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looking for who ever left a bomb outside the nederland police department. the bomd was discovered tuesday morning. it was detonated by a robot early wednesday morning. now, another incident--a suspicious vehicle at the boulder county sheriff's office - is keeping people on edge. the area was cleared - until the vehicle was found not to be a threat. the f-b-i has set up a hotline for tips about the nederland i-e-d. that number is 303- 441-3677.
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corey , tarhonda and marty with you this morning. marty- sounds like with weather is really looking nice for our weeekend! the fire in parker that torched 30 acres and sent people from their homes was caused by workers repairing a driveway gate.
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dry grass, warm weather and an occasional breeze kept the fire moving. it came close to five homes in the pradera subdivision off crowfoot valley road. one person was taken to the hospital for minor smoke inhalation. a firefighter was treated at the scene and later went back to work. it took crews a couple hours to get the fire under control. one of the men working on the driveway gate thinks sparks from a grinder started the fire. no charges were filed against the workers because the fire was ruled an accident. previously named the "best new bar" in denver... "cold crush" is now closed indefinitely. police are calling it a public nuisance. thursday morning, police posted a sign on the front door of the business at the corner of 27th and larimer. officers say they've been to the bar many times before-- but
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the shooting happened monday morning outside of the bar. one man died-- another was wounded. no arrests have been made. "cold crush" was trending, lasta night, on twitter. people are questioning the decision to close what they consider one of the best hip hop bars in the area. the owners posted on facebook that they plan to fight to get the club back open. one of hillary clinton's most powerful voices behind her campaign is talking about the accusations against donald trump's sexual misconduct.. there's a lot of emotion in the race for the white house right now.. days after accusations of sexual misconduct directed at donald trump. mrs. obama spoke her frustrations. clinton is promising to
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meanwhile, donald trump is fighting fire with fire... denying the accusations of five women. new polls show trump is down five points in north carolina... now tied with clinton in ohio. those are two of the four states trump is focusing on to win the election. yesterday... trump defended himself against the sexual misconduct accusations. donald trump is blaming the clinton campaign-- and the media-- for the accusations against him. happening today... the case surrounding notorious phamaceutical ceo martin shkreli is moving forward. today, there's a pre-trail conference. shkreli was arrested in december 2015 on allegations of securities fraud. he's accused of stealing 11 million dollars from the company retrophin to pay off investors from a hedge fund venture.
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on the advice of his former lawyer. this case is expected to head to trial in june. today... the new richard nixon presidential library and museum will open in california. there will be 70 exhibits, and 300 origial artifacts. there will also be multimedia experiences, films, interactive exhibits... and hundreds of photographs and murals. at today's ceremony-- we expect to see include former secretary of state henry kissinger... former california governor arnold schwarzenegger... and president nixon's brother and grandchildren. skiiers and boaraders have been waiting... patienly.... and soon...very soon... they won't have to wait anymore... snow guns have already covered one run at a-basin where operators say: the season could start any day now. they may need one or two more cold nights before they are ready to go. not too far away at loveland ski area, they've had the snow dogs out - checking on the
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the broncos didn't play their best... and walked away with a loss against the san diego chargers. it's the first afc west division road game they've lost in six years. our experts put the blame on the broncos offense. the broncos behind by 8 in the final minute, recover a onsides kick. qb trevor siemian
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that falls short, and incomplete. chargers win 21 to 13. we'll have highlights coming up with ron zappolo this morning at 6-45 on channel 9, and 7-15 on channel 20. the broncos are off the next two sundays. they won't play again until a home game on monday, october 24th against the texans. it will be the return of brock osweiler to denver. we'll have the game on channel 20 - on
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lockerroom... and we'll bring you interviews with the team - on channel 20. it's being called "drinkorexia" ... a trend that's spreading across college campuses. students are avoiding food... or exercising excessively leading into a night of heavy drinking. we'll tell you why they say they do it... and the dangers of the trend.
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at college campuses across the country. it's likely been happening for years-- but now its name is gaining traction. it's called "drunkorexia". a person will skip meals, workout extra hard, before heavily drinking... all in the name of getting drunk faster. researchers say up to one third of college students do it. nbc's nicole johnson has more.
