other. and this morning we'll look into some of their claims, and whether or not they are true. we'll talk about what the data showed. and--- what's next in the race to the white house for both campaigns this morning. good morning. corey and gary with you on this monday morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- sounds like our warm weather from the weekend continues today breaking news


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