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tv   9 News at 6am  KUSA  October 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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the second presidential debate went from political to personal. ] interrupting each other ] the second presidential debate went from political to personal really fast. donald trump and hillary clinton both trying to sway those last-minute voters. the rain and wind from hurricane matthew has stopped but the and it was the first stumble of the season for the denver broncos, losing to the atlanta falcons, undefeated team, undefeated no more. >> well, it hurts this morning. >> oh, man, it wasn't a very good game. good morning, everyone. we'll talk to ron about what happened out there yesterday coming up. good morning, thanks for joining us. it is columbus day. hope it's a good one for you, gary and corey with you. marty joins us, too. boy, it will be near 80 degrees. that's pretty impressive.
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continue that trend here into the day today with clear conditions this morning, temperatures moving pretty close to 70, almost 70 just by the end of the commute and by the end of the day, between 75 to 80 degrees. a lot of sun through the morning and lunchtime and then a few clouds drift in very late in the afternoon. the next three days going to be pretty warm around here. tomorrow, though, we may see a light shower late in the day. wednesday, especially tomorrow night into wednesday, a few fog. that will clear out during the morning on wednesday, gets much cooler but only sticks around for one day. we're back to the 70s on thursday. >> thank you, marty. 6:01. we're getting up to our sky 9 view over colfax and pretty clear start overall, great transitions on your side streets as well as your highways. let's look at our maps as we
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end. if you're waking up on northglenn or thornton, southbound stretch, pretty easy overall, southbound around 12 minutes, 62 miles per hour, and live use around 25 and university, so far nice and clea . across our maps, though, we have issues around downtown that i want to make sure you're aware of, a crash colfax and indo close to speer and convention center and on top of between lawrence and larimer. the local detour will take you a block or two out of the way corey? >> thank you. hillary clinton versus donald trump, round two of the presidential debate was just as heated if not more than round 1. there was no handshake, kick off the tension from the start. they talked about energy, tax, and job creation. clinton called trump unfit to
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tape released, making sexual comments about women. trump said clinton would be in jail over her e-mail server scandal. >> fact-checkers have been very busy because a lot of accusations were thrown around by both candidates last night. tarhonda thomas is fact- checking the debate for us today. a lot of arguments last night were false or misleading. >> reporter: that's right. many fact-checkers have been busy overnight. that's why we have a team look into some of the claims the political spinning going on so let's go back to the argument over hillary clinton's e- mails. trump claimed clinton acid washed her e-mails. fact-checkers said that needs some context. they used free software prramscalled bleach bit to delete 30,000 e-mail us she handed over more than 30,000 to the fbi. while debating so-called obamacare, clinton stated the vast majority of people get health care from an employer.
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about 60% of americans get health care from an employer. then, of course, there was a topic of donald trump making crude comments about women. a 2005 recording surfaced over the weekend, knowing he would be called to the carpet at this debate, donald trump tried to turn the tables on clinton by inviting several women to sit in audience, women who accused former president bill clinton of sexual misconduct. >> if you look at bill clinton, far worse, minor words, and hi his was what he's done to women, there's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women. >> so much of what he just said is not right. when i hear something like that, i am remindedded of what my friend, michelle obama, advised us all. when they go low, you go high. >> reporter: there are lot of truth checks happening this morning. one cited by "usa today" tallies up statements.
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"true" or "mostly true" compared to less than 20% of donald trump's statements. this debate still had a lot of people talking this morning. >> well, that's for sure and will for a while, i am sure. thank you much. this chart shows which candidate was searched the most during the debate on google. for good or bad. this is eastern time, by the way. note donald trump ranked number 1 in the searches in the early evening of the debate when he was talking about his behavior and leaked audi offensive comments towards women. then it went port between clinton and trump for the rest of the night. as for which words were searched heavily in colorado, check out this list from trends map. word like "locker," "assault," "presidential," and "russia" were the most searched words along with a punch of broncos- related terms, too. twitter is saying this is the most-tweeted debate this the ten-year history of the
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related tweets were sent out during the 90-minute duel. 30million throughout the entire day. >> it's 6:06 right now. heavy rains from hurricane matthew brought massive floods up the east coast. the devastation isn't just damage, though. 17 people have died. this is video from south carolina and georgia where the strong winds took a toll on the areas. power is out across the area, and some schools are closed until next week. the majority of damage can be seen in national and state officials are there working to clear debris and rescue those who are stranded. there have been 1,000 rescues in north carolina and some people are still missing. officials warn the coast is still hazardous both with flooding and rip currents. from florida, the carolinas, and georgia, damage is estimated at $4 billion to $6 billion. thankfully this is only a hurricane 3. >> category 1 at landfall.