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vitamin-deficient. ...and that can lead to nerve and brain damage. families are begining to clean up across bermuda, after hurricane nicole blew through.. snapping trees and damaging boats and buildings. 115 miles per hour winds swept through the island... before nicole made its way back into open 27-thousand homes lost power... and those people were left to deal with flooding. bermuda is used to severe weather... and has a sturdy infrastructure to deal with it. colombia's president is extending the ceasefire with the country's largest rebel movement... working towards riviving a peace deal. the move gives the two groups more time to save the agreement, which was rejected by colombian voters. right now, colombia... the rebel group... and people opposed to the peace agreement-- are in three-way talks. they're trying to revise the accord
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a deadly bus crash is under investigation. 10 people died, nine more were hurt. it happened in south korea when the bus slammed into a guardrail and caught fire. authorities beleive it started after a blown tire caused the bus to hit the guardrail. samsung is already expecting to lose more money after expanding its recall on the galaxy note 7 phones linked to random fires. we're looking at the tech giant's next move.
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from your lamp to your couch - should work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after.
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phone is going to cost samsung about three billion dollars. that number could reach the trillions by march. samsung has already slashed its third-quarter profit forecast by two-point-three billion dollars earlier this week, an amount that could wipe out its entire mobile business profit. more than two- point-five million phones were recalled, twice, in the u-s and south korea before discontinuing the phones entirely. teaming up with snoop dogg. the pair are teaming up for a new show on v-h-1. it's a weekly dinner party billed as cooking, cocktails and conversation with nothing off limits - the promos trending on social media.
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closed on thanksgiving day. office depot is the latest retailer to announce it will close its stores for thanksgiving, after opening on the holiday last year. you can still get deals online on its website, but its stores won't open until black friday at 6 in the morning. several stores not closed last year have announced they will close for thanksgiving this year. his influence is vast... and a lot of people probably don't even know him. as we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage... we're meeting a man who
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of the other.
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for runners - who want to train at altitude. many people may not know - the role that alamosa has played - in colorado's running legacy. 9news reporter jonathan gonzalez and photojournalist manny sotelo introduce us to a coaching legend-- who continues to make an imprint on "distance running" in southern colorado... and
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perhaps the town's greatest story was made possible at the place where "great stories begin" -- adams state university. dr. joe vigil... . went from coaching on the football field to coaching just a few yards away on the track, all while teaching at the college full time starting in 1965. when vigil was growing up in alamosa, the community was less accpeting of latinos, but coach says that just made him more resilient. that drive soon paid off. vigil helped train american distance runners headed to the olympic games in 1968. 7,500 feet -- alamosa's altitude defines so much of vigil's legacy. vigil became the go-to coach for distance runners, training them at elevation and seeing many of them succeed. from 1965 to 1993 -- 28 years -- vigil helped adams state win 19 national championships. vigil's legacy has led to even more championships after leaving adams state. he's immortalized on campus next to the finish line where the 1968 olympic marathon trials took place and in front of the field where his teams practiced. most people will tell you that coach's best attribute was his ability to teach. so the next time you see adams state runners taki it's vigil's spirit for competition and growth running alongside them. with photojournalist manny sotelo, jonathan gonzalez... ...9news.> vigil attended this year's olympics in rio. in 20-15, he was honored as a "legend coach" by u--a track & field.
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year's olympics in rio. in 20-15, he was honored as a "legend coach" by u-s-a track & field. he's only the second person - to ever receive that
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with quite the chase. thursday-- were chasing a bear through the city. it was a small guy - spotted near broadway and boulder creek. the daily camera says: university of colorado police and animal control officers - stayed a good distance back - to tell people to stay away. the bear jumped into the creek, then wandered back out. as of last check-- last night, the bear was headed back into the mountains. this weekend thousands of runners will hit the streets of denver for the transamerica rock n roll denver half marathon. for the first time since the event launched in denver-- there will be no full marathon. last year's course was changed after hitting a roadblock with the city over
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residents. organizers decided to do away with the full race and focus on shorter distances -- like the half, 10k and 5k-- with the hope of keeping everyone happy. with the addition of the 5k on saturday-- organizers says they're expecting about 14-thousand runners. all of the events start and end at civic center park. colorado senate candidates are meeting again tonight... for another face to face meeting. why this event will be different from this week's debate... that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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the helm... but it just wasn't enough... the broncos are waking up with yet another loss this morning-- what our analysts are blaming the loss on. then another match up today for the two candidates vying for the states' senate seat. the issues they're expected to tackle tonight... and-- when they'll meet again. and controversy on the campaign trail coin candidates-- what the first lady said about trump's comments that are resonating with some. good morning. happy friday. corey and tarhonda with you. cheryl and gary are off. meteorologist marty coniglio is joining us with more on the weekend forecast--


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