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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 12, 2016 2:15am-2:45am MDT

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has amid so much loss. miguel almaguer, nbc news, lumberton, north carolina. >> reporter: this is gabe gutierrez in haiti's southern peninsula where matthew's wrath is all-consuming. homes are shredded, food is scarce. this man tells us he had to race up the side of a mountain to escape the rising flood waters. the u.n. estimates more than a million people like him are now in need of humanitarian aid after the category 4 hurricane ripped 145-mile-an-hour winds. this church before the storm. this aerial picture from digital globe taken right after. i lost everything, except my 6-month-old daughter, this woman says. haitian authorities confirm almost 500 people have been killed, but one tally by reuters puts the death toll at over a thousand. there's destruction as far as the eye can see. aid is slowly trickling into in country, but not fast enough for those in the most devastated
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one of the largest aid organizations now on the ground in hard hit jeremie. >> it's going to be a long road. >> reporter: nbc's dr. john torres visited a clinic where the spread of cholera is now the biggest fear. >> there's been 279 cases in the whole country, with ten deaths. >> reporter: tonight the scale of destruction is staggering and the people here have an urgent plea. help. gabe news, jeremie, haiti. new fall-out tonight over reports of exploding cell phones. samsung said it will no longer make or sell its galaxy note 7 after the original and the replacement would smoke and catch fire. all of it coming as the phone wars went to the supreme court tonight. our justice correspondent pete williams has all the details. >> reporter: galaxy
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enough. >> it's a man made product, so you expect something to be a glitch. but this is really outrageous. >> reporter: after struggling to fix the problem, the world's largest smartphone maker today gave up, halting all production of the note 7. users worldwide said the phone would burst into flames. replacements had the same problem. daniel frank said his caught fire in a restaurant. >> i think about my 8-year-old daughter and say, this. >> reporter: the only bright spot for samsung today is that the supreme court in a long running battle with the world's other smartphone giant. apple said smart phones used to be clunky until 2007 when the iphone captivated the market with a sleek design. black translucent screen with rounded corners and a grid of colorful icons for applications. apple sued samsung for that design and said
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made on smartphones. $400 million. samsung's lawyer said a smartphone isn't like a scarf, where a design is everything. >> we are talking about products that have 250,000 pat entdented features. >> reporter: but justices seemed prepared to rule samsung would have to pay something. pete williams, nbc news, at the supreme court. federal pr will file criminal contempt charges against controversial arizona sheriff joe arpaio. arpaio has been a lightning rod in the fight over i immigration. had previousl been told to stop those patrols amid allegations of racial profiling. late details on this from nbc's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: a crowd erupting into cheers outside a phoenix courthouse after hearing federal prosecutors would be charging the
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self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in america, joe arpaio, for contempt of court. the charges stemming from a racial profiling case where a judge had ordered arpaio to stop targeting latinos during immigration sweeps. arpaio admitted his department continued the round-ups, but said he didn't violate the judge's orders intentionally. the judge disagreed, saying arpaio disoboyed because he thought it could help him g they found misconduct, dishonesty, and bad faith. >> our position is and always has been that there was no willful violation of the judge's order. >> reporter: arpaio has made a name for himself by forcing prisoners to wear pink and live in canvas tents in triple-digit temperatures. so far racial profiling cases against him have cost arizona taxpayers nearly $50 million.
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early voting starts in arpaio's seventh bid for sheriff. gadi schwartz, nbc news. there's a lot more to tell you about tonight. ahead, new warning about a popular supplement taken by millions of americans. why it could pose a serious risk to your heart.