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see the problem that the flooding caused and we're very concerned about that. for us today dry conditions around here with thunderstorms in kansas and heading up towards nebraska. we don't get to share in that rain. snow to the north, very heavy snow. in fact, several areas have winter weather advisories -- montana, lower terrain, 3 to 5, 3 to 6 inches. some of the mountains in montana, 8 to 15 inches of new snow. for us today, that front and 80s and then yet again tomorrow, a warm start to the morning tomorrow with 40s and low 50s. it is warmer tomorrow but note the cooler air moving in to northern nebraska and wyoming tomorrow afternoon and 50s and 60ds. that's heading our way for wednesday. >> all right marty, thank you much. one person is dead and another hurt after a shooting near 27th and larimer in denver
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27th is still closed between lawrence and larimer. officers have not released information on a suspect. we'll update you when we get more information. two buildings, 100 apartments and no parking. it's a new complex the denver city council gave the go-ahead to in august. neighbor who don't want the complex to be built are making their voices heard. reporter colleen ferrara is live near the construction area and, colleen, people who live there are concerned about the street parking. >> reporter: some of corey. they have lived here for a while and already say parking is a problem and they started this group that's called "stop the humboldt micros." it's a website and there's a rally from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. on the corner of 60 and humboldt where the apartments are supposed to go up and there's the appeal hearing tomorrow morning. they really want their voice heard. you know, if you've been to this area, you know that it is parking-challenged. if you come here just to go to a restaurant in the area or
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parking problem, much like there is in a lot of the denver area with a lot of apartments going up and a lot of people moving here, too. people against this project said with another apartment and no added parking, people have no options and they understand there's a housing shortage in denver but this is not the way to solve the problem. here's the thing. with these apartments, average units will be 350 square feet so they are called microunits. development that meets the needs of perspective residents without harming the neighborhood is possible." they welcome development but want parking to go along with it. that's why neighbors complained to council members so council member have stopped issuing permits for similar buildings like this one on the corner. you know, there are few few residents that know people who want to live in the area but is
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for them. you may think with all the apartment and condos going up, is there is enough park? only one other building with no parking has gone up since 2010 in the highlands. crews hope to break ground here by the end of the year, unless something happens, something we will follow. a rally tonight from 5:00 to 6:00 on the corner. >> very controversial for sure. thanks much. 10 after 6: a warship in the red sea when they were fired from rebel held territory in yemen. leaders said it's not clear if the u.s.s. mason was specifically targeted. the navy said no sailors were hurt and the warship was not damaged. anyone who tells you trick- or-treating is just for kids isn't familiar with the chip boat lee burrito experience. the treat we can get ahead. plus -- >> it is what it is.
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when we lose. the broncos first loss of the pre-and regular season.
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>> welcome back, everyone. the broncos lost their first gain months, beaten by the atlanta falcons 23-16. it was not the greatest nfl start for quarterback paxton lynch. our analyst joins us now to talk a little bit about that game. it's not near as close as the score indicates. the atlanta falcons completely dominated this football game, as mike shanahan used to say, in all three phases. there's a lot of ways to look
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offensive line. the broncos could not only outrun the ball, they could not protect the rookie quarterback make his first nfl start, bad combination. he was sacked six times, but i will say this. paxton lynch, there's been a lot of rookie quarterbacks, too. he held on to the ball way too long. that's why you see a number of sacks. it's not all the offensive line's fault. you have to let it go. there has to be a sign in your head to let it go. they couldn't run the ball and couldn't keep themse field. by and large, when you're down 13-3 at the half, you're in tunnel and on the other side of the ball, they were dominated. atlanta had the perfect template on beating them. everybody thought you had to stop julio jones -- you don't care. take him away. throw to coleman, 135 yards, freeman a combined 119 yards. they killed with the long drive. the defense couldn't get off the field and the thing you're
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it's -- they won nine games in a row. it's a reminder that this is the nfl. it's a week-for-week business and you really have to come with your "a" game every single week. >> so they have four days to fix it because they have -- >> thursday night game. >> a couple of days to fix it. gary kubiak in the hospital last night -- many are concerned because three years ago, when he was the coach down there in houston, you a mini stroke, daubinged to him -- talked to him a lot about how he changed. they work under intense pressure. football coaches work 70, 80- hour week. it's just just not a healthy lifestyle. they're not in the best of shape. kubiak is in good shape but you hope everything is okay and it's just the flu but they could be into the game without the head coach and who know who will play quarterback?
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coming up on channel 20 during the 7:00 hour, we'll talk about the broncos, maybe the defense, and look forward to thursday night's game. right now let's send it to marty. looks like the 60s thursday night in san diego. dry here this morning. a few high clouds here and there, just mentioned the big storm in montana and wyoming, heading towards wyoming. this is not going to keep its intensity as it moves into colorado. it will moderate so we'll see some light rain and snow tomorrow night and areas in a few areas of drizzle wednesday. looking at clear conditions for us today through most of the day. after 3:00 p.m., high clouds begin to drift in, 75 to 80 degrees for most of us. the further north and east you go, the warmer it gets. on the plains, 80 plus in a lot of locations, dry most of the day. late this afternoon, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, begin to see a few clouds filter in and there will
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making it to the ground in this warm, dry air that we have here so measurable rain limited to just about nothing during the day today. high temperatures 50s and 60s here, 70s to 80 plus -- again, the warmest readings will be on the eastern plains of colorado. we're not too far behind with clouds in late this afternoon, not really any chance for rain today with a high near 78. tonight, clouds stay and so do the warm temperatures. our average low degrees and we'll be a solid ten degrees warmer than that. tomorrow, warm again. however, late in the day, changes start to come in, wind begins to shift and will come out of the northeast, drizzle or mist wednesday morning and will clear out in the afternoon, a cool earl day on wednesday and the cool air doesn't stick around long.
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the 70s. sky 9 is over 25 and alameda at 617 and see the roads beginning to build up in terms of volume but still pretty much problem-free, a couple of exceptions are in place as we come to our maps. the drive times starting to get a little sluggish. we have a southbound 25 delay coming in across 20th as you lead in from i--70 that isn't unusual but definitely tapping those brakes. not too much happening, a commerce city corridor so i will check with an update in just a few. colfax and inca, a crash as well as full closure of 27 between lawrence and larimer streets because of the police investigation. drive times across the east will get into the double digits in the next five to ten minutes, dropping our speeds out of the 50s into is 40s, same goes for 225. we'll see those speeds and drive times start to change but so far, corey, pretty good across the highways. >> nice start to the day for sure. thank you.
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for many people. in just ten, how "the today show" will look a little different because of it, coming up at 6:30. samsung galaxy note 7 problems. boy, they are far from over. hopefully you still don't want the phone because the tech
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samsung is no longer making
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were catching on fire. the lek the reasonnics giant recalled over 2 million phones last month. since then, at&t stopped exchanging with a new replacement one and t mobile and sprint are allowing phones to be switched with another device. a strike by union members began in july after a bankruptcy judge allow the eliminate benefits. the union wants certain benefits to be restored. 3,000 workers will lose their job when the casino close. put on a costume at halloween and can get $3 off a burrito. show up in a costume, any costume -- no other tricks required. the offer is available on the 31st so between 3:00 p.m. and closing time, in-store online so no online or mobile orders. >> i remember my daughter and
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we were burritos. >> you got a free burrito? >> nice. >> exactly. let's check the weather and traffic. >> inventive. clever. i like it. around here, clear conditions to start the day, a bit foggy and hazy around jewelsburg and holyoke. we'll burn that up quickly spend up with sun for a good bit of the day, high clouds drift in this afternoon, a few sprinkles in mountain areas, not really much able to make it to the ground here terrain. if you're planning your evening, we will see a few clouds hanging around during the evening, temperatures stay quite mild, though, well after sunset tonight. we'll be pushing 70 degrees right during prime time. >> all right, marty, 6:23. we'll get up with sky 9 with crews over the highway drive. check out 25, 225, 70, things are busy but so far, so good. looks like we could have minor issue to the shoulder with the northbound slowdown coming off
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and have an update in a few. in the meantime, let's check out drive times here, sixth avenue looking clear. we're still in the green between golden and i-25, less than ten minutes on your stretch. 25, about 15 minutes between i- 70 and c-470 out of norththen and live views across 25, santa
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welcome back. marvel's spider-man has been made over a bunch of times, right? a couple of times with andrew garfield, "the avengers." >> it's getting back to its roots. an animated series will premiere next year on disney xd and features a superhero in his teen years. you know that sure. >> yeah. all right, we want to take a break and will be right back.