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we're back with important health news out tonight that will
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americans, men and women who take calcium supplements. a new study has found that taking the supplements may raise the risk of heart disease. but eating foods rich in calcium may have the opposite effect. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: tonight a warning for the more than 40% of american men and women who take calciupplemes. in a ten-year study involving 2,700 people, half of them women, researchers at johns hopkins medicine found those who took more likely to have kals-up in their coronary arteries, a sign of heart disease. but those adults who got calcium from their diet had no heart disease. >> you think this is a serious risk? >> i do. >> reporter: the doctor said a supplement causes calcium levels to surge. and with that excess calcium in your blood,
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tissues, including the heart and its major blood vessels. >> reporter: 46-year-old christina is concerned about bone loss and takes a daily supplement. >> i believe that the proper amount of calcium will help to not only prevent osteoporosis, but also prevent me from fracturing a bone if i should fall. >> reporter: but for most women, the supplement may not be necessary. researchers say the typical adult needs about a thousand milligrams of kalssium a women over 50 and men over 70, about 1,200 milligrams a day. the supplement industry tells nbc news the product is safe and women should get their daily calcium through a combination of diet and supplements. but tonight researchers say a pill is usually no substitute for real food. tom costello, nbc news, baltimore. we're back in a
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you know the saying, if at first you don't succeed, well, a demolition crew had to try, try again to bring down a bridge today in arkansas. the explosive charges
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stubborn bridge refused to budge. a boat tried to bring it down with cables. finally the bridge collapsed five hours after the blast. maybe you've seen the headlines, neighborhoods across the country on edge after a series of scares involving people dressed as clowns. the sightings are terrorizing kids and authorities are taking it very seriously. now as kristin dalg ren tells us, it's led to a big fast-food chain to sideline its mascot. >> he is arguably one american icons. >> i hope your days fan tab louse -- >> reporter: but tonight ronald mcdonald is in hiding, the latest victim of the frightening clown frenzy. according to mcdonald's, he's laying low. mindful of the current climate of clown sightings. scotland yard has gotten multiple reports of so-called killer clowns. >> i thought i was actually going to die. >> reporter: in
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the day as social media explodes with clone photos and threats. in detroit, a clown was spotted clinging to the back of a bus. in an 11-year-old in minnesota said he was chased by a clown carrying a butcher knife. three teens were picked up there. >> reporter: while most of the recent sightings are copycat hoaxes, psychologists a result. >> remember, if you want to act like a clown, we have no problem treating you like one. >> reporter: a reminder that police are taking every incident seriously, in a creepy clown craze, getting out of control. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. when we come back, how one soldier's dream to bring smiles to kids is now coming true all across the
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finally tonight, it's the world's most popular sport, but for underprivileged children, it's impossible to get in the game when there's nothing to play with. that's where the family of a fallen american soldier comes
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here's our rehema ellis. >> reporter: at first glance, it's hard to see, but if you look closely, there's the name of a fallen soldier. and a wish fulfilled. >> nick was very simple. give a kid that doesn't have anything a soccer ball. >> reporter: soccer balls with the name pfc nick madaras are handed out by u.s. troops through the charity kick for nick. it began on the lawn in wilton, connecticut. nick loved soccer. when he joined the army, he took his love the game with him overseas. back home on leave in 2006, nick shared with his family hundreds of pictures of children in iraq playing with a few beat-up soccer balls. >> what did he tell you about those kids? >> they had developed their skills to the point just kicking whatever they could find. and he had also
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was the connection. nick returned to iraq. five months later, what his parents feared most happened. >> i looked right past the two army officers, it didn't even register. he said your son was killed in iraq eight hours ago. >> reporter: the family turned heartbreak into a mission. donations poured in. den years later, 46,000 soccer balls have made their way to 28 countries around the world. for nick's dad, the re special photo. >> that little boy in afghanistan, with that soccer ball and that big smile. >> reporter: and that's exactly what nick was hoping for. rehema ellis, nbc news, wilton, connecticut. >> what a wonderful legacy he leaves. that's going to do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching. as we say goodnight, a look outside at the famous rockefeller
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celebrating 80 years of fun with its grand opening today. have a good night
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>> announcer: are hard core drugs being sold in your hardware store? >> this is unseemingly, travis. >> it acts like lsd! >> and in the kitchen with a teen titan. she saved her own life after watching an episode of the doctors. repunsle syndrome. and opening up about an
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that's today! on the doctors! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> dr. travis: welcome, and as you can see, we have attorney ariva martin joining us today. >> welcome. [ applause ] >> glad to be back. >> dr. travis: we will jump into the first topic. in your most private moments do you have a biggest fear? do you have a biggest fear, ariva? >> i do, i don't know if this is it. >> dr. travis: it may be that you have a fear of someone watching you. a woman received a shock when she found out she was being spied on by her sex toy. check it out. >> many people are using fitness trackers to monitor steps, sleep, and heartrate. what if you had a device that was tracking your sexual activity without your knowledge? one woman claims an electronic sexual device she purchased was electronically transmitting information about
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manufacturer, for marketing purposes. she filed a class action lawsuit that accuses the company of consumer fraud and unjust enrichment. does this technology belong in the bedroom or is this a perverted invasion of privacy? >> you were asking me, is this one of my biggest fears, and the answer is, no. [ laughter ] >> this is wrong, though! >> no, it is. [ applause ] >> this is so wrong! on so many levels. >>r. know, you buy this thing. let's say you register it. they know your name and where you live. and they think "susie, my goodness you are using it". >> suse a likes 9-10, 11-12, mondays, wednesday, and thursdays. >> we are laughing about with this, but this is -- >> dr. travis: it's not funny. >> it's scary. something you buy where you have an expectation of privacy! >> of privacy!