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prosecutor. >> it's good someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. round 2 of the presidential debate, and it turn into a verbal brawl. [ overlapping conversation ] >> -- what people care about tonight. >> politics turn personal for these candidate and with 29 days left in the election, decision 2016 is looking uglier
6:31 am
>> "ugly" is a good word. >> yeah. >> we will have more on the debate in a second. for now, good morning, everyone. i'm corey with gary. heat debate and heated weekend weather-wise. temperatures are sticking around for a few more days. they are, today and tomorrow will be warm out here, pretty dawn sky is fantastic. if you're looking over metro denver from sports authority field, good-look morning. over the next day a few light showers possible in the area wednesday morning and clearing thursday and snow is falling in montana and idaho. you can see the snow.
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our way but cooler is air is. across i-70, we have a westbound crash at peoria and police are not yet on scene. three cars here tangled up, cars filtering in behind and forced to split right around this wreck. as crews get here, we will push to the shoulders and let you know when up. problems to the north in commerce city. the drive on vazquez impacted toward 76 and because of the crash, a heavy artery to 270. 27th is still shut down between lawrence and larimer and because the city is hitting roads, we're seeing a bigger delay but still local side
6:33 am
two blockses out of the way. >> thank you much. both clinton and trump are looking at voters, gauge reactions less than 24 hours after the second presidential debate. it was the second debate for the candidates and this focused on energy, tax, jobs, and the controversies in each campaign. each candidate is saying they won and what do you think? go >> tarhonda thomas is fact- checking the debate and we want to know who you think won the debate. let us know. go to trump, clinton, or no one? >> both sides are claiming victory. they said they won the debate. that's subjectivity. one thing that is not subjective, the truth. fact-checkers are looking into
6:34 am
one candidate admitted -- donald trump admitted to legally not paying taxes for a number of years because he claimed more than $900 million in losses. hillary clinton said millions of kids have health care because of her work. our fact-checkers found that's largely true, though she did not read the children's health insurance program on her own. trump said clinton failed to bring jobs passenger to new york. that's with true. "the washington upstate job front stagnated during her tenure. this is a town hall style debate. they got question from up decided voters. during the contentious 90 minutes, they debated syrian refugees, affordable care act, and clinton's e-mails. trump frequently interrupted clinton, leading to this moment. >> well, we turned over 35,000 so -- >> oh, yes. what about the other 15,000? >> please allow her to
6:35 am
>> you have nothing to say. >> i will try to not in this debate because i'd like to get to the question people brought here tonight to talk to us about. >> get off this question. >> trump said he put clinton in jail over his e-mails. a pea moment to note -- trump seems to go back on his suggested ban on muslim. last night he said he would be "doing extreme vetting." both candidates accused each other of spurring hate and debate and corey, they didn't shake hand until the end. >> that started it out. you knew how the next 90 minutes would go for sure. "locker room talk" was the phrase of the night. they were talking about the leaked tape of trump make controversial comments about women. he made the comment on the bus during an interview for "access hollywood." that didn't stop clinton from calling him out. >> has said that the
6:36 am
is. but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is because we've seen this throughout the campaign. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologize to my family. i apologize to the american people. certainly i'm not proud of it, but this is locker room talk. >> trump was on the bus with billy bush, who is now a co- an "the today show" suspended bush while they review the matter. >> 6:36. the debate wrapped up like most people expected -- didn't wrap up like most people expected. it wrapped up with some compliments. audience members were able to ask questions during the debate and one of them asked the two candidates to say something about what they respect about one another. they both agreed while they don't -- while they don't agree with politics, they were able to find something nice.
6:37 am
his children are incredibly able and devoted, and i think that says a lot about donald. >> she does fight hard and she doesn't quit and she doesn't give up and i consider that to be a very good trait. for me. >> all right. think even the moderators were shocked. after 90 minutes of often brutal and sharp attack, the debate ended on that civil note, at least. >> we have been watching your few minute. we asked who you thought won the second debate. 52% of people said right now hillary clinton won and 42%, donald trump. 8% said no one won last night. so far we have a little bit more than 400 votes coming in. >> we do, yeah. trump think he won and hillary supporters think he won. >> that's right.
6:38 am
musician. he will be will appear at a concert with dave matthew. last time he was in our state was august and mike pence will be on the east coast in charlotte this afternoon in fletcher, north carolina, later this evening. one neighborhood is not staying quiet about an apartment complex coming to that area. their issue is the complex has 100 apartments, micro apartment, but really, no parking the neighborhood is already filled with people trying to find parking spaces. reporter colleen ferrara is live outside the apartment construction site on humboldt street and, colleen, people are going to rally there today for their cause. >> reporter: according to the group's website, stop the humboldt micros, from 5:00 to 6:00 tonight they will come toll this corner, rally, and tomorrow morning they have an appeal hearing to get their voices heard once again.
6:39 am
behind me, would cause so much controversy, but i want you to put yourself in these neighbor's shoes. people in surround areas are very crowded right now so you can imagine 100 units in your neighborhood and no park to go with it. of course so par??ng would be taken away and that is their concern right now. a lot of residents are saying, "hey, we don't oppose new development. we don't mind it at all. we need parking to go with it because cu residents will have no options once you put up 100 apartments right here." they said they know there's a housing shortage but this is not the way to solve that problem. a lot of neighborhood have complained to city council member and now city council member have stopped issuing permits for similar buildings like this and those are microapartment units, 350 square feet on average and there is neighbor we spoke with
6:40 am
short and and knows young professionals want to live in this popular areas so she is okay because it gives more housing options. more people are getting to housing units and people are frustrated and develop irsaid they want to start break ground here by the end of the year and and only one unit has gone in, in the highlands. we'll see what city council members do and how this plays out through the end of the year.
6:41 am
in the hundreds, some estimates near 1,000 people lost their life in that storm. just horrible. >> it is horrible. in just the past two days, this is not even storm total but in the last two days, anywhere from 2 to 13-inch of rain for parts of north carolina, virginia, into maryland and towards delaware. we'll see flooding for several days to come as that water slowly recedes. i talked about cooler air moving our y. today, check out highs in the 30s up in the montana/canadian border. that cool air is going to move our way while we're in the 70s tomorrow. rapid city, mid-40s. 30s around wyoming and cold air will slide in wednesday. >> thank you, marty. a sad day for broncos fans. we're wake up with a feeling we have not felt in nearly ten months. denver hadn't lost any games
6:42 am
atlanta falcons sunday. it was paxton lynch's first nfl start but sacked six times. denver only made it to the end zone once thanks to thomas but they still lost. the head coach left mile high stadium in an ambulance. kubiak was taken to the hospital with flu-like symptoms. no word how he's doing this morning but will update you when we know more. in all right. well, we wish him the best, that's for sure. a tough day on the field for the broncos but for the presidential candidates, right? the stage in st. louis, missouri, the second presidential debate. we're going to get the take of
6:43 am
z24w3z z5yz
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>> 6:44 right now.