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you are using it. and they, they, they are taking all of this private information. >> do they have a case? >> i think there's a really strong case. and i wouldn't mind being the lawyer pursuing this case. >> did you hear that out there? >> dr. travis: what about this is "just"? and it makes me worried, if you think about the toys we have, not just the sex toys, but, the gaming systems where you are interacting with it, and you know a camera is on you. you know, thinking about ... what this could lead to. now, i want to bring up the company's statement to get your thoughtos it. standard innovation ? stated over the course of the last few weeks zee taken -- we have taken steps to further enhance our privacy settings on our product offering. >> how do they further enhance? >> i don't think there's a warning label that says, "we
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your usage of this product". that's my biggest problem with this. >> to hepatnext customer -- help the next customer, right? i suppose that's the motivation, that they want to know, like -- [ applause ] >> yeah. >> how often. >> they want to know how to better market the product to the next consumer. but how unfair is that to you if you don't have an opportunity to opt into this, if they told you, look, arriva, when you use that machine, we will be watching. some people okay. >> i don't know anyone who would say "oh, yeah, i want you to know wherever i am using my vibrator, that sounds great!" >> i know, travis. >> people will start talking. >> look at instagram, social media feeds, there are people who are just ... putting -- and i do mean "everything" on social media. >> dr. travis: that's called
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global sales of sex toys hit 15 billion and are not regulated by the fda, some are made with thalidomide -- phthalates. and jelly rubber is also used. >> honey, did you rubber is being used? this is a fun job, i transition from that topic to this one. more men are getting plastic surgery, we know this. since we started hosting the show 9 years ago, drew, it's more common for men to get cosmetic procedures, but now they're concerned with a part of their body down there, so much so, the new trend they turn to is, botox for the
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"scho-- "scrotox". yes, indeedy. >> i predicted here on the show, a big upswing and more cot metic procedures -- cosmetic procedures being done on men, down under. we have seen a big increase for women for rejuvenation down there. and i think for men -- >> can i say for the record, that for years women have taken a lot of crap for using botox. and for being so now you are telling us ... that men ... are using botox ... for -- >> we are tired of you looking down there and saying "what are all of those wrinkles"? [ laughter ] >> no man i know is getting botox injected into his ... testicle area! i am not saying you can't do it or shouldn't do it, but there's a reason why we have muscles down there, that
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when it's cold outside -- i am dead serious. when it's cold oud, there's a reason -- outside, there'a reason why your testicular sac is retracted into the hut. you do tox them, jump in the -- botox them, jump into the cold lake, you paralyzed the muscle, so they can't retract. >> you can have sweating, natural thing. some people maybe more than others. >> having this injection, will it in any wayim pact a man's -- way, impact a man's fertility? >> it's a medical question. >> we are talking about sperm production in the testies, and the botox could migrate closer to the testies and there are contractal elements in there. so the answer is ...
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granted the number #1 thing to look out for is too much heat down there, that kills off the sperm. but my point is this: it costs up to $3100 bucks, there are better uses of botox, and of your money, i am a man of anyone who uses fillers and botox -- there are a lot of great medical but this is seems high maintenance. >> a dermatologist who does a lot of cutting edged things treats a lot of men in his practice; he has a practice geared towards that type of clientel it's become more and more popular. >> dr. travis: my question for you, also, then, is, i am curious, then, if you are going to go through the hassle
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gardening down there, drew? >> well, yeah! i mean, the whole deal. laser hair removal. tightening. >> dr. travis: i am curious, that's a dangerous area to "garden". i am using euphamistically, because -- >> bruising, injuries --. >> dr. travis: shaving your scrotum? guy do that? they shave -- they actually shave ... [ laughter ] >> i am having trouble with this. >> you mean you don't do that? [ laughter ] >> you have been in la this long? >> with a razor? >> gotta be careful. >> dr. travis: are you with a mirror down there? i mean ... [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> and then, and then ... oops, honey, we have got a bleeder down here! [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> dr. travis: okay, point is, it's available, costs up


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