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second presidential debate. the focus is now on the voters and if the debate stayed your opinion. our political experts joins now. head to to let us know who you think won. one of thing by topics was the video released void of donald trump having a lewd conversation about women. do you think he did enough to win republican voters? >> the last debate. he did a very good job. quite frankly, even the voters online today recognize that compared to the numbers last time. in that's true. >> he's doing better. [ laughter ] >> but we still have, really, the colorado issues of mike kaufman said he's not going to vote for him and telling him to step aside. i mean, that was pretty
6:46 am
friday. >> he tried to get by it. did he? >> now. mean, he opened the debate by defending himself and doubling- down on the preposterous comment it was just locker talk. i was captain of pole vault in high school and ran cross country and never heard that in the locker room. i think it's offensive and don't think it's okay to play it off and not start a conversation about why it's not okay for a major candidat assault i think was pretty embarrassing for him. >> i want to correct that. he absolutely apologize last night. he said he was embarrassed. i didn't like the first apology, which is more a "i'm sorry if you're offended" than "i'm sorry they said it." it was from 11 years ago. it doesn't make it acceptable. . >> he said it was locker room
6:47 am
that's factually incorrect. >> we're get heated now. >> i kind of like it. we have our own little debate now. >> maybe it was just me, bit seemed like hillary stood back to let donald trump doing his own thing, thinking he would bury himself. was that a good strategy or should she have been more forceful? it certainly work the first time and like kelly point, you could say since trump didn't entirelylo better performance, but the mega phone, cnn poll, everything last night said clinton clearly won by seven to ten points so even though he may have done better thans previous version of himself, he still did not show up and do enough of a good job to turn the race around in a meaningful way. >> clearly her strategy was to give him enough rope to try to hang himself and just put this thing away. she didn't do that. it wasn't effective because
6:48 am
number two, if you give the horse enough rope, its may stomp you. >> okay. >> just sayin'. >> there you go. this from a country girl, apparently. we'll talk to our experts at 7:00 and talk about a few issues -- a few did. >> we got to issues. >> exactly. despite the nasty stuff, candidates actually talked about some of the issues so we'll get to that at 7:00. all 52%, donald trump, 41%. that's according to our not-so- scientific poll. we had more than 400 people that voted today so -- >> at last check. could be a lot higher right now. >> yeah, okay, all right. we'll take a break? >> nope. you're going to talk to me. >> hey, marty. let's take a quick runthrough in the day, 40s, already moving in the 70s by lunchtime, upper 70s late in
6:49 am
area. statewide, going to be fairly dry until this evening. we'll get very small pockets of dish would label them sprinkles or wannabe rain showers. they don't have much to them. tomorrow, we see moisture in the central mountains. snow levels will be fairly high tomorrow and will be lower as we get into the morning wednesdays because its will be pretty cool around he we're heading up with sky 99 over 25 and 104 and couldn't look better here. we have light southbound slowdown and will see issues, around 84th avenue where we tap the brakes to get into the 20s. we have a problem on i-70, westbound crash at peoria getting pushed to the shoulder and the backups here in the distance are still forming, not only on the flyover ramp from 225 but across i-70 itself. as we zoom in it and look at
6:50 am
over to i-25 and speeds in the
6:51 am
6:52 am
sunny most of the day, a few clouds late in the afternoon. that's going to sum it up for most of the state. we have the big storm that i discussed moments ago, up in mostly montana and as it boosts out, it's going to bring moisture. it will kick off a few shower in colorado's mountains tomorrow. today however, dry here most of the day, sunny most of the day. late this afternoon, you'll begin to see a few high clouds drift over the continental
6:53 am
evening for us. temperatures in the mid-70s to near 80 with 60s and 70s in the mountains so most of the state stays dry and warm until late afternoon and a few shower,, skimming along the ridge line and mountain passes and pike's peak area and continental divide. i don't think we can get any rain down here and too dry the lowest 10,000 feet so anything that does fall will have been rate here. 50 and 60s for the mountains, 10 to 12 degrees above average for the front range and eastern colorado. sunshine most of the day, upper 70s for daytime highs and clouds don't really leave us
6:54 am
cooler because clouds thicken in the afternoon and may get a light shower in the afternoon and then after sunset, cold wind kick in. we'll get drizzle, fog, light rain, clears out as we get a one-day dip and 20-degree drop in temperature. >> we'll feel that one. thanks, marty. 128 over 25 is where we start to see the the highway commute and that's why we're seeing those sluggish conditions there. traffic is still getting through but the backup could add five to ten minutes to the morning commute. coming up to our cdot cameras as well as drive times, we have a lot to talk about, slowdowns building across 25, now southbound. we're at 17 minute from downtown into the tech center. we have the 225 delay pushing through in that westbound direction and that is because of the earlier crash right at peoria. the crash is getting pushed to
6:55 am
we're dropping down to 8 miles per hour, slowdowns kick off around airport boulevard, 60th and vazquez tangled up with a crash and onto side streets, 27th remains closed between lawrence and larimer because of the police investigation. >> busy day. welcome back, amelia. in exactly. >> thanks much. it's 6:55. donald trump's lewd comments on a recording from 2005 was one of the main topics on the debate stage last night. it was the se republican nominee donald trump and opponent hillary clinton. he apologized for the comments he made but clinton didn't let him off the hook that easy. >> and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is because we have seen this throughout the campaign been >> this is locker room talk.
6:56 am
the american people and i'm not proud of it but this is locker room talk. >> donald trump said if elected president he will order the justice department to coin a special prosecutor to look into clinton's e-mails. clinton responded by saying she is glad somebody with trump's temperament is not making law in our country. >> 6:56 now. one person is dead and another hurt after a ng on 27 and larimer overnight. the person hurt is in critical condition. 27th is closed between lawrence and larimer street. officers haven't released any information on a suspect and we'll update you when we learn more. a standoff in palm springs that lasted into sunday morning ended with the killer of two police officers surrendering. the suspect is 26-year-old john felix. the man has a history of arrest. the community and police department held a memorial for
6:57 am
63-year-old jose vega and 27- year-old lesley zerebny were killed while responding to a domestic violence call. the national fallen firefighters memorial in maryland bears the name of denver firefighter john wheeland. he fell through a skylight while fighting a fire in june 2015 and died from his injuries several weeks later. on sunday, his name was read along with 100 other tvs at a ceremony held by the fallen firefighters foundation 37 wheeland served for 15 years. paxton lynch was sacked six times and had the ball taken six time and had one interceptions. the broncos still lost 23-17. >> that was a rude wake-up call for fans, huh? if the loss wasn't enough, gary kubiak left the stadium in an ambulance. he was taken to the hospital
6:58 am
symptoms. there's no word how he's doing. as soon as we have an update, we'll let you know. hurricane matthew has left to sea but has left a path in the southeast, underwater from florida to georgia to the carolinas. north carolina, more than 1,000 people have been rescued and the water is expected to stick around for a week. damage estimates are $4 billion to $6 billion. dry here over front range for the day today. we have a small, smal of light showers tomorrow and fog and mist for wednesday morning as cold air settles in but it is gone by this weekend as we move back into the mid and upper 70s so unfortunately, even with the cold front coming through, i don't think we have a significant amount of rain around here. some mountain area will do okay tomorrow. >> yeah. >> nice week ahead. >> yeah. >> warm. >> um-hmm. we have a broncos game on thursday night. >> in san diego. where it's always nice. >> that's true.
6:59 am
that. >> we lucked out. if we're planning on a salad for lunch, there's a recall -- meat salad. exactly. there's a recall from new castle that distributes green goes agarose in colorado. >> don't eat the new castle. eat the white castle. >> the burger. >> i thought there was a recall on drumsticks ice cream, which is right up my alley for lunch so i will not eat one today. >> worst we'll talk to our political experts and get more of their take on how things went last nigh that was kind of a crazy affair. oh, my goodness. >> we stayed up late to watch it. >> yeah, we did. we'll get into that and more but we're heading over to channel 20 right now.
7:00 am
good morning. race to the bottom? donald trump and hillary clinton don't even bother to shake hands before facing off in a debate filled with accusations and insults. trump's remarks about groping women caught on tape center stage. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. >> i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> trump goes for the jugular inviting women who accused bill clinton of sexual conduct into the audience after a pre-debate


